August 9th, 2012

Watson Tells Labour Spinners to Brief That They Will Lose Corby

As Ed spends the afternoon in Corby – the front-line of Tory/Labour fighting in the next three months – Guido hears that Tom Watson is already playing the long game. The party campaign director has told Labour Political Advisers to stress that the party expects to lose the by-election in every conversation they have with the lobby. Speaking to Labour sources this afternoon it is clear that Labour’s routing in Bradford still haunts the party. The expectations game has begun and it’s all hands to the deck – full details in the morning.

Flashback: “Mudslingers: the 25 Dirtiest Political Campaigns” Watson’s Favourite Book


  1. 1
  2. 2
    Liarpoliticians says:

    The first true thing Watson’s said in his life.

    Vote UKIP and teach the Liberal, Labour and Tories a lesson they won’t forget.

    • 17
      Jimmy says:

      Yes my rightie friends, vote UKIP and teach us a lesson.

    • 30
      I wouldnt chuck either out of bed on a cold night says:

      Sots Nats would poll well in Corby.More Tartan than thou!

      I kid you not; go if ya dinna ken.

    • 36
      Forkbender says:

      The best way to frighten the lot of them is for every registered voter to go out and vote, all parties will be wetting themselves, the supermarkets and chemists will run out of disposable adult pads (large versions of kids nappies). People don’t go out to vote either because they live in areas where one party predominates so they think their vote does not count or they just cannot be bothered, these new democracies put this country to shame.

  3. 3
    Tom says:

    Isn’t this also cos Labour got good coverage when it won all those seats in the local elections having kept expectations low?

  4. 5
    chriselee says:

    Who’s the fat fcuker sucking a dildo?

    • 7
      Dlido Dave says:

      Oh I jolly well like the look of that!!!! I wonder if Rebekkaahhahha has got one? I’ll send one with mu love! – do I say LOLLY now?

  5. 6
    Vichy Dave, Oxbridge Oaf and Dimwit says:

    Oh I say you jolly chaps!! – that’s the message WE should be giving out!!!!

    Trust me on this one! I give you my word!! – and I think you can trust me by now!!

  6. 8
    Freudian cure for nervous anxiety says:

    Does fatso do c*ke? He appears to have a kind of over inflated ego and an unnatural confidence that c*keheads have.

  7. 9
    Backwoodsman says:

    Watson – most repugnant figure in the labour party ?
    Its a contest between the oportunistic conmen like watson and kinnochio and some of the truly deluded traitorous fuckwits like wedgewood-benn, who actually believed in implementing old style failed Soviet government.

    • 18
      Hugh Janus says:

      Not quite – I nominate Bully-Boy Balls for that accolade, with Bunter-Watson in second place.

    • 21
      Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

      We’re not exactly short of candidates when we decide on the most repugnant figure in the Liebore party. You could fire a scatter gun in a room full of Liebore and struggle to hit a civilised human being.

  8. 10
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Team GB has just won gold medal #24 – they (we?) now have 3 times as many gold medals as France.

    Are you listening Hollande?

  9. 19
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Nothing but football-manager spe*ak– you know, Arsonist Wenger or one of those idiots, playing Bumfuck United in the early rounds of the FA Cup: “We can’t come right out and say we will administer BU a good hiding, and I certainly don’t want my boys too overconfident so they play half-fast and injure themselves, so I’ll just say, the result on the day will be the appropriate one.” Tommy “Big Boy” Watson is just saying what any campaigner looking to flip a seat would say, it ain’t ours yet, so don’t act like it must be, or maybe our voters might not turn out to vote.

  10. 22
    genghiz the kahn says:

    How long would Deadwood last if Labour did manage to lose Corby?

    Once again Labour have decided to run a sibling of a former Labour MP, nothing like keeping candidate selection in the family.

    Kin deep nepotism rules, (unless you are Ed’s more famous brother).

  11. 23
    ToonBob... says:

    TW = daft tw*t !!

  12. 28
    Zoe Williams is a CUNT says:

    Sorry this is O/T but…

    Zoe Williams is a Hunt

    Here she is again excusing, justifying, supporting the vile thugs in last years riots.

    I wonder if Zoe lives anywhere near a potential riot zone. Probably not eh?

    I wonder how this oozingly smug, self-satisfied, upper-middle oxbridge cow would welcome looting and rioting on her doorstep.

  13. 31
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Politician does politics. Who would have thought it?

  14. 32
    Funny says:

    Hey guys here’s a joke about Tom Watson being fat.

  15. 33

    ‘it’s all hands to the deck ‘ is a mixed metaphor – you mean either ‘it’s all hands ON deck ‘ or ‘it’s all hands to THE PUMPS . . ‘

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