August 8th, 2012

Scotland Splashes £14 Million on Pilgrims

FOI data released by the Scottish Tories has revealed that Scotland has spent a staggering £14 million on ‘pilgrims‘ – taxpayer funded trade union officials – in the last five years. Scottish councils are paying the wages of dozens of employees who spend 100% of their time on trade union work, with many more working part-time. Almost £3 million of taxpayers’ money was spent on the £27,000 per year wages of Scottish pilgrims in 2011 alone.

If only Francis Maude were a Scot…


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband says:

    Free fried mare bars! Rejoice!

  2. 2
    Dudley Zoo says:

    and the they wonder why there is no growth

  3. 4
    GG says:

    The political class wonder why they cannot get any growth

    Business is being taxed and regulated into oblivion

    It is time business mobilised and refused to supply leftists with goods and services

    Refuse to unblock the pan when Prescott has blocked it with a oriental pearl

    • 14
      David Icke's hair says:

      Let’s be fair, both ‘left’ and ‘right’ want to tax us into oblivion because they’re the same party. The Party of the Haves.

      Evil parasites the lot of ‘em.

      Their job is to feed the people the lies that suit the elite’s agenda, and they’ve succeeded spectacularly

  4. 6
    MrAngry61 says:

    Only £3 million a year? Scotland’s entire economy is reliant on public sector spending.

  5. 7
    Alex Salmond says:

    After independence, we will all earn a braw living taking in one another’s washing.

  6. 8
    Mad Frankie McMaude says:

    Have no fear,I will look into this bollocks.

  7. 9
    Gary Lineker says:

    I’m soooooooo bored.

  8. 10
    Paul Caswell says:

    Fourteen million quid is nothing compared to the “incentives” forwarded to vermin like Donald Trump. Workers have to be protected and fought for, not set against eachother, in stupid sideshows, while the boss class gear up to fuck us over for years to come. Give them another £14, 000, 000!

  9. 11
    Anonymous says:

    I think you need to put up one of your comedy schoolboy mathematical explanations at the end of this story, Guido!

  10. 12
    JoyousPilgrim... says:

    Best part of my job…. When I go annoy the workers…. When I can hold the public to ransom…. Add to the cost of travel in the future and then blame…….someone else. :-)

  11. 13
    Fat Eck (WindMill) Salmond says:

    You lot know nothing, when the political class are the paymasters of the unions they are easily controlled! For the same reason, union leaders get monster salaries….Bought and paid for, just like these Greggs pies I’m going to jam down my fat neck.

  12. 15
    Smiler says:

    Check out the hundreds of Police Federation reps throughout the UK who hold full-time positions in their many regions. Many have served only a little time on patrol duties, yet the Secretaries and Chairpersons receive enhanced pay and pensions at the expense of the taxpayer.

    • 25
      And whats more.... says:

      Do these reps still receive the equivilant of Chief Inspector wages despite only being of the rank of Constable ?

      • 32
        Smiler says:

        I am advised that the officers such as Secretary and Chairperson do indeed get paid for at least a rank higher than that held. The highest enhancement would be that of Chief Inspector. An F.O.I request would clarify the matter.

  13. 16
    ed martin says:

    its peanuts relative to the phoney farming fraud

  14. 17
    John Page says:

    Scottish National Pilgrims

    (SNP, geddit?)

  15. 20
    John bloop says:

    Put it on England’s bill.

    PS: There will be no ‘Independence’ for the Scottish EU Region, it will be direct rule from Brussels, as opposed to indirect rule from Brussels at the moment.

  16. 22
    scunner says:

    You are completely missing the big story, Guido.

    A Labour MP who insists that the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to hold an independence referendum has turned twitter alight after imploding on live TV during an interview.

    Scottish Labour MP Ian Davidson stunned viewers when he repeatedly harangued and hectored a female interviewer whilst trying to defend his claims that only Westminster had the right to sanction an independence referendum


    Link and transcript :

    BBC and MSM in Scotland in complete Pravda style denial/omission mode. This story really is the kind of thing you do best, Guido – go get him!

  17. 24
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    When you say taxpayers’ money, I assume you mean English taxpayers’ money!

    • 33
      Nonamesnopackdrill says:

      No such thing as English taxpayers money cockbreath, Scotland subsidises England bollockbrain which is why England struggles like a big girls wet blouse to keep us in a corrupt and biased union. Now fuckof scrotumface.

      • 37
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        What an intellectual chap you are. It is obviously no use in indulging in witty badinage with you so just get this SCOTLAND DOES NOT SUBSIDISE ENGLAND, except in their dreams!

  18. 27
    Edinburgh is full of parasites. says:

    Hate the lot of them.

  19. 28
    Get your life meddled by a pished stained scrounging old in Edinburgh. says:

    Parasites. Waste of time and money.

  20. 29
    please please please says:


  21. 31
    robbie says:

    One thing you can be sure about- £14m is a significant under-declaration. You need to ask how many are “partnership representatives”. A massive fraud on patient care resources.

  22. 35
    Sorrel says:

    I was astonished to learn about “pilgrims”. It is just as well that that only discerning readers of Guido are aware of this nonsense, otherwise any government would have to respond and apologise. I am old fashioned enough to believe that unions are supposed to be financially self supporting. I will continue to read such interesting revelations with interest and mounting anger.

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