July 17th, 2012

Classic Kay Burley


  1. 1
    Utter Pile of Shit says:

    Ha ha!

  2. 2
    Spangles says:

    I can’t stand Kay Burley. Stupid bwitch.

  3. 3
    Tax is theft says:

    Sky News really is becoming very BBC like.
    Utter shite.

  4. 4
    Nullbymouth says:

    Is it not Kay of Purley

  5. 5
    The Public says:

  6. 6
    concrete pump says:

    I’d would have thought that the first fact you’d need to have before interviewing an MP was to discover what side of the political line they stood on.

    Burley clearly thought she already knew, because she thinks she’s clever.

    Sorry Kay, you’re as thick as treacle with a similar IQ.

  7. 7
    BBC NEWS says:

    Stupid SKY.
    Take a leaf out of our book. Only invite Labour politicians onto the shows.
    Makes it so much easier.

  8. 8
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am twin towning myself with Idi Amin

  9. 9
    7th century desert nonce says:

    So Ms Burley couldn’t tell the difference? Welcome to our world Kay!

  10. 10
    Not ... Kay 'Helicopter' Burley? says:

    who wondered about ejector seats for helicopters?

  11. 11
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    Arrest that man !

  12. 12
    Some Mistake says:

    The story has a totty watch tag but no pic of Nicola. Surely Gweeds can’t be referring to Kay?

  13. 13
    Joss Taskin says:

    Has Red Ed been tweeting again ?

  14. 14
    Tony Blair says:

    I just want to remind you that I started wars, shredded my expenses and am now earning millions with JP Morgan. I then still get the British taxpayer to fund my protection. I buy mansions and swan around in the sun in the company of dictators. I’m a straight kinda guy who will one day be President of Europe.

  15. 15
    G. Brown says:

    Ask me! Ask me!!! – I’M FREE! – I MEAN MY DIARY IS!! – I charge lots!

  16. 16
    The General Public says:

    As Malcolm Tucker said:

    Being interviewed by Kay is, as we all know, like being interviewed by a backward child. That’s obviously great most of the time. But occasionally she will throw you a curveball like a child might – “Why is there war?” “What is Europe?” – and if you can’t answer it’s YOU who ends up looking like the thick-as-pigshit chancer.

  17. 17
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Or, if a Tory insists on having a turn, talk very loudly over them and then close down the debate by saying, ‘ It’s a shambles !’

  18. 18
    Aunty Matter says:

    Sarah Jane Mee could just sit there farting and I’d watch.

  19. 19
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    Unless it’s a Conservative politician who’s attacking the (current) Government.

  20. 20
    concrete pump says:

    Not the sharpest tool in the box

    [video src="http://a.yfrog.com/img24/9872/lp5.mp4" /]

  21. 21
    P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    We are very relaxed about your uber-wealth, Tony. xxx

  22. 22
    Anonymous says:

    Yes there are. There are the closed minded euro morons who turn EVERY fecking conversation into a euro rant. And there are the right wing nutters – closed mind? No mind more like.

  23. 23
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    Did anyone see Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark having to read out the cover story in the Daily Mail last night about BBC staff working through limited companies to avoid tax?

    She looked like someone had farted in her handbag.

  24. 24
    Grant Shapps says:

    Fucking Hell.

  25. 25
    Iain says:

    Probably gave her an easier ride thinking she was a Labour MP

  26. 26
    I love the FT says:

    “Actually I’m a Conservative MP”

    With Cameron in charge, how can she tell?

  27. 27
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    Right then,that’s totally unacceptable.

    Rather than a Judge led enquiry,I shall appoint Nick Buckles to investigate Kay Burley’s comments.

  28. 28
    Marmite says:

    Well Kay is a scouser, so what do you expect?

  29. 29
    Kay's Burley says:

    All these slimy politicians look the same to me.

    So Mr. Blackwood, which bit of the LibLabCon cartel do you belong to?

  30. 30
    Just saying says:

    But he knows that we will never forget thousands of innocent people died because of his war-mongering.

  31. 31
    Aunty Matter says:

    She’s probably one of them on the fiddle, Paxo is supposed to be another.

  32. 32
    Basil the Cat says:

    Oh Yes my favourite.

  33. 33
    erm... says:

    and in other news…
    We have reached a profound point in economic history where the truth is unpalatable to the political class – and that truth is that the scale and magnitude of the problem is larger than their ability to respond – and it terrifies them.
    source:FT. commentator: Hugh Hendry.
    ……clearly the political class need help. scale: tectonic magnitude.

  34. 34
    Liberal Pratt says:

    Oh leave her alone all of you. She’s trying so hard to sound educated. Bless her

  35. 35
    smack me bitch crew says:

    I rarely watch sky news hese days and had forgotten kay slag…is that blond ascerbic robot still trilling for them aswell ?…slotgob you know the one

  36. 36
    smack me bitch crew says:

    she comes over as a snide cow nevertheless

  37. 37
    As Owain Glyndrwr would say says:

    She was joking you mong

  38. 38
    Basil the Cat says:

    I prefer the one about Adam Boulton

  39. 39
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Fucking air head obnoxious woman

  40. 40
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    Keep up the great work Nicola. Not every awesome singer is a socialist x

  41. 41
    GW says:

    Her laugh is the worst I have ever head, sounds like a choking donkey on Blackpool beach.

  42. 42
    GW says:

    correction above “heard”, even.

  43. 43
    Observer says:

    Is this why she is now moonlighting on LBC. Getting ready for the push.

  44. 44
  45. 45
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Kay Burley is a shambles.

  46. 46
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Her husband was allegedly a hacker.

    “Top programme maker Alan Clements, the husband of Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark, today failed in his battle at London’s High Court to leave television company RDF for rivals Scottish Media Group.

    Deputy Judge Bernard Livesey QC said Clements’ own behaviour justified RDF’s decision to terminate his contract on May 3 2007.

    The judge said Mr Clements had procured his wife’s personal assistant, Janice McKnight, to access former colleague Hamish Barbour’s private email inbox on RDF’s website to monitor what was being said about him at the company.”

  47. 47
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    What is the problem with Kay Burley ?Fiery redhead , fit for her age and a great temper
    That hack was lucky to get off without a good slap !

  48. 48
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    She’s superior to the robot women on the beeb, apart from Sarah Montague of the Today prog of course.

  49. 49
    the treasury's briefs says:

    60% increase in north sea output..ching I thank you

  50. 50
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    To be fair you seem to have overlooked the fact that Kay Burley Apologised profusely for the error which she was reading off the autocue as Labour MP also appeared under Blackwoods name on screen

  51. 51
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    What ! we selling salt water now ? cause theres fuck all else left in it

  52. 52
    Lou Scannon says:

    Has the Dogger Bank gone bust ?

  53. 53
    Lou Scannon says:

    I mean, you’d think someone the British taxpayer would bail them out.

  54. 54
    PC clitoris says:

    Kay makes a right mess in her pants apparently has to turn them inside out so she can wear them the next day.

  55. 55
    Nick says:

    She’s lovely.

  56. 56
    Nullbymouth says:

    To be fair apart from the colour what is the difference these days with continuity Dave at the helm?

  57. 57
    Stan Butler says:

    Scores my arse. She is from Wigan, a pie eater!

  58. 58
    robbie says:

    Kay Burley, topless model thanks very much.

    KB:Actually I’m a broadcaster.

    A topless Broadcaster? Lets see then….

  59. 59
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    Interesting that the Chilcott Report into the Iraq War has just been delayed for a full year…….. nothing to do with avoiding any dirt coming out which, in that timescale, could inhibit Bliar’s objective of becoming El Presidente perhaps….????

  60. 60
    David Camermong says:

    I’ve started going topless lately.

  61. 61
    Mr Ed says:

    That’s what you get for hanging around Rebekah and Charlie’s race-horses – you’re turning into a Balding.

  62. 62
    Cressida's Dick says:

    I wish Her Kayness would wear a neck brace. I’m sick of watching the TV sideways.

  63. 63
    mike speakman says:

    UKIP have been saying there is no difference between the parties for ages!

  64. 64
    Aunty Matter says:

    An omnishambles I think is the in phrase

  65. 65
    The smoking gun says:

    It all hinges on Blairs use of the phrase ” beyond doubt” which had no justificaion whatsoever and was a lie of the highest order.

  66. 66

    I love Kay

    She CAN do no wrong

  67. 67
    Gordon Fcuking.McMental's Bedtime Loony Left Teddy says:

    One person you have ommitted to implicate in this balls is Sue……

    Its all her fcuking fault yet again, she’s been told so many

    times you only invite total left wing ignoramus ar*e holes

    & even then they must be on script other wise……there out….

    Sue’s becoming a real bigot day by day……..Im getting very worried…….

  68. 68
    Saffron says:

    My last comment before bedtime.
    From what I have been watching and reading,is that all banksters are swop the b and the k are of this ilk,and goodnight to all.

  69. 69
    Woodie says:

    I wood!!

  70. 70
    Nick Smeg says:

    Oh, of course, I forgot, we shouldn’t expect the people who read our news to have a brain of their own and be reasonably well enough informed not to have to rely on everything that comes up on the tickertape.

    Having refamiliarised myself with this truth, I intend to get a job in said Sky tickertape section myself, so that I can watch in delight as Mizz Burley faithfully parrots my every word. This will be particularly rewarding when she says “you’re watching Sky News with me, Kay Burley, mad-eyed, rancid old slapper, and thick as pig shit”.

  71. 71
    Nick Smeg says:

    Yes, all he got was an old slapper.

  72. 72
    Nick Smeg says:

    Yes, all she got was an old slapper.

    (Retypes he, bemoaning lack of edit button :) )

  73. 73
    Nick Smeg says:

    Burley’s skull’s wood too.

  74. 74
    Nick Smeg says:

    Eeuw no, not wart-ridden bootface Montague, third-rate wannabe she-Paxo.
    If you rate her, it’s no surprise you rate Burley.

  75. 75
    Nick Smeg says:

    Yes, no wonder Thornton’s is in trouble.

  76. 76
    Nick Smeg says:

    Twitching can be a soul-destroying business. Just because you’re watching for totty doesn’t mean anything will show up.

  77. 77
    Nick Smeg says:

    I cum to Lukwesa Burak.

  78. 78
    Nick Smeg says:

    I cum to Jannat Jalil as well.

  79. 79
    Nick Smeg says:

    I cum to Samantha Simmonds and Charlotte Hawkins as well.

    I used to cum to Emma Crosby but sadly she’s left Sky now.

  80. 80
    Nick Smeg says:

    She was known as Thirsty Work at Uni.
    It wasn’t because of love of beer.

  81. 81
    Nick Smeg says:

    They obviously look so alike that they all look like men too. Or “Mr” Nicola Blackwood does anyway.

  82. 82
    Nick Smeg says:

    No she’s not, she is a snide google-eyed rancid old slapper of a c.untish cow.

  83. 83
    Nick Smeg says:

    Is that why she always has a face like there’s a bad smell in the room.

  84. 84
    Nick Smeg says:

    Well, as the P in UKIP stood for Party last time I looked, they should know.

  85. 85
    Kay Burley says:

    Makes perfect sense to me.
    Thank you, Cinnamon, and good morning.

  86. 86
    Dave from Witney says:

    Are there any Conservative MPs ?

  87. 87
    A gentle plea for some help says:

    Scottish female doing a commentary to a piece on BBC TV World today. Accent so bloody thick she was completely unintelligible – and English is my mother tongue.

    When are the BBC going to understand that foreigners cannot understand non-standard English (which should be spoken like Mike Embley).

    Get rid of that Scotch whisperer in China too while you are at it and get in somebody who talks in proper English.

    FFS BBC Get an effin grip!!!

  88. 88
    metalsmith says:

    Quite right. He is not allowed to describe a precious metal in those terms for the next 3 weeks.

  89. 89
    Bored Stiff says:

    I demand a judge led inquiry into the Chilcott Report non-appearance!

  90. 90
    reluctant taxpayer says:

    Sorry, our buckets have holes in them (dear Liza)

  91. 91
    reluctant taxpayer says:

    “there out”.

    Oh dear, another illiterate Teddy

  92. 92
    simon r says:

    Had the misfortune to hear her there at the weekend – was just awful, hopeless

  93. 93
    Wanker watch says:

    Sorry mate what does “effin” mean is it English?

  94. 94
    Owen Jones who shouts like a girl says:

    anon you really are as thick as the majority of people on this blog post time and time again

  95. 95
    keredybretsa says:

    Sounds very much like large G+T’s all round.

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