June 19th, 2012

Hari: Old Habits Die Hard


  1. 1
    Lord Leveson says:

    this will cause Hari Kari

  2. 2

    Invent – that’s what you normally do.

  3. 3
    Maximus says:

    He had a little mini-me friend that did his sock-puppeting. Dead, or merely sleeping?

  4. 4
    arthur biscuit says:

    Does he have any “friends”? Maybe just some invented ones the sad fucker

  5. 5
    Hari Krishna says:

    Time to reflect when your career is in freefall

  6. 6
    Maximus says:

    The little tw@t doesn’t want to be seen paying Murdoch for access to WSJ. Put it on expenses, creep, and hope your pals don’t snitch — but of course they will.

  7. 7
    W V M says:

    Oh dear.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    He’s not so pretty without makeup….

  9. 9
    Twat Watson says:

    The liar Hari replaced by the idot Owen Jones. Does anybody read these twats?

  10. 10
    David Rose says:

    Elvis then looked up, a mournful wave of despair crossing his face – “I dont want to die on the toilet Johann” he said wistfully, & then with a whimper the King slid off the throne & into my arms. The King was dead.

  11. 11
    Jimmy says:


  12. 12
    BREAKING WIND!!! says:

    EU leaders approve amendment to scrap use of credit ratings.

  13. 13
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:


  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Ah excellent – does that reduce their debt, then?

  15. 15
    Stanley Fink says:

    Bugger it,I’m off to Schillings for a super injunction.

    Everyone else !

  16. 16
    Johann busy writing an article says:

    Close Browser
    Open Word

  17. 17
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Disambiguation Service says:

    Copying the work of one author = plagiarism (see Johann Hari).

    Copying the work of many authors = scholarship (see all academics).

    Copying the work of other authors in the Blogosphere, Twitter, and Facebook = Order-order.com (see Guido Fawkes).

  18. 18
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Is that a true story?

  19. 19
    Cluster and Fuck litigation attorneys says:

    We are better

  20. 20
    Joss Taskin says:

    Is that as a result of the Frogs losing their prized AAA rating recently ?

    Echoes of McRuin’s ‘I’ll destroy you’ ‘chat’ to Rupert.

  21. 21
    Jimmy Osmond says:


  22. 22
    The Story unfoldss says:

    Every time the BBC flesh out the Leveson story and put up a new edition they seem to write more about Guido Fawkes and its creator. You seem to becoming the Story in the BBC’s eyes. Have you been grovelling to them? They must be doing wonders for your beer tokens.


  23. 23
    ini ito says:

    Leveson’s secret is revealed. Johann’s too.
    That’s the matter Hari!

  24. 24
    Mr. Charrington says:

    The perfect party member to work in MiniTrue, his Memory Hole will be I’m sure be stuffed full

  25. 25
    Ed Balls says:

    It certainly does and it also improves confidence too!

  26. 26
    Biased Bullshitting Corporation says:


  27. 27
    Johann Hari says:

    I swear, on a stack of Bibles, I didn’t know a damned thing about Owen’s book when I wrote MY book called “Chavs.” So the answer is, and MUST be, no, I don’t read Owen, and he doesn’t read me, so far as I know. Well, let me put that another way: Owen probably doesn’t read anything with my by-line (but he and everyone else can read me like a book for the poseur I am).

  28. 28
    Gordon Brown says:

    What a progressive move, even I never thought of that one.

  29. 29
    Raving Loon says:

    This just in: Mob Boss John Gotti Is Convicted Of Racketeering

  30. 30
    Jimmy riddle says:

    Perhaps- er-no!

  31. 31
    Brian Levinson and the Ubiquitous Jay says:

    We, the incestuous and monopolistic barristers of this realm

    Do give you notice, Fawkes, that you will be summonsed to appear before us shortly

    To answer for comptempt of the highest Court in the land

    We are, of course, rank amateurs when it comes to dealing with this media circus and sorting out the truth from fiction and the crooks from the great and true…

    But you fall into another category

    You like the truth and that will never stand

  32. 32
    Guido's Mossad handler says:

    I beg your pardon ?

    Guido and his sidecar follow our instructions

    End of missive

  33. 33
    Backwoodsman says:

    Of course it is. I remember Johhan telling me it, just after the story of how he had warned Geoffrey Howe over dinner on Tuesday, about how Black Wednesday was going to happen.

  34. 34
    Jimmy riddle says:

    Excellent p..i..e..c..e.. of journalism R.L. By gad sir, Jonny boy has taught you well!

  35. 35
    Lord Stansted says:

    Did he ever interview Hitler?

  36. 36
    roy says:

    I wondered when we’d hear more from this c#nt. Why doesn’t he just get a proper job? Middle class priveleged white kids do left-wing journalism – yawn.

  37. 37
    Postal Vote says:

    What a typical socialist – always using someone else’s resources!

  38. 38
    Jimmy the Vacillator says:

    Or maybe yes!

  39. 39
    Gordon Brown says:

    I demanded the scrapping of the – character

  40. 40
    Blackadder's codpiece says:

    Oh +10. Bravo!

  41. 41
    Raving Loon says:

    Barosso: “it’s not the EU’s fault, it started in America.”

    Someone’s been speaking to Gordo, haven’t they?

  42. 42
    Rat's arse says:

    I’ve noticed that Leiber are not liking the Human Rights debate whereby people can’t enter the UK unless they are earning a ‘few’ thousand a year and are able to suppoet their so called dependents.

    Yvette ‘know-it-all’ Scooper Balls is on next; I think I’ll turn the sound off and just watch her gurning.

  43. 43
    Cllr Mustaffa councilhouse (Respec party) says:

    John Hari digging around the WSJ archives circa 1992 for his next article.
    ‘It’s Norman Lamonts fault it started in America’

  44. 44
    Rat's arse says:


  45. 45
    Rat's arse says:

    Here is the ‘screeching Scooper Balls’ now. Isn’t it marvellous how this Law was bought in by BLiar so that slotgob, a Human Rights ‘vulture’ could get more work/money?

    By her side is Underpants Bryant, looking rather sweet in what looks like a flowery little tie… so sweet!

  46. 46
    Cllr Mustaffa councilhouse (Respec party) says:

    My Benefits easily total more than 20k so my relatives will have no trouble getting in.

  47. 47
    David Rose says:

    You leave my pal Harri alone!

  48. 48
    Penny Red says:

    And what’s wrong with that?
    Anyone fancy working for me for free?

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    All publicity is good publicity.

  50. 50
    just remind me says:

    How many thousands did Cooper/Balls earn in expenses by ‘flipping’ their house allowance?

  51. 51
    Yvette talking a load of Balls says:

    Someone in the House has just accused me of waffling because I like the sound of my own voice & wish to sound prime-ministerial.

    I have done no such thing
    I have done no such thing
    I have done no such thing
    I have done no such thing

    – etc – !!

  52. 52
    JH says:

    These days it’s so hard to tell the difference between the fake Jimmys and the genuine edu-tainment version.

  53. 53
    Fish says:

    No! Polly thinks he’s the best thing since Trippa alla Toscana

  54. 54
    Marmite says:

    Oh shyte, Jack [son of a conche] Straw, now waffling on about gawd knows what.
    He’s on about some r..a….g….h….e….a…d… he helped to stay in this country because it was dangerous to deport him back to Iraq!

    Remind me Mr Straw, who made Iraq dangerous?

    What a c..r…e…t…i…n…!

  55. 55
    How my little plagiarist learned to be a journalist says:

    After that he sent articles to me at least once a day, and we had an unspoken agreement that some day soon he would start working for me. I was working on getting rid of his bullshitting reflex.

    But I had a limit. I wouldn’t publish him until he was honest. Night after night he placed my hands on his keyboard, trying to get me to write the articles. While I lay on my side, he would try to manoeuvre himself so he could take credit for the work of others. One morning, I woke up with a story and found he was trying to get his word processor on top of it, to feel his big brother’s big story finally break into his readership.

    I understood why he wanted it — I have a prime piece of reportage, and have been offered plenty of cash for it over the years — but I have rules.

    So he insisted that I break him in on the night of his thirty-third birthday, and I didn’t take much persuading. When he was asleep next to me I let myself run my hand along his Macbook Pro, imagining how great it would feel to make it mine. I wanted to really pound that keyboard to get an opinion piece ready for retail, so I decided to book a hotel room where his typing would not be noticed by mom.

  56. 56
    MacGuffin says:

    Those girls can comb their own hair! STOP THE ASIAN GROOMERS

  57. 57
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Next editor of the Guardian after the bloke who does the diary.

  58. 58
    Keith Dovkunts says:

    Fuck me, the fat c*nt has lost weight . . .

  59. 59
    Keith Dovkunts says:

    I know for a fact he interviewed T.E. Lawrence. Johann told me he did, just after he’d interviewed the Red Barron.

  60. 60
    Pickled Wizard says:

    That must of been the day before he told Richard Littlejohn of his judas Iscariot scoop!

  61. 61
    Jimmie Crankie says:

    Fuck me

  62. 62
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I still have a laugh at his demented tirade (at all of us climate change deniers! Huh) in the Indy at those who had the backbone to stand up to the Climate Change myth. Sailed on the wrong ship there Hari – off the edge of the Flat Earth.

  63. 63
    Nick Fisher says:

    They’ve scrapped an amendment to force businesses to rotate the rating agency they use, that’s all. I’m no fan of the EU, but come on guys !!!

  64. 64
    jrand says:

    Far too much — a bankers ransom

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