June 19th, 2012

Thick of It Hits Brussels


  1. 1
    Steve Miliband says:

    Who is that woman?


    • 7
      Joss Taskin says:

      Ken Dodd in drag ?


      • 23
        UKIP.I.AM says:

        I see Barroso is blaming it all on the American for their Euro crisis. Maybe they blame them for trying to copy them – forgetting to realise that the USA is just one country, not 17.

        Does this mean we should be blaming the Germans for our current problems because they invaded Poland 70 years ago?


        • 37
          Gonk says:

          Is “Barroso” Portuguese for Tit. As in ” Get your Barroso’s out for the lads”


          • Baroness Ashton of Up Yours Holland and Up Yours Too EU is who Gordon Brown decided would be a good EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Commissioner despite having no experience except CND and bleeding hearts and artists. Gordon was accused of buying off her husband who runs YouGov polls.

            As we can see in the video, she has distinguished herself


        • 39
          UKIP.I.AM says:

          Nice one, Duggie.

          Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission president, has lashed out at America and Canada. Apparently the financial crisis gripping the Eurozone is all their fault.

          It was, Barroso told the G20 summit, “unorthodox practices” that “originated in North America” that are to blame for Europe’s financial mess. Nothing to do with the Euro elite’s grand folly of monetary union, you understand.

          Barroso was Prime Minister of Portugal at a time when the country started to run up enormous debts. So much so that she has since had to be bailed out.

          The Portuguese state accumulated vast debts not simply because she was run by people like Mr Barroso. The Euro made it possible for such people to borrow on such a scale because Portugal was able to exchange IOU bonds for money from investors and banks.

          Barroso went on to tell his audience that he is not going to take any lessons on democracy. Given that the European Commission president is unelected and has zero democratic legitimacy this is, you might think, a rather odd thing to say.

          Set aside the absurdity of his comments, the European Commission President’s outburst is actually very revealing. As the grand plans of the Euro elite fall apart, they are growing delusional.

          The Eurozone crisis is an entirely man-made problem created on this side of the Atlantic. So long as people like Barroso are at the helm, things are only going to get worse.

          Douglas Carswell is the Member of Parliament for Clacton.


          • Gordon Broon. says:

            I told you all it all started in America.
            Nice of the BBC on radio 4 to defend me with a woman economist stating that we worked fast in the UK with the banks. Also thank you LSE for supporting all my moves. Pity about Quadaffi though.


    • 11
      Rotheram says:

      Isn’t it that scouse MP who Dave insulted at PMQs last week?


    • 12
      Franz Kafka says:

      President Blair?

      President Obamastan?

      President Clegg?

      President Presclott?

      President Thick As Thieves?

      President Thicko?


      • 13
        Fed up Taxpayer says:

        Too many Presidents and not enough taxpayers.


      • 16
        Durr... says:

        Barosso is angry at being lectured. Funny that, some of us think that the EU has been a bit slow at sorting the Greece issue out. They have another 5 minutes. Will they get on with it? Nah.. what a complete tit he is.


    • 14
      8 Ace - £1.49 says:

      No, seriously, who?


    • 29
      Sue says:

      …and is she bigoted?


    • 45
      The Golem says:

      A money grabbing waste of space with a seat at the UN?


    • 48
      Spank Sinatra says:

      It’s that half wit Baroness Ashton. The head of foreigh affairs (for lack of a better description) at the EU. She represents all EU countries with regards to foreign policy. A walking shambles (allegedly) and an appointment by Brown I believe in the latter days from his bunker. It has been suggested that she is widely disliked by many, speaks no foreign language and cannot wait to get on the train home from Brussels as soon as possible. I have no idea of course if that is true. A veritable lightweight however as this clip shows only too well. Lord help us…..


      • 51
        Political Correctness gone mad. says:

        That scarf she wears is so long it reminds me of the Hollywood actress that went for a spin in an open car, and the scarf caught in the wheel and strangled her.
        History sometimes needs to repeat itself.


  2. 2
    But That's Slave Labour says:


  3. 3
    Stan Fink says:

    Oh Shit !


  4. 4
    Charles Kennedy... says:

    The words “piss up” & “brewery” spring to mind…


  5. 6
    annette curton says:

    What significance does the ceremonial scarf have? or is it just poor accessories matching.


  6. 8
    Andy Murray says:

    Anyone but England.


  7. 15
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wish Armando Lannucci the very best of luck with his endeavours


  8. 18
    They still don't get it. says:

    Tory MP Nadine Dorries uses taxpayer cash to pay her university student daughter up to £39k a year to work as her office manager



  9. 22
    Baroness Warsi says:

    I shall recommend that Peter Cruddas replace Stan Fink.

    Raise your glasses to more sleaze please !


  10. 27

    Alistair Tucker says..


    Do you know what that means Armando. It means “Watch. My. Dick.”
    Watch it is I ram it down your high pitched,whiny voice box and deep shag your intestines before splurging into your lungs.

    Oh, you can go to the doctors and say its legionaries but they’ll know its a Marc Almond in there.

    Never tweet back to me again, you little effete tartan dago wop along.
    You understand?


  11. 42
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Watching this less than a minute of self serving nonsense brought one word to my mind: cosplay. Look it up if you haven’t heard of the phenomenon.


  12. 52
    Julian The Wonderhorse says:

    You think she would know all Eastern Block ex commies from her time being paid by the KGB


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