June 27th, 2012

Taxpayer-Funded Charities and Links With Labour

Guido has expressed his dislike for taxpayer-funded “charities” that lobby the government before, but if there’s one thing worse than a Sock Puppet then it’s a Sock Puppet with suspiciously close links to the Labour Party.

Shelter, the homelessness charity, has been loudly lobbying the Coalition to scrap its Housing Bill over the last few months. Their chief executive is Campbell Robb, a former Labour employee, and they receive some £10 million from the taxpayer each year despite taking a patently partisan position. Not only a Sock Puppet, but one with a conflict of interest.

The worrying ties don’t stop there, with the Gingerbread campaign against Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare proposals being funded largely using taxpayers’ money awarded to them by Labour councils in Manchester, Haringey and Camden. They also receive significant amounts of cash from the Labour-controlled Welsh Assembly.

These so-called “charities” only survive thanks to our money yet seem to be pushing the agenda of their Labour cronies. It’s a revolving door…

Via ConservativeHome.


  1. 1
    Jimmy says:

    Surely a charity set up to tackle homelessness will be closer to the anti-homelessness party than to the pro-homelessness party?


    • 3
      A Taxpayer says:

      IMHO charities should have a legal duty to be politically neutral


      • 6
        Jimmy says:

        An interesting idea. Perhaps they should be obliged in the interests of balance to publicise the advantages of sleeping rough? How it helps build character?


        • 14
          Wild Rover says:

          Everyone should have the right to a healthy life and sleep in the great outoors without being forced to crash out in flea ridden doss houses.


          • Aaron D Highside says:

            I wonder if these ‘charities’ have got any ‘Pilgrims’.


          • UKIP.I.AM says:

            How many homes did the anti-homeless party build while they were in power for 13 years? Labour – the hopeless party.


          • End fake charities now says:

            UK.I.Am – exactly, and how many kids does the NSPCC look after – despite their emotionally harrowing advertising all the do is campaign for me to pay more money to the state so that it can look after them (very very badly – especially in the former industrial regions) plus all the other high profile charities. Very few actually provide any sort of service at all.

            The CC should re define a charity – a ‘publically funded single issue campaigning group’ is NOT a charity


        • 67
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          Jimmy if you’re so concerned about the homeless, why not give the next jakey you meet a bed or the floor of your bedsit? I thought all you lefties liked “direct action”?


          • End fake charities now says:

            “Are all these pilgrims your brothers and sisters?”
            “Yes sir, they sure are”
            “Then you won’t mind if they stay at your place then”


        • 86
          Mike says:

          Housing benefit is far more restricted on the Continent, people are expected to fund their owning housing or live with their parents. Do not think many countries offer housing benefit to those who are not married and do not have children. One of the reasons why the Chinese Government declined to support the Euro was excessive welfare payments.


        • 95
          Osric Testacles says:

          Jimmy, you poor little man


      • 36
        A N other Taxpayer says:

        I’d agree with that if all companies that got contracts from Government also agreed to be politically neutral.

        I find it odd that all you small state privatisers want Government to take so many of the services charities provide back into the department and have it done by inefficient, useless public servants.


        • 78
          UKIP.I.AM says:

          If all the companies that have contracts with the government were also given big handouts (or subsidies like wind power) I rather feel ALL the anti big state people here would be against that as well. In fact one of there reasons we have such a huge national debt is because Labour were so cavalier with government contracts.


      • 69
        Pip says:

        When I complained to the MacMillan trust about their using labour politicians to harangue the newly elected government (whilst most people were unaware of the political history of their spokespeople) – they replied very haughtily that they had an obligation to their charity to use every means at their disposal to raise more funds.

        This sounds reasonable until you realise they are now no longer impartial or non-political – they are being infiltrated and used as a cosh by the opposition- and they are quite happy about that as long as they can get their hands on more money from US the taxpayer.

        Until the interviewers make clear any political affiliation of these “charities” – I personally will discount anything they say.


      • 104
        Breton says:

        Totaly agree. So can we withdraw charity status from public schools? “These so-called “charities” only survive thanks to our money”. Indeed.


    • 8
      Tooth fairy says:

      I thought charities relied on freewill ‘charitable’ giving. Money from the Government should be stopped as they are forcibly taxed from us all.


    • 21
      Oink Oink says:


    • 30
      Jimmy is a Mong says:

      Remember labour flooded the country with thousands of immigrants meaning a huge demand on housing stock-Labour the pro homeless party, helping the people of Britain become homeless over 13 long years…..


      • 68
        I Remember You Hoo says:


        I think you will find it was MILLIONS. The rest of your post is accurate however.


    • 35
      Nom Dom Nom says:

      I assume by anti-homelessness party you are referring to the party with the largest amount of landlords posing as MP’s?


    • 38
    • 41
      JH says:

      Considering the salt Labour spread on the fields of our economy in their 13 years of power (REMEMBER, JIMMY? 1997-2010), I would have thought they have created more homelessness than those eeevil Tories.


    • 82
      Anonymous says:

      Of course why didn’t I see that 13 years in power and not a council house built for the indigent


  2. 2
    Pig watch says:

    Snouts in trough

    Oink Oink


    • 4
      Jimmy says:

      I thought that was the whole “Big Society” concept. Or have we binned that now?


      • 75
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        The “Big Society” tosh is a re-titled piece of pure socialist fabianism Jimmy. I would have thought you would have been a keen supporter of such drivel.


  3. 5
    Sandra says:

    This is theft from the taxpayer. Pure & simple.

    No wonder the Unions have a “war chest” of £25 million – the taxpayer has built that nest egg for them.

    It should be obvious by now that the Unions wholly own the Labour Party & their policies – it is only a matter of time before the Unions use their ill gotten gains to get their people back into power & opening the bank accounts of the yet unborn British taxpayer to pay for their failed miserable socialist ideology.

    We need a new Maggie to smash those union bastards.


  4. 7
    Mamba says:


  5. 11
    Mr Bone says:

    Hear ! Hear !


  6. 15
    Lord Stansted says:

    I have never given to any charity and pay as little in tax as possible. I suggest everyone follow these simple steps.


    • 32
      Charity, my arse. says:

      NSPCC report & accounts 2011 lists 7 staff earning £100k +. Remind them of this next time you are bullied in the High Street to make a monthly donation. My son made the mistake of caving in to one of their licensed muggers and although he cancelled the direct debit they won;t leave him alone.


      • 55
        AC1 says:

        Data Protection act. demand removal of your details from them.

        They have 30 days, then sue.


      • 96
        Baldy says:

        Surely ‘…7 staff earning paid £100k + …’?

        It’s very revealing that they are just so concerned with their charity that they need to be given such large amounts of money from the charitable funds.

        I’m sure that being willing to take that much money (and any side benefits) is also rewarded with ‘Honours’.


      • 111
        Sir Everad Digby says:

        I suggest asking them how much of every £1 you donate goes in admin costs.They can/will never tell you. The major charities are no different from big business. Corporatists,greedy and political.

        I would not have a problem giving them a subsidy if it all went to the needy.


  7. 17
    Sophie says:

    Spineless Dave will do nothing about these fake charities.

    Even if he wanted to control the slush funds set up by Labour Clegg would never allow it.

    So suck it up & keep paying to fund Labour, their Union masters & their crony class of non productive placemen & women.

    They have stuffed us all good & we have no way of clearing out the stable until we get a real Conservative leader who is not shit scared of the left wing.


  8. 24
    Arthur Biscuit says:

    Dont forget other fake charities such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF who all get paid by the EU to lobby the EU to bring in more ecofacist laws. These organisations are criminal enterprises regularly breaking the law to further their aims which are the detruction of modern society and ultimately death camps for people they feel are surplus to requirements. They are human hating wind farm loving scum


    • 27
      David Bellamy says:

      Dont forget RSPB- hates birds loves wind farms and loves getting wind farmers money for so called environment assessments-another sham charity


  9. 25

    The Charity Commission is as dodgy as buggery. A local trust has been riding a coach and horses through their own rules for the past three or four years, and the commission can never quite manage to see anything serious enough to warrant their intervention…



    • 105
      Disgruntled Sheffielder says:

      I totally agree with you here. Neither the Charity Commission or Companies House want to know about abuse if it doesn’t involve the bigger charitable companies. I dare say millions a year get misapropriated but they do not want to know.


  10. 26
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    …… and then Guido came for the NGOs ….. to misquote the great Pastor Niemöller


    • 33
      Mine d'Boggles says:

      Ooppps, not NGOs (necessarily), I meant to write QUANGOs, as in “bonfire of ….”


  11. 28
    rofl says:


    • 66
      JH says:

      When I watch interviews with Gordon Brown from a few years ago, I think – Oh my God, that man was Prime Minister.

      Prime. Minister.

      Gordon Brown. Prime Minister. Makes your blood run cold, doesn’t it? That goes for lefties too, judging by the heroic efforts they make to avoid any reference to his reign.


  12. 29
    Jane Pilgrim says:

    I agree with Guido. It’s about time they shared his spotlight.


  13. 31
    Ah! Monika says:

    Rutherford on Clegg. ” He’s like a Euclidean point : he has position without magnitude.


  14. 34
    Lord Timon says:

    Do shelter build houses? What exactly do they do with the charity money that they rake in?


    • 42
      Trundlemaster says:

      Whine mostly about how bad things are. All these fake charities seem to do nothing but lobby. I’ve not heard of anyone getting housed with the help of Shelter, if you have housing issues then you would be better off consulting a solicitor or your local CAB.


  15. 44
    Quisling says:

    How much does the CEO of Shelter receive in salary/pension? Does he give any of his personal money to Shelter?


    • 52
      Yossarian says:

      Err, if he did that wouldn’t he eventually run out of salary?


      • 56
        Quisling says:

        Don’t follow how he would run out of Salary

        I.e. what is his total compensation from his job AND different question

        Does he himself donate any of his money to shelter? For example £5 per month

        I think you must have read the word ANY as ALL

        I’m certainly interested in the second question because if he doesn’t believe enough in his own charity (i.e. its just a job) to donate to it why should anyone else?


      • 71
        Owain Glyndwr says:

        thats the catch 22


  16. 45
    Disgusted, Purley. says:

    I explain to all charity muggers that if i want any of my money in a Swiss bank account that i will open one in my own name, it take a few seconds for it to sink in but they know exactly what i mean.


  17. 46
    Dr Rowen Williams says:

    Frankly I’m appalled.


  18. 49
    Roscoe Rules says:

    Your £2 a month will help us lobby your MP to spend £500 a month of your tax money on shite.


  19. 54
    Veronica says:

    The Shelter website says that 21% of its income comes from Grants – that’s Public Money. They obviously do take some burden off Local Authorities and Citizen’s Advice, whose offices on weekdays resemble a sort of 1975’s Saigon prior to the arrival of the Viet Cong.
    Labour’s assumption of the moral high ground on Housing (or the lack of it) flies in the face of their failure to build sufficient houses whilst in power, though at the same time jamming the border doors open for all newcomers. I think that most decent, upright people are in favour of the work done by Shelter, but will abhor the partisanship of the people who have been gifted positions within the organisation on the basis of their personal politics rather than experience and ability.


    • 108
      Elgin's lost his Marbles says:

      Surely the CABs are the Viet Cong, the Commie aggressors in this scenario? Founded in WWII, the CAB is, oddly, still here, despite Wikipedia.


  20. 60
    Bob Diamond says:

    Anyone want to borrow at rates linked to LIBOR ?


  21. 61
    philatelist says:

    As an expert in stamps I am never going to lick a penny red again


  22. 70
    Hard-working Mamma says:

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  23. 77
    kerrching another gullible idiot scammed says:

    We never question where the money goes, but to me the charities seem to spend more and more with nasty tv adverts and plastic bags and ganging up as you walk out of the supermarket, always check the crap they show us as to which charity they are trying to pay to but if you look at the small writing it’s usually a company name showing, charity begins at home so go and get knotted,


    • 80
      will says:

      one of the reason why charities prefer legacies is that the dead dont tend to ask too many questions also the executor/executrix trying to settle the estate just wants to give the money over.

      After the asian Tsunarmi, it was estimate that quite a lot of the money was wasted on housing projects badly built rather than longer term issues such as jobs for local people.


  24. 79
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    for gods sake you are giving liebour ideas, they will declare themself a charity just to get goverment funds. As it is the limpdems are being taken care of by all the mental health charities


  25. 89
    The Brown Mong can fuck off and do one. Take the Edinburgh socialist dogshite with him. Pay me damages. says:

    I am sick of being mugged by morons.


  26. 90
    ShaveTheChildren says:

    Is the Justin Forsyth who is the CEO of Save the Children the same Justin Forsyth who took over from Damian McBride as Gordon’s mouthpiece?

    Do they ever wade into politics?


  27. 93
    ReefKnot says:

    These so-called charities are a pox on society. Many of them receive large sums of money ( sometimes £millions )from unwitting tax-payers either directly from Government or local Government, or indirectly from other publicly finded bodies or sometimes from each other. Their role in life is to campaign and lobby on behalf of their cause, rather than carry out any real charitable work, which they stopped doing a long time ago, if they ever actually did any. Organisations such as Stonewall – campaigning to convince people ( including in our schools ) that homosexuality is a jolly good thing, ASH – campaigning to criminalise people who like smoking, Brake – campaigning against motorists or Alcohol Concern – campaigning to stop you drinking and / or making it much more expensive -none of which is real charitable work and all of them with CEOs on salaries probably greater than yours. These and hundreds of other fake charities can only survive by getting your money ( without your consent ). If, like real charities such as RNLI, Air Ambulance etc they had to stand on street corners shaking tins for donations almost none of them would survive. Government i.e taxpayer funding of these should stop as a matter of urgency. If their cause is so worthy, let them survive on private donations. Many of them will fail because they have no general support amongst the public – which is how it should be. The current situation is a disgrace.


  28. 97
    Lance Dyer says:

    For ‘balance’ here are some right wing funded and lobbying charities – Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), Future Leaders Charitable Trust Ltd, Policy Exchange Ltd, Social Affairs Unit, Civitas Ltd, Legatum Institute Foundation, Institute of Economic Affairs Ltd, Reform Research Trust, The Countryside Alliance Foundation, Politics and Economics Research Trust- linked to Taxpayers Alliance etc And wasn’t Osborne’s friend Adam Werrity working in the guise of a ‘charity. I understand that the free schools are also registered as charities – so what will their curriculums contain?


    • 98
      Backwoodsman says:

      Oddly, I can’t recall any of the above trying to mug me outside a supermarket.
      However, the scandal I assume you are trying to shift attention away from, is the vast number of leftist front ‘charities’ who labour allowed to take tax payers money directly from government.


    • 99
      Knobend Identifier says:

      Are they funded by the State?


      • 106
        Pickled Wizard says:

        If the Countryside Alliance is funded by ANY taxpayers money, I will eat, not only my own hat, but the hats of every other Englishman


  29. 107
    Elgin's lost his Marbles says:

    I would find it impossible to believe that Cameron, Osborne and the rest are not aware that a lot of these charities are Labour stooges, and yet they continue to fund their enemies. The same might apply to the BBC in the large part.

    You have to be a particularly vile kind of “Govnoed” (Soviet diplomats’ term for friend of USSR from the West, translated as ‘shit-eater’) to tolerate this state of affairs.


  30. 110
    Disgusted of Neasden says:

    People are surprised when I tell them that Shelter don’t actually provide any shelter. The net effect of their activities is probably to push their clients up the council housing list, thereby pushing others further down, and to waste the time of council officials who could otherwise spend time solving the housing crisis.

    If people want to help the homeless, they should give to a charity that actually provides help directly.


  31. 115
    gildedtumbril says:

    Aye, they’re aye bent bastards, so they are. All political ‘charities’ in Britain need abolition, likewise ‘charities’ that send money abroad.
    Sending money, sprinkling money or lending money to Africa is particularly nauseating. The more you help the worse it gets.


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