July 20th, 2012

Spain Says Adios to 2,000 Union Pilgrims
Government to Sack 6,000 More Nationally

The crusade against Pilgrims – taxpayer funded trade union officials – is an international struggle, last year Guido reported moves in Washington to clamp down on this waste of Uncle Sam’s money. This week the Spanish government has announced a further crack down on “Liberados Sindicales ” whom El Mundo describes as “public sector employees who in many cases do little or no work because they are authorised to spend time on trade union matters“. Sounds familiar…

So far in the capital Madrid 2,000 union parasites have been removed from the public sector, nationally the Spanish government wants to remove another 6,000 Liberados / Pilgrims who are paid for by their severely under pressure taxpayers, cutting the number by two-thirds. Spain desperately needs to cut government waste to save itself from bankruptcy… 

Meanwhile back home the Taxpayers’ Alliance has released the annual trade union rich list today, revealing that 36 union bosses earn over £100,000 a year:

Guido welcomes them into the 1%…


  1. 1
    Jesus Christ says:

    Fucking hell!

    No wonder they needed a bailout.


  2. 2
    A Tory says:

    How many have our Conservative Government removed?


    • 18
      Dave the Weak says:

      We are working on the issue. My top Spads are computing how many PC Stress Handling Consultants will be needed to console the wounded pilgrims. If it turns out to be one for one, then the unemployment figures will not have to rise, and everybody will be happy.


    • 39
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      What Conservative government?????


  3. 3
    EC1 PhD says:

    Burn the lot!


  4. 5
    Perry says:

    One of the reasons Mrs Thatcher got so much power was the posturing and the abusing of power of the Unions. Those of us who have read ‘The Ragged Trouser Philanthropists knows how important it is that good men and women support the work force. Don’t let us walk down the ‘abuse power of the unions’ road again.


    • 8
      Auto Gestion says:

      Yes, strong, fighting unions run by their members – not career machines for a few hughly-paid bosses.


    • 46
      Sid says:

      One would expect you to at least get the name of the book correct. It’s “The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists”.

      While I agree that workers do need protection, especially the ones who have somehow ended up without any skills or qualifications despite living in a country which provides free education up to the age of 18, the book was written over a hundred years ago and is not really relevant to the 21st century.

      Unions these days are more interested in over-throwing governments which are not Labour, than in looking after labourers who might vote conservative.


      • 52
        Derek simpsonsgraceandfavourmansiona says:

        It was written when people genuinely were hungry, not just getting scurvy cos mum just buys nuggets after she’s got lotteries and superkings.


  5. 6
    Auto Gestion says:

    The pre-civil war anarcho-syndicalist union in Spain, the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo, (which had over a million members) had ONE full-time paid official, and he was paid the average worker’s wage. That is how a proper union runs its affairs. Not as a machine to be milked by its bosses.


  6. 7
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    High time I attacked the Bankers instead of hard working Trade Unionists.

    For the umpteenth time I say,the Tories are the Party of the shirkers and Labour is the Party of the workers.

    This is the reason that Labour will win the 2015 General Election by a landslide !


    • 12
      will says:

      The union bosses have now decided to pay themselves large salaries and expenses despite falling membership. Without the union modernising fund and the workplace reps on full pay many would soon be bankrupt.

      The problem is that many union bosses are now in it for themselves rather than their members and are now causing industrial unrest for politics sake rather than a proper cause.


      • 44
        Laughing Out Loud says:

        Will that qualify them for bank directorships, if they make a few like-minded friends?


    • 31
      Labour's favourite bankster, Fred Goodwin, says:

      Do you think an incoming Labour government will give me back my Knighthood?


    • 47
      I'll show you fucking nasty party sonny-boy says:

      Take your fucking “nasty party” and fuck off to Iraq and count the hundreds of thousands of dead killed by Labour. Then fuck off to Guantanamo and count the tortured aided by Labour.


      • 53
        Derek simpsonsgraceandfavourmansiona says:

        And then come to any town in the UK and find all the jobs are being done by poles lats and other overseas workers.


  7. 9
    BOB coCROWch says:

    They aint menshuned me carnsill arse, ‘ave they ?


  8. 10
  9. 11
    Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin says:

    Send ‘em to the gulag!


  10. 13
    Liberado Brown says:

    You’ll not catch me working. Bet you miss me at the Hollimpiks.


  11. 14
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    I have come to the conclusion that bankers are overpaid scum of the earth.

    They fix Libor and launder drug money FFS !


  12. 15

    Please everyone, listen to this about corruption in Australia concerning their Prime Minister. It is explosive and is being suppressed in the OZ media. Come on Guido do your stuff !



  13. 16
    BREAKING WIND! says:

    Sir Alastair Burnet has died at the age of 84 due to a series of strokes.


  14. 19
    PhilOx says:

    You have to hope that Barber, McCluskey, Crow, Kenny, Hayes and Serwotka now go on strike demanding pay parity with Blowers. What a cunch of bunts!


  15. 22
    Doggie Fashion says:

    Guido. Sadly not in the 1%, only in the top 10%. You need to £149k to get into the top 1% and £49k to get into the top 10%. Mind you the top 1% pay over 26% of the tax and the top 10% 53.3%. So tube drivers are in the top 10%.

    Sadly, the top 10% of the top 1% probably used to pay most tax of all, probably well over 10-12% of the total and they happen to be the most mobile money in the country. Hmm, I wonder why tax revenues are down George, could it be because those highest earners are using the best tax avoidance scheme of all, f**king off elsewhere, and not just a bit of tax but ALL of it.

    50% rate – Gordo’s ticking timebomb which George picked up, 45% rate – George’s demonstration that he is more interested in throwing a bit of meat to the class warriors (who don’t pay any worthwhile contribution) than maximising his revenues; what an idiot.


  16. 23
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    Hi ! I’m back….!


  17. 25
    Jen The Blue says:

    Trade Union parasites. Is your average worker so stupid he doesn’t realise he’s being fleeced by his union not his employer?


    • 36
      Other employers are available. says:

      I’ve always wondered what sort of imbecile joins a union in the first place.


  18. 28
    Fish says:

    ROFL time. This from the PCS website:

    ‘We are a democratic organisation, run by our members, for our members.’

    …or to put it another way, as Serwotka might say, I don’t care a toss about what the 90% think, I promised Len and Bob that I would delivers a strike for the Olympics and you’re coming out.


    • 37
      will says:

      The money grabbers at the union for an olympic bonus will bounce back on them. It may br £500 but longer term. the managers will look at ways to reduce the workforce. Dont worry bob crow driverless trains round the corner.


  19. 30
    NeverRed says:

    How about Guido doing a top ten ‘Pilgrims’, with probably with Pilgrim herself at No.1.


  20. 33

    Er. how many have actually been fired so far?


  21. 34
    Johnny says says:

    Will their line managers be sacked as well? The fault is partly with the employer in allowing paid workers to “… do little or no work because they are authorised to spend time on trade union matters“.”

    Stop authorising pilgrims and get some work actual out of them.


  22. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Wait – you want us to be more like Spain?!


  23. 40
    JH says:

    Is it just me, or do union leaders tend to look like East End thugs, or the spouses thereof? I dearly hope the chippy, backward socialist cu’nts drag Labour to the left and electoral disaster.

    Not that there is any guarantee the ‘Conservatives’ will match their shift leftward, saves there being any inconvenient differences in policy.


  24. 42
    Aunty Matter says:

    I thought that sheep shagging Welsh c u n t Sewonga was only going to take the pay of a typical civil servant? That’s what he said when elected.

    Fuck off back to Wales taff.


  25. 45
    Skargil says:

    No wonder Serwotka is always so pissed off, earning that pittance and coming at the bottom of the list.


  26. 50
    Do You Want a Receipt With That? says:

    I can’t wait to find out how these union fat cats avoid tax?


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