August 14th, 2012

Bercow Bashes Boo-Boys

The Speaker has had some less than complimentary things to say about his fellow MPs on the World at One:

People who never wanted me to win in the first place and, in many cases, strove very hard to stop me winning have tended to feel a lingering sense of grievance. Just as I don’t bear a grudge against anyone who did not vote for me, I would argue that if people are fair-minded they should not three years on be sulking about who won. They have either vocalised their opinion in public or have constantly briefed against me behind the scenes. I have of course an idea about who some of these people are. And I think it is a sadness, a sadness for them that they are so embittered and resentful.”

The press were on the receiving end as well:

I’m supremely uninterested as to what is written in many of the newspapers. Their utterances are absolutely of no interest to me whatsoever. I’m sorry to disappoint them, but they’re just not important.”

Methinks he doth protest too much…


  1. 1
    Sally Bercow says:

    My Hero!

    For the sake of clarity I mean Paddy


    • 6
      Paddy says:

      You love me Big Ben in your Portcullis.


      • 34
        Splooge says:

        What an odious little scroat


        • 53
          Popeye says:

          He’s just a sad, sad little twit with delusions of grandeur at our expense.
          Having said that, I never expected him to last this long.


          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            He doesn’t care about the press. But his wife is a media attention-whore.


          • Anonymous says:

            remove media and attention from that statement


          • Bercow is a Hunt – end of

            He continues to bring his office into disrepute which is no mean feat after Gorbals Mick


          • Norfolk's Finest says:

            He is a troll who doesn’t deserve his position in the Chamber. He demeans it at every available opportunity whenever he sneers at an MP (usually a government one). The Tories should put someone up against him in his constituency. Tradition be buggered, it’s not like he has any affection for time-honoured practises of honour and decorum. Even if it splits the vote and lets in someone else, it’s a price worth paying.


    • 9
      annette curton says:

      Hmm, utterances is it, what does hubby think about yours.


    • 61
      Anonymous says:

      what a little shit stain Bercow is. Everyone knows he is actually a Liebour mole. His pro LIebour bias in the House is disgraceful.


  2. 2
    Rocket says:

    i look upto him.


  3. 3
    Nullbymouth says:


  4. 4

    You can listen to the full interview with John Bercow here:


  5. 5
    Lefties are thick, righties are nasty says:

    Democracy in Britain is dead (if it ever existed). We have a choice between a useless hooray henry who u-turns every five minutes and a union puppet.


  6. 7
    flashman21 says:

    what joke hes a left wing commie and being hated by the torys must have him crying in his cornflakes…not…

    the news at 1 …what a joke…BBC what JOKE .. AND PEOPLE PAY FOR IT .LMAO


    • 44
      Anonymous says:

      I must say, i listened to the Bercow interview and he really sounded bonkers ! that he is the Speaker is a real disgrace, he sounds as though his ego is massive even if he isnt !


      • 59
        Pundit Too says:

        I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care
        His rant was so OTT that one knows that he has been got at, but this arrogance keeps getting in the way of reason.
        The BBC questions were very soft and his excuses on the few procedure questions were vague and not questionned by the BBC of course.
        That he has many enemies is obvious, as is the fact he knows it but feels invunerable due to his position. As for his wife the less said the better.
        The only good thing I can say about him is that he has not yet reached the depths of dishonour and incompetence his predecessor managed; and he got kicked upstairs, which is in the Speaker contract.


  7. 8
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Ah yes Bercow we the general public despise you.


    • 30
      The General Public says:

      Bercow doth protest too much.

      Quintessential “short man with taller insufferable loudmouth wife.”


      • 45
        The populace of the destroyed country formerly known as England says:

        He’s a bigger fool than I thought if he really doesn’t care or take notice of what the general public or the Members of Parliament think of him and he certainly should be aware of just how he is reported in the press.

        Maybe it’s true and he does have his head and shoulders in the sand, how else could he bear the antics of that woman he married.


  8. 11
    Desperate Dan says:

    Everything on Radio 4 today sounds like a spoof. Are you sure you weren’t listening to an hilarious comedy programme?


    • 24
      maggie the dog says:

      Are’nt you out of a job soon


      • 40
        Desperate Dan says:

        I’m relaunching myself as a start-up business as soon as I’ve cashed in on all the interest free loans and giveaways available to thrusting entrepreneurs. A research grant will enable me to travel to all four corners of the globe, provided they are hot, sunny, have good beaches and are equipped with 5*hotels, on a quest for new and exciting pies.


  9. 12
    Steve Miliband says:

    Maybe it’s because you’re a shit speaker?


  10. 13
    mou says:

    Good on him. “Don’t like me? Then go fuck yourself”

    I have a new found sense of respect for the little fella.


  11. 14
    • 17
      Matthew Wright says:

      Fuck off you old slapper.


    • 28
      jgm2 says:

      Was she sitting in a chair biting her fingernails over the kids DNA tests while the human cannon-ball was waiting in the wings to confront her with the evidence?


    • 43
      ToonBob... says:

      Thanks for having you? FFS how many have you had ?


    • 54
      the savant says:

      thanks for having me

      do you mean that in the literal sense mrs bercow

      and if so are you addressing your gratitude to one of the cited individuals specifically or was the operation enacted by them all jointly and severally

      … to quote the legal verbiage


  12. 18
    Lefties are thick, righties are nasty says:

    Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed he is considering leaving Britain because he is fed up with being attacked over his privileged background.

    The actor, 36, who shot to fame playing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s sleuth in the BBC detective drama, was educated at the top private school Harrow.

    The War Horse and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star, whose parents were actors, told the Radio Times “all the posh-bashing that goes on” made him consider moving to the US.


  13. 22
    keredybretsa says:

    Ohhhhhh! Silly old thing, mind your handbag, dear. Ohhh! Don’t bear a grudge my arse. Real Important Little Mister Napoleon ain’i he.


  14. 26
    smoggie says:

    He thinks he’s fucking Royalty.


  15. 27
    Nullbymouth says:

    I have heard a rumour that Mr Speaker uses a tax loop hole not used by any other MPs, by wearing childrens clothes he avoid the VAT.

    I demand a creche led enquiry into this.


  16. 35
    sixupman says:

    What a prick, but a clever one – he has netted himself a good pension for life!


    • 60
      Pundit Too says:

      Gold plated pension and a kick up to the Lords – its all in the Speaker contract.
      Still his wife can talk dirty to Lard Prescott.


  17. 36
    annette curton says:

    O/T but just looked at Browns vision for Britain (top right link), if you watch the video, pacing up and down proclaiming as man that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, will not bother dis-assembling the nonsense and contradictions in virtually every sentence but he made a great play of Scottish values, but failed to enlighten anybody as to what he thinks they are. Schoolboy presentation but I expect it made him another few thousand quid.


    • 37
      jgm2 says:

      ‘Scottish values’. Like ‘prudence’ no doubt.

      This from the incompetent arsehole that fucked the UK economy with a decade-long borrowing and squandering binge.


  18. 41
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Well said Mr Speaker. I admire anyone who gets up the a*rses of Tory MP’s.
    Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that LOL.


  19. 47
    'Gator says:

    Have you noticed how Bercow is sitting so far forwards of Mrs. B.

    Perspective is a great leveller.

    The short-arsed twat.


  20. 49
    Kevin T says:

    Stroppy midget.


  21. 51
    phil says:

    odious little undemocratic creep,the epitome of what is wrong with politics in this country, doesn’t care what the papers say none of them care what anyone else thinks they are right and we need re educating….WANKERS FUCK OFF AND DIE


  22. 52
    Superman says:

    Anyone who has contempt for gutter press, right wing fascists and has a lovely wife is OK by me


  23. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Napoleon Complex,

    You are nothing but a parasitical pygmy.




  24. 57
    Everyone says:

    we look down on Bercow – it’s not difficult. His wife should be in a bakery. She’s the UK’s number one tart


  25. 64
    Dave says:

    “no-hoper, totally low-grade, sub-standard, down-market, low music hall drivel” – sounds like a perfect description of his missus and her activities.


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