June 19th, 2012

Leveson v Cameron

This morning Guido revealed that Leveson threw his toys out of the pram over the Mail on Sunday splash, and now the Standard reports that Leveson went as far as to question David Cameron’s support for the Inquiry – not publicly of course – through his favoured means of crossing the constitutional division of power – phoning the Cabinet Secretary.  A paranoid Brian apparently wanted to check the government still had confidence in him. Questions will not be tolerated. 


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m first!


    • 13
      Gordon McDoom says:

      My potty needs another bailout


    • 15
      The Lefty Judge and his lefty inquisitor says:

      Yes but what was Dave’s motive in leaking this story? There seems to be an orchestrated campaign coming out from No10 to discredit Brian.

      Not that one could Blame Dave mind, Brian and Mr Jay have been a tad biased to say the least.


    • 29
      St Tone says:

      I was delighted to find that C4 have a new series starting next week, called: “Gordon behind bars”. Imagine my disappointment to find it’s just Gordon Ramsay cooking for prisoners.


  2. 2
    David Cameron says:

    Bring it on!


  3. 3
    YorkshireLad says:

    What’s he worried about? He didn’t, perchance expect the powers that be to actually act on any recommendations that he may (or may not) put forward? Why doesn’t he do what everyone else would do…take the money and run!


    • 33
      Taxpayer says:

      Do you see any cheques being returned to the taxpayer?


    • 41
      Maximus says:

      Maybe he’s only just got around to reading the Terms of Reference of his enquiry. What a dog’s breakfast – guaranteed to make anyone barf up an abortion of a recommendation or 50. If he did read them at the outset, evidently he decided to take the money and hope to make it run… somewhere. “Bit of press regulation needed, you say? Righty-ho. And the internet? Fine, no problem – fit that in in a couple of afternoons. Of course licencing is an excellent idea, quite agree, wouldn’t have the BBC be without it, would we? Now, Sir Jeremy, my fees in consideration…”. Self-evident from the Dodd case that the good Lord has little sense of how the media-infotainment complex (MIC-2) works.


  4. 4
    Twatson says:

    Read my new book ‘Dial C for Cameron’


    • 22
      Loyalist says:

      Or maybe “Dial C for Hunt”.

      Come on GF, there must be something more interesting than today’s offerings. I rely on you for news.


  5. 5
    Tom says:

    Good, the feller doesn’t want to waste his time.
    Dave set the enquiry is he still on board?

    Another Guido non-story.
    Shape up old son.


  6. 6
    Another Engineer says:

    You mean he’s only just realised that it is all a complete waste of his and everyone else’s time?

    I hope he doesn’t have to judge on anything that matters.


  7. 7
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Why do the G20 insist on going to places like Los Cabos? Are they fricking oblivious to the fact that many people will find such exotic destinations as disgusting and an utter waste of taxpayers money. I mean who the hell do they think they are? Sally Bercow or something


    • 10
      A little bit of legover says:

      never hurt anyone!


    • 38
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      i know, they should’ve hooked up with the only was is Essex “crew” in Marbella.

      That Joey lad has a better IQ than many of our Political class.


    • 39
      David Camoron says:

      It’s absolutely vital, vital to us, our economy, our ecosystem, our planet, that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the absolute minimum. That is why I’ve imposed economy-wrecking levels of duty on fuel. And it’s why I use that tax revenue to pay for me and my entourage to jet around the world, to places you grotty little oiks can’t afford to get to because of my cripplingly high airline taxes.

      Mwa ha hah ha ha!

      Now get back to work.

      Toodle pip!


      • 62
        The Climate Change Act aka, the biggest load of drivel EVER placed before parliament says:

        Not a bad summation of Cameron’s policy and ideas regarding those having to foot the bill for the ecoloons, scammers and outright liars dotted around the scene.

        However, for the sake of perspective, you should include idiotic Ed Miliband in any role call of liars regarding the great CO2 deception swindle too.


  8. 8
    Terrible But True says:

    “Questions will not be tolerated”

    A worthy projection from ‘questions are being asked’ which, rather evidently, is a favoured lead from some media when they are the only ones interested in stirring things up but can’t be seen to be making news vs. simply reporting. These media are also much less keen of questions coming back or of those they support. Can’t think why.

    See also: ‘Holding the powerful (definition flexible, often to the point of watertight oversight) to account. (c) Boaden, H.


  9. 9
    The Tosser in No 10 says:

    I say you jolly chaps!!! Dashed bad show if the Judge thinks we’re bad eggs!!! Send him some flowers and a box of choccys with a LOL card attached! What? Watts? Wattage!!! Windage!!!!

    And don’t forget – Tony’s gonna be the Big Cheese in the EUSSR one day – so suck up to him as well!!! Then my future is secure!!! Aha! Ha! ahhhhaaa! hahahahahahaha!


  10. 11
    Sizzla says:

    The dude is pissing money up the wall with a vast enquiry that is going to tell us what we already knew.

    Instead a few policemen should be nailing journos for criminal activities.


    • 23
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Life is much more complex than that. Criminal policemen and journalists will be assessed for their membership of the brotherhood, in the background, by the Grand Master, who will then make secret recommendations to Lord Leveson. Only then will His Lordship be able to make unbiased recommendations for prosecutions of the culpable people involved. This is how it really works. Jahbulon.


    • 32
      JuliaM says:

      I thought the policemen were all too busy nailing attractive hippie chicks in order to keep their undercover identity from being…err, blown?


      • 37
        Green with envy says:

        You know, there aren’t all that many attractive hippie chicks out there these days. I blame global warming


        • 76
          non-visitor says:

          All the hippy chicks grew up – and most are now approaching or well into their 60s.


  11. 12
    Steve Miliband says:

    Enquiry into Press Standards leaks stories to the Press. Well well well.


  12. 14
    Baroness Warsi says:

    See you all at the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot,boys !


    • 19
      Nom Dom Nom says:

      Don’t forget your fascinator


      • 46
        Ex Conservative Voter says:

        The only fascinating thing about Sayeeda Warsi is how she, inexperienced, unwanted, unelected, unelectable, un-talented, un-principled, became co-chairman of the Conservative Party David Camoron Fan Club.

        Actually, I think I’ve just answered my own question.


  13. 16
    Inspector Slipper says:

    Who wants Susan Boyle’s phone number?
    No point knowing its 0000 to hack if you don’t have the phone number.

    Who supplies the numbers?
    Why hasn’t Lord Lev thought to ask?

    Anyway ..Boyle’s for £1,000 and I’ve got Ashley Cole’s for £3,000 and Dianne Abbott’s for £0.75p.


  14. 17
    It is all bullshit says:

    The freedom of press should have the freedom to write bullshit.


  15. 18
    Paranoid Minds says:

    When Gordon and Brian looked into each other’s eyes they saw reflections of themselves.


  16. 19
    Anoneumouse says:

    “I, Brian Henry Leveson , do swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of Judge , and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or ill will.”


  17. 21
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Leveson Inquiry records indicate that only one call was made during the period in question. M’Lud claims that at no time did he ever tell the PM “I am now declaring war on you!”


  18. 25
    Polly Pot says:


    starving kids are dying in the streets. And fat cat banker tax avoids are using the dead bodies as draught excluders!!

    AND I’M NOT EXAGGERATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 31
      nellnewman says:

      If children are dying in Britain for want of food , it’s because their parents are too lazy to go out and dig the garden and grow veg.


      • 42
        Polly Pot says:


        We all live in beautiful converted Victorian terrace houses in Islington.



      • 53
        Kylie Britney Lou-Lou Ngomo says:

        Hey!! I always look after my vag


      • 56
        Gonk says:

        Can you grow cows with potatoes ?


        • 67
          nellnewman says:

          What dya want cows for gonk? If you need meat keep some chickens on that allotment. You can fatten them up with food scraps from the kitchen and then eat the one’s that stop laying eggs; after you’ve killed and cooked them of course.


      • 57
        gramma says:

        Forking hell it ain’t. .
        Lord Lev too does not wish to get his hands dirty like us country folk and beating about the bush is more his path in life as shown by his reaction to Gove’s statement Nell.
        Perhaps if he understood that calling a spade a spade [ telling it like it is when required,] this farce might eventually reach a conclusion.
        If I was fortunate enough to have the manure being thrown about at the present inquiry I would be self sufficient in vegatables in no time at all.


      • 60
        Apparently highly-educated by Labour but somehow strangely unemployable says:




  19. 34
    nellnewman says:

    3 Inquiries, each costing £millions.

    First there was hutton who whitewashed anything that looked like truth.

    Then there was chilcot who has simply not published anything that looks like truth.

    And now we have leveson who seems to be trying to intimidate folks into not talking about anything that might be regarded as truth.


    • 40
      Truth says:

      Nobody ever asked me to attend any of these proceedings.


      • 69
        If Vivian Stanshall were alive he'd have thing or two to say says:

        You didn’t even turn up for trial of Christ, so what makes you think anyone wants you to attend a whitewashing?


        • 80
          Control freek says:

          ..er, ‘scuse me, but the correct term for that expression is now “colourlesswashing”. Don’t do it again or you’ll get 56 days with only stale bread and water.


    • 48
      Nom Dom Nom says:

      Its been happening ever since of bunch of control freaks decided to write a novel called the bible. Can’t see it ever stopping


      • 55
        nellnewman says:

        Hmm Long time since I’ve read the good book but I don’t recall anything in it about public inquiries.

        Mind I did like the bit about an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I’d like to have applied that bit to bliar on behalf of all those who suffered in the iraqi war.


        • 64
          Mr A Pillock says:

          My favourite part was the miracle of the burning bush. Anyone who doubts the Good Lord’s limitless power should read that bit. It will remove any doubt about His immense abilities.

          I mean – a bush, burning!! What but God could do that?


          • Becky - the ginger minger says:

            My bush doesn’t burn, but it’s red hot when Dave’s around.

            Yes he Cam!


  20. 35
    Spotty Lizard says:


    When are you going to fulfil your promise to run naked through London if you lost your bet on UK contributions to the IMF?

    Chicken, much?


  21. 36
    The Best Bit says:


  22. 43
    Paranoid says:


  23. 44
    Peers Morgan says:

    I will never ‘go down’ on ‘one knee’ again


  24. 54
    Cressida's Dick says:

    ‘He’s not the Lord, he’s a very, naughty boy’


  25. 61
    Cheeky Jay says:

    Why did Mr Jay address Dave as Mr Cameron?


  26. 63
    Aunty Matter says:

    The problem is Leveson has failed to address the issue of media regulation and instead gone off on some wild goose chase involving the Murdochs, why? There is already several pointless prosecutions etc ongoing.

    Now Leveson seems to be surprised politicians talk to journalists..oh hang on that’s Tory politicians talking to journalists, the fact Liebore deep throated the press for over 15 years seems to have flown past Leveson.

    For example, why is he got looking at what went on over the Iraq war and the media?


    • 65
      Ex Conservative Voter says:

      “For example, why is he got looking at what went on over the Iraq war and the media?”

      Oh Sweet Jesus don’t give him ideas.

      Hasn’t this farce already cost us a small fortune and gone on long enough as it is?


  27. 66
    annette curton says:


    • 70
      Owain Glyndwr says:

      Really good series and music, the clip would have been more effective as background music with fatso watson and lardy precott strutting their stuff in g strings.


  28. 68
    Dave says:

    Barroso is as mad as a Gordo.


  29. 83
    o cromwell says:

    another Soviet placeman lording it over the Little People


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