August 3rd, 2012

He Who Pays the IPPR Calls the Tune
Leaked Email Shows Wonks For Sale

Labour wonk-shop IPPR are progressive guns for hire. In 2010 they took over €800,000 from the European Commission and their coffers are filled by unions and lefty-charitable trusts. Universities UK, the higher education trade association, are believed to have bunged them in excess of £20,000. In return they got their figures in a nice report about how immigration caps are affecting student numbers. Despite the report claiming that all “views and conclusions expressed in it are those of the authors”, Guido has now got hold of an email that would suggest otherwise.

Tony Millns is the Chief Exec of  English UK – another education trade association who encourage people to come to the UK to learn English. The sort of vested interest group who would want see immigration caps given a kicking. Millns is clearly rather chuffed with what money can buy him:

IPPR claim that Universities UK supplied some research, but didn’t tell the public or the media that the report had actually been commissioned by English UK. Sadly for them the client has let the cat out of the bag… 


  1. 1
    Wonker watch says:

    Fucking Wonkers!


  2. 2
    English UK says:

    Come to England to learn Engreesh, and stay for a while ever


    • 10
      Egnlish UK says:

      We is traiotrs innti?


    • 12
      Anonymous says:

      Anything to rub our noses in diversity eh?


      • 20
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah, that was the limit of their policy objectives with regard to immigration, no thought for the pressure on housing and services. Lefties are fucking evil.


      • 24
        A fatwa says:

        Rubbing noses is banned


      • 36
        Your local EqualTitty & Divvy Ofsah, - also da Include an’ da Outretch, in a Town Hall near you says:

        Yo am not ta say dem words!!


    • 23
      Peter Grimes says:

      It was ever thus with the slimy, British-hating IPPR. When they reported that 150% of the Poles who had come to the UK had gone home, their die was well and truly cast.

      The current head liar at the IPPR is, of course, the odious ex-ZaNuLieBor ‘minister’ James Purnell who lied on the Brillo programme on telly that the illegal Abrahams donations had been repaid. Nothing like lies to take the heat off!


      • 26
        greg says:

        Lying for the cause comes naturally to the left.


        • 42
          Anonymous says:

          Purnell followed the well worn Labour path of posh school,Oxbridge,policy wonk and safe Labour seat before being embroiled in the expenses scandal.
          How on earth is he considered capable of issuing advice on anything in the real world?


  3. 3
    Duty Pedant says:

    Technically not a leaked email, but a leaked bitmap of a piece of paper with some print on, which may be of an email.
    Just like a stolen photograph of a car is not a stolen car.


    • 13
      Silly question says:

      But if someone handles the stolen piece of paper with the email on it in order to make a bitmap of it?


  4. 4
    The Paragnostic says:

    He who pays the IPPR calls the tune.


  5. 5
    Jimmy says:

    You libertarians and your immigration caps…


    • 6
      Nullbymouth says:

      Nothing wrong with caps and precisely why for example broadband companies use bandwidth caps – so there is enough to go round – a bit like land/housing/jobs etc


      • 15
        Anonymous says:

        Jimmy, like most thick lefties thinks the UK is a bit like the Tardis, bigger on the inside than the outside. Also they don’t seem to have any joined up thinking about the UK’s spurious carbon reduction targets. Anybody ever told them that more immigrants means more consumers which equals an increase in carbon emissions? If you’re gonna believe this bollocks at least show some consistency ffs.


        • 19
          Jimmy says:

          You do realise that people produce carbon emissions outside the UK as well?

          Honestly if your IQs were any lower you would require watering.


          • Anonymous says:

            I said the UK carbon reduction targets you knob. Please read and understand comment before responding you thick plonker.


          • Goblin Porridge says:

            Anon clearly refers to the UK’s carbon reduction targets, Jim: if people are outside of the UK, they do not contribute to its carbon, see how that works? Honestly, if your IQ were any lower, you’d be converting sugar into alcohol.


          • Jimmy says:

            Yes I see. Foreign carbon emissions would be stopped by the Border Agency. That would explain the queues at Heathrow.


          • Clause Forever says:

            Look, for me it’s all about diversity. These poor teaming masses come from monocultural hellholes. If they come here they can share in our diversity. In fact the wackier and weirder they are, the better; not only do they get to profit from our diversity but they make us even more diverse. It’s win win…a magic diversity tree. What the IPPR should be ‘R’ing is a bloody big atlas to find some ‘culture’ we haven’t got yet. Just as a for instance, when did you last bump into an Andoman Islander down the boozer, or see a Kazhar on X Factor. Why d’ya never see an Assyrian or an Innuit on CIF. I, for one would like to see just what a Papua New Guinean makes of Polly’s views on Sure Start. What’s the matter with you people…come on open up your hearts and your wallets.


          • Anonymous says:

            Jimmy and fuckwit, immigrants come here to be a part of our consumer society, ie to consume more than they do in their motherland, thus adding to global warming and not subtracting. You’re both idiots of the highest fucking order.


          • Clause Forever says:

            Yeah, but their consumption is so diverse. Diversity of consumption expands markets and creates jobs in, say, the prayer-mat and hijab sector. Everyone’s a winner. It’s yer basic economics. Wise up Enoch, it’s not all about you and your narrow-minded bigotry…there a big picture out there and it’s diverse and beautiful. I remember the 70s and 80s when everyone I signed on with was pasty and shell-suited. Now it’s like an Olympic opening ceremony…without the wind- up chimneys and parachuting octagenarians, thank fuck.


          • Anonymous says:

            Piss off you happy, clappy wanker. Any consumption still equals more carbon, which was my fucking point.


          • Clause Forever says:

            Carbon schmarbon geez. What about the jet stream thingy…all ends up in Finland anyway. Don’t they teach you decadent Caucasian fuckwits basic logic these days?
            You’re still trading in yesterday’s paradigm. Your service sector, your women and your commentariat have been outsourced pal. Get with the Weltschauung…before it gets with your missus innit.


          • Anonymous says:

            Yeah, that’s it, reply to a perfectly logical argument with bollocks, it’s what you do best.


          • jimmy saveloy says:

            i thought i told you to fuck off


    • 9
      JH says:

      What’s un-libertarian about wanting to limit immigration of people who would delight in seeing liberty curtailed on this island?

      Just carry on ‘rubbing our noses in it’, eh Jimmy.


      • 58
        Clause Forever says:

        Yeah and what’s un-un libertarian about not wanting to censor anti libertarianism? Anti-libertarianism’s a valid stance in my book. Banning it’s pure fascism…not that I want to demonise fascists; they might get traumatised which is obviously racist in its own right. You don’t really get diversity do ya? All you really need to get your little head around is this: diversity is diverse…unless you’re a white devil, obs…innit? If you is what I like to call pale magnolia-white’s a bit judgemental- then obviously your range of acceptable opinion is restricted until the curse unto the 7th generation has been expunged through appropriate penance. For the rest of us the world’s our crayfish n’est pas? Don’t fence us in pal…it’s ‘cultural’ innit.
        You don’t have culture innit…fucking blue cyclists with wings? Little Bow friggin Peep?..leave it out…that’s not culture. I bet you thanked your lucky horoscope you had Dizzy and a few of us with rhythm to save your blushes.


    • 11
      Marmite says:

      Your dad should have put a ‘cap’ on the end of his knob Jimmy and then we would have been spared your bleedin ramblings.


    • 16
      Guido Fawkes says:

      I’m against immigration caps in principle. Am also against think tanks whoring policy.


  6. 7
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Here’s a thing.
    When a local Council are in a spot of bother … they commission a report from a ‘body’ or ‘legal firm’ – who for the commission (The ‘Fee’) – will produce a report – then quoted as being independently sourced(!) by the council which ‘backs up’ what the council want. The trick is in the ‘remit’ given to the Independent body or legal firm …

    A similar thing occurs when a body or group or newspaper or TV channel – commission a poll – from pollster firms. Its the art of spinning the statistics according to the remit of the party paying for the report / poll.

    Deception is an art form.


    • 18
      Waltham Forest Council is the Crappiest Council in the UK says:

      Actually, all they need to do is lie and then hide the evidence in a basement which they claim is full of asbestos and hence inaccessible.


      • 48
        Blowing Whistles says:

        If that’s their claim – then force the Health & Safety Executive to investigate the matter and to go into the basement in their ‘suits’ and retrieve the documents.

        The HSE – ought to be closing the whole building down anyway – because of the possible threat to the employees …

        Result all round – I say.


      • 49
        Douglas Adams says:

        Seems like I’ve come across a plot very like this before.


      • 52
        Clause Forever says:

        Apposite name there my mate. They’re cheats and bloody liars. They promised me 9 bedrooms but Faisal and Ali have to share. And Amina’s room doesn’t even have broadband. This country doesn’t deserve our diversity; I sacrificed a lot to come over here…and for what?


    • 22
      GHolder says:

      this weekend I will commission a report from the Wombourne Tandoori regarding the recommended number of takeaways required for a 45 year old male to be in satisfactory mental health

      I will then present this report to my wife


      • 47
        Blowing Whistles says:

        If it’s about mental health as you wrote – be careful – she might just get you sectioned … you nutter.


      • 51
        Clause Forever says:

        Depends if you include poppadoms. They generally increase serotonin but not in conjunction with fenugreek. It’s not as straightforward as you think.


  7. 14

    It’s a box, not a bag.

    If you don’t mind…


  8. 17
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha, they’ve been flushed out now!

    Who will resign?


  9. 25
    Noo (Progressive) Boring £iars, the face of Noo (Recessive) £ieBore, aka Brhoon & B£iarist Bu££shit says:

    Remember the thread this morning?

    . . . Saving Violent Rioters From Prison . . . . hiding behind mental issues . . . glowing character references from senior political figures . . .

    That, – together with fixing figures filled with fiddling – like you read here – ….



  10. 45
    Brainwashed sheeple says:

    The sheeple buy it. Unwittingly, buying into someone’s political and economic agenda. Baaaaah.


  11. 46
    John Johnson says:

    Are you sure you didn’t draft an email & scribble some highlighter on it?

    Investigative journalism at its best. I can see why the speccy hired you!


  12. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone opposing severe limits on immigration is an enemy of the nationand will be punished after regime change.


  13. 55
    nic says:

    wot r u thoughts on the common purpose charity


  14. 67
    keredybretsa says:

    Cross my palm with silver…like 20k and leave the rest to me comrade.


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