June 15th, 2012

Bailey Bows Out on the Sly

There’s good news for Trinity Mirror employees today as bonus-happy boss Sly Bailey leaves the company.

She was expected to stay until the end of the year but has had her bags packed six months earlier than expected.

During her highly paid reign the share price slumped some 96% from their height in 2005.

Guido imagines there will be big drinks in the watering holes of Canary Wharf this lunch time…


  1. 1

    Bye bye Bailey.

    Bank shares jump and pound falls.

    Who would have guessed it?


    • 12

      We NEED the pound to fall – exports outside the EU have fallen, and we can’t exactly rely on Europe at the moment – Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece are fighting over the best cardboard boxes and shop doorways to sleep in, while asking the Krauts for any spare change!


      • 17

        Agree that the pound needs to fall.

        But not because of QE, surely to God!


      • 18
        Archer Karcher says:

        You want exports to rise, then cut taxes and stop making energy so expensive as to price UK products and companies out of markets or to close completely.


        • 26

          Spot on to both of you, couldn’t agree more.


        • 32
          UKIP.I.AM says:

          As most of our energy comes from imports a lower pound will mean energy and raw material prices rising. So a lower pound is not all it is cracked up to be. Switzerland has prospered (compared to most others) despite it having a very strong currency.


        • 33
          ForFucksSakes says:

          What fucking exports? We don’t fucking make anything anymore FFS.

          The City of London are just skimmers FFS!

          To generate real wealth you have to turn raw materials into a product that someone else wants to buy….I think a fella called Marx wrote all about this shit 200 years ago in the London Library FFS.


          • useless says:

            a strong £ would be the sign of a strengthening economy.


          • An 8 year old says:

            Giddy and Mervy have decided to ditch Plan A (austerity via fiscal tightening) for Plan B (monetary bazooka). But it won’t work. The citizens of the UK are the most indebted of all of the OECD countires. To quote a certain DC “more debt is not the way to solve a debt problem”.


          • No – there is an optimal exchange rate – which changes, obviously, in relation to where ather currencies are pitched – but it has two effects when it wekens – yes imports become more expensive , and therefore tends to reduce imports (balance of payments improves) and exports, of which we had £428.6 billion in 2010 – not “nothing” by any stretch!


          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            The UK still has a huge manufacturing base – strong in technological products amongst other things.. We let the Chinese produce the tat that consumers encounter in shops, but manufacturing in the UK is still a very large part of the economy.


      • 47
        Piers' Organ says:

        ” Won’t you go home Sly Bailey ” ?

        Oh — you have !!

        BTW — whatever does Sly stand for ?

        Is it onomatopoeic??


  2. 2
    Sophie says:

    The Mirror?

    Is it still going?



  3. 3
    PostandMailman says:

    Not just in Canary Wharf. The damage she did to Trinity Mirror’s regional titles beggars belief.


    • 16
      Engineer says:

      Absolutely correct.

      Our local paper went from a local institution to a limp rag in about five years. The entire archive of over a hundred years of local history went in a skip. Tragic.


      • 43
        Vandals start here says:

        Like what a certain utterly demented Labour foreign secretary did to the FO’s archives then – only they stretched back a lot further than 100 years.


    • 24
      Lord Reacharound of Ballsdeep says:

      My girlfriend works for one of the said regional titles. Sly Bailey is commonly referred to as a Hunt who has bled the papers dry.


    • 27
      UKIP.I.AM says:

      She should get a knighthood then.


    • 31
      Sarah Smith says:

      How darw you. She is a wimminz and wimminz in the media can do no wrong.


  4. 4

    I shall miss the Mirror when it folds.
    Its a very amusing comic.


    • 40
      Anonymous says:

      I will miss the Perishers cartoon, currently in re-run since the death of its creator back in, I think, 2006. I have fond childhood memories of that strip.

      The re-runs have, however, turned into a bit of a travesty. A couple of the strips over the last two years were published with the original dialogue removed and replaced with the characters discussing Cameron and Miliband in an attempt to bring it up to date – and reinforce the paper’s ideology. I kid you not. :-(

      It’s one thing to lace your political ideology througout the news articles; but to deface a much loved cartoon strip is just low.


  5. 5
    Toilets Maguire says:

    Drinks on me fellow bloggers !


  6. 7
    Gordon McMental says:

    Is she going?
    I only just wished her well.


  7. 8
    Aghast! says:

    She really is as common as muck!


  8. 9

    I have taken photographs of my delicious, 3 course with a cheeky red, subsidised MPs lunch and put them on a blog.

    Just to show you what you are missing.

    Yum,,,yum..pass the gravy boat Rees-Mogg!


    • 13
      Westminster Council says:

      Give me that camera Quango!


    • 28
      Argyle & Bute Gestapo says:

      Any more reference by anyone to the wrong-think child who had the audacity to criticise our glorious management will be silenced.

      We are the public sector. We are in charge. Papers, show me your papers.


    • 37
      A Greek in London says:

      Watching Laura Kuenssberg on ITV news last night live from the Mansion House, you could see over her shoulder the hundreds of waiters and waitresses rushing back ‘n’ forth obviously having to make sure the fat pigs inside there were well wined and dined.

      Austerity ordered for the proles from those in tuxedos and dinner jackets.


  9. 10
    Toilets Maguire says:

    I’ve just written a great piece on the disgusting culture of boardroom bonuses. That should increase the chances of me getting a large bonus at the end of the month.


  10. 11

    Isn’t it time someone opened a book on Blair being successfully arrested?


  11. 15
    just asking says:

    Did she get a massive pay-off?


  12. 20
    Technomist says:

    I haven’t read the Mirror in years.


  13. 21
    Penfold says:

    Yet another example of payment for failure.

    TrinityMirror shareholders should curse her name.


  14. 22
    David Hugh Turner-Cameron says:

    I say chaps, we’ve not made any U turns this week, is something wrong?


  15. 23

    In Honour of Michael Gove I present this week’s poetry collection:

    Will you get the supper, Sam?

    George will sit right next to me
    Give him something tasty
    Something free from Vat
    Perhaps a cornish pasty

    My Day at Court by D Cameron

    I went to court yesterday
    I can’t remember the rest

    Leveson Haiku

    The game is afoot
    Why is that my dear Watson
    Leveson awaits


    • 30

      Gordon Brown

      I wandered lonely as a clod
      That fights all people o’er tax and bills,
      When all at once I saw a poll,
      So I ended speculation about an early election
      By running away..

      I wandered lonely as a clod
      That floats on a high of debt and bills,
      When all at once I saw a newspaper,
      But I shut my eyes before I could be influenced;
      Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
      I never met Rebekah Brooks.


      • 34

        The unkindest cut of all

        We need to cut 50%
        to save the public purse
        we’ve sacked the civil servants
        and we’ve pared back every nurse
        the doctors and the teachers have been purged
        and all the others too
        I must cut more as I’ve been urged
        but there’s only me and you


        • 45
          ooops says:

          Only persons of middle eastern origin get the unkindest cut — especially if the surgeon sneezes at the wrong moment.


  16. 25
    Thieving Bastards says:


  17. 29
  18. 36
    Mitt Romney says:

    Re: Stock Pr!ce Down 96% in 7 Years

    I could have turned things around– hey, it’s what I DO for a living, don’t you know? And of course, having a stake in a media outlet– it’s a politician’s dream, isn’t it?

    Anyway, if this thing I’ve got in November doesn’t work out, I may be available; send me an e-mail around, say, Remembrance Day, if I am. You’ll know– it’ll be in all the papers…presumably yours as well.


  19. 41
    Salem's witch says:

    What goes around comes around. Bloody awful newspaper.


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