July 19th, 2012

Guardian Losses Picture Data Special


  1. 1
    My view says:

    The Guardian is the biggest pile of shit since Hitler!


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      Oh No It Isn't! says:

      The biggest Pile Of Shit since Hitler stinks in No 10 !! – at least Mr Hilter is no more! This useless fucker is still kicking!


      • 49
        Old Blue Eyes says:

        And to think there are still some dim whitted idiots who still buy it. Do i take it you are one of them.


        • 94
          The Filth Inc. says:

          44.2 million – the number of lobotomised Britons who support brave PC Simon Harwood?

          Worth a try.


        • 96
          Polly Twaddle says:

          £44,200,000 / 52 = £850,000 per week, shirley?


        • 184
          NO! you stupid fucker! says:

          But how much different is the pile of shit in No 10 different to Herr Hilter with his dreams of a ‘United’ Europe!! FFS get real!!


        • 265
          Kinnochio says:

          No individual actually buys the Grauniad. Guardian readers are opposed to private property with the excption of town houses in Islington and country pads in Tuscany. They read the Guaraian copy that the common room / chambers / union office / BBC canteen buys. The dictatorship of the Proletariat depends on the means of production in the hands of the authorities and that includes intellectual property like news copy.


        • 281
          Bluebottle says:

          I bought a copy of the Guardian in 1978.


    • 20
      rocknrolla says:

      According to the bedwetters at the Guardian subtitles are now “racist”:



      • 28
        It's all so easy to explain says:

        Thanks to £ieBore Edyerkayshun – none of them can read, – innit!


        • 30
          It's all so easy to explain - an afterthought says:

          Ah – no sooner posted than the PC cum Race Industry raises its head – like what happens with all the documentation your Local Town Hall produces, – the subtitling will ‘ave to be in 1000 different languages – and brail! with in-site interpreters.


    • 36
      Only in the Graun says:

      They had a splendid article today saying how great North Korea is.

      No, really, they did.



      • 59

        And not a single CIf comment agrees with that loony article.
        Its almost as if the Guardian WANTS to lose money.

        Does Rusbridger have a $1 bet with Polly that he could wind the whole thing up by Christmas?


        • 68
          rocknrolla says:

          I am convinced that the majority of their readership now are just people who post there to laugh at the bedwetters, point out the illogical nature of liberal thought and generally attack Pollytwaddle. Some write supporting comments, and those who buy in paper form are perhaps real champagne socialists but most of the comments there are critical.

          Did you see the articles blaming the shootings in France on white supremacists and Sarkozy? The comments were so cutting they had to stop it but only after several hundred – most, as in 99.9% – expressed the view that the Guardian had an appalling reputation somewhere between the Daily Star and Daily Sport and that those articles had managed to lower it further.


          • Last article I read was on the Bomber Command war memorial.
            Naturally the grun was not in favour morally, aesthetically or historically.

            As you say, 90% disagreed with the article.

            Why do they print such crap? Do they really think their readers, even among the weakest of bladders of the bedwetters, would agree that N.Korea is as successful and prosperous as the south?
            The readers know its garbage.
            The writer too probably.

            Maybe its just a religion for the writers. Never mind all the inconsistencies and obvious fallacies and contradictions.
            If they have faith, they have hope. For a better tomorrow.

            Or it might even be simpler than that.
            They believe because they are as simple and hopefully naive as a small child at bedtime.

            “Do you believe?” Rusbridger cried.
            “I do..I do believe!” said the Guardian readers.
            “If you believe in a big state, left of centre egalitarian society clap your hands; Clap your hands hard! Don’t let socialism die.”

            “Second sharp veer to the left, and straight on till morning.”
            That, Alan had told Polly, was the way to Cleverland.


          • Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

            At least the Star and Sport show some bare tits, and don’t pretend to be intellectual heavyweights.


        • 73
          Only in the Graun says:

          I think a lot of it is simply ‘above the line trolling’.

          They start controversial topics by idiot authors (including La Toynbee) and just watch the clicks roll in.

          Their advertisers care about clicks.


      • 61
        Polly Toyntwat says:

        We must support the workers’ paradise that is the modern socialist state. Did you know that North Korea has 150% literacy, hospitals just as good as the world class NHS and no racism or sexism? Their education system is designed to teach about how evil white capitalists are and nobody there is allowed to own property.

        Anyway, must go. It’s hard work laying by the pool in my Italian villa. Giovanni! Giovanni! – where is my gin and tonic?


        • 79
          Only in the Graun says:

          Oh no, no no.

          G&T is a bit suburban for Polly.

          She’s probably enjoying a nice vintage Piemonte or a glass of good (but NV) bubbly.


      • 105
        joescotus says:

        ask the tit to substitute israel &palestine see how magnanimous it reads then


    • 39
      Kim Il Oink says:

      The Guardian:

      Run by hypocrites
      Written by hypocrites
      Read by hypocrites


    • 40
      Only in the Graun says:

      Top marks for an Early Preemptive Godwin by the way.


      • 77
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Godwin’s Corollary:
        “The probability that someone will quote Godwin’s law = Certainty, once National Socialism has been invoked.”


    • 50
      Aunty Matter says:

      Don’t insult Hitler


    • 139
      Grrr says:

      Take away the tens of millions The Guardian recieves from tax payers for job ads – and these losses could go up much more.

      I don’t buy this Middle Class Marxist Student rag – but as a tax payer – I pay for it.


  2. 2
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Graphic proof The Guardian are losers!


  3. 3
    Raving Loon says:

    Intelectual mastrubation for economically illiterate closet stalinists.


    • 18
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Well put.


    • 38
      Only in the Graun says:

      If only they would masturbate more. Might give the average Guardianista a better perspective.


    • 100
      Blowing Whistles says:

      It is heartening to note that so many more people are finally (At B last) ‘seeing through’ the zioloon front that is Ms Polly Filla.

      She like so many other place-persons across the press & media of the ‘commentary’ types [They espouse and duplicitously sell their comments & views twisting the truth upon its head – to far too many of the intellectually challenged] have been slowly found out.

      Melanie Phillips ‘appeals’ to many DM readers (There are plenty od DiM ones) but she shrouds many of her espoused views with duplicitous rhetoric and downright lies – she appeals to many on key and esepecially emotive subjects but she laces and intertwines her ‘comments’ with her twisted views and versions of events and always with a particular bent toward another land – where quite frankly she ought to go and live in. Ditto Polly.

      The days of duping the masses with illogical rubbish dressed up “as if they were facts” i.e. politicised propaganda are over.


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    Polly's a Parrot says:

    Oh c’mon! Hitler was a lot better than that.


  5. 5
    JH says:

    I hope those lentils are organic and wheat-free.


  6. 6
    Edmund Blackadder says:

    Rusbridger earns £408,000 per month… shurely shome mishtake?


    • 9
      gazthejourno says:

      Should have said “per year”, bollocks. Oh well.


    • 70
      Tony Blair, war criminal and millionaire says:

      What a peasant. I don’t even get out of bed for that.


      • 78
        Gordon Brown says:

        When I was PM I used to shit that much every day


        • 187
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Ahh … The two biggest ‘craven and suborned’ wee little *hits who ever managed to obtain the office of PM.

          Firstly Rus on the ‘bridge’ errer – and his maintaining of ‘innocence, sincerity, integrity …..’ – Could it be that because certain persons ‘hold’ information and documentation ‘on him’ that he is just another ‘totally controlled and suborned entrapped puppetpressman’? Nahhhh, your havin a larff governor – The truth is almost always not as strange as the ‘fictions’ that smearers use to deflect from the truth.

          As for T & G neither of the low-lifes would ever have remained in office if it had not been for both of them ‘being totally controlled’ by third parties.
          We would not have had the years of Tony if we had not had Gordon in place at the same time. Both men were controlled by their masters and by their own deceptions and personal ‘acts’. When the Bliar eventually had to go it was but a slow and painful death for the Project that ended in Broons
          humiliation. And the disreputable Labour party still cling on to the liars.

          Who’s been rewarding Tony for his cravenness to their cau$e$ and purpo$e$ and when he left – old Gordo was to have followed in the same path – save that things just didn’t quite work out that way – in somebody’s dirty plans. The pair of them have been the greatest example of how a supposed democratic government – can be totally taken over and run from at arms length. [Oh the embarrassment! and look what has followed in the camoron]

          Tony and Gordon’s controllers pushed even further beyond wanting to control say just the economy. Hey why not control every person who ‘gets’ elected to high office – better still why not actually control every person who does get elected to political office – makes life even easier.

          Entrapment is a very dodgy game. The Entrapped are as good as dead zombies – they for their own misdeeds have nowhere else to turn – they’re ‘the dead hand’ control that do the dirty deals of their controllers. The Zombies have no way out other than to do the bidding of their paymasters.

          Enough for now.


          • Anthony Blanche says:

            How very interesting! I’ve been away for 30 years but I may be able to help you with your theory a little. Before I returned to my homeland (this was back in 1982) I had some very superficial contacts from my university days with what are now known as your ‘security services’. To be honest the loves all seemed a bit bonkers to me but one or two of my fellow undergraduates did join the ‘service’. There was it seems an ongoing project to ensure that no matter what flavor of party got into power they would always be ‘owned’ by the ‘service’. It was a long term project I understand that focused on the then young MPs and rising stars of both main parties. The usual thing lots of free travel, lecture tours, help with little matters through various think tanks etc.. It seemed the Americans were also very keen on it and indeed paying most the bills from the little I heard. It also seemed that the use of journos (standard spook stuff) was very prominent to help the newbies on the way up the ladder.
            To be honest the underlying themes of your political elite to me seem to be corruption, incompetence and a growing propensity toward homosexuality. That they have managed the greatest destruction wrought on your society without recourse to open war seems pretty clear to me. But as I say I’m just a degenerate old Dago who still love your country and feel sad that you seem not to realise what has been taken from you.


          • Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

            In the context you used, it’s spelt “guv’nor”.


  7. 7
    will says:

    Guido, as i stated earlier

    It lost £79.6 million last year. it has taken a loss of £120 million on GMG Radio during its ownership of it. EMAP now (Top Right Group) it has a net debt of £350 million, despite having to writedown its investment of £1.1 Billion with it partner APAX. (source evening standard Business Media page 16)

    Also I Think the guardian will have to sell the Top Right Group as it has started to break it into 3 parts, so it may not make much money from its investment.

    PS Guardian running a response to your story Bryn Phillips (comments mostly about his conviction) I bet article disappears by 9pm tonight


  8. 10
    Smell the glove says:

    Two bob diamond resignations


  9. 12
    Rh- says:

    what is it with socialism and the total inability to sensibly handle money?


    • 14
      A ShamPain Socialist says:

      You’re joking little man! Cqareful with money? It’s not mine, little person – IT’S YOURS – to do with as I please.

      Now go away and do … whatever it is you do. Just keep out my way, my shops, my streets, my towns, my car parks, – and most especially my 2 and 3 Star gastro-pubs!


    • 190
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The problem with socialism is that it is an unworkable myth – there always will be those in control – who will desperately hang on to the levers.

      And is there any difference with the greediest of profiteering Capitalists? No there is no difference – because when the PROPER and LAWFUL ‘checks & balances’ on those top capitalists result in no sanctions upon them for their transgressions – WELL WHAT DO YOU HAVE? Just the same as an elite collective of Commie power crazed nutters runing the asylum.

      I’ll have a capitalist society over a communist one any day – but a capitalist one with PROPER & LAWFUL checks and balances.

      ‘Socialism’ is one of the greatest lies that has ever been promulgated – it is a bloody lie – Might be good for bees – but when it comes to human beings – no. The nature of Human beings with a bit of knowledge is one of greed ultimately and that is the lie that socialists – do not want to face up to. It is however a lie that some very DEVIOUS others hide behind – in order to control the fools who ‘want to believe’ that socialism is some kind of cure. Who’s been pulling who’s strings?


  10. 15
    Smell the glove says:

    Is it a coincidence, that the people who seem to know how to run this country i.e. Guardian and Labour are fuckin bankrupt. A moral here somewhere?


  11. 16
    Sir William Waad says:

    To putvit in perspective, the Treasury makes a loss of £44 million roughly every three hours.


  12. 17
    annette curton says:

    91 bags of lentils, that’s housekeeping I can understand.


  13. 21
    Penny says:


    • 23
      JH says:

      “About a hundred”

      Six then, and a dog called Yasser on a bit of string.

      Fucking middle class lefty agit-tourists.


      • 24
        Penny says:


        • 27
          JH says:

          Ah, my bad. About fifteen protesters, plus lots of media people and others loafing about in case it gets interesting.

          PS – Laurie, ‘Smiley Culture’ died of a self inflicted stab wound after Police turned up with a warrant to search his home regarding the supply of cocaine. Are you suggesting the Police stabbed him?


        • 35
          Hypocrite Leftwing cunt says:

          Nice to see Tourists making up the numbers and photographing the occasion.


        • 110
          JH says:

          Everyone – Laurie is now on her way home, and VERY angry.

          I wonder if middle class lefties have a special overdeveloped gland for this on-demand oh-so-righteous ‘anger’.


          • do me a favour says:

            They teach it at public school and many progress to study it at Oxbridge.


          • Embarassing Bodies says:

            Penny surely does and it seems to dominate her life. No wonder she can never find her clitoris.


    • 48
      Fish says:

      Grow up you silly cow.


    • 75
      Rh- says:

      still willing to give you one Pen … just dont open your mouth (except for a game of “here comes the train”)


    • 240
      smoggie says:

      Why don’t the police “move them on”, in the old fashioned way?


      • 245
        JH says:

        What would be the point? The deafening lack of further breathy reportage and photos from Laurie would indicate this protest consisted of about 10 people, none of whom really give a shit about Ian Tomlinson, even though he did sell copies of the Guardian.

        It was just a cynical opportunity for lefty agitprop, or at least that is what Laurie and her ilk turned it in to.


    • 272
      Anthony Blanche says:

      I have only recently discovered this ‘Mitford Girl’ of the 21st Century! Alas I shall not live long enough to see how she turns out but I’d go with her becoming a Hitler worshipping fascist/communist money loving bitch!


  14. 22
    Anonymous says:

    Rushbridger’s had a pay rise…


  15. 25
    Alan Rustburgler says:

    Time to stick the website behind a paywall. That should do the trick.


    • 26
      ShamPain Soshowerlist says:

      We can afford it little person! – Now go and watch whatever drivel you watch – play with your stupid little computer thing.


    • 31
      Forkbender says:

      Is Guido going to stick this blog behind a paywall, how many visitors will he get


      • 111
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        Don’t you pay, then? Fucking hell, he charges me £2.00 a post and 50p every time I comment.


        • 140
          Internet Enabled 419'er says:

          I represent Mr Bill Gates the anthropologist who awards you $38m of Internet access, unfortunately I am trapped behind a statefull inspection firewall and need to transfer the credits accordingly so I need your bank details forthwith.


        • 284
          Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:



    • 143
      English Liberation Front says:

      Stick it behind a firewall in North Korea where it belongs and the idiot “journalists” who write for it can fuck off there.


  16. 29
    Forkbender says:

    No tit and bum in the Guardian unlike the Daily Star. Murdoch long ago realised that soft porn sold papers, Dirty Des has/or had a number of porno mags ( never seen them, should you ask) The Daily Star will have joined the Sun in being taken to gents at break time they are the sort of papers folded on the inside of papers like Times, Guardian and Independent. Say Guido, when are you going to be on as a political corespondant on channel 5 and not on the Beeb, just asking.


    • 45
      Aunty Matter says:

      Lots of bumming in the Guardian,


    • 46
      A. Lecher says:

      I should like to see Ploppy’s tit and bums – purely academic interest you understand – the study of the more ….. um ….. mature …….. woman ……


    • 60
      Nullbymouth says:

      Do not give them ideas. They will have page 3 lezza’s soon, with their boiler suit suggestively undone and one Dr Martin shoe off, while the munter runs her hand through her number 2 shaven hair cut.


    • 136
      EdButLookBalls says:

      There might be ‘No tit and bum’ Forkbender but there is plenty of cnuts in P-Twaddle, Michaela Shite and BumRushbridger FFS!


  17. 32
    ToonBob... says:

    The Grauniad… does anyone read it ??


    • 44
      Only in the Graun says:

      Just about every teacher and college lecturer in the land.
      Also every local authority busy body.
      And everyone at the BBC (it’s compulsory).


      • 47
        Only in the Graun says:

        Forgot to add, the circulation figures would be higher but all the aforementioned make do with one dog-eared copy they pass around in he staff room. Except the BBC of course where a truckload of the rag is delivered daily and paid for with your licence money.


  18. 43
    Financial Advisor says:

    Any chance of the Co-op bailing out the Guardian, like they do the Labour Party? After all, they’ve got a load of super duper new High Street branches now, thanks to the Coalition.


    • 51
      Hen Coop says:

      Yes, – almost certainly!


    • 55
      Cast-Iron Dave says:

      Don’t worry I use the public sector job adverts to keep the Guardian going (and Polly in her lovely Tuscan second home villa)


    • 138
      EdButLookBalls says:

      The Co-op needs a Parliamentary Inquiry on how they conduct their business and fund the Liebour Party!


      • 174
        Floor Licking ZanuLieLabor MP always looking for a few extra Grand says:

        Yes thats a brilliant idea I agree & will bring it up with Ed Bollox asap

        as he always banks with them


  19. 58
    Dave is a wet! says:

    I look forward to when Guido can buy the Guardian and turn it into a populist, libertarian, right-wing tabloid.


  20. 64

    Nobody killed Nobody , so move along or i’l smash yer fuckin skull in !


  21. 65
    I don't need no doctor. says:

    Rusbridger, rewarded for failure. The Ed Miliband way? What a shambles!


  22. 66
    Ah! Monika says:

    Compact fluorescent bulbs may harm skin

    — Energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs that benefit the environment may be harmful to human skin, new research shows.

    Perhaps it turns your skin green


    • 74
      Lou Scannon says:

      You do, of course, make sure that you don’t throw them out in the regular rubbish so as to keep the mercury and all the other nasty stuff out of the land-fill. Don’t you ?
      ‘benefit the environment’ indeed. Who dreams up all this bollocks ?


    • 113
      Tachybaptus says:

      Compact fluorescent bulbs do cause insomnia. They give off more blue light than old-fashioned bulbs, which interferes with your melatonin cycle because your brain thinks it’s daylight. Halogen bulbs and white LEDs give off even more blue light, and have a worse effect. Old-fashioned bulbs gave off very little blue light, mimicking the light of evening, so you could sleep soundly.


      • 183
        Mike Oxonfire says:

        You sleep with the light on…?


        • 211
          Tachybaptus says:

          No. Between sunset and the time you go to sleep, the extra blue light affects you in a way that the reddish light of an old-fashioned lightbulb didn’t.


          • Pop goes the weasel says:

            You forgot to menton the lethal radiation being emitted by the 52″ plasma on the sideboard and how that affects the quality of the popcorn.


    • 181
      AC1 says:

      that benefit the financial environment for phillips management and the eurocrats they bribed.


      • 242
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Classic demonstration of how the E ewe operates.

        A corporation has very expensive and not very good product to sell, the problem is, lots of very good and cheaper alternatives.
        Solution, bribe the unelected and unremovable legislators, to ban the competition and enable your expensive shite to dominate the market by force of law.

        How do you imagine the likes of Peter Mandelson became multi-millionaires?


  23. 69
    Nullbymouth says:

    Great idea but a fucking real bad name for a bank – http://www.channel4.com/programmes/bank-of-dave


    • 114
      Sir Aston Martin says:

      Better than The Bank of Gordon, but only by a whisker.


      • 132
        Nullbymouth says:

        Both knocked into second and third place respectively by the ‘Bank of Spontaneous Combustion’


      • 231
        bank holiday says:

        I do hope all you folks out there are persuading your relatives holding Lloyds bank accounts to move them away from the Co-op Bank (which as you all know contributes substantially – not to say massively – to Liebor Party fund).


  24. 71
    Make Cameron history says:

    Dave says it’s time for Assad to go – shome mishtake, shurely ?


    • 72
      Nullbymouth says:

      Has Galloway been over there recently to kiss ass?


      • 90
        Hypocritical Oaf says:

        I saw that US politicians were applauding the efforts of Al Qaeda in killing senior Syrian leaders by suicide bomber. British Prime Minister Cameron immediately took up the call (from Afghanistan) for Assad to move himself from his own country. I thought it ironic that Cameron was visiting his troops who are in Afghanistan and killing Afghans and calling his victims terrorists.
        Oh what an tangled web they weave!


      • 176
        I dont usually say this but... says:

        Galloway’s latest RT interview on Syria was very good indeed


  25. 80
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Are you kidding me?

    Do I have Plan B for the economy? No I don’t.

    I’m a Tory and don’t give a stuff what the IMF want or think.


    • 89
      Christine Lagarde says:

      No one cares what I think.
      Its because I’m a communist.


    • 116
      Usain Bolt says:

      Vote UKIP!


      • 129
        Gordon F.McMental says:

        Thank you Sir for your most sort after advice

        & I will be Voting UKIP along with

        my extended family, all 5 million of them

        from Kirkaldy……

        have a great cricket season…..


        • 234
          Clarity begins at home says:

          Gordy old fruit, “sort” [out] is what the boys will do to you when they come round with the baseball bats,

          “Sought” is the word we all used when wishing for your early departure from office.

          I do hope that is now salted.


  26. 82
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I’m sending them a cheque for a penny to help out.


  27. 86
    The wrong Miliband says:

    I love a power vacuum.


    I stick the hose of the cleaner in my ear first thing every morning.


  28. 109
    Polly Boytee says:

    Leave The Guardian alone.


  29. 118
    Anonymous says:

    9 x AR’s MONTHLY salary?! Come off it, he’s not paid £5m a year. I think you mean annual salary.


  30. 121
    Gordon Fcuking.McMental MP for Sh*t Hole in Scotland claiming loads of expense from English Prats says:

    I would like to go on record and wish Seb Coe

    every success in the 3000metre Transsexuals

    Breast Stroke on Heat Relay.


  31. 124
    Anonymous says:

    what worries me is where the fuck do 650 guardian journalists go after it goes down.most of them are left wing socialists with no awareness of the real world


    • 126
      The BBC says:

      Wow. We will have them. Plenty of licence fee payers money to play with.


      • 142
        BBC Trust Chairmans Official Spokesperson says:

        I have issued instructions to the current DG & incoming New DG
        for these very talentless left wing ingrained moronic reporters to be fast
        tracked into the Corporation’s new flagship programme to be called
        “We are Camerons Blue Labor Tos*sers & Don’t have a fcuking clue what we are doing” although may have to make this title a little more succinct.

        Hope you all agree this is another brilliant example of absolute total waste of licence payers money on yet another futile left wing biased propaganda something we take pride in polluting the airwaves with.


    • 134
      Nullbymouth says:

      Working for http://www.ramblers.org.uk/


  32. 125
    Isaac Huntoo says:

    Who ‘READS’ Newspapers nowadays?. It’s all ‘YESTERDAY’s’ news. You fuckers ‘dan ‘saff, want to get a life.


  33. 128
    HenryV says:

    How can it be loosing money? I distinctly remember by 10 o’clock in the morning it was always sold out in the little newsagent’s on campus. Surely it has similar sales out in the wider world?


  34. 131
    A Fruit Bowl says:

    The transformation of David Cameron from Mr Green to Jo Stalin is well under way.



  35. 133
    Call me Dave says:

    There I’ve said it.


    • 150
      Anon Hacked off Voter !! says:

      Wot, You are going to Fcuk Off for good ??

      say it again with Passion…..


      • 153
        Call me Dave says:

        I am Gay


        • 173
          Anon Hacked off Voter !! says:

          you are just being fcuking provocative as usual…….

          and still full of Wind,Pi*ss & Shi*t in ever

          increasing amounts…….

          Pity you have No Balls or Straight Spine

          you might have lasted a little longer in office…….


  36. 141
    Gordon Brown MP says:

    Tonight, Mr Speaker, I will be retiring to my chambers with Prudence and Fiscal Rectitude, my bitches. It’s the right thing to do.


  37. 149
    Lord COE of Olympic fame says:

    So 57% of 20 % (11.4%) vote to strike and shut Heathrow, piling humiliation on England and the Olympics. How is this a mandate?
    What a twat that Mark Serwotka is , won’t affect his hundred plus grand a year though.
    Wonder what milliband has to say about this.


    • 154
      I don't need no doctor. says:

      Serwotka is a commie arsewipe. He really is scum.


    • 155
      Nullbymouth says:

      I am sure Mark Serwotka is really Holly Johnson out of Frankie goes to Hollywood. Spitting image and same camp accent


    • 156
      Ed MilliePeed The Official Minor Twat Spokesperson says:

      He is washing his Syrup of Fig & preparing a new Nose Cone for his Hooter, so much to busy to masturbate tonight, but he fully supports that what’s his name fingy smuck……errrrrr


      • 161
        Aunty Matter says:

        Why are all union bosses fucking foreigners?


        • 165
          Nullbymouth says:

          What like Handycock?


        • 168
          A Fornicating Red Ed Spad Spokespersons says:

          All the real English Union Bosses have all now fcuked off to Carribean where its much cheaper to live with very generous Union Funded Retirement Packages. Plus would you like to stay in this fcuking shit hole bankrupt country & have to speak 27 different languages,just to get your morning coffee ??

          no thought not……..


        • 236
          Clawity begins at home says:

          Marky sounded Welsh on the telly today. So where does he emanate from?


  38. 151
    Nullbymouth says:

    ha ha ha ha

    Staring competition, Neo vs Jar Jar Binks SMACKDOWN – http://twitpic.com/a9fnty


  39. 157
    I don't need no doctor. says:

    So the policeman that was accused of the manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson has got off scot free. How? A travesty of justice? No a fucking disgrace.


  40. 158
    Aunty Matter says:

    By far the most popular and widely read newspapers at the BBC are The Guardian and The Independent. ­Producers refer to them routinely for the line to take on ­running stories, and for inspiration on which items to cover. In the later stages of my career, I lost count of the number of times I asked a producer for a brief on a story, only to be handed a copy of The Guardian and told ‘it’s all in there’.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1349506/Left-wing-bias-Its-written-BBCs-DNA-says-Peter-Sissons.html#ixzz216QDmTHs


  41. 164
    I don't need no doctor. says:

    Union members that have voted to strike during the Olympics. You are a fucking disgrace. You are being used by your so called union leaders. Bad luck on you all!


  42. 170
    Gordon F.McMental MP always has his eye on the Balls says:

    I would just like to wish every success to Fred Perry

    in the French Open Championships of 1936 just about to

    start in Flushing Meadows, downtown Paris, New Brunswick, Alaska


  43. 178
    Saffron says:

    So the guardian appears to be fecked financialy,absolutely good news for an asshole of a leftwingers toilet paper outfit.
    Gordoom rejects an invitation to the OylimpicsG4 fiasco debacle,what a relief that must be in that whatever Gordoon touches turns to shite.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch we have Cammoron saying he will never campaign against coming out of this PONZI scheme that is the EUSSR.
    This crowd of piss artists who are coining in the money from you know who,will shortly be seen for what they are.
    As far as that Mark Sewhatsis name is concerned why is this welsh asshole not from this country as of ancestory not being stopped dead in his tracks.
    The country needs to get a grip and to stop by law a minority of assholes who are only intent on causing their LIEBOUR crapp on this country.
    Sheeple who gave us this Multi curtrurral crap which has altered the fabric of this country,yes it was LIEBOUR,and I for one hate these feckin assholes with a vengeance.


  44. 186
    Gordon Brown says:

    I feel that some people are laughing at me – I really do!!


    • 189
      I've visited this site 11,590+ times says:

      Why, darling? You’re not that funny are you?

      I’ve just been laughing at some of the crap I posted via one of my DisQust accounts over the previous two or so years.

      Shockingly, and rather sadly, I remember typing the words but it seems like a different person writing.

      I can’t even imagine how I thought up some that stuff! It’s quite frightening to realise how far I’ve descended. Oh well. Onwards to the next day/comment.


    • 222
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood Logical Analysis Service says:

      In Formal Logic, “some” is the subalternate of “all” — which is to say that if the truth-value of the proposition “ALL people are laughing at me” is TRUE, then perforce any combination of people not comprising the whole, as in “Some people are laughing at me” is true by definition. All this by way of a fancy-schmancy explanation of “Yes, Gordon, if everybody’s laughing at you, then of course there are some people laughing at you” — at least you are not paranoid on that score.


      • 262
        Gordon Brown says:

        I have great pleasure informing The House that, contrary to popular belief, a section of the ‘lectorate think I am NOT mad, – and therefore bad, but rather, perhaps suffering paranoid delusions. My therapist opines that I have delusions of grandeur and a deep seated guilt complex, – but as I have never ever done anything wrong and I my Dada said I was perfect that cannot be true.

        I will forward stats to back up these assertions when they have been developed by CurrCuddeeee Acadamy remedial maffs class.


  45. 188
    Handypara says:

    So children in Yemen are starving while the men of Yemen continue the national pastime of being stoned all day on kat. Meanwhile the Red Cross “helps reduce poverty” by handing out *cash* – not food parcels! – to the men! These men of course go immediately to the local food market?

    Yemen, just another failed state of the Religion of P*e*a*c*e!


  46. 191
    Scrapbook says:


  47. 197
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The not guilty verdict on The Pig Harwood – is but another nail in the coffin of The British Judicial system.

    The Judiciary – have descended to the depths – with their acting charades with this verdict. They conveniently (the Dupe – behind the jurors having been ‘decieved’ as to the facts) hide behind the excuse “But it was the jury who found him not guilty”. [Ditto – Sally Clark on the say so of Sir Prof Roy meadows – criminal trial]

    No – had the jury been ‘properly informed’ – there could only have been a guilty verdict — “Direction” — by the judge. The judge has misdirected the jury – and misdirected himself deliberately or otherwise to protect what fezzes up to be the Criminal Justice system. It’s ‘Criminal’ alright and and it is the worlds laughing stock in being the most corrupted and duplicitous of systems that is imploding upon itself faster that I could write Contempt of the judiciary, Scandalising of the judiciary – evil duplicitous bastards in wigs.


  48. 203
    Victor Blank Brain says:

    Gordon said please could I take on his not very toxic Scottish bank debts. In return Lloyds would be allowed to be the biggest bank in the UK.

    So I said, sure, why not?

    Then we almost went bankrupt. Only taxpayers bailout saved us. And now we’ve had to sell all those banks that we took on due to EU rules.

    So out of that deal I took a healthy bank to bankruptcy for absolubtely no gain, and wiped out shareholders as well?

    Well…Gordon asked me too.
    He’s a mate. I couldn’t say no, could I?


  49. 205
    Aunty Matter says:

    Fuckwits on This Week all telling us how wonderful it is that London is a multi cultural shit hole.

    ***bashes head against floor***


    • 206
      Davidian, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

      I do so enjoy a prawn koresh sizzling, though.

      lol x and laughing rather heartily.


    • 207
      Dennis Venusian says:

      Well, one way or the other, the whole world and it’s slave are going to find out in, er, seven days.


      • 214
        Davidian, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

        The American London Olympics are going to be a rorting success despite the darkies, young Dennis. *Rorts* and lol x.


    • 215
      Anonymous says:

      Brillo relegated by an hour – behind an hour of “Traffic Cops”, ffs!
      Is the BBC trying to make Brillo’s occasional telling it like it is less visible?


      • 217
        Anyonmous says:

        A huge percentage of BBCTV’s output is mind-numbing drivel.
        Please tell me it’s not just me getting old.


      • 218
        MoodBot says:

        Try again caller.


      • 224
        not a machine says:

        See if he goes anywhere for his holidays for some politcal perspective before conference season , I suppose we should be greatful that journos can ask questions the way they do , when you look at countries like Syria (noting that nothing similar is ever seen from EUSSR channels )

        I wonder if they might let him visit some of the new global institutions , to see if he could do something like Robert Hughes (Australian Historian) could manage , documentary review format , noting yet another BBC curiosiity from the Blair years that was absent ……


  50. 221
    not a machine says:

    I have often wondered what the socialist version of monopoly would play like

    The name would change perhaps stateopoly
    The game pieces ID papers, truncheon, military helmit , zil limo, alsatian ,land mine

    you would proebebly have to pay banker money to throw the dice , no doubt the fee would be the start money you were given .

    community chest , would be based around civic honour roles , or stasi visit fee for clean record .
    Chance , would be replaced by half straight to gulag with a tariff of fines for certain offences eg set up democrcay newspaper , ask questions about spending , hold a dinner on freedom of speech, half celebrate great leader .

    There would be no get out of gulag free
    utilities would require a document processing fee even if they are non existant
    Free parking would require you to have certain community chest honour or pay up .

    You cant buy houses nor hotels , but you still have give money to bank who then passes it on to shady buisness people not actually playing .

    Just for clarification 1in 10 PCS union members voted and of them 50% voted for action , so 90% think Mr Serwatka was just a bit off the mood . Tell you what why doesnt Mr Serwatka sit round a table and explain which part of helping the economy , he thinks , he has identified , by striking to create some additional cost , that could be invested in creating jobs ……
    Or for that matter Ed Militant , consider how having run up so much debt , explain how you can run public services that dont end up with huge off balance sheet surprises that are only solvable by austerity …….
    Not really the unions best effort today , why dont they go legit and become a crime syndicate specialising in extortion with menaces .


    • 223
      Tachybaptus says:

      I think Socialist Monopoly would be simpler than that. All the pieces would be glued to the board, so you couldn’t actually play, but you would have to sit there for two hours anyway. At the end of this time there would be an announcement that everyone had won, and they would all be charged £50 to be allowed to leave.

      Remember ‘The Modern Parents’ in Viz a few years ago? Cressida and Malcolm bought their son Tarquin a non-violent, non-class-based, non-rасіst chess set with 32 grey pawns all on the same side.


      • 225
        not a machine says:

        Glued to the board …. LOL


      • 226
        Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

        I read Viz once, dear. I caught my Reg thumbing the whole thing whilst riffling through the comic. 1980 was a rocky year for us, on reflection.

        Na night.


  51. 227

    You can’t trust the police , and you definitely can’t trust politicians

    Country fucked


    • 229
      not a machine says:

      I dont think anyone should complain about the police using force , I mean you cant assume all incidents they have to deal with , involve dealing with people with placrds who eat lentils . No one bats an eye when its half dressed crack head with a matchete . I mean for some jobs the human rights commitiee view is worthless

      That aside , on this case , I perhaps understand the verdict in this incdent in that an uncessary push to the floor , may have been consequential to the tragic death , but is somewhat different , to beating someone deliberatly with murderous intentions .
      What I do find awful , is that the Met seem to have few questions about , retiring and re hiring . Its a very trcky area , for most part you want police who , do public service by being present and keeping order and sending out that message . You also perhaps want a police service (and justice) that has no qualms about , serious violent law breakers , which means sometimes perhaps a sort of immunity for any counter claims , that enable criminals to get away .

      You havent got a police force in any regard , if the law is such that public have no respect for them .

      The verdict plus his record , has perhaps given him a public verdict as being more violent than tolerable for todays police , but I dont think I want a police force that is so frightend about interactions with violence , that arrest and custody should be similar to tea and cake each time .


      • 233
        Anonymous says:

        A police officer who cannot assess that a staggering drunk is no threat lacks the skill to wear the uniform. A police officer who chooses to ignore the absence of threat but chooses to be violent is a criminal.


      • 243
        gramma says:

        Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
        Police officers confronted with a range of individuals bent on obstructing their directions to maintain order- at summits, football matches or during general rioting. The Tomlinson case was an unfortunate accident, in the same manner as a seperate judge has found that the 3 victims protecting their mosque and getting run down were unfortunates too.
        Anonymous above suggests it should be easy to assess a “staggering drunk”. With more than half the UK population I see, stumbling around with either a vacant or aggresive expression on their face it would appear to be no easy task. Much easier to avoid the obvious that many happenings result from internal family failings in keeping an eye on the weaker and easily led astray participants in their fold. Bad apples often occur in too many different barrels to suggest one can simply lay the blame directly at the feet of just one.


        • 253

          The footage clearly suggests that this copper was not up to the job , he was running around like a rabid pitbull off it’s lead attacking everything On that day alone he attacked 8 people !
          one of which was a TV camera man filming an arrest . He also has a very checkered past of misconduct which the Met were complicit in , which if the jury had been aware of would have secured a manslaughter conviction
          My feelings go out to the family , and i hope they nail the fucker in the civil court and bankrupt the bastard


  52. 237
    Make Cameron history says:

    You’d better have your bags packed and ready, Dave :


    ‘In an interview with this newspaper yesterday, the Prime Minister said he believed voters would ultimately back his values. He said: “They want to know, what I want to know, that at the end of this, have you built a more worthwhile country, a society based on a set of values, where if I work hard and do the right thing I get rewarded rather than stuffed?”
    No, Dave, you have no values. Your policies are all about finding the next group that’s weak enough to steal from, you buy into blatant scams and your judgement is appalling. You hear only what you want to hear and you refuse to do what is right. You are not a Conservative, you are a fraud and traitor to this country.


    • 241
      Clawity begins at home says:

      Time for Conservative MPs to make CamerON into CamerOFF.

      What a good idea, then they can find a real Tory leader to start getting the country back on its feet.


  53. 247
    illogical says:

    Have to laugh at the photo Guido linked to above right.
    Ed Miliband and Neo Guido having a “who will blink first” moment.
    Dressed somewhat similar, it reminds me of 2 primadonna female movie stars turning up at a reception to find they have both chosen the same haute couture clothing.
    Who says Marks and Sparks have no customers left?


  54. 248
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    Good Morning Campers,

    Unlike Ed Miliband,we in the Nasty party are riddled with bigots,and we are proud of that fact.

    “Choc Ice” anyone ?


  55. 249
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    Ramandan Mubarak to my M*slim comrades.

    (Don’t forget that Colgate still exists)


  56. 250
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    The Nasty Party have now borrowed £158 million more than Labour ever did.

    We know it makes sense to vote Tory,the Party for the Shirkers and not the workers.


    • 259
      Lord Sebastian Coe says:

      Vote UKIP!


    • 275
      Money for old rope says:

      It takes money to get rid of the deadwood that Libor had in the uncivil service, after all the uncivil service was used as way of keeping the employment figures down wouldn’t want to give friends of Libor real jobs, they may not vote for them.


  57. 251
    BBC Advertising Dept says:

    Don’t worry we will double our spend on advertising with you. It’s only licence fee payer’s money so not a problem.


  58. 252
    shocking stuff says:

    Ha ! The ponced up presenter on Breakfast Telly just suggested that if you can’t afford to have children you shouldn’t have them.


    • 254
      Oh wow! says:

      Quite correct – shag away like rabbits – but don’t expect me or anyone else to pay for them kids if you’re too stupid to put a cap on it FFS!!


    • 258
      Dr. Josef Mengele says:

      Income (or salary) has a very high correlation with IQ (i.e. intelligence).

      You can therefore think of income as a proxy for intelligence.

      Unless you are cotemplating a dysgenic society, what is wrong with what the presenter said?


      • 266
        By Looker says:

        Thank you Dr M. You would ‘of’ taken the words right out of my mouth if only I could ‘of’ thought of them.


      • 267
        Stephen Hawking says:

        So Bob Diamond is one of the most intelligent people in Britain?

        Strange, I had him down as a shifty little cun*t.


      • 274
        UKIP.i.am says:

        Income (or salary) has a very high correlation with IQ (i.e. intelligence).

        What a load of bollocks.

        Income has a very high correlation with parents wishing their children to succeed.

        Grammar schools offered those children a better chance to succeed.

        It doesn’t HAVE to be via GSs though. But the state is determined to drag all children down to the lowest common denominator.


        • 280
          Clawity begins at home says:

          So Bob Crow and Len McWotnot are two of the most intelligent beings in the country?

          Whoda thunk it!?


  59. 269
    DZ says:


    “Nick Clegg scheme will pay firm to wake jobless teens”

    Nick Clegg is deeply deeply fucking stupid

    What is the point of taxing small companies into oblivion in order to pay some corrupt quasi public sector company to try and get the kids jobs in the very companies they are taxing to death

    Leave me with the money and I will employ people – period!


  60. 278
    Desperate Dan says:

    Who are their bankers? I don’t want The Guardian getting any of my money.


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