July 17th, 2012

TUC Spin Shredded
Union Does Not Defend National Organiser’s ‘Misspeak’

Guido catching out TUC National Organiser Carl Roper and his misleading Pilgrim spinning has certainly upset the union cheerleaders today. Roper has gone AWOL, and as of yet the TUC have refused to comment.* It seems they unwilling to defend him…

Others are not staying so quiet though. The TaxPayers’ Alliance’s Matthew Sinclair confirms that Roper was wrong:

“The TUC undermine their own credibility with this shoddy and dishonest attack on our research. The careful and systematic TaxPayers’ Alliance investigation of trade union subsidies is an invaluable source providing a detailed picture of how unions are receiving subsidies across the public sector at the expense of taxpayers and frontline services. However because of organised attempts by the unions to frustrate that research, and the poor record keeping of many public bodies, we have always made it clear that the overall estimate that research provides will be much lower than the true figure. The new figures in the consultation document support that and suggest the true total could be much higher.”

Chairman of the Trade Union Reform Campaign Aidan Burley emails Guido to say:

“Just four days into the consultation and Carl Roper and his Union cronies are already reverting to misleading the public with false statistics – £36m is just the cost of Whitehall Pilgrims, not across the whole the public sector. TURC estimates the true cost nationally to be well over £100m, especially when free office rents and free collection of union dues are taken into account. Mr Roper should try to explain why his comrades need to immorally divert all this public money to fund their left-wing propaganda – which should be spent on nurses and teachers – rather than mislead the public with dodgy statistics that deliberately try to minimise the extent of their taxpayer-funded largess.”

 It’s going to be a very long consultation at this rate…

*Guido would happily have given the TUC a chance to respond. He is fascinated to see how they might spin this one.


  1. 1
    Mrs Bone says:

    The Trade unions are like Labour, full of spin!


  2. 2
    Mrs Jack Dromey says:

    Equal pilgrim rights for wimmin!


  3. 4
    Nullbymouth says:

    Bit unfair to wait for a TUC reply over lunch isn’t it. Even unions like a 4 bottle lunch, give it time and I am certain they will reply


  4. 5
    Labour don't like criticism says:

    Have Labour sme-red that 14-year old boy yet?


    • 6
      Nullbymouth says:

      Turns out he is actually a 38 year old, disqualified doctor from Iran


      • 15
        Alistair Campcunt says:

        Iran?! I told them to leak that he’s a 38 year old disqualified gynecologist from Afghanistan with convictions for rape! If you want something done right…


    • 19
      SP4BS says:

      I wonder what he actually thinks “the government” should do about youth unemployment. “investing money to help young people” suitably vague.

      Strikes me that he’s just a bit of a publicity hungry little wannabe PM. Biggest smear I’d do is photoshop him into a picture next to William Hague.


      • 35
        Archer Karcher says:

        Here’s a couple of clues, stop punishing with employment taxes, employers who employ people and stop importing millions of people into a free for all welfare state.


        • 38
          SP4BS says:

          Are you saying he actually believes that?

          He should have told that to William Hague.


        • 59
          Anonymous says:

          Is there a “D” notice on the census figures? I barely caught amention of it on the BBC and certainly not in conjunction with increased immigration.


    • 24
      Mike Naylor says:

      Is Issac Duffy the new Owen Jones of the right?


      • 54
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Hopefully, though, when he is 27, he will LOOK 27.
        And will be attracted to the female of the species.
        And have a working knowledge of financial concepts.


  5. 7
    Lord Condon says:

    The directors at G4S should resign!


  6. 8
    Sir Aston Martin says:

    Just look at him. The vulgarian face of modern Britain.

    God help us.


  7. 12
    Hansard says:

    Wot no PMQ’s for the next eight weeks ??

    I’m out of a job again !!


  8. 13
    Jimmy says:


  9. 14
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    My first avowed intent was to be a pilgrim.

    Amen to that !


  10. 17
    Polly Twaddle says:


  11. 20
    Investec spokesperson says:

    We have full confidence in Buckles. We are as clueless and arrogant as he is!


  12. 21
    Nick Buckles (G4S) says:

    I thought that your bloggers would like to be the first to know that I intend to take the refund and fuck off.

    I have no further comment to make at this stage !


  13. 22
    Call me Dave says:

    Hi as you know Parliament is closed for the next 8 weeks. I will be doing a research study during this time looking at the economy in Finland. I will come back with loads of tips which I will apply just as soon as I can.



  14. 27
    Dr Eon Carp says:

    Unions provide a great service at a cost to the public purse of only sixpence a year.
    Yet each Tory backbench millionaire steals food from the very mouths of babies.

    This independent research bought to you by me, as I waste all day making up drivel instead of teaching.


  15. 29
    Nullbymouth says:

    So G4S are claiming the £57m management fee and can only guarantee 4,200 ‘guards’

    Bargain only works out at 13.5 grand per guard which is the same as paying them to do 1600 hrs work


    • 31
      Gordon Brown says:

      My government did not sign this contract


      • 36
        Ed Moribund says:

        Wesign! Wesign! Someone must Wesign for this tewibble cwock up!
        He just doesn’t get it..beggar’s belief..too far, too fast etc…

        {sent from my Ipad in the Seychelles}


    • 50
      Gordon Brown MP says:

      We should have a public inquiry into Choc Ices, G4S and the rain.


  16. 30
    Gordon Brown says:

    I have a vision of a Socialist Utopia


  17. 37
    Tony Robinson defends union theft from taxpayers says:

    Some beans and some beans are four beans.


  18. 40

    Did anyone else see the Private Eye jubilee special with Polly Toynbee as the queen?


  19. 44
    Nick Buckles (G4S cunt) says:

    We WILL be rewarded for failure, we WILL trouser the £57m management fee.

    Money is king. Call me Dave agrees with me.


    • 48
      UKIP.i.am says:

      Well G4S could always walk away and not pay any of the 4000+ guards they have recruited. Or does the idiot Vaz expect the company to pay all their wages and get NOTHING back in return?

      This gives me the strong impression that Vaz is a complete clown who has no idea about running a business. A lot like all his fellow Labour MPs.


      • 63
        Nick Buckles (G4S cunt) says:

        We’ll be getting the bung whatever happens! We don’t care about delivery. Our moral compass broke years ago. We’re in it for the money, nothing else. Cheers UK taxpayers.


      • 67
        Keith Vazeline says:

        Did you all enjoy our show trial Stalin style in which we buckled Buckles to grovel at our feet much as Stalin did to doctors, academics and scientists in the 1930’s and 40’s?
        We want to take the spotlight off Leveson’s show trial and put some music to our own trial starting with our new song “The Bullying Red Flag Schadenfreude Moment”


  20. 45
    Major Goatfucker says:

    I don’t agree with same sex marriage. I see no reason however why a man can not get married in church to a goat for which he has strong feelings provided the said goat is an adult female. So why am I being discriminated against?


  21. 46
    EUSSR says:


    • 51
    • 52
      UKIP.i.am says:

      That will be the day when our corrupt politicians go after their even more corrupt elite eurofatcats on the continent.


      • 75
        Neil Kinnockio £10 million and rising, there's lovely says:

        Now, now, there’s no need for any of that investigating the EU accounts nonsense. The last one who tried it was slung out on her ear and if anyone else tries looking too deep, they’ll get the same treatment too boyo.


      • 76
        Tony Bliar - your friend in need says:

        Unfortunately they will be outclassed by the European crooks. Our home grown venal Liebor MP’s have absolutely no style or language skills worth a bent copper.
        All they understand is shouting and screaming insults at people. Only have to look at the MP inquiries today and last week to see this in action.
        This is why I wanted to be EU President to reduce the odds of our Liebor failure by bringing some class to Europe. Ho Hum


  22. 53
    Gordon Brown MP says:

    There is a 0% increase in my appearances at that Parliament thingy


  23. 56
    Another Engineer says:

    O/T – Amused me, anyway.

    Scotland missed CO2 emissions target because it was too cold:



  24. 58
    Gordon Brown says:

    The Arctic Monkeys would not have let us down like G2B have


  25. 60
    Crowing Bob Crow says:

    Its all “Fatcher’s” fault since she made us lose so much of our funds and we were forced to put thousands of our union activists into the public sector at taxpayer expense so we could finance our brilliant senior management and Ed Milliband’s Labour Party.


  26. 62
    • 65
      Chinese hordes with cameras says:

      I flink you are silly bint


    • 68
      concrete pump says:

      It’s a shame ‘those bloody tourists’ don’t ‘stave’ your fucking head in…..!

      They’re here spending money.

      What exactly do you do again..?


    • 70
      The Rt Hon John Bercow MP for Buckingham. says:

      Shut up Sal. The people of Buckingham keep you in the manner that you have become accustomed.


      • 77
        The Good Burgers of Buckinghamshire says:

        Not for much fcuking longer they won’t….thats guaranteed…. you vertically challenged fcuking Pimping Parasite & your open gobb no ‘nickers slapper…….


    • 73
      Nigel Farage says:

      Shame the constituents didn’t know the contempt you have for them when I was competing against your Dwarf of a husband!


      • 80
        Queen Liz says:

        If she believes she is in any way welcome at any time at Buckingham Palace then she is truly a sad and deluded woman.
        My ancestors would have known exactly what to do with her.


      • 88
        Pawn Sandwich says:

        I find the term dwarf offensive, would be much obliged if you could refer to him as the short arsed c.unt in future.


    • 85
      The Rt Hon John Bercow MP for Buckingham. says:

      “You elected me and sent me to the House of Commons to represent the people of Buckingham. My election as Spe@ker is the greatest honour of my professional life and I am very conscious of the responsibility which it has vested in me. I shall strive every day to justify Members’ confidence and to help to restore the reputation of Parliament”



  27. 64
    Gordon Brown MP says:

    Mr Speaker, I’m hard at work on my next speech about political courage. In the afternoon I will be saving the world. Amen.


  28. 72
    • 82
      A Patriot says:

      I hate this country now. It has become totally fucked up. The tories have proved to be useless.


      • 86
        Nullbymouth says:

        I had to check the calendar as I thought it was April 1st.

        This should trigger a referendum maybe?


  29. 81
    Steve Miliband says:

    I see Ed Miliband is ‘reaching out’ to business leaders to become future Labour MP’s.

    He could try executives that worked for Adams, Cruise, Oddbins, Focus DIY chain Haldanes, Habitat, Blacks Leisure, Peacocks, Acquascutum, Clinton Cards,Julian Graves – they would have the necessary qualifications for Labour


    • 83
      Nullbymouth says:

      It will not work. They have relevant industrial experience, which is at odds with anybody else in Labour.


    • 84
      Nigel Farage says:

      Last time they did that they got that fucking awful Alan Sugar!


    • 91
      annette curton says:

      Woolworths Pick ‘N’ Mix.


    • 99
      Anon says:

      Wot..!! all these nasty Tory type companies went bust you mean ?????

      can’t see the point we are very gifted in achieving the complete total bankruptcy of

      UK plc this time with all of the talent we have at present ….

      so cant see the need

      Tony is back & Gordon is still here with the 2 Ed’s we don’t need anymore for when

      we are back in control AGAIN……the IMF know that !!


  30. 87
    Gordon Brown says:

    I saved boom and bust and ended the world.

    That’s right isn’t it Teddy?


    I ended the world and saved boom and bust, that’s better.


  31. 89
    Steve Miliband says:

    I read that the working class hero Euan Blair is looking for a safe seat.


    • 95
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Another clintonesque / wedgwood-benn socialist troughing dynasty emerges from the shit.


    • 100
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Can you stand for parliament in the UK while holding an Irish passport?


      • 109
        Fanny Haddock says:

        Why not? We have people from all over the world in our parliament at the moment whose basic loyalties lie elsewhere. So what’s another Mick in the mix?


  32. 90
    Newly Inducted Inmate Dan P says:

    Come on Matt answer your fcuking BBC supplied Apple iphone 4S
    I need to get out of here fast……I can still drive…..just

    Some big old lags are keen to impress there extra large shimmering Golden Rivets right up my Portuguese kakie Harris……

    something about a Double Glazing scam “YOU” exposed…..

    answer fcuk you Matt !! answer the fcuking mobile…….

    its ringing now………

    Oops Just been told to have a very long shower……on my own…..


  33. 92
    Nick Buckles (G4S) says:

    Who the fuck is Keith Vaz ?


    • 93
      David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

      My Dishonourable friend raised a very useful point there !


    • 96
      Vaseline Vaz says:

      You should have lamped him Nick. No person should be lectured to by that smarmy pompous prick.


    • 101
      Marmite says:

      Keith Vaz…. liked a cut-glass bowl so much, he bought TWO on expenses. He also likes lots of silk cushions, and claimed for them on his expenses too.

      When questioned why he had bought two very expensive cut-glass bowls, he said he liked symmetry! I suppose he likes lots of very expensive silk too!

      Funnily enough, the BBC didn’t really cover this horrible man’s predilictions – wonder why?


  34. 94
    Black Cabby says:

    Well done the london cabbies. Total nonsense to not let them use the Zil Lanesa


  35. 97
    Dave Camerloon says:

    Help! My mouth is getting smaller again. Soon I won’t be able to spout bullshit in that really annoying weazily fashion.


  36. 102
    keredybretsa says:

    Could soon start to look grim for Pilgrims. Always look on the grim side of life.


  37. 105
    robbie says:

    TA should keep digging-we’re talking about an iceberg effect here.


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