July 25th, 2012

Chancellor Zero: There Are No Excuses


  1. 1
    Good riddance says:



    • 10
      Prue Dence says:

      Windmills, Foreign Aid, EU fees, Cash for plumbers, Pilgrims, Olympics, Leveson Inquisitions, the BBC and Tony Blair. The country simply can not afford these luxuries anymore.


      • 19
        Only 18 days to go until the Olympics are over! Yay! says:

        Other unaffordable luxuries: HS2 railway, Email-snooping-system and 650 MPs.


        • 30
          Nicholas William Peter Clegg says:

          The important things in life are the AV and the Lords reform.


          • Calamity Clegg says:

            and pink marriage


          • Any Fucking MP of any Party, they are all the fucking same says:

            Paying in Cash is evil.

            Paying for a taxpayer-subsidised meal using your taxpayer-provided MP’s tax-free expense account is OK though, indeed, almost saintly troughing.

            The idea that those vulgarians should keep the money they earn instead of keeping me in clover makes me feel quite faint. I think I’ll have a lie down.


          • Forkbender says:

            There is onw easy way change the moniker “expenses” to “allowances”


      • 41
        Republic of Ireland says:

        can we have more of your billions please…even though we hate you.


    • 32
      Tankboy says:

      Looks like Billy Hague is going to be the new man in the Treasury


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    Could he now start plan “A” , you know cutting spending?


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    Tho i did hear that someone in downing street did hear someone scream “Louise” last night….


  4. 4
    Piss up in a brewery says:

    Could not even run me


  5. 6
    Norman Stanley Fletcher says:



  6. 8
    FRESH Prince says:

    The toffs have had their go, now its the oiks turn again


  7. 9
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Cut taxes, cut spending, except on the armed forces. Simples!


  8. 11
    bergen says:

    He should look at Geoffrey Howe’s 1981 budget- genuine cuts in the middle of a recession that paved the way for a decade of above trend growth.


    • 51
      Anonymous says:

      And 3 million unemployed. Never again – let’s get the pro-growth Eds back where they belong to deal with this disaster properly.

      Guido’s clearly with us, given his attacks on the Tories will only result in a Labour government.


  9. 12
    Ed Balls-Up says:

    Yvette asked me how many other women I’d slept with before her, and I was determined to be honest with her: nine. She seemed satisfied with that and dropped the subject. Thank fuck she didn’t ask me about the men, corpses, animals, or that halibut!


  10. 14
    Another Engineer says:

    Can we just admit that GDP figures are a total nonsense, and in no way measure the value output of the economy? Time to stop this obsession.

    Otherwise some idiot is going to suggest that government spending on pointless schemes contributes to our wealth.


  11. 17
    Dave is a wet! says:

    Useless twat Osborne should have resigned months ago. Time for Cameron to fire him.


  12. 23
    Reconstruct says:

    Absolutely pathetic. Even after this news, he can manage to say precisely nothing about freeing up supply-side constraints, almost all of which are imposed by the government.

    Instead of that, we get garbage about ‘getting banks to lend’ and ‘infrastructure projects’.

    Really, how after all this time, after all this pain, can he not understand that (and I’m going to shout here – no apologies) IT’S THE SUPPLY-SIDE, YOU IDIOT!


    • 39
      Dealing is the Way to Go says:

      Don’t think old George understands what supply side means. He thinks it’s side of the car wheel well where his SpAd collects his ‘supply’ from on Friday nights. Still the old luv is looking rather truculent on it don’t you think? More and more the look of an old Regency Dandy gone to seed (Dave is little chubster too these days).


  13. 26
    Gordoom Braun says:

    That Osborne is such an amateur.
    Always blame someone else! Always! never admit to anything bad, take credit for anything good. He’s made a real howler today.


    Repeat x 1000.


  14. 35
    Anonymous says:

    The shelf-stacker is doing a great job–just like the rest of the government: you have my cast iron promise on that…


  15. 37
    Couch potato says:

    Nobody cares. The sun is shining and the benefits roll in.


  16. 38
    Frank's son says:

    I thought George looked like he had gained a few pounds looking at his chubby cheeks. So I’m guessing he isn’t worrying or losing sleep while all around him crashes and burns.

    I don’t know the answers to our economic woes, I’m not sure anyone does, least of all George.


  17. 40
    Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

    has this anything to do with Jonahs visit to downing st yesterday?

    more likely is 13 odd years before.

    And then Dave and Gidean just keep going


  18. 44
    Some Twat Up North says:

    If Gideon was in the Police he’d promoted to a level of incompetence then got rid of.

    Well the first bits done, now get rid of the unqualified balloon.

    Correction “Inner tube” he’s thicker than a balloon.


  19. 46
    Phil says:

    Things will not get better until the one million jobsworths Brown hired in the public sector are fired,Quango’s culled to the absolute minimum and upwards of two million illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers are expelled permanently from these shores.That should be the starting point so FFS George get on with it otherwise we will get an even bigger disaster when Milliband and his merry men get in in 2015 and try and finish the job Brown started.


  20. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Chancellor Zero….excellent Guido. Keep going, and the pro-growth Eds will be able to turn this country around yet!


  21. 53
    Anonymous says:

    I swear he’s getting fatter the more the country slides into depression.


  22. 54
    George Osbourne says:

    ‘Sorry everybody’

    ‘No- you misheard…I said ‘Surrey everybody’….I am going to get a big house there’


  23. 55
    Jimmy says:

    I hate to say I told you so but….


  24. 56
    moby dick says:

    the chancellor created his p/t job an now like most other p/t workers this country he will end up unemployed.


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