August 2nd, 2012

Fox’s Penance

One of the more curious reshuffle rumours that Guido has heard is the idea that Liam Fox coud be brought back as Tory party chairman. As luck would have it he bumped into the good Doctor last night in one of Westminster’s quieter watering holes. Mr Werritty was charming too.

Sporting a pocket sized Union flag, Fox was clearly enjoying the Games and was very on message about their organisation, but he declared that he would not be coming back to frontline politics for “at least 18 months”. He’s apparently recharging his batteries and would turn down any job offered. That’s that then Dave. It’s fair to say he’s up to something though…


  1. 1
    Mistake says:

    If Fox and Laws and brought back into government then coalition just as bad as Labour for rewarding dodgy people.


    • 17 says:

      Indeed. It’s not as if the Tories and Lib Dems have no principles like Labour, is it? We shall see. But then what harm has Labour having no principles done them? Labour voters don’t expect their MPs to have any principles. But they do expect businesses to have them. Odd that.


    • 18
      Polly's Villa in Tuscany says:

      WTF is he still socialising in public with Werritty for? Unless it’s official and he’s come out.

      There must be an abnormally large % of ass bandits in Westminster. I blame public school.


      • 31
        arse-bandit Blair says:

        save the bankers!


      • 37
        Eton Arse-Bandits says:

        fagging, libor-fixing, cocked-fours – gold medal class!


        • 55
          Labour MP says:

          Why is the government doing nothing to protect the jobs of those of my constituents who work in the defence industry by getting contracts in the Middle East, etc?


      • 42
        Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

        It may be down to a shortage of women due to Boris.


      • 47
        the heir to the Fettes faggot says:

        Speaking of arse banditry, I have so much in common with Bradley Wiggins, we poth peddle drugs.

        Oops, I meant to say I sold class A drugs at Eton whilst Brad pedals and is on drugs. Toodle pip!


        • 82
          Sir William Waad says:

          Do you have any evidence that Mr Wiggins takes drugs or do you just resent other people’s hard-earned success?


          • Ed Balls says:

            We must not produce winners, and if by happen-stance we get a winner we must ridicule them so that others do not get ideas.


        • 94
          Gardener says:

          I doubt he takes drugs. He’s just good at what he does.


        • 114
          SP4BS says:

          Wiggins gave up beer. which is an astonishing sacrifice for an englishman, and even more astonisghing if you are australian.


    • 117
      Judge Dreadful says:

      Have they been to prison yet? if not, then they have not been rehabilitated.


  2. 2
    Ah! Monika says:

    Meanwhile bring back hunting


    • 7 says:

      It should be an Olympic sport. Bloody PC gone mad. When all that time was being spent ignoring what was going on in the banks what was the Labour party’s biggest priority?


      • 116
        The Golem says:

        I don’t have any daft notions against killing vermin but to expand your point, Labour gave an equal priority to repealing the death penalty for treason and prohibiting the ownership of target pistols in the UK. Pistol shooting is an olympic sport, as I recall.


        • 123

          It was so that the law abiding middle classes cannot use fire arms to protect themselves against a collapse of law and order during the run-up to the revolution.


      • 118
        Only 10 days 12 hours 14 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

        Wrecking Britain?


  3. 3
    E says:

    *tunes in the find out what that fapping noise is*


  4. 3
    Moussa Koussa says:

    I wet the bed


  5. 5
    Kebab Time says:

    This is a cheeky Olympic picture I think even Guido and Neo Guido would like it :)


  6. 6
    I type with my toes says:

    1.) Why good doctor?

    2.) If he denies it, then it must be true.

    That is all.


  7. 9
    Thomas from Tonna says:

    I am still awaiting a few explanations from this person after his last run in with public service.

    I believe we have all lost money.


  8. 10
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    “Fox was clearly enjoying the games” Yes but not the sort of games you could put on the telly


  9. 13
    Nullbymouth says:

    Was Werritty handing out business cards?


    • 21
      Yvonne from the Colliers arms Clydach says:

      I have yet to see anyone trying to auction off any of these business cards on Ebay.

      I am very suspicious.


  10. 16
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    I can confirm that today I will have a meeting with Vladimir Putin and will take receipt of the cheque for Guido Fawkes.

    Mr Putin regrets that this was not posted earlier,and to further the good relations between our countries,Guido will waive any claim to interest.

    Good Morning.


  11. 22
    Raving Loon says:

    The only Tory I really have time for is Dan Han, most of the Tory front bench are soppy wet liberals.


  12. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Guido just happened to meet Fox and Werritty in a Westminster watering hole just by accident, I think I have heard that one before. Who bought the drinkies then?


  13. 25
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    So Mr Guido does not want any interest.

    Is he a muslim I wonder.


  14. 30
    Ed Balls says:

    In an attempt to become more voter friendly,I shall be cultivating as pair of Bradley Wiggins sideburns.

    I just can’t wait for George Osborne to do the same.


  15. 43
    Tonto says:

    Shit creek up paddle without a. No fuck. Forked tongues intelligence Israel. Wives English Assad. Printing Presses running. Little people stay little. Palaces stay big People in.
    Wiggins Brad my Hampton Court 10 o’clock.


    • 58
      Sir Aston Martin says:

      You forgot to say “Kimosabe”, which apparently means “horse’s arse”, as the Lone Ranger found out when he was 73.


  16. 49
    Backwoodsman says:

    ‘Its fair to say he’s up to something though’.
    Its fair to say that any benefit to the public from whatever it transpires he’s up to, will be purely coincidental.


  17. 50
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    I’m recharging my batteries, dear, but certainly wouldn’t turn down any job offered.


  18. 52
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    On sky now A guy from the ECB trying to be serious with a Guy Fawkes mask smiling over his shoulder LoL classic !


  19. 73
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Why not give him Hunt’s job? My god, these people make you sick don’t they Mr Laws?


  20. 91
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Sounds a bit like Guidos previous reshuffle tip from 12 months ago , predicting the imminent return of “David Laws”

    Guido likes to think he has his finger on the pulse, nothing could be further from the truth.


  21. 98
    ed martin says:

    The punter in FISHER INVESTMENTS UK advert (on Guido at the end of the comments ) has quite clearly lost his shirt

    is he praying for something?

    I think we should be informed


  22. 100
    Sir William Waad says:

    Fox was the fellow who decided to sack thousands of soldiers instead of sacking thousands of desk jockeys at the MoD (or a few of our useless generals).


  23. 101
    China's Badmincheat team says:

    “You have heartlessly shattered our dreams,” said Yu. “It’s that simple, not complicated at all. But this is unforgiveable.”

    oh dear what a shame never mind heh?



    • 111
      Save Leyton Marsh says:

      Sports stars think their dreams are SOOOO important. Certainly much more important than anyone else’s.


  24. 108
    Moussa Koussa says:

    No reshuffle…Full stop. Stop speculating, will NOT happen.

    Any reshuffle of any kind is a mine field for Cockeron, so in typical cowardly fashion, he will sit on his hands, with his index finger up his hole

    Really looking forward to Putin frightening the Be Jesus out of him today


  25. 110
    Scary Biscuits says:

    Fox is on manoeuvers. In 18 months’ time he reckons they’ll be a new Conservative leader. There’s a donors’ strike on an members are leaving in droves. Why taint himself with the current failing regime?


    • 115
      The public are fed up with our political class says:

      Why no njust give up politics altogether? He has nothing to offer the British public except his own ego and a dodgy set of morals.


  26. 122

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