August 3rd, 2012

Wandsworth Gags Councillors Over Tory Fraud

The Deputy Leader of Wandsworth Council has ordered silence over Guido’s on-going exposé of the fraud and cover-up at the heart of Wandsworth Conservatives. The following diktat was sent to all councillors:

From: Jonathan Cook
Sent: 02 August 2012 15:01
Subject: Guido Fawkes

Dear All

You may well have seen reports posted on Guido Fawkes’ blog in recent days.

Anthony Cole, as Chairman of the Wandsworth group of associations, has responded with a statement, copied below, which makes the position clear.

If you are contacted by any journalists I suggest you decline to comment, and refer them to Alex or me.

Many thanks


More internal communucations coming up. Guido’s favourite one is is where Rob Morritt, after being caught with his hands in the till, gets threatening…


  1. 1
    HA HA HA HA HA says:

    They bricking it!


    • 4
      Faceless Bureaucrat says:

      Oh Dear! – bit like pouring petrol onto a bonfire (assuming any of us can still afford the petrol of course…). Wandsworth really are making a total c*ck-up of this issue.


    • 7
      Tony Blair repenting before the noose says:

      Come on Fawkes, this diversionary shite is wearing thin. The banksters have looted and destroyed the country and Herzliya tells you to pump out this crap. ain’t working, mate. The little people really are waking up and are ready to deal with the criminal scum. read the comments.


      • 16
        Sir William Waad says:

        So……allowing corruption in local councils will help reform the financial sector, and it’s all the fault of the J*ws?


      • 21
        jgm2 says:

        I think you’ll find that is the country that has looted and destroyed the banks. Of course it takes two to tango and the banks, during the imbecility, could simply have refused to lend money to all these newly clever people whose house ‘went up’ by 20,000 quid last year and there would have been no ‘boom’ at all.

        Which is precisely what they should have done of course. That said, now that they’re doing what they should have done back in 1997 onwards and no longer lending tens of thousands to utter plankton it seems to have pulled the rug completely from under our ‘miracle’ economy. And people are complaining. Blaming the banks for not lending even more money to utter fucking morons.

        The reason banks aren’t lending is because it has finally dawned on people that they’ll have to pay all this fucking money back. Which is precisely what they’re doing. Anybody looking to borrow money now is most likely of the same mentality that borrowed us all into this clusterfuck.


        • 29
          Mike Hunt says:

          Well said!!

          Having a bogey man to blame for ones ills is part of human nature and evil tory bankers are an easy target.

          What SHOULD be happening is interest rates get put back to normal (8% ish) giving savers a decent return, new pensioners a decent annuity and to act as a restraint to frivolous borrowing. At the moment, this criminally low bank rate is masking to real problem – too much debt and too many mouths for the country to feed and rewards the feckless. Correcting the rate is vital but no one has the courage to do it.


          • jgm2 says:

            Indeed. A perfect time to crank up interest rates by a few percent and dr*i*ve down the ludicrous pr*i*ce of houses. We seem to have some national mental illness. Petrol goes up and we bitch and moan. Food pr*i*ces go up and we bitch and moan. But house pr*i*ces go up and we cheer to the rafters. The single most expensive item that most of us will ever buy and we’re fucking delighted that it has become more expensive!!

            ‘Hurray, I’ll have to work even harder, for longer to afford a roof over my head. Hurray!!!’

            Can you imagine if house pr*i*es went down by 50%? From 200K to 100K (say). People would bitch and moan that they’d ‘lost’ 100K. Forgetting that the really nice house that they really wanted would have fallen from 400K to 200K. So, instead of having to borrow and earn 200K to upgrade, they now only need to borrow and earn 100K. Literally years of their lives freed up.

            But no. They want to borrow more fucking money. They want to work themselves and worry themselves to death.

            What kind of nation of idiots are we?


        • 45
          Anonymous says:

          jgm2~~ I don’t think you have got it quite right re the bank lending antics.
          Instead of lending to ridiculous ratios of loan to income plus loans exceeding in some cases more than 100% of property value they should have stuck to the conditions used in the postwar period viz:- loan not to exceed 3 x salary & borrower putting in 10 or 20% deposit.


        • 46
          AC1 says:

          Lowering Reserves increases the systematic* volume of debt, One G. Brown ensured that zero reserves were needed, and thus exponential amounts of credit accumulated, pushing down interest rates, and pushing down land affordability. This was done as credit increases mask the fall in comparative advantage caused by taxation. You can see that income taxation is akin to a “reserve requirement” lowering the amount of wealth creation, hence the need to lower reserves to maintain the potemkin economy.



      • 40
        not a machine says:

        i think it was a choice of which death spiral , that aside Roz Altman is pretty good , just so long as we dont forget the Labour party put the tax on ….


    • 15
      Johhny Cash says:

      Cash for the boys.


    • 17
      Ratty says:

      Are they going to ruin you Guido? and what about the safety of your Tory mole?


  2. 2
    Peter Grimes says:

    Dey am, blood!


  3. 3
    Badly Packed Kebab says:

    Where am I?


  4. 5
    Nullbymouth says:

    Sack the Intern – Broken link on ‘caught with his hands in the till’


  5. 6
    Londoner says:

    “I suggest” Ha ha ha

    Why doesn’t this dimwit resign? He is clearly unfit for public office if he thinks such rampant dishonesty should be dealt with in any manner other than by calling in the polce


  6. 8
  7. 9
    Professor says:

    I repeat, Boris, UKIP or abandon all hope.


  8. 10
    Rob Morritt says:

    Have a nice day you bastards.


  9. 12
    Eric pickles is a lazy lump of uselessness says:

    If only we were a banana republic


    • 14
      Professor says:

      Surely we have!


    • 27
      David and Go-liath says:

      Unfortunately the unions didn’t vote for David Milibanana as Liebore leader so we’re a good electoral cycle or two away from being a banana republic.

      All hail Dave Mil – the heir to the heir to Blair


  10. 18
    DVLA (Trouble at Mill Edition) says:

    These Tory led baby eating cuts are driving us round the bend… Right, down tools and fuck the job!


    • 23
      jgm2 says:

      The DVLA can get fucked. As they were only too happy to remind us with their big brother scrolling Matrix type ads they’re totally computerised now so we don’t need so many of ‘em

      Fire half of them. Then fire half of what’s left.


      • 31
        Jonny Ball says:

        In the first instance you could just fire three quarters of them, it would be far more efficient that way.


        • 48
          JH says:

          No, far more satisfying to let them start feeling comfortable after the first pass of the scythe, then really hit them.

          Everyone I know who has worked in the public sector has admitted that you could draw a red line through 30% of the more gods-little-mistake type ‘workers’ with absolutely no detrimental effect to the ‘service’ notionally being paid for.


          • Civil servants are most thieving Arabs says:

            Surely you mean ‘service notionally received’?

            We are are most certainly paying for it, it ain’t no notion.


          • Anonymous says:

            True! Ask any pubic sector “worker” and they’ll confidentially tell you that half are pointless leeches.


          • AC1 says:

            > We are are most certainly paying for it, it ain’t no notion.

            I would suiggested we are extorted for it, rather than pay (implies voluntarily funding the thieving a-rabs).


    • 30
      Ed Milibandwagon says:

      These strikes are WRONG!


  11. 19
    Twitcher says:


    • 32
      Gordo McBroon says:

      Keeping birds away is the right thing to do, I don’t like women especially the Labour voting bigoted ones.


    • 33
      not a machine says:

      mmm have we got anything bigger that can work on border control , Millionaire in Austrailia is reported to be working on real Jurrasic park , Teradactly with drug sniffing capability …:)


    • 39
      Trivial people with trivial minds says:

      Will you stop being so useless and get on with the job of being an MP please?


      • 54
        MPs are mutants says:

        Being an MP is not a job.


        • 62
          Anonymous says:

          It’s an extremely onerous job I would have you know;to maintain my standard of living I spend hours & hours of my time working out how best to complete my allowances & expenses claim forms to ensure they look to be wholly ,exclusively & necessary for the performance of my duties.


    • 68
      Odd Billy says:

      Number 10 always has a tit in residence these days.
      When Gordon Brown was there he was known as the Bearded Tit.


      • 69
        Ava Banana says:

        Gordon was the No 10 albatross round the country’s neck. Plus he had the Eagles as support crew, but nobody asked about swallow ing.


  12. 20
    Hacked off local resident says:

    ”Oh what a tangled web he weave’s when he practice’s to lie & deceive”

    Perhaps this will be Rob Morritts epitaph when his house of cards

    has finally collapsed along with that of the Wandsworth Tory Party…..

    Wonder if Conservative Central Office are under the same gagging order ????


  13. 24
    ToonBob... says:

    Nice to see Team GB above France in the Olympic medal table today……..


  14. 25
    On the subject of Tory corruption says:


  15. 28
    not a machine says:

    Stephen Hester made a more impressive cut with me this morning , perhaps he is used to triping out the figures from Labours efforts …. repaid £100bn of govt loan (very good) however it was it was the other figure of insurance guarentee which is nearly paid , did he say £290bn ….. to stabilise toxic debts ??? or was it unmentioned insurance sum from govt to stabilise £280bn. So in 2008 then was govt liable (ie us )for for nearly £400bn ??? . Always will be puzzled why labour never wanted books to be looked at when the purchased most of it .
    4 yrs on…. still at least Mr Hester pointed out there was now somthing that could be called a large bank in the news ….


  16. 37
    keredybretsa says:

    These people can’t even run up the road lat alone run a council. Call yerself Chairman……I call it a liberty!!!!


  17. 51
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Gold Medal for Guido on breaking this story of Fraud and ‘cover up’.
    Watergate happened – some notable quote – ‘Follow the money’, ‘It’s the cover up stupid’ that really exposes the fraud.

    And by the way – all manner of similar frauds are being unravelled throughout Local Councils be they Tory, Labour or Lib Dem controlled – across the country.

    The Audit Commission is just another quango – they are and have been acting ‘in concert’ [] in the ‘conspiracies’ to defraud the taxpayer.

    Audit and Governance committees in all Councils are stuffed with so many councilllors who are only on the committees to ride the gravytrain.


    • 52
      Technomist says:

      If you want tio follow a real world class bit of sculduggery, have a look at the Waltham Forest election expenses records scandal: after several lies about where the records disappeared to, we were eventually told that the records were stored in a Town Hall basement which miraculously turned out to be inaccessible due to asbestos.


      • 65
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I can assure you ‘Technomist’ that there are similar issues of skullduggery going on in Bournemouth Borough Council and in Whitby Council in North Yorkshire …

        The Political pygmies from across all parties are desperately attempting to conceal multiple frauds against the public purse – ‘theft from the public purse’, ‘misapproiation of public funds’ are but two criminal offences.

        They are across all party political colours in it together – the public are finding them out faster than they can employ legals to threaten and harass the public.


        • 71
          Ava Banana says:

          IS anybody forming a new qango – the National Arson Squad – to burn down these bloody crooked Town Halls ?


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            A bigger deception at the Town Halls is this – all have Monitoring Officers [MO]. They are as a rule lawyers and they seem to control all the legal skullduggery and thieving that is going on.

            However – There is a misconception / Grey area as to who the MO’s are ultimately responsible. Is it Central Government or The EU? It ain’t rocket science to work that one out.

            Parliamentarians – give us the impression that they are ‘not suborned’ under EU Diktats … but isn’t the truth sometimes stranger than fiction?

            Public Info: Precedent case: Tienaz V Wandsworth County Borough Council – they (WCBC) lost the case and the appeal….


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Ava – your form of distracting from real issues has been noted – you are Bibi’s spokseman and I claim my 5 shekels.


  18. 63
    Anonymous says:

    I am starting to wonder just how f***ing stupid some of these characters “running” Wandsworth Council and Wandsworth Tories actually are. It is no wonder Mad Morritt was able to run rings around them all.


  19. 64
    Anonymous says:

    Looks like they’ve got the apostrophes sorted.

    A big step for thicko tories.


  20. 67
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Are you sure he spelled his name right Guido?

    Surely he’s missed out an ‘r’


  21. 75
    Supporter says:

    Cook is probably right to tell Councillors to say nothing, since many of them know little about this, as their bosses have sought to paper over the whole mess. Otherwise, how could they look up to seniors in the Association, and do their bidding, if it was clear they were a bunch of total ‘financial incompetents’. Or worse, be in bed with the rotten apple that has caused this appalling scandal.
    So far as anyone can see, there has been no challenge or rebuttal to Guido’s revelations. The facts and evidence that Guido has been publishing demand a provable factual response, not a weak request not to talk to the Press.
    If I was a Councillor, the conversation I would want with the press would be simply, ‘Who is telling the Truth?’ How can I take instruction from a bunch of clowns who appear to side with straight theft.
    And how can any Conservative supporter pay any more money into the Association coffers, without knowing what the answers are to the questiuons raised?
    Guido is on the side of truth, and truth is what the ordinary supporter has been denied.
    So Cole and Cook need to save themselves by coming clean. Or do they want to go down with the rotten apple, as will inevitably happen, if Guido continues his campaign.
    And as the dirt spreads upwards within the party machine, who are they about to drag into the gutter with them, where they appear to belong?


    • 81
      Hamilton says:

      Got to ask why has wet behind the ears ‘deputy leader’ been tasked with gagging councillors? Is this to preserve the actual leader from being contaminated with this muck. Deputy leader is a new councillor….and completely in awe of bully boyMorritt.

      What about some real leadership from someone with a little experience, who knows just a bit about the membership and the councillors. What a joke.


  22. 79
    Miss_behaving says:

    I find this hard to believe. A large council does NOT have the electronic payment system in place as other large Public services have? Franking machines are in every other public service admin office. I know of no reason for any one Person to be given a BLANK cheque? Not even the cheif executive! OMG!


  23. 80
    Hamilton says:

    They should all disown Morritt if they had any integrity; self interest always takes precedence. Mind you if Morritt cared about colleagues, conservatives or the careers of others he’d have wallked by now and never suggested himself as a councillor- he always thought he was just too good for whatever job he did and that everyone else (including our current dear leader) was just an ignorant f**k, but a means to an end.

    He deceived the selection committee by not telling them; he will have to resign, even if this is just a bit of chaotic financial mismanagement and a stitch up by a spurned shag; the longer he takes the more damage he does, but never mind he can still keep raking in public money as a very important councillor and sending out silly arrogant emails pontificating to his ‘dear colleagues.’


  24. 82
    Christine and Neil Hamilton says:

    We are completely shocked by all this!

    This would never have happened when we were Tories.


  25. 83
    Gagsims says:

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  26. 84
    GagsIsm says:

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