June 27th, 2012

Scrounging Union Boss Tells Members to Sign On

Len McCluskey, the General Secretary of bus-striking fun-spoilers Unite, has set up an online calculator on his union’s website to help members claim benefits. Guido finds the move all the more amusing given that Loony Len claims over £21,000 in employees benefits himself each year, including over £6,000 to run his car. With McCluskey moaning today that 80% of Unite members are unable to pay their bills, perhaps he could help them out by not using his members’ fees to supplement his £100,000 basic wage. What a scrounger.

It’s been a big week for Len as he continues on his quest to conquer the Labour Party. McCluskey told the Unite conference in Brighton that he had set up a £25 million strike fund, revealed plans for supporters to infiltrate the Labour frontbench and quoted his hero Karl Marx. Perhaps it’s time he and Ed sat down for another cosy dinner…


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    that is all says:



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      Sir Mervyn King says:

      The twat probably thinks that all you need to make more money is a printing press, paper & ink.


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        I am intensely relaxed about our people getting filthy rich


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          Gooey Blob says:

          Let’s be honest, he’s already pulling the strings in Labour, that’s why the toxic Ed Balls is shadow chancellor and the party is moving closer and closer to the hard left. Yet the conquest is not yet complete… Blairites may be on the run, but so far only a few have been forced out.

          I’m just glad I’m not a member of that party, because the unions are going to destroy it.


          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            Of course, this story about benefits scroungers is about paltry sums, chickenfeed. The reall parasites, the real scroungers, are bankers.

            Bankers who have today (in the case of Barclays) been fined a record $360,000,000 by the US authorities, and £59,500,000 by the FSA – both record penalties. And this is only the tip of the $360,000,000,000,000 LIBOR fraud iceberg.

            Yes, you read that right. The global fraud involves the manipulation of funds totalling $360,000,000,000,000.

            Ocupy got it wrong. Wall Street and the City should not be occupied. It should be torched, the buildings razed to the ground, and anyone in a High Street Bank or Investment Banks higher than a doorman or cleaner should be hanged, drawn, quartered and butt fucked witha red hot poker for good measure.

            Then the people and buildings should be pulped into dust and dumped in landfill.

            Then, and only then, will the producers of real goods and services in our economy will be able to fully enjoy the full fruits of their own hard labour which are ightfully theirs.

            Bankers are thieves and fraudsters. Literally. Treat them with the contempt they deserve.


          • Judge Dreadful says:

            I would very much like it if these fraudsters at Barclays would end up in the dock .


          • Irate Englishman says:

            Bob fcuking Diamond is a fcuking crook and a cun’t.

            Anyone manipulating LIBOR is a fcuking crook….never mind fcuking polite fraud. Make no mistake…the MSM are doing their best to gloss over this.

            I’m calling him on here a fccking criminal and if the cun’t don’t like it then he can fcuking sue me…IP addtress supplied courtesy of Guido Fawkes.

            If you want an example of what he’s fcuking done the you read this piece you fuckwits…that’s if you can read a few fcuking pages of text and not get fcuking confused on financial matters…as it’s exactly the same fcuking scam….


            Someone needs to sack and prosecute the fcuking cu’nt now and fcuking ream him up the arse inside jail.


          • smoggie says:

            Kirchner has the Falklands and the Labour Party has the “banksters”. Anything to distract the voters’ attention away from their own gross negligence.


          • M says:

            If we are looking at Barclays bank fixing prices on certain markets , well take a deep breath .
            Energy Markets .
            Utility Market .
            Food prices .
            Let’s just leave it at that for now
            I’ll get the can opener .


          • The Bonfire of the Vanities says:

            Totally agree, these benefits scams are nothing to what has been going on with LIBOR. Its like getting worried about the staples that someone in the office has pinched while some bunch of crooks have cleared your fucking warehouse of all your stock plus hacked your bank account and cleared that as well leaving you with the bills for the fucking lot. Welfare needs reform but the amount of fraud is not the central problem. The banks have far more to answer to its clear the whole banking system needs to be recreated from scratch these bastards have been fleecing us for decades.


          • jgm2 says:

            Ivor mate, you’ve fallen for the bedwetter line lock, stock and barrel.

            The UK economy is fucked because the Maximum Imbecile borrowed us into recession. The UK economy is fucked because the Maximum Imbecile engineered low interest rates via his ‘independent BoE’ – if by ‘independent’ you mean appointing all the members of the ‘independent’ board yourself. These low interest rates encouraged massive individual borrowing thus creating a fake boom. The falke boom was topped up with even more government borrowing.

            And that’s why we find ourselves where we are.

            If anybody should swing it should be the entire Labour government 1997 – 2010. All of ‘em. No mercy.


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      Derek Hatton says:



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      Anonymous, just to be annoying says:

      I suppose a cosy dinner between Ed and Len would actually be a Hunty supper.


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        Fenton says:

        What’s so remarkable about this? Haven’t you heard of the ever giving money tree. Len has, and he wants to share his knowledge of economics with his members.


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      Sam says:

      If this is the approach to take then heres the reply –

      PUBLISH THE ADDRESSES AND AMOUNTS OF ALL BENEFIT CLAIMANTS – http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/35300

      Now lets see who blinks first!


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        This e-petition is ill-conceived, not least because the the DWP are tasked with routing out fraudulent claims.

        The vast majority of benefit recipients are genuine..

        To suggest they be listed in public is just nuts


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          Blowing Whistles says:

          The DWP – very craftily ‘outsourced’ all of its dirtier business to ATOS.

          Some of the computer screen judge ‘n jury mob need to Do Some effing research of their own.


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        Ah ffs I know it's not helpfull says:

        It would be illegal to publish names and addresses as they are on electronic databases so come under the data protection act, end off, besides lets a better way would have been to publish the names of all persons who are not paying taxes through PAYEE.


    • 170
      Bill Bell says:

      Discounting the bankers, Why is it that the rich kids during this recession are those that do fuck all or are funded by either taxation or subscription. They have no effect on GDP unless they sell their houses which is also part of the scam in terms of producivity


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    Just me says:

    £25 million would help them.


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      Dick the Prick says:

      I’m gonna swim against the tide here. It’s £500 nicker for a shite Olympic ticket, it’s cost the taxpayer a fooking fortune building velodromes and arenas that no one’s ever gonna use, it gives politicians a time to both ramp up rhetoric about ‘fun’ and ‘achievement’ at the same time as every pikey in the world is gonna try and get into the country knowing full well the border agency is pants and yet they’re still trying to clamp down on civil liberties under the auspice of ‘protection’. The chances are the benefits calculator was just lifted off HMRC website – I worked for HMRC tax credits for a fair while and it’s genuinely complicated unless you’ve got P45s and 46s in front of you. £500 nicker to ferry arsewhipes about? Fair play to ‘em. At HMRC we went on strike about 3 times and no-one gave a toss; what’s the point of being in a union if you’ve got nothing to bargain with? Nah, with these busmen, women, dangerous drivers and drunks – i’m with ‘em. I’d have gone for £2k but….


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        jgm2 says:

        The trouble is that they don’t really have anything to bargain with either. Anybody who can dr*i*ve a c*a*r should be able to dr*i*ve a bus. It ain’t a particularly skilful job. Neither is a tube dr*i*ver. Red light stop. Green light go.

        Hardly worth 40K or 50K or whatever a year they’re getting paid now is it?

        Not exactly rocket science.

        Sack the lot of them and get some folk in who will do the job.


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      Forkbender says:

      £6000 for use of his car, when I had a car I got 20p a mile (3p could be reclaimed from HMRC) and I did not get payed for time between calls, later they removed this allowance so I packed the car in and made the calls on a push bike but only fairly local ones but one day I did 33 miles in doing the calls


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        Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

        Payed? That should be ‘paid’. Shirley Williams has a lot to answer for.


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    Old Tory Bigot says:

    McCluskey and his like are absolute fossils.

    There was a time when the unions were necessary (even essential) to prevent the exploitation of labour but that was getting on for 80 years ago now.


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      Gooey Blob says:

      Quite so. The unions were responsible for destroying manufacturing industry in this country, and there is much else they would destroy if afforded the opportunity.


    • 174
      Marmite says:

      Yes OTB, but they are dangerous fossils. Why people vote Labour is beyond me.


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    Karl Marx says:

    Marxism is beautiful in theory, the reality is the ugly truth that resulted in the bloodshed of millions of people.


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    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:

    Why does he need a megaphone ? His gob is large enough as it is.


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    David says:


  7. 9

    Why not tak about the real news – latest installment in my attempts put right wing corruption out in the open – today’s episode – What does a Defence Minister do when you’re not watching



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    Problem is that most of his members are so thick, they would not even take it in if you told them.

    When they got their jobs, they followed the example of the sea anemone which, upon finding its preferred bit of rock, has no further use for its brain and consequently eats it.


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    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Sorta like what Len has in mind:



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      Rob says:

      Who would have thought the School of Social Work would have produced an extreme Left manifesto?


      • 169
        Tom Wolfe Wrote About This Shite 40 Years Ago says:

        I’m shocked– SHOCKED– that an august institution like the Columbia University School of Social Work (site of student riots in 1968) would have produced something like this! Why, this whole proposal fairly reeked of self-interest by the social work profession! Not only was it a plan to overburden the system with claimants– oh no, it was also a plan to overburden the system by having to hire and pay the personnel to process those claimants! Good Lord, it was the Social Workers Full Employment Act of 1966!

        In other words, even if, as what actually happened, the urban poor lumpenproles don’t get up off their arses and smash the whole thing to pieces, your fall-back position is that you’ve inflated the State payroll with more and more Leftie activists, and the Revolution, which WILL be televised, will just take a little longer, as the System is being undermined rather than having a sledgehammer taken to it. Nice work if you can get it, even if, as has actually happened, the Revolution fails to materialise. There are worse things than cashing a State pay cheque– you might actually have to get a job where you’d have to produce something useful!


  10. 12
    Be quiet little people says:

    So David Cameron MP…..

    You find lawful tax avoidance “morally reprehensible”. (Jimmy Carr)

    You find rioters (Aug 2011) “criminals”

    I agree with you.

    So therefore Mr Cameron, what do you make of Mr Bob Diamond, Barclays Bank fined £290,000,000 for manipulating LIBOR since 2005?

    Speak up, I cannot hear you.

    What did you say?

    Sorry what?

    Yes, thought so. Nothing. You ncut


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      anonymous says:

      if all these rich bastards continue the way hey are there will be no workers left for them to exploit – what are they going to do then – this coalition is shite, really shite – clueless in westminster


    • 35
      so shall services says:

      Hearing aids available on the NHS.


    • 50
      UKIP.I.AM says:

      Bring them to trial and lock the feckers up if they have broken the law (which looks highly likely). That’s the difference between capitalism and the alternative. With everything owned and run by the state nobody would take responsibility, nobody would be blamed or sacked or prosecuted and the public would never know what had been going on. I tell a lie. How long does it take state secrets to made public? It would take a huge cock-up like the state owned RBS for it to get to the public’s ears before that.


    • 139
      Fish says:

      Woo Barclay’s shares up nearly 2%

      What’s Bob Diamond got to do with it?


  11. 14
    Zoro says:

    “80% of Unite members are unable to pay their bills”

    Yeh, right, even if that ‘statistic’ was true to the survey, I’ll bet that 80% can be cut down to about 20% of them who are really struggling each week.

    The rest just say so in the hope that they’ll get more money.

    80% my arse.


    • 17
      Be quiet little people says:

      Who cares, they can just ask Barclays Bank to pay them now.

      The system is totally discredited

      I have been a capitalist and Tory all my life.

      Lloyd’s was full of lying shtis, we have known the bankers are too for years. Who listened? Nobody

      Tell you what the luvvy lefties have more street cred than my crew.

      I’m off to the Carlton now to watch the squirming mass of shame (if possible)

      Hasta siempre


      • 52
        Clear as daylight says:

        I’m no fan of the bbc, but . . .
        I’m no fan of Ed Milliband, but . .
        I’m no fan of Gordon Brown, but . .
        I’ve been a Tory . . . (there’s the giveaway)


    • 57
      Spin and nonsense says:

      Which bills exactly would that be?


  12. 16
    Geronimo says:

    Just as a matter of interest Guido do you hate everyone?
    When you look in a mirror do you say I hate you Guido your and absolute ass hole!
    If you do tell us because I’ll defend you from yourself ok


  13. 18
    No tea for Heros says:

    Soldiers who were pallbearers at a corporal’s funeral say they were “absolutely disgusted” at being turned away from a Coventry pub on Monday.

    Cpl David Allison, of The Royal Welsh, said the men had wanted tea or coffee to “calm our nerves” during rehearsals for Cpl Michael Thacker’s funeral.

    Thousands of people have backed a Facebook campaign calling for Browns Independent Bar to be boycotted.

    The bar, which has a policy of not serving people in uniform, apologised.

    Owner Ken Brown said the soldiers would have been served if staff had known the funeral was taking place.


    • 21
      Ah! Monika says:

      Is a burka a uniform. There’s the rub?


    • 51
      Private Tommy Atkins says:

      I went into a public house to get a pint of beer;
      The publican, he up and says, “We serve no Redcoats here!”
      For it’s Tommy this and Tommy that and Tommy go away,
      But it’s “Thank you, Mr Atkins!” when the band begins to play!

      Nothing’s changed in the last hundred-odd years, has it.


      • 60
        days of yore says:

        Lovely pome. Gove would be proud of you. Even the ability to remember a few lines suggests you had an education


        • 69
          Ah! Monika says:

          ” pome ” you obviously struggled in ” Spelling Lessons !!


          • days of yore says:

            Earth has not anything to show more fair.
            Dull would he be of soul, who could pass by a ‘site’ so touching in it’s majesty.

            From the heart Monika, and from the Hearth


          • Samuel Langhorne Clemens says:

            I have no use for anyone who can spell a word only one way; it shows lack of imagination.


          • gramma says:

            Defeat the pedant. Poetic lie sense does no arm.


      • 67
        query says:

        Is my information out of date or is it still the case that locals in our large garrison towns avoid their town centres on Friday and Saturday night because the places are full of drunken, brawling squaddies?


  14. 22
    Well it's a thought says:

    So the other 20% of his members will also end up paying for the 80%s benefits as taxpayers, nice one tosser.


  15. 25
    Jeremy Clarkson says:

    I’m going to take that fat union bastard outside and shoot him in front of his family!


  16. 26
    Engineer says:

    So Unite is going to ‘infiltrate Labour’s front bench’ is it?

    Why? Unite OWN the Labour front bench jointly with the Co-op. They can just tell it what to do.


    • 32
      anonymous says:

      in much the same way as ashcroft infiltrates the tories i presume


    • 56
      Democracy Now says:

      I find it astonishing that the co-op party get such an easy ride. It is private political party being run by a commercial conglomerate and no-one in Parliament ever seems to question the obvious corruption and subversion of our democracy that is involved


  17. 28
    Suburban Hillbilly says:

    6 grand a year for car allowance is about par for the course. I get that and probably just break even on Insurance, Tax, Servicing, Tyres, depreciation etc. at around 1500 business miles a month in a 6 year old Avensis.

    Mind you that still leaves 15k of benefits I wouldnt mind having.


  18. 30
    Stark says:

    Same as tax avoidance (not evasion). If it’s within the rules, no one can complain . If the rules are wrong, change them.


  19. 33
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    He’s a snip at a basic wage of £100,000 per annum.

    The next time we dine I will suggest the K2 tax shelter to him.

    Toodle Pip


    • 138
      Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

      He can probably quote book, chapter and verse on tax avoidance schemes in his sleep.


  20. 36
    Something fishy going in here says:

    Aj Jabeeba denigrating (sort of) M*slims.



  21. 37
    Chloe Smith says:

    Oh shit,I forgot what I was about to say !


  22. 38
    MB. says:

    How much are UNITE paying their own staff for working during the Olympic period?


  23. 39
    Raymond McCartney says:

    Death to Len McCluskey


  24. 41
    UKIP.I.AM says:

    Tribalist tw@.


  25. 42
    Jeremy Hunt says:

    The Prime Minister can shove the Ministerial Code up his rather ample arse.


  26. 44
    Fog says:

    U.K. Journos, I know this is tough for you to understand because most of you appear to be thick, and bearing in mind you’re only interested in creating controversy, so my expectations are low:-

    Growth (as promoted by French Hollande) = debt-fuelled (borrowing) i.e. living beyond your means, getting into ever more debt

    Austerity = cutting down, living within your means

    When you go on about growth v austerity could you kindly explain. Thank you.


    • 104
      not a machine says:

      Mr Hollande made quite a few promises to the French people that he had solution , yet he seems to be heading towards the buffers faster than I anticipated , I would think that any euro sticking plaster , will be washing up on his shore in 6 months , considering his origins and selction for job from socialist elite , you would have thought he would be right at the front for those , ideas .


  27. 49
    Malcolm Redfellow says:

    What, precisely, is wrong with claiming benefits properly due?

    What, precisely, is wrong with advising how to claim?

    But then decency and propriety were never much encountered here. It’s all middle-finger and abuse.

    Now here’s a curious thing: I don’t see Unite’s other piece of recent advice so featured. It draws attention to the dangers of the debt-trap connected with Wonga and the like. But then Wonga (published APR: 4,214%) is the false front of Dawn Capital. Dawn Capital’s chairman is one Adrian Beecroft. Beecroft has underwritten David Cameron Enterprises Unlimited to the tune of £593,000.


    • 53
      On this issue, the government has betrayed the country says:

      Wonga are trully evil. They should be under arrest for loan sharking.


    • 120
      Harold Hill says:

      Useful comment. Thanks for this. Just goes to show you how screwed you are for choice when you go into a polling booth.


    • 182
      UKIP.I.AM says:

      Wonga was being advertised on the Guardian website only yesterday. But I guess that’s OK as hypocrisy is standard practice for socialist scum.


      • 187
        The Left says:

        Whether it is death camps or Wonga adverts, it’s not wrong when we do it.

        Our hearts and goals are too pure and worthy.


  28. 59
    No FT, No Comment says:

    When the Financial Times made around a hundred workers redundant in early 2009, the NUJ who supported around half the workers involved made a big effort to stop it happening, even getting creaky old Tony Benn in to give a speech to staff. Unite, which represented the other half, who were not journalists, mainly IT bods, did fuck all. Their union reps actually did their best but they were given no support whatsoever by Unite itself. Guess which party the Financial Times has supported since 1992. Unite are cu nts. They pick their battles based on their political agenda, not any concern for their members.


  29. 61
    Anonymous says:

    No comment on your lying corrupt mates at Barclays then.

    Just saying.

    I’m sure you have nothing to hide.


  30. 63
    anonymous says:

    this is the government that allowed the banks to make hundreds redundant in this country whilst guaranteeing the jobs of people in india?

    who are the real scroungers??


    • 78
      Ah ffs says:

      Not even going to try, apart from commenting on the the 19,000 Indian IT people brought in to work on government contracts, while Brownsh*ite brought in IE35 to screw up one man UK IT contractors , who was the real shit*ead?


  31. 68
    Baroness Warsi says:

    I told you I was innocent,now put your money on Jeremy Hunt to be the first Cabinet member to leave.


  32. 70
    • 95
      Lou Scannon says:

      ‘contagion is limited thanks to adoption of a cocktail of the three solutions’
      I recommend a cocktail of concentrated hydrochloric acid, fuming nitric acid and Domestos. That should do the trick.


  33. 74
  34. 76
    blip says:

    A lot of people in his country do not take up benefits they are entitled to because they find claiming a bit degrading and do not wish to be a burden on their fellow citizens. On the other hand, being at least vaguely aware of the concept of jizya, adherents of a certain peace-loving religion have a reputation for always claiming for everything that is going.


  35. 80
    Cuthbert Gaddabout says:

    Er……….I’m sorry – but if you are legally eligible for a benefit, why shouldn’t you claim it.

    That’s the arguments the rich use for tax avoidence – If it’s legal, why not?

    Some of your stuff is good Guido, but this story smacks of desperation.


  36. 83
    Gonk says:

    They’re all ill. They’ve got Munchlabour are Poxy.
    Symptoms include, deception, delusion, misrepresenting
    and falsifying evidence. Can be fatal. But not for them, for us.


  37. 85
    concrete pump says:

    Did he not also quote Bob Dylan?

    He was a c*nt too…


    • 90

      So how have you re-evaluated your politics, cp?


      • 93
        concrete pump says:

        I just took a small step back to the centre right.

        Which is where i used to be, till i started coming here.


        • 94
          concrete pump says:



        • 100
          Mr Slater's Parrot says:

          SQUIRRRRR… (sniff) (fluff) BALLAST!!! WHAT’SYERMIX!!! (ping)


        • 121

          IMHO, you would not be a thinking person if you had not had your political thinking changed by the events of the last few years. My thinking has changed but the reasons behind my thinking have remained pretty constant. The problem is that the old divisions of right and left don’t exist any more (if they ever did – maybe we all fooled ourselves?)

          We all have access to better information than we did when I was a kid. Therefore it is not possible truly to tell if the current lot are at a more, less or just the same level of honesty as those under Supermac, Wilson, Heath, Callaghan etc..

          My guess is that they spend more time filling their own pockets now than they did in the 60s and 70s, times I know something about. There wasn’t the lobby system in such force and the idea of spin-doctors did not exist. Of course, I may be fooling myself…

          None of us know the complete truth. But all of us should perhaps hold these people to account more. The better educated the country at large is, the more effective it will be.

          The problem, as I see it, is that far too many people are just not interested. That lets the villains in.


          • concrete pump says:

            Concise as usual moniker…


          • The Bonfire of the Vanities says:

            You are right the old division of ‘left’ ‘right’ have ceased to have any real use, it really is becoming the ‘mananged democracy’ a poster here mentioned this week. The elite know how to manage the media, elections etc.. that give the semblance of choice but in effect they really are the same people with the same overall objectives. It’s why we’ve seen the rise of PR as the the profession of choice for politicos (or its related ones of journalism) basically professional liars skilled at making untruths and non-activity seem the opposite.


  38. 86

    If politics is show business for ugly people, where does that leave union leaders?


  39. 91
    JH says:

    Ideally, the union shakedown artists will try it on during the Olympics, causing much international embarrassment and derision, leaving them wide open to be smashed apart by a government intent on never being held hostage by them again. Ever.

    Alas, I dream. If only we had a Conservative government.


    • 129
      Anonymous says:

      The country doesn’t want a Conservative government though. Hasn’t voted for one in 20 years!

      Here’s to another 20.


      • 206
        L M F A O says:

        Partly correct. Scotland hasn’t; England has. So solution is to dump all the Scotch MPs who now have their own playground to fiddle from.


  40. 97
    not a machine says:

    Ed projected a slighter larger image today at PMQs , it was perhaps an emergence from the big vaccuum , but like all emerges from vaccuums it still sucked …….. , however a change of sorts , now that he is running low on what isnt improving more than under Labour , what hand gestures was the other Ed making this week ??

    The most off topic news award goes to the report that when the Ruin took over after bitter coupe on Blair , Damien Mcbride thought he needed prepping for power with a few personal insults , the snippet giving this image of ego inflation, by test of word scourging , to de sensatise him , so as not to catch his flaming temper and bring out in him , that ominous all powerfull cloud of destruction ,that would make people in awe . Ah but was he trained to cope with a 360 spin in a golf buggy with G W Bush . mmm best laid plans an all that .

    The EU summits have churned out some interesting , yeah but no but yeah moments , to euro bonds or not to euro bonds , and some tipsters are proclaiming a more indecisive approach with some sort of illusion that it can trundle on as dysfunctionally as it has done , the trouble is of course that the deficet borrowings keep being shuffled around , into somthing that is difficult to really understand where the problems are , in some sort of cycle of quantum leveridge and de leveridge market . To me this means it is accumulating debt , which can only go on for so long , before euro weakens further and internal eurozone market cannot generate growth through inter trade and then its either prices inflation or poor manufacturing balance sheets . To put it mildly they have to do somthing or Germany will slip into the mire on weak euro .

    lords reform is a fairly specialist subject at the best of times , it perhaps has too many , but that does not mean it is meaningless when compared to what could happen with an elected chamber , at least with the current system some sort of knowledge and memory is transfered , as they are replaced at a slow rate . I perhaps have to admit if the Lords could consider if there chamber could be run better , but elected peers doesnt light my fire , as they can ask such intelligent questions and know where answers and opinions may be sought , which is about as good as function of a revsiing chamber as you could want . Nick isnt including the cost of elections every 5yrs for each third comming up for renewal , which makes me wonder if he is also thinking about fixed term parliaments to auger costs better , but then somewhere I cant help but feel that Nick and his party seem to be thinking whats needed is “more europe” as improvement to democracy , when looking at the way it has made decisions on the euro , I wonder why it hasnt struck him , they actually need more Angleterre to get things done.


    • 106
      nellnewman says:

      LOL! Bit long but good all the same.

      Only thing I disagree with is reform of Lords. I really can’t concur with you that there is any wisdom in HoL through people like prezza, coe,uddin,foulkes,martin, sue,sugar and the likes.

      Time to get rid and start again!


      • 113
        not a machine says:

        I know Nell if you look at it from some of gifts made by primeministers to shunt people off into, you have a point . I perhaps might have somthing that allows for leaving and appointment , but then that would need a fixed number of peers . I still think that appointment should deliver the sort of people you may want as revsors of legislation much better than democracy .


        • 115
          nellnewman says:

          The trouble with hoping that HoL appointments will be made on merit are always trashed by corrupt PM’s like bliar and gordon who stacked the HoL with their flunkeys for favours and if the investigation into bliar is to be believed for money!!


          • illogical says:

            One Vaz will shortly / undoubtedly depart the HoC for HoL pastures being immediately replaced by another HoC Vaz.
            Does the HoC and eventually the new improved HoL require a Vazectomy?


          • nellnewman says:

            If cleggies reforms go through hopefully vazeline wll be too late for an HoL place


          • L M F A O says:

            Ooh, you said vazectomy! Looks like ‘Julie’s Cousin’ is having an early night.


  41. 98
    Anon-Y-Mowse says:

    In the meantime Brenda has shaken hands with the foul McGuiness.
    At least she kept her gloves on so his poisonous skin did not touch hers.


    • 111
      not a machine says:

      I have to frame it as hope , as I can remeber when Ireland and Northern Ireland was a place you didnt want to go to , almost becoming one big miserable prison with no investment and poverty stricken as so little wealth that was generated was consumed in its conversational madness .
      There was a bit of a slip by Mr Maguiness , but as I thought there may be awkard moments , where new emotions came upon entrenched minds , that is to be expected , but going back has no future , in the story of what played out in the troubles , lets hope calmer temprements can work better for its people , in the necessary adjustments to start to allow its people to know somthing better is possible .


      • 208
        L M F A O says:

        You obviously did not see the hatred etched into the faces of some of those Republican women the Beeb interviewed. Nothing has changed. I don’t understand what these people don’t just fcuk off south if they love the Irish Republic so much.


  42. 105
    nellnewman says:

    So that’s what KarlMarx was all about then – ‘ how to live off the state in style without doing any work’


    • 112
      I don't need no doctor. says:

      Len is not the only scrounging do as I say not as I do union boss. What about Mark Serwotka, and even bigger pile of shit.


    • 144
      gramma says:

      Sometimes not doing any work can be a blessing in disguise.[ Gordon?]
      Similarily, Skid and Marx do not live off the state but they live off this site and I would hate to greet the day when their offering was decipherable.
      Beauty is in the aye of the beholder.


  43. 110
    I don't need no doctor. says:

    When Len and Ed sit down for dinner will Roland Rudd be joining them?


  44. 119
    not a machine says:

    LOL Tony Blair has said he would like to come back as PM but doubts it will ever happen , citing hes much better prepared !

    What prepared to run up even more debt and sorrows ………………for EU love
    Another tens years of the upward inflective tone that is a question while country gets ruined …. mmm no thanks


    • 123
      T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

      I would want Gordon back as my Chancellor and Jack ‘renditon’ Straw to be Foreign Secretary. Alyingstare Campbell would be my Chief Liar Press secretary.

      Things can only get better !!


  45. 122
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    So I congratulate you Lord Mayor and the City of London on these remarkable achievements, an era that history will record as the beginning of a new golden age for the City of London. http://bit.ly/dpcTWF


    • 124
      Owain Glyndwr says:

      Maybe gordon the moron should pay barclays fine


      • 184
        UKIP.I.AM says:

        He should be put in the stocks and left to rot. He was the boss, the head honcho, the big cheese, the big kahuna, the numero uno of banking in this country for 10 years. And we still haven’t even had an apology from him.

        And what blame do the hypocritical left apply to him for it? Precisely none at all. How typical of the scum not to blame the man who praised Lehman Brothers for its inventiveness ten days before it went bust.

        How shallow can you get?


        • 216
          Gordon Brown says:

          I take full responsibility for what happened. That’s why the person who was responsible went immediately.


    • 148
      Zoro says:

      The cowardly bully was grovelling to the city just the same way he used to lick Greenspan’s arse when he was placed in front of him.

      He was infatuated with the money men, believing himself to be one of them and a financial genius.

      Meanwhile, the B-bbc never stopped praising him and using the word ‘prudent’ when he was our bogus chancellor.


    • 188
      JH says:

      My god.

      He was Prime Minister when that was filmed.

      Gordon. Brown. Prime. Minister.

      How in god’s name did that happen? We are off the end of the slippery slope and into the freefall stage folks.


      • 226
        The Bonfire of the Vanities says:

        Staggering to recall the twat was PM, but to be fair there were enough voices saying it would end in tears long before he got the key to no.10 to have warned us. Even in the Labour party it was known that there was a better than average chance he’s fuck up within months, they were just powerless to stop the demented bully getting in. It would have been the one act of useful betrayal of Blair to have fucked Brown’s chances of taking the leadership when he left but he bottled out. Amazing Blair could happily lie and go to war killing thousands but could not do a hatchet job on Brown who he knew was unfit to take the role of PM.


  46. 125
    Clown Shoes says:

    If the rich don’t pay a penny more than they can legally get away with, why shouldn’t us mugs on PAYE make sure we take every benefit or credit that we legally can?


    • 127
      ENGLAND says:

      Because we don’t want to emulate Greece and be a vassal state of Germany ?


      • 133
        Clown Shoes says:

        So it’s OK for to take advantage of tax structures that reduce the amount you pay up front, but wrong to take advantage of tax structures that allow you to claim tax back?

        I’m working damn hard and taking a low income to build our business and create jobs. We’re <10 people and we're only creating 1 job in September rather than 100, but I don't see why I shouldn't make full use of the structures that are available.

        I could use that help far more now than in 5 years time when we're larger.


  47. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Is state welfare just for bankers and MPs? What is wrong with ordinary people claiming what they are entitled to?


    • 156
      Ordinary Chablais says:

      What are “ordinary” people entitled to?

      Please explain why an ordinary person should be taxed by the state to finance an ordinary person who can not be arsed to work.


    • 185
      UKIP.I.AM says:

      The problem is what they are ‘entitled’ to. They are entitled to hold the country to ransom at every opportunity. The Olympic Games is a gold mine to these tw@s. It’s all about number one just as it is for the top bankers. No difference. Two wrongs do not make a right. Lock them all up or better expel all these traitors to a country that would appreciate them. Though not even Greece would want this scum.


  48. 137
    Time to jail some bankers! says:

    Its time we started to prosecute and jail some of these bankers. They are committing fraud plain and simple. The yanks will be doing it shortly but the old boy network over here will do its best to cover things up. Jail the fuckers.


    • 145
      The public says:

      + 60,000,000


      • 154
        Fish says:

        Barclays were doing this for 4 years from 2005. Lord Oakshit and Labour are calling for Bob Diamond to stand down (but he joined Barclays in 2010 and got the top job the year later).

        Lord Myners is calling for heads at the top to roll (even though they weren’t around)….but is then confronted with the fact that all of this emerged in 2008…when Myners himself was Gordon Brown’s City Minister. Myners response is a nervous laugh and a denial

        Here we go again. Just like New International, Labour and Lib Dems are indulging in a Musical Chairs blame game – Cameron’s bad luck that he is in charge when the music stops. This is heading straight in his direction. Another Labour failure that the Tories will have to take ahit on.

        1997-2010 – the forgotten years


        • 159
          Time to jail some bankers! says:

          No one is denying Labour were in Government when these frauds were committed, but Cameron should show some leadership and ensure the Police investigate this properly. This is no different to what ENRON did. This is criminal absolutely no doubt about it. Jail the fuckers.


          • The Golem says:

            +1 although I doubt Cameron and Clegg would have the backbone.


          • UKIP.I.AM says:

            It wasn’t just that Labour were in power. Labour were the ones who opened the floodgates and praised those bankers who you want locked up for doing this kind of thing. Labour’s leaders like Brown should be locked up. He was in charge of all finance in this country for several years. He was the bank boss boss. He changed the banking regulations to make it easier for them to make more money because he knew the Treasury would get a big pay off from it. A massive pay off that is now completely forgotten about.

            And don’t say the Tories would do the same because before Brown the City of London was like any other financial centre. Brown turned a blind eye to what was going on. He set up the toothless FSA on purpose to stop the BoE reining in the banks. Brown is as guilty as fuck.


        • 198

          Correction. Bob Diamond joined Barclays in 1996.


          • Fish says:

            Yes just spotted that. I misread wiki,


          • What is more, he tried to buy ABN AMRO in competition with RBS Group’s Fred Goodwin who beat him to the punch.

            ABN AMRO’s book turned out to be a heap of shit, so all this talk about him being a whizzo banker is just plain bollocks.

            If he had succeeded, the deal would have sunk Barclays.


  49. 150
    Saffron says:

    Mc Cluski the Liverpool wrecker is small fry in this financial game of guess what we are up to via the banksters.
    Cammoron/Gideon are:-
    1) Out of their depth
    2) Don’t understand what the mood of middle class taxpayers is all about.
    Cluski as we know is a commie and a bad one at that,commy is finished vis a vis the main player Russia.
    The EUSSR is trying it’s level best to succeed it via Barrossovitch/Rumpy/Ashton,but folks the Germainians are not playing ball,as seen by Merkall,and guess what folks why?.
    She wants to be elected next time,the germainians are not with her if she is using their cash to prop up weak countries who are a liability regarding stronger economies.
    As Farage and I dont like the guy says for years that this EUSSR fiasco is a dream,he is correct in that he has always said:-
    The Markets Will Destroy You.
    Lets see who will be proved correct,and my bet is on FARAGE.


  50. 152
    PAND says:



  51. 155
    Hint says:

    When a banker immediately announces that he will give up his bonus, you can be 100% sure that he has committed a fraud.

    All telephone calls in the financial industry are recorded as a matter of rote.


    • 161
      Time to jail some bankers! says:

      Couple of points.

      1. He doesnt deserve a bonus he hasnt earned it.
      2. A Police investigation should be ordered forthwith and where a crime is suspected the firewall which is the FSA should not be an impediment or alternative to Police action.
      3. Any crimes to be prosecuted via the criminal courts irrespective of any action by the FSA
      4. If found guilty those responsible to receive jail sentences of a length which properly reflects the severity of the crimes.
      5. Bernie Maddaoff was the first of many.


      • 165
        Well it's a thought says:

        Sadly, he is from the same group as the politicians, the untouchables, they are above the law and it’s within the untouchables rule book, that they can scam, use other peoples money not as their own but to piss up anywhere they want, change nothing will change until the braindead wake up and find it’s not the Nigerian scam merchants that are the problem .


  52. 157
    Defacto says:

    State funded Universities are the new Illiterate.


  53. 160
    Defacto says:

    Nowt wrong with a country that supports those who have fallen on hard times.

    Everything wrong with a country that supports people in hard times.


  54. 163
    Jenny Tailia says:

    Has Len ever done a hard day’s work in his life or has he always been a professional brother?


  55. 164
    Mac Bollo*ks says:

    Conservatism:- Clobber the poor and middle classes to support the wealthy, banks, and big business. It’s little boys trying to play in a man’s world and getting trashed! I’ve no time for social services scroungers but have even less time for corrupt bankers, MP’s and certain big business leaders who collectively are selling this country and its population down the river!!


    • 189
      UKIP.I.AM says:

      The one who history has already proved was way out of his depth was Gordon Brown. He was in charge making the regulations easier for bankers when all this was going on.

      And how in hell is this country going to get prosperity back if it keeps knocking big business? Where do you think REAL jobs come come from? Not from small business because most small business relies on selling to big business. We need big business. What we don’t need is big unions making all our business uncompetitive with the rest of the world. That is a recipe for absolute disaster. How can the left be so stupid not to see this? Whatever happened to their logic circuits?


      • 219
        TWONK says:

        If business stopped placing manufacturing orders outside the UK, AND I AGREE that climate for business has to be encouraging in the UK not taxed or regulated or ‘elf and safetied out of existence, then we may just have a chance of recovery.


  56. 166
    Gordon Brown says:

    The answer is more tractor production. I personally brought about a 9651% increase in tractors.


  57. 173
    50 Calibre says:

    It is a sad reflection on the “progress” that the trade unions have made that this idiot McClusky is the best they put forward to take their “movement” into the second decade of the 21st century. If a plc put such a stupid man in charge, the shareholders would be in open revolt and he and those that put him there would be dismissed. What do the “members” do? Answer, Nothing, nothing at all.

    How sad is that?


  58. 177
    albacore says:

    You can’t touch him. He’s part of the onion
    About as savoury as a bunion
    But the skin that will really make your eyes water
    Is the LibLabCon gangrene – it gives no quarter


  59. 178
    fuck off says:



    yet it’s the poor disabled elderly and unemployed who have to pay

    why doesn’t this government just fuck off


  60. 180
    peed says:



    no doubt most here will be going to yet another irrelevant london star gathering.

    how the elites smile whilst evryone else suffers

    fascist bastards


  61. 181
    Unappeased peasant says:

    It appears that European-speak, however unappealing, is now typeable (but keep it under your chapeau).


  62. 191
    UKIP.I.AM says:

    I’m a union man.

    I strike whenever I can

    I get paid so much, but don’t work much.

    Yes I’m a Union man


  63. 196
    Bob Diamond says:

    Unlike Jeremy Hunt,I shall resign.

    You heard it here first.

    I follow Guido,why don’t you ?


  64. 197
    jgm2 says:

    So the dopey c*unt has amassed 25 million quid. Now, instead of investing that in a company worth (say) 50 million quid and demanding 50% board representation and showing the rest of British industry how a company should be run successfully with union input at the highest level he’s going to waste it all subbing a few bus dr*i*vers a few quid while they piss everybody off on strike.

    What a power-crazed useless c*unt.


  65. 199

    Back in the 70’s the company i worked for were told by the union to buy a social club for the good of the workforce , once it was set up the union made it their HQ and the three convenors moved in
    every meeting we had from then on those three were so pissed they could hardly stand up, and no doubt all paid for out of subscriptions


  66. 200
    Scrap the Licence Fee says:

    Because of the unique way the BBC is funded, we can’t allow you access in the UK.

    BBC Access denied in the UK


    • 211
      Expat says:

      I used to get that “video not available in your area” crap all the time from the BBC. So I now just don’t bother to go anywhere near their sites as the news/sport is available elsewhere.


  67. 202
    Bob Diamond-Geezer says:

    I say again, it is essential that we maintain high standards of probity in the banking industry.


  68. 213
    Memory Loss says:

    ‘Do you know who I am?’ That’s what the Olympics minister snorted at bemused security guards who wouldn’t let him into London 2012’s new media centre


  69. 214
    BBC Top Commentator says:

    What this game needs is a goal.


  70. 215

    Lord Ashcroft in the news again today
    He has donated one million pounds of his own money to a memorial fund for the new 6 million pound memorial to bomber command
    don’t think we will hear any mutterings from Balls or ReallyBland no Ashcroft , Ashcroft , Ashcroft today
    But i bet a pound to a piece of shit that they both attend the ceremony , With Ten members of the royal family attending , they wouldn’t want to miss this photo opp and slap up afterwards

    Lest we forget ! that Bomber Command used to bomb the shit out of the Krauts , it’s just a shame they don’t organize a reunion tour !


  71. 217
    Gordon Brown says:

    I take full responsibility for what happened. That’s why the person who was responsible went immediately


  72. 218

    You realise he doesn’t set his own wage right? And also that as the role of a union is to defend its members, letting them know how they can avoid going hungry or homless is quite central to that?


  73. 221
    Thomas from Tonna says:

    For christ sake union members pay their dues and not unreasonably expect benefits and services in return.

    This can take many forms from say discounted car insurance and holidays to legal representation.

    What is so wrong with a union offering advice to members about their entitlement to state benefits.

    A remember 20 years back someone was doing just this in Durham and eventually went bust after Lord Mackay had been saying what a marvellous idea it was.


  74. 222
    mraemiller says:

    Trade Union informs workers of their rights. Bastards.


  75. 223
    Rich as Croesus says:

    I’ve just been on McClunker’s Unite site and guess what ??
    I’m not entitled to a bean — although I’ m 64 !!

    So I decided to send off for a Winter Fuel Allowance Form because although I am indeed the famous multibillionaire King Croesus I understand that is not means tested … so I’ll still get £200 off the State .

    And at my age I deserve it !! And if I don’t need it I can give it to my old regal sparring partner Wenceslas .. who will certainly NOT be giving it to the poor man at his gate on Stephen’s night !!


  76. 228
    keredybretsa says:

    The Union is there to help its members, that is what they contribute or pay for.
    Presumably Mr Big is a member so if he pays his whack in, he is then allowed to draw out his benefits. Whether this is morally correct in his case is another debate. Although he will of course be allowed expenses as our Honourable MP’s are and if the bookkeepers are as bleary eyed then he can cart it home with impunity. He doesn’t seem to be the sort of person who you could question his expence claims!


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