July 23rd, 2012

Why Tim Yeo is Really Upset About Green Cuts

Guido’s old adversary Tim Yeo has been flying the green flag once again this morning, laying into George Osborne for failing to back renewable energy. Yeo sided with Energy Secretary Ed Davey in his dispute with the Treasury: “They are working particularly to target some Conservative backbenchers, pursuing a policy designed to prove that they are not going to get into so-called costly green initiatives. It is extraordinary.”

Rather more extraordinary is the vast amount of money Tim rakes in from his personal investments in green companies. In the past twelve months Yeo has made over £60k as chairman of TMO Renewables, a company which develops and supplies technology for second generation biofuels. He is also chair of AFC Energy, an alkaline fuel cell technology that pays him over £50k per year. Guido has visited this before:

Given that Yeo makes over £100,000 each year from private green investments, using his role  to lobby on behalf of the industry for subsidies represents a serious conflict of interest. This is the Chairman of the Energy Select Committee.  Replace the words “green” with “oil”…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Climate change is just a scam and way of collecting more tax from taxpayers.


    • 4
      Rich says:

      Fuel is still running out tho… We need new options to replace fossil fuel


      • 6
        Kebab Time says:

        Rich, i would stick to trying to draw “cartoons” if i were you ;)


      • 9
        Guardian Reader from a Yurt in North Korea says:

        I produce all the methane I need by eating mung beans.


      • 12

        Fuel is not running out, More is being discovered than is being used. There’s still plenty of coal, discovered oil reserves are increasing and fracking gas is promising cheap fuel for a generation. The CAGW scam has so been bought into by idiot politicians that we are consigning ourselves to a future where poverty is universal.


        • 55
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          The politicians are not idiots, however they imagine we are.

          AGW theory does not stand serious scrutiny by anyone with even a passing knowledge of physics. Which is why, instead of promoting the discredited theory using valid science, they use scare tactics and soviet era brainwashing of children, to promote it.


          • AC1 says:

            The climate computer models are similarly easily falsified. Which is why they are desperate you are not allowed to see how they “work”.


          • EdButLookBalls says:

            AGW is all over the Physics GCSE along with Tectonics (shurley Geology), nuclear dosage, mobile radiation, nuclear waste. Funny I thought Physics was about Mechanics, Dynamics, Statics, Electromagnetism, Optics, Thermodynamics, Heat and Light and lots of maths? It was in the 1960s for GCE Physics!


      • 14
        Lord Stansted says:

        Where’s the evidence that fuel is “running out”? Put up or shut up.


        • 23
          misterned says:

          Even Monbiot has admitted that the “Peak oil” scare has not happened. According to the “The oil is running out” alarmists in 2002 – 2003 when I first heard of it, we should have had a serious depletion in supply by 2010 with oil prices at 200 – 400 dollars per barrel by now.


      • 21
        Four Eyed English Genius says:

        No it isn’t!


      • 29
        Poogle says:

        Not running out at all. There’s more coal than you can shake a hairy stick at and fracking has now made the US of A totaly energy independant. only in the Eurpo La La land are people beating themselves up with windmills and PV panels.

        Even Eco Canada has pulled out of Kyoto as it is targeting the wrong pollutatants.


      • 35
        Friendly Suggestion says:

        Burn MPs


        • 62
          grumpyoldmanuk says:



          • UK Cenors figures have been Massaged by ConsLieLaborLibDem Blood Brothers says:

            + 69 million……

            But have to ensure proper 120% filters are in place to ensure that none of evil MP’s pollution discharges as a result are allowed to leach back into our atmosphere to contaminate future generations………


      • 49
        AC1 says:

        The only think that’s running out is the talent of cartoonists.


    • 19
      Yeo Blair says:

      Bent as a 9 Bob note.


    • 25
      A scientist says:

      Every day, the sun shines on the earth, making it nice and warm.


      • 77
        Beeb spokesperson says:

        This is a complete lie, propagated by the Nasty Party & we have a divine duty to expose such dis-information through our domination of the airwaves, which are exclusively ours for ever more & we cannot be assailed by anyone

        All of these lie’s were deliberately started in 1979 & we will continue to broadcast this fact to deflect attention away from our own medacious manipulation of the masses which is fully endorsed by the ConsLieLaborLibDems Alliance


    • 36
      Dobby says:

      Is George Osborne still in post? Not for long though – bye bye Gideon. Vince is next in line as Chancellor I bet.


    • 86
      Tim Yeo says:

      Look you rabid little Englanders – do you not relaise how much money is invested in Green Industries by the BBC Pension fund?

      If the gree lobby fails to keep the subsidies for our useless technology then all those luvvies at the BBC will not have their massive pensions at 50.

      And I wont be able to take over from Chris Patten.

      Get it?


  2. 2
    Tim Yeo: Putting more women into labour than Kinnock ever did says:

    To all single mothers out there impregnated by a former cabinet minister, I say: Yo!



  3. 3
    David Cameron says:

    I have decided that I shall sack all the hypocrites in my government.


  4. 8
    Tim's Pink Laptop says:

    I’m going to have to charge the taxpayer again for a green laptop, my pink one was a Christmas present to my grand-daughter! – Still it’s only money and you’re all in it together aren’t you?


    • 87
      Forkbender says:

      I thought MPs were supposed to behard working on behalf of their constituents, were does Yeo-Yeo find the time with all these extra addons, I do hope that his income doesn’t go into a private company


  5. 11
    I like chicken says:


  6. 16
    Politicians are cocks says:


  7. 17
    FFS???? says:


    • 21
      Cameron and his Cast Iron Guarantees says:

      That’s missing the point. Cameron promised it would rise. Just like he promised a referendum. Promised to curtail immigration. Promised to allow recall of corrupt MPs. Promised to sack any of his MPs who are found guilty of expenses fraud. Promised to cut number of SpAds.


      • 33
        Ex Conservative Voter says:

        I’m curious about this “there’s no money left” thing. Since entering Number 10, Camoron’s given more than £30billion to the EU, he’s burned £22billion on foreign aid (to countries that are nuclear powers and are planning moon-shots), he’s hoping to splash £32billion on a railway that no-one wants or needs, and £1.8billion on the government email spying system (that won’t work at all, and which he opposed when in opposition).

        No money left? Don’t make me laugh!


        • 37
          Calamity Clegg says:

          Do you really think replicant Dave calls the shots around here?


          • Pedant says:

            You mean either –



            REPLICANT DNA




          • David Camoron's Conservative Party says:

            It’s the big nasty LimpDims who are making us act like witless socialist cocks. We try to be sensible, but they throw bags of lentils at us.


          • The Golem says:

            To me, a replicant is an artificial person created to carry out a specific function by fulfilling the programmed agenda of the unit’s creator. Too close to home even for a fan of “Blade Runner”!


        • 56
          AC1 says:

          The money’s all gone. That’s funded by selling the countries’ children.


        • 66
          Cameron and his Cast Iron Guarantees says:

          And he added another £2b to the Olympics budget and spent a few billion on his personal liberation adventure in Libya.


        • 74
          plodding along says:

          you missed £30 million for a new computer for the met office


        • 101
          Forkbender says:

          You’ve left out another the LONDON Olympic Games especially when hands are outsretched is they will be “can we have some more please”


      • 84
        A hard PressedTax Payer says:

        He is very unusual for any politician of any party by being totally Consistent

        in not carrying out ANY of his Cast Iron Guarantee’s ……

        What else could you ask & pay for 10 times over then…….????


  8. 20
  9. 24
    Penfold says:

    Move along, nothing in this at all.

    Politician uses position to advance favoured policies…?
    Politician makes money from contacts ….?
    Politician makes money by using position to help himself and friends to benefit from political policy…..?

    Mmmmmmmmm, well, their might just be a teeny weeny ethical problem, but never mind we all know that politicians are upright, morally correct, altruistic people who all have our best interests at heart.

    Don’t they?

    Schiesse, quelle surprise, scandal.

    Never mind, we deserve these morally deficient tossers, we did vote for them.


    • 32
      A Spelling Nazi says:



      • 34
        Herr ReichFuhrer Herman Rumpy-Pumpy, Chef ov der EUSSR propaganda Ving, unt all zer stuff says:

        Mein Gott in Himmel!!! Vot ist zis??!!

        Tvice in zer selbe morgan! Unt now vee hav zer – ‘ow you say? – up-sending of zer Glorious Grün Scam!!!


    • 38
      Don't blame me, I didn't vote says:

      “We did vote for them.”

      I didn’t.


    • 91
      The Totally Screwed UK Electors says:

      We did’nt as our Vote’s were all manipulated for US by the ConsLieLaborLibDems Evil Empire Alliance all under the personal control of His Serene Insincere Hollowness The Ultimate Master of Masters The St. Very Toxic Tony of Grab all of the Money from Anywhere & He who walks on Water……


    • 111
      Forkbender says:

      In general an MP reflects the ideals, morals etc of their constituents who vote for them. Does a dishonest person vote for an upright, honest and idealist person?


      • 123
        Noggin the Nog says:

        That’s why decent people no longer vote as the choice is usually between a queer, a crook and a moron.

        Universal suffrage is to blame. Non tax payers, including all those employed by the public purse, should not be allowed to vote.


      • 125
        Noggin the Nog says:

        Does an honest person vote for a crøøk, qu eer or møron?

        Second at a post. Apparently it is ok to say fuck but the others are off limits.


  10. 46
    Amanita Phalloides says:

    Yeo is yet another useless nest-feathering MP. This hopeless moron has done precisely zero for his unfortunate Suffolk constituents, and now has the brass neck to promote policies (which also operate to his direct financial benefit) which will make us poorer.

    This is not a minor case of conflict of interests; it is an example of malfeasance on a massive scale by this crook.


    • 52
      David Cameron says:

      I am going to sack all the hypocrites in my government. Honest.


      • 57
        Nick Buckles says:

        If you need some emergency MP’s give me a call. I can deliver for £8.20 an hour all up. They will have no expenses and will have to pay for their own uniform and CRB check (not that they need that to be an MP)
        The only thing wrong with them is that they will have no real world experience …. oh wait.


    • 58
      One of Tim Yeo's constituents says:

      He is a fatuous little prat, but on the plus side he’s got a small majority and he’s 67, so if he does run in the next election (which is doubtful), he’ll probably lose.


      • 93
        Lord Stansted says:

        I agree with your description of the man. The trouble is he’ll retire with his pile augmented with a MP’s pension – all paid for by us. I hope I’ll live long enough to read his obit.


      • 118
        UKIP Ever Increasing Membership Spokesperson says:

        especially as most really fed up UK electors, are now growing balls & straight spines

        to vote UKIP.COM…….in vast numbers……

        and of course the ConsLieLaborLibDems Evil Alliance don’t want to even acknowledge the elephant in the room……as dictated by there Grand Master they all worship openly His Holliness St. Toxic Tony…..


    • 94
      Out of the Shadows Spokesperson says:

      Be careful , someone from somewhere, will invite you to go for a walk in the woods,
      for uttering the real truth & that will have an immediate terminal effect on your health,

      The Evil Empire Alliance has its eyes & ears everywhere 25/7…….369 days a Year..

      Dont say you were not informed…….!!


  11. 51
    Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein says:

    Shouldn’t there be a n in cuts?


  12. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Labour, Tory, Liberal or whatever hue these crimminals purport to wear makes little difference.

    The British people, born servile, love to be shat upon and, believe me, these twats are more than happy to do that for you.

    God save the Queen, eh?


  13. 68
    bandersnatch says:

    Cut all the green scam money for building soon-to-be-rusty, white and whirly, noisy, bird killing, inefficient, useless for energy production, scenery damaging, or on-your-roof-and-posy, useless show-offy, mini WINDMILLS! People are ‘farming’ these monstrosities on green field sites to get the subsidies. Our children and grandchildren will be contributing to charities set up to remove these blots on the landscape. They have enormous concrete bases which will be hellish difficult to break up and cart away. They weigh tons, and use up tons of otherwise useful steel and whatnot. THINKS… who else told us that everyone should work together to build a windmill… Oink oink…


  14. 72
    Jimmy says:

    “Replace the words “green” with “oil””

    A pretty fair summary of government policy.

    ” Guido has visited this before:”

    No dead horse left unflogged


    • 96
      Gordoom Brown says:

      Labour’s energy policy.

      1997 – decide to build 10 new nuclear power stations. Phase out coal and gas
      1998 – No..hang ..wait a mo!
      1999 – build 10 new nuclear power stations. Slowly phase out coal and gas
      2000 – Hang on..wait a minute..
      2001 – erm…
      2002 – definitely build some new nucs. maybe 5?
      2003 – no..too controversial
      2004 – royal commission?
      2005 – Something Koyotish? Windmills?
      2006 – hmm..
      2007 – erm.ohh Tony’s out. Let Gordon decide.
      2008 – dither
      2009 – Erm..how long have we got to decide?
      2010 – missed it

      Wow 13 years and we didn’t manage anything.


      • 99
        Liam Byrne says:

        Good job, as there was no money left


      • 112
        Chinese Communist Spokesperson says:

        But we no build in flive years or lessss for UK chinese new territory


        • 115
          Chinese Communist Spokesperson says:

          slorry florget to slay all our toxic power stations vleey unreliable & will kill
          all henglish peasants only….vleey slowley so you rleally sluffer long slow
          plainful death…….

          No 69 cuming up…..


  15. 75
    tottenham Chutzpah says:

    only the PBT is ‘green’ in this business


  16. 76
    See Emily Play says:

    Good to see Emily again. You need to bring her back or appoint an Emily Mk2


  17. 78
    Bloody Immigrants says:


  18. 81
    Nicola Clubb says:

    Why are MPs also chairs and members of boards outside Parliament this little practice should be banned or the MP removed from his because they are not working hard enough on what they should be working on which is helping the people who put them there in the first place.


    • 95
      Nullbymouth says:


      Agreed and it should also ban MPs discussing union matters as well


    • 103
      PIGS living high on Hog Spokeskesperson says:

      LOL LOL LOL LOL ….. ha ha ha………ROFRLMFHO 650 times……

      You can always tell someone who has been through the totally misleading

      so called State Education system, they will believe any delusional crap they are

      indoctrinated with …………


  19. 85
    G BROWN our once and future PM says:

    So why did the BBC allow him advertorial space today for his personal interests?


    • 109
      Beeb spokesperson says:

      Thats what we Do……..!!!

      But you pay for this biased broadcasting company crap 24/7


      Else a criminal record………

      its the unique way we extort your MONEY…….and all legal……


  20. 100

    The legacy energy industries of yesterday are a threat to our way of life.

    Expensive, useless, and polically acceptable, windmills and other ventures make vast profits for us, our families, and our friends.

    Our decision is final.

    It is time for the rest to pay.

    Any suggestion of corruption will be investigated by the police and the accusers eliminated in the public interest.


    • 110
      CMD, a turncoat in everyway says:

      Yes I fully support this message…….


      • 120
        CMD, a turncoat in everyway says:

        Sorry meant to say I fully support this new updated version of


        The Man of Straw’s version is out of date


  21. 102
    And he only got up for a bag of crisps says:

    The Winner


  22. 105
    hey prescott says:



  23. 106
  24. 122
    It doesn't add up... says:

    I thought if you cut the greens down it takes fewer puts, but you better be good at pitching…


  25. 126
    Snotsicle says:

    Why the heck were the BBC paying Diane Abbott £280 per hour for appearing on “This Week”?

    She barely had the intellect to plonk a dollop of mayonnaise onto a burger for minimum wage.


  26. 127
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    If these green fuels are the bees knees then they do not need any taxpayer funded subsidies.

    It is as simple as that.

    A good investment is a good investment on its own merits.


  27. 128
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    There’s probably 500 years left at least, one field in Russia has enough gas for the whole globe for 100 years, by which time we will be colonizing the outer planets moons and the inner planets and mining asteroids in our synthetic bodies.


    unfortunately I’ll probably miss it.
    the space industry is where the funding needs to be going IMHO.


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