July 23rd, 2012

David Gauke’s Wife is Tax Avoidance Lawyer

This morning Guido named and shamed Treasury minister David Gauke – in his own words – as “morally repugnant” to be criticising others for their tax arrangements, but it doesn’t stop there. It turn’s out that Gauke’s wife Rachel is a professional support lawyer for Lexis Nexis, a company which boasts of its ability to “support every tax practitioner on the front line as they deal with the tax collector“. According to her personal profile Rachel “specialises in corporate tax law…and has advised on corporate restructurings, M&A, investment funds and finance“. Sounds like it an awkward weekend in the Gauke household…


  1. 1
    Tony B Liar, War Criminal says:

    I love money.


    • 26
      Frank says:

      To be frank, and I have checked out the info, Mrs Gauke is not a tax avoidance lawyer.



      • 33
        Ah! Monika says:

        Ah yes, she advises people hoe to maximize their tax.


      • 34
        Lord Stansted says:

        She’s a lawyer who specialises in tax. Are you telling us that if paid she wouldn’t offer advice on the best course to minimise tax? I think not! The issue here is not tax avoidance but the hypocrisy of a particular MP.


      • 61
        Dougie says:

        Nothing wrong within minimising tax within the law – I do it every time I take out an ISA. Also, Guido seems to have overlooked the tendency of HMRC to ask for more tax than is due. More people need tax advice than you seem to realise.


        • 79
          Jonathan75 says:

          Maybe, maybe not – but isn’t taxation a bit of an arbitrage for some? I.e. “waive our bill or we’ll leave for Liechtenstein” or so?

          And to be honest, to incur losses deliberately so as to claim tax deductions, that – and many of the more exotic things these avoidance schemes attempt – aren’t exactly what Parliament intended, and indeed may be called reprehensible by law Lords, at the same time as the latter being powerless to do anything about the schemes.

          For this reason, and for the reason there’s much that isn’t enforceably outlawed that is still evil, including all manner of appalling and hellish behaviour, I don’t think “not illegal” is self-identical with “not wrong”. And neither should you.


      • 70
        Anonymous says:

        To Be frank Frank there is not one lawyer who advertises themselves as a tax avoidance lawyer.


    • 55
      hey prescott says:

      what can it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul


      • 60
        Anonymous says:

        Our souls run the world.


      • 73
        garry sutherland says:

        About 20 percent guv.


      • 80
        Jonathan75 says:

        Hm. With no disrespect intended to people with Aspergers Syndrome, I have a hunch a lot of tax professionals might function as people, somewhere on the stressful end of the autistic spectrum and be really glad for challenging and complicated and well-paid work.

        That or they’re just greedy cnuts.


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    This bloke is a hypocrite and should be told to fuck off.


  3. 4
    skippy says:

    when does the revolution begin? I want to see all these fuckers dancing the Tyburn jig.


    • 18
      Lord Stansted says:

      It will not happen, I’m afraid. If you can afford it get out of this dreadful country now – If like me, you can’t then open a bottle of gin before the bastards make alcohol available only for MPs and their friends.


  4. 5
    pissed off voter says:

    As Mr Osborne says, they are all in it together.


  5. 6
    pissed off voter says:

    and based on his history and judgement, we can expect DC to leap to Gaukes defence before this day is out.


  6. 7
    tottenham Chutzpah says:

    can you imagine a normal weekend in such a household of talent and vibrant culture?



  7. 9
    Jimmy says:

    Going after spouses now?

    You stay classy.


    • 11
      Ken Livingstone says:

      If the cap fits Jimmy


      • 32
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        It probably wouldn’t fit Jimmy, and besides, how do you know what method of contraception she prefers?


      • 36
        Guido's crusade against hypocrisy says:

        Any kind of reference to Guido’s family or alter egos are deleted without hesitation. Mrs Fawkes insisted on that after a particularly bad stalker incident.


    • 77
      Toe Knee Blaer says:

      Poor little wifey eh jimmy? Must protect the poor little corporate tax lawyers even if they are only little wimmin.

      You fuckin lefty hypocritical mysoginist nonce.


  8. 12
    Anonymous says:

    this is pathetic. Lexis Nexis are essentially an archive resource of legal texts and from that you get ‘tax avoidance lawyer’. You are saying it is hypocritical to come out strongly against tax avoidance and be married to someone who works in legal services? this is tenuous and reflects not libertarianism but nihilism.


    • 15
      Lord Stansted says:



    • 16
      Anonymous says:

      Not pathetic, hitting the fuckers below the belt is entirely appropriate, as long as they think pissing taxpayers money away is an acceptable practice. If they were deserving of respect and fair play, they would get it.


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      and Im guessing politicians are never petty or misinterpret facts in order to meet their own ends now do they? Get with the programme! its called politics and believe me that hypocritical **nt has everything he deserves coming right back at him! and this is from someone whose life he is on the verge of ruining so quite frankly I dont give a F**k that guy can rot.


      • 46


        Don’t be silly now our Government are only positively enabling and helping everyone. They say so, so it must be true.

        More seriously, I wonder if our government have any real clue as to how much misery and harm their policies have done to this country. I can only hope that the rippling effects of all of the grief, anger, suicides, stress, fractures, and so on, doesn’t either break our nation, or send us down the road of real extremism. And just wait until crime picks up as people try to make ends meet, that wont be their fault either, or more people die as operations get cut back and suicides increase, you can also bet that wont be their fault.

        It just amazes me that with all those PPEs from Oxford that basic lessons seems to have not been learnt.

        Oh I keep forgetting its all labours fault, Europes fault, the disableds fault, the unemployed fault, the unions fault, anyone elses fault but ours.

        As the economic recovery has not materialised to hide the darker effects of our governments policies, which essentially marginalise large segments of society, they will sadly be likely to become even more desparate as they try to make things work.

        I can’t wait to vote. I can only hope that there are some switched on new faces to vote for. Sadly unlikley I know as the party machine goes round and round.

        Have a look at MI5s definition of terrorism, read it carefully, and then think about the harsh effects of government policies on many people. Just a thought.

        Bring on voting day – the sooner the better, but we need good candidates who really are men and women of the people, and perferably ones who understand little things like the law of unintended consequences and the importance of caution.

        You can’t turn a nation like the UK on its head, and change everything at once, and expect it to work. That is Homer Simpson politics.


        • 48
          The Public says:

          Homer Simpson for PM


        • 53
          Anonymous says:

          “I wonder if our government have any real clue as to how much misery and harm their policies have done to this country.”
          Was it not the previous government of LieBour that created a large part of the misery & harm?


          • Overspending yes, but otherwise I am less sure.

            I don’t believe much of the hype. The problem as I see it, and clearly this will influence my opinions, is that the current government have done too much too fast, for the social fabric of this country to handle easily.

            But when I look at both the bigger picture, and also at the micro of how families are being affected, it does trouble me.


          • Anonymous says:

            “Too much too fast”. Sounds familiar Stewart;now where have I heard that before?


        • 66

          Yes Anonymous I would be guilty of that myself in the past. At least I have learnt this lesson when a nobody, and not as a Minister.

          Out of interest do we know each other? If we do a simple yes would be appreciated even if you do stay anonymous.


        • 69
          eey0nyk says:

          ” I wonder if our government have any real clue as to how much misery and harm their policies have done to this country.” Of course they have: they just don’t give a shit.


  9. 13
    Oxymoron Alert says:

    I thought he was called David


  10. 17
    'This may well be the outcome says:


  11. 20
    john77 says:

    These days, thanks to Gordon Brown, the average company needs a tax lawyer or ex-Tax Inspector just to fill in an honest tax return. In eleven years Brown more than doubled the size of Tolley’s giude to taxation. I remain appalled at the number of mistakes HMRC (allegedly trained, if not expert) staff and computers have made on my pretty elementary personal tax affairs. You’ve provided no evidence that she has anything to do with tax avoidance.


  12. 21
  13. 22
    The Gaukee's Effluent Spokesperson says:

    What are you going on about Mr Forks…….

    Hypocrisy is what we are all about, end of….

    This small minor inconvenient fact of where we line our pockets from

    will not be given an airing by any UK media orifice, they are to well trained

    to make that mistake, as they know the consequences if they do !!!!!

    We are still looking at BBC’s Charter Renewal & Channel 3,4 & 5 Licences

    renewals and this has no influence at all on there decisions what to



  14. 28
    Greychatter says:

    What chance has the ordinary person got when these are the type of people running our country – we are all in it together – some hopes!!

    Do as I say Not as I do!!

    Continue to expose these hypocrites Guido.


  15. 30
    Ghost Town says:

    So we are now into the Olympic Sunday opening season. But why the fook didn’t they tell people? It was strange wandering through town yesterday afternoon with most of the shops open and the streets deserted. Even stranger to see the Tesco store open till 8 with a carpark that would have been empty if it were not for the Tesco delivery vans and the staff’s cars parked up.

    It’s no good Gideon coming up with these cunning plans to increase business if he doesn’t make the public aware of them.


  16. 37
    brown out and pay me damages says:

    morally repugnant hypocrites.


  17. 39
    Fish says:

    Meanwhile over at the Stratford Athletics track, preparations continue for Friday’s opening ceremony. Including, FFS, this stalinist abomination (The Chinese Government will be envious):

    ‘…The fantasy sequence is expected to take place about a third of the way through the three-hour show on Friday and will be integrated into a tribute to Britain’s welfare state.

    Nurses, including some from London’s Great Ormond Street hospital, will wheel out into the centre of the arena about 100 trolleys with children on them to perform a choreographed “bed dance”.

    At one point, the hospital trolleys will be positioned to spell out “NHS” in huge letters facing the royal box.’

    Actually on reflection, this might be a good idea. Perhaps we can have all of the kids, in a re-creation of Stafford Hospital, rolling around in agony in a new Olympic © sport of synchronised kicking the bucket.


  18. 42
    the savant says:

    listen here s the real deal

    not a thing will happen to gauke

    he will not be sacked
    he will still be in post next year or promoted

    dc will sweep it under the carpet coz gauke is in giddy s dept and giddy can do no wrong


  19. 44
    gnom says:

    Good to see the naming and shaming has started…a bit of tax transparancy is long overdue.

    All for people managing their tax affairs as they see fit, as long as they are happy to do it openly.


  20. 47
    Not very puzzled says:

    Stand by for a puff of sanctimoniety from Cameron ( getting more repulsive by the day) about the immorality and unworthiness of tax avoidance

    and don’t hold your breathe for when he tells us about the details of his own tax free off shore trust

    and Clegg’s

    and Miliband’s


  21. 49
    Drunk Lawyer says:

    Guido, do a bit of checking before being so fucking smug.

    LexisNexis is one of the big legal research websites, not a law firm. A professional support lawyer researches a lot and keeps documents up to date, but does not usually advise clients (and keep in mind she doesn’t work for a law firm, so they don’t have clients anyway, just customers). So, your statement that she’s a tax avoidance lawyer doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, nor does the allegation that whichever pillock minister you were on about is being hypocritical by being married to her. The wider point that politicians are lying, hypocritical chisellers who take every chance to keep their money from the exchequer and yet have the hypocrisy to decry others for doing the same thing does, however, stand.


  22. 51
    Anonymous says:

    To be fair – if she now works for Lexis at least we know she probably never actually managed to reduce anyone’s tax bill when she was in practice.


  23. 56
    Roger Tax Dodger says:

    Guido, do you have her telephone number or e-mail address?


  24. 57
    keredybretsa says:

    Really a Gauke own goal. Must be nice to have breakfast with these two.


  25. 59
    Roger Tax Dodger says:

    Enoch Powell was outspoken in his criticism of Westminster politicians fiddling the taxpayer under the guise of “expenses” . That, probably more than “wacism” was why he was outlawed by the Establishment.


    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      You could be right in your assessment of the true reason underlying the treatment of Enoch susequent to his “rivers of blood”speech. Unfortunately since that time the Westminster politicians have developed abuse of the expenses & allowances into a lifestyle.
      Despite the noble words indicating that the system was going to be “cleaned up” it has become obvious that very little of substance has changed and,it will never be any different until such time as both chambers of Parliament are subjected to the same rules as apply to the general public.


      • 67
        Big Fat Snout in the Tax Payers Funded Expenses Trough aka Rt Hon. Member's says:

        Point of order, through the Chair, if WE acceded to your outrageous point for the same type of rules that apply to you little smelly people then where will this end.

        Next you will demand that we speak the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth…………

        I guarantee that as MP for some repugnant revolting shi*t hole,in the back of beyond & full of the great unwashed, who are all fiddling there benefits claims, this will never be allowed to happen, not in a 1000 years…….

        Chairmen of ConsLieLaborLibDems Blood Brothers Alliance


  26. 64
    mv says:

    I’d insist on doggy-style every time.


  27. 65
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    Looking at that photo, any spouse not getting any should be grateful!


  28. 68
    Tax this .\|.. says:



  29. 72
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

    Has there been a set up here?


  30. 75
    Henry VI says:

    Fuck me – a lawyer and a tax-avoidance specialist – what a piece of shit.

    Do we think the Gauke household pays its fair share of tax?

    Check out Gauke’s “expenses” as an MP – he’s been fucking the shit out of the tax-payer ever since he could do.


  31. 81
    Boulton Paul Defiant says:

    At least she’s a looker. Something of the prison camp guard about her.


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