July 27th, 2012

Debt Bomb: Deficits and Dancing Girls [VIDEO]

Keynesian economics stripped bare…


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    olympic jolly says:

    nice bottle of Latour and a good opening ceremony…what could be better ?

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      Sid and Doris from east grinstead says:

      the missus is just sitting in the fridge so I’ve got
      something cool to slip into at half time

    • 83
      Cam€rtwat – ‘Call me Daft’ – a str€ak of piss posing as PM says:

      Hey my jolly boys! – I’ve had a sherry or ywo and I’m pissed as a LyingScum.

      And do u know. – I ;obe my gellow creatires! – even old pressascoff!!

      Ha ha hah hah hah !!

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        Boris not UKIP says:


        • 154
          Cam€rtwat – ‘Call me Daft’ – a str€ak of piss posing as PM says:

          Do you know – I’m so pissed I agr€€!!

          Boris is the Main Man from now on for m€!!!

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      too much food says:
      • 268
        rocknrollalla says:

        What an odious moron she is.

        Has all been rather PC hasn’t it. I saw the BBC presenter having an orgasm because some countries have allowed women to participate.

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    • 245
      Phil H says:

      Leaked Letter From David Cameron To The British Armed Forces
      + + + + +
      “I appreciate that you may be a bit busy at the moment, fighting a pointless war in Afghanistan and looking forward to a summer holiday with your family, but just before I give 20,000 of you the sack would you mind awfully helping out at a small sporting event we are holding in London, later on this month.
      You see, I have just given £475,000,000 to a private company called G4S, who were supposed to be handling security arrangements for the London 2012 Olympics, but they appear to have trousered the cash without actually providing an adequate service. However, I have managed to wangle an old warehouse for you to kip down in and some army rations left over from WW2, not ideal I know, but hey you should be used to lack of equipment and facilities by now.
      Gotta keep the costs down and all that. LOL.
      Many thanks,
      David Cameron.

      PS Theresa May will sort out the details as I’m off to a sun-kissed beach for 4 weeks. OK, yah!”

      • 535
        sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

        I am somewhat confused. I thought it was signed by the last government? Who was that again?

      • 682

        P.S. We had to replace the Guards Band by Arctic Monkeys at the last minute because they were on ticket inspection duty

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    Well it's a thought says:

    And tonight we have the Olympic display by the Welsh division of the Bank of England the ceremonial switch on of the next batch of QE tenners.

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    Anonymous says:

    Unemployment is a price worth paying!

    25% unemployed in Spain as they try to save the Euro.

    Funny how the left have not muttered a word, don’t you think?

    • 10
      I'll have some of that says:

      It’s incredible that a generation across Europe can be sacrificed on the altar of the Euro…..if they want to free themselves they’re going to have start in the streets. I can’t see how this can go on.

      • 63
        Only 16 days 02 hours 18 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

        I think it’s in Europe’s DNA to sacrifice a generation every few decades. At least this time it’s been a longer break and doesn’t involve Ypres or the Russian Steppe.

    • 599
      Anonymous says:

      What are you on about? The left are up in arms about the sick joke of 50% youth unemployment and 25% general. Have you missed the strikes and protests?

      The government is right wing, committed to saving the Euro not the people.

      • 677
        Anonymous says:

        yes and Hollande, the French socialist president is up in arms too about it, haven’t you heard that he is going to do all he can to save the Euro, and that includes having mass unemployment. Surely you must have missed his statements about the 25% unemployment in Spain! He is more interested in saving the euro than peoples jobs, you prat!

        let these countries go back to governing themselves with their own currency. It is the only solution

        They should have done it 4 years ago and they all would 4 years better on their way to recovery, but they are ofcourse now 4 years worse off!

        • 680
          oddly helpful says:

          It’s an elementary principle of building design that providing fire exits encourages people to be careless with naked flames. Best not to bother with them.

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    Yeah . I likes the best .. says:

    V. Good sound quality.

  5. 9
    Anonymous says:

    I know he claimed to be the President but this looks like the first budget after Jeremy Expletivedeleted replaces Gideon and Theresa May gets a make-over,

  6. 13
    Gordon Brown says:

    Ah dinna’ beieve it.
    Ah’m double booked! There’s the new Nandos in Dunnikier road needs openin’ oon tha’lympic games tae de.

    Oh, wha’r a pickle.
    Tha’lympics is prestigious an all. But ah do like a free Nandos.

    Wha’ shell ar doo?

    • 18
      jgm2 says:

      Go to Nandos. Eat the free food and put in an expense claim using a receipt you found blowing around outside. Then go home and put in an expense claim for a full whack business class flight to London for your entire retinue which you can then cash in up to 12 months time.

      No such thing as ‘double-booked’ when the tax-payer is picking up the bill.

  7. 17
    B!lly Jeff Clinton says:

    And here I am, thinking, why didn’t I come up with that idea for the “State Of The Union” Address?

  8. 19
    ToonBob... says:

    Excellent….. ladies were very nice also :)

  9. 21
    Forkbender says:

    What have those nice senior banker been doing at Barclays, not other fiddle that has only just come to light, my those regulators work at a fast pace don’t they.

    • 25
      annette curton says:

      Fast pace?, thought we had now moved on to Nationwide, these people would give Ni*erian emailers a bad name.

      • 30
        Another dodgy socialist MP says:

        After this election I am seeking a safe seat anywhere in France where, thanks to Mr Hollande, nobody will ever question my fiddling (sorry, I meant expenses) and I can look forward to double the salary I get in stingy Britain.

  10. 23
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Daily Mail on Romany:

    The Republican’s most damaging blunder came when he questioned whether his hosts would be able to make a success of the Games, saying: ‘It’s hard to know just how well it will turn out.’

    Bloody hell, a politician talking honestly. He has no future, has he?

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    Well it's a thought says:

    See they had honest Tone on tv news before, just wonder if he’s going to light the torch, better count their fingers if they shake his hand, today would be a great day if he was on his way to the Hague in a prison van, now that would be a great Olympic games opening.

  12. 31
    UKIP.i.am says:

    If there was a gold medal for budget deficits, Britain would be in the running. Unfortunately we peaked two years ago.

  13. 32
    annette curton says:

    Everybody on tenterhooks, who will be given the honour of lighting the Olympic flame?.

    • 48
      Anonymous says:

      Who effing cares?

      • 56
        annette curton says:

        All the celebrities that didn’t get the honour of lighting the Olympic flame.

      • 67
        Only 16 days 02 hours 09 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

        Who does care? It’s this effing TV culture where a dribbling bovine population of Xfacta addicts wait with baited-breath to learn who’s going to be “tonight’s winner”.

        No-one fucking cares. It’s no big deal. Light the fucking fire. Move on.

    • 50
      WVM says:



      I wish Guido would light the Westminster flame wile no ones looking.

  14. 33
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wish tonight’s opening ceremony the best.

    • 34
      Danny Dyer says:

      leave it..it ain’t worf it.

      • 55
        Nurse Botha says:

        Yes, dear. Mrs. Gapworthy’s dress malfunction was a one time slip up. Tonight, it’s BBC Olympics, a quick game of that boring thingy with pegs (can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called) and then off to bed. Light’s out at 22.45, SHARP!

        Addendum: Cribbage, FFS.

    • 35
      annette curton says:

      All the beast then.

    • 37
      Rick the Roman says:

      Oh sh*t and I was going to watch it with a bottle of my favourite Touraine Sauvignon…

    • 40
      Aunty Matter says:

      Is Gordon talking about Sarah’s legs?

  15. 36
    Baron Hogwash says:

    I’ll buy that for a dollar !

  16. 38
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    So Danny Boyle is going to only concentrate on the last 200 years of our history. I think we all know where that’s going, you can bet the gayers, Moozlums and Efniks along with the BBC will be well represented whilst old whitey will be ignored (except for the miners)

    Clearly Stonehenge is shit then is it? Someone tell Danny Boyle gayers use it for nocturnal activities, he’ll re-write the script.

    I expect a huge amount of 1984 tonight, the BBC won’t want to miss the chance to hand out another lefty brainwashing to the proles.

    Fucking hell.

    • 46
      annette curton says:

      I’ve got a bad feeling it could look something like this:

      • 49
        Joe says:

        Narr, it’ll be multicultural with the usual diverse political correctness throughout.
        All presented in a liberal lefty luvvie wanky feasty sort of way, that means absolutely nothing the the vast majority living in these islands.

        • 77
          Stratford Bull Ring says:

          Hopefully the cattle will go bonkers and send everyone scarpering.

        • 232
          UKIP for me says:

          You got it spot on, there was hardly a caucasian to be seen. NHS, CND, rap singers etc. I’m off to watch my socks dry.

          • Plat du jour says:

            You forgot Gordy’s fave utterly tuneless group the Icelandic Chimps – or something..

    • 47
      not a machine says:

      If a huge inflatable Jaque Delores takes centre stage , i think ill consider weve been sold a pup , cant imagine we will top Chinas extraveganza , but still bet it will jolly good effort . as we such a history and well it is perhaps greatest show on earth cant really summon up any grump . If you think a parade of debt riddled tramps brought about by succesive Labour goverments is more appropiate for any post ww2 review , have to organise your own show …..

      • 52
        Aunty Matter says:

        Don’t be surprised if they use a Moozy kid to light the big bucket thing. Remember they used one to give Beckham the football in China.

        You are being brainwashed by the BBC/Guardian.

        • 65
          not a machine says:

          More of mild soaking and interlude as regards brain washing for me , although have to give Peter Hitchens article in DM full marks for good intellectual effort , even threw in some latin to upset champagne liberals for good measure “Quomodo sedet sola civitas “

        • 70
          Only 16 days 02 hours 00 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

          “Don’t be surprised if they use a Moozy kid to light the big bucket thing.”

          That’s the best comment I’ve read on here in five years (and I’ve read some great comments).

    • 260
      The populace of the destroyed country formerly known as England says:

      You have predicted correctly Daisy Cutter, if the being from outer space tuned in tonight they would be sure that Britain is somewhere East of Nigeria and South of Sudan.

  17. 41
    Tunn says:


  18. 42
    Jimmy says:

    Is this Rich n Mark again?

  19. 43
    WVM says:

    Oh, what a lovely bouncy bubble bot on the ginger gal!

    Made my day :)

  20. 44
    not a machine says:

    From this neck of the woods , want a good games to be celebrated and enjoyed , unique , thing to host in a lifetime , so best efforts and wishes .

    Early gold medal for most straight faced TV interview without laughing , goes to Skys Adam Boluton while inter viewing London hieniken Mayor Boris Johnson “what do think about Jeremy Hunt loosing his bell end ” although Boris an his toes “I think ide run like the clappers”

    Truly a Kalidoescopic moment in todays wonderfully British moment to say Hi to all the enjoy and partake in the games .

    • 53
      Aunty Matter says:

      Anyone got that on video?

    • 73
      Only 16 days 01 hours 55 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      “Truly a Kalidoescopic moment in todays wonderfully British moment to say Hi to all the enjoy and partake in the games .”

      Amen to that. I really mean it. I hope it’s a stunning event enjoyed by all.

      Shame it had to cost thirteen billion quid.

      • 641
        Headmistress says:

        Also a shame about the general grammar and atrocious spelling (and misuse of the word ‘partake’).

  21. 57
    inifrån djup skåpet says:

    Hastighet dödar ….. syra spänning

  22. 62
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Hope this Oilympic graffiti comes out – if not – will post it properly soon – if the corporate police don’t get me that is …

    Love these two pieces of graffiti in East London to commemorate the Olympics. The second one is a Banksy so is, in fact, quite “bankable” – however, they will no doubt be disposed of at the earliest opportunity…

  23. 68
    Anonymous says:

    Still no response from any one on the left about forcing unemployment up in order to save the Euro? 25% unemployment in Spain! Doesn’t any one care? These figures are astronomical, leading to social unrest. It’s the same in Greece and on its way in Portugal too.

    Is unemployment only important if it’s a conservative administration causing the unemployment?

    For a generation of people, their lives are in tatters.

    Still,none of the politicians will suffer, will they? even the socialist ones!

  24. 69
    Dyer by name, dire by nature says:

    Danny Dyer: His surname also describes his acting.

  25. 71

    Hi peeps : I would just like to confirm that the bell that Jeremy Hunt was ringing was not made by a British company , as the tender was won by
    Wings Ringy Dings of China , to supply the official Olympic bells
    I would also just like to point out that Hunt is a C*nt and is only still in his job to protect me for my dodgy dealings with the Murkdochs
    also as yet i can confirm that nobody has ever rang Jeremy Hunts bell !

    toodle pip !

  26. 75
    @BillyOn14thru21mostmonths says:

    giudo? Point of order gudio: Are we going to do live chat for opening ceromy g? Ta .

  27. 76
    @8illyOn14thru21mostmonths says:

    @8illyOn14thru21mostmonths says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 27, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    giudo? Point of order gudio: Are we going to do live chat for opening ceromy g? Ta .

  28. 84
    Ah! Monika says:

    Thusfar ….. Dire

    • 86
      Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

      Did we have darkies in 1830, dear?

      • 593
        Anonymous says:

        God bless ya Dannny Boyle – I’d never have known that the Industrial Revolution was largely thanks to our ethnic population. I’m surprised Idris Elba wasn’t playing Brunel!

    • 91
      Only in the Graun says:

      Fucking baffling and embarassing.

  29. 85
    Ah! Monika says:

    Token Black Top-hatted Industrialist FFS

  30. 87
    Hatty Hatesmen - the fecund female of Noo£ieBore says:

    Watch out for my superb team – MY SUPERB team of Hulking HArlots – the girls with the Tight Figs and the Right Rigs! – to turn a man to a weeping mess begging for mercy!!!!

  31. 88
    Ah! Monika says:

    If he gets a knighthood for this , I will Boyle myself in oil.

  32. 89
    This is NOT GOOD says:

    Why is our history being re-written at the Olympic games? They are celebrating unions but I dare say they will not celebrate maggie destroyng their intent to ruin this country. And Why present the industrial age as ALL bad?

    • 94
      Only in the Graun says:

      I half expected to see a giant Maggie marionette like the teacher in Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ striding on and smashing down the industrial chimneys and trampling the workers underfoot.

    • 95
      A Total Travesty of History says:

      And there were no Asian or African kids running around England’s green and pleasant lands in the 1800s or even the 1980s or even now come to that.

      • 101
        Only in the Graun says:


        • 107
          I'm emigrating. says:

          This opening ceremony is so PC that is embarrassing. Why not tell it like it was and now is?

          It would be far better if they just cut the opening ribbon and no more.

          • Only in the Graun says:

            Oh come on now.

            What’s PC about an integrated deaf/hearing multiracial choir?

            You’re imagining things.

          • The Olympics deliverance Committee says:

            An integrated deaf/hearing multiracial choir ticks all the right boxes.

          • Only in the Graun says:

            Hmmm. I dunno. Do they have the right balance of sexual orientations and gender identities.

            Should be 40% gay, 30% lesbian, 20% transgendered and 10% others

  33. 92
    the revolution starts here says:

    Smell of cordite in the stadium?

  34. 97
    Ah! Monika says:

    This is worse than shite

    • 102
      Only in the Graun says:

      Why are they speaking French, the c unts?

    • 103
      Kate Skycopter says:

      WOW !! This is GREAT !!

      Maybe we takin the wrong drugs , darlin ??

    • 113
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Currently celebrating the NHS – what a lot of sh*t.

      I give up.

      • 284
        Only 15 days 23 hours 32 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

        I pity you people who are actually watching this £13billion PC crap. It sounds as shite as we all expected.

        (How do you celebrate an NHS hospital, FFS? It’s like celebrating Auschwitz.)

        • 338
          Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

          The average Government Death Service (aka NHS) hospital kills more people than Auschwitz did.

  35. 98
    Tunn says:

    * Licks eyebrows satisfyingly *

  36. 100
    Kate Skycopter says:

    *tunes into rival channel*

  37. 106
    Ah! Monika says:

    It’s getting worse by the second.
    the Queen even scowls.

    • 110
      Suspect Dave and the BBC will enjoy it. says:

      You know I suspected it would be socialist dire. But not this socialist dire.

    • 111
      Ah! Monika says:

      IS IT ME OR……

    • 115
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Fuck JK Rowling is on now.

      Wishy-washy iDave must be creaming himself at all these Blairites on show.

  38. 109
    On a practical note:... says:

    Have Rich & Mark supplied a cartoon for this?

  39. 114
    WVM says:

    What a lot of bollocks.

  40. 116
    Gordon Brown says:

    I can’t look at J.K. without mentally undressing her.

    • 696
      oddly helpful says:

      John (Maynard) Keynes was not a -she- if you don’t mind. Her sort didn’t appreciate the familiarity of -your- sort.

  41. 118
    Twisted perspective says:

    So why have they got to have 50% black faces when we only have 5% black faces. Political correctness gome mad.

  42. 119
    FUCK the LIMPDICK LAMES ! says:

    Why are these southern wankers celebrating the industrial revolution
    When all the industry and revolution was up norf

  43. 120
    Rebekah wades in.... says:

    Child- catcher?? I’ve patented that look, FFS.

  44. 121
    Ah! Monika says:

    Hospit UL beds . AL ffs

    • 134
      Only in the Graun says:

      I think they missed a trick there.

      They could have had a gang of Bullingdon boys come on and run amok with axes, chopping up the beds, symbolising the wicked Tory cuts to the NHS.

  45. 123
    David Blunkett says:

    Thank fuck I don’t have to watch this shit.

  46. 124
    Well it's a thought says:

    Just come in turned on the tv , hospital beds ffs, turned off in embarrassment oy vey

  47. 126
    Dicky Branson says:

    I still get a virtual hard-on when he wields that guitar.

    • 169
      Not using mine at the moment so feel free says:
           //  7
           \    \
            \    \
            _\    \__
           (   \     )
      • 190
        Evadne Bo££ocks says:

        I recognise that!! ….. it’s a Ed …. rampant . . where can I hide?

  48. 127
    erm... says:

    it is depressing.
    the past is……can be…..the corgis were the only happy lot.

  49. 128
    Ah! Monika says:

    French BEFORE English Intro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 129
    A multi-cult wankfest.. what else did you expect? says:

    Fuckin hell, we’ve even got black Mary Poppings now!

    I’m counting 15% to 20% indigenous Brits max, maybe this is a vision of the future?

  51. 132
    Total Shite says:

    To listen to the BBC preview hints this was going to be the best Olympic opening ceremony ever. I suppose they believed it as it totally trashes our industrial history, celebrates the NHS and Unions and shows none whites working the land in the 1800s.

    What a waste of £27 million squid.

  52. 138
    Hit the Road says:

    We, the UK are well and truly f**ked is the message the World is getting.

    • 148
      erm... says:

      alternative…we are British…. we are proud of who we are.

      • 151
        Only in the Graun says:

        How you derive that message from this unfathomable fiasco is beyond me.

        • 157
          erm... says:

          the Brits have a don’t care attitude about the world. this is 2 fingers to the world. saying this is who we are …like it or not.
          it is attitude.

  53. 141
    Mini Cars are made by BMW says:

    A wholly embarrassing and cringe worthy spectacle.

  54. 145
    Ah! Monika says:

    It can’t get any worse…

  55. 146
    Critical critic says:

    The first 15 minutes were actually quite good. It’s been downhill ever since.

  56. 149
    Engineer says:

    I take it from the above comments that the Olympic opening shindig is not universally applauded. Glad I didn’t bother watching it then.

    Enjoyed the video above, though. Meaningful lyrics, for a change, but can’t decide whether I prefer the blonde or the redhead. On dancing ability, obviously.

    • 156
      WVM says:

      Personally I’d go for the red head, her bouncing bubble but is hypnotising @ 2:20 on.

    • 165
      Burried head under pillow says:

      The annoying thing is that I am now going to have to apologise for years to come to my American friends after they have spent years apologising to me for Obama.

      Can’t help feeling that G4S were right not to turn out to protect this shite.

      • 180
        Crying in to my beer says:

        I’m sure they’ll understand, we are all under this shite day in day out through out the West.

    • 289
      The populace of the destroyed country formerly known as England says:

      A pity the maker of this video didn’t do the opening olympic ceremony it woud have been far better I’m sure. I am English – this load of multi culti tripe has no relevance to the England of the English, absolute b@@@@cks.

      • 652
        Headmistress says:

        But you will no doubt be cheering for the blick ‘English’ medal winners…

    • 676
      Darcy Bustel says:

      Anybody can do it – you can practice in front of the mirror

      • 692
        John Prescott says:

        Bloody amateur – give us those tassels & I’ll show you how it’s done

  57. 152
    Michael Loser says:

    A rampant machine-gunner would make this the perfect production.

  58. 155
    Ah! Monika says:

    Even A wheelchair dancer!

  59. 158
    Princess Po-Face Polytwaddle, handwringing, whining, talking down at people from her Ivory Tower, says:

    I am always right!

    I am never wrong!

    And that Grouniad girl on Sky – Ameleia something is it? – looks pre-orgasmic! How dare she!!!!!!

  60. 159
    God save the Queen says:

    I wish Anders Breivik would make an appearance.

  61. 161
    Michael Loser says:

    BBC lightened up on Pistols then ??

    • 170
      The Biased Bullshit Corpse – where the truth never shines – makes an important Hourly Announcement says:

      (Martial Music )

      Citizen Comrades!!!!

      In no way do we support the decadent use of the People’s Power and Electricity ofr the Fuirtherance of the Wicked, Corrupt, and totally Running Dog Antics of the Elite.

      Money should be diverted to the production of Mao Suits for all Workers!!

      Long live the Great He;lmsmeans!

  62. 163
    Lord Coe says:

    Where’s that cuпt gone who says: Only 15 days 22 hours 58 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay!?

  63. 164
    Cressida's Dick says:

    At least we got a bit of the Pistols.

    Ever feel like you’ve been cheated?

    • 172
      Dick Ed says:

      God save the Queen… Then they cut the rest

      • 686
        The great rock and roll swindle that the thick punks still dont appreciate says:

        Doesnt that singer chap advertise butter these days ?

  64. 166
    E says:

    This is BRILL !!

    I easily pleeezed tho

    E x .

  65. 173
    Ah! Monika says:

    OMG I hope the Queen hasn’t had to sit through this

  66. 184
    Show case says:

    Oh well if we weren’t really in recession then we are now. NO sensible country will trade with Britain after this.

  67. 194
    Sonny boy says:

    Shouldn’t the Olympic games be called the David Beckham Olympic games.

    • 202
      David Beckham says:

      *licks eyebrows and sniffs own arse*

    • 308
      The populace of the destroyed country formerly known as England says:

      It says everything about the depths this country has sunk to that a heavily tattooed man who once kicked a football about is held up as the model for all to aspire to…………………..come to think of it, I see tattooed scrotes on every street so, well, yes they are all obviously products of the bbc brainwashing programme.

  68. 196
    Cressida's Dick says:

    I thought Paris lost the bid.

  69. 205
    The legace of 13 years of New Labour says:


    • 215
      m'Kard PrizeDClot the Acme of Noo£ieBore says:

      FFS!!!! When’s the bluddi Domino’z pizza gonna be ‘ere??? FFS!!!!!

    • 230
      Londonistan Centric says:

      Agreed, completely unrepresentative of the UK as a whole.

  70. 206
    Ah! Monika says:

    The Chinks must be laughing their heads off. Not one dancer in time with the next.

  71. 207
    Gordon Brown says:

    As a Final and Despeate Attempt to Gain Fame, – I AM GOIN TO THROE MY SELF ON THE LYMPIC FLAME AND COMMIT SUITI!!!!!

  72. 209
    Sonny boy says:

    How London see’s Britain in 2012, I give up.

    • 253
      erm... says:

      go back to your homes….and think of…erm…well…..a guweedo island…..with a nice beach. there is hope….there is always hope.

  73. 210
    Fett Per says:

    Läser någon allt detta skit?

    Håll på! Vad är detta?

  74. 212
    Anonymous says:

    OMG I’ve just seen Beckham on a speedboat. Please don’t let him light the cauldron.

  75. 213
    Sonny boy says:

    Greece with it’s begging bowl.

  76. 214
    Anonymous says:

    The Greeks are coming in and is that a begging bowl?

    • 221
      Sonny boy says:

      They’ve all got begging bowls, bank of England will need to do a lot of QE to keep up with this lot

  77. 217
    Aunty Matter says:

    Well if that wasn’t the biggest Vote Labour political advert I don’t know what is.

    Evil Tories, the oppressed workers, lesbians and of course the NHS.

    Why didn’t the NHS sketch show an old person being starved to death by a nurse who doesn’t speak de English or give a fuck?

    At least the Red Arrows were good.

    • 255
      Anonymous says:

      Still, there were a few w*h*i*t*e faces on view just to boost the diversity theme.

  78. 218
    Cressida's Dick says:

    The Afghans think they’re still in Kabul.

  79. 220
    What a load of shite! says:

    Is that it then?

  80. 223
    Only in the Graun says:

    The Ausies look like cabin crew

  81. 228
    annette curton says:

    Can’t take any more, at first I thought this is weird and then I thought no this is puerile. What happened to Hyde Park concert, not on terrestrial?.

  82. 233
    Londonistan says:

    Coming to a village, town or city near you!

    Keep voting LibLabCon cowards.

  83. 235
    Cressida's Dick says:

    Zambia please.

  84. 238
    Anonymous says:

    Well, erm..I really dunno what to say.

    Erm..I liked the Bond bit.
    And the Olympic rings was good.


    • 242
      Jack (at a loss) says:

      …and that hill where they put the flags on, that’s good, I like that idea that’s ok.
      But errr, whatelse ???

    • 251
      Aunty Matter says:

      The Bond bit was shite and the rings were OK except we had to have exploited workers building them (with evil Tories looking on of course)

      The chinks probably thought it was more Communist than their opening ceremony.

      NHS shit, the dancing bit with the music clips was cheap and tacky. Really didn’t like most of it and Boyle’s lefty politics were far too obvious for my liking.

  85. 246
    WVM says:

    Now that’s a fucking tall China man!

  86. 248
    Bradley Wiggins says:

    Anywhere I can park my bike?

  87. 250
    Cressida's Dick says:

    Why are all the country name girls wearing a surgical frame?

  88. 254
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    That man is carrying plenty of 90% pure coke surely, dear?

  89. 266
    Foreign Correspondent says:

    See that al-Megrahi has been given a nice seat.

  90. 269
    Virgin Media says:

    Watching this in HD is even worse!

  91. 275
    Cressida's Dick says:

    The Polish team will be coming out last as half the team are still trying to fix the plumbing in the Olympic village.

  92. 277
    rocknrollalla says:

    Isn’t the Olympics supposed to be apolitical? This ceremony seems to be a non-stop celebration of the Labour Party, lefty trendy types and even celebrated the NHS, one of the worst health care systems in the west.

    They even had a boat to symbolise the arriving immigrants after WW2.

    I tell you once the English are a minority then the BBC and Guardian will be the most patriotic people around given that they are celebrating foreigners.

    • 317
      Aunty Matter says:

      When you’ve got lefties delighting over this waste of public money you know it’s well to the left.

    • 324
      The populace of the destroyed country formerly known as England says:

      Cameron should spend an afternoon with me and listen in to the people I meet every day, example:- a couple from York, absolute salt of the earth, always worked, never taken benefits, done or even thought any wrong and the guy said to me. “It’s gone too far now, the rest of the world are here and we are having to bow down to them and they are given precedence over us every time and they’ve never put a penny in the pot. It’s time for action in the streets.”

      • 334
        Rocknrolla says:

        Probably true, I think we’re fucked and will eventually be totally overrun in our homeland. I’m sick of people like that dumb bitch Sally the Slag goading us about it and now with our own money.

      • 347
        No more Free Speech in the once Great Britain says:

        It is truly sad.

      • 690
        nine bob note says:

        give jimmy a call, he’ll talk ‘em round

  93. 279
    A bunch of old lefties says:

    Londonistan multicult metropolitan wankers, I’d hang ‘em all!

  94. 280
    rocknrollalla says:

    Sally slag Bercow has already been triumphantly proclaiming this labour party advert we have all paid for. There should be an investigation into this but won’t be.

    Suffragettes, Windrush, gay kissing, ace music. This is the Britain I love :))

    • 293
      Dave you really are hopeless and Useless says:

      This was all sanctioned by Dave. Don’t forget that.

      It all went wrong after the Battle of Britain

      • 297
        Dave should be in the Labour party says:

        I blame Dave for all of this shite and will be voting accordantly from now on.

        • 336
          Only 15 days 23 hours 08 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

          Dave should be 6 feet under, after his big fat anti-British head has been crushed with a rock.

          Something this PC, one could expect under Labour, but under a Conservative government?? Jesus wept.

          • No more Free Speech in the once Great Britain says:

            Agreed, it’s shameful!

          • Smash the Liblabcon says:

            But big business wants mass immigration just as much as the left, and will use exactly the same methods of deceit, guilt mongering and intimidation to get it.

            Native Europeans face a two-pronged assault from both the left and the right.

    • 313
      Only 15 days 23 hours 20 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      I wouldn’t investigate, I’d round up all those responsible for this £13billion atrocity and shóot every fucking one of them.

      In front of their families.

  95. 283

    A bunch of lefties reviewing a lefty ceremony on BBC2, oh please!

  96. 285
    rocknrollalla says:

    Sally Bercow ‏@SallyBercow
    The Windrush!!! Genius! So pleased to see it in opening ceremony

    They’re now openly celebrating making us a minority in our homeland.

    • 291
      Aunty Matter says:

      It’s because of the Windrush that Labour keep getting re-elected.

      I knew I should have gone down the fucking pub tonight, but I bet it was on there as well and I didn’t want to spend £4 a fucking pint just to be miserable there as well.

  97. 286
    Aunty Matter says:

    What is it with fucking lesbians tonight? There’s another fucking one on Newsnight with red hair prattling on like she’s some film expert.

  98. 287
    Cressida's Dick says:

    Did I just see correctly???!!!!

    Zieg heil.

  99. 290
    Axe the TV tax says:

    BBC please FUCK OFF and die!

    • 305
      Aunty Matter says:

      + 9,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  100. 299
    Aunty Matter says:

    I was half expecting to see Ed Miliband’s ugly face appear on the screen like Big Brother.

  101. 302

    Is it over yet?



  102. 307
    slo-mo sniper says:

    YOU are seriously gifted.

  103. 309
    Aunty Matter says:

    I wonder if Danny Boyle has ever actually used the NHS? Who wants to bet if he needs an operation he fucks off to the USA to get it done like every rich lefty does?

    If you’re not close to death when you go into one of our NHS shitholes, you will be when and if you ever come out.

    • 319
      Only 15 days 23 hours 16 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      Did they have all the “patients” gasping for water, like in real life? Dying of thirst? Caked in their own shit? Whilst the ‘nurses’ ignored them. Did they have that? Like in the real NHS?

      I thought Danny Boyle specialised in ‘realism’.

  104. 325
    Ed Miliband says:

    Sir Lord Danny Boyle it is.

  105. 326
    Cressida's Dick says:

    Giggs and Bellamy should feel at home in Mauritania. A national anthem with no words.

    • 687
      Plastic paddy power says:

      Does mauritania have a tennis tournament you know one with no players so we can sent the English team ?

  106. 329
    An English Man. says:

    Mitt Romney was right.

  107. 331
    Rocknrolla says:

    This cost £27m of our hard-earned money. And remember who pays the most taxes – working English people.

    Why can they get away with something so nakedly political in the olympics. Had it instead been a patriotic thing then the Guardian and BBC would have been up in arms about it being abused for political reasons.

    There should be some comeback on this – they’re spitting in our faces.

  108. 333
    ISMA BIN LIDON says:

    You want fire works ! i give you fuckin fire works infidels

    • 340
      No more Free Speech says:

      Careful, even though your telling a joke you too could end up in the high court!

      • 354
        Aunty Matter says:

        Well said, because the fucking useless gutless fat plods have got fuck all better to do than trawl through Twatter looking for bell ends venting their anger at our shit transport system.

        I didn’t realise crime was so low now the plods had run out of rapists, kiddie fiddlers, Moozlum terrorists to go catch.

    • 350
      Vichy CPS says:

      We will prosecute all violations of the speech codes by racists.

    • 386
      Diane Fatbutt says:


  109. 339
    Jacques Count Rogge says:

    No Olympic kissing event?

    Dave can kiss Nick
    George can kiss Vince
    No fucker wants to kiss Gordon though…

    • 373
      erm... says:

      come on Team GB!
      You are our only hope.
      Team GB.go.go.go.
      we are indeed in it ……all together.
      Only a Boris hug will do…in times such as this.

  110. 342
    Cressida's Dick says:

    The team from Leicester went out of order.

  111. 343
    Aunty Matter says:

    Palestine? Fucking Palestine? Are we having fictional Countries now? Let’s have Atlantis then please.

  112. 356
    Aunty Matter says:

    You can bet the chinks will have Danny Boyle on speed dial now for their World Cup opening ceremony.

    They’ll be thinking “this fucker is a bigger commie twat than we are!”

  113. 359
    Cressida's Dick says:

    I want to know whose pipes they nicked to make all these ‘petals’.

  114. 362
    Cressida's Dick says:


    It’s getting late.

  115. 364
    Where's Gordon? says:
    • 370
      Gay Pride says:
      • 383
        Rocknrolla says:

        It’s great – stupid bitches like her hated England so they wrecked it and changed it to suit their deluded fantasies. And we have to pick up the bill then they rub it in our faces.

        I have watched several olympic openings and this is by far the most political. Far worse than even the chinese. Unbelievable really. Yet there’s no way dave will want to risk criticising the NHS so he’ll do nothing.

        £27m down the fucking drain.

    • 377
      Black adder says:
      • 657
        Headmistress says:

        Which probably explains why she made it very clear that she was not a happy bunny. She must have been given a preview so knew what to expect.

    • 380
      Gordon says:

      I is in my padded room at CurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrCudeeeeeeeeeeeee Asylum for Lunatics and Moral Defectives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. 369
    Reply with a +(plus) whatever if you agree says:

    Danny Boyle is a anti-British two faced C’unt!

  117. 372
    there is no such thing as the conservativbe party anymore! says:

    - just a load of irrevarent goits and whoires!

  118. 385
    I'm so proud of our political Broadcast says:
    • 389
      Mr Average says:

      I’m NOT, do I count Chris?

    • 390
      Chairman Dave says:

      And they said the Chinese opening ceremony was political?

    • 393
      In the morning says:

      I think it fair to say that the Labour Luvvies are elated at this opening ceremony. What about Dave?

    • 397
      Rocknrolla says:

      This is a great tweet since it shows that he accepts this ceremony was a party political attack on Tory principles.

      If there ever is an investigation (which I doubt) he will have to explain it.

      He is being triumphant at the moment knowing he has helped destroy an old society but maybe this tweet will bite him in the ass. How much more blatant can they be?

      For £27m there needs to be a serious look at this,

    • 419
      Aunty Matter says:

      Fuck off Bryant, not everyone poses in skidmakred knickers touting for gay sex.


    • 688
      Chris Bryants statement is as bad as racism since it infers you are a racist if you vote conservativ says:

      Your so right Chris and wasnt it awful that the kind of humour practised by the likes of Bernard Manning was so popular in all those posh tory clubs like the embassey club in Manchester

  119. 396
    Red Pen says:
    • 409
      Rocknrolla says:

      You just know the pompous stupid rich girl was just looking for a chance to be so-cool and say bad things about the ceremony had boris been centre stage or had it been patriotic. But since it is a celebration of britain’s decline into a multi-culti hell hole she can’t get enough.

      Actually whatever side of the political debate is on everyone should be able to see it’s a very political opening ceremony and shouldn’t have gone ahead.

      • 413
        A shame of a Nation says:

        It is absolutely disgraceful and an insult to all reasonable Britons.

  120. 398
    Just saying# says:

    Guido, you should have done a thread just for the Olympics Multicult Ceremony!


  121. 402
    Owen Jones says:
    • 437
      sage says:

      You just know that when Owen Jones and laurie Penny say it is right, then it is wrong.

  122. 403
    Sonny boy says:

    So that’s where all our gold went to stop sweaty underarms. jeez h

  123. 406
    Sonny boy says:

    Britain the nation of chavs

  124. 408
    Just saying# says:

    Is this what they call a political biased opening ceremony?

  125. 411
    Red Kev Maguire says:
    • 412
      Labour supporting Olympics fan says:

      Yeah! In your face conservatives. You with your jobs just paid for a nice long labour party ad! :)

      Multiculturalism for the win! It’s our country now.

    • 431
      Southern Softy says:

      When is this Frog going to stop?

    • 448
      amongymouse says:

      Interesting that toilets maguire can divine the political instincts of someone based on their skin colour – for what else could he see on the TV like that? Or are ether wearing multi-culti t-shirts? I think not – we all know what he means.

      Go on – someone call the police and report him for a race hate tweet. 56 days inside.

  126. 414
    Aunty Matter says:

    McTwat’s favourite band are on. The Antarctic Mongs.

  127. 417
    Aunty Matter says:

    I see the Independent have a shot of some banner that Boyle used for the Jarrow March (where a bunch of idle mongs went for a long walk) as their front page.

    You can bet at the Mirror, Guardian, Independent and BBC there will be a right wank fest going on.

    Paul Mason will be abusing himself tonight in all the excitment.

  128. 418
    Fucking Discussing! says:

    French before English again!

    • 460
      Dave the Rightwing Liberal says:

      We have to abide by EU rules Nigel.

      • 659
        Headmistress says:

        But this is an IOC show – and they answer to nobody. So the EU shoulld be told to stuff their rules up their jacksies.

  129. 420
    Sonny boy says:

    Britain hasn’t lost the plot, the politicians are using GPS and have really lost their way, feel embarrassed and sad for this once great country, we been crapped on from high.

    • 424
      Aunty Matter says:

      Who chose Boyle in the first place? I’m guessing it was Labour as I think he was appointed as one of McFuckwit’s last turds dropped.

  130. 421
    Embarrassed to the core says:

    What a fucking disgrace!

  131. 422
    Aunty Matter says:

    The Queen looked bored to fucking tears and where’s Clegg? Bumming Boyle?

    • 660
      Headmistress says:

      Well, much of it is her own fault for signing all that crap legislation into law over the past 15 years instead of telling Blair and Brown to shove it.

  132. 425
    Enough is enough says:

    When will we stand up to this bullshite and say NO?

  133. 426
    Polly gets her wish says:
    • 429
      Labour supporting Olympics fan says:

      The evil tories are privatising the NHS. Soon we will have to pay for hospital visits.

      I for one am glad that danny boyle took this chance to stand up to the conservatives and to the English and say NO – it’s our country now. You’re the past, we’re the future. It’s multicultural exciting vibrant and will soon have no white people left – and they invented slavery so it will be good when they’re gone.

      • 450
        Hit the Road says:

        Which is why the German Foreign Office strongly advises extra insurance for their nationals falling sick in the UK to be repatriated as soon as possible. They warn that British treatment is ‘basic’ and not to be relied upon. Check out the website,

        • 454
          Aunty Matter says:

          Basic? It’s worse than that it’s shite.

          • Sam says:

            Got to be the only medical care service in the world that its patients have to phone the fire brigade for a drink of water.

    • 436
      Infected by a Poison says:

      Well there it is Toynbee, all laid bare and for all to see.

    • 440
      Labour supporting Olympics fan says:

      Yes Yes Yes – go get em Polly. As you rightly say, we know Boyle is on our side and it’s soooooo good he took this chance to use this platform to attack the conservatives and their principles.


  134. 428
    Sonny boy says:

    I was hoping this speech was the farewell speech.

  135. 432
    Adolf Hitler says:

    I’m turning in my grave.

    A very public display and celebration of national socialism with the parading of a token flame throughout the land is right up my street.

  136. 433
    Dave Figgley says:

    My bowels just moved, mate.

  137. 434
    Southern Softy says:

    It’s gets worse

  138. 441
    The Olympic anthem? says:

    Please Please do not produce Gordon Brown.

  139. 443
    Aunty Matter says:

    Fuck me it gets worse, Shami Twatrebarti and Doreen “All honkey’s are racists” Lawrence

    Please tell me this is a nightmare?

    Osama Bin Laden to light the blame (he’s not really dead the USA raid was all a Danny Boyle stunt)

    • 451
      someone says:

      Chill out. Be positive. How you think I done it ?

      • 455
        Nigel Farage says:

        You are officially a brainwashed multicultural twat, enjoy.

      • 461
        Dave Figgley says:

        Ha ha, son. She’s just fucked off because traffic will be down on her poncy blog.

        Time of the month etc…..

        • 469
          Nigel "I hit the ground at 200mph and walked away with some fag ash on my lapel" Farage says:

          *Swoons* What a guy!

    • 459
      rocknrolla says:

      I stopped watching couldn’t take any more.

      Is it really true Doreen Lawrence was on? Really?

      • 464
        Aunty Matter says:

        Yep and Shitty Chakrabarti and Wank i Moon as well. Oh and another white hater Mohammad Ali.

  140. 453
    English Liberation Front says:

    I think someone is rubbing someone’s nose in diversity again. The ceremony was bad enough but the triumphalism of all the usual lefty suspects is something else.

    Feel very ashamed for Britain that this was hi-jacked by the disciples of the Frankfurt School.

    • 462
      Aunty Matter says:

      Trust me the BBC are at the very heart of this. Also don’t forget a lot of this planning was done when Liebore were still in power.

  141. 457
    Aunty Matter says:

    An honour guard of 500 Polish workers now.

  142. 458
    Dirty Den says:

    Time Gentlemen Please!!!

    No that’s alright, love. You can stay!

  143. 463
    WTF! says:

    Running late, typically British eh. The only thing they got right!

  144. 466
    TFFT says:

    Ah it’s good again now the politics have stopped. Should have been like this all the way through.

  145. 467
    Aunty Matter says:

    Actually you have to hand it to Boyle, he’s been very clever. He started off with the old green rolling hills and Cricket so anyone with white skin who didn’t vote Liebore thought “oh this looks good” then very slowly Boyle brought in the lefty propaganda and now right at the end it’s like a total wank fest for the BBC, Newsnight, Channel 4 news and the Guardian.

  146. 470
    Hit the Road says:

    In its desire to paper over the complexities and contradictions of real life, kitsch, Milan Kundera suggested, is intimately linked with totalitarianism. In a healthy democracy, diverse interest groups compete and negotiate with one another to produce a generally acceptable consensus; by contrast, “everything that infringes on kitsch,” including individualism, doubt, and irony, “must be banished for life” in order for kitsch to survive.

    We have presented to the world a textbook example of the kitsch that is Britain’s elites vision of itself.

  147. 472
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    good cauldren

  148. 476
    Aunty Matter says:

    No not Paul fucking McCartney now, what have we done to deserve this Cam-moron? Is this punishment for not giving you a majority?

    What next Bruce fucking Springtwat?

    Oh god now it’s Hey Jude and the sound is all fucked up!! ha ha ha

  149. 479
    English Liberation Front says:

    The Guardian:-

    “Burley’s outburst will fuel suspicions that some members of the Conservative party have unreconstructed views which fail to recognise the pivotal contribution to society made by black and minority ethnic Britons.”

    Unreconstructed? Well that’s fairly clear then. Bring on the re-education camps.

    • 498
      rocknrolla says:

      Spot on.

      When that woman was sent to jail for shouting on the train about Britain becoming like the UN her lawyer specifically requested the judge send her to a re-education camp instead of jail. I’m serious.

    • 507
      Aunty Matter says:

      The Guardian can go fuck itself up the arse on Hampstead Heath.

    • 559
      rocknrolla says:

      I guarantee there will be a witch-hunt for him now led by the BBC and Gaurdian probably ending up with a thought-crime style confession and then off to re-education centre. Hope he has balls of steel to tell them to fuck off but 99% cave in and those that don’t, eg Powell, have the entire machine attack them.

      • 585
        amymouse says:

        He has already come out and said he supports multiculturalism on twitter just now. Pathetic.

  150. 482
    Ugly Cunt says:

    How much facial plastic surgery has Paul McCartney had?

  151. 486
    Clare in the Community says:

    FFS is Paul McCartney allowed out this time of night? If he is then his carers need to have a progress meeting,

  152. 487
    Just saying# says:

    Plastic chops = Paul McCartney

  153. 488
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    I need to know how to Photoshop Mr. McCartney, dear.

    • 493
      Lord Burley (should be) says:

      Is your remark addressed to the former Beatle or is he the intended subject of your, er, manipulations?

      • 511
        Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

        Another throwaway comment, dear. Thanks for trying.

        • 520
          Kartong Fyr says:

          I know that. Try and enter into the spirit of things!

          That was ab-so-lu-tly incredible, wasn’t it? A steaming pile of Rhino manure presented as the best of British.

          I am going to apply for a Pаkistani passport tomorrow… Oh bugger, it is Saturday.

    • 674
      HMRC says:

      We can tell how to shop Mr McCartney, Elsie.

  154. 490
    Disappointed! says:

    Nothing British in that at all!

  155. 492
    Lefty Propaganda says:

    What a waste of fucking of money!

  156. 495
    Confused John says:

    Is it over?

  157. 497
    Cultural Marxism says:

    Thank fuck it’s all over.

  158. 499
    Gaz says:

    Fucking bullshit from start to finish!

  159. 500
    Jim of Epping Forest says:

    When are they going to light the Cauldron?

  160. 501
    Flat 327, Urinal Bevan House, 'ackney says:

    Ere it’s nearly bleedin’ 1 in the morning will someone from Newham Cahncil plull the bleedin plug on that lot. I’ve got to drive me taxi in the mornin.

  161. 502
    Olympic Ceremony says:


  162. 503
    Kartong Fyr says:

    Right! That was a heap of shit.

    And I didn’t even watch it.

    But I didn’t have to.

  163. 505
    Mitt Romney says:

    I’m going to say one thing, and then I’ll shut my trap: It’s all right for you to lambaste the Olympics, but not me? Hey, I could have put on a better opening ceremony than Danny Boyle. SUSAN FREAKING BOYLE could have put on a better opening ceremony than Danny Boyle. There, I said it; now on to Is*ra*el to kiss some tush.

  164. 512
    Rickard says:

    Totally confused!

  165. 514
    Notto says:

    Nothing British about it!

  166. 517
    Aunty Matter says:

    Are we sure that shit wasn’t put together by Susan Boyle and Danny Boyle is tied up in a broom cupboard somewhere?

  167. 523
    Anonymous says:

    McCartney has become an embarrassment.

  168. 524
    Jim says:

    Where were the British in all this????????????????

  169. 528
    Ed Miliband says:

    Wow! That was our best party political broadcast ever.

  170. 536
    Aunty Matter says:

    Meanwhile the Daily Mail reports on the TRUTH about the NHS

    Nurse who failed to spot a pensioner had suffered a stroke for EIGHT HOURS is not struck off
    Nurse was supposed to check on patient regularly but checked her only at 9pm and 5.25am the next day
    He made no record of patient’s care
    Admitted wiping another patient down with bed sheet soaked in her own urine
    Council said ban would not be ‘proportionate’
    Nurse now works in a care home

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2179832/Nurse-failed-spot-pensioner-suffered-stroke-EIGHT-HOURS.html#ixzz21s5QWz16

    Didn’t see that in Boyle’s shit propaganda tonight.

  171. 543


    • 546
      I'm with you on that says:

      Total shite from start to finish.

    • 567
      Anonymous says:

      As usual the BBC coverage gave the impression that non-whites are in the majority in the UK and that casual g@y kissing is a key part of the culture.

      • 571
        Coke sniffing rent boy hiring Beeboid says:

        Well it is at the BBC you fucking wacist NAZI!

      • 662
        D Boil esq (Dickhead) says:

        Glad I watched it on ESPN – this is a sports meeting so it was more appropriate than a politically biased channel. ESPN was good and had well informed commentators who only spoke when necessary and just let the pictures do the talking.

  172. 547
    Worn out Sally says:
  173. 556
    pissed off at the dambusters says:

    I did enjoy laughing at the German official giving the Heil Hitler to the German team.
    Anyone got that on youtube yet?

  174. 561
    The right direction says:

    After that display of shit we defiantly have it all to play for.

  175. 562
    not a machine says:

    In terms of extravganza to fit greatest show on earth , I would think its up there with the best , stadium pixels and whole arena used to good effect all dazzels and lights very good , the rings comming together , managed to create party atmosphere for those in stadium and atheletes , some genuine wow moments , nice touch with heatherwick olympic flame . being as loads of people around the world were watching who dont live in the Uk using some film moments probebly made sense .
    What annoyed me the most was near total selection of youth pop music , there was no greace or elegance to some of scenes , even one with LSE doing chariots of fire , had Mr bean in it .Beckenham looked cool .The complete lack of beautiful classical british music in sets was a miss , why not some Elgar or Delius . No tribute to shakespear , magna charter , churchill (other animating his statue in video piece) , could have had some wonderful pastoral scenes . Dont know why NHS was included , or for that matter choice of childrens stories not including CS lewis , no mention of cathedrals or christianity ……. No marching military bands , no Irish or Scottish dancing , no welsh tenor or saprano . I would have 3 minis red white and blue doing theme tune from Italian Job

    Bit with Queen and bond would have been more thoughtful if helicopter had landed in stadium (I know wires for show and cameras made it impossible), and lost phone piece was hard to describe what it was saying about britain even with Tim Berners lee surprise .

    Musically a let down (even though I liked some of the pop music) and hsitorically a bit liberal and leftie in portrayal in some themes . Entertaining certainly , poster for labour ???…. mmm some of comments above seem to ponder if it wasnt somthing of Blairs delayed fuses ,

    Overall we are the hosts , we can do this and will do it , we can do a good job despite a bucket load of leftie rubbish , make it the world class sporting event it is and do our bit .

    Mitt and Boris round 2 , Have to admitt that I understood American foreign policy to be limited , just tell him Boris that your not so eccentric , as you get yer underpants from M&S ……..

    • 615
      Anonymous says:

      No Dickens either, that I saw.

      • 678
        Socialist realism rocks says:

        We got abide with me and there was a short excerpt from nimrod but you’re right – it was mostly crap

    • 681

      Good summary.

      On reflection in the harsh light of the morning, i liked it.

      A lot of risks taken. Enough of them paid off to make it successful.

  176. 564
    garden shed conceptual continuity expert says:

    I just read this thread backwards.

    It funny but still don’t make no sense.

    who to complain to?

    • 566
      night owl murderer says:

      @Ontablets and @Ewaname_Botha. I doubt you’ll receive much sympathy from either of them though.

    • 570
      not a machine says:

      Complaining just seems seems like minoirty grumping on this global stage , as in best British tradition , do a good job , be good hosts , accept praise from rest of world that we can do it well . recover from dousing of bilge when jobs done . Resume kindlewood effort for liars later on

  177. 568
    IS IT OVER YET says:

    Is that it ? Can i get on with my life now ?

  178. 569
    Vicious Jenny says:

    She gives so much and yet she is still not allowed to speak her name. *sighs* A TRUE martyr of the internet.

  179. 576
    Tron says:

    I did not see the Olympic show but if Ed Balls , Sally Bercow and Everyone at the BBC thought it was “brilliant” it must have been socialist shit.

    • 580
      Guess who says:

      Damn right.

    • 667
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Yep. The NHS and Jarrow march being “celebrated”. I mean, having a scene with children in hospital beds??? What kind of spectacle is that FFS!

      A load of BBC and Guardian friendly crap. The NHS piece was blatant Labour propaganda. I bet Millitwit makes a reference to this bit of the ceremony in his party conference speech.

  180. 577
    Me says:

    The London Olympics ceremony was fucking shite!

  181. 582
    EHRC says:

    If you didn’t like the London Olympics opening ceremony then your a wacist.

  182. 583
    rocknrolla says:

    Watching it tonight and the reaction online is quite depressing.

    I think it’s probably all over. Many on here are patriots but we have no-one to represent us or stand up for the England we love.

    There are now so many indigenous people who believe that mass immigration is a good thing and that to have their homeland stolen from them is modern and exciting.

    All societies die eventually. And ours is doing so I fear. At least we had our glory days that will live in the history books long after Kevin Maguire, Stan Collymore, Sally Bercow, the fucking NHS, BBC, multiculturalism, Obama worship etc is all just a bad memory.

    There have been dark ages before and we are entering one now. The ancient Athenians died. The Romans died. And now the English too.

    But we can remain proud of the achievements over the centuries, we lasted longer than most.

    If only we had listened to Enoch Powell. Just imagine how great this nation would have been with no EU and no immigration. What a waste, a sad waste.

    • 591
      Tron says:


    • 604
      Cut off from the internet says:

      Indeed, but I’ll never give up.

    • 650
      A Pensioner says:

      rocknrolla: my conclusion also. Watching that performance I’m left with a profound sadness. A once great nation now withering – I’m not even sure about the history bit, as it will be re-written by the apologists.

      In the last 100 years Britain has literally save the world from 2 great evils – first naziism, then communisim, as well as creating the anglosphere in previous centuries. Watching last night, I got the impression that Britain’s contribution to world history was a few second rate pop songs, some even mimed badly.

      When a society loses faith in itself, and can’t celebrate its magnificent history for fear of offending some perceived minority, its doomed.

  183. 606
    Destruction of a once proud Nation says:

    Lets go for 600 of the best you c’unts!

  184. 663
    UKIP.i.am says:

    It started off with Branagh and his lame speech from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I would have had his stirring speech from Henry V (especially as it would have pissed of the French).

    (Note that in the recent BBC’s ‘Hollow Crown’ version of Henry V, the Duke of York was ridiculously played by a b**** man. And that after all the whinging that was made whenever a white actor played Othello)

    I would also have had some praise made to JRR Tolkien – seeing as Boyle seemed to have copied the hill from the Shire followed by the Scouring of the Shire.

    There was far too much dancing and pop and the NHS was a shameless political statement. The NHS is nothing to be proud of. There are many better health services with much better records than that. Surely the patients are far more important than those working in it.

    The Bond bit was good as was Atkinson but it went downhill fast after that.

    What other changes would you have made?

    • 672
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Only saw the last bit with Maca roni squawking his Hey Jude which was pathetic and embarrassing , and the flaming caldron thingy, thought that was pretty good, I hope it was British engineering.
      I’m guessing that the ‘ceremony’ was all worthy and ‘right on’ something like the millennium dome fcuk up.

      I’m also guessing that lefty boyle was picked by libore, if he wasn’t then I despair.

      • 679
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        he was appointed in june 2010. So the decision would have just pre-dated this government and discussions with him,would have been going on for while before that, no doubt.

        It was a Liebour appointment and some blatant Liebour propaganda thrown into the ceromony.

  185. 668
    Gordon Brown says:

    The number of the beast!!!

    Oh fuck!!! I always wanted to do that.

    *gets in car*

    That was a disaster. Should never have put me on this blog, with that woman, Ewe-an-me. Whose idea was that? Sue I think. It’s ridiculous.

    • 669
      Unidentified Man says:

      What did she say?

      • 670
        Gordon Brown says:

        Ah, everything. She’s just a sort of bigoted woman. Said she used to blog on the Telegraph. I mean it’s ridiculous…

  186. 675
    A small object of desire says:

    Dambusters and Enola Gay.

    PC gold.

  187. 683

    Very clever reworking

  188. 684

    Wow!!!! I am voting for him!

    Mind you, true story, when I joined the tory party, I ws sucked in by the promise of strippers at a young conservative meting. They never materialised.

    At least this chap looks like he can rise to the occassion! :)

  189. 695
    Dave you really are hopeless and Useless says:

    Just vote IKIP

  190. 699

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