July 19th, 2012

Exclusive: Violent Rioter ‘Voids’ Square Mile Election Attempt

Despite much excitement in the Guardian this morning, the campaign to bring down the Corporation of London from the inside has not got off to a very good start for “freelance community organiser” Bryn Phillips. This former Occupy St Paul’s spokesman and close ally of Maurice Glasman is planning on standing in the upcoming by-election for the City of London Corporation council seat of Farringdon Within. However, his violent past has caught up with him…

Phillips was arrested during the riots in Hackney last summer for throwing a missile at the police. Wood Green Crown Court have confirmed that he was convicted for violent disorder and burglary and is awaiting sentence. Despite his best efforts to spin the Guardian this morning, (they claim “the case will be heard later this month”) Case S20120099 actually happened back in March. Guilty M’Lord…

In order to stand in the elections Phillips had to be awarded the Freedom of the City, something he only achieved on July 2. On the application form all previous convictions must be stated. Guido understands violent disorder and burglary would automatically rule you out from receiving the honour, and Corporation sources are adamant that a declaration of such would have triggered further investigation. It did not. Instead it is becoming increasingly likely that Phillips has voided any chance of standing in the election due to the fact he has failed to declare his convictions. Just because he has not been sentenced yet, does not mean his conviction does not stand.

Guido was ready to put these allegations to Phillips at his press conference this morning but the violent, rioting thug did not turn up for at least an hour after apparent start time. Which is just as well as given that Guildhall security had sealed off the venue and would not let anyone in…


  1. 1
    Twat says:

    Hang him!


  2. 2
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha, he’s been flushed out and is on the run now!

    Disgraceful for this man and The Guardian to imagine a violent criminal is fit to represent the people of Farringdon.


    • 32
      just wondering says:

      Has he attempted to obtain good services or entitlement by false representation?


    • 56
      Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

      The Guardian describes him as,

      Bryn Phillips, a 32-year-old writer and community organiser in east London


      • 58
        Nullbymouth says:

        Writer Graffiti artist
        community organiser ringleader


      • 73
        rocknrolla says:

        What is a “community organiser”? Even President Omaha claimed he was one of these – it sounds like professional trouble causer. They could have got a job in the private sector providing some good or service society needs and contributing taxes without which there is no NHS or schools. But no they went to organise the community. That same community the Guardian, BBC and Obama all want to destroy with immigr4tion.


        • 110
          JH says:

          So called ‘community organisers’ organise fuck all. They’re more racist than most in claiming that differing wants and needs of many people can be homogenised into a ‘community’ based on racial membership. Just watch the faux outrage if you point that out to them though.

          All they do is marshal antagonism, using the supposed grievances of others to panic legislators into satisfying some ulterior motive.


        • 120
          Your Friendly Neighbourhood Deceptive Political Terminology Busters Service says:

          “Community Organisers” of the kind the Left refer to are Saul Alinsky/Cloward & Piven acolytes who believe in hectoring the System to provide, at least until the Revolution comes, as much in the way of swag as can be managed, the better to undermine the System to let it be destroyed as much by implosion as explosion. The small-scale frontline version of this strategy was immortalised by the social commentator Tom Wolfe, over forty years ago FFS, in Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers:



        • 138
          Curtis Lemay says:

          feck that. What the hell is a “FREELANCE community organiser”??

          A card carrying member of the lefty rent-a-mob lot no doubt, eh?

          LMAO, what a pathetic loser this punk is…


          • Anonymous says:

            Its hilarious, him being described as a spokesman for “occupy st pauls ” as i never heard a sensible comment from any of them during the whole debacle ! Including the vicar who has now become a media personality on the back of it.


      • 84
        taC eht abbaJ says:

        Always a pleasure seeing the Grauniad having to eat shit…


      • 123
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        “Community Organiser” = left wing trouble maker and agent provocature.


  3. 3
    concrete pump says:

    Typical pussy ‘activist’. All loud-hailer and no balls.


  4. 4
    David R says:

    “Secondly, political parties are not involved, leaving candidates to stand alone as independents”

    An example that the rest of the country should follow.


  5. 5
    Swampy says:

    He not be a true true hugger


    • 6
      Swampy off his head on white lightning says:



    • 14
      JH says:

      I wonder what ‘Swampy’ is actually doing these days. Probably wearing a nice pair of Chinos and a shirt, diligently working for Daddy’s business until he can take over the reins.


      • 18
        • 33
          Owain Glyndwr says:

          Wikipedia states : Swampy was living with his partner and their three children in a yurt, a dome-shaped tent in ‘Tipi Valley’,[2] a remote New Age commune at Cwmdu near Llandeilo in West Wales.

          The peoblem with this is Tipi Valley is not a remote valley by any stretch of the imagination, more roads in and out that spag junction. You can often see the residents shambling through Llandeilo to sign on. Also it is minging


        • 95
          Trahison des Clercs says:



      • 146
        Midas says:

        Swamy had a heart attack; as he came round the Doctor was telling him -” Sorry mate, but you had to have a by-pass”.


  6. 7
    Loungelizard says:

    ‘Sounds like a wrong’un to me Major’


  7. 8
    Nullbymouth says:

    I do hope that his occupy tent was hand crafted by fair trade multi cultural lesbian amputees working out of a tithe barn in Hawkshead, using a water wheel to generate the electricity and the sustainably produced material for the tent was waterproofed by Gaia herself.

    Rather than produced in some greedy corporate minimum wage sweat shop in China.


    • 13
      Father Jack says:

      Dirty arsed eco c.unts!!!!


      • 125
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Those dirty arsed eco loons have Dave Cameron’s full attention. That’s why he is shovelling vast amounts of taxpayers money into his crony corporate friends and families pockets.

        Apparently, he “really cares” you know.


    • 142
      Conrad says:

      Black lesbian Muslim single mother cripples ?


  8. 9
    Ah! Monika says:

    Meanwhile whilst the rest of the world sleeps

    Beijing open wine stock exchange today. First in the world.


  9. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Whilst not the most appropriate candidate it seems, his stated goals are noble enough. It is important that rotten apples like Libor, Bank fraud aplenty, insider dealing and Phillips are equally discarded from society.


  10. 11
    JH says:

    Typical middle class anarcho-tourist. Just a navel gazing attention seeker.

    Lookame! Lookame! LOOKATME!


    • 65
      Ex-Tory says:

      Indeed. Hackney is full of ‘em. White middle-class inner-city travellers from the villages and suburbs, who are trapped in their childish student activism. C*nts the lot of ‘em.


  11. 12
    LOCOG != piss-up in a brewery says:

    As you probably know, the official Olympic Torch relay is utter crap, with the torch spending most of its time in a bus.

    However, some people aren’t staisfied with this, so they’ve gone out and DONE IT PROPERLY:


    No doubt the BBC won’t be covering this.


  12. 15
    Ed Miliband (Leader of the Party opposite) says:

    “Austerity may continue up to 2012″

    Not with Labour in power in 2015 it won’t !


    • 20
      Ed Miliband (Leader of the Party opposite) says:

      I’m so sorry,David Cameron’s quote should have read

      “Austerity may continue up to 2020″

      Cameron’s a bloody idiot.


      • 30
        UKIP UNITED !! says:

        And so are you !!

        But as a back stabbing fcuking hypocrite you don’t even know

        what the word means………

        BTW Hope only of your Union Ar*se lickers has told you that

        the UK Electors are going to really Piss & Defacate on your parade

        on or before 2015 along with CMD, The One Term Only Toff Liar

        & the ankle kicker Cleggy,

        the Electors have had enough of your Manipulation &

        Mendacity by all three of you TURDS…….Its Time for REAL Change…..

        BUT Thank you for bringing Toxic Tony back inside your delusional

        party its the type of Reminder every one needs constantly !!!

        Keep it up you are helping our advertising budget each & every day

        with your really helpful behaviour


    • 41
      There is NO money left..how many more times must socialists be told THIS ?? says:

      “Not with Labour in power in 2015 it won’t “…shortly followed by UK plc filing for bankruptcy and IMF appointed as Administrators


  13. 17
    Camilla Parker-Starney says:

    He sounds almost as aggressive and violent as Ed Balls.


  14. 19
    concrete pump says:

    Just heard the great Michael Holding use the term ‘jungle drums’ in his commentary….


    Michael, you terrible racist…


  15. 21
    Are all Republicans this insane? says:


  16. 23
    Owen Jones says:

    What a c***


  17. 24
    Gonk says:

    Scratch the surface of these community freedom fighters and you always seem to discover a worthless fraud.


  18. 34
    keredybretsa says:

    Now this is super, Bryngate. Just the right (or left) geez to have on the City of Londinum Corporation Council. Watch your chain Lord Mayor, otherwise this smart lad might have it away. Must be one of Kentaxgate best mates.


    • 88
      Daily Fur correspondent says:

      Has the Lord Mayor not flogged his chain?

      It seems they flog everything else legally or illegally


  19. 37
    Steve Miliband says:

    PCS to go on strike. Wankers


    • 38
      The public says:

      Fine, that’s save us a fortune in pay, nobody will notice anyway


    • 49
      SPOF says:

      Just as the weather turns. You cant blame the planning. Last strike was used for Christmas Shopping, now lets have a day at the beach. I wonder if the Ice Cream Venders will get a £500 bonus for the extra custom?


  20. 39
    That's a big dong says:

    Denmark’s DONG Energy has agreed to buy 300 giant offshore wind turbines from Germany’s Siemens for UK wind parks, marking a step forward in efforts to put ever larger units out at sea to boost renewable power output.


    • 42
      SPOF says:

      When the wind blows – when it doesnt we can shiver in the dark


    • 45
      The wind is from the West says:

      The Burbo bank in Liverpool bay is getting 69 of them, the betting says will the blades float, it appears even the Libor led Wirral tossers are not too happy when they gave planning permission.


    • 85
      Danish Bacon says:

      The UK desperately needs windmills

      To do a little more futile tilting

      Perhaps you will all sink in the middle of the North Sea

      After you have all gone collectively mad


    • 89
      Dave is full of wind says:

      But Dave said this green wind thing would create thousands of jobs for british workers.


      • 129
        Very Wealthy Wind Farm Gentry says:

        Shhhh, he meant our fine EU partners.

        Anyway, green jobs require a never ending subsidy of around £250,000 each and the loss of 3 jobs in the productive existing economy, so it’s best we cut costs in whatever way possible.

        We don’t want millions of our citizens living in energy poverty now, do we?


  21. 46
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    I have handed out 150,000 to the Olympic competitors, and that works out at 10 per competitor,if my maths is correct.


  22. 54
    SarahJane says:

    Interesting Fact of Life:

    Steal a watch or TV in last year’s riots – automatic detention awaiting trial – then prison even if for only 1 month.

    Steal millions from tax payer, share holders, economy in general and get a pat of the back, a knighthood or in worst case scenario, a dressing down from your party whip.

    I’m not condoning the actions of last Summer’s rioters but of they had jobs & stable finances or saw their politicians actually doing/saying something to benefit them – they may not have happened in the first place.

    Life was never meant to be fair but our system was intended to be just!


    • 70
      Ex-Tory says:

      Plenty of jobs in London that’s why hundreds of thousands of migrant workers arrive in the city every year. They don’t have jobs because they are lazy, thick and refuse to take any responsibility for their lives. Now go and chew on your sandals.


    • 80
      Le Monde correspondent says:

      The City of London has become the glogal centre of Organised Crime

      At least one major criminal scandal by bankers per day

      And micro Gouido witters on about some demonstratror

      Great priorities in the total decadence that is the UK


      • 115
        Arryat Arness says:

        Mon cher Monsieur,

        Are you by any chance that pro-EU, anti everything British, French bloke who is always on Dateline London with Gavin Essler, left wing Beeb stooge par excellence.


      • 132
        Really? says:

        You are right, let’s drive these criminals, who account for 25% of our entire economy out of the city. Unemployment for tens of millions, is preferable to their scandalous behaviour. Tool.


    • 152
      clear-eyed fabulist says:

      Yes, keep trying to spin the rioters as politically-motivated, oppressed, downtrodden, etc & etc. So nicking widescreens, torching family businesses, and freestyle vandalism is a valid statement and credible response to the corporate financialism/crony politicians?

      Funny thing is, those interviewed rioters who were spinnning themselves as being political martyrs didn’t concede at any time that their favoured party of Truth and Goodness were the principal architects of the banking crisis.


  23. 55
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    I am delighted to confirm that Border Agency staff are to go on strike on 26 July and they have my whole-hearted support.

    Remember,we are the Party of the shirkers,and it is Labour who are the Party of the workers.


    • 79
      Little Nicky Clegg, The EUSSR flows in my Veins always says:

      And we agree anything we are told to agree with …………

      except for Lords Reform Bill

      Shirt Lifters Full Legal Marriage Bill

      & anything relating to our real idol of Worship the EUSSR

      & our equal partnership in Expenses Troughing

      & our equal partnership in every Freebie available UK/EUSSR supplied by

      Tax Payers

      Plus our consistent support for No Tax after gouging as much as possible from

      this never ending river of EURO’s gratefully taken from all EUSSR Citizens with

      No Questions asked or ALLOWED


    • 91
      Dave is full of wind says:

      Well you could have called in the army Dave, unfortunately they are tied up at the Olympics.


      • 137
        Ed Pillock Media Services as sponsered by the BBC says:

        Now they are going to be further stretched covering Airports,Ports & the soon

        to be completely choked ZillBliar Olympics Lanes & all thanks to ZanuLieLabor


        Remember “These are just not any strikes,

        they are ZanuLieLabor endorsed Strikes”

        This message is brought to you by Ed Pillock, Fully backed & guaranteed

        by the ever Present His Holyness St. Very Toxic Tony, a constant reminder

        of his enduring legacy everyone was trying to forget


  24. 59
    will says:

    The Guardian these days is getting even more shriller to attract attention, whilst its jounalistic credentials are getting shallower by the day.

    i do feel sad for its once loyal readership as they are subject to a parody of a newspaper that is losing money.

    It lost £79.6 million last year. it has taken a loss of £120 million on GMG Radio during its ownership of it. EMAP now (Top Right Group) it has a net debt of £350 million, despite having to writedown its investment of £1.1 Billion with it partner APAX. (source evening standard Business Media page 16)

    You have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at it predicament.


    • 86
      rocknrolla says:

      True it has gone downhill recently. Was always bit silly and supported some dangerous ideas but now no integrity at all. Remember the gunman in France – how the Guardian had article after article saying he was a white supremacist and it was all sarkozy’s fault. Shambolic and shameful.


    • 114
      fault finder general says:

      More shriller ? Does not compute.


  25. 60
    will says:

    Guido: Simon Harwood cleared the guardian media campaign over this will be in tatters as it championed this cause


  26. 62
    Troughers R Us says:

    It is essential we remain full members of the EU. Just think of all the taxpayer funded jobs perks and pensions it brings. The gravy train must stay on the rails. Slurp slurp.


  27. 63
    Anon Voter says:

    This has just come over the wires

    Thousands of UK Home Office workers, including Border Agency staff, to strike on July 26 and take other forms of action until August 20 – PA

    How will the Home Secretary Spin this…….


    • 66
      Lefty blackmail says:

      They really take pride in their work and display a sense of responsibility don’t they.


    • 67
      Nick Buckles says:

      Give me a call I can drum up some people at short notice


    • 69
      bergen says:

      Think Ronald Reagen and the airtransport controllers.


      • 90
        A hard PressedTax Payer says:

        Yes he may have been a 2nd rate Film Actor

        but he had a pair of BALLS & straight SPINE

        The type of thing that use to exist in the UK by people in public life

        but now is totally defunct in all parties…….

        Is it not time for the most effective solution to this political illness

        the one dished out to recent East European Mad Dictators ??


    • 74
      The wind is from the West says:

      So long as they don’t get paid who cares, think of the money being saved, if they can’t be bothered working , just wait a week and the illegal immigrants they didn’t stop can take over their jobs for below minimum wage.


    • 76
      Ohama Beach says:

      Don’t worry I’m sending over 25,000 of my finest TSA storm-troopers – permanently


      • 97
        Taliban Recruitment Agency of Kabul says:

        Please you Stupid English we have hundreds on there way to join the many

        who have already squeezed in to Londinistan ready for start of the

        your 1414 Olympics Games & they will certainly leave there mark…….

        PS Your so kind, we don’t have to issue any-more Pakistani forged British

        Passports as your doors will be left wide open……they will have there taliban

        ID cards inside there weapons suitcase……

        See you much sooner than expected……


    • 96
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      Sack them all like Reagan did with the air traffic controllers, with the economy diving they’d fill the posts within 24hrs


      • 108
        Nullbymouth says:

        +1 But can’t imagine Tin Cam having the cajones. Give the positions to some of the redundant soldiers


  28. 68
    Sir William Waad says:

    We haven’t had a proper Village Idiot here in Waad Magna since Edwardian days. This fellow Phillips looks cut out for the job so, if he can’t get a subsidised sinecure with Red Rag Weekly or whatever, can you send him up here please?


    • 128
      annette curton says:

      Sir Waad, the government has looked into this skills shortage, prospective village idiots and court jesters can now benefit from an EU training grant.


  29. 72
    Nullbymouth says:

    The PCS said 57.2% of those who voted backed strike action – the turnout was 20%

    So 11.44% of the total said yes in other words !!!!!


    • 94
      We on the Left do diffrunt sumz says:

      That’s not how the Left wish it to be reported!

      “The prolaratrit responded by overwelming saRport” is what we say!


      • 112
        Fish says:

        …and as reported by their friends in the BBC, number 92.

        With only around 10% in support, the non members and those in other unions this strike will be a farce.

        There’s a lot of disquiet about Serwotka’s leadership amongst the grass roots PCS members. Until the pensions issue membership was falling and many, who see their workplaces as non-political want him out, or will just ignore him, seeing him as having his own hard left agenda.

        A bit like Assad, Serwotka’s days are numbered.


        • 117
          Arryat Arness says:

          Do border guards have pitchforks?


        • 135
          Ed MinceMeat The Sewer Rat says:

          May I re-assure my many Union friends/members of my now fully

          reformed democratic ZanuLieLabor Party.

          This reluctant withdrawal of Labour by our brothers & sisters of the

          PCS/Aslef is all the result of the nasty party, cutting too far & cutting too

          fast. Once the general Secretary for Life Karl Marks Serwotka’s gets the

          real truth across all the channels of our media empire the BBC,

          everybody will see him for what he truly is a complete an utter still

          Commie Luving fcuking Tos*ser, qualities its difficult to find anywhere

          except accept in my democratic ZanuLieLabor party

          May I also announce that His Holyness Saint Very Toxic Tony who walks on

          water has agreed, for a consideration, to will give his personal 3 hours

          closing speech for 2012 Olympics. I know everyone will adore this &

          be grateful he’s showing everyone world wide what he truly stands for…..

          Please Note The Official Heir to Bliar’s Office fully endorses this edict.


  30. 75
    Aydodge E. Scheisster QC says:

    The Grauniad conveniently left out the part about his having been CONVICTED of the charge that may earn him a term in jail rather than on the Council. But of course, technically-spe*aking, they have accurately stated the fact that he’s possibly going to get locked up; he will find out whether he gets thrown behind bars or not at the hearing. Of course, one would think the Grauniad groaners would be proud of the fact that Clownie is going down for “spe*aking truth to power” and “fighting back against the Man”; why, he’d be the Mandela of the twenty-teens! But true to their “taking care of their own” spin, a messy little conviction will be overlooked, lest he be unfairly stigmatised by all those out there who still might have such bourgeois tendencies as to find the word disturbing– “OMG, he’s a CONVICT!”


  31. 82
    Criminal City banker says:

    Keep up the good work, Guido

    hang all these little fellows so we can get off with our billions scot free!


  32. 93
    Lord Highest of Justices Turkeyforahat says:

    Wait till I get my hands on him!


  33. 101
    President I'm A Dinner Jacket says:

    I want you to know that I have written personally to the Chairman of HSBC to thank them for laundering $16 BILLION over 10 years (as the US Senate has told you)

    It has materially helped us build our H Bomb to keep the peace in the Gulf


  34. 105
    MacGuffin says:

    The only thing this tells me is that it is high time the anachronism that is the City of London Corporation be abolished.


    • 139
      President Hollandise, Frau Merckle's Messenger says:

      Yes I full endorse that

      it should become just another minor Department of our Glorious EUSSR

      & fully over taxed by Brussels

      Sacreblue while wont these anglo saxon bertie woofters do as they

      are told the first time they always need to be w.h.i.p.p.ed into shape……


  35. 109
    Whimp Libertarian Spotter says:


  36. 113
    Hypocritical Oaf says:

    I saw that US politicians were applauding the efforts of Al Qaeda in killing senior Syrian leaders by suicide bomber. British Prime Minister Cameron immediately took up the call (from Afghanistan) for Assad to move himself from his own country. I thought it ironic that Cameron was visiting his troops who are in Afghanistan and killing Afghans and calling his victims terrorists.
    Oh what an tangled web they weave!


  37. 124
    Lord Cobblepot says:

    I much rather prefer that my elected officials steal money than throw things at the police. How are the poor meant to learn their place if they rise above their station?


  38. 150
    Anonymous says:

    This lying cheating scum bag was thrown out of his social housing due to spending two years of housing and council tax benefit on drugs.

    He then went to occupy to live in a tent and take more drugs and decided to try to use it to promote his rubbish ‘music’.

    He is actually close to his mummy and gets money paid from her into his account and spends it on more drugs.


    How shameful of anyone who has helped this scum lie into getting ‘Freedom of the City’..not that it will do him any good when he’s banged up in Pentonville and on all fours!


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