July 16th, 2012

Farage Eyes Eastleigh

Nigel Farage is up to something. He’s very publicly challenged Cameron to a debate, delivering a personal note to No.10 this morning:

“I propose a public debate between us where we can put our respective cases forward. My challenge to you is an open and honest one and I hope you will afford me, and the people of this country, a proper say on the matter.”

True to form, the UKIP leader took some ladies with him for the ride. While a debate between these two would no doubt be a belter, it’s not going to happen. Where Farage chose to announce his debate plan did pique Guido’s interest though. It seems he has spent the weekend in the prospective battlefield site of Eastleigh – Chris Huhne’s seat. For now…

Hypothetically, were there to be a by-election in the seat it would tear the coalition apart. There is plenty of bad blood on the ground after local Tories were narrowly defeated by vicious LibDem campaigns in election after election. Nobody would be pulling their punches this time…

If LibDem polling figures remain where they are, it will be the Tories’ to lose, but there are also 10,000 Labour votes up for grabs. With a decent tactical campaign UKIP could easily pick up significantly more than the 3,000 votes they secured in 2010. And not just from from disillusioned Tories…

Interestingly Farage stood in the seat in 1994, he reportedly told a local crowd on Saturday: “coming to Eastleigh is like coming home”“Eastleigh is a site of some interest” a UKIP spokesmen told Guido this afternoon, though they would not be drawn on speculation. Ingratiating himself with local businesses? Talking to residents? Whatever could he be up to…

Photos via Eastleigh News


  1. 1
    Dead tree press says:

    UKIP are are bunch of misfits and nutters. bit like the Lib dems really.


  2. 2
    les says:

    Yes, | think he and his non party should put more effort in trying to get a seat in Parliament!


    • 46
      Forkbender says:

      He would probably be as successfull as his bye election with Bercow, even crashing in a plane did not him extra brownie points


      • 121
        CHRIST ON A BIKE says:

        It was the GE, not a by-election but I take your point. Farage came 3rd, in what was supposed to be a 2 horse race between him and Bercow, he was beaten by some local “independence for Buckingham” candidate.

        UKIP have become a tool for delusional right-wingers and closet new-Labour supporters (like Murdoch), in the media, to attack the Conservatives. But in the real electorate (not the one imagined by the London based media) UKIP get jack-shit.
        The floating vote run a mile from them (as they do from any strident politicians) and most Conservative minded people are intelligent enough to know it is a wasted vote and will only help Labour or limp dims. But we will be enduring this (UKIP on the march) media fantasy until the the General election, when they will do absolutely nothing again, except help a few more Europhile Labour and Liberal MPs hold on to marginals. (although their influence in these areas is very over-estimated)


        • 146
          Rottweiler Ron says:

          Yet another Tory on his ‘bike. Things are hotting-up!

          Nigel seems to have touched their raw spot!

          Calm down, dears!


  3. 3
    Nigel Farage (Aviation Crash Test Dummy) says:

    Chris Huhne will be standing as an independent for the Wormwood Scrubs (East) (Wing)


  4. 5
    George says:

    I was at the meeting and live in the Eastleigh constituency, I hope Huhne loses the court case because I dislike him as a person and a politician. If there is a by-election in the constituency it’ll be my first vote for an MP, and if Nigel stood it’d be even sweeter to vote UKIP.


    • 68
      Telefishion says:

      Eastleigh isn’t known as ‘Beastly Eastleigh’ for nothing’ Look at the political ‘so called talent it attracts.


    • 78
      Ash Ken the Question says:

      Also know the constituency well: lots of people dislike Huhne for the same reasons you state (who doesn’t ?) and would be delighted to vote him out. Not sure N Farage has what it takes to win though sadly. But never say never eh?


      • 136
        George says:

        I doubt anyone except a Liberal Democrat would win said by-election, Labour support is almost nothing here, and Eastleigh is one of the few areas where in the local elections since the creation of the Coalition the Lib Dems have actually gotten bigger. Though UKIP did get a good amount of support here in the local elections just past.


  5. 6
    UKIP says:

    We are so Libertarian that we tell you what you cannot wear!


  6. 8
    GoodpointJim says:

    I have a feeling if he gets as much air time in the run up to May 2015 as Clegg did in 2010 (Leader debates ect) he may just win UKIPs first seat.


    • 22
      Great British Public says:

      Remember the heady days of ‘Cleggmania’ ?

      Were we sold a pup or what ?!!!!!


    • 23
      Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

      It could be argued of course that was when Cameron lost any chance of actually winning an overall majority as in the first debate he allowed Clegg to out-bullshit him and that is some achievment given that “Dave” gives masterclasses in the subject and is second only to the “Master”….Bliar


      • 104
        jgm2 says:

        Cameron lost the second he agreed to a debate.

        John Major, in a last, desperate throw of the dice back in 1997 suggested a TV debate with Blair. Did Blair risk a sucker punch? Did he fuck. He just laughed Major off.

        But Cameron was so sure of himself against the Maximum Imbecile that he allowed himself to be drawn into a TV debate thus giving Clegg airtime that he would not have otherwise merited. The rest is history.


        • 106
          jgm2 says:

          Even had Clegg been excluded from the debate there was always the risk that the Imbecile could have pulled a good one-liner out of the bag or that he (Cameron) would stumble over his lines.

          It was a fight Cameron didn’t need to have at all just like Blair 13 years prior. He was way ahead in the polls. It could only go wrong.

          Another monumental tactical blunder from the man who pledged to match Labour spending just as the wheels were coming off the whole borrow and squander economy.


  7. 9
    Calamity Clegg says:

    .. vicious LibDem campaigns in election after election.

    We are known as FibDemons, not LibDems, when it comes down to lies, smears and gutter politics :)


  8. 10
    Balls, Reeves and Miliband says:

    He’s not been photographed in Greggs so we won’t be taking him seriously


  9. 11
    Shine yer buttons with Barroso says:

    Nigel would rip him a new one ! Camoron will never agree


  10. 14
    Diane Abbott says:

    Just realised, that if it wasn’t for the slave ships, I wouldn’t be on the Gravy Train. Life eh!


    • 86
      Dianne Flabbot is just utterly disgusting says:

      Your momma so fat she got her own gravitational pull, bitch!


    • 140
      socialism is a mental illness says:

      No 14, how right you are, gravy train, brilliant. I’m going to send that fat , racist bitch the same sentiment.


    • 148
      Pru Freeda says:

      Di, you is repeetin yerself doll…


  11. 17
    Ah! Monika says:

    Howard Hughes would be proud of that breast engineering.


  12. 19
    Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

    Farage has a real chance of being elected in a by-election(should one be called)given the likely strength of the Tory protest vote combined with tactical voting by labour


    • 32
      Camoron says:

      If he was to win a by-election, he should then defect to the Tories in order for a leadership election to replace Cameron, then the party could be reconfigured along UKIP lines.


    • 91
      Anonymous says:

      Tactical voting is what got us Huhne. There were nasty rumours circulating than a certain labour defector gave confidential data to the Lib Dems before the election. I’m sure that the size of the tactical voting and the number of direct mailings made by huhne to labour voter had nothing to do with this though as Chris Huhne is an honourable man


      • 122
        Laughing hangman says:

        He can be as honorable as he wants when he’s banged up with bubba on ‘b’ wing, but there again maybe that’s already happening to the cry of ‘squeal like a hog’ and the slap of a strap-on.


    • 120
      Anonymous says:

      Would he have to resign as an MEP to stand for parliament?
      If so I would miss seeing his haranguing of Rumpy,Baroso etc. The look on their faces when he spells out the facts is priceless.
      The point is whether he would be more valuable to us in the HoC or over there?


  13. 20
    Raving Loon says:

    Farage would demolish Cameron on every front, and Cameron would have to resort to calling Farage racist/xenophobic.


    • 40
      AC1 says:

      Think the race card is ragged and innefective though overuse. Even it’s first victim Enoch Powell is being rehabilitated.


      • 99

        And quite rightly so. He was treated outrageously and by the Conservative Party too.


        • 147
          Blowing Whistles says:

          There are some other very interesting and odd things that have happened in and around the Eastleigh / Southampton / Hedge End Hants area over the past few years.

          Huhne beat Conor Burns MP to being an MP – while Burns was at Hedge End Town Council (2005)

          Huhne and Burns know each other very well from all the local circles. Burns started out at Southampton in 1999.


          There’s something of the night about both of them.


  14. 21
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Political debate like this is a ridiculous side show.

    Its a game of who can say the biggest load of bollocks while keeping a straight face. Quoting vaguely credible figures that are meaningless and its not obvious how when and where they were arrived at.

    Admittedly they can end up useful if theres hours and hours of better researched comment afterwards, but that happens a long time after the initial impact of the fun and games is over. They would also be improved by a running commentary from Stuart Hall laughing himself wet.


  15. 25
    Chukka Ummuna says:

    What have my penis and my BMW convertible got in common?
    When you pull the hoods back, both reveal a cheesy little bellend.


    • 44
      Dick N. Spectre says:

      Well, the Beamer would do, anyway. You don’t know about some of these African tribal practices; there might be less to Hoonga Chuka’s cock than you’re imagining. And there might be less OF his cock than you might be imagining, too.


      • 60
        Some Geezer wot knows a million corny jokes, back by popular demand, says:

        We all know this one by heart:

        Well, we know [insert name of male politician] isn’t circumcised, the reason being that there’s no end to that prick!


      • 94
        Dr Seus says:

        It looks like a penis only smaller


  16. 26

    This commons day is dragging on. Luckily I’ve used my new free ipad and made loads of notes during the debate.

    1. Pack extra suncream hypoallergenic formula
    2. Swim trunks – take out of tumble dryer and pack.
    3. The adapters for US/EU plugs are in the small holdall
    4. unplug charger for phone and pack + the laptop charger from behind the sofa
    5. Cancel milk for 6 weeks.
    6. remind interns that until mid September MP is ‘busy on constituency work and may not be able to get back in contact.’
    7. Remind the Au Pair the same thing – MP is ‘very busy’ and NOT on holiday {check google for English/Czech translation.}
    8. Passport in desk drawer + driving licence and HOC expenses credit card – Mmmmwwwwahhh! Big kiss to you MasterCard. Provider of all manner of theme park entries!’
    9. Remind constituency office to send email out – I will be fact finding in ‘Sweden’ about global warming, world pe/ace and women’s rights.
    10. Remind constituency office I will in fact be in Mexico, Monte Carlo, Naples FL and San Diego and don’t disturb unless its the PM himself.


    • 31
      Gordon Brown says:

      Are we still on for dinner tomorrow?


      • 70
        Joss Taskin says:

        Won’t you be educating the World’s children on how a zero percent increase works ?


    • 36
      Ah! Monika says:

      Laptop and an ipad?


    • 47
      Tooth fairy says:

      “don’t disturb unless its the PM himself.”


      ‘don’t disturb especially if its the PM himself.’


      • 62
        Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

        That should be ‘it’s’, not ‘its’. There’s a difference between the two.


        • 98
          Mr. Mackay says:

          Whereas there is absolutely no difference between you and a pedantic grammar-nazi.

          Feet will not touch if I see any mistakes in your future posts, laddie!


    • 50
      Anonymous says:

      You’ll need your photo taken at a constituency fund raising event to keep the plebs happy.


    • 81
      annette curton says:

      @ 1….Your hypo-allergenic formula is wearing a bit thin with the electorate.


    • 88
      Sir William Waad says:

      Take as long as you like, Bill. MPs are harmless when they are on their hols. No more dreary, intrusive, badly-drafted legislation! No more ugly mugs on the telly! No more badly-scripted Punch and Judy Show in the Westminster soft play area!

      Have a good holiday – you might even find somewhere with no Olympic coverage.


  17. 28
    Babe watch says:

    Who’s the busty honey in blue?


  18. 30
    Gordon Brown says:

    What are elections?


    • 115
      not a machine says:

      Small things that go round the new world order nucleus :)


      • 137
        erm... says:

        it’s ok to mock…..however, the damian mcbride leak re below the radar computer system at no. 10 is from brown. furthermore ….austerity is essential for spiritual development. he was the block to us and europe.


  19. 33
    Fleas says:

    “To be brutally frank the Independent and the Guardian have tiny circulations“.

    So do we!


  20. 34
    Donny Tourrette says:

    I, for one, will unconditionally accept Farage’s challenge to a debate. I choose WEARING UNNECESSARY HATS as the subject.


  21. 37
    Anonymous says:

    If the local association choose that Essex reject Maria Hutchings again as the official Conservative candidate for Eastleigh then UKIP will get my vote.

    Maria Hutchings is another dumb ‘A’ Lister who would be better off in the Liberal Democrats or even Labour.


    • 52
      Anonymous says:

      She isn’t an Essex girl she is from Malta although I doubt you will hear her say that when she is bemoaning immigrants.

      Before being chosen to be on Cameron’s A List she had NO experience at all of campaigning for the Conservative Party – she had never been a member or taken any active role within any Conservative Association.

      While there are individuals who have spent decades working for the Conservatives, putting out thousands of leaflets every year and knocking on countless doors – Maria Hurchings gets chosen by Cameron to be on the candidates list for just ataking Blair about special needs schools. This is the calibre of the COnservative candidate in Eastleigh.


  22. 41
    Jacky Treehorn says:

    No one member of the political elite will dare debate UKIP.
    They know they would be on a hiding to nothing.
    What could they say? “Europe is cost effective and very good for Britain”
    Yeah,good luck with that one.


  23. 42
    I don't need no doctor says:

    UKIP is a shambles.


    • 55
      Percy says:

      ConLibLab are an omnishambles.


    • 57
      The Shambles gathers momentum says:

      They’re not the only ones…9 police forces are having to draft hundreds of officers in to fill gaps left by failure of G4S to recruit security staff to guard hotels and venues all over the Huntry. Sky are stating that in Manchester of 56 G$S personnel rostered to turn up for work to-day at manchester venue only 19 could be bothered….


  24. 45
    Old Git says:

    Who is that poppet with her hand on Farage’s shoulder? She has my vote if she’s like to canvass me.


  25. 49
    Time for a clear out says:

    Couldn’t be any worse than the utter shower of shites, of all hues, at Westminster.


  26. 53
    Straight as a die says:

    No poofters in UKIP. That’s what upsets.the Guardianistas.


    • 139
      Gordon F.McMental says:

      Quite True Duckie…..I am very disappointed given my closet preference’s ….


  27. 59
    Olly M. Pick says:


    • 76
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      That’s about as likely as us seeing sunshine this week.


    • 82
      Too many pigs spoil the trough ! says:

      There had to be some trougher involved
      billions in government contracts , there had to be at least one getting his “Slice of the pie”


    • 84
      Rat's arse says:

      John Reid, one of the previous Leiber Government’s many Defence Secretaries, and now a Lord [for gawd’s sake!] has ‘worked’ for G4S and when the then Leiber Goverment ‘won’ the Olympics bid, it was Leiber who awarded this contract to G4S.

      So……….. why is nobody asking why they got this contract, and what John Reid has got to say about it?

      Maybe the BBC will do some sort of investigation, or there again, maybe not!

      Please Guido, start digging.


      • 103
        A hard PressedTax Payer says:

        Lord Paul Condon is a Non Exec Director, here is his Profile on the G4S WS

        Non-executive director
        Senior independent director
        Chairman – Remuneration Committee
        Member – Audit and Nomination Committees
        Key strengths and specific G4S role: Extensive experience of high profile security issues, the workings of the public sector and law making. Has broad involvement with the UK businesses within the group, particularly those serving public sector customers. Has particular focus on the group’s involvement with sporting events. Leads the Nomination Committee’s exercise for the recruitment of a new chairman of the board.
        Joined G4S board: May 2004
        Previous experience: Senior appointments in the police force, including Chief Constable of Kent and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, as well as at the British Security Industry Association and the International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption unit.
        Current external commitments: Cross bench member of the House of Lords; advisor to international sports governing bodies; member of the Advisory Board of Vidient Systems Inc; and Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Kent.

        With such talent why is it such a total balls Up ??


      • 109
        The BBC, because of the unique way we're funded says:

        On this, as with every Labour fuck-up we will be making life difficult for the T*ries and not mentioning Labour at all.


  28. 64
    Anonymous says:

    If Huhne had told the truth at the general election Maria Hutchings would be the MP now. She’s a cracking good woman and she genuinely lives in the constituency, as opposed to 7 house huhne or Nigel ‘I don’t live in Eastleigh’ Farage.


  29. 65
    Browndown says:

    What puzzles me is why the folk in those parts want the likes of Huhne and Hancock to be their member of parliament. Is there something odd in in the water supply?


  30. 65
    Tardkiller says:

    PUBLISH your expenses like you said you would Nige!

    UKIP’s leader and its MEPs are members of the EFD group, that says it all really.


  31. 74
    not a machine says:

    Ah Eastleigh , I would think with a decent campaign Farrage would be in with a decent chance , but then conservative party loyalists would be on sour grapes moment if Farrage was propelled into being an MP .

    Perhaps the PM deputy and chancellor enjoy giving soduko (sod UKo) puzzles unto the people , a bit of bad presentation seemed to have a veil drawn over it , and bond made afresh , bit of a cliffhanger to end the session on , and some sort of good news for railways to wash it all down with .

    The Transport minister has given a little thought with todays annoucement , which is very welcome even if still having HS2 lumped in with it , I do not deny it is a difficult brief at the moment , but judging by todays annoucements some better analysis seems to happening . That old chestnut about capacity was used , but it seems little thought on what sort of financial sustainablity the shape of the current system offers , Ms Eagle seemed to think there are efficencies to be had , but not sure about nationalisation …..

    The only good thing about BR days was the way ticketing could work , it never really made much sense of infrastructure and looking at sustainability that way . I appreciate it the difficulties of trying to determine which mix of transport you can use , and to be fair there are some wonks in the rail lobby industry , and by the time some things have gone through the system they useually have turned challenging documents in paper mache animals .
    Train travel may be a lot cheaper in other countries , but that may because there approach to infrastructure sustainability is different , it may also be that no rail system in europe has anything like the commuter pressures to London and the suberbs , which perhaps is where the misguided figures on capacity have there origin .

    The trouble is that one persons wonk is anothers lost forsight , to have bet considerable sums of money on the wrong mix for economic sustainability , is vital , looking ahead . we certainly cannot afford anymore gravy trains with having to cure debts , nor design and build infrastructure that makes debts .


  32. 75
    Ah! Monika says:

    Husband and wife shooters barred from sharing a room at the Olympic Village… but claim gay couples can.

    Perhaps if he fired blanks?


  33. 79
    Where are you going to? says:

    When Osborne goes, where will he go?


    • 95
      Sir William Waad says:

      Well, I could do with somebody to clean the milking parlour at the Home Farm. Those cows do an awful lot of quantitative easing and it wouldn’t be so different from looking at Ballsy’s boat race.


    • 112
      not a machine says:

      looking back , to before 2010 , it all seemed so very different , he will no doubt be proved correct for the way he started out in broad terms , but mixed in with that has been some poor judgements . He has done some good work on deficets from whitehall , had some misfortunes with the economy spluttering and a deteriorating background . We all perhaps have thoughts on what are the best levers to throw , but so far , I just doubt if where it all ends up , is where I would want to be . Labour left a massive potential total disaster , he has managed to avoid the worst so far , labours plans would not have worked any better , and 50/50 debt now looks an awful plan with the background unable to make labours plans work .

      That aside I would have thought deputy of MI6 …… certainly has all the talents required …..


  34. 80
    Ah! Monika says:

    Looking forward to Farage being invited to join the live debates, next election


  35. 85
    not a machine says:

    Just interested Guido and yer on going Rushberger/Guaridan news …… you did a post some time ago that group was some sort of shell company registered in small island with debts of £200 plus mn of which this years and last years Guardian debts are part of .
    How can this be , I mean are they not having to borrow money to cover the loss , who lends it to them , underwitten by what exactly ??? I dont see how it works as a business model without any fixed assests …


  36. 87
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    At the end of every day, I will be checking that Libor MPs have achieved our per diem 50,000 target of saying ‘shambles’, ‘omni-shambles’ or shambolic to the media.


  37. 90

    Camoron is about as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest !


  38. 92
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Expecting the lie boor party to help the poor, is like expecting turkey’s to vote for Christmas


  39. 101
    Libertarian says:

    Looks a bit nippy in Eastleigh!


  40. 102
    Mrs Farage says:

    NIgel made me do it your honour


  41. 105
    Jimmy says:

    “there are also 10,000 Labour votes up for grabs”

    The count staff obviously missed a few last time then.


  42. 107
    Dave is a wet! says:

    Nigel Farage for PM.


  43. 117
    Vague on Europe says:

    Imho. I think Cameron is being to vague on Europe. Farage knows this and is hoping to make political gain from this vagueness. Such vagueness will lose Cameron support from the party and voters.
    In/Out? It is a simple question and it should be put to people to decide after it has been thoroughly debated.


  44. 118
    Anonymous says:

    If there is a by-election I hope Maria Hutchings stands – she would make a first rate MP. Unlike most in Westminster (including Eastleigh’s incumbent MP) she has experienced, and therefore understands and can address, many (and often more) of the problems that the majority of people face in their day to day lives.


  45. 123
    Anonymous says:

    What does Farage know about Eastleigh and its issues? Little or None I bet, all they ever fly off about is the EU.
    Will he be parachuted in is the question seems he might need one… with the help of a private plane towing a banner this time!! Better warn ATC at Southampton Airport for an unpredicatable Flying object.
    Just hope he does not get hurt this time.
    At least the Tories in Eastleigh CLEARLY understand the local issues that WILL get a Tory Candidate elected, if it comes to that. The Local Tory Parliamentary Spokesperson Maria Hutchings is a great lady who has remained TOTALLY INTOUCH with us residents and our issues.


  46. 125
    Mr. Ukipling says:

    The UKIP love-in on this blog is pretty sickly. Go back to criticising all politicians and not turning a blind eye to those you have a man crush on.



  47. 126
    Whone? says:

    Do it, Niggle. By running you’ll nicely split the Tory vote and I’ll get in again.


  48. 127
    Clive McIlwaine says:

    Great news we have to get Nigel into parliament. He needs to stand.
    He needs to get elected. I for one will give him my time to go down to Eastleigh
    and campaign with him.


  49. 129
    Cressida's Dick says:

    Fuck em all.

    Vote UKIP.


    • 138
      UKIP convert says:

      Sorry I am ONLY Voting UKIP……..

      No carnal pleasures of any type with this crowd of infested Parasitic Pimps !!

      But if that brings some form of erotic clim*x I wish you the best of luck…..

      however as they say if you lay down with b*stard mongrels you may end up

      getting their flea’s & no doubt other types of untreatable contagious diseases so

      suggest you take proper preventive measures or visit an outlet of Anne Summers

      I am informed they may be able to help with some of the products they stock


  50. 135
  51. 141
    from the mind of Gordon says:

    it was during my administration that pretty coloured pens were available to all


  52. 142
    Dave says:

    If Farage got in, the ensuing events for the Tory party would be fascinating.


  53. 150
    Ex Lib-Dem voter says:

    Maira would get my vote, she has lived in Eastleigh for many years and worked hard for local People! Not the usual Tory-girl toff. Only the Labour tactical vote got huhne in. bring it on!


  54. 152
    Anonymous says:

    IT’s always the same – People come out to say that UKIP are a bunch of nutters.

    However, the leader predicted that the EU & the Eurozone was a disaster waiting to happen.

    Those that name-call UKIP are sickening in the light of what the Europe is doing to Britain: Secret courts, Super-injunctions, No right to trial by jury, loss of sovereignty, over-regulation, no financial audit for nearly 20 years, brothels for EU officials, drugs money laundering, etc etc


  55. 153
    Anonymous says:

    If this election does happen and he stands he has zero chance of getting elected.
    UKIP are a one issue party one man band despite what they may tell you, they will never get anywhere.


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