July 17th, 2012

Read What is in Banned BBC Riot Show

The BBC is considering an appeal after a mysterious court order banned them from running a programme on the riots last night. The show consisted of a dramatisation of last summer’s mayhem based on interviews with those who took part, but a last-minute ruling meant it had to be pulled for undisclosed reasons. Even more oddly the judge who delivered the ruling, the court he is sitting in and the case over which he is presiding cannot be revealed for legal reasons. You can read what they didn’t want you to see here


  1. 1
    Utter Pile of Shit says:

    Lawyers win again

  2. 2

    Clearly with fears over Group 4 and the Olympics being so close the government sought to stop it being shown for fears of reminding some elements of the yoot how much fun the riots were, and how now a year later nothing has changed at all.

  3. 3
    alexei romanov says:

    Thank goodness,I thought it was another game show!

  4. 4
    Nullbymouth says:

    Does it touch on steroid abuse in the rugger world?

  5. 5
    Nullbymouth says:

    Hosted by Jimmy Carr!

  6. 6
    kilkeal says:

    Wasn’t there a philosophy that “not only that Justice be done but Justice must be seen to be done.” No chance now, Judges don’t want you to see.

  7. 7
    Rupert my Hero says:

    The BBC will want to up the Licence Fee for showing something decent for once so the Government put a block on it

  8. 8
    Rupert my Hero says:

    It was not left wing enough, stopped by Unions ?

  9. 9
    AC1 says:

    Obviously the “yoot” needed more “privileges” extracted from those morons that actually create wealth in the morally inverted hell-hole.

    The real reason they rioted?

    They had an entitlement complex (an addiction to OPM) fuelled by rich parents (for the rioting trust funders) or welfare state (thanks to yuman wights to OPM with nothing in return).

  10. 10
    Lucius Calidius Eroticus says:

    What are the chances of the BBC showing the thieving little scrotes for the scum they are? None I would say, it’s likely to have been an excuse piece anyway, and therefore not worth watching.

  11. 11

    That’s not exactly what the courts ‘don’t want you to see’, just a BBC blog on the programme. They won’t even allow comments until the programme airs.

  12. 12
    Jimbo says:

    Still further proof that we live in Police State, stopping Public broadcast,my goodness, must not let the public see a riot in case it gives them ideas !
    Roger Hayes knows all about this Police State,being arrested,tried, sentenced and jailed, all in a matter of hours with no defence or allowed to defend himself.This was for withholding his council tax ! my guess is that they did not like the growth of the Lawful Rebellion and the thought of a Peoples Bank.

  13. 13
    Perry says:

    I think you may be closer to the truth than you think

  14. 14
    Tron says:

    Excuses, excuses.” It’s my culture innit.”

    The BBC don’t judge law breakers just Right Wing Tories.

  15. 15
    Johnny List says:

    We’ve got ourselves a proper Lenny Henry here guys.

  16. 16
    kilkeal says:

    In future all judge appointments will be anonymous, wigs will go, but all court officials including the judge will wear hoodies, except the prosecution witnesses and the jury. That should make it fair.

  17. 17
    Les says:

    Agreed – timing is everything, or so the saying goes. The BBC couldn’t get enough of the “protesters” until public opinion forced them into re-classifying them as “rioters”.

    I’m waiting for a BBC program on how to build your very own bomb. It’s already been aired on BBC4 as a ‘history of explosives’, so it should be on again in the next few days.

  18. 18
    JH says:

    Another painfully untalented it’s-funnier-when-I-shout-it if-you-don’t-laugh-you’re-racist ‘comedian’, who for some reason is the BBC’s go-to black not-very-funnyman?

    Surely there can only be one.

  19. 19

    Presumably the government didn’t want it airing during the Olympics in case it set of more riots. Jackbooted way to go about it. Can’t say why for legal reasons indeed. As far as anyone else is concerned the “ruling” doesn’t exist then. Very very third world.

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    He’d be better than Alan Carr.

  21. 21
    Mikis says:

    I’m positive that any joint study carried out by the Guardian and LSE will be totally unbiased and clearly show both sides’ views – NOT.

  22. 22
    Nullbymouth says:

    So when China block information they are accused of holding the people back, when our set of hunts do it we cant even talk about it.

    What a bunch of hypocritical cotho’s.

  23. 23
    Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

    I can’t imagine it would be anything but sympathetic to the rioters.

  24. 24
    Rodge says:

    The decision was of course a politically motivated one. No one in authority wants the world to be reminded of the riots while the Olympics is in town, particularly with current security concerns and the ever present terrorist threat. No one, other than the media, would want the rioters and their ilk reminded in case it set them off again, even a minor repeat of last summer would be hugely embarrasing to the govt. I agree that there will be nothing unbiased about anything produced by the Guardian and LSE and aired on the BBC. These organs would happily provoke further rioting under a Conservative government and scream freedom of the press the moment their part in any trouble was raised.
    That said, the programme will likely air once the Olympics is gone and the nights have started to draw in and any summer weather that we may experience has cooled off. A documentary showing rioters being evicted from their homes and sent to Greenland in December wearing tattered rags might serve to re-engage the silent majority with politics. It would work for me!

  25. 25
    Anon says:

    that show was sponsored by friends of Osama I was told on the QT

  26. 26
    Anon Voter says:

    No they would all look much better in Guy Fawkes masks………

  27. 27
    The real Judge Jeffries says:

    Of course whats wrong with that you peasant…. get back to your hovel

    otherwise you will be up in front of me…….

  28. 28
    Anon, Anon, & Anon, The Experst says:

    Don’t forget the part the Met really played with there procrastination during all of this…..

  29. 29
    Big Momma says:

    The usual suspects with the Guardian and LSE being in the forefront and the BBC overseeing proceedings in the rear so they can blame others if it backfires on them.
    TV poll tax payers deserve better than this yuman rites bleeding hearts rubbish.
    When will the tax payers revolt? Waiting for another Wat Tyler I suppose.

  30. 30
    Nullbymouth says:

    It would have been more democratic to cancel the Olympics

  31. 31
    AC1 says:

    Last weeks panorama balanced the left and far left view of the riots.

  32. 32
    Stu says:

    No suprise its the LSE, Guardian and the BBC. No doubt a load of left wing driveling bullshit about dissafected youf and how fatcher and da baby eating tories is da ones dat are really to blame. Oh and of course the swingeing barbaric cuts that the evil coalition have made that make protest invitable.

    Equate that to opportunistic theiving scumbags who took the chance to remain anonymous while they stole from hard working shop keepers and unfortunately some of them got away with it.

  33. 33
    london man says:

    I was at tottenham and saw people looting and the seting fire to lidl suppermarket. I phoned the fire brigade and they did not come. I went to birmingham and saw where a store was looted. Gess what I got a call from the Met. 6 months later. The rioters got trolley load of goods. The Met. Were caught out. I am not racist but they were west indian and aged 15-20 also there were white people 20-30.

  34. 34
    Junius says:

    I think the philosophy was that one did not allow criminals to justify their criminality on mainstream television. The riots were the result of mob behaviour and were used to enable looting to take place on an industrial scale. The LSE and the Guardian, both left wing organisations , have had their joint work , based on anonymous statements by rioters and looters justifying their criminality, produced for TV by the BBC, another institutionally left-wing organisation. Any open-minded person can see that the broadcasting of such a biassed product would be inviting, if not sponsoring, a repitition of that appalling breakdown of law and order.

  35. 35
    Heard it all before ad nauseam says:

    A BBC play/docudrama, based on interviews by the Gruadian and the Leninist School of Extremism? Wow, that will be really open, honest and unbiased. There is no need to wait for it to be broadcast. The odds are you could write ninety percent of the script from memory because you will have heard most of the carefully selected propaganda time after time after time.

    Different voices, same whiney excuses from the same pathetic losers about how it’s everybody else’s fault and not theirs and how society let them down which basically means they haven’t been handed everything they demanded on a plate, poor dears.

  36. 36
    Bristol Boy says:

    Anyone who saw the thousands of coppers from as far afield as Manchester policing a tiny EDL march in Bristol last weekend will know just how keen our masters are to ensure no hint of trouble

  37. 37
    Just saying says:

    The flaw in the BBC’s case is where they say:

    “But nobody was hearing from the people directly involved in the disorder to find out what they had to say about their behaviour. Why had they acted like they did? Were they sorry or would they do it again?”

    In fact, all of those arrested have been asked those questions and most provided answers at thier trials. To suggest otheriwse is a lie. What they mean at the BBC is that they do not count judicial proceedings, statements by those beung tried to the police or their own lawyers, let alone judges and juries as evidence of anything of value. Which, when you think of it, is pretty contemptuous of the legal system.

  38. 38
    Nullbymouth says:

    My theory is that it is the BBC themselves that have had it blocked as they realised what a Pandora’s box they had opened by doing this programme. Not least the fact that they have been drinking the Liebor Kool-Aid for years and years.

  39. 39
    Edward the Longshanks says:

    It would be usual Bbc left wing drivel. ‘ i rioted because of evil tory cuts and racist police etc’ The bbc actually encouraged the rioting last year and reported it with glee.

  40. 40
    The Mechanic says:

    “Even more oddly the judge who delivered the ruling, the court he is sitting in and the case over which he is presiding cannot be revealed for legal reasons.”

    What legal reasons? Isn’t it far more likely that the information is withheld for political reasons?

    Arguably, if there is an Order of the Court forbidding such revelations, it is a grossly improper use of the powers of the Court for a political motive.

  41. 41
    Ah! Monika says:

    The Daily Mail and Daily Mirror found guilty of contempt of court today over articles published after killer Levi Bellfield’s conviction

  42. 42
    Baron Hogwash says:

    How about locking up the BBC for crimes in the name of stupidity and non-entertainment.

  43. 43
    They don't like it up 'em says:

    Meh – what a non-story.

    It almost certainly pertains to the Judge not wanting to give undue precedence to false information (this is a fictional drama afterall), because of an ongoing or forthcoming trial.

    Of course, it could all be due to ‘evil tory censorship’ if you’re a lefty twat…

  44. 44
    Ex-Tory says:

    The looting and thieving in London only stopped when some communities took to the streets to confront the mostly black (and mostly West Indian descended) rioters. The Turks in Dalston were praised as heroes for patrolling the streets armed with knives and baseball bats. The white working-class of Enfield, Eltham and other suburbs were denigrated as racists. Amazingly, the Police came out from their hiding place to harrass what remains of the white working-class in London for taking to the streets.

  45. 45
    Ex-Tory says:

    Quite. The BBC and the broadcasters were falling over themselves to interview youths in hoodies. typical lying socialist scum

  46. 46
    Robert says:

    The inquest into the killing of Mark Duggan is to be held in secret. Evidence after the killing of Mr Duggan was removed possibly ‘modified’ several resignations followed after, the claims that Mr Duggan was armed was later dismissed and the story about a rebound bullet was implausible. Witnesseses claim items were thrown over a fence by policeman. If this ‘fictional’ documentary was blocked because it highlighted important questions during the Coulson scandal and a possible cover up, then this would go some way as to why rioters were labelled’looters’ ie to distract from the actuality of events.

  47. 47
    keredybretsa says:

    Strange, but nevertheless very interesting. There seems to be a heavy left leaning here. BBC2 using material provided by LSE and Guardian…which are surely three super left deviants.

  48. 48
    Guy Ropes says:

    Mr Duggan is one victim. No court proceedings yet, over a year later. Compare, contrast with Norway: two major crimes scenes; 77 dead; inquests, arrest and trial of perp, all done and dusted in 12 months. Must be something to do with the weather we’ve had this year; we’re just not used to it.

  49. 49
    Robert says:

    If censorship and secrecy is the norm, then its not a democracy. I noticed my post was deleted. If the police or judiciary are allowed to break the law then its not a case of left vs right but right vs wrong

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