July 26th, 2012

Mail Bosses Feeling Twitter Spoof Pressure

Guido understands that bosses at the Daily Mail and General Trust have called a series of meetings to discuss concerns over the increasingly negative press created by the Twitter spoof saga. Today the BBC and The Guardian followed up Guido’s story, causing DMGT chiefs to raise worries about the potential adverse effect on the company’s share price. DMGT is reportedly particularly conscious of its US position and wants to kill the story before it spreads across the Atlantic. They are feeling the pressure.

Guido’s eyes and ears at Northcliffe reveal that Steve Auckland – the chief executive who sparked the row – has been called in to help determine the company’s next steps. While the subpoena still stands apparently there was a shift this morning from seeking to out the spoofer to “finding out the reasons for his grievances“. Could David be about to beat Goliath? 


  1. 1
    Geoff says:

    why dont they just leave the bloke alone?


    • 27
      illogical says:

      The picture looks nothing like Neo.


    • 39
      laughter is the best medoco says:

      Sense of humour failure at the DM. I would say 40% of their online edition is now targeted directly at their North American readership. It won’t be long before they regain a sense of humour and drop this or do something more sensible and set up a counter-spoof.


      • 108
        *Growls*- lowerrrr says:

        Dropped one .


      • 212
        SP4BS says:

        It looks to me that the fuss is because of thin-skinned, over-ego’d Management got upset and went ballistic and the most obvious cause of the tweeters “reasons for his grievances” is thin-skinned, over-ego’d and easily upset management.

        I thought americans would be quite familiar with the whole scenario and so, not really give a shit.


    • 44
      From rags to riches says:

      Guido the DM is making mucho advertising revenue from their Spread into matters American. Send young H@rry west, drop the media Guido and set up a Washington order order or whatever their spe@ker says.


      • 103
        erm... says:

        perphaps there is a market for counter spoof’s in general….to take the truth out on your terms.
        a twitter account and its shadow.
        Times described Nick Clegg as DC’s shadow
        …and that the size of the shadow depends on the position of the sun……i guess GB was TB’s shadow. he openly expressed the emotions that the other could not.
        The Economist newspaper describes the US as schizophrenic…it taxes as a low government economy…and spends like a big government economy….. is that not a shadow effect.
        on this basis no matter how much we search for freedom…there is always that damn shadow.
        with all the best.


      • 188
        Archie says:

        No shortage of co-conspirators over yonder, I fancy!


    • 58
      Meatspin made me dizzy says:

      Starnge that the Daily Snail doesn’t like being in the news after all the shite that they fill their pages with.


      • 81
        poor ickle guardianista with a teensy weensy circulation says:

        People love shite, I don’t know if you’ve noticed.


    • 226
      bald old git says:

      Perhaps they’ve started to work out who he is, and therefore what else he knows …


  2. 2
    DZ says:

    Twitter is down


  3. 4
    Gonk says:

    Open top drawer in that dusty old filing cabinet,
    dig out sense of humour, then relax.


  4. 5
    swings both ways says:

    Anything with “Mail”, Northcliffe”, “Rothermere” or “Daily” in it’s name, is a ♥unt


  5. 6
    Another deranged, piece of shit, yank spree killer says:

    Why does your Tory PM take it up his asshole from a worthless, Zio-slave, piece of shit like Mitt Romney?

    You do know he and his crazed gang of fundamentalist christian whack jobs, and Zio-terrorists will expect your poorly equipped troops to get killed in Iran for him dont you?


    • 8
      Anonymous says:

      Fuck off, there’s a good loon.


    • 9
      Nadine Dorries says:

      I am afraid i do not wish to offer an opinion on this matter.

      I grew up on a council estate and worked as a nurse, so usually my opinion is really, really important, but today i wish to hold my council.


    • 13
      Mitt Roomey says:

      “Hello..erm.. Mr Leader”
      {agent whispers..’No sir..His name is Milliband’}
      {whispers back..’Miliband? What kind of name is that?’}
      {‘its a commie,pinko,anti-American name,sir’}
      {jeez..I’ll stick with Mr Leaver}


    • 15
      I hate America says:

      Any ideas on why Ed Milliband will be even more keen to aid the war crime against Iran?


      • 146
        Grateful Papa Millibandwagon says:

        You English are scum and I wish you’d had lost the war, but ta for letting me into the country.


    • 213
      Anonymous says:

      +10 000
      Careful, the place is infested and run by zio-slaves.


  6. 7

    I didn’t know who Auckland was until now. Now I know. And I don’t want to know him anymore. What a dork!


  7. 12

    It would be wrong of me to say I am better off without it as I have never used the service.

    But it is rather like the fact that because I watch no television, unless I deliberately download it, I have so much extra time to do the things I really want to do (well some of them… *sees potential hostage to fortune rising up*)


  8. 32
    Aunty Matter says:

    If I owned a gun right now, I’d shoot myself. The BBC are going bonkers over the fucking Olympics.

    Firstly John ‘sober’ Sopel nearly had a heart attack telling us about the gardens in the Olympic park (wow). Now lesbian Jane Hill is looking like she’s have a wet knickers moment over some fucking flame.

    Any flights to Mars going cheap?


    • 36
      Mitt Romney says:

      Yes indeed flights to Mars are going cheap.

      I can sell you a one way ticket for $25,000


      • 41
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        Well Mitt you are clearly not of this Earth and probably entitled to discounted flying saucer rides.


        • 57
          Gooey Blob says:

          Flights to Mars? Alas, there’s no life on that planet. They all died from a disease contracted from a telephone handset after Balls and Miliband left on the ark.


    • 43
      Dennis Venusian says:

      We’re full, petal. Fucking Mercurians taking our jobs, shagging our women, driving on the wrong side without a license …..blahh, moan, moan….

      Uranus is a gas giant. Try Pluto, if it’s still there.


  9. 37
    not a machine says:

    I perhaps am in a small fan club , but snippet I saw of Sir Mervyn King was most hopefull , presume smelling salts were in need at Dartmouth and LSE as full realisation sank home .
    Mario Draghi says we need more Europe , which is odd language in his stock and trade as I was sure it was more money he needed , not Europe . But then we all we await the landscape beyond the sound bite …..


    • 79
      The Paragnostic says:

      Mario Draghi is possessed of the wonderful talent of conjuring pretend Euros out of his corpulent Italian arsehole.

      He can therefore say anything he likes, and we all know what his answer is. Hopefully the Hausfrau will clip his wings ere long.


      • 191
        Just passing through says:

        I know which bit of him I’d like to clip – and it ain’t his wings either…


  10. 40
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    This problem with twitter now warrants a Judge led enquiry.

    Mitt Romney,Andy Murray and myself will act robustly to get twitter up and running again.


  11. 42
    Bollockchops says:

    What are they worrying about? The Daily Mail website is beyond parody-prolonged exposure to it can lead to suicidal feelings. The comments are even worse as every leftie loon in the land, once they get out of bed around 11.00am, starts bombarding it with stuff about toffs, Fatcher, bankers etc.


    • 50
      Cashverters says:

      Doesn’t matter what you think it is now the most successful and widely read online newspaper in the world. While the Guardian loses a million a week and the Times paywall drives readers away, the DM online is making money.


    • 59
      Aunty Matter says:

      That Owen Jones gets everywhere


    • 60
      The Watcher says:

      Bored DT subbies are even more bitchy than bored DM subbies. Judge for yourself who’s posting where.


      • 63
        Sebastian Blowhard says:

        Not a bad observation for someone that’s never looking, chick!


        • 65
          The Watcher says:

          It’s not rocket science. Shall I draw you a Venn diagram?


          • Sebastian Blowhard says:


            *sneaks off for a cannabis-free joint*


          • Sebastian Blowhard says:

            Why are we here, though? What’s it all about? What’s beyond the edge?


          • The Watcher says:

            I’m not sure. The last thing I remember was being “Paul, The Psychic Octopus” on the Telegraph. Where did you come from?


          • E says:

            He he , silly .

            You got trapped , although ur comment was innocent an tru an throwaway .

            New here , ain’t ya ??

            Ain’t ya ??? E x


          • B8illy Boredom is the grossest bumpile ever ! says:

            *waves to the moderator*


          • Sebastian Blowhard says:


            I could say something very rude but I’m not really like that.

            I had a secondary coming from my bumhole and the next time I logged I was out of on order-order.


  12. 45
    bergen says:

    I can’t help thinking that Wellington’s response of “publish and be damned” would have been by far the wisest reaction. They’ve made a story out of something that was of not the slightest interest otherwise.


  13. 53
    National Socialist says:

    The DM website is obsessed with something called Kardashian. Is it a group?


  14. 56
    David Coleman says:

    Errrrrrr…..quite extraordinary!


  15. 64
    Jimmy says:

    They supported Hitler. They’ll probably survive this.


    • 85
      fido says:

      I haven’t visited my special place in months.


    • 86
      Anonymous says:

      Fuck me, Jimmy’s gone for an early Godwin. That’s like Tim Brooke-Taylor going for Russell Square in ‘Mornington Crescent’ in the 1st minute. Tut tut, very poor form Jimmy.


  16. 76
    The Paragnostic says:

    Gnomic Sayings of Alan Hansen, #94:

    “Micah Richards looks like he’s been on the pies all summer”

    Not the r1ce and p3as then.


  17. 78
    BBC Olympic © Match of the Day says:

    Anyone seen Owen Jones? He’s supposed to be providing expert summary for us on tonight’s Olympic footy.

    Owen, where are you? Let’s be havin’ you.


    • 84
      Only 17 days 02 hours 24 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      This fucking gets on my tits – Olympic football?? Are they taking the fucking piss?
      There’s the FA cup whatever. There’s the Euromatch thingy, there’s the world cup nonsense, why in the name of all that’s fucking holy do they also need ‘Footie’ as an Olympic ‘event’??

      Is kicking a ball around a field really that fucking special?

      No. It isn’t. It’s a fucking waste of time. And it should not be in the Olympics.


    • 87
      Only 17 days 02 hours 22 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      This f*cking gets on my tits – Olympic football?? Are they taking the f*cking p*ss?
      There’s the FA cup whatever. There’s the Euromatch thingy, there’s the world cup nonsense.. so why in the name of all that’s f*cking holy do they also need ‘Footie’ as an Olympic ‘event’??

      Is kicking a ball around a field really that f*cking special?

      No. It isn’t. It’s a f*cking waste of time. And it should not be in the Olympics.


  18. 89
    Vince Cable says:

    I’m the true heir to Brown


  19. 98
    That CoMoron Meeting in full . . . says:

    Romany – Oh – so you’re a mormon?

    Tit in No 10 – good gracious no! – I’m a MORON! – it’s in the name!


  20. 101
    • 104
      uWażaj na złodziejskie srok says:

      I guess he took a bit of a shine to it.


    • 105
      Only 17 days 01 hours 42 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      I bet those pie keys in Leighton Buzzard (the ones who kept homeless men as slaves for 15 years) wished they’d thought of that one.

      (They did try to use the “it’s in our culture to keep slaves” excuse – but amazingly (I’m pretty sure they were amazed) didn’t get away with it.)


    • 106
      Only 17 days 01 hours 41 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      I bet those píe kéys in Leighton Buzzard (the ones who kept homeless men as sláves for 15 years) wished they’d thought of that one.

      (They did try to use the “it’s in our culture to keep sláves” excuse – but amazingly (I’m pretty sure they were amazed) they didn’t get away with it.)


  21. 107
    • 114
      Only 17 days 01 hours 28 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      “Mayor Boris Johnson has said that people coming to London for the Olympic Games will find it to be “the greatest city on earth” themselves stuck in interminable traffic jams and high levels of pollution thanks to the Zil lanes, which see ordinary motorists fined £130 for having the audacity to drive on their own roads (which they’ve paid for) unless they have express prior written permission from S*bast*ian C*oe.”.

      “Britain really has become a Soviet state in which the population are treated as slaves,” Boris might have added.


      • 152
        Fsh says:

        You’re part of Allegro Stratton’s whinging, moaning, cynical, biased, miserable, wanking Newsnight team and I claim my £5.

        Admittedly, I don’t know which one, you could be Comrade Mason (Music Teacher and part-time economist); Emily (autocue jockey) Nomates, Crusty (Friend of Labour) Wark, or Guardian refugee Stratton, herself.


      • 179
        AC1 says:

        +19 billion*

        Which is coincidentally what the plebs will be taxed to subsidise this malinvestment.


    • 115
      willy on tap says:

      A not so rare visit from the Bullindon bummer.


    • 117
      Only 17 days 01 hours 19 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

      6th attémpt to ávo*id the mó d..b**t..

      “Mayor Bóris Joh*nson has said that péople coming to Lóndon for the Oly*mpic Ga*mes will find it to be “the greatest city on earth” themselves stuck in interm*inable traffic jams and high levels of poólútion thanks to the Zil lanes, which see ordinary motórists fíned £130 for having the audácity to dríve on their own roads (which they’ve páid for) unless they have express prior written pérmission from Ló*rd C oh.”

      “Britain really has become a Soviet state in which the population are treated as scum by their own government,” Bóris might have added.


      • 121
        liz, rotherham, UK says:

        You IS the modbot, darling. You just a bit busy an shittin yourself at the thought of somethin goin unseen *winks*


        • 122
          Cutie says:

          He needs a good massage, liz.

          *oils herself hands.


        • 194
          Ah! Now I understand says:

          Nah, he keeps making the same mistake and using the word which describes what folks do once they step inside their automobiles.


    • 124
      Aunty Matter says:

      Cam-moron must be watching that through gritted teeth. The crowd NOT booing a real Tory.

      Boris has also managed to win TWO elections outright, Cam-moron hasn’t managed one.


      • 126
        sick of everything, ever (apart from this weather) says:

        I’m a Londoner and, even I, didn’t bother turning out.
        Fuck knows who voted that blond, bonking buffoon back in?
        Out-of-town types, I suspect.


      • 156
        Fish says:

        I wonder how they would have reacted to Milipede?


  22. 119
    Aunty Matter says:

    Is Mitt Romney the product of mating a mong with a turnip?


    • 129
      The Wrong Miliband says:

      O’Bama Beach, Romney Sands ….. these USeless polytitians shore have a way with names.


      • 133
        Aunty Matter says:

        300 million yanks and they couldn’t find anything better than O’bummer and Mongny


        • 161
          Bohemian Grove Bum Party says:

          Anyone half decent is filtered out long before election time, just like over here.

          Western democracy has degenerated into a sham of bent politicians in the pockets of global vested interests.

          Western democracy probably always was a sham, but now the cheap facade is crumbling and trust in governments and mainstream political parties is plummeting. Serves them right.


      • 195
        Ah! Now I understand says:

        Oh, and there’s me thinking it was Romney Marshes…


  23. 120
    HA HA HA HA HA says:


    • 123
      Cutie says:

      Silly boy. When was the last real election? Who bothered turning up?


      • 125
        sick of everything, ever (apart from this weather) says:

        Elections are for the retarded.


        • 127
          sick of everything, ever (apart from this weather) says:

          I see liz, The Daily Mail screecher, has been moderated from afar. Their testicles reach far and wide.

          Fuck you all. *laughs because it’s not funny*


          • Gotta take a wazz says:

            Just up your game. The world (Britain) needs to know the truth. Stop humorising them, FFS.

            Start with the bloggers – they massage the egos of the dead-tree press (and bump up their ‘traffic’ thus keeping the ******isers sweet).

            Move onto the “mainstream” news farters – they lick the politicians bumholes (Oh yes, they do) whilst trying to shock the sheeple into buying their dross and relying evermore on online ******ising.

            Get past the idiot journalists (and their censorship) and you’re into the guts of the moronic politicians that the press so love (and not without reason). Are you getting the picture? Layer upon layer of wordy cretins that haven’t got the slightest fuck of a clue what’s going on.

            OK, E. You get to the arsehole politicians, easy peasy. They suck the banker’s tiny cocks. Big money, small problem. Big OUR money, HUGE problem. Politicians are in awe of the gamblers – that’s what drives them, personally. But they rely on the lower chain, which I’ve already outlined.

            Bankers. Ha ha. I’ve met a few. Never met a GENUINELY nice one, though. They’re in this for no other reason than personal monetary gain and they are the biggest problem facing civilisation at this moment.

            They have been for several decades now. This problem is no overnite sensation. Their kids is gonna be paying for EVER. What excuse for a human sanctions THAT?

            *looks back down the tree* Oh, dear. We’re all in this together. *sticks two fingers up*

            I’ve never had a bank account. I saw the light very quickly.

            E. Only you have the nous to take these fuckers on. Politicians are mere wankers in the bankers’ bed pans. You, incorrigible an uncorruptable as you are, is the only person fit for this mission. Good luck.

            *This message has already self-destructed after ten seconds*

            P.S. Don’t be afraid of long words. You have the ammunition to do it with short words. (Take note, kids)


        • 148
          Retard says:

          I always vote, the LibLabCon always give me a real choice.


    • 151
      Be happy says:

      Trouble is Bryn, ten years down the line you will most probably have a totally different point of view. Enjoy your yoof, you will never ever get another go.


  24. 132
    Saffron says:

    I for one wish that this oylimpic crap was out of the way.
    Cammoron says it will generate 1 billion pounds,and on the other hand considering that it cost 18 billion pounds to put on this charade,does that appear to be a good investment.
    Also consider that our bid was I believe at the time 2.8 billion, the maths don’t add up.
    The Beeboids are wetting their knickers over their endless coverage of this crap, well I for one will not tune in to any of their taxpayer funded programmes of this shite.
    Lets instead focus on what exactly is going on in world/eussr economics and what it will mean to all of us.
    The Oylimpics does not mean naff all considering the state that this country is in.
    In fact we now have a bunch of absolute assholes namely cons/libs/libor who are trying to run this land who are little better than schoolboys.
    When OH WHEN are we going to see some politico’s who say enough is enough.
    My priorities would be:-
    1) Get out of the EUSSR.
    2)Reduce immigration
    3 If we do these two things we would start to move this country in a more positive way.


    • 141
      Aunty Matter says:

      Blame Bliar and Brown for this turd


    • 165
      Oli Garchy says:

      Not to worry, we’ve made a packet out of it, and that’s all that counts.

      Oh, and it keeps the mindless plebs distracted for a couple of weeks.


      • 178
        AC1 says:

        Also the zil lanes and restrictions on the lesser people are a dry run for when they get real control over us.


        • 196
          Ah! Now I understand says:

          … and that day will be when the real fireworks start and “the English people get round to speeking” (as the poet said).


  25. 134
    Dumb meets Dumber says:


    • 198
      Ah! Now I (think I) understand says:

      Odd that! The blue is on the left and the red is on the right. Is there not something amiss here, or am I the one who is missing something?


  26. 137

    Well, tonight I am drinking Metaxa Ouzo. This bottle is over 15 year old as well and it is only 20% full. I have another bottle of ouzo unopened. I have many bottles like this and only have the occasional drink and try to understand its ingredients and identify them by taste and smell. The most interesting is Bénédictine from the Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy. It has no less than 27 ingredients. Burnley Miners’ Club in Lancashire is improbably the world’s biggest single consumer.


  27. 138
    I agree with Sal. Until now totally agin, Mitt isa game changer says:



    • 143
      Who cares says:

      As usual dear your being used, good way to get bums on seats, it is to have a foreign visitor pee off the locals by saying things are rubbish, it must have worked it wound your spring up.


    • 147
      Diane Fatbutt says:

      Feeling patriotic means your a wacist.


    • 149
      Silly Sally Bigcow. says:

      Usually, it’s get behind the bike sheds.


      • 166
        Wave the flag, while your country is dismantled about your ears says:

        Am now feeling worryingly patriotic

        No chance of that happening luv. What you’re feeling is state manufactured bullshit.


    • 203
      Mick says:

      My name’s not Pat and I didn’t feel in the least bit like rioting until she came along.


  28. 140
    Aunty Matter says:

    Funny that the BBC didn’t sneer when Nu Liebore won the Olympics, yet all of a sudden they’re bothered about the cost.

    Perhaps if the c un t z at the BBC paid their taxes we wouldn’t be so fucked.


    • 145
      There's no money left says:

      Indeed, or that Nu Liebore are solely responsible for drowning the country in debt in the first place.


  29. 150
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    I am now officially, Mr. Leader


    • 153
      Puppet Master says:

      Both a pair of fucking losers.


    • 154
      Media Hound says:

      Who are those two?


    • 155

      I think he meant to say Mr Lederhosen.

      This is what he did straight after the above video:


    • 157
      Who cares says:

      Who cares


    • 185
      Mitt Romney says:

      Jeezus H. Christ, like I said in the other thread, Americans address people by their titles as a show of respect– if he’s the goddamned Leader of the Labour Party, then what was so wrong with my calling him Mr Leader? He can call me Governor, unless he’s worried he’ll sound too Mockney. Yeah, I know– “Mr Leader” makes him sound like he’s one of those North Korean Kims, goofy-looking guy with funny-looking hair– hits a little too close to home, doesn’t it though? Second generation Commie and all? And hey, about that Olympics– don’t ask somebody that might actually know something about running an Olympics about the London 2012 games, ’cause he’s liable to tell you stuff you really already know about why you’ve made a soup sandwich of it all! “Shared Anglo-Saxon Heritage”– DUHHH, take a look at our Founding Fathers why don’tcha! Yeah, OK, a few Scotties in there, probably should have said “British,” ya got me good on that one. And after all that bad buzz I’ve been getting, what Yank ex-pat, who doesn’t relish “getting the business” from his UK business associates, is gonna wanna be photo’d at my dinner? I mean, use your heads, people!
      Look: You get down to brass tacks, I’m basically “Uncle Buck”; a real nice guy if you get to know me, but I’m just a little rough around the edges for you to have me around for very long. But you know I mean well and I’ll come through for you in the clutch.



  30. 160
    Mario Draghi says:

    Vou see vou see, I speak and da market jumps vou little inglanders! Mhahahahahahahaha!!!


  31. 163
    Mutt Rongme says:


    • 167
      Fish says:


      Meantime tonight’s Newsnight completely lost the plot and failed to grasp the growing Olympic sentiment both at home and abroad.

      Emily Autocue was also embarrased when one of her regulars went off message to praise the Government’s economic strategy – worse the Mayor of Rio, was upbeat as he described London as the capital of the world (and not just for the Olympics). She really didn’t like it and did her best to rubbish pretty well everything in her usual whiney, whingy way.

      Newsnight is a fucking disgrace, It’s time that the BBC were sorted out.


      • 170
        The populace of the destroyed country formerly known as England says:

        The bbc spent every minute mischief making and acting as the publicity arm of Labour. No matter what the news item they immediately wheel out a Labour pea brain to give the Labour carping cant.

        Sweaty, blinky lives in one of the bbc broom cupboards, ready to give the Pavlonian response.


        • 182
          OurReporter, Live from the Biased Bullshit Corpse says:

          Hello Comrades! You join me here on the Night Shift where all the BeeBoids are indoctrinated and processed prior to being sent out on duty again tomorrow.

          And perhaps you can see a picture of Prime Minister Camerong behind me here? He is a laughing stock here- for in spite of much anxiety that he would sweep away much BBC nonsense – he has done nothing – apart from praise them!


      • 171
        Stan says:

        Can’t fault anything that you say. Except it was under stated


      • 175
        AC1 says:

        >growing Olympic sentiment

        What that it’s going to continue being a badly organised fuckup, that will leave the country worse off as we approach an economic depression.


        • 186
          albacore says:

          If they ever held no-go, limp-dick games
          The competitors all pantomime dames
          Our Parliaments would be favourite
          To take the gold at being pure shit
          You need years and dogmatic dedication
          To kick the ground out from under a nation


        • 197
          The Biased Bullshit Corpse – where the truth never shines – makes an important Hourly Announcement says:

          (Martial Music )

          Citizen Comrades!!!!

          Toady marks a Special Day for Londonistan! The eyes of the Hole World will be focussed here and on Our Great Leader, The Glorious Helmsman who will one Glorious Day return to Lead Us.

          Meanwhile we must do our best to fulfil, in his eyes, the Legacy He Left With Us!!!!

          Now – return to your menial tasks, and pay your telly tax!

          That is all


          • Only 16 days 14 hours 20 minutes until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

            * This announcement is available in 27 different languages.


  32. 164
    Incapable Vince says:


  33. 168
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Have I missed much? BBC still here I see.


  34. 180
    The Dolt Detector says:

    Mitt Romney scored very highly yesterday, but that will be as nothing compared with the chumps who will be speechifying tomorrow. That is all.


  35. 187
    UKIP.i.am says:

    If we think our politicians are bad…..


    “Members of the French parliament have thrown out a proposal to audit their allowances as the government prepares austerity measures for the economy.

    They voted four to one to reject the bill which would have each deputy account for his or her annual allowance of 76,944 euros (£60,000; $93,000).

    Last month the Mediapart website exposed the Socialist member for the Ardeche region, Pascal Terrasse, who had reportedly charged to his expenses account foreign holidays for his family and private bar bills. Mr Terrasse said he sometimes muddled his credit cards.

    Under the last, conservative government, Christian Blanc, state secretary for the Paris region, was forced to stand down when it emerged he had put 12,000 euros spent on Cuban cigars on expenses. “


    • 206
      Quelle con troughant! says:

      To improvise a la Charles Trenet: J’augerais toujours. Le jour et la nuit j’augerais tojours…


    • 214
      SP4BS says:

      I seldom read french newspapers, but happened to see one smack bang in the security scandal and all the stuff about bath plugs. There was less of the “silly anglo saxons”, and more of a GULP from the politicians. Although, they did say “such things would never happen here” … “we never ask for receipts”.


  36. 200
    A Paen of Praise for the Prick Posing as PM! says:

    The Socialist cause he defends
    With iron will and courage.
    He raises national honour
    Far and wide throughout the world.
    He is the champion of justice,
    Standing for independence.
    Long live, long live, General Camer-wrong


  37. 208
    Mitt Romney says:

    After discussions and Ugandan transactions with Prime Minister,David Cameron, it has been decided that the Great British winner,Andy Coulson will light the Olympic Flame tonight.
    So true that everyone deserves a fifth or sixth chance.

    God Save the Queen.


  38. 209

    (On Topic)

    To paraphrase William Rees-Mogg Who cracks a walnut with a nuclear bomb


  39. 211
    HRH Phil says:


  40. 219
    Bryn Phillips says:

    I demand a recount.


  41. 225

    Hi peeps The Olympics will be a great boost to our economy we hope to make at least £200 profit but only after we finish paying for it in 2023
    I would like to thank our American friends for printing the tickets and the Chinese for making all the merchandise and the Australians for building the stadium , all that lovely tax money syphoned off to stop George from wasting it !
    But most of all as Fish and chips is our national dish , i would especially like to thank McDonalds for preventing any British food tellers from selling our national dish , so the visitors can taste real chips served the American way

    Toodle Pip


  42. 228
    National Socialist says:

    Slow day in Guidoland? Suppose the team are out on the lash prior to watching the Opening Ceremony in 3D on the BBC


  43. 229
    Егор says:

    В американском городе Лорел, штат Миссисипи, задержаны, по меньшей мере, 350 рабочих, которые, по данным властей, находились в стране нелегально. Они работали на предприятии компании Howard Industries Inc., производящем электрооборудование. Об этом 26 августа сообщает The New York Times.


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