August 9th, 2012

Video: The Obama That I Used To Know


  1. 1
    How come says:

    obama hasnt been affected by the Jonah curse?


  2. 2
    Odrama, never knowingly over-emoted says:

    Now see hear ma fullo Amuricans!

    Ah’m a gonna put up ma arm thisa way!

    and then thata way!

    That shows ya the stuff ah’m made of!!


  3. 4
    fifer says:

    Omg! That is awful.


  4. 8
    annette curton says:

    “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” ?,???,?,????!…?.


  5. 9
    Simon Bowel says:

    Look i’m going to honest with you…that was so shit,i’m going pay to have you killed.


  6. 11
    WTF???? says:

    Try again WHY???


  7. 13
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    I fully intend to lead the Conservative Party to victory at the next General election with a working majority.

    Badoom Tish !


    • 24
      retardEd Miliband (leader of the party that started a war that killed 100,000 civilians) says:

      I promith that under my leaderthip, Labour won’t thtart another war that killth 100 thouthouand thivilians.

      (tee hee! I had my fingerth crothed!)


  8. 14
    Don Keyballs says:

    Ref Olympic gold medals, they are twice the size of Beijing but contain only 6 per cent gold, which kinda summarises this fake waste of money charade, that the taxpayer is paying up to. 98 per cent for.

    6 pc gold means each medal is worth $500

    A bronze is $3.50c

    So cyclops has nothing to worry about from the Botham jibe.



  9. 16
  10. 17
    Sir William Waad says:

    I said in 2008 that Obama was a mere windbag and I have been proved right.


    • 130

      My dear Sir William.

      I sus that no one has responded here, so far, and since I am aware of the intellectual ability of the scrofa domesticus, I would suggest that they are superior to the hog you mentioned.

      Yours etc.


  11. 18
    Raving Loon says:

    Obama has prosecuted more wars, launched more drone attacks, and infringed the liberties of the American people to a greater degree than George W Bush.

    So, here’s a tricky question. Where are the protests against the warmonger Obama?


  12. 26
    Gordon Brown says:

    I just gave birth to a little black boy, I’ll call him Sambo.


  13. 29
    Interesting sounding documentary on tonight says:

    On bbc2 tonight, “Young, Bright and on the Right”, a documentary about two students at Oxford and Cambridge who were state educated and both plan to go on to a career in politics in the Conservative party.


  14. 34
    Spinal damages says:

    Well at least Obama has not started any bloodbaths in the ME. He got the Bin Liner in Pak-istan.


  15. 40
    Moog says:



  16. 44

    I like trucking
    I like trucking
    I like trucking
    And I like to truck


    • 57
      Engineer says:

      With Pamela Stephenson thirty years ago, I’m not surprised. Not so sure about the hedgehog sandwich though; Mel Smith has never been the same since.


      • 66

        To think I used to fancy her, Engineer!

        I was young and stupid then. Now I’m old and stupid…


      • 142
        Blowing Whistles says:

        May I suggest that some of you with so many hours a day to do nothing else – source and watch a film called ‘The man who sued God’ – the twist is of how all churches and religions are – just profiteering ventures themselves. Watch it and think about what you are watching – never mind that Billy C is the main actor. It’s one eye opening film.

        Another to think about while you watch is ‘Wag the dog’.


    • 72
      Lou Scannon says:

      A case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts if ever there was one.


  17. 45
    Zoe Williams is a CUNT says:

    O/T but…

    Zoe Williams is a C.unt

    Here she is again excusing, justifying, supporting the vile thugs in last years riots.

    I wonder if Zoe lives anywhere near a potential riot zone. Probably not eh?

    I wonder how this oozingly smug, self-satisfied, upper-middle oxbridge cow would welcome looting and rioting on her doorstep.


    • 53
      Iain Dale says:

      I’d shag her. And I’m a poofter.


    • 58
      Flat peach for afters says:

      She has no idea. Most of the rioters were petty criminals, known as such and dealt with by the courts as such. Far from being , by any objective standards, ‘poor’, many drove to and from the scene of their crimes – often from miles away – and communicated with fellow looters using state of the art technology.


    • 64
      Only in the Graun says:

      More blatent click-baiting once again from the Guardian.

      They are now farming outraged CiF readers for clicks.

      They are about as low as you can get these days in terms of ‘journalism’ and they have the fuckking gall to point and hoot at the Mail.

      The Mail is a fucking awful rag, but it doesn’t pretend to be an arbiter of the moral high ground like the fucking stinking hypocritical Guardian.

      The Guardian and it’s ‘journalists’ are truly beyond the pale. The sooner it liquidates the better for British Journalism.


      • 73
        sick of everything, ever says:

        Don’t kid yourself. They’re all as shit as each other.


        • 78
          Only in the Graun says:

          No. They are not.

          While there are no shining paragons to be found amoung the ranks of the British press, the Guardian deserves a special place in Newspaper Hell for its betrayal of its old values and the pious, revolting, trivial PC pap it prints today.


          • sick of everything, ever says:

            OK. I’ll take your word for it. I haven’t read a paper in ages. They were making me sick of everything.


  18. 46
    Pajamarama bulge says:

    B81lly is not bad for a poof.


  19. 48
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Romney’s is weird.


  20. 52
    Russ says:

    Since when was a BBC yet to be released report the news? They are going to attack help the heroes tonight on newsnight saying injured soldier’s families are questioning the charity’s motives. The reality is that the BBC has questioned some famillies who have a grudge about what they think about the charity.

    The BBC should hang its head in shame from trying to make political capital out of injured soldiers and dissing a charity that supports them.

    It does remind me of a Robin Day QT from years ago when a young Harriet Harman said charities had no place in society and that the State should provide ALL.


    • 59
      Flat peach for afters says:

      If people have a grudge against a charity which is supposed to be helping them, I think that is news. Don’t shoot the messenger.


    • 70
      BBC says:

      ‘Help for Heroes’ is a nasty baby eating charity helping muslim killing racists, unlike ‘100 Black Men of London’ who are our true heroes and aren’t at all racist.


    • 96
      The BBC are Europhile Traitors says:

      If the BBC manages to reduce public support for Help the Heroes, then the BBC should lose its public support.


      • 105
        Cheese and biscuits says:

        If the BBC manages to help a charity to refocus on prioritising the need it is supposed to be meeting, it will have done the beneficiaries a favour, even if for dubious motives


    • 113
      AC1 says:

      I look forward to the BBC investigation of uber dodgy “charity” mulsim a1d that seems to aid people in getting a new career in nitrogen chemistry from p4k1st4n.


      • 156
        teechin profeshunal says:

        Did you see that pretty Muslim Maid running in the 200 metres? Pretty, but alas unable to run for toffee. Should be able to do better as she lives in America (so she said).


  21. 54
    Not really says:

    Or it could be that I’m not sad enough to have read every single post in every single thread today as you have.


  22. 65
    Hair of the Dog says:

    So now the Jubilympics are just about done. How are we going cope with the massive hangover?


    • 71
      Al K. Horlick says:

      Bottle of meths?


      • 74
        Si Durrr says:

        Try to eek that can of cider out for the whole evening.


      • 82
        Tory Britain SUCKS says:

        I kid you not. To buy a packet of fags in Tesco you have to queue up at customer services, produce ID, wait for the OK, then they will slde a door open, grab the packet of fags, slam the door shut, hide the fag packet in a Tesco carrier, demand a club card so that your purchase is recorded on the database, and say sorry this is pure bullshit but we have to do it.

        I no longer smoke but I felt sorry for the perfectly polite yoof in front of me who was subjected to this third degree interrogation


        • 88
          Plimsole says:

          And HMRC wonder why people buy their chokes from the cigarette smuggling gangs


          • Al K. Horlick says:

            I’m reduced to rummaging through the bin and cutting my roll-up butts open. It takes a while but it’s quite good fun.


        • 101
          Only in the Graun says:


          I gave up smoking 15 years ago but would almost take it up again as a small act of defiance against the fascist (yes I said ‘fascist’ and I’m not Woolfie Smith and I’m not exagerating) state we now live in.

          The closed many of the pubs via the lever of the smoking ban and they will go further until the next generation will have no concept of a ‘local’. No centre to the community. They will just get pissed up at home on cheap (for now) booze from Tesco and ASDA. All ‘socialising’ will be done on FaceBook.

          What do you mean you don’t have a FaceBook account? Guards! Guards!


        • 133
          Smoker who doesn't need TESCO - or anywhere else in this benighted landTry ... says:

          … buying a newspaper at the f*cking Co-oP ! (was asked to press a big blue button to certify over 18) – as a WW2 babe, and mindful of The Great Man, and his battle against needless officialdom, – REFUSED and never been in a Co-oP since.

          May have changed by now, – but somehow doubt it!

          Stupid f*ckers!


          • Only in the Graun says:

            The Co-op are big Labour Party donors.

            It makes sense that they try out these 1985-style tactics in their stores.


          • Only in the Graun says:

            1984 ffs!

            Edit button please Guido.


          • None so blind as them what cannot see what is in front of their eyeballs says:

            You have one – it’s named “Preview” and is located right next to the one marked “Submit”.

            Perhaps a visit to Specsaver might be in order? That way >>>>


    • 75
      Blowing Whistles says:

      We can all get back to bashing bankers and the Eurozone bring the end of it on.


    • 87
      Only in the Graun says:

      Had not a drink at all day and though I might go to bed with a cup of cocoa.

      After reading Order Order however, the corkscrew has been forraged from the back of the kitchen drawer (amidst the crumpled Tesco £5-off vouchers) and a bottle of 2008 Medoc is about to be violated.

      It’s the only way I’ll get to sleep after this lot. Wife at Olympics with her pal so I can guzzle in peace.

      Plock! Glug glug glug ahhhhhhh!


  23. 79
    Fabians are Evil says:

    The Bastard is a Socialist – what did you expect?

    Has followed the ‘Mad bad Gordon Brown’ ( there is a song in there somewhere) model with over 40% of American households on benefits and or food stamps = lots of votes.

    Also the 800,000 illegals who have been granted amnesty will be sure to show their appreciation in the voting booth.


  24. 89
    Both Left & Right Hands Belong To The Same Body says:

    They will still glass I R A N no matter who gets in next term.

    The only problems is putting the spin on it if Obama does it instead of letting the right wing/Repubs take the blame as usual.


  25. 114

    I’m more Irish than Guido tonight. I have a very large glass of Bushmills, the bottle given to me by an officer of the Bank of Ireland in the late 1980s. You are not going to surprised when I tell you that this person was a she. A very pretty one at that. Blonde too.

    Fiona! Wherever you are now, cheers! And I wish I had … but I had to maintain decorum in business. Golden rule.


    • 124
      beast says:

      More like she didnt fancy you Mr Cat and just gave you a bottle to FO
      Happy Rammadan
      I am pointedly wearing a crucifix around my neck suspended from para cord


      • 127

        She must have hated me then, you naughty and evil beast.

        She gave me one (figuratively, wish I could say otherwise…) four years running, including after I had ceased to become a customer of her bank.

        I have a warm feeling for her still, not solely due to by imbibement.


      • 140

        BTW I hope it is type III!!!


        • 154
          beast says:

          Nope real
          I bought it off an ex Lebanese Christian Millitia chappy who had two “Army & Navy” shops on kilburn high Rd
          UK issue stuff is green all the way through
          Its essential kit
          Many years ago the beast was issued with it and thought WTF?
          however you soon come to realise that its like duct tape and wd40


    • 147
      Only in the Graun says:

      Sláinte! Uncertain cat.


  26. 118
    Ёwanme says:

    Oooo !!

    This look suitably pretty don’t it , 幵arry ???

    E x .


    • 120
      Anonymous, mate says:

      Ha ha. Welcome back, gal.


    • 125
      May I call you prime minister? says:

      FFS E!!!!!!!!!!

      I found Figgley in my bed last night!

      Think that was bad? All his Corsair gearbox parts were all over the sheets…

      Can’t you control this situation?


      • 129
        Ёwanme says:

        Figgley ??? *swoons*

        WOT A GUY !!! Ain’t seen him for yonks , tho , honey :- (

        We use to play *croquet* wiv Col. Kernel in Little Cockup , didn’t we ???

        Dave woz The Col’s Lawn Technician an I woz his stump polisher , I spose x .

        Great times . Funny crowd out that way . Dave’s gearbox woz always hangin out then , if I remembers right .

        Mind you , so woz evryone else’s :- P

        I wonder if The Old Banger is still alive – I used to get on well wiv Mrs. K .

        E x .


  27. 136
    Anonymous says:

    Have we finished this bit or can we squeeeeeeze some more out of it?


  28. 137
    Saffron says:

    Maybe OT but when I watched the Beeboids coverage of the 200 metres final,what was that shite that they were showing about Charles Darwin and natural selection.
    The point they were promoting was that black genes are better than white genes.
    What an utter load of bollocks is this,this utter load of left crap needs consigning to the dustbin of history
    Maybe they are once again supporting their support of communist history which has failed big time.


    • 151
      beast says:

      Darkies learnt to run quickly so that Whitey didnt give them a proper job such as picking cotton or cutting sugar
      Usain Bolts trainer probably keeps a Giro and a white woman at the finishing post as an incentive*

      * I may be joking (+;


      • 159
        Day O de Day ay ay Oh says:

        Down in de ol’ plantashun in dem der days, de massa got de biggest and de best togevva wiv de biggest and de best and de rezult woz 6’4′ hulks what new ow ter un and jump and stuff..


  29. 138
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    Nuh English,straight patois.

    Warren Weir gassed de ting.

    That was a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Tory Party.


  30. 144
    not a machine says:

    Not a lot I can contribute on , so will be orf on a wee break and need to do some urgent chores and correspondence , hope closing ceromoney is a good un


  31. 145
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    Indeed,we shall be making Rasta/Patois dictionaries available in all schools.

    Brap ,brap ,brap, brap,brap


  32. 148
    Universal Hiss says:

    A much better you tube thingie

    & about as relevant to anything as yours.


  33. 152
    Gordon says:

    Why do Sugar Puffs smell of wee wees?


  34. 153
    On Topic says:


  35. 161
    Melvyn Kermode says:

    I think that this meme is a great work of art and far superior to the original; combining as it does the angst of youthful expectations unfulfilled with a skilful use of paint, and all accompanied by a nice tune. It’s like Damien Hirst with music and a pretty girl in a bob and, for me, is a defining cultural moment in Art.


  36. 162
    Obamessiah says:

    I don’t care what they say about me in that song. They didn’t write that.

    I am supremely confident of winning the 2008 election with the aid of the media, my skin colour and of course my trusty teleprompter


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