August 10th, 2012

Piri Piri Mili

Guido has already reported the efforts to which the Labour Party are going in order to hit the ground running in the Corby by-election. There is only so far the back-room operation can take things though.

Out on the stump events, and indeed pictures say it all…

Guido’s favourite anecdote so far is the report that Ed asked a group of teenage girls: “what can politicians do for you?“, to which they replied: “Get us a Nandos in town!“.

Finally a policy!


  1. 1
    Hang The Bastards says:

    What a fucking WANKER !


    • 2
      πρωκτός says:

      Not bad for a trio of scuzzers.


      • 11
        Q says:

        the bird in the middle’s got one of those sprung-loaded fake plaster casts.



        • 46
          The Impartial observer says:

          The spinner in the middle’d be worth a dabble but the blonde in the white frock’s got the sort of thighs generally only seen in rugby scrums. Too much for this punter, anyway.


          • SaltPetre says:

            Both of them are probably Grandmothers by now.


          • Polly's Villa in Tuscany says:

            I definitely would


          • Scratch and Sniff says:

            Labours candidate Andy Sawford, Chief Exec of local govt info unit and son of former Kettering Mp. Welded to the public tit and nepotism all in one lovely socialist package, Polly will be proud (sheds a progressive tear).


          • The Impartial observer says:

            Oh, & anyone else noticed the shot’s been set up with Milliwatt on the pavement & the fluffers a few inches lower on the road? ‘Nother midget politician trying to big himself up.


          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Militwat looks like a total dweeb. The girls are smiling nervously whilst deciding when to call the police.


          • growth now... says:

            milli wants mega boobs.


          • Day O de Day ay ay Oh says:

            Impartial Observer – nothing new here, usual gutter politics from him.


          • Day O de Day ay ay Oh says:

            Oh, and PS: Has the NHS run out of slings now so that poor wee lass has to carry her arm without assisstance? Or is it that such a contrivance will spoil her suntan pattern?


          • can you see me minge missus? says:



          • Occasional comments says:

            Scratch and sniff you’ve sniffed too much glue it’s why you’re talking out your arse


      • 12

        Bet the two on the left have tats and piercings and bang like shithouse doors in a force 9.

        The only steel in the one on the right will be his Prince Albert.


        • 17
          like to try most things once says:

          Takes some balls to do that to your cock, I reckon.


          • Aaron D Highside says:

            Look where Mili’s hands are – one of the slappers has just told him to grow a pair. ‘No, not those, Mili, you tit!’


    • 80
      Occasional comments says:

      Same to ou dear sir


  2. 3
    Raving Loon says:

    “what can politicians do for you?“

    Leave me and my money alone perhaps?


  3. 4

    Why is Edenoid fondling his moobs?


  4. 5
    Kebab Time says:

    classic Ed


  5. 6
    sweat in gordon's crack says:

    spot the massive tit


  6. 7
    Hang The Bastards says:

    The gormless prick should be arrested for letching at girls and holding his hands in such a way that suggests he wants to “tit them up”


  7. 8

    Ed is trying to grow breasts?


  8. 9
    Albion says:

    This _has_ to be ripe for a caption competition.. Look where RedEDs hands are…


  9. 10
    Kebab Time says:

    Meanwhile David Cameron has harmed Tom Daleys chances >


    • 27
      Four-eyed English Genius says:

      I thought we had established that Wavy Davy was no longer a jinx. In fact, we have done, he was there on Golden Saturday!


  10. 13
    Pollytwaddle says:

    Why is he holding his tits?

    I wish mine were that big!


  11. 14
    Obvious says:

    “I’m not allowed to hold their tits so I’ll hold mine”.


  12. 16
    Stoke says:

    Tit on the end:
    “God, I wish I was a girlie”


  13. 19
    Tom Watson ate my horse. says:

    “If you join Labour, you can have some sweeties”.


    • 24
      Reading The Telegraph gave my dog cancer says:

      Girl: “If you don’t fuck off, I’ll set my big brother onto you.”


      • 64
        Double Dip Session says:

        Man: “Ha ha ha…so not scared, I’m used to doing over big brothers. Now get on your knees you chavs, and tea-bag my Balls. Mmmm……I love a double dip.”


  14. 20
    Engineer says:

    The women appear to have broader shoulders and bigger biceps than Mili. Mind you, being Corby, they’re probably ex-steelmakers. If they’re suggesting the best use for politicians is fetching take-aways, rather intelligent steelmakers, at that.


  15. 21
    Ed Balls says:

    What do you call an Intern with two broken arms?

    Slow learner


  16. 22
    The Slag In White says:

    “Oi, look ‘ooz ‘ere– Ray bloody Romano!”


  17. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Nice to see the leader of the opposition hard at work!


  18. 25
    The 2 'Ladies' says:

    Fucking hell and we thought that Joey of TOWIE was thick as shit.


  19. 26
    Greychatter says:

    Guide: Caption for this photo – “wish I had two of those”


  20. 28
    Abu Qatada says:

    I must insist that theses teenage girls eat only halal Nandos.

    We are still in Ramadan after all.

    Oy Vey.


  21. 30
    Kevin T says:

    The funniest thing is, they both look more convincingly prime ministerial than Ed does.


  22. 32
    followed about in Edinburgh by scrounging socialist skanks says:

    How embarrassing for the chavs being photographed with Labour’s skoolboy.


    • 39
      Brown out and pay me damages says:

      Further, where are the real men in politics? The electorate deserve more than skool boys politics, which is all Militwit and Fatso Twatson have to offer.
      For all his fault David Cameron manages to come across as a grown up politicians and it is politics for grown ups that I wish to engage in.


  23. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Turn on the news and yet again one of those fuckers is giving away our hard earned money. Who the fuck gave wee Willie Hague the right to hand over £5 million to those idiots. Let them get on with it. Build a school or a jail here baldy. Bastards.


  24. 34
    Louise Mental MP says:

    I am winged for I am a wild chicken
    My blood rushes black as the burnt bits
    My feathers a dinner on wide plates
    And I am Louise of the City of Glass
    Louise the broiler, the escaper of worlds

    E.J. Mensch (41 1/2)


  25. 38
    Moussa Koussa's pet hamster says:

    You lot can post as much puerile bollocks as you like, but it doesn’t alter the fact that Labour will win the next election.
    Cameron and Clegg already have their tickets booked on Eurostar.


    • 41
      Blusea socialist says:

      Only if they sack everyone who was in the previous labour gov.


      • 75
        Marion the cat says:

        There should be some kind of mechanism that means that we are told the truth about British politicians being subject to EU job offers – really.


  26. 40
    Anonymous says:

    This picture is a must for Friday Caption in the future.


  27. 42
    Nandos says:

    We have no immediate plans to open in Corby, despite the very large number of vacant commercial premises available there


  28. 45
    Chris Bryant says:

    The girl on the left has a bottle of water and a couple of rubber wrist bands. They’re all the tools you need for an extended suck off session.


  29. 47
    phwor says:

    Is that the Eagle sisters out with Ed?


  30. 48

    Slappers meet Slaphead


  31. 49
    Forkbender says:

    I maybe my age but what is a “Nandos”?. Another none event


  32. 50

    The Britains biggest Tits competition winners are announced as only one of the winning pair of Ed’s turns up to collect the prize


  33. 54
    SaltPetre says:

    Ed is saying “I saw Guido Fawkes once, he had big man-tits like this….”


  34. 55
    PETER MANGLEDBUM (Lord of the Rings) says:

    I would only have bum sex with one of those three
    Can you guess which one ?


  35. 56
    genghiz the kahn says:



  36. 76
    Gaston says:

    Everybody Loves Raymond?


  37. 78
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Whilst talking about the future of sports funding and DC having already stated that the funding would remain etc etc. Who did the disgusting BBC choose to interview? Why the appalling Ed. Millipede of course …. well, you would wouldn’t you?


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