July 5th, 2012

Bank of England Still Artificially Lowballing Interest Rates

This morning the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee will meet and in all likelihood order another £50 billion of Quantitative Easing, or money printing. This will again be used to buy government bonds, artifically holding down long term interest rates. This deliberate policy is approved by George Osborne and allows the Treasury to finance government over-spending via sales of government gilts to the Bank of England. It robs the old of the value of their savings and the young who will have to finance the future taxation which the government has effectively deferred.

This monetary experiment will have totalled some £375 billion, it is unprecedented in scale and there is no clear exit strategy to unwind QE. The Bank of England’s balance sheet is now loaded up with gilts that were not sold in the open market, holding down interest rates and allowing George Osborne to point to the bond market and claim the UK is a safe haven. In reality we have an artificial bubble in the bond markets that could pop disastrously if confidence was lost. If it goes wrong, we will look back on QE as the biggest rate-fixing scandal of all time.


  1. 1
    ed martin says:

    One would need to have some confidence to lose


    • 40
      Bernie Madoff says:

      I went to jail for a similar scheme


      • 46
        Hawkeye says:

        How long before other “open se crets” such as Gold & Silver price “mani pulation” emerges?


        Any wh ist le blo we rs, just be careful on the streets in London! There are some very bad drivers out there:



        • 108
          ILikeBeingaMug says:

          There is a lot of dirt here.

          Traders are not too secretive after a few beers.

          Where are our investigative journalists?

          What other rates are being manipulated?


          • Mornington Crescent says:

            Investigative journalists? All hacks are interested in these days is the size of Katie Price’s tits or what Post Spice is wearing today.

            Still, fear not: Dave is going to tell us today how the Olympics is going to contribute 13 billion to the economy, how the fucking farce is under budget and how he’s going to cut a ‘whopping’ 10% off the money we’re hosing the windmill industry with.

            So all is well.



          • Economics 101 says:

            Most newspaper investigative journalism teams have been disbanded over the past decade. Newspapers, faced with losses of revenue to teh Interwebs, have decided they can’t afford them.

            The papers that have made the most successful transition to an online model have a paywall to make it pay, or put up carefully-contrived shite like the Daily Mail, who then watch indignant people visit their site and boost their hit rates and hence advertising revenues.

            People are more interested in who is currently clambering up Katie Price’s growler (or are interested in registering their disinterest in the comments section – same result – website hits) than real news.

            See? I’m doing it myself. I post an opinion, Guido’s advertisers are happy whatever my opinion may be.

            Welcome to the new paradigm.


          • Mornington Crescent says:

            Indeed, 101. More tits = more hits.


        • 111
          Snitch and Snatch says:

          Yup, we are in the realms of damage limitation.

          As Homer Simpson would say “LOOK – a helicopter”

          Watch out for diverse bad news that will dilute the impact of this one.

          We have a very short attention span.


          • Steve Lloyd. says:

            Yeah, there seems to be a plethora of “suspected” terrorist incidents over the last few weeks. F*cking politicians think the majority of the British public, are as stupid as they ( politicians ) are corrupt.


        • 154
          Filthy Rich Capitalist. says:

          The Gold and Silver markets have been manipulated for years by the US Investment Banks on behalf of their Client, the Federal Reserve, acting of course for the US Government. Gordon Brown’s sale of our gold at the bottom of a 21 year bear market was part of this US inspired manipulation, he did it under instructions from his Goldman Sachs buddy, Gavin Davies, acting secretly for the US Government. Why do the US Government manipulate this market? Because rising precious metals = a declining US dollar which focuses attention on a deficit financed US economy. The US politicians, who wish to get re-elected, do not want the US electorate to see how badly they have and are managing the economy, both the Republicans and Democrats are equally culpable, nor do they wish the financial markets to be spooked by rising Precious metal prices and a wholesale selling of the US dollar. The outcome of all this manipulation and mismanagement? Their poor voters are getting poorer all the time.


    • 43
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Osborne is like a crack whore who thinks he can handle it and go clean and turn the taps off, anytime he wants to.
      I never believed Cameron & Co would be any good, but to be worse than fcuking Brown is frankly, an unimaginably dismal performance.


      • 52
        PBT says:

        they’re trying hard, aren’t they?

        do you suspect the very dead hand of the Treasury too?


        • 70

          No Chancellor in his right mind would intentionally get his treasury into this level of borrowing and printing money against junk collateral.

          But Gordon was never in his right mind as B£iar, Campbell, Mandelson, Blinky and Ed the talking arse already knew


          • Economics 101 says:

            Quantitative Easing = Inflation = Stealth Tax on cash & savings.


          • QED – Gordon was really working for people with fixed assets that will inflate, like business and property owners.

            Nouveau riche LIeBOR realyy were relaxed about (their” people getting filthy rich. Ask the millionaire shadow front bench who were all poor as church mice when they arrived in Westminster (except Balls and Miliband and Umunna and Benn and….)


          • Economics 101 says:

            …and don’t forget the public sector workers who think their pensions will be protected with inflation-proofing.

            They are too dim to realise that such protection will be of no use when there are so-many non-producers, and too few producers, to cover that cost. They will be taking their pensions home in a wheelbarrow and it will halve in value again between leaving the bank and getting home.

            We might as well move to Zimbabwe, or 1920’s Germany.


    • 45
      UKIP.i.am says:

      But the state can get away with fiddling the figures. Whether it is via QE, or hiding debt off balance-sheet, manipulating crime stats, unemployment, the real costs of immigration and the EU, illegal detention and virtually anything else. This is why the left love nationalisation. Torture is a nationalised industry, as is spying and invading other countries.


      • 54
        PBT says:

        and the last monthly government cash statement showed poor tax revenues and unexpectedly high spending plus ca change… (as Mr Farage would say)


      • 62
        Nationwide Halifax says:

        House prises! Never forget the house prices. We must pretend 100yr rancid hovels fit only for demolition are really worth £300k of banker-debt. The British C’unt values nothing else!


        • 66
          AC1 says:

          That 300,000 debt is 250,000 Land and 50K building. Basically the one thing we cannot build more of is vastly less affordable. Yet another knife in the back of the young from the “boomers”…


          • a60yearold says:

            have you asked the ‘boomers’ the simple question – why shouldn’t we (the young) act with same degree of callous selfishness that you did?

            ask it politely and witness the silence


        • 69
          PBT says:

          right – the product is very poor, the financing parlous, and the incomes of the borrowers somehow are going to come in line with those of the Chinese

          who wants to go long on that story?


          • Economics 101 says:

            And the sick joke is, a generation ago a (sterotypical) man would work and provide for his wife and family, and now both people in a couple NEED to work in order to spend their lives mortgaged up to the eyeballs to buy the same house.

            They will of course, regard themselves as astute investors, building up a nest-egg for their kids, when their property hasn’t doubled or quadrupled in value; their actions have halved the value of money. It’s an illusion.

            But then a load is taken in inheritance tax, so the kids are left with a fraction and face huge house prices and can’t buy their first home. The bankers own ‘their’ property through the massive mortgage they decide to take on.

            QE is all about propping this ridiculous Ponzi scheme up.

            The sooner the inevitable clusterfuck falls apart, the sooner we can start rebuilding a proper economy.

            In the meantime, if you have money, don’t invest your money in money.


          • Release Roger says:

            Join the British Constitution Group


            Roger Hayes has been imprisoned by a corrupt system.
            Join the BCG and help to apply the pressure needed release him.


    • 57
      Simon says:

      Altough the QE information is in the public domain and we can draw whatever conclusions we like about the effects. It’s disingenuous to compare it to Libor fixing behind closed doors.


    • 78
      QE for ever says:

      Hat tip to you Guido.
      I didn’t see this important information on the BBC.
      Perhaps Dead Milliband will ask for a judge led inquiry about it?


    • 134
      Liarpoliticians says:

      So the Bank Of England LAUNDERS another £50bn of fake money through the economy, which makes the GDP fall even more.

      In a traditional downturn, savers spend on themselves and buy assets the feckless have to let go. Now the feckless are being protected AT ALL COST, using savers cash.

      While the savers cash disappears, the borrowers can’t go on a spending binge either because of their debts. So the economy falls. Printing money robs savers of even more of their cash, and the economy falls even more.

      Cleaver thinking from the LibLabCon and Bank Of England. Meanwhile they have a nerve to attack the likes of Barclays for fixing LIBOR rates.

      The Bank Of England is printing fake money and buying real assets – this is MONEY LAUNDERING. The interest rates are being deliberately held down – this is collusion to rig the market and fraud, inflation is being rigged to make it look far lower than it actually is, and STILL not one arrest, charge or prison time for any politician or the Bank Of England staff.

      Where are the police? they’ve been bought.


      • 140
        Economics 101 says:

        Yes, Liarpoliticians. This downturn is different. There will be no real upturn.

        Perhaps Gordon was right. No more Boom and Bust.

        Just Bust, for ever more.

        For us little people anyway.


    • 159
      lojolondon says:

      If they took the money and spent it on building bridges, digging canals, creating motorways, anything but the same old recycling the printed money there could be some justification, but they keep trying to buy bonds and the money doesn’t get outside of the small circle it is in.

      BTW, I also believe they are trying to depreciate the pound so it keeps pace with the plunging Euro and struggling Dollar. Depressing, isn’t it?


  2. 2
    Tooth fairy says:

    and the markets know it. They have the UK on a list and once the EZ countries have been raided and the Euro collapses they will then turn to the UK and the USA.


  3. 3
    EdMiliband says:

    We need a judge led enquiry into this thcandal. They just don’t geddit. The Libor Party would not have done thith.


  4. 4
    A Jobby Application written in thick crayon says:

    Dear Mr Barclays,

    Will you give me a jobby? I have plenty of know-how in how to ruin . . I mean RUN . . a bank.

    Yours very truly,



  5. 5
    nellnewman says:

    I know gordon’s government was brutal,dishonest and incompetent and probably the worst we’ll ever see but georgie is not really capable of putting right the wrongs and disasters that were created in gordon’s reign of terror.


    • 59
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Look on the bright side nell, the Indian space exploration project is roaring ahead thanks to the governments forced extortion of British taxpayers.

      Rejoice and “feel proud” etc.


    • 67
      Fawkbender says:

      That is true Nell but hasn’t Gideon been in power for over 2 years, what has been happened in the last 2 years?


    • 77
      Ex Conservative Voter says:

      “Isn’t really capable”? You’re being polite. His job is: “get rid of the deficit, reduce the debt”. 2 years into the job, he’s set himself the target of increasing the national debt by 40%.

      W. T. F.??

      2 years in, and we’ve still got 6,400 union pilgrims, paid for with our money. MPs are to get iPads (like the one the PM plays with all day) with £250 p/m tariffs. Multimillionaires with windmills on their land (such as the PM’s father-in-law) are getting £1,000 per day ‘green energy’ subsidies.

      All these sums (and obviously many more – plus the £32bn HS2 springs to mind) are individually tiny compared with the national debt, but, as anyone who’s run a business, or even their household finances, will know, the little expenses have a really nasty habit of piling up. Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves. Someone should tattoo that on the back of Osborne’s hand, so he sees it every time he’s throwing our money away.

      Osborne either doesn’t give a sh*t, he’s given up, or he’s got Brown’s Disease, which makes people with crippling debt spend money as if they’re awash with cash.

      I dread to think what state the nation’s finances are going to be in after (God forbid) another 3 years of George’s mismanagement. And then we’ve got the horror of Balls and the unions to look forward to.


  6. 6
    tottenham chutzpah says:

    did we hear Cameron claiming yesterday that the ‘rate-fixing’ had resulted in excessively high mortgage interest rates

    this is the degree of bare faced cheek practiced by that well know personality disorder – G Brown

    I’m jealous


    • 18
      nellnewman says:

      excessively high mortgage rates; homes lost, businesses lost, jobs lost and pensions savings decimated.

      Oh yes gordon has a lot to answer for!


      • 24
        ed martin says:

        mortgage interest rates were far too low, and security valuations excessive

        hence the lack of a stable bond market financing housing, the reliance on overnight money, and the mortal fear of bankers, regulators or politicians to accept the existence of the black hole


        • 65
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Cameron’s big idea, the “big society” is missing one word, bankrupt.


  7. 7
    Ravinder says:

    Quite right Guido. It’s a con trick, only we can all see it but can’t afford to point it out.

    The more they print, the less it achieves. Time for radical surgery, not another injection of monetary morphine.


    • 31
      Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

      Look we politicians want to get re-elected. If we can kick the debt can down the road to another bunch of politicians to deal with, we will retire with our full index linked pensions, that we have no intention whatsoever of reducing like in the rest of the public sector, our knighthoods and peerages. I rather think I would look nice in my ermine robes. Boaz.


    • 61
      Fawkbender says:

      The UK on the never-never


  8. 8
    Rust Bucket 'Dave' says:

    Hi!! Trust me!

    You used to trust Tone! – why not me?



  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    “If it goes wrong, we will look back on QE as the biggest rate-fixing scandal of all time.”

    Uncharacteristically charitable Guido. It IS going wrong, and it IS the biggest rate-fixing scandal in living memory in the UK.


    • 26
      Ivan Agenda says:

      QE and PFI fall into the same dirty economic laundry basket.
      Obama’s doing the same with trillions of dollars which is why Liebor and Bring Back Communism is very silent on this issue.
      At least in the states there is much more objective criticism of QE from investment pundits simply to advise investors on how to avoid the bubble and its inflation aftermath.
      “We are all technically insolvent together” should be the mantra.


    • 73
      The Golem says:

      +1 Anon. These people are not working for us, we’re just paying for it.


  10. 10
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    The UK needs a zero rate of interest.

    Bring it on Gideon.


  11. 11
    Merv, the Morose Monetary Moron says:

    My Pensions are safe though.


  12. 12
    Well it's a thought says:

    After watching a bit of “Lorraine” this morning , instructing people how to enjoy their holidays by walking along the beach and going onto the water, it’s no wonder these politicians can get away with the massive theft and lies, the media believe people are braindead and need to be instructed ,North Korea must have more freedom than we do, I just give up FFS.


  13. 13
    National Socialist says:

    For whose benefit do they do it?


  14. 14
    Spotty Lizard says:

    Guido, when are you going to run your fat naked arse through Whitehall, having lost your bet on Osborne and the IMF?


    • 47
      Fawkbender says:

      “Guido, when are you going to run your fat naked arse through Whitehall” now that would be a horror movie or maybe a Carry On farce


  15. 15
    A sometime painter says:

    People will vote for me when they need a wheelbarrow to move their useless money about. Just saying, – that’s all.


    • 34
      East India Company Wallah says:

      Nah-No ones going to vote for mono-testicled dwarf with a toothbrush tash prone to ranting and raving,stick to the art Herr Schicklegruber


  16. 17
    H H's U turn of the day says:

    ‘Hugely undervalued’ English forests will not be sold off after U-turn by the Government


    • 38
      Fawkbender says:

      I wonder if Dave does U-turns on motorways after realising he is going in the wrong direction


      • 80
        Progressive Reign of Terror 1997-2012 says:

        Cameron U-turns so much, he goes round in a continuous cirlce.

        Because Cameron confuses motion for direction, he’s achieving nothing worthwhile for the British people, at vast expense.


    • 121
      Woody Woodpecker says:

      Interesting point here is that far more woodland was sold off during the Reign of Terror 1997-2010 than was proposed to be sold off last year. Didn’t hear a squeak from the BBC / Guardianistas about that when it was happening.


  17. 20
    Kevin T says:

    This will be paid for by selling most of us as slaves to the Chinese where we will be put to work as labourers or concubines. The concubines will last longer so I’d invest in plastic surgery and get down to the gym to be sure you’re attractive to your new masters.


  18. 21
    Ah! Monika says:

    £157,000 for Headhunters to help BBC chose their own employee.


    • 23
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      They were striving to prove their impartiality. Cheap at that price.


      • 27
        PBT says:

        we have policemen retiring in their ‘0’s with £200k tax free and £60K+ p.a. inflation linked pension; then working on as ‘consultants


      • 37
        Beeboid One says:

        We have to show balance and to hang with the cost. Anyway it is not our money, it is (was) yours.
        So what are you going to do about it?
        Complain to the BBC or the Trust?
        We rigged that mechanism years’ ago.


    • 28
      National Socialist says:

      By definition didn’t they fail?


    • 29
      Fawkbender says:

      Why employ headhunters, haven’t they got a board of governors, the same goes for a lot of companies and actually appointing someone within the organisation after employing headhunters beggers belief, the Beeb is not the only one.


      • 97
        A Headhunter says:

        No we have to create positions which properly reflect our vastly inflated sense of our own importance.


  19. 22
    Fawkbender says:

    “It robs the old of the value of their savings and the young who will have to finance the future taxation which the government has effectively deferred.” This is called short termism, great for the here and now, but little thought of the times in the future, 2014 is in Dave and Gideon’s collective mind, what the ordinary Joe thinks is how am doing now, can I pay my mortgage, can I put the kids through education, what is happening to my savings, Gideon and Dave are effectively run the country on the never-never, just like people who live way beyond their means and have to go running to loan sharks which gets them into even more trouble.


    • 44
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      They no they are toast in 2015, so they are trying to pass on an even bigger poison challice to Militwit, so it all blows up in his face when borrowing rates, inflation and interest rates go through the roof and Liebore will get the blame, having to call in the IMF who will demand draconian cuts to spending.

      It’s the 1970s all over again.

      The Tories will find their new Thatcher and get back in 2020 for at least 20 years.


      • 50
        Axe The Telly Tax says:



      • 87
        Progressive Reign of Terror 1997-2012 says:

        Labour, Tories, Lib-Dim’s, Coalition? Makes no difference, they are all useless traitorous scum. Filling their pockets as fast as they can empty ours and telling us to “feel proud” because “we are all in this together” whilst they do it too.


      • 141
        Steve Lloyd. says:

        Nice dream, but a pipe dream. Politicians with Maggie’s sense of patriotic conviction and courage, disapeared the day the great lady left office. We will never see her like again.

        Perhaps a massive tax strike is the answer. Drastic, but have the British people that much left to lose.


  20. 32
    jax says:

    yes let yhe interest rates rise and the pound collapse altogether


  21. 36
    Steve Miliband says:

    One big Ponzi scheme


  22. 39
    ALAN BENTNOB (H M D) says:

    Georgie boy is no better than Bob Diamond
    the country is still going down the pan Gov spending still rising national debt still rising it’s starting to look like we will never get out of this mess
    which has to be in part due to this government and the last not having a clue what to do Apart from “If yo have a problem , keep throwing money at it”
    The bailed out bank shares are getting towards rock bottom again , maybe the banks will need a second bail out by the end of the year


    • 88
      Progressive Reign of Terror 1997-2012 says:

      The bad banks need to go bust, not get bail outs. Let the market pick over their bones and move on.


  23. 41
    Vince says:

    QE! Don’t worry, George and Dave are bringing their vast knowledge and experience in financial matters to bear. They know exactly what they are doing and have no worries for their future. Just like McMental?


  24. 42
    Raving Loon says:

    The UK has four options:

    1) Cut spending (we’re pretending to do this, everyone think’s we are, but we’re not)
    2) Default (this is what Iceland did, it hurt a lot, but they’re on the mend now)
    3) Bail out (this is what the EU is doing, it doesn’t work, and just passes the buck to Germany/ECB, who will eventually default if this keeps on going
    4) Money printintg (the last refuge of desperate governments and always ends in misery)


    • 55
      Steve Miliband says:

      5) Call an election. Lose. Let the two Ed’s make everything better with their magic money tree and blank piece of paper.


      • 84
        JH says:

        This is probably the best option. Labour will smash the economy into the buffers that bit quicker, meaning the healing comes sooner.

        Watching Labour frantically trying to clean up their own shit – when they are so used to waltzing back into power once the Tories have done it – will be priceless.

        It might actually, finally, incredibly, make them unelectable for the mong 35% who would vote Labour even if Ian Huntley was the party leader, with Levi Bellfield as Minister for Women.

        It might even remind the Conservatives to be, you know, Conservative.


        • 94
          Steve Miliband says:

          The Libor Party could PFI everything – Defence, NHS


        • 99
          Progressive Reign of Terror 1997-2012 says:

          Dream on, the mongtastic Labour vote will be blaming Fatcher into the next century, aided and abetted by the risable BBC / Pravda luvvy axis.

          The only hope is for the Conservatives to actually find some balls, sack Cameron and his fabian chums and do what is needed, without decimating what is needed.

          Which means, setting us free from the death grip of the EUSSR and all it’s expensive madness heaped upon wealth killing insanity, piled upon failed impoverishing socialism. Cutting our cloth to fit our needs and cutting spending on useless green shite, the Quangocracy, overseas aid and pointless vanity projects.

          We are close to finished as it is and headed towards utter poverty for millions, yet we still may just pull out of the destructive spiral in time.

          It will be very close though.


          • no tool like an old tool says:

            The only time that this bunch of “conservatives” find any balls is when they’re sucking off their bumchums.


      • 103
        UKIP.i.am says:

        6) End the coalition, promise a real in/out referendum on the EU and to really cut public spending and to really stop mass immigration. And then win a landslide victory in the election.


        • 105
          Quisling says:

          +55,000,000 voters


          • Steve Lloyd. says:

            There seems to be an endless supply of cash for foreigners coming in to this country. And endless supply of money for foreigners who have never even set foot in this country. Yet not enough money to keep our armed forces intact.

            When the revolution comes, i hope our soldiers realise that the people who care about them the most, the people who will put their hands into their pockets time and time again, despite the ever shrinking pounds in their pockets. Are the British public, and not politicians who give less of a f*ck about them than they do us.


      • 142
        Rip van Wrinkle says:

        Call an election….and then what? Christ on a bike, we’re FUBAR’ed.


  25. 51
    Jimmy says:

    Daily, like a parade from history they line up – disgraced politicians, power-crazed media moguls, criminal financiers, greedy businessmen, corrupt police chiefs, despotic dictators, the head of this and the CEO of that on rape or corruption charges. Expenses cheats and tax evaders and Ponzi scheme charmers.

    Their day has come and gone and they can’t see it. Their own greed and selfishness and stupidity has gobbled them up. They had it all, there, in the palms of their hands and like every time before, they gambled it all away.

    Got just a little to lazy, just a little too weak. A little too bloated and comfortable. Forgot they were privileged and started to believe that they were special. Forgot that they were lucky and started to believe that they were entitled.

    The daily me fights them and tries to expose them, but more and more, the other me watches them from a distance and sees them for what they are. More and more I wonder if we really need to do anything at all but watch them crumble.


  26. 58
    Screwed taxpayer says:

    Diamond and his dodgy mates aren’t even in the same class of thieves as the thieving lying hypocritical self-serving politicians.


  27. 71
    Nothing better to do says:

    Always the end policy of failed governments. Print until the currency is destroyed. Socialism at work. Buy gold and silver and stock up on non perishable food. Won’t be long before it all falls down really fast and most people won’t know what hit them.


  28. 76
    Frightened Inmate #2 says:

    Douglas Adams wrote of the peculiar British genius for importing something from America and removing its one worthwhile feature. We have now imported Quantitative Easing but removed its ability to actually stimulate the economy by forcing all the banks to simply spend it on gilts.


    • 81
      ed martin says:

      and since for 2 generations we have been using inflation in the same deluded way, we should have known better

      but then thats what the electorate wants


  29. 79
    Perry says:

    Help – Where does all the money go? Straight forward replies only please. It seems to rain money but where on earth does it go?
    I wonder if our economy is now centred on buying champagne, yachts and schooling of the next generation of champagne drinkers, yachts owners etc.


  30. 89
    Ed Balls says:

    Why don’t we just make any mention of inflation illegal, and print more money.
    In fact we could force home-owners to buy printing presses for £10k each then they could print their own money. That would bring valuable cash into the Treasury to be spent on infrastructure projects paid for by off balance sheet PFI

    See I’m not just a pretty face


  31. 90
    New Labour Mantra to win over middle England circa 1997 says:

    Low interest rates are the opium of the people.


  32. 96

    A better approach could have been to use QE solely to fund debt repayments and interest thereon, as it falls due. This would have left a much easier budget to balance.


    • 127
      Perry says:

      Don’t understand why that is not one of the part solutions – Do you think that is just too easy or is it maybe not legal (you know how no one in the banking and commercial interest ever do anything that is illegal)


  33. 98
    ed mankybum says:

    vote for me! or my dog


  34. 100
    Mike Hunt says:



    • 113
      Anonymous says:

      the sooner all the EU countries sign up for these Eurobonds the better.

      Angela says if you won’t them OK but you can’t go outside the Eurozone to borrow further money.

      You can borrow money within the Zone to fund growth projects. You cannot borrow money to pay for inflated pensions state sector jobs and unemployment benefits.

      If you want any of these things in the future then you pay for them out of taxing the growth created by the Eurobonds.

      I thought it was all pretty simple but the Italians French and Spaniards are as thick as pig shit.


  35. 101
    Short Term Economics says:

    This is all short term economics brought on because the MP troughers are more interested in Jam today so that they can cling onto their bennies and perks.

    Their financial thought horizon NEVER stretches beyond the next general election (unless its a green policy of course and can bring money in NOW).

    And that IS the problem. Fix that and somehow get them to think medium/long term and things will improve.


    • 106

      You need to stop all worries being on the markets to achieve that. A simply, but courageous, mind step, to focusing on real economics is required. Dont think many policians have the bottle to upset their funders and future employers though.


    • 116
      Gordon Ramses says:

      Jam is about the only thing missing from The HOC canteen menu!


  36. 110
    Abdel in Tooting says:

    Printing all this money!

    It is creating a false market in the country init?

    It is criminal.

    Just think of all those poor pensioners with money under the beds.

    I tell you it is not right


  37. 112
    Nigerian Prince says:

    Send me your dollars and pounds instead.

    My scheme is a certainty and does not need a printer or a tub of vaseline.

    PO Box 567892 [ask for Lemmy]


  38. 115
    Adam Werritty says:

    Bent as a nine bob note the lot of them.


    • 118

      You voted them in or didnt vote and let them in by default. Unless of course you voted for someone who genuinely wanted to serve then I apologise to you. But you are in control of who governs you.


      • 132
        a welsh tom cat says:

        ” I didn’t vote for you Mr President but now you are my President I hope you do a good job for me and all the other citizens”.

        The problem is neither the voter or the politician.

        The problem is the substandard service


  39. 119
    JH says:

    What? Stop giving lots of gods-little-mistakes in the public sector something to do, with an impressive sounding title, usually in the swankiest office building in town?

    You’re just being selfish, expecting them to discover their true worth in the market. Just keep giving them your money and have them busy themselves making your life a misery in return.



  40. 120
    Flatcap Army says:

    it’s perfectly OK if you listen to “tax expert”, renaissance man and all-round tit Richard Murphy – as we’re lending money to ourselves we can just cancel the debt and then everyone will live a Socialist paradise in harmony with the trees and flowers and magic money-shitting unicorns


  41. 124
    a welsh tom cat says:

    It is now being reported that 450 new jobs are being created in DVLA Swansea.

    I thought the master plan was to reduce state employment and increase private employment and that in any event Swansea already had an above average dependency upon state employment.

    If they opened a new mine or even started building a Barrage across the English Channel I could understand it.

    There is no sustainable future with policies like this.


  42. 129
    Cringle says:

    QE is a complete scam and a Ponzi scheme. It is presented to the public as though it will help the private sector whereas it has done nothing of the sort. It has helped the coalition to not make the cuts they need to for bringing spending under control and so reduce taxation and allow the private sector to grow. Politicians are such liars its unbelievable.


  43. 135
    Jimmy says:

    Voodoo economists fear this will anger the money god.


  44. 150
    Screwed taxpayer says:

    If printing yet another £50bn is a good policy, why not print £500bn or even £5tn?
    The fxxking wxxkers Dave and George have now got Merv. to forge a total of £175bn, virtually the same amount as Gorgon.
    These two lying bxstxrds said they were Conservatives.
    Get the piano wire loops made up.


  45. 151
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    Right old row going on in the commons at the mo. It’s getting very nasty. Berc*nt is apoplectic.


  46. 152
    Grumpy old bumburp says:

    Simple question from a concerned Thicko

    How do you pay back non existent money ?

    This money is effectively printed~ yes
    Then used to buy Govt Gilts~ yes
    So what do they pay it back with more printed money ?
    Do they need to pay it back ?
    Who is it owed too ?


    • 153

      When you work that one out you will realise how stupidly luncirous it all is. Occams razor. You have two parties the government and the bank of England – there is a clue.

      All of this hardship that we are suffering from is not necesary. It is just that people have forgotten how to see the wood form the trees.


  47. 158
    Anonymous says:

    How can the govt p@ss £50 billion away on “stimulus” and cut a 30Billion defence budget during time of war.

    I can only conclude that Cameron has been ordered to dismantle the Armed Forces for a coup d’etat by foreign parties.

    I could be wrong of course, but that is what it looks like.


  48. 160
    Momentum says:

    Almost every form of investment has gone down in value apart from Government Bonds which have gone up beacause interest rates have been maintained so low. It is about time some Governments went bust and then we could move on and hopefully people will stop lending money to Governments and they will learn to live within their means before they destroy everything.


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