July 2nd, 2012

Dave Preparing Conference EU Blitz

The latest briefing to Tory MPs gives an interesting clue as to Cameron’s next move re-Europe:

From: CCHQ
Date: 2 July 2012
To: MPs Lines To Take
Subject: Political Topline: 2 July 2012

Good afternoon. Please see below the political top line:

The Prime Minister is clear that an in-out referendum is not the answer right now. Instead we should first set out how we want to change our relationship with Europe and then as the end point becomes clear we should consult the British people, either in a general election or a referendum. He will set out more details of the Conservative Party’s position in the Autumn.

Faced with his choppiest conference yet as leader, it seems the PM is preparing some EU shaped hats and rabbits in time for Birmingham.


  1. 1
    jgm2 says:

    Preparing some smoke and mirrors more like.


    • 5
      Vichy Dave = Heath MkII says:


      It’s that simple, dave


      • 23
        misterned says:

        “The Prime Minister is clear that an in-out referendum is not the answer right now.”

        The Prime Minister is wrong.

        Anything other than in -or- out is a cynical, dishonest, dodgy Europhile delaying tactic to buy enough time to get us ever deeper into the EU.

        The question should be in or out!


        • 44
          Archer Karcher says:

          Cameron is lying again. He has no intention of giving an in out referendum, or ever doing anything of the sort. Delay, fudge, obfuscate, blur, anything in fact that means he can dodge the issue, that will never go away.


      • 39
        crystal clear says:

        To be fair it’s all a question of foreplay.
        Is it directed at EU leaders and Brussels Mandarins abroad or will the UK be the sole recipient of Dave’s cunning linguistics. Just a blow job to get the back benchers off his neck perhaps.


      • 107
        bandersnatch says:



    • 7
      AC1 says:

      Leaving the EUSSR’s not in Dave’s (or any of the political rent-seeking classes) interests. But that means it’s definitely in our interest!


    • 16
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Let’s negotiate our departure intelligently and leave the EUSSR on our terms.

      Farage the Barrage would have us depart slashing and burning all in our wake but there are ways of saying adieu amicably and there are ways of hacking off all and sundry.


      • 18
        Anonymous says:

        Hack the knts off, see if I care.


      • 24
        jgm2 says:

        The way to say adieu amicably is to simply hold a referendum and then abide by the results.

        I don’t think France, Germany, Italy…whoever can get cross if the UK parliament acts on the say-so of the UK electorate. We’re not voting for war. We’re just voting on self determination.

        Sure they’ll mope about for a bit feeling as though we don’t love ‘em any more but they’ll get over it.


        • 55
          Archer Karcher says:

          The EU is going the way of the wind up gramophone and will be remembered in future years, as yet another costly and misery inducing socialist experiment, that went, as socialist experiments always do, horribly wrong.


        • 67
          Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

          Yes, they’d mope and moan, but they’d still want to trade with us. Business is business, and money will override other concerns, as it usually does.


          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Guido, where the f**k are my posts disappearing to? I’ve posted two replies to Anonymous and JGM2(105 and its reply). Both seem to have disappeared into the blogosphere. You aren’t blocking some posters are you?


        • 105
          Anonymous says:

          jgm2,there is no chance of it being “amicable” however we do it.
          The Germans can’t forgive us for defeating them in WW2 & the French can’t forgive us for saving them.


          • jgm2 says:

            I think French revisionist history has De Gaulle and the Free French storming the beaches of Normandy and single-handedly liberating Paris. And of course everybody was in the ‘resistance’ and most certainly not little Vichy collaborators rounding up the J*e*w*s and herding them onto trains for their German masters.

            Fuck no.


          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Recent research has shown that only around 1% of the French population were ACTIVELY involved in resistance activities. While a good number passively supported the resistance, too many of the French people preferred collaboration and adapted to an easy life under the German occupation forces. The German Army were told to be friendly and not antagonise the French people who eagerly reciprocated.

            There are too many proven examples of French civilians betraying downed British airmen, S.O.E. agents and resistance leaders to the occupation authorities to believe the majority of the French population lived under sufferance of the Nazis. Many of them eagerly embraced the opportunities Nazi occupation brought them.

            Don’t forget, too, the Vichy French authorities eagerness in rounding up their Jewish population for deportation to the extermination camps in Poland.

            That nearly all the French people were involved in resistance activity during World War 2 is a myth designed to salve the guilty consciences of most of the French people. Even ex-president Francois Mitterand was outed as a Vichy collaborator after years of his boasts of being in the French Resistance.


    • 33
      Evad says:

      No Fooker believes Dave any more.


  2. 1
    tottenham Chutzpah says:

    Fox hunting to be banned

    would you Adam & Eve it?


    • 9
      AC1 says:

      A second #1. The guido database triumphs again.


      • 19
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Hold all tickets pending a Steward’s Inquiry.


      • 30
        Anonymous says:

        If it was a proper database it could/would enforce uniqueness.


        • 34
          Phoney B£iar says:

          I’m a unique kind of guy.


        • 61
          Quisling says:

          That would just throw an exception when a race condition was met (2 PHP threads hitting at exactly the same time). Better to produce some thread locking and tighten the code up rather than the Db.


          • Anonymous says:

            The code is probably the problem here?

            I’d trust a Db’s integrity enforcement over some monkey’s dodgy code any day. Simultaneous write requests can be handled perfectly easily.


          • Quisling says:

            Odd thing is that typically you would set the post count (or whatever its called) to be a unique and auto increment it. If that’s the case then its a bug in the version of the mySQL engine and it probably needs updating.


    • 85

      Yes Dave has done another “U” turn !

      And decided to slaughter Badgers instead


      • 128
        The Golem says:

        Badgers are are much greater value to the nation than the present front bench – on either side of the aisle. A cull in Westminster would give us all a brighter future.


  3. 3
    AC1 says:



    504 TRILLION….

    Now who still says there’s not a credit bubble and debt deflation (removing excess credit) is something to be countered by central banks?!?


  4. 4
    True says:

    DC needs to many the fuck up.

    Or we will have Prime Minister Ed Miliband.


    • 26
      Well it's a thought says:

      Thought it was red ed’s turn next.


    • 76
      Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

      Is ‘many’ meant to be ‘man’ in your post? Sorry, but there’s no way Cam the Sham will ever man up on any subject. He’s just a cowardly, cojones-free, gutless wuss.


  5. 6
    Curbishly says:

    Does your hard nosed attitude towards the Prime Minister mean that you’re hoping Lord Ashcroft will make an offer for your web-site?


  6. 8
    Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

    Grow a backbone Dave you useless tosser……


  7. 10
    Hugh Turner says:

    Bloody ‘ell, this is the fastest U-Turn in history!!!


  8. 11
    Forkbender says:

    Why do the Cons have to be told what to think can’t they think for themselves


  9. 13
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    Instead we should first set out how we want to change our relationship with Europe and then as the end point becomes clear we should consult the British people, either in a general election or a referendum.

    what stunt is he trying to pull, we all know “the end Point” will be something he decides, there never will be an end point untill he gets the answer he wants.

    Him and ken clarke must have worked on this for hours


  10. 14
    Well it's a thought says:

    Didn’t take long for the cast iron to crack and show us which way Camoron and his uconned us are forcing the country to go.


  11. 15
    Glacier Mint says:

    DC is a member of the Fuckawe tribe and is 3 feet tall. He lives in 4 foot grass. He spends his time shouting we’re the Fuckawe!

    Trying to push a simple EU in/out vote into the long grass or, if that fails, coming up with a ‘contrived’ question to put to the electorate WILL NOT WASH.


    • 29
      jgm2 says:

      Trying to come up with a contrived question to not put to the electorate more like. There will be no EU referendum.

      Only the utterly naive will be fooled by this pretence.


  12. 21
    cunt watch says:

    Fuck off Cameron EU c’unt.


  13. 22
    Gordoom Broon says:

    I hear they need a replacement for Bob D.


    • 42
      Now IS the time says:

      It’s extremely unlikely that France or Germany would allow UK to re-negotiate or repartiate powers anyway. It’s also unlikely they would allow UK all the advantages of EU membership without the disadvatanages so Cameron’s idea to renegotiate is dead before it starrts. The only option anyway in that event would be an in out referendum


      • 63
        Anonymous says:

        Not long ago providing funding direct to Spanish banks wasn’t ‘allowed’?

        A way can always be found…


        • 117
          Archer Karcher says:

          A loan to compliant serfs like the Spanish to attempt to stop the EUro tanking is one thing.
          Allowing anyone to escape from their corrupt little club on good terms, specially someone who is the second biggest contributer to the prison budget, is another matter altogether.


  14. 27
    SFO Naval Spokesman says:

    Is it a coincidence that the new type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond will be coming into dock soon?


  15. 28
    PETER MANGLEDBUN (Lord of the Rings) says:

    He is just Lying his arse off buying himself some time untill 2014 when the Lisbon treaty kicks in forbidding referendums unless all 27 member states vote for it
    then he can turn round and blame the EU for not allowing it

    Wanker !


    • 36
      jgm2 says:

      In that case Dave has already won.

      Your best revenge, as always, is to vote for somebody else and pay as little tax as possible.


  16. 32
    Brent Fraser says:

    I thought that the dates for General Elections were now going to be fixed, so the chances of our relationship with Europe having been discussed and being clear precisely in time for a General Election are slight in the extreme.


    • 51
      crystal clear says:

      If the Conservative party together with the LibDems can do it once they can do it again. When push comes to shove there is little stopping the coalition deciding in their last year that with Labour having a blank piece of paper, that the 5 year fixed term should not be extended further [ in the best interests of the country]
      Cuba had it’s Fidel Castro- look forward to a Fiddle Cameron.


  17. 35
    Nige says:


  18. 36
    Jen The blue says:

    Who the hell is going to believe a word Dave says?

    “We’ll have a referendum on Lisbon Treaty”….”Er, no we won’t”

    ” I have used my veto”…..”Er,no I haven’t”

    “No top down reform of the NHS”….”Er, let’s have some top down reform of the NHS”

    “Let’s tax pasties”…..”Er, let’s not tax pasties”.

    Etc, etc………..


  19. 38
    Not surprised says:

    Instead we should first set out what might happen when we can’t swan around Europe going to “critical” summits, staying in 5* accomodation, having chauffered limos and hard looking security details wearing dark glasses shadowing our every move, having photocalls and press conferences and generally looking important to further inflate our egos all at the taxpayers expense!

    Secondly we need to break it to Nick Clegg that he won’t get that coveted European job he thought he was going to get when he’s out of office at the next election


    • 54
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      We’re going to have to break it to the whole of the FibDem losers that they’re not going to get their noses into the Euro-trough. They’ll be fucking devastated.

      With any luck Paddy Pantsdown might top himself.


  20. 41
  21. 45
    Aunty Matter says:

    ‘ve had it with Paul Mason. Newsnight’s economics editor, while clearly an intelligent man, is as openly partisan and fiercely Left-wing as it gets. Ever since writing his book, Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere, last year, the man has become a roaming, state-sponsored propagandist for the types of young people who quite like the idea of Occupy London. He’s the sort of Lefty who rants about the “end of the neoliberal experiment” between interviews with dreadlocked, dope-smoking hippies squatting in some Arab oil trader’s Chelsea townhouse



  22. 48
    davidc says:

    why should anyone in their right mind should believe the word of a pr spiv ?


  23. 59
    One of the sheep says:

    Another ewe turn.

    Nightmare’ plans for 6-month paternity leave to be rewritten after opposition from businesses



    • 75

      Just to let you know that it was Labour who came up with this hidious law change in 2006 so it’s not so much a “U” turn as a repeal


      • 80
        One of the sheep says:

        The plans, announced in the Queen’s Speech and championed by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, would see maternity leave end at 18 weeks and allow fathers up to six months’ paid paternity leave.


  24. 68
    Cressida's Dick says:

    The world and his wife can see right through you Camoron you lily livered amoeba of a politician. The more you say no, the louder the demands will become. You had your chance, no one trusts a blind word you say anymore.

    Fuck Dave, vote UKIP.


  25. 72
    The BBC is concerned about more important things says:


    • 78

      He should try wearing a smile the miserable Jock C*nt


    • 88
      Paul Mason BBC Trot-in-Chief says:

      Wimbledon is just a facade created by the predator Strawberry industry to rob the poor! Strawberry growers are worse than city bankers! We should nationalise the British Strawberry industry and unionise its workforce.


    • 110
      Odd Bod from Bodmin says:

      With all those ball boys and ball girls about, why do tennis players keep balls in their pockets anyway?


    • 118
      Owain Glyndwr says:

      Sweet bloody jesu even in public the bbc are perving over sportsmen


  26. 73
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    What we’re meant to hear is something along these lines:
    “Sure we’ll give you a referendum, we just want to make some half-fast proposals to try to ‘sweeten’ the whole secession deal first; no sense in just saying ‘We’re outta here,’ only to then have to negotiate every little bit with that lot over in Brussels, who ain’t exactly gonna be thrilled with us. We’ll get it all on the table, and whatever is put to a vote of the UK electorate will be final and binding and in our view the best possible outcome for all concerned. These matters take some time, and more than a small amount of patience, you know.”
    But what’s really meant is something more akin to this:
    “Sure we’ll continue to be screwed for the foreseeable future, but we’ll be negotiating for some extra lubricant in the meantime.”


  27. 77
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Here is my opinion on recent events;-

    I would like to have a referendum U-Turn Inquiry Chillax on The EU Bankers Miss-placed Children Tax Avoidance Thingy Well there you have it, my concise opinion with no ambiguity whatsoever.


  28. 84
    Buster Gut says:

    All marketeers are two faced lying bastards


  29. 89
    Jago Frost says:

    Cameron can renegotiate NOTHING except under the provisions of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Our future relationship with the EU can ONLY be determined under Article 50(2). The European Council presently has no reason to listen to Cameron until he proves he is serious and invokes the Article.


  30. 93
    Buster Gut says:

    Jeff Randall, writing in The Daily Telegraph where he is a senior executive, said he would not trust Mr Cameron “with my daughter’s pocket money”.

    “In my experience, Cameron never gave a straight answer when dissemblance was a plausible alternative, which probably makes him perfectly suited for the role he now seeks: the next Tony Blair,” Mr Randall wrote.

    says it all really


  31. 94
    Louise Mensch says:

    CCHQ is getting on my tits with this latest briefing.

    Any more like this and I’ll “cross the floor”.


  32. 99
    Jimmy says:

    The gist appears to be that he’s going to put repatriation of powers in the manifesto. Again. As it was obviously such a votewinner last time. The flatearthers forget that’s as much as he can do without Nick’s permission.


  33. 101
    Dave says:

    Lie back ( I do ) and think of……….yourself.


  34. 102
    Continuity Blair says:

    Listen chaps I cant have Liam Fox one upping me (phnarr phnarr what).
    You want to try being professional with that parasitic chain smoking imbecile attached to my every move.


  35. 120
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    Cam Expecting Rough EU Ride in Parliament

    does this mean that bryant has got a double size butt plug


  36. 133
    keredybretsa says:

    Changing relationships with Brussels or within Europe probably the order of the days to come. Not just a UK problem this is a European problem but there is no strong man to run the show. Iron Lady Angela is getting a bit rusty round the edges. Come along Dave the geezer to save us all.


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