July 4th, 2012

DWP Boss: Pin Benefits Cheats’ Photos to Lamp-Posts

A top DWP official has said that benefits cheats should be named and shamed by having their photos pinned to lamp-posts around the towns they live in. Terry Moran, IDS’ man in charge of implementing the universal credit, mooted the idea during a speech yesterday:

“If I had my way I would put their photograph on every lamp-post in the street where they live because it is a very distressing thing for genuinely disabled people to see the reputation of disabled people damaged in the way that is by those people. We have got to do something about it constructively.”

Tax avoiders are getting named and shamed, so fair is fair…

Via Telegraph


  1. 1
    Breaking News says:

    But tax avoidance is perfectly legal, why should they be named and shamed?


    • 11
      Breaking News says:

      “Tax avoiders are getting named and shamed, so fair is fair…”

      How is that fair?

      One is a lawful act and the other is illegal, surely there is no comparison between the two?


      • 17
        Bob Diamond says:

        Fuck yes! I hate fraudsters!


        • 18
          Jeremy Hunt says:

          He’s rather dishy. Anyone got his number?


        • 26
          MPs not getting very far at the moment says:

          As John Thurso MP said…”Mr Diamond if you were English you would be likened to Geoffrey Boycott.You’ve been at the crease for 2 and half hours and I don’t think we’ve actually learnt a great deal !”


          • AC1 says:

            Anti-semitic bastard! He’s likening tight tykes to God’s chosen!


          • The Paragnostic says:

            I have noticed that the Labour members on the committee appear to be overwhelmingly Scottish.

            What right do the profligate Bucky swillers have to investigate a man who ran a bank that didn’t go bust?

            Shouldn’t they be painting railings in Kirkcaldy as part of their care in the community?


          • Bob Diamond's wonky faced sprog says:

            Right on, Mr Paraplegic! I hate god damn fraudsters. Hang the schmucks!


          • @ Para

            The more especially as both their own big banks, scions of respectability just two decades ago (with centuries old histories of caution), fouled up so spectacularly.


        • 89
          Vazoline says:

          So do I. Dishonesty and greasy tactics have no place in Britain – though maybe elsewhere in the world (LoL!)


    • 49
      Ken Lyingscum says:

      See? – at last! – someone understands me! There again, any publicity is good publicity – so bring on putting up my picture!


  2. 2
    Well it's a thought says:

    I agree, but we need all the Palace of Westminster expense cheats to be on the opposite lamposts.


  3. 3
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    I would love to see it, but there’s probably something to do with Human Rights which would stop it.


  4. 5
    Loungelizard says:

    How much is this going to cost?


  5. 7
    Benny Fits says:

    This story cracked me up.

    TAOISEACH Enda Kenny has blasted Centra for calling on parents to squander their child benefit on BEER. Four stores issued Children’s Allowance Day Deal flyers offering 20 bottles of Miller for €15 and 40 Budweiser for €25.

    The leaflets encouraged parents to “make your money last” and were handed out in Fairview and East Wall, Dublin, Kilcoole, Co Wicklow, and Tullamore in Offaly.

    However, after a massive public backlash, Centra bosses pulled the ads promoting ‘mickey money nights’ — a slang term for parents using their kids’ allowance to get sloshed.


  6. 10
    Well it's a thought says:

    The most famous words from a politician involved in deep crap, “lessons learnt” it looks like the bankers are going to use that signature tune, out of the mouth of a diamond.


    • 15
      Using a Lamp Post for Support says:

      You forgot the essential action of …

      1. drawing a line under it

      2. learning lessons

      3. Moving on

      (4. Laughing and pissing on the faces of the electorate) *

      * Not disclosed for security reasons, obviously


    • 22
      Labour...filth...just filth says:

      flawless performance from diamond thusfar


      • 35
        The Paragnostic says:

        He’s been remarkably patient despite the loathsome tone of the Labour questioners – explaining the same thing several times and in increasingly simple terms to each of them.

        He did seem a little uncomfortable when asked about the management culture at Barclays, and why news of the rate fixing didn’t permeate to his level, but that’s about it.

        Tucker should shed more light on which Labourites tried to influence Libor downwards when he testifies.


        • 58
          Labour...filth...just filth says:

          stuck to his position well overall….as the rest of the banks are exposed the interaction between chingrinner his cohorts and the banks will be revealed..odds on chingrinner…ed balls….’scritti volitti…


      • 41
        City News Hound says:

        And his daughter.

        She has gone to the top of the ‘Gherkin’ and squatted, opened her piss flaps and let loose!

        The sight of a hundred young investment bankers standing there on the pavements of St. Mary Axe with their tongues out was a wonder to behold.

        Max Rouge, a 22 year old trader from Godalming who lives with his parents said “it was like Krug – only warmer”.


  7. 12
    Well it's a thought says:

    By the way happy July 4th to Guido’s American reader’s, apart from the diamond merchant who is still getting a reaming.


    • 40
      nellnewman says:

      Oh has he not performed very well. I was hoping to hear him name brown,vadera and balls at least once.


      • 61
        Labour...filth...just filth says:

        wait until we get into the RBS ..Northern Rock …LLoyds scenario pre bailout…the treasury would have to have known the rates were being manipulated when they took them over or bailed them out…vadera balls chigrinner in the frame with probably darling


        • 62
          Labour...filth...just filth says:

          plus myners


        • 64
          Labour...filth...just filth says:

          Gordon would have had every reason to allow the banks to fix rates whilst he was saving the world from financial meltdown thanks to his light touch of regulation..trousers down ..bend over …job done


    • 44
      Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

      What’s with the apostrophe in a plural? Did you actually go to school?


      • 96
        I know says:

        If poxy little boroughs up and down the country can declare themselves ‘nuclear-free zones’, why can’t we declare this site an apostrophe-free zone?

        We’d put the pedants and grandma police out of work overnight!


    • 78
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      It would have been nice for it to be used as a lesson about how to get out from under the rule of a tyrannical regime based in another country. The MP’s of that era believed that all the affairs of the North American Colonies should be administered from London, and now today’s MP’s are getting a taste of that same sort of treatment from Brussels.

      So Dave, make like Thomas Jefferson and declare independence!


  8. 13
    Using a Lamp Post for Support says:

    Oh fucking hell.

    Do we have to see more MP’s faces on lamp-posts?

    I’d rather they were hanging from them.


  9. 16
    Telefishion says:

    Can’t we just hang the offenders from the lamposts ?


  10. 19
    Sungei Patani says:

    Tax avoiders are just trying to keep the money they have earned, benefit cheats are stealing money someone else has earned.


    • 33
      A Guardian Reader says:

      I recently employed the same argument against an unemployed youth who I found rudely pissing against my garden fance.

      He considered the point for a moment before turning his stream of rancid piss on me and hitting me over the head with a brick and calling me an effing vagina.

      I think these poor children need more support from the tax-payer.


      • 97
        I know says:

        Hitting MPs over the head with a brick is Plan B for use when the lampposts have been exhausted.


      • 109
        anagrams in the uk says:

        two words, little englanders: a riddle for ya!

        by the way this guy ain’t running in no ho-limpix

        1.big titted author first name

        2.failed american vice president second name

        welcome to da future


  11. 20
    Give the jocks their independence says:

    How many Scots are grilling Diamond?


  12. 24
    rick says:

    That would shame benefit cheats – what planet is that dork living on??
    If what they are doing is illegal – don’t we have a laws to cover it?


    • 113
      Ghengis says:

      They don’t give a monkey’s left bullock if their faces are posted, they probably don’t care if you give them community service and tell them they are being naughty; to be honest prison is probably a bit of a holiday for them. What would really hurt is taking their 48” flat screens away and stopping them having three holidays a year… take the money they have stolen back and if they have spent it then forced internment in a labour camp on minimum wage (I’m not that heartless) so that they can pay back what they have stolen (obviously they will have to pay for their own food and accommodation whilst they are there so that the honest workers and tax payers aren’t lumbered with yet another bill to pay). Perhaps if there was a deterrent then t5hey’d think twice before stealing from us.


      • 117
        brian says:

        If are you talking about the bankers in the city i agree with you. bankers should pay back the millions lost and the damage they have done to jobs in the UK.


  13. 30
    Labour HQ says:

    You lot in the vapid response division are in serious shit!
    Your job, easy, simple, job is to get 1st comment on each post.

    We don’t pay you to come 3rd or 4th, tossers. Get on pole or you can fuck off back to the job center.


  14. 32
    Well says:

    Plus what happens if DWP put up wrong details?

    Would the wronged person be able to sue? I mean lets face it they do seem to make a lot of mistakes and then we will be forced to pay for the compensation.


  15. 34
    Anita Bellows says:

    Why should the disability benefit cheats (given that the disability benefit fraud is 0.5% according the government figures) be named and shamed more than robbers, murderers, tax evaders, MPs who cheated with their expenses claims, phone hackers, crooked policemen, or anybody else who broke the law ?
    Why pick on this kind of “criminal” and not on others ?


    • 38
      • 63
        Anita Bellows says:

        Well, there is the law, and as far as I know, naming and shaming is not part of its remit. But the question was really referring to studies showing that there has been an increase in negative media coverage of disabled people these past years, some originated from DWP statements (including from Chris Grayling) which had not been vetted and found to be inaccurate by a special committee or found to lead to the stigmatisation of disabled people. Mr Moran might get a slap on the wrist, but the harm is done. I will be quite happy to run a campaign of naming and shaming all the officials, ministers included who have been peddling lies about disabled people, and the level of benefit fraud.


  16. 37

    I have an idea.

    Tax avoidance is the new unlawful practice in our upside down system. So be it.

    Why not legalise tax evasion?

    You know it makes sense.


  17. 39
    Aunty Matter says:

    There’s only one question I want answered. Did Balls or Brown (or one of their lacky’s) interfere with the Libor rates.

    Yes or no


  18. 45
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    Before any election it should be a matter of course for the person standing for election to be named and shamed, if he is a lying thieving trougher and a perv the electorate have a right to know


  19. 46
    JH says:

    Simple solution – if you deliberately overclaim by £1000, you lose the right to the next £1000 of your benefits, and are put on a watchlist for particularly derisive treatment when you go to sign on.

    The age of handling those who deliberately damage this country with kid gloves needs to come to a close.


  20. 47
    David Cameron says:

    I would go a step further and pin photos of the imbeciles who voted Tory to their local lamp-posts.

    I didn’t want to be Prime Minister and I know my place as Leader Of The Opposition.


  21. 48
    Carlos says:

    Does that include thieving, dishonest and duplicitous MPs? Or should we just suspend them on the lampost rather than a photo?


  22. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Terry Moran, whiter than white?


  23. 57
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    The Tories are known as “The Nasty Party” for no reason.

    Another crate of Bollinger please,Mr Diamond


  24. 60
    Carlos says:

    David Ruffley MP seems to have got over his shame for expenses fiddling.. suppose there’s hope for us all.


  25. 65

    Is it just me or was Bob Diamond’s evidence to the Treasury Select Committee today was not the Armageddon that we had been led to believe it would be.

    It is difficult to see evidence that any scores were trying to be settled here.

    I had posted last night I wonder what sort of arbitrage might be going on right now? Maybe the answer to that is well hidden. Maybe he was just speaking plainly. I have no idea which right now but feel that future events will ultimately inform us. I suspect the middle-east might play a part in these developments…


  26. 67
    Anonymous says:

    The British love servility. This current government, and the previous one for that matter, along with the Sax-Coburg junta, are going to give it to them in spadeloads.


    • 100
      Down trodden pro tem says:

      Extreme servility inevitably leads to extreme incivility. You have been warned.


  27. 68
    The Perforator says:

    They could also put a picture of Professor Sir Mansel Aylward on a lamp post as he is the one who has introduced the flawed assesssment system into the DWP?

    Check him on Google and see his close and intimate association with UNUM the American medical insurance company who have been described as an “OUTLAW COMPANY” by John Garamendi, who at the time was Insurance Commissioner for California, for denying legitimate claims.

    The public don’t know half of it.

    Curiously enough, the ex – Chief Medical Advisor for UNUM, at the time when they were described as OUTLAWS was Prof Mike O’Donnell. O’Donnell is now CEO of Medical Services, part of ATOS. These are the people who now are responsible for denying benefits in this country.

    You couldn’t make it up and I didn’t.


    • 70
      Anita Bellows says:

      I am glad we are at least 2 people on this site who are aware of this.
      If the public does not know, this is because it is not in the interests of privatisation champions to let it be known.
      And it is not curious that O’Donnell is now Atos chief medical officer. It is totally logical. The governement knew it could rely on him to narrow the definition of disability (check Simon Wessely on Google) which would lead to cuts in disability benefits for very sick, terminally ill and disabled people, some of them driven to kill themselves. I am hoping that mentioning suicide here would not lead to sick jokes as previously.


    • 101
      Buy your lamppost futures today! says:

      Looks like even lampposts are going to be needed then.


  28. 69
    anti-fabian says:

    Easier to just make unemployment benefits a loan to be repaid. There would be no point in claiming them fraudulently, as you’d have to pay them back anyway.


    • 102
      Ty Twad says:

      Tell that to the several million students who have not the slightest intention of repaying their student loans.


  29. 71
    Chief Cashier says:

    Along with MP’s such as Blair


  30. 72
    Not working for a Brown tùrd. says:



  31. 73
    Chief Cashier says:

    I remember the days when you were paid weekly in cash (wage packet), only people who had bank accounts were posh people and businessman. Ever since the American’s got involved with British banking has the sleaze and quick buck to be made (for the few) have things gone down hill, our special relationship and greed have made us become too American like. Have a nice day Y’all!!!!


  32. 74
    Jess The Dog says:

    Does Mr Moran pay properincome tax, or is he one of these company using tax dodgers?


  33. 75
    tottenham chutzpah says:

    start with farmers and disinvestment bankers


  34. 76
    keredybretsa says:

    Nice spot of thinking there, probably won’t be more than a thought.


  35. 77
    Jimbo says:

    I fully agree, Benefits Cheats should have thier faces plastered all over the lamp post etc, but so should the Politicians, only country wide.

    Terry Moran, is taking benefits cheats to task but why is’nt he taking the likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown,David Cameron etc. to task for war crimes, each one of them are guilty of illegal wars and the death of thousands of innocent people. I publicly state that I don’t want my tax money spent in this way. Those that do pay without complaint are complicit in the ongoing war crimes.
    Roger Hayes has been tried, sentenced and put in prison for these reasons, please check it out and see that we are now living in a Police State, the Stasi is coming.


  36. 79
    Leaving Edinburgh says:

    Yeah. Those that are falsely accused of being cheats can SUE the arses of them.


  37. 80
    Sue Brown says:



  38. 82
    Working with human rights says:

    What a weasel


  39. 84
    Disgusted of Neasden says:

    This policy could backfire, of course. Some ASBO-holders view their punishment as a badge of honour. Other scroungers are more likely to view it as a Hall of Fame.


  40. 87
    Saffron says:

    Yes and I for one would like to see all politic’os wheeling and dealing and financial scams and there are many broadcast to the general public in whatever areas they represent.
    The level of this raping of the public is large and the reparations are minute,why is this,are we ignorant cash cows as far as they are concerned.
    These cretins only appear to be concerned with one thing and that is how we can rip off the t axpayer under the guise that we are doing a good job for you.
    The whole blo–dy lot of these so called patriots need urgently to be got rid of as parasites.


  41. 88
    confused says:

    This would be OK if the DWP stopped prosecuting claimants for claiming the wrong benefits rather than making false claims.

    If the claimant claims the wrong benefit & there is no loss to the exchequer then no offence has been committed (as per case law). Try telling that to the DWP but it helps to keep the number of prosecution up good PR for the hang ‘em brigade


    • 107
      Ben E Fits-Scrownjer says:

      The whole brown-conceived benefits mess needs a huge simplification, then there would be fewer errors (and possibly fewer claimants on our hard earned cash too).


  42. 92
    Brown shitst@ins on the BBC says:

    Jog on. Do you trust these cnuts not to accuse genuine cripples and mentalists? I think not.


  43. 93
    Bullying, nasty, exploitive games. says:

    Intellectually crippled. It really is not worth the effort to be bothered with such crap.


  44. 94
    BBC employee working with BBC says:

    BBC employees?


  45. 116
    brian says:

    can i have the bankers pictures nailed to lamposts please?dont cheat the benifits system just get a job at a bank and get a bonus for wrongdoing!


  46. 118
    ALAN BENTNOB (H M D) says:

    People would like it more if you hung the fuckin benefit cheats from the lamp posts in the street where they live , thus saving the taxpayer all the printing costs


  47. 119
    lastofthesummervintage says:

    can we do the same for local MPs and Councillor’s who do the same


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