July 11th, 2012

The Delusion of Nick Clegg

This was sent out to LibDem members last night:

Dear Guido,

This evening we overwhelmingly won an historic vote on the Second Reading of the House of Lords Reform Bill – a Bill that will finish something our party started a century ago.

This is a huge triumph for our party, and a clear mandate to deliver much needed reforms to the House of Lords.

As David Cameron and I have both repeatedly made clear – in the Queen’s speech, in May 2011 in the White Paper and in May 2010 in the Coalition Agreement – the Coalition Government is committed to reforming the House of Lords. And we have every intention of delivering it.

The Liberal Democrats have worked closely with our Conservative partners to bring forward a Bill they could support. We have been reasonable and looked at acceptable compromises at every stage. That is why we agreed to withdraw today’s timetabling motion, to allow the Conservative team in Government take more time over the summer to talk to their backbench colleagues.

When we return in the autumn to vote on this again, we fully expect the Conservatives to deliver this crucial part of the coalition deal – as we have delivered other coalition policies. At the same time, we will increase the pressure on Labour to, as the Guardian put it this morning, ‘simply stand up and do the right thing’ and support these reforms in votes in Parliament when it really counts.

We have been waiting for Lords Reform for 100 years. Today we took a huge step towards delivering it. There will be many more tests ahead, but with your help we will continue to make and win the case for reform.

Best Wishes,

Nick Clegg

Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister

Nevermind the ninety Tories and twenty odd Labour rebels who consigned the bill to the dustbin…


  1. 1
    Gordon Cameron says:

    They are fucking egotistical nutters!


    • 13
      91 Tory Mps rebels says:



      • 28
        Hang The Bastards says:

        Stop wasting time on this unelected body and deal with THE BIG FUCKING PROBLEM which is the unelected EU you asshole.

        Typical Clegg, AV now Lords…. Anything but what the public actually want him to do.


        • 39
          unbiased observer says:

          My sympathy goes to Cameron – he should be renamed Shepherder of Cats as he clearly cannot control the moronic Tory party. 100 years and counting to change the second chamber? I have no loyalty to any party but Tories are making it certain I will not be voting their way on this evidence. Sadly, back to Labour for me at election time.


          • Owain Glyndwr says:

            So no HoL vote and you will be going to the party that was led by the maximum imbicile with such cohorts as balls etc. Jeseus thats logic for you


          • Maximus says:

            I guessed your last line from your first line after I read ‘shepherder’.


          • Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

            You’d be better off voting UKIP. Anybody but the LibLabCon gang.


          • Sungei Patani says:

            You are not going to vote Tory because many of their backbenchers voted against the Lords reform bill timetable.

            You are going to vote Labour because the whole party voted against the Lords reform bill timetable.

            Any logic in this?


          • Sungei Patani says:


            Should have said: “would have voted had it come to a vote” in both cases.


        • 46
          Freeborn says:

          What the public actually wants him to do is probably physically impossible, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t attempt it.


          • unbiased observer says:

            Would that be a coalition with Labour? It may well happen.


          • Maximus says:

            You do realize that when the public wants Cameroon to screw von Rumpy-Pumpy, Jose Manuel the Barrista, and Sir Humphrey all at the same time, it is a metaphor and not an opportunity for some grandstanding Olympianism?


          • SIR EVERARD PENIS QC says:

            What Chop his fucking head off with a blunt stick ?


    • 40
      • 45
        Sir Barrington Minge says:

        Altogether now….

        Heeeeeeee’s a wanker, he’s a wanker…..


      • 47
        The Beast of Ballsover says:

        I want to abolish it.


      • 73
        Owain Glyndwr says:

        Dennis skinner is as mad as drunk badger, why are you supprised?


      • 152
        Fred Flintstone says:

        He’s a dinosaur. Sell-by date has long expired.

        This lot see the Lords as their natural (by appointment) funding source once the Commons is reduced in size. Fewer politicians are needed — not more.


      • 159
        Anonymous says:

        Bloody obvious why; he reckons on getting there before the system is changed.


    • 54
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      Talk about fiddling whist Rome burns!

      Wake up Clegg you buffoon, this country is in trouble and you sit playing with your bollocks.

      Get a life or get out… preferably the latter


      • 63
        unbiased observer says:

        I think that me be the Tory party mate. Well done Jessie Matthews or whatever you are called.


      • 89
        Hugh Janus says:

        I actually burst out laughing when I read Cleggy’s missive (although I’m struggling to understand why something said to have been addressed to his Limp Dumb colleagues should start “Dear Guido”….). And if the Grauniad thinks that the plan is a good one then what better recommendation is there to vote against it?

        Hands off our constitution, Cleggy boy, and find something more useful and productive to do with your time. A career change (if politics can still be rightly described as a career) is long overdue in your case. Make the most of your power trip; thankfully it will be the only one in which the yellow bellies will participate for years to come.


    • 70
      Two left feet says:


      • 92
        JH says:

        Oh do fuck off you EU funny-money funded fifth-column wankers.

        Where is the shame in voting against fiddling as Rome burns?


      • 110
        Dobbie says:

        May be Westminster can sort out it’s own business in 200 years…Don’t hold your breath!


      • 180
        pablo the Scot says:

        Hall of Shame? Hardly!
        More like patriots forcing the incompetents to try focussing on the real issues.

        There are some days when you really couldn’t make up some of the tricks these people get up to.


  2. 2
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Is Guido a Lib Dem member?


    • 4
      UKIP.i.am says:

      Is it as huge a triumph as the AV referendum?


      • 83
        Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

        I am not convinced about my Party’s House of Lord’s reform as it may affect my chances of getting a peerage so that I can carry on toughing when I have to leave the Commons. Boaz.


        • 136
          Handycock's Boys says:

          We still haven’t been able to find this tart so that we can sort her out for you Handy. Still looking. Boaz.


    • 140
      Infanta of Castile says:

      you don’t have to be a member of a political party to be on their mailing list. Political parties are like salesmen: any hint of interest in a product remotely allied to theirs will ensure that your contact details are squirrelled away into their database so that you can be subjected to future promotion of their products and appeals for your money.


  3. 3
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:

    Still, the good news is that the political failure that is Nick Clegg will, before long, be despatched to the EU where he will become enormously rich a la the Kinnocks, Mandelson etc etc etc.


    • 7
      UKIP.i.am says:

      Hopefully we will be out of the EU before he gets a sniff of the gravy. But that will require a Tory party to grow some real bollocks first. The odds are not good.


      • 12
        Charles Flaccidwidger says:

        He’s already got one foot in the door as he was, if I recall, an MEP. The gentlemans club that is the EU looks after its own.


      • 178
        Marion the cat says:

        Sadly, we do not know what promises have been made by the EU to which politicians. I for one would not be surprised if years from now Cameron gets a nice EU job, in exchange for avoiding a referendum today. I expect this to be true – and we will be sold down the river for his personal greed. PROVE ME WRONG.


    • 32

      He’s already been once and managed to put two million quid through his constituency office (for office and party expences)


  4. 5
    Sad day today? says:

    Is it true that today will be the last Pmqs livechat Guido?

    I have heard the Coverit live are to start charging soon. Does this mean that we will have all chip in or has Guido or Neo found an alternative or have costs covered?


  5. 6
    Superman says:

    Clegg fiddles while the economy burns. Blow up the Lords and get on with 1 elected chamber. A job for Fawkes.


  6. 8
    David Miliband says:


  7. 9
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    At today’s PMQ’s, Nick Clegg will have the face of someone who has never been to the lavatory in his life.

    I wouldn’t care to sit next to him.


    • 20
      Lavvy Attendant says:

      Strange that. I’d say – from what I’ve heard above the din of Radio 1 and been forced to breathe in the air – he had the shits pretty bad! All that HoC rich food p’raps!


    • 117
      Ex-Tory says:

      Guido has got it wrong. There will be Lords reform, with minor changes to this proposal within teh next few years. The socialist LibLabCon elite and their media chums all support it. It will happen. Guido is the one delusioned, believing he can make a difference. Look how the political/media elite have ganged up over Libor.


  8. 10
    Jesse Norman says:

    Bollocks !


  9. 11
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    I’m sorry,so sorry.


  10. 14
    JH says:

    Lower taxes.
    Out the EU, free trading maritime nation.
    Zero net immigration, with only compatible, non-ghetto-forming cultures allowed in on a strict points basis.

    Deliver that, and you’ve in government pretty much as long as you like – but the ConLabLib axis is hell-bent on not implementing the above, as are the Gramscian, insidious but oh-so-worthy, leftist infested media and education classes.

    The Electorate is simply not interested in Lords reform and different voting systems, so go knit some fucking yoghurt Nick.


    • 23
      Anonymous says:

      >Lower taxes. Out the EU, free trading maritime nation

      You want it, I want it, the vast majority of British people want it – but any politician who sood up and said this would be savaged by the BBC, Guardian, Channel 4, Unions – the whole Socialist Cabal.

      What MP would commit political and economic suicide by saying what the vast majority of British people are thinking… no one.

      The last chap to do that was sacked by Mr Heath the next day.

      While the Socialists have their grip the country will die and the Chinese will take leadership of the world – or As Quaeda.


      • 35
        misterned says:

        Well if that is what the majority of the people want… and polls suggest that they do, … then somehow we have to break the hypnosis of the electorate that the only choice is between parties who oppose the above and get everyone to vote for those policies. There is only one mainstream, national party offering this and it isn’t any of the liblabcon bastards.

        If all the people who want the above actually voted for it, UKIP would win by a landslide!

        vote UKIP


    • 30
  11. 16
    A lying cheating useless two-faced hypocritical pretentious pontificating fuckwit (no, not Gordo) says:

    The Common People are really behind me on my key policies – to wit, – HS2, B~mS~x, Rich becoming Richer, Wind Farms, and Reform of the HoL. They instinctively know what’s right!


  12. 17
    Cressida's Dick says:

    With a degree in bullshit like that coupled with being totally divorced from reality in his own little dream world Clagg should be a banker.


  13. 18
    Graham Swift says:

    A deluded idiot. The sooner this coalition s**t finishes the better.


  14. 19
    Sue says:

    Nick Clegg is an imbecile. He belongs with all the other idiots in Brussels.


  15. 22
    Glyn H says:

    It amazes me that someone supposedly educated cannot see the crass errors in these proposals, and indeed called The Glorious Revolution ‘some old law of 1689′. Now who was the last politician with a good education who sought to make pig ignorant changes to the constitution?


  16. 24
    Gordon Brown says:

    I reformed the Lords, saved Gotham City from Bane, saved the world and got the girl. I am a hero.


    • 29
      Sarah Twat, the Twitty Tweeter says:

      And we have REAL sex too! Not like those other unfortunate folk that I support by marching with them.


  17. 25
    I love the FT says:

    I thought we had a vote on AV and answered ‘No’.



    • 44
      Well it's a thought says:

      The idiots are using the EU dodge, keep bringing back the way they want people to vote for them until they vote the required way.


  18. 27
    Graham Swift says:

    Blow up the Commons and get rid of all the shit. More brains in the Lords and in touch with reality , unlike the other scum.


  19. 36
    Raving Loon says:

    The greater delusion: demanding democracy in the upper chamber yet supporting the openly undemocratic EU.


  20. 37

    “We as a party have been committed to HoL reform for 100 years ”

    Maybe if you won a few fuckin seats over the last 100 years you might have changed something

    Utter wanker !


  21. 38
    Cleggie says:

    I am a statesman I tell you.

    Here is a picture to prove it http://i49.tinypic.com/ear13l.jpg


  22. 41
    nmj says:

    I haven’t read so much deluded crap since the last HSE circular.


  23. 42
    Well it's a thought says:

    What a set of sh*t bags more interested in the own political comforts than bothered about sorting out a nation bankrupted by the same politicians and they wonder why nobody votes anymore.


  24. 48
    Fawkbender says:

    “This was sent out to LibDem members last night:Dear Guido,”

    I didn’t know you were a LibDem Guido, more a sort of Con – UKipper waiting to see which way to jump, the LibDems evidently know who are, and who are not their their members


    • 60
      Fawkbender says:

      The best thing the LibDems can do in my eyes is say, OK, if that is what you want we will now withdraw from the coalition and support you where we think fit and vote against you where we disagree (which is what they should have said from the start after the election) if the Cons want an election we will vote with you, how soon do you want it.


  25. 49
    Nick Clegg says:

    Alright ! Alright!

    I’ve listened


    I rather like that pledge.


  26. 51

    Let’s have a new system.

    Scrap all current MPs, cancel all their pensions and benefits. Create seven new parties and call them Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Red. 400 constituencies based on equivalent areas. No manifestos. No opinion polls. People simply vote for their favourite colours.

    Just three rules:
    1. They cannot spend more than they raise
    2. They must raise less each year than they did in the previous year and
    3. Part of the spend (say 20%) must pay off what is outstanding.

    If they can’t do that, they don’t get paid. If they can, then we may consider some expenses for them.

    Could not be any worse than what we have now, whoever it is.

    Carry on.


    • 80
      Sir Aston Martin says:

      Better still, create one new party with a certain A. Martin as its leader and president for life, to be addressed as “Excellency”, “Exalted”, “Divinity” or “Your Holiness”. He will henceforth refer to himself in the third person (like someone else he might mention) and the first of his Decrees will concern the restoration of le droit de seigneur, or rather, le Droit du President.

      All those in favour may subscribe their names.


  27. 52
    Voter says:

    Clegg couldn’t get a Commons majority for his motion. That’s democracy. Move on.


  28. 55
    The Colonel says:

    Most people think that the Lords and Commons require culling in numbers!


    • 85
      Fawkbender says:

      Yes Sir, absolutely sir. But if their numbers are reduced wouldn’t they have to work harder, spend less time on holiday, less time stuffing themselves and getting themselves rat, they maybe even reduced to having work like a soldier on manoeuvers.


  29. 61
    Traditionalist says:

    Plan B. Kick out all the geriatric politicial placemen (sorry — “Placepersons”) from the HoL and all the PC immigrunt members as well. Re-instate the hereditary system that worked for centuries. Also eliminate the Scots Parliament and Welsh Asssembly ludicrously expensive talking shops. Destroy the fxxk ups made by the socialist liberal establishment in one go. Problems solved. Simples.


  30. 64
    The Colonel says:

    Bill Wiggin(he who got away with cheating us of expenses) telling Jesse Norman off – what a laugh!


  31. 67
    The Cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    Clegg clearly took news spin management courses from Saddam’s Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf.

    You’re outta UK politics Clegg…..unless you get voted into the ‘other place’ that is….hahahahahahaha


  32. 71
    Gordon Brown MP says:

    You think Clegg’s deluded — Bwahahaha! Mummy, my adult nappy’s full. Muuumyyy!!!


  33. 74
    nellnewman says:


    cameron is equally delusional if he thinks he can win 91 mp’s over by September. Not going to happen. Well Done Jesse Norman.

    As for cleggie and dave – think they might both needs new jobs before 2015. Labour need a new leader as well but they have absolutely no backbone when it comes to removing failed leaders from office.


  34. 75

    America Has Too Many Teachers
    Public-school employees have doubled in 40 years while student enrollment has increased by only 8.5%—and academic results have stagnated.

    This particular Andrew Coulson directs the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom.


    • 99
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Niall Ferguson’s 4th Reith Lecture on R4 yesterday is well worth a listen on that topic.


    • 151
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      A bigger problem is that their lessons only last 5 minutes, and the bell always rings half way through an important sentence, and the teachers let them go instantly. Have they never heard of planning their content and timing?


  35. 76

    I see sulky chops Dave is sacking his backbenchers for disobeying his orders
    So much for democracy
    Clegg has pulled a fast one here and the Tory party is now split
    Time for a leadership challenge me thinks


    • 79
      nellnewman says:

      Soon I hope. Maybe this will DavidDavis’s moment? then again donlt think he could swing enough of the party behind him. This JesseNorman chap, the one that’s masterminded the revolt, looks useful – maybe he’d do.


      • 94
        Dobbie says:

        Do you mean the turd ordered out of the bar by Cameron as he would likely get a kicking by one over alcoholled Tory whip?

        It all looks so good dunnit?


      • 111
        SIR EVERARD PENIS QC says:

        Even though he has mellowed and fallen into line
        i still would like William Hague to have a shot at being PM

        But i’m another who will never vote for the Tories again
        Dave is on par with Brown / Blair as a liar
        So it’s also UKIP for me from now on


    • 122
      Duty Pedant says:

      Er, how does a PM sack backbenchers, Sir E, and from what? I know that practically every Conservative and Limp Dumb MP has some kind of (expensive) job in this wretched so-called government, but the few who are not appointed to the executive are not sackable from anything – except by their constituents.


  36. 81
    Quisling says:

    They always used to say you could tell when a politician was lying as you could see his lips moving. Now in the modern age its also …

    1. When you hear the whirr of the printer starting up in their office

    2. When you hear the mouse click over the ‘send’ button on their email account

    3. When you hear the ‘click’ of the iPad being unlocked

    They delude themselves with hyperbole such as this. There is more BS and bluster in here than the plain and simple truth.

    What a feckless lot they are. Shame on them.


    • 90
      Dobbie says:

      I fully agree.


      • 119
        Quisling says:

        I also forgot a number 4 – for those extra ‘special’ politician in our lives

        4. When you here their shredder starting up


    • 115

      Nick Clegg won a victory that must surely rank in history with such great battles as Harold’s victory at Hastings, Napoleon’s masterful win at Waterloo and Von Paulus’ stunning success at Stalingrad.

      It shall be talked about down the ages in Liberal circles as their greatest win since they managed to prevent the introduction of tuition fees and ensured that the coalition made good on their VAT cut promise.


  37. 88
    Slick Cam The U-Turn Man says:

    Did you notice how my loyal 91 voted for my real plan, which is to go backwards at every opportunity?

    In one hundred years people will say I was the best Prime Minister ever at reducing the deficit, immigration and unemployment at a stroke, until I changed my mind, but then I may change my mind again, or will I?


    • 112
      A sample of the free people (living wild in the forests) in one hundred years says:

      That CMD bloke was a real tosser! – and we’re just managing to hang on here living wild – out of the EUSSR – until they clear the last forest and replace it with concrete for the mussos!


    • 127
      Hugh Janus says:

      In order to for One Term Dave to change his mind, he first needs to know it. No sign of that, and we are already 2+ years down the line.


  38. 91
    Sick of the lot of them says:

    I think Clegg both can and will deliver on this in the Autumn.
    Over the summer he will apply pressure on Cameron to properly whip the next vote in return for the boundary review. That will reduce the rebels to a hardcore 60 or so. With Labour he will do some horse-trading about the shape and composition of the next coalition to get their support. And if he succeeds in doing this he will win the next vote. This one was just testing the water.


    • 108
      The end of a dream begins...... says:

      Well considering it only requires 46 MPs to sign a motion for a leadership contest and with 91 voting last night against the government’s motion things could be a bit bumpy ahead of the Conference Season for Dave if he starts trying to throw his weight around in favour of LibDems…….stalking horse anyone ??


    • 109
      Simon Huge says:

      Thanks fr telling us, but you’re just deluded Nick.


    • 116
      Steve Miliband says:

      Lab will oppose if it is tied up with Boundary changes


    • 123
      Backwoodsman says:

      Or possibly not. Imagine you are a bog standard Tory MP, with no realistic chance of preferment.
      Every weekend you toddle off home and the Mrs says, we have drinks with the Blogses tonight and lunch at the Old Rectory tomorrow. You groan. Yet more sessions getting ripped a new arsehole by irate constituency members and even more agressive former constituency members.
      Then your election agent tells you there is open talk of looking for a new candidate more in tune with local opinion. Thumbing your nose at Cam doesn’t seem such a bad option.


  39. 98
    Gordon Brown says:

    Mr France is quite short


  40. 101
    Fabians are Evil says:

    I, for one, have had enough of these bastards selling us out to the EU – it is only one vote but mine is now for UKIP.

    WHEN, and only When, we are out of the bloody thing is there any logic in sorting out the Lords.


  41. 102

    Sky reporting that Cameron was wagging his finger in the face of one rebel in the commons last night , and that two rebels having a drink in the bar afterwards were surrounded by whips and told to leave !
    “Hell hath no fury like a Camerooon scorned” !


    • 129
      The Public says:

      Tell the Whips to fuck off. Its up to us who gets drinks for fuck all in Strangers


    • 130
      Hugh Janus says:

      Or was this just some silly spin to create the impression that Cameron has balls? We have all heard reports of ministers being “angry” from time to time, but I reckon this is just for public consumption – or in this case for Cleggy and his yellow-bellied friends.


    • 135
      Gonk says:

      Any MP who profoundly disagrees with Government Policy should vote against that policy and any MP who caves in under pressure is a coward and liar and not worthy of their office.


      • 141
        Quisling says:

        Most of the ones that voted and were tory were greasy little pole climbers. Which kinda tells us a lot about a future Tory cabinet does it not?


  42. 103
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Cameron’s been having a terrible time since he crossed Murdoch hasn’t he?


    • 118

      Well after all “IT’S THE SUN WOT WON IT ” for Dave

      It will be fun to see what happens if Ruppie wants revenge !


    • 126
      Ed Moribund says:

      And since I kissed Brendan Barber’s ring I’ve gone from strength to strength.
      The only slight negative was i just reread the fourth protocol.

      The back story is about a nice, softy, ineffectual but pleasant enough Labour leader being ousted the moment he wins an election by hard left trades unions.

      But that was just a story. It couldn’t really happen, could it?


  43. 107
    Steve Miliband says:

    Reform of the Lords:

    Kick out the Bishops.
    Kick out Tony’s Cronies
    Kick out Expenses fiddlers

    Use Golf Club rules of membership; Proposer and seconder and then put to vote.
    Reform expenses/payments so only those interested in doing good apply, not freeloading old codgers.
    Must attend a minimum number of days/debates.


  44. 120
    Middle England says:

    Nick Clegg – the class milk monitor + Simon Hughes – a “strange” boy who closes his eyes when he’s talking AT you. What a couple of no-hopers


  45. 121
    Quisling says:


  46. 125
    Sally Bercow says:

    Don’tcha just luv the cut of Clegg’s trousers.


  47. 128
    Max Clifford says:

    Right there is obviously no need for my skills here.



  48. 132
    Just one little voter says:

    This is the final straw.

    Vote UKIP


  49. 137
    Loungelizard says:

    Nick Clegg…An impassioned speaker in a lackluster sort of way.


  50. 142
    Double-up Roller says:

    Well done the independently minded Tories. Next steps — send the same sex marriage proposal into oblivion — stop forthwith any more Q.E. — freeze all public sector inflation linking of pay and pensions until deficit has been zero for 3 years consecutively, and then remains there.


  51. 146
    Blair Watch Project says:


  52. 147
    Raving Loon says:

    Real victory would entail leaving the EU, NATO, IMF, World Bank, WTO, and UN, withdrawing our troops from around the world, and abolishing the MPC.


  53. 150
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am Skeletor!


  54. 157
    Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t Clegg fuck off and die?

    He serves no useful purpose whatsoever, other then ensuring the LibDems are wiped off the electoroal map for decades.


    • 166
      Vichy Collaborator says:

      If Clegg had been around in France in WW2, he would have been found hanging from a lamp post on the Champs-Élysées as soon as the Germans had pulled out.


  55. 158
    keredybretsa says:

    Worthy expression of intent on a core Liberal segment, Specially when there aren’t any other things on the agenda that REALLY trouble the Voters.


  56. 162
    robbie says:

    So..let me get this right… you want to continue with a system of undemocratic patronage that has responsibility for the scrutiny of primary legislation in the UK that impacts on the people who vote for whom they think change legislation to make their day to day lives better.

    tell me why you are prematurely celebrating again?


  57. 165
    Dreary Steeples says:

    Well done Jesse, one elected assembly is enough for any nation state, by appointment only for the second house.


  58. 169
    Mike Newman says:

    Why doesn’t Clegg go back to the only thing he’s good at. Screwing everything and everybody out of his sheer stupidity. He told the DM that there were 33 notches on his bedpost so far. Come on Clegg, you can do better than that … spend more time at it.


  59. 170
    Bluebird says:

    I think the lib dems will be finished after the next election. Many of their more leftist supporters will have deserted them and some of the floating voters may well have not liked seeing how the LD’s have behaved in Government.


  60. 171
    Rupert's Brother says:

    Get rid of the last vestige of sanity and turn Britain into a Republic.. because if the problem is UnElected Lords, then the Queen must be next on their Hit List


  61. 172
    Rupert's my Hero says:

    Ever noticed how the EU responds to Democricy… Dave must realise the Lib Un Dem’s are going to take him down with their Loony Policies… cut them loose before it is too late or suffer Political Death with them.

    What about a Poll Guido


  62. 173
    Pentangelis says:

    It seems to me that the House of Commons is behaving like a Luddite Trades Union.
    If any Tom, Dick or Harry may stand to become an MP, why shouldn’t another Tom, Dick or Harry stand to become a ‘Lord’, and if so, why does the MP think he has more right to govern than the similarly elected ‘Lord’?
    Methinks this smacks of a ‘closed shop’.
    Is Red Robbo sitting in the House, masquerading as a Tory?
    Why do we need a second chamber anyway?


  63. 174
    Some twat up North says:

    CLEGG you are sacked!

    So Sayeth Sheffield…



  64. 175
    Some twat up North says:

    Second chamber equals two lots of shits or
    two chambers for those with a fondness of shit who do not have to get up for work.

    We are simple up North


  65. 176
    Some twat up North says:

    Fuck me, i forego any state benefit as there is NO FUCKING WORK.

    Hunts Hunts Hunts

    I could elaborate, but have an appointment with a consultant with a4e , they have promised me a dogs breakfast”………. Mmm


  66. 177
    Some twat up North says:

    I scatter pellets in the garden to deal with the parents of Gove, shame I was late!!!!


  67. 179
    Some twat up North says:

    The mans a hunt


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