July 20th, 2012

Bon-Phwooaarr: Female French MP in Sexism Scandal

Glamorous thirty-something French housing minister Cécile Duflot was subjected to leers and wolf-whistles from her male colleagues as she gave a speech in Paris yesterday. When sexy Cécile stood up to speak wearing a skimpy floral summer dress the men around her couldn’t contain their excitement, showering her with lecherous cat calls. Heckler-in-chief Patrick Balkany insisted that he was “only admiring her looks“, but that Duflot had probably “put on that dress so that we wouldn’t listen to what she was saying“. Ooh la la…


  1. 1
    Just sayin says:



    • 15
      Muslim Council of Great Britainistan says:



      • 37
        erm... says:

        when you look like fragrant naval groupie……men become …well erm…
        it’s a bit like blue cheese…it does age very nicely in an environment like a cave.
        cave men mentailty at one end.
        needs of a blue floral lady at the other end.
        let the supporter’s of blue cheese decide. lol


        • 78
          UKIP.i.am says:

          How do you know its a bit like blue cheese? Have you tasted her c***?


          • UKIP.i.iz says:

            Do you think Harriet Harman would get the same reaction if she addressed Parliament in a floral dress instead of her Dressing Gown?…


          • Harriet, oh yessss says:

            That cow-hide outfit that she wears so often suits her (and Jack, when he’s standing for election in an all-wimmin shortlist).


        • 112
          erm... says:

          About The Caves:  Legend holds that the first blue cheese was born in the natural caves of France where ideal humidity and temperature conditions allowed native blue green molds to flourish. That tradition lives on at Caves of Faribault®, on the site where America’s first blue cheese was made, and where every hand made batch of award winning AmaBlu® and St. Pete’s Select™ blue cheese is aged in sandstone caves carved from the river bluffs.  Faribault, MN is on nearly the same line of latitude as Roquefort, France. The atmosphere within our caves is ideal for the curing and aging of blue cheese.


          • Gordon 'Smiler' Brown says:

            Some bleach and a stiff-wire scrubbing brush would soon sort them out.

            It did wonders for me.


    • 28
      AC1 says:

      Guardian hails security of jobs in North Korea!


      Until you’re executed for your point of view!


      • 39
        Only in the Graun says:

        Their at it again.

        Relentless above the line trolling everyday.

        There’s also one on how great all the shit graffiti is in London.

        They are getting fucking desperate.


      • 45
        Only in the Graun says:

        Oh. But Reuters isn’t the Guardian is it?

        Am I missing something?


        • 77
          AC1 says:

          Well I cant put two links in one comment without the mod bot going mad. Grauniad NK paean was a few days ago.


          • Thomas Jefferson says:

            The WordPress default setting is to block comments containing more than one link, as I recall.


            Re Reuters, you really can’t trust anything they say since they’re owned by Wrathchilds.


    • 42
      Kun Tea Ball Ex says:

      That’s OFFENSIVE!


      • 73
        Can I say Olympics withoput being arrested Sebby? says:

        Not as offensive as wearing the wrong gear to an Olympic event.

        Sebby says that Nike trainers would be cool even tho Adidas is a Sponsor of the Games, but then Sebby is a Special Advisor to Nike so no conflict there, right you offensively smug git?


        • 97
          The Public says:

          Sebby is no-one’s special adviser. He is just a greedy git putting his hand out for more money than he should. No one cares what he says.


        • 130
          E J Smith, Cptn (retired) says:

          Just refer to the ‘Titanics’ instead.


    • 106
      Ferdynand says:

      You bloomin’ mivvy!


  2. 2
    Popeye says:

    Why would you expect anything different from the chauvinist so-called elite?


  3. 3
    The Channel says:

    The French believe in liberty, egality and fraternity, not propriety, sorority and cups of tea.


  4. 4
    Owen Jones says:

    French dogs!


  5. 5
    Ed Miliband says:


    • 8
      7th century desert nonce says:

      Another step closer.


      • 58
        Tally Ban Annas says:

        “Thanks Ed!”

        *calls out at squaddies*
        “Oi, you lot, stop shooting at us…put your guns down”

        *distant sound of yells of disbelief*

        “…The Rt Hon Leader of the Labour Party, Leader of the HoC Opposition and the next British Prime Minister, that’s who.”


        • 79
          Claire's Balding says:

          One might expect Ed to wish all racehorses a Happy Birthday come January 1st, such is his total sincerity.


    • 16
      Krusty The Clown says:

      “So, have a merry Christmas, a happy Chanukah, a kwazy Kwanza, a tip-top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan.”


    • 20
      Mornington Crescent says:

      He’s only taking his bandwagon out for a spin – it hasn’t been used for a few days.

      Another politico trying to be all things to all men: attending the Durham Miners shindig one minute and worshipping at the feet of The People’s Messiah the next. Still no policies, though.


    • 21
      Kevin T says:

      Is that a wish or a plea?


    • 22
      cheche says:

      Thanks Kaffir : we kicked it off with a peaceful suicide bombing in Bulgaria


    • 41
      The Paragnostic says:

      Ed, we knew you were dim, but now we know you’re a dhimmi as well.

      Please fuck off to a land that suits you.


    • 48
      Kun Tea Ball Ex says:

      I’m blown away by these good wishes.


    • 57
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Show your solidarity, Ed old putz, and starve yourself for a month. Or longer, preferably. Something along the lines of the Bobby Sands Diet.


    • 63
      annette curton says:

      I suppose the fact that we are having to spend tens of millions on security for the Olympics has nothing to do with all these peaceful Muslims.


      • 134
        Thus spoke Zarathustra says:

        But morons like Special Ed believe that spending money on security “creates jobs” and is somehow “good for the economy”.


      • 135
        Gordon 'Smiler' Brown says:

        Nurse! There’s another one over here!

        “…anyone who now dares to use discrimination or criticism in relation to Islam and it’s followers are now clinically afflicted by a condition known as Islamophobia

        …Jason Beattie, political editor of the Daily Mirror, condemned the scarcity of Muslim journalists working in the local and national press, which he said increased opportunities for misunderstanding Islam and Muslims. He called for measures to improve diversity in media employment practices. Similarly, Rita Payne, former Asia editor at BBC World TV, addressed an institutional lack of familiarity with Islam by recommending *specialist training for journalists reporting on faith and minority issues, particularly concerning Islam and Muslims. Both Beattie and Payne also called for more direct engagement between media and minority/Muslim communities”


        *At last, newspaper reporting will be back the way it was under New Labour.


    • 64
      naughty abdul says:

      Thanks Ed, I’ll just nip out and sacrifice a daughter in your honour.


    • 70
      see below says:

      Fuck off you c’unt.


    • 80
      AC1 says:

      I wish Muslims in every part of the United Kingdom and the world would stop r4p1ng children.


      • 91
        Ed Millibland (pleased to meet you) says:

        Re-elect a New Labour government or Labour Police Commissioners and these slight cultural differences will all vanish, just like all those years when New Labour was in power.


    • 108
      Mustava fag says:

      we welcome your collaboration


      • 111
        Ed Millibland (pleased to meet you) says:

        And the Labour Party, the BBC and the NUJ welcomes the cultural enrichment of
        – honour killings,
        – revenge facial mutilation,
        – female genital mutilation,
        – many, many gangs preying on children for sex throughout the country,
        – suicide bombing
        – electoral corruption
        – the creep into society of sharia law and halal slaughter
        – the perversion of law enforcement
        – ‘non-racist’ racist attacks against whites
        and all the other little things which enabled us to prove how tolerant and ‘non-racist’ we white-hating socialists are by keeping them out of the news for so many years, and calling anyone who mentioned them ‘racist’ and ‘far-right’ and ‘offensive’.

        I almost hate to say it but we’re somewhat grateful as well to the Tories, for going along with, and even adopting, all our oppressive legislation to prove our ‘right-on’ credibility.


    • 109
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Va Tu faire enculle Ed – oh! you just have. Excuse ma Francaise s’il tu plait.


    • 123
      Red Ed the Eagle. says:

      I climb on any bandwagon and I pay for identifying them, so there.


  6. 6
    Margaret Beckett says:

    I always get that reaction too.


  7. 7
    Rupert, Sheerness, says:

    The frock isn’t at all “skimpy”, to use Guido’s adjective for it. These French chappies are easily excited.


  8. 10
    Mister E says:

    Not to be immodest but I really do think I came up with the best caption in today’s caption comp.


  9. 13
    cheche says:

    Diane : Wsexist! Do they sell that dress at Evans


  10. 17
    annette curton says:



  11. 18
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    Female window-dressing.


  12. 24
    Australian MP says:



  13. 27
    Newsfart says:


  14. 30
    The infamous Peter Sissons gaffe says:


  15. 33
    George W Bush says:

    The French have no word for ‘chauvinism’.


  16. 38
    Lord Chief Justice says:

    I see your Mossad propaganda continues in your Commentator refernced article

    You shaelessly fail of course to write about the ethnic cleansing of J e r u s a l e m



    • 50

      You can always start your own blog.


    • 87
      AC1 says:

      Name one country with a muslim majority without a falling population of non muslims…

      Israel has a rising population of both Christians and (unfortunately) muslims.

      “Ethnic” cleansing is THE muslim way. It’s also what’s going on in Syria, which is the Sunnis (supported by Saud) v Alawhites.


  17. 53
    le saucisson qui rit says:

    so through which orifice does M Balkany claim Ms Duflot was speaking?


  18. 59
    Seb (oily impics) coe says:

    Phwoooar look at that frog’s legs


  19. 61
    Sheerak says:

    Skimpy? The dress completely covers her arms and shoulders, that is not fucking skimpy. It’s just that the French are ow yu say ze scum. What do you expect from a bunch of socialist freetards.


    • 121
      Me, terrand says:

      You might not have noticed but it was the opposition that were behaving like retarded 14 year olds. You’re right about the dress though.


  20. 65
    I go off on a bender says:

    That reminds me: I must get tent fixed.


  21. 69
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Some advice Mlle Cecile may have heard a time or three in her life:


  22. 74
    Naked Protest says:

    Naked Rambler Stephen Gough has been arrested in Fife just days after being released from prison. Mr Gough, 53, had spent more than six years in jail after being repeatedly re-arrested outside the prison gates when he refused to wear clothes.


  23. 89
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am training for the Kirkaldy Knob Cheese Rolling Championship


  24. 90
    not a machine says:

    Thats the trouble with huge debts , first bit of Oh la la and you have forgoten what you were supposed to be doing .

    Always puzzled me how business of fine French courtisans made it through the revolution near completely intact with no inertia for suffragets , must be a loss of revenues to the legal profession but on the other hand led to world class fashion ,perfume, wines and spirits and intimate dining ……


  25. 114
    keredybretsa says:

    As I have often said here Burkas for all wimmen. Stops that sort of lewd political incorrectness.


  26. 115
    Lily Savage MP says:

    Happens to me all the time.


  27. 116
    Blinkie says:

    I wonder why they don’t do that to the wife.


  28. 124
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    That woman is plain nasty.

    She is a cocky Green woman who normally wears jean which highlight her very substantial buttocks.

    She wants to control private rental rates in key regions of France and therefore buck the market.

    She also wants to build thousands of council properties which are very popular in France because you get out of paying the equivalent of Council Tax whilst everyone else has to pay taxes to fund repair bills.

    When this woman speaks you should listen very closely because she is dangerous. You should not look at her dress.

    She is one of those who wants to get rid of nuclear power and rely on natural wind to prevent people freezing to death.This will effect the UK very much because there will be no cheap French nuclear electricity to buy in.


  29. 127
    Amoundrness Lad says:

    When you look at the harridans on the Labour Front Bench there’s not much chance of that ever happening to them.


  30. 128
    Holly says:

    You reckon that’s a ‘skimpy’ dress?
    You need help mate.


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