July 23rd, 2012

Media Boss Launches Witch Hunt Over Twitter Parody
Read US Subpoena Served to Twitter

Media watchers will have followed last week’s Kafkaesque story that Northcliffe Media, the Daily Mail subsidiary newspaper group, are taking legal action against the owner of a spoof account parodying chief executive Steve Auckland. Twitter were handed a subpoena in California ordering them to release all records held on the anonymous tweeter after Northcliffe failed to see the funny side. The deadline against twitter is next week, and Guido has got hold of the subpoena:

Guido understands that Auckland has launched a witch hunt to determine if the tweeter is either an employee or being fed information from inside one of their newsrooms. A number of a senior executives have been questioned over their knowledge of the account and whether they have had any involvement with it, while IT sweeps have taken place to try and establish where the tweeter is getting his information. The sense of humour failure of the century. 


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:


    I am sure Ed Miliband will call for a judge led inquiry tho :)


  2. 4
    Kronos says:

    all it takes is someone with a private web service on their private phone and hey presto one untraceable email feed from inside the bowels of the beast


    • 5
      Nullbymouth says:

      Given your command of your chosen subject you are an MP, and I claim my 5 free static IP addresses


      • 6
        Kronos says:

        not if configured through an anonymous proxy server


        • 9
          Nullbymouth says:

          So how you would configure the MX records through a proxy server exactly?. Oh and how you would purchase a domain name and anonymise the transaction.

          So this only with a private web service and private phone malarky is not quite true is it?


          • AC1 says:

            It wouldn’t be that tricky.


          • Nullbymouth says:

            But a lot more tricky than simply creating a random gmail/hotmail etc email account and hitting that when sending through a proxy.


          • You could call it the reverse Nigerian scam.

            Maiduguri can be a bit inhospitable this time of year…


          • Nullbymouth says:

            The 914 scam?


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  3. 7
    Fertra says:

    I misread the first word of that headline as “mafia”. After reading the post, was a little surprised to realise it says “media”.


  4. 12
    dippy trippy hippie says:

    I used to wear a beautiful Kafka in the late sixties.


  5. 14

    Grief for Northcliffe Media. My heart bleeds. This must surely be a violation of their ‘guidelines’…


  6. 15
    Jay says:

    Guido – no word on the potential involvement of the Daily Star in illegal payments to the police? Surely, just an innocent oversight on your part, I would have thought.


    • 16
      Cluster and Fuck litigation attorneys says:

      Next time post with the word allegedly dotted around so that people like us have to work a little for our money.



  7. 19
    George Clooney nephew of Rosemary. says:

    I have instructed my lawyers to look into the use of my photo without my permission. Guido in trouble again for this.


    • 21
      Cluster and Fuck litigation attorneys says:

      I am afraid that the copyright law allows such use. Please allow google to be your friend and research ‘fair use and transformative critical appropriation’

      Labour bedwetter


  8. 20
    G BROWN our once and future PM says:

    Oer Betty

    Got my knickers in a right twist

    The satire must be really good


  9. 23
    Penfold says:

    Nut and sledgehammer come to mind in this sad and sorry episode of bigbrother beastliness.

    Are we to accept that comical parody, satire, pisstaking are verboten?


  10. 25
    Greychatter says:


    Supporter of Oswald Mosley and the Union of Fascists — same tactics still prevail??


  11. 26
    Deckhanddave says:

    Whatever happened to the right ‘to free speach?’ It’s obviously a spoof so where’s the problem? Good job Monty Python and the internet never mixed. I bet Ian Hislop’s lost some more hair worrying over this!


  12. 27
    NO ONE AT ALL says:

    The sooner they lock you up the better, Guido.


  13. 28
    Anonymous says:

    Can a subpena be issued with only the signature of some lawyer and not sealed or signed by an offical of the court named in the top heading?

    Just asking?


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