August 13th, 2012

Mail Online Removes Nazi Endorsement

It might be some 80 years since the Daily Mail ran a leader entitled “Hurrah for the Blackshirts“, but that hasn’t stopped RightMinds‘ Dominique Jackson from scoring a particularly awkward Nazi-inspired own goal. Dominique wrote:

“The German slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” is somewhat tainted by its connection with Nazi concentration camps, but its essential message, “work sets you free” still has something serious to commend it. There is dignity to be gained from any job, no matter how menial, and for young people at the start of their careers, there are valuable lessons to be learned from any form of employment, whether that is on the factory floor, on a supermarket till or in the contemporary hard labour camp of a merchant bank or law office.”

The offending paragraph has now been removed without explanation…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Jesus Christ, has another sensitive flower been offended ?


    • 3
      Mr Gove A.K.A Pob says:

      yes, only a sensitive flower would find that kind of crass bullshit offensive……..

      You may lap up that kind of dog whistle facist nonsense, others would probably agree that it’s in poor taste even by DM standards.


      • 19
        Clarke says:

        It is not “facist” (sic) to say that work makes you free. Work DOES make you free.


        • 22
          jgm2 says:

          Not as ‘free’ as a lottery win or being independently wealthy since birth does though.

          Work is a means to an end.


          • Marmite says:

            Agreed jgm2. However there is dignity in any job as long as it’s done well.

            I remember when you had to work or go without, unlike some t*ssers today who think everyone else can pay for their X-boxes, food, etc. Just like our MPs really.


          • Self-employed says:

            Not so. i could easily live the rest of my life without working, but I don’t. I enjoy my time being occupied meaningfully and helping people get things done.


          • jgm2 says:

            Dignity-schmignity. The dignity bits comes from coming home and banging your wages down on the table and knowing you have provided for your family. It’s the modern equivalent of coming back from the hunt with an elk for the tribe to share.

            But if you don’t have to go out hunting (working) because food is lying all over the place then why on earth would anybody bother? Why make work for yourself?

            The very rich and the state benefit consumers have essentially the same attitude. And the Catholics and the Arabs. Work? For what?

            Work is a means to an end. You work… so that you don’t have to work. It’s only the very occasional (odd) person who loves their work so much that they continue to do the same fucking job after they win (say) 10 million quid on the lottery.


          • Stobrith says:

            There is a great deal of ignorance and apathy in the world where work and money is comcerned.

            There is a web site which seems to contain a certain amount of logic with regard to this matter. I came across it some time ago and I keep returning to it.


            It appears to prove that work is essential to survive honestly.


        • 24
          Al-Qaeda UK ( a subsidiary of MI6/CIA/Mossad Inc.) says:

          I’d like a new iphone5. Where’s my £5m taxpayer money?


        • 28
          Benny Fitz-Clements says:

          I’m proud to be one of Libor’s long-term layabouts, trapped on benefits, doing my bit of ‘duckin’ & divin’, regularly featuring on The Jeremy Vyle Show.


        • 65
          eattherich says:

          If work makes you free and is so good for you then the rich bastards wouldn’t let us poor sods get anywhere near it.


    • 4
      ouchwits says:

      Life’s a gas.


    • 9
      Out of date says:

      How could she have written it last week when it is dated 4th July? The rest of us are in August now Guido.


    • 12
      Liarpoliticians says:

      Clearly you’ve not seen Mervyn King’s version:

      “Quantitative Easing sets you free.”


      • 26
        jgm2 says:

        I don’t think Mervyn is acting entirely on his own initiative when he prints 200bn quid or whatever. That is a political decision to trash the currency and buy more time with printed money in the hope that ‘something’ will turn up.

        Printing a single penny was an admission of how utterly fucked the UK economy was. 200bn, 500bn, 5,000bn, whatever – the rest is mere detail. Once you’re forced to print a single cent to make the payroll you have proclaimed to the world that your economy is utterly fucked and, what is more, that you have no intention of trying to fix it.


        • 31
          Liarpoliticians says:

          When you pass off £1 of fake printed money through UK economy, that’s fraud (and would land YOU in prison).

          Passing off same fake printed from thin air £375bn and laundering it through UK economy, why that’s just a statistic!


    • 21
      8i11y 8owd3n's mum says:

      HiYa 81lly!


    • 90
      Geronimo says:

      apparently the public deluged the twitter sphere with protest tweets which led to the DMs retraction. They wouldn’t have done it had public opinion been with them!


    • 92
      Geronimo says:

      I suppose the degree of sensitivity may be relative to how many of your family were, or were not, sent to the gas chambers in the Nazi death camps. Plus of course if you are personally into that sought of thing yourself.


  2. 2
    Jimmy. says:

    Something barking right wing and offensive in the Daily Hitler?

    Whatever next?


    • 17
      jgm2 says:

      Will you be requiring a new mattress?


    • 27

      Attaining nobility through work is a basic socialist core value – Marx wrote on it at some length, and the Jarrow Marches so lovingly recorded as a triumph of socialist organisation were all about the right to work. Yet more confirmation that national socialism and international socialism are descended from the same Hegelian dialectics with different bows and buttons. The difference is purely in the mind of the beholder.


      • 32
        jgm2 says:

        There’s real work and socialist ‘work’ though.

        Real work involves folk voluntarily entering into a contract to supply labour in return for cash. Socialist ‘work’ involves the government creating a ‘job’ or confiscating real jobs and turning them into state ‘jobs’, attendance voluntary, output voluntary, cash guaranteed. Votes, buying, for the use of.

        The unfortunates of Belsen who were fortunate(?) enough to be passed as fit for work in the first place as opposed to designated for an early ‘shower’ were doing real work. In the UK, state employees are from the other class of socialist workers.


      • 66
        gildedtumbril says:

        Nobility through work, what a laugh. The only work worth doing is for oneself and family. There are a lot of jeremy kyle types about like ponce Charles sucking the blood of the economy. They tell me he pays tax. Funny how he’s always first in the queue for farm subsidies etc. Pays tax, I’ll bet. And did not foot and mouth conveniently circumvent his estates?
        Tot macht frei. Now that is true.


        • 71
          Gulag says:

          So now you’re blaming Prince Charles for the state of the economy not Gordon Brown? You’re more than Barking pal you’re Upminster (six stops further).


        • 72
          jgm2 says:

          Indeed. Work? Work? Work so that you can pay 50% tax so that some fucker who travelled across an entire continent, passing through half a dozen countries en route can pitch up and claim ‘asylum’ and be provided with free housing in a part of the country where the working people who are already here cannot even afford to live?

          I don’t think so.

          Work, so that your taxes can be squandered employing folks in made-up, unnecessary jobs, shuffling unnecessary paperwork, going to unnecessary meetings, fucking up the lives of folk who would dearly love to work. ‘Jobs’ whose sole purpose is to massage unemployment figures and create Labour-dependent voters?

          Fuck it. We should all go on strike. See who blinks first. The government (and their hangers on) or the tax-payers.


  3. 5
    eddie says:

    what’s wrong with a work ethic, do you think that our Olympians got their resuls by sitting around playing computor games?


  4. 6
    Gollo says:

    A track on Bruce Springsteen’s recent Album ‘Wrecking Ball’ entitled ‘We take Care of Our Own’ has the lyrics “Where’s the work to set my hands, my soul free’. It’s a pretty valid point by the Mail in fairness (words I never thought wopuld pass my lips. I think the killer line is the “Somewhat tainted” in reference to association to concentration camps. What next, referring to the Killing Fields as ‘a bit off’ ?


  5. 7
    P.C. Filth says:

    SIR- Sticks and stones ……, sir. Over.


  6. 10
    Grigory Yevseevich Zinoviev says:

    just so long as they don’t remove my letter!


  7. 14
  8. 15
    jgm2 says:

    ‘Work makes you free’ is only half the story. It ain’t work that makes you free. It is money that makes you free.

    With money you are free to do whatever you want with your time. The unnecessary extra step is that by working you will have money and so then you’ll be ‘free’. Except obviously you won’t be free. You’ll still have to work to get the money to give you the illusion of freedom.

    The bedwetters will need a new mattress when they hear about this.


  9. 18
    zorro says:

    FFS…..’arbeit macht frei’ was a slogan brought in under thei Weimar Republic in the 1920’s…..The author was using it as it should properly be used – it’s original meaning.



    • 34
      Anonymous says:

      In that case Zorro can you provide any evidence to show that it was used at the gates of any German workplace other than the concentration camp?


      • 42
        Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

        All German factories had the same message on their gates, dear. It’s just that those gates were all recycled for the war effort.


      • 76
        The Paragnostic says:

        It was used at IG Farben factories well before 1933 – the Art Deco lettering of the sign might give you a clue were you not blinded by Bolshevik propaganda.



  10. 23
    Call me "1600rpm" Dave says:

    Today I will be in the running for a gold medal.


  11. 38
    Bob Diamond says:

    You there

    Make 5000 transactions in the next hour or you vill be shot

    Schnell! Schnell!


  12. 43
    Forkbender says:

    It all goes to show that nothing really changes, I know someone who only buys the Saturday Daily Mail for the crossword and TV listings (at least so he says)


  13. 45
    Moussa Koussa says:


    “”Daily Mail are small minded right wing nutfu*ck loons””

    errrr where have you been for the past 40 years Guido.


    • 50
      Forkbender says:

      Well it is still under the Northcliffe’s


    • 56
      jgm2 says:

      Funny as fuck watching Boris and Dave partying at the Olympics wasn’t it?

      Just the thought that Brown and Ken would be watching thinking ‘that should have been me…’ cheered me right up. Not 20bn quid cheered up but nonetheless cheered up.


      • 74
        Ed Miliweed says:


        While they are partying, I’m getting ready for the Rio Bandwagon.

        I’ll be Prime Minither by the time of the next Olympicth and the firtht one to altho be a member of Team GB. Watch out Uthaine – here I come.

        Mutht go Guidoithtas, off for my dope tetht.


    • 59
      Gulag says:

      Daily Mail quotes national SOCIALIST slogan shocker.


  14. 49
    SaltPetre says:

    People are so easily offended. The text doesn’t in any way endorse mass killing…it regards the phrase as ‘tainted’. Nazis also regarded mountain hiking and exercise as virtuous…so it that now considered anti-semitic and racist too? We have become a nation of blubbing tearful emotional sponges…who are easily offended and easily upset. The backbone and stiff upper lip are long gone – replaced by knee-jerk Twitter mundanity, polarised personality politics and vacuous self-interest.


    • 80
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      I think endorsing a slogan which was written above the entrance to a place where millions of innocent people were murdered is an abomination.


    • 86
      Mr Gove A.K.A Pob says:

      do shut up

      it didn’t even just say tainted, it said ‘somewhat tainted’, like anyone (with the exception of a few lone apologists here) even pretends to associate that phrase with anything other than a concentration camp and mass murder (although I’m sure there’s a few who’ll deny anything of the sort happened….).

      btw don’t think your moniker escaped my attention, although I’m guessing that’s just a coincidence too.


  15. 53
    Ivan Denisovitch says:

    One day I will understand what all the fuss is about


  16. 60
    George Orwell, the "Blair" who was honest about what HE wanted, says:

    The sign at the concentration camp was meant to be IRONY, folks.
    Read my works to get an idea of all the perversions and swindles inherent in the political use of language.
    (Though I do smell the aroma of “Did you enjoy the play, Mrs Lincoln?” in any discussion of “Arbeit macht frei” as any sort of operating principle in this modern day and age.)
    Let’s ask Ed Balls what he thinks about it.


  17. 61
    Nick says:

    MailOnline is a disaster zone of schoolboy errors and poor grammar and spelling.


  18. 68
    Edinburgh can go and fuck itself says:

    The Daily Mail is utter crap.


  19. 78
    Great Granddad says:

    This totally unexceptionable phrase goes back fifty years before the Nazis. Who could it reasonably offend? Young people don’t talk of the war, but specifically the “holocaust”. Every time I hear the word it takes me back to 194/41. The holocaust then was along the Mile End Road.


  20. 79
    Anonymous says:

    “The offending paragraph has now been removed without explanation”

    No explanation required.

    Tories have always been touchy about their support for Hitler.


    • 83
      ed martin says:

      yes – we still haven’t got that list of enthusiastic collaborators – even with the Freedom from(?) Information Act


  21. 85
    Andrew says:

    When I learn of people in merchant banks or supermarkets being taken there by force in cattle trucks and there starved, beaten, and worked to death (having of course been chosen because of their race) then I will agree that Arbeit macht Frei is not offensive. That it was used before the Nazis is neither here nor there. They adopted it and made it their own.

    Now, if you want to tell me that the Daily Hate Mail and a great many other organs of opinion in this country should stop equating Germany with the Third Reich and catch up with all that has happened since 1945 – not to mention all that happened before the rule of the Prussian military – I will entirely agree with you. The DHM could in fact make a start, but I don’t suppose for a moment they will.


  22. 91
  23. 93
    jim birkett says:

    It is extraordinary that US and UK NATO troops are still based in large numbers in Germany. As the Russian threat has all but vanished, these troops are there in case German ultra-nationalism rears it’s ugly head again.


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