June 22nd, 2012

Loony Lefty Loses It Live On BBC With Toby Young

Part-time media studies teacher turned radical class warrior Francis Gilbert did the Local Schools Network no favours last night when he had a meltdown live on the BBC News Channel.

Guido thinks any head who employs Gilbert should take a look this.

Think of the children

UPDATE: In you couldn’t make it up territory: Francis Gilbert is married to The Times literary editor Erica Wagner. They sent their son to private school…


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      Road_Hog says:

      Sorry, but he talks about having been through the system? He looks too young to have taken an O-level exam, I’d have pushed him on that and asked him how many O-level exam papers he’s taken.

      • 190
        Clever Trevor says:

        I was the first year to take GCSEs so our mock papers were O-Levels. I got 3 mocks grade C. I then got 9 GCSES grade B and above.

        I didn’t get smarter during the Easter holidays.

        The exams got easier as they have been every year since.

        • 238
          Harold Hill says:

          I did my A-Levels 20 years ago. When we were revising, some of the mock questions we were given in Geography were O- Level questions from the early 1960s. That was twenty years ago, if an A Level then was equivalent to an O- Level from 1961, what’s an A- Level (the supposed ‘gold standard’ of education and the chief criteria for university admissions) worth now?

          Also both of my parents (who left school in the early 1960s, aged 15, with no qualifications) have literacy and numeracy skills-as well as things like knowledge of their nation’s history, knowledge of the Bible etc.-superior to many current university graduates.

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        Trahison des Clercs says:

        You have to forgive him.He does have terrible handicap which must have made him the target for many bullies which may well have spoiled his temper . Ginger knob;Twatty face.

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      Even bigger cúnt says:

      • 55
        Labour apologist says:

        We got it wrong on immigration
        We got it wrong on WMD
        We got it wrong on education
        We got it wrong on the NHS
        We got it wrong on the economy
        We got it wrong on Europe

        We are just a bunch of fucking morons.

        • 78
          UKIP.I.AM says:

          It will always be crap while it is used a political tool. Education and the health system should be privatised and properly regulated. The problem is the state is so shit at everything it cant even regulate properly.

          Tax, banking, immigration, you name it.

        • 82
          SPACKER Brown says:

          That bloke’s a spastic.

        • 93
          Maximus says:

          Is 100% correct. Now FOAD.

        • 96
          Lord Stansted says:


        • 116
          Anonymous says:

          What do you expect of an education system that has only just realised that unlimited re-sits is a bad idea ffs/

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          misterned says:

          The left are getting terrified that all those people from poor backgrounds that they were dumbing down and trapping into state dependency, may actually have some desire to better themselves and their offspring.

          The left clearly hate the idea that some people from poor backgrounds are capable, intelligent people who only need a good education and then they can improve their own lives and become self-reliant.

          The left hate self reliance, because self reliant people do not need the state to do everything for them.

          This is why the left seek to hurt and entrap the poor at every opportunity, from cradle to grave.

          Andy Burnham on BBCQT last night was in total denial and spouting utter crap based on his fantasy world, that comprehensive education works. We have 30+years of data and continuously falling standards to prove that the left’s vision of comprehensive education DOES NOT WORK, we have continuously falling standards and continuous grade inflation.

          The left do not want excellence, which they call “elitist”. They only want one thing. The masses to be just bright enough to fill the call-centres and factories and shops and not bright enough to be independent, free thinking individuals. They want obedient workers, or obedient shirkers voting them back into power again and again… Nothing more.

          The left hate the poor.

          • Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

            Good points. The left just wants a steady pool to keep voting for them.

          • Mike says:

            Large number of labour voters are employed by the public sector . If our education system was forced to produce educated, technically skilled , innovative, responsible and confident people who created industrial companies , then many in the labour voting education establishment would either have to improve their standards or be sacked. If those living on welfare became educated , technically skilled , innovative and confident people who created industrial companies, then many labour voting public sector employees would no longer be needed. Labour need 20-30% of the population to be poorly educated, unskilled, irresponsible and dependent upon the welfare state for housing an income to justify the large numbers employed by the public sector and provide most of the income for the unions.

          • A Bloke Of A Certain Age says:

            Those leftists are no better than extreme fundamentalist nutters who deny whats in front of their eyes if it contradicts their dogma. There is no difference between a religious fundamentalist and a political one. Both are deluded .

          • I wish devolution couldbe reversed says:

            Labours last remaining stronghold will keep substandard education, simply because it is their last remaining stronghold. They come within a whisker of losing Wales at the last GE, and losing Wales would finish them for good.

            This highlights their position quite succinctly. http://tinyurl.com/c4gvrem Labour will never allow Welsh kids decent education, in a bid to keep them relatively uneducated and poor.

          • Rottweiler Ron says:

            I’m going to put you in charge of Education, when I become Prime Minister.

        • 136
          crystal clear says:

          stuart garfuck

        • 181

          Gotta love Francis Gilbert for his Diane Abbott champagne sociopath demands on how proles should educate their kids which is not good enough for his own kid.

          The 5 core values of the Labour party are
          • social justice
          • strong community and strong values
          • reward for hard work
          • decency
          • rights matched by responsibilities

          Just how many of those 5 did Miliband, CooperBalls et al deliver over their 13 years in power?

          Sweet FA

        • 186
          Pos says:

          The New Labour Slogan = Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.

          Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and a kind of lie. Hypocrisy is failing to practice those virtues that one preaches. Samuel Johnson

          Sats it all really!!!

        • 188
          Keif Jozefs' Ghost says:

          I scrapped ‘O’ levels and introduced GCSEs. Blame me for the current educashion mess.

        • 242
          Double Tap says:

          Not quite.

          Those you can do.
          Those who can’t teach.
          Those who can’t teach teach teachers.
          Those who can’t teach teachers inspect them

          No wonder educashun is in a mess.

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      Even bigger cúnt says:

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    Anonymous says:

    Total sympathy with Francis Gilbert. The man has done himself no favours but you can at least see he cares. Maybe assorted smug hacks, politicians and bloggers should just stay away from education just for a few years.

    • 9
      Oh Dear says:

      Yeah lets just bury our head in the sand and do nothing that will work.

      • 105
        Merv the Monetary Moron says:

        Works for me!

        • 180

          Fake outrage from a twat. Care? He “cares” about votes from the very people whose lack of a structured education is constantly interrupted by form filling teachers, Deputy Head teachers, business managers, SENCO’s to satisfy a socialist bureaucracy.

          Start again.

      • 206
        Anonymous says:

        Or let’s just go back to the 1950s and have O levels and CSEs and secondary moderns. Because they worked a treat.

        • 209
          Epic Fail says:

          I think you will find education back then was repsected the world over we was in the premier league for providing world class education.

          Now thanks to years of dumbing down we are in the vauxhall conference

          • Forkbender says:

            Check your grammar chuck
            What suprised me at grammar schools the pupils years ago wanted public schools banned but did not want comprehesive schools (different from comprehensive education)

          • test says:

            Not very good

    • 16
      Gonk says:

      Caring about something doesn’t absolve muddle headed wanky policy thinking does it ?

      • 22
        Aaron D Highside says:

        What we need is more leftie taxpayer funded part-time media studies teachers to teach children real values.

        • 45
          A Pretentious Prick Posing as PM says:

          I say you jolly chaps!!! As a Progressive I have to jolly well ask if there is any way we could use taxation to encourage the common people to support more bumsex??? My chum Joules says a good pump up the rump doesn’t hurt anyone!! And they could encourage their jolly sprogs to join in – just like Tony did!! Now that’s true Progressive Education!! What?? Aha ha ha Aha! Watt? Wattage!! Ampage!! Windage!!

      • 205
        Anonymous says:

        Quite. In the same way that a muddle headed wanky nostalgia for 1950s style O levels doesn’t equate to an education policy.

    • 27
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      Francis successfully passed his Anger Management GCSE at my School of Charm & Diplomacy. He got an A* as there are no failures under Labour.

    • 42
      Ken Livingstone , captain of the socialist royal barge says:

      its important that we teach children from an early age to vote labour so we can have cushy jobs for life .

    • 62
      Franthis Gilbert says:

      Society wants progressive kids.

    • 85

      A discussion has to have two parties taking part not one fascist twat shouting over everyone
      A swift smack in the trap was what was required in that instance

    • 119
      lolathebeautiful says:

      Wron. He doesn’t give flying fuck about anyone but his own delusions.

    • 122
      Anonymous says:

      Francis Gilbert showed admirable restraint.

      Beats me how anyone can be so near Toby Twat without kicking the shit out of the smug little wanker.

    • 127
      Angleton says:

      what do you mean he cares???-yeah, so did Josef Stalin!

      • 154
        the stench of hypocrisy says:

        He cares so much about state education, he sent his kid private!

      • 199
        Anonymous says:

        Just making a comment. Don’t think that merits being called a prick. Hunt.

      • 203
        Anonymous says:

        Putting Francis Gilbert on the same level as Uncle Joe really doesn’t help your ‘argument’ does it? Bless.

        • 222
          Tesco is fucking the country says:

          Anonymous – once and for all, tell us who pays you to sit on your pathetic arse ALL day, EVERY day, spouting worse drivel than the drivel you condemn so regularly? Your attack on the suggested return to ‘O’ Levels proves conclusively that you are as ignorant as the moron speaking to Toby Young on the clip. ‘O’ Levels were, undeniably, more challenging than the GCEs and GCSEs that replaced them. That, and your childish use of ffs and the other semi-literate shorthand prove you are as limited in your expression as in the substance of what you’re trying to say.

          You do not wish to see our youngsters’ education improved. That means you are, as I always suspected, a Liabore plant who equates high educational standards with delusional charges of elitism. In that case, fuck you, because if you are a Liabore plant, you should be up against the wall with Blair and Brown and Harman and the other traitorous scum that buggered Britain for the next hundred years.

    • 243
      Pundit Too says:

      Sympathy for a raving left lunatic that screams Singapore is a fascist state over and over again because he cannot win the edukashun argument?
      My sympathies are with the children and young adults exposed to this man’s doctrines and biased beliefs; most of them without or flawed foundations.
      Problem with Any Mouse is he is trying to defend the indefensible.
      So caring and outrageous screaming (Labour masterclass recommendation) make up for beliefs without foundation? Only in the left wing lexicon.

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    spud says:

    the bbc will snap him up – he’ll probably become the new DG

  4. 4
    Rusty says:

    Teacher assessment encourages teachers to cheat for their pupils, and for themselves.

    • 50
      Just Passing says:

      have they ever been taught any other way? – you know – like honesty – hard work – striving to master a worthwhile subject?

    • 120
      lolathebeautiful says:

      True. Seen that in action.

      • 177
        Honest View says:

        The problem lies in the refusal of lefties to recognise that some people ARE cleverer, more able and more hardworking than others; so everyone has to have a prize. Teachers have been blamed if they happen to have thick kids who do poorly academically, and so as a defensive measure join in the game of obfuscation.If only we would recognise the basic inequality of people, clear to anyone without red-tinted spectacles, we would save so much angst and pretence. It would also help if we accepted that bright parents are more likely than dimwits to produce bright children.The game of “pretend everyone is basically the same” is holding us back. The true Progressive would accept the truth.Apparently the only area where we can accept competition and inequality is in Sport; oddly where thick people seem to thrive.

  5. 5
    Allan D says:

    Now we know what the Left means by fascism – a country with a flat rate tax of 17%, a per capita income higher than the USA, a 2.1% unemployment rate, a free-at-the-point-of-use health service and the highest ratio of university graduates of any country in the world. Absolutely disgusting. LET”S GO BOMB SINGAPORE!

    • 31
      Diane Fatbutt says:

      The man who cleans the toilets at work is more useful than any media studies teacher.

      He also deals with far less shit.

      • 52
        Moving shit from one hole to another says:

        Oh! don’t you empty yourself then D? – is that why we need two seats to ourself on the LieBore bus?

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    If that is the sort of fuckwit teaching our kids god help them.

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Typical teacher – kids can’t gain O levels – scrap O levels and replace with something easier.

    Singapore 80% of kids gain O levels.

    Is it the exams of the lony lazy teachers?

  8. 11
    Deeply Regret says:

    We are not going to see the last of him. The BBC will probably give him his own dressing room the next time.

    • 76
      Selohesra says:

      But they may not put him out live again as it probably damages their cause.

      • 128
        JuliaM says:

        Probably won’t change any minds among their usual audience, though..

      • 162
        Deeply Regret says:

        They’re probably grooming him with lessons in how to breath properly. Don’t want lose any of that precious sanctimony.

  9. 14
    Andrew Efiong says:

    “Singapore is a fascist state”.

    He probably flunked his O-level and all this talk of rigour, scrutiny and academic discipline has got him on the run.

    • 61
      UKIP.I.AM says:


      “The politics of Singapore takes the form of a parliamentary representative democratic republic whereby the President of Singapore is the head of state, the Prime Minister of Singapore is the head of government, and of a multi-party system.

      Although dominant in its activities, the government has a clean, corruption-free image. Singapore has consistently been rated as the least-corrupt country in Asia and amongst the top ten cleanest in the world by Transparency International”.

      Compare that to most of Europe.

      • 66
        Lefty Fucktard says:

        No. No. No. NO.

        If it encourages and rewards success – actual, objective, hard-work-with-results based success – then we are dead against it.

        We just are.

        We’ll never admit why to ourselves, never mind to evil Tories.

        • 140
          Nu Lab jografee teecha. says:

          Never herd of the plaice. If their awl so rich an ejerkated how come the country is a called singer poor. Answer that then clever cloggs.

          • just saying says:

            I thought the interviewer handled him rather well.
            Made a nice change for the BBC.

          • Who says:

            No, he should have let him continue with his characterisation of one of the most successful cities in the world.

            Give him some more rope please!

      • 169
        Anonymous says:

        Interesting that you can’t call Singapore fascist on the BBC.

        I wonder which countries you can call fascist? USA under Bush? UK under Thatcher?

    • 157
      God's Holy Trousers says:

      He looks about twelve and they did away with O levels in 1987 so I doubt the ginger fuck-wit ever sat one in his life. If he did it would have been sociology and he probably scraped a C.

  10. 15
    Terrible But True says:

    Another ‘brick’ on the TV.

  11. 17
    Abb says:

    SIngapore is a facist state?

    He probably flunked Geography and History

  12. 18

    I have to stick up for the chap who wears a tie. Smarten up, Toby!

  13. 19
    Singapore Sam says:

    That person makes me ashamed to be British.

    Someone really needs to pass some laws or do something to stop that.

    No wonder British children are growing up badly if that person is an embodiment of the teaching profession.

    • 38

      Maybe Gove will be the one to do it in a roundabout way. Regardless of Mrs T’s other virtues, her work in Education was a mess. She was the one who signed-off the comprehensivisation plans in the early 70s and allowed the education reforms of the 1980s to be hi-jacked. It contributed to the defeat in 1997 because it is a slow-burn issue they underestimated.

      We’ve had almost 40 years of the ECA72 and the education system which was supposed to deliver the bloodless coup of the Eurostate. It has very nearly worked; the Conservatives have consistently delivered up their own voters for processing. Let’s hope Gove can move fast enough to get his way before his own party nobble him.

    • 179
      Honest View says:

      But he’s not “an embodiment of the teaching profession”. I’ve recently retired after 40 years’ teaching and I met many, many sensible and intelligent teachers.
      Not all teachers are raging lefties. They are to be found mainly in inner-city schools where they can spout their mindless propaganda without too much intellectual scrutiny.
      Out in the rest of the country and in the independent sector, the hard-bitten realist still gets on with his/her job.
      Try not to denigrate all teachers as jargon-spouting twerps- it just isn’t the case.

      • 239
        Harold Hill says:

        Excellent point. The unions are not representative of rank and file teachers. Talk to most teachers about why they join a union and invariably the answer given is something like: ‘if a false allegation is made against me then the union will pay for a lawyer to defend me in court.’ It has got nothing to do with politics. Also, many union reps and executives are-at present-absolutely furious with their members over the issue of academy conversion. Teachers resistance and opposition to academies has been much more patchy than the unions would have liked. Militant opposition to becoming an academy has been very limited. This is a matter of absolute self interest for the unions- in fact it’s an existential threat- as once a school converts union power is minimal.

  14. 20
    Wally Wombat says:

    Interesting that you cannot say “Singapore is a fascist state” on BBC News. Is that perhaps because the BBC has its Asian base there and – in return – has agreed not to cover Singapore politics? Having myself lived there, I can certainly underwrite any comment that doubts Singapore’s democratic credentials. The place is a one-family (Lee family) show.

    • 26
      jgm2 says:

      It may be a one-family show. It may even be a ‘fascist state’ but the subject up for discussion was the efficacy of the education and exam system.

      If Singapore has something to teach us so that our education and exam system improves then we should listen.

      But not if you’re a bedwetter.

      He knew exactly what he was doing. Look at his little smirk at the end having shouted Toby Young’s argument off the airwaves. that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about winning the debate. It’s about censoring any alternative. hence the rush to shout ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ at the first opportunity. get you on the defensive about something that has fuck all to do with the point up for discussion. It’s the same old ‘no platform’ politics practised by the bedwetters since the 1970s.

      You think Gilbert looked like a c*unt? He did exactly what he set out to do.

      • 164
        God's Holy Trousers says:

        My money is on that ginger loser having wet the bed this morning as he does on most morning.

    • 35
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      I have lived there too ( for two years ). My family and I were free to come and go as we pleased. I think you have to be more than a little paranoid to feel that it is a fascist state.

      • 44
        Jim says:

        Wrong debate.

      • 90
        john mackie says:

        ME. Too. It was one of 9 countries I have lived in. Great place. full of sane people with self-respect.

        • 131
          misterned says:

          Self respect??? How sick! People should respect the state, not themselves!!!!

          Oh shit, I am starting to exhibit ‘leftwing ranting syndrome’… I should kill myself now!

        • 144
          Singa Songa Sixpence says:

          … and me. It is a happy and safe place (but expensive) to live. The other thing going for it is that all males have to do national service and retrain every so often to keep their hands in. Something the UK might benefit from (except the regular army probably do not want/need a bunch of thick feckless layabouts f**ing the place up. I would return to Singapore in a trice. Good food, climate and lifestyle.

          Here endeth the travelogue.

          • Wally Wombat says:

            Obviously even those of you who supposedly lived there are unaware of the race-based allocation of HDB (public) housing, the race-based fixing of election wards, and the general suppression of free speech. Corruption free? It’s institutionalized corruption, with the Lee family controlling everything. Sane people? My ass.

          • Mike says:

            In the 60s there were extensive confrontations between the various races: Singapore nearly succombed to a race war. Indonesia and Malaysia have tried to take control of Singapore. In Malaysia and Indonesia , economic pressure is being placed upon ethnic Chinese and Indian businesses to in effect hand over some of the equity to ethnic Malay and Indonesians.

          • Earnie Becclestone says:

            The racism thing only works in places like the US and the UK, elsewhere in the world race is considered to be a reasonable criteria for deciding who gets what.

            You might not like it, but it’s a fact.

          • Spare The Rod (Liddle) says:

            Anybody remember some years back an American teenager went on a drunken one-man rampage through Singapore, damaging several cars in the process. A court sentenced him to be birched for the offence, which caused the liberal lefties in the US to howl in protest and called for the public to write letters to the Singaporean government.

            Fair play to the Septics in this case though – apparently the majority of the letters received said “Birch him!”

  15. 21
    PK says:

    haha what a cnut -

  16. 23
    Gonk says:

    A moment to savour. The announcer panicking, the ginge ranting and then Toby Young pitying.

  17. 25
    Aunty Matter says:

    Would be interesting to know how many beeboids send their kids to local shit state comps.

  18. 28
    JH says:

    This is the result of 30 years of left wing domination of classrooms.

    ‘O levels are a narrow test of intelligence’. That’s the idea you dummy. Oh don’t tell me, they are ‘not fair’ on ‘other cultures’. Translation: people who have no intention of integrating with our culture will not do well in these exams. Good.

    For Christ’s sake, let’s get back to some rigour in the classroom, with a focus on the 3 R’s and a healthy dose of critical thinking to insulate them from fucktards like Meaker in the video, who they will encounter at some point in their lives.

    • 30
    • 74
      JH says:

      What’s your idea of an un-shit classroom? One where the kids don’t really get stretched?

      I suppose you and your fellow travellers have all the answers though, right comrade?

    • 75
      nellnewman says:

      Actually I have a child in education at the mo – her ten years under labour education policy were rubbish and the last 2 under Gove have seen radical & major improvements.

      Proof of the pudding is in the eating. Gove is doing the right thing.

    • 200
      Gordie says:

      Schools are not for entertainment, they are for education.

  19. 29
    nellnewman says:

    What a typical leftwing response. Either smear the person putting an alternative point of view or shout them down.

    • 65
      Anonymous says:


      • 70
        nellnewman says:

        Exactly what I mean – and the main reason why so many of our leftwing educated children are failing. No debate, no analysis, just abuse and attack without thought.

        What’s really worrying is that this chap is an English teacher when he’s not selling his services to the useless beeb or trying to sell books.

  20. 32
    Well it's a thought says:

    We all have our opinions but this idiot is on national TV therefore is presumed by the sheeple to have a valid point, what next reading the biased news for the Biased Broadcasting committee.

  21. 34
    Justin Urquhat says:

    It’s going to be “Black Friday” in the Stock Market today.

    The price of gold & oil has dropped overnight and the latest You Gov poll gives Labour a 10 percentage point lead,so it’s not all bad news.

    My message is loud & clear…..STAND DOWN DAVID CAMERON YOU USELESS GIT

    • 132
      misterned says:


      How long before labour have a save Cameron campaign?

    • 202
      duz yor brayn hurt says:

      Yeh coz then all the debt disappears innit
      then u can get free stuff like booz n drugs
      n the councill pays for evryfing
      evn tho they aint got no munny

  22. 37
    radical oh yah says:

    I’ll bet Francis Gilbert was a fan of the Clash….

    • 178
      The Ghost of Joe Strummer says:

      It’s practically mandatory to be a fan of The Clash is you’re a little leftie wanker.

      It’s also essential that you be a hypocrite of the first water.

      Look at me. Slightly to the left of Stalin I was. Lived in a nice house in the Somerset countryside and left an estate of £1M.

      Know Your Rights!!!

      • 240
        Harold Hill says:

        Didn’t he also own a fine Georgian town house in west London?

        Oh, but just has there has always been a disconnect between political posturing on stage and vinyl and performers’ private attitudes to their own wealth and money that disconnect is also true of the audience too. I’ve always loved the Clash but regard the politics as a joke.

        The trouble is a lot of people pretend to be left wing in public because they think it is the socially correct thing to be. That’s where the hypocrisy kicks in-people don’t actually want to live like that.

        • 241
          My curry hell says:

          Yup. Strummer should have been a Tory actually or some sort of libertarian. Strummer actually earned the right to be wealthy. He was in one of the greatest bands of all time and the Clash sold records because they grafted for years by gigging all over the world. They didn’t make any money at all until ‘London Calling’ broke big in the states-they struggled. They worked and they paid their dues.

          Maybe he went on all of those class war ‘bash the rich’ marches (he probably wasn’t the only rich person on the march) because he felt guilty about being talented and exceptional.

  23. 39
    good god, jesus etc says:

    what a plank


    • 83
      JH says:

      His pupils think he is cool, you know. What a complete wanker.

      People like this feel it is virtually their right to ‘educate’ this country’s children. We need big, big changes folks.

    • 95
      JH says:

      Plus on the About page he just happens to have a little hottie as the focus of the page, glancing adoringly at ‘Sir’.

      I would not want my child in a class run by this shameless self-promoter.

    • 133
      misterned says:

      I shall take your word for it. I do not want to improve his hit count or increase the number of unique visits to his website.

    • 138
      Howard Roarke says:

      Get the State at arms length from education and tossers like this will be stacking shelves.

  24. 41
    Tories Are Shit says:

    can we talk about all the rich tories who don’t pay tax and whilst registered as domicile have all sorts of schemes not to pay tax – even living out of the country for all but a few days a year and how the poor are paying more than these bastards ever will ………. can we?

    • 47
      Who cares says:

      Good idea, can you make sure Bliar and Brown and red Ed and their friends stop using charities to minimise legally their tax bills just as these nasty Tories are using legally other means to minimise their taxbills, I think your jealousy is showing .

      • 150
        Singa Songa Sixpence says:

        Moreover, if, while spending all their time abroad, they do not use the services of the country WTF should they pax taxes? They pay for what they use or buy as they go. Some people really are so dumb it is a wonder they can find the bedroom door in the mornings.

    • 49
      nellnewman says:

      Why only the tories. labour have these folks too. can’t we add in an investigation into chuckus yamoney and his offshore funds and bliar’s £millions that are nowhere near British shores? To mention just two.

    • 51
      Jim says:

      Becareful here it was Boris paying the full rate of tax not Ken.
      Trying to smear a person for being rich is one thing, paying a proper level of taxation is usually not a problem for a UK resident.

    • 73
      James Carr Esq. says:

      As a leftie myself I agree with TAS we should talk about the tories rather than me

    • 114
      Gordon Brown, having shit on the floor at CurrrrrCudeeee Asylum for Idiots and Moral Defectives says:

      Nurse!!!!! Ah’ve done ma’ jobby!!

    • 204
      Tony Blair, the millionaire war-monger says:

      Oh yes jolly good idea. We don’t want to be talking about Labour, do we?
      Oh dear me no.

  25. 43
    David Cameron says:

    Today in a desperate attempt to win votes I shall show solidarity with the striking bus drivers by joining the picket line at Chipping Norton Bus garage.

    The Unite chappies aren’t really all that bad

  26. 48
    Steve Miliband says:

    Gillian Duffelbag to be appointed as Shadow Immigration Tsar

  27. 53
    Raving Loon says:

    Immigration policy: withdraw our troops from the middle east and have them defend our own borders.

  28. 57
    Billy Hague says:


    The entire cabinet are 100% behind todays strike by bus drivers and give our unqualified support to Unite.

    Individual cabinet members are joining picket lines throughout London.

  29. 58
    Fog says:

    Should we apply the socialists ‘nobody should be left behind’ bollox to the Olympics, and just give every athlete a gold medal for London 2012 now?

  30. 63
    Ed Miliband (Leader of the Party opposite) says:

    Rebekah Brooks appears at Southwark Crown Court 4 this morning at 9-15.

    Just Saying

    • 69
      Well it's a thought says:

      I suppose all politicians will be crapping themselves, just in case she lets slip all the undemocratic twists and turns these tw*ts plied her with to gain top dog status with her boss the kingmaker Murdoch, the small print should be interesting.

      • 158
        non-visitor says:

        I’ve never heard the Squeeker being called a print before. Have I missed something?

  31. 64
    @OhthisbloodyPC says:

    Beware any debater who does all that BBC presenter style extravagant handwaving

    That’s the hallmark of a luvvie.

    It was only a matter of time before somebody was accused of extremism.

    You’re lucky he didn’t call you a fascist.

  32. 67
    UKIP.I.AM says:

    The Labour party (and Lib Dums) want our children to behave like a convoy of ships. Going as fast as the slowest one. And they have succeeded in that.

    • 72
      nellnewman says:

      Well that’s OK because Gove is about to change all that. And he doesn’t need any legislation to do it either so all the libdums and labour losers can do is whinge from the sidelines.

      • 84
        UKIP.I.AM says:

        There isn’t a cat in hell’s chance that Gove will get what he wants. Not under the coalition. Another U-turn is likely before the day is out.

        • 135
          misterned says:

          Considering that the coalition committee which is overseeing this proposal is chaired by Nick Clegg and vice-chaired by Kenneth Clarke, then there is NO chance that this will be implemented before the next general election.

  33. 71
    Culture of Entitlement says:

    Is that Chris Evans?

  34. 77
    Legal Crook says:

    Accusing Singapore of being a fascist state. The accusation of being a fascist is the loony left’s last desperate smear before smashing things. What a bunch of morons the left are.

    • 160
      Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

      I must remember that line! Last smear before smashing things!

    • 161
      non-visitor says:

      I do hope the Singaporean High Commissioner writes a very strong letter both to the Foreign Office and the DG of the Beeb about this. Maybe it would help if Radio Singapore dropped their standards for one day and called the UK a basket case – and stop sending their kids here for their “education”.

  35. 79
    Aunty Matter says:

    So how does Radio 5 get round the dodgy issue that Red Ed is going to say sorry for flooding the Country with foreigners when Mc Loon was in charge.

    Well it sticks it on right at the end of the breakfast show and gives us some lefty Labour luvvie to explain why Gordon got it wrong, no other view or opinion allowed.

    • 88
      Legal Crook says:

      Well as usual the subject will never be discussed properly. For one it happened under Blair, the 2004 EU flood. But what else will not be talked about is the huge number of Africans who immigrated. They had no EU access, where did their visa’s come from.

      No the truth about Labour and immigration lies with what Andrew Neather claims did not happen.

    • 109
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      Red Ed is a bigoted man.

  36. 80
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    I wouldnt trust him to assess the weather.

    If my Children were being taught by him i’d remove them from the School.

  37. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Why would Labour consistently get upset at any attempt to improve educational standards? Because, in a nutshell, smarter people do better. Deprivation, class, privilege, opportunity – these are all just smokescreens to hide the uncomfortable and obvious truth, exposure of which eliminates any need for a socialist party.

    Smart kids from working class environments do better in education and in life than dullards from working class environments. Smart posh kids do better in education and in life than dull posh kids. We need them both. We need the dull to drive buses and collect rubbish. We need the smart to generate the wealth.

    • 104
      Raving Loon says:

      It’s a toned down version of Pol Pot killing people who wore glasses. Being a free thinking educated person under a socialist government is not good for your health.

  38. 87

    I don’t trust Moody’s downgrades.

    They have downgraded some banks who are only moderately dependent upon Europe whereas other basket case banks, awash with governmental promise of support, remain badly run and over-rated in more than one sense.

    Let’s face it, what can they know if they considered securitised debt to be AAA rated only five years ago?

    • 97
      Moody Blues says:

      We have downgraded the banks. However we rated multi leveraged mortgage backed USA real estate paper as AAA+ so its not our fault that the whole world economy crash started in the USA is it?

    • 134

      I walked away from banking in 2000/1 saying it would all go wrong. I was told that I was out of touch. It held up for longer than I thought but then the inevitable happened.

      It has been possible, since the crash, to identify those banks who have got their spread better than others.

      Now discredited ratings agencies are making macho moves in an attempt to bolster their reputations. For a bank to put the assessment of risk out of house is a gross abnegation of duty IMO. It also fosters a herd mentality.

      Truly, the lunatics are still in charge of the asylum. (But of course I am out of touch…)

    • 149
      Anonymous says:

      I’m not too sure how they can downgrade RBS when it’s owned by the UK government which has the highest credit rating in Europe. That strikes me as rather odd; surely RBS must be the safest bank on the planet right now?

      How can RBS have the same rating as Santander which is a spanish bank?

      Am I missing something, or are those ratings just weird?

      • 163
        non-visitor says:

        Yes, you are missing ssomething (usually known as the elephant in the room)> Follow the money….and research just who funds these agencies.

    • 185
      Lou Scannon says:

      Who grades the ratings agencies ?

  39. 102
    Aunty Matter says:

    Radio 5 has jumped the shark.

    BBC suggestion is that women should play in mens teams and that women are just as skillfull as men.

    Nicky Campbell is literally wetting his knickers live on radio.

    • 107
      Culture of Entitlement says:

      Get a woman to replace Nicky Campbell that would be great. Maybe Mrs Jack Dromey?

    • 112

      FFS is it April the first again ?
      If they had a woman striker in a premiership side
      When they launch an attack they could dribble the ball up to the edge of the box
      then everybody could sod off for a pint while they wait for the female striker to catch up

      • 168
        non-visitor says:

        Female strikers might lead to a whole new definition of ‘touch judge’. Plus I do like the bling these overpaid pansies wear – and the histrionics.

    • 225
      Alan Rubbishbringer says:

      Wimmin are equally capable of wirting for the guardian as their public school male counterparts just as they are as capable if not more so as working for the BBC.

  40. 111
    Forkbender says:

    That guy seems to me to be a real motormouth that’s the trouble with overexcitable folks, they just cannot debate calmly and rationally, which is much the better way to debate, if you want to sound off go to Hyde Park Corner, when those talk on top of other people it just turns the audience off, and of course its even worse in any questions when 4 or 5 of them are trying to talk at the same time, the same goes with politicos when being interviewed do not answer questions from the interviewer but talk over them about what they want to talk about.

  41. 123
    Fabians are Evil says:

    Media Studies!!!!!! ‘efffin Media studies!!!!!!! no wonder the prick is such a twat teaching that sort of non-subject for God’s sake.

    How about real subjects like Geography, History (with a good old look at the antics of Socialists and Commie bastards like Stalin) Maths and joined up English.

    • 139
      Howard Roarke says:

      Dunno about Geography, geographers tend to be those not quite smart enough to be a scientist. Most of them in my experience go down the postmodernist fcukwittery route.

      • 236
        Harold Hill says:

        You obviously never met my old Geography teacher ‘Psycho’ Norman Croom a.k.a ‘The Croominator,’ a man so right wing he made Enoch Powell seem like Hattie Harman in comparison.

        Good teacher though.

  42. 126
    Millies balls says:

    Thats how you act when you know you dont really have a proper argument to put forward – shout – its the Bob Crow technique taught, I am sure, by many media studies lecturers.
    Even millie errr keeps his voice down when he’s talking balls.

  43. 130

    When we had Ken Livingstone’s tax returns plastered all over the news
    We had Cameron saying , he and other ministers would publish their tax affairs
    now after slagging off Jimmy Carr , it would appear Mr Cameron is no longer that keen on the idea of people seeing how he Avoids his !

  44. 147
    Anonymous says:

    Have exams got easier since O Levels were scrapped? Well, the best people to ask are the people who did both O Levels *and* GCSEs at school (ie the people in the transition years).

    I was one of those people; I was in the last year that did O Levels, but we also did sample GCSEs in the years leading up to our O Levels (the exam board provided sample GCSE papers well in advance so that people could see what they were all about).

    When I was 12 years old, without any revision or prior notice, and no additional teaching, I got about 90% in all the sample GCSEs that I did (and that was about 3 or 4 years ahead of when I would have been old enough to take them). Maths was even easier than the other subjects; you could easily get 100% with no revision/work at all.

    I was just an average kid, I got a couple of A’s in O levels in subjects that I was good at and that I worked hard for, and also managed to scrape a B or 2, and the rest were C’s with a couple of failures in subjects I was crap at.

    Ever since those original “sample” GCSEs, the GCSE papers have actually been getting easier.

    GCSE’s are insanely simple, and not worth the paper the certificates are written on.

    I remember when I was 12 and seeing GCSE sample papers that had questions like “If I had 4 beans, and someone took away 1 bean, how many beans would I have left?” and then thinking to myself “holy shit; this exam is utterly pointless/worthless”. And ever since those sample papers, the GCSEs have been getting easier.

    When kids who are currently doing GCSEs (or teachers or labour) tell you “they’re just as hard, it’s just a different way of working”, tell them they’re talking shite; anyone with an ounce of common sense can pass any GCSE with flying colours even if they do no revision whatsoever and have no teaching whatsoever to prepare them for it. If you don’t believe me, then just look at the exam papers.

    GCSEs are totally worthless, they always have been.

    • 237
      Harold Hill says:

      Likewise ‘open text’ exams whereby candidates were allowed in English to take the play or the novel they had been working on into the exam room. I thought the whole point of English literature was that you were actually meant to read and understand what you were studying and memorise significant quotes. This move was introduced to help the more challenged but all that happened was that students were lulled into a false sense of security and stopped reading what they were meant to be studying. It also meant that many students in the exam room spent their time leafing through the text rather than writing.

  45. 151
    o cromwell says:

    With teachers like that no wonder no one will employee our school leavers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that complet reform of the teaching profession is an urgent priority.
    Step 1) Abolish collective bargaining. All teachers have individual contracts with the schools for whihc they work
    Step 2) Parents have vouchers and free choice of schools.
    Step 3) LEAs abolished

  46. 166
    Joe says:

    He didn’t lose it, his little grin at the end on the video tells you it was entirely deliberate. Typical socialist behaviour, they’re not interested in a proper debate on the facts they just shout down any views that differ from their own.

  47. 174

    Can we assume he flunked his …

  48. 191
    robbie says:

    If he taught me I’d be texting Childline

  49. 197
    Guardianista / BBC Mong / Lefty Teacher / Striking Dr says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    Do as I say, not as I do.

  50. 207
    Anonymous says:

    So he failed his O’levels then!

  51. 214

    So it’s late at night, I’m not feeling that well, and I’m asked by the BBC to comment on Michael Gove’s proposals to return to O Levels with Toby Young. He and I do have ‘history’; whenever he takes a chance, he has a pop at me. Furthermore, Gove’s proposals about returning to O Levels do really worry me.

    I felt drowned out by Toby’s irrelevant drivel about England slipping down the world league tables; this — this simply wasn’t the topic for discussion and yet it was the only thing he was able to talk about — and wanted to stress the point that returning to O Levels will be a disaster if it happens. I am particularly concerned about right-wingers like Michael Gove and Toby holding up Singapore as a shining example of good practice when we all now that it is what one might politely call an “autocratic” state but, as I say on air, it could be more accurately described as a fascist one; dissenting voices are regularly silenced, and you can get jailed for very minor infringements of the law. The education system there clearly is there to prop up what is a corrupt regime; it may be very nice to visit as a tourist, but living there is clearly another matter entirely. Of course, if we had a fascist state here, we almost certainly would get better exam results than we currently do, but fortunately, we live in a democracy where you’re allowed to air your views and express your emotions without the fear of being carted off by the secret police. Children here have to learn to negotiate and deal with the freedoms they have partly in school; we no longer can beat children or imprison them for minor misdemeanours. This is as it should be.

    I still stand by the points I was making on the BBC news channel about O Levels being a totally inadequate exam and don’t, at this point, feel that bad about my “robust” delivery. Some people liked it, others hated it; whatever you think, it makes for quite lively TV. But I notice that the right-wing are after me on this one; I’ve even got Guido Fawkes and the Toadmeister himself blogging about me! I made no personal remarks, I was just trying to stick to the argument; my tone, yes, was an angry one, but I feel passionate about this issue and feel that dissenting voices are being drowned out in the media. Especially, the voices of teachers. The relentless attack on our profession is utterly depressing and I feel totally demoralised by them; yes, I do feel angry, very angry at this miserable government’s policies and all of its cheerleaders for relentlessly saying that we’re rubbish. Can you give us a break?

    I represent no organisation, I’m certainly no hired ‘union’ hand and certainly wouldn’t describe myself as left wing; as Guido Fawkes says I once sent my child to a private school and I supported my local school becoming an academy. What worries me the most at the moment is the way we assess our children; GCSEs could be so much better and do need to be stripped down. Personally, I think teacher-assessment would be much better at 16; teachers are best placed to assess the whole child, not just the very narrow range of skills that GCSEs assess; O Levels, without the coursework element or the assessment of things like speaking and listening skills, are far, far narrower than our existing GCSEs. We need give the power to teachers to assess how our children are doing in all spheres: their problem-solving skills, their initiative, their ability to come up with new ideas, their creativity. This is best done within the context of the classroom and in a “non-threatening” atmosphere so that these assessments can be used to improve a child’s skills. This is what the Finnish do, and have the top performing education system in the world as a consequence.


    • 223
      not now cato says:


      You seem to be confusing assessing with educating.

    • 226
      kitler says:

      The guy has a degree in creative writing and he teaches kids how to sit on thier arses getting angry at all the racist, misogynist, pro right wing bias that pours out of the TVs they will spend their lives being paid by the state to watch. Whilst he probably views himself as a great intellectual liberator and moral shepherd to his students, they probably view him as a complete muppet, to be humoured for the duration of his lessons, laughed at during break and then forgotten by the end of the day.

    • 231
      Win the Future says:

      “you can get jailed for very minor infringements of the law”
      And that’s different from England in what way?

  52. 215
    oberonhouston says:

    Sorry, what did you say he taught? I wish we had some way of gauging how good he was at his core discipline.

  53. 219
    Gaston Glock says:

    The statist left loves badly educated lumpenproles and will do everything in its power to termite education standards in order to grow this dysfunctional uber-dependent demographic.

  54. 220
    Gaston Glock says:

    I wrote O Levels – seven subjects – in 1970. It was a ball-buster and took me 3 months of intensive swatting to get prepped for the task.

    To get into university one then had two choices: 2 further years for A Levels or one further year for M Level [Matriculation]. I hated school and wanted out asap, so opted for the M Level pathway.

    Those embarking this assessment were warned that it was a very, very difficult high-pressure programme. Out of my Form 6 class of 15, only 3 of us passed all our M Level subjects. A B grade or better was required for consideration for uni entrance.

    Core subjects: Mathematics, English, French, History, Geography, Biology.

    • 229
      Anonymous says:

      I was unaware of that system. Thanks for sharing.

      (no sarcasm)

      • 234
        Gaston Glock says:

        That was one of the systems for we damn colonials at a time when there was an academic string still attached to The Mother Country. Ha!

  55. 221
    Cradley Heathen says:

    I have been teaching science for 11 years.
    This year’s new version of the GCSE is significantly harder than those I’ve seen before, including written answers (!) instead of multiple choice for the 15 year-olds and a much harder investigation skills assessment (that takes us twice as long to do in class). We can enter students for ‘Higher’ or ‘Foundation’ versions of the exam but many find even the latter to be too challenging, probably because of the academic content.
    I can only welcome a new system that provides alternatives to suit all our students.

  56. 228
    Anonymous says:

    O Levels already exist. Schools can choose to deliver O Level sylabus. This is to be encouraged.

    Eventually, we will have a 2 tier system of educated children and gCSE lefty thickos who pronounce H as “Haitch”.

    The “Haitch” already makes it easy for me during the graduate recruitment interviews.

  57. 232
    Anonymous says:

    Oh dear are the political classes loosing it, first the pasty tax and now O Levels and immigration.
    Perhaps they are beginning to realise the crass incompetence has been rumbled .The Internet means anyone can highlight an embarassing faux pas. Perhaps thats why they need to monitor our web usage they are terrified of the proles highlighting their stupidity/dishonesty?

  58. 244
    Neil Turner says:

    You can sign the ePetition resting the Government for a National Rerefendum with the question “Do you want to keep the BBC’s Licence Fee: yes or no ?”



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