August 3rd, 2012

Victory For Spoof Tweeter
Mail Bosses Withdraw US Twitter Action

Overnight bosses at the Daily Mail and General Trust suffered humiliation as they withdrew their case against the spoof Steve Auckland twitter account holder. The decision marks a significant victory for the spoofer, who Guido has aided over the last two weeks by arranging the services of a pro bono US attorney. Guido has obtained the court documents (see Notice of Dismissal) that show Northcliffe Media admitting defeat in their bid to unmask the tweeter. A grovelling letter from Northcliffe to the account’s author, who will now forever be known only as John Doe, has also found its way to Guido:

In a statement the spoofer gave thanks to Guido for his role in the case:

“I want to heartily thank Guido, because without his initial efforts I would not have found my pro bono lawyer in the States and Northcliffe’s subpoena would have gone unchallenged.”

Credit should also be given to Frank Sommers, the San Francisco attorney who took up the case free of charge. Twitter users can now live safe in the knowledge that their freedom to spoof remains protected. Case closed…


  1. 1
    Lord Rothemere was a personal friend of Hitler and Stalin says:

    The Daily Fail is a rancid rag. I’m glad they’ve had to back pedal, the gruesome twats. P Dàcre has some serious and deep seated psychological issues.


    • 3
      Oops. Lord Rothemere was a personal friend of Hitler and Benito says:

      Sorry, not Stalin, Mussolini.


      • 74
        erm... says:

        Boris gets it.
        in the world of clowns…the clown is king.
        wow.wee ……..
        #weewee for the “unborn” amongst us. we all need to die psychologically so that we may be reborn afresh. all the best.


    • 11
      The Groaniad says:

      We aim to achieve the circulation of a rancid rag.


      • 14
        Did you ride the shortbus to school? says:

        Yes, because if you dislike the Mail, it must automatically follow you love the Guardian.


        • 18
          The Groaniad says:

          Or if you’re you, you’re as thick as shit.


          • Beerdiet says:

            I think the phrase “thick as shit” is somewhat ill-conceived. My shits are very seldom ‘thick’ and tend to be, in fact, somewhat runny. A bit like mousse, at best.


          • Did you ride the shortbus to school? says:

            Clearly the point flew way over your deformed and disabled head. Now go read your Mail while wanking off to Richard Littlejohn.


          • Dear Leader Dave says:

            Go Al-Qaeda! Butcher Assad and his ugly bitch!

            I shall be announcing later today increased security measures and further curtailment of civil liberties due to the unprecedented threat to UK security posed by militant islamist extremists, trading under Al-CIAMI6Mossada


          • faghag Sam says:

            Bagsy her shoes when they butcher the bitch.


    • 77
      Greychatter says:

      Supporter of Hitler, Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists


  2. 2
    Gordon Brown says:

    I sold the gold


  3. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Well done Guido.


    • 13
      Spartacus says:

      so now we know his name was John Doe


    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      Well that has stopped any potential move to Northcliffe Media Guido, wasn’t it Ian Hislop of P-E who said , if it upsets the Daily Mail it must be alright. Still you are now in with Dirty Des’s outfit and TV beckons, not just occasional appearance on the Beeb, using your acquired knowledge of investigative journalism, or host your own version of daily politics.


      • 37
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        Too far, too fast.

        BTW I’m not sure if our host “arranged” a brief for the tweeter — said brief emailed Gweeds and offered his services pro bono.

        None of which matters, since Dacre has had his nose rubbed in it good & proper.


  4. 6
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    I raise my glass of Guiness this morning to John Doe,Frank Sommers,and the legend that is Guido Fawkes.


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    A small victory for the piss takers.


  6. 8
    DZ says:

    nice crowd sourcing legal action


  7. 9
    Me say says:



  8. 10
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Excellent, the Daily Mail and its jumped up lawyers are on the run, they’ve been flushed out as petty fools.


    • 28

      Quite right, Andrew. Agree entirely.

      It is curious that they operate the most successful news website worldwide in terms of profitability. That is the best way of judging the success of a business venture. However, that very concentration on a financial objective can warp the sense of perspective and in this case it has in an extraordinary way.

      Examining the way this case has developed, it is fascinating to identify the subtle at first (then unsubtle finally), way in which their approach has changed. The transparent misuse of moral high ground, which appears to be built on shifting sands, might at times even put that beacon of morality, Guardian Media Group, to shame.


  9. 12
    #1 Sockpuppet says:



  10. 15
    Steve Auckland says:

    That makes me a dead man walking.


  11. 16
    The Office Of Carter Ruck says:

    We couldn’t but help notice the email address of the Daily Mails lawyers.

    You just couldn’t make it up!



  12. 17 says:

    Now do the same for all the whistleblowers in the rancid public sector, especially the NHS.


    • 20
      • 46
        Fish says:

        I don’t like UKIP much, but I like your link.

        The next time Miliband gets up in Parliament spouting about how wonderful the NHS was under Labour, or we sit through a romanticised Olympic ceremony, or listen to the odious, sanctimonius Burnham, who as part of Labour’s control freakery, is deeply implicated in uneccesary deaths. at places like Stafford, or when the less than impartial Kirsty Wark tells us what to think, reminding us, as she did the other night of ‘our affection for the NHS’, it’s time for people to rise up and put and end to this Stalinist organisation that is no longer fit for purpose and give people a health service that people deserve.

        …END THE NHS


      • 49
        Why was he born so beautiful? says:

        I didn’t notice this as part of Danny Boy’s Olimpdick extravaganza. Must have been on while I was out getting more popcorn supplies from the kitchen.


        • 53
          Expat in KL says:

          There was a half page article (read puff piece) in my local daily newspaper yesterday which referred to the fabulous NHS bit of the opening ceremony and assured Malaysians just how wonderful the NHS was and how popular it was with every British person. He even mentioned that it was the only organisation like it in the world and wondered why other countries did not copy the British example.


          • tottenham chutzpah says:

            did it refer to three assaults in a merseyside hospital in the last couple of weeks?
            (two by patients on staff, one on a patient by another patient)

            or are these covered by ‘confidentiality’?


  13. 19

    Well done, Guido!

    You have done something that can be classed as really great there, not just for one person but for everyone.



  14. 21
    The Sun says:

    LABOUR has doled out 13 House of Commons security passes to unions behind a wave of damaging strikes.

    MPs have formally registered militants as “research assistants” or “secretaries”.

    A Tory source said the passes were a “ruse” to give unions unprecedented access to Parliament’s power-brokers.

    Unite, which masterminded last year’s public sector strikes, has been given five passes.

    The union, led by Len McCluskey, has pumped about £5million into Labour’s coffers since Ed Miliband became leader.

    Two have gone to the GMB, which has donated £2.5million to Labour, three to little-known Union Consultancy Services and one to Union Political Services.

    Unison and the University and College Union have bagged one each.

    Tory MP Priti Patel said: “Bankrolling Labour and Ed Miliband’s leadership has given union barons access to the corridors of power.

    “These union fixers are unelected and unaccountable. Ed Miliband should put a stop to this backdoor lobbying.”

    A Labour spokesman hit back: “It is right that representatives of working families are able to talk to ministers and MPs in Parliament. To suggest it’s wrong is ridiculous.”


    • 25
      Only 9 days 13 hours 34 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      “It is right that representatives of working families are able to talk to ministers and MPs in Parliament.”

      Tacit admission that Labour MPs don’t represent working families.


      • 29

        Single days!!!!! Yay!!!

        1,074, 284 benefit seekers for a complete year! Did you hear that, Polly?

        *goes and does an f9*

        Oops! 1,076,607.

        Polly! ….. Polly! Polly! POLLY!


        • 48
          Princess Po-Face Polytwaddle, handwringing, whining, preoccupied in her Ivory Tower, says:

          I am always right!

          I am never wrong!

          Go ‘way!!! – I’m sitting here on the bog – I mean bidet – holding Gordon’s picture!

          Oh Gordon! How sweet was life when you were on the Throne!


      • 55
        A £ieBore MP says:

        We represent greed and our fucking selves mate – get stuffed – we do! – ask Prezza! hah ahahahah ahaha!


      • 57
        Ava Banana says:

        Labour do not represent working families – and neither do the unions (even less so I should have thought, given their declining numbers).

        How’s the purge of pilgrims going by the way?


    • 26
      JH says:

      For fucks sake, when will Dave end the ‘Union modernisation fund’, an oxymoron if ever there was one.

      The taxpayer funding unions so that unions may better assrape the taxpayer in future.


  15. 22
    Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

    Good job. Well done.


  16. 27
    Sir William Waad says:

    There’s a good editorial piece on this in today’s Daily Mail. Very thorough and balanced. You’ll find it just underneath the report of Eric Pickles’ gold medal in the 100 metres freestyle.


    • 31

      Did you see Eric had entered the pole vault, as well? On a roll…

      Quite right about the article, though. I’ve just put it down. You have to admire impartiality over such things.


    • 50
      Gordon Brown says:

      Ya’ sasenach skunna! I won that!!!! An’ ar’ hav’ the remedial maffs class at ma’ skooly proving it fae’ me noo!!!!


    • 59
      Ava Banana says:

      That event was totally unfair to the other competitors owing to Eric’s extra built in blubber which gives him a higher flotation quotient than them…


  17. 30
    DZ says:

    An Olympic gold medal must contain at least 6 g of gold

    Gordon Brown disposed of almost 400 tonnes of gold between 1999 and 2002 =

    1000g per kg x 1000 kg per tonne x 400 = 400,000,000g / 6 = 66,666,666.67 which I estimate means a gold medal for every man woman and child in the UK (and some left over )


  18. 33 says:

    Britain welcomes France’s Tobin tax dodgers.


    • 45
      The Traitorous Tit in No 10 (reprising a former PM's words) says:

      I give you my word! – and I think you can trust me by now . . . . .


    • 81
      Sir William Waad says:

      It’s just another tax. Like all taxes, it will fall on the productive people of the world, since they are the only people producing anything. No nation ever taxed its way to prosperity.


  19. 39
    TomCatesby says:

    Well done Guido, for your part in U.S. twitter victory. A good one in the eye for the arrogant bully boys and support for free speech.


  20. 41

    It’s the Equestrian finals today , and i can’t wait to win my medal !


  21. 42
    TomCatesby says:

    A doctor writes… Beerdiet. Try eating more stodge with your diet, you’ll find post-piss up chip butties and pies will thicken things up nicely for you.


  22. 43
    Well done Guido! says:

    All strength to you! – KEEP GRINDING AWAY AT THE FUCKERS!


  23. 44

    There is another aspect of this to consider now. Most of us have supported one party at some time. Many of us have become disenchanted with it. That will be just as true of the left as it is of the right, from which I clearly come.

    How many times do we have to groan at someone from our own side who puts their size 14s in it? Sometimes, they even win the day and you tend to think Why am I a supporter?

    Eventually you feel spat out by your very own side and you think A curse on all their houses!

    Our host was very early on the scene to spot this state of affairs.


    • 47
      The Traitorous Tit in No 10 (reprising a former PM's words) says:

      I can only repeat myself . . . I give you my word! – and I think you can trust me by now . . . . .


      • 51

        Very true … but look outside of the frotting circle of outright politicos and it doesn’t get any better.

        Murdoch, then Dacre. Who else from our side is going to foul it up and hand easy shooting targets to the twisted Toynbees of this world?


        • 61
          jgm2 says:

          It was The Mirror under Robert Maxwell who pioneered the use of the libel courts to keep his unsavoury doings out of the public domain.

          Him stealing the Mirror workers pensions to buy himself a nice yacht couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of bedwetter apologists and fifth columnists.


          • Agree jmg2 and i will never forget that. One simply assumes the other side will do this sort of thing and you are correct to draw attention to it to balance the thing up a bit.

            But I really foam at the mouth over the c’unts who supposedly are on our side but really set our cause backwards by deades. I think, in my niaïvity, that they should know better. They don’t know or they don’t care.


        • 63
          Ava Banana says:

          Foxes me!


  24. 52

    Where’s my fuckin bike !

    and my pants


  25. 54
    Murdo MacLeod says:

    Well done Guido. Excellent Work


  26. 60
    Phil says:

    Are Northcliffe going to issue a public apology for the bullying methods they used and their breathtaking hypocrisy in using US courts while the Mail argues that UK citizens should not have to defend themselves in US courts and that Twitter should resist similar actions by others?

    We all know that the reason they caved is because Dorkland got superb backing from bloggers such as Guido Fawkes, the massive increase in followers and mainly that he got legal counsel. The rest is bluster. The damage this has done to Northcliffe’s (and DMGT’s) reputation is massive. Executives have made themselves look weak, humourless and stupid.

    Someone there needs to grow up if he/she is still in a job.


    • 62
      jgm2 says:

      Outside of a few political and media obsessives I don’t think anybody gives a fuck. Although it was entirely a debacle of their own making.


      • 66
        Phil says:

        It is important. A large and powerful newspaper group thought it could stamp on one person because it had the legal firepower to do it and thought the person couldn’t fight back. What does that make the Execs at DMGT look like. Does anyone want to be censored by corporate bullying tactics? I think not.


  27. 65
    The Public says:

    Why hasn’t Cameron sacked Jeremy Hunt? The man is a liar and an utter embarrasment who demonstrates no understanding of business.


  28. 73

    Does this mean that Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg is now safe from prosecution? Oh frabjous day, callooh callay..!


  29. 75
    Nicola Clubb says:

    Go Spoofers


  30. 76
    MB. says:

    “Twitter users can now live safe in the knowledge that their freedom to spoof remains protected. ”

    Can they? It has not been tested in court.


    • 78
      Phil says:

      No you are right. Twitter will bow down to any subpoena in the US courts. This time publicity and help from Guido has resulted in a bluff being called. Next time may be different.


  31. 79
    ed martin says:

    you have reminded us very well of how unpleasant is the world of the media

    does anyone come out of this smeling OK?


  32. 82
    Grigory Yevseevich Zinoviev says:

    its all untrue


  33. 83
    Anonymous says:

    What is amazing is how low the Daily Mail’s lawyers have set the bar for what the Daily Mail consider harassment. Can’t help feeling many a victim of unwelcome attention from the Daily Mail will be referring to this case in future…


  34. 84
    keredybretsa says:

    Gotta be careful here….freedom of speech…is OK. But freedom to spoof could come in a dodgy grey zone.


  35. 85
    Victory says:

    Good stuff. :)


  36. 86
    Les Abbey says:

    Congratulations Guido for the part you played in this. Sometimes, not often enough though, you seem almost libertarian.


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