June 13th, 2012

Hodges Returns to the Staggers

Guido understands that Dan Hodges is returning to the New Statesman. The move comes weeks after his old foe Mehdi Hasan was “promoted” to the Huffington Post. Guido is told he’ll be an occasional columnist. Ed will love that…

UPDATE: Guido has just spoken to Hodges, who confirms he will continue to write for the Telegraph while contributing fortnightly to the New Statesman magazine.


  1. 1
    shooty* says:

    Exclusively occasional @ Staggers? Hope not. Thoroughly enjoy his recent stuff.


    • 4
      Rocking Horse Shit says:

      Yes he writes some good stuff. Extremely rare to find a Lefty with a sense of Humour.


      • 10
        Ah! Monika says:



      • 11
        smoggie says:

        Precisely. And speaks his own mind, unike the army of intense lefty folk who do not have the moral backbone to venture an opinion of their own. It’s such a cop out to follow the socialist herd.

        A young fellow but an old fashioned socialist of the type which is now all but extinct.


        • 16
          Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

          In Al Davis’ (late owner of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders) world, if everyone was thinking alike, that meant noone was thinking.


      • 15
        Tron says:

        Yes he is funny and smart. I enjoy his blogs and tweets.

        Strangely, he can see what is wrong with Labour yet he sticks with them.
        So many Labour supporters seem to think they must vote Labour because they always have, even though they can see how bad and useless they are.

        It must be a Northern thing.


        • 18
          Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

          No, it’s a stupidity thing. There are plenty of people who’ve seen the Conservative party leave them over the years, but they don’t leave the party. Some of them even work on campaigns, etc. What gives? Do these people really think the party they joined will ever return?


      • 24
        Anonymous says:

        I like Dan Hodges, he has an open mind which is very refreshing. He is always very readable and well balanced.


    • 25
      Shooty* says:

      And may I just say: FIRST! Woo hoo! Soon I’ll be taken as seriously as Billy, or that comic faux-leftie anonymous dude!


  2. 2
    Oh says:

    wha happens if they get him kicked out the labour party tho?


    • 13
      smoggie says:

      The Labour Party does not hold the monopoly on socialist principles. What happens? He’ll save ten quid a week.


  3. 3
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    What has happened to mehdi hasan, not a peep


  4. 5
    Toby says:


  5. 7
    The BBC says:

    We will make sure Mehdi is OK.


    • 17
      Mehdi says:

      Yes you will, you are little more than my cattle.

      I must have a highly visible platform on the moral high ground. If it has to come from an organisation staffed more often than not with people my kind would happily see publicly hung from cranes for their sexual preferences, so be it.


  6. 8
    Tobias Flangelflapper says:

    Handsome chap. Looks like Guido’s even uglier brother.


  7. 14
    Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

    To join the New Statesman (Statesperson?) once is careless. To join it twice is downright fucking stupid beyond belief.


    • 20
      smoggie says:

      At least he is welcomed back unlike some of the pissheads who have been kicked out, mentioning no names.


  8. 21
    not a machine says:

    Mad Frankies both barrels for Ed Balls was interesting in that it was supposed the Ed that is leader of Labour party making an attack , the hunt lines were all pretty much umemorable from which ever member they came from , when it comes to “he was once the future” falling so woefully short as to be called a dud , not much of a PMQs even if business conducted . However opposition day question and Mr Bryants “lied to parliament” was interesting in that Mr speaker clearly hoisted himself by his own petard in somthing of a Kalideoscopic mayhem , could be Kalashnikov , but Mr Speaker most notable habit is requesting order from chuntering members , some of which are comical in part of his good memory , useually cutting into hot exchanges seeming to have such sympathy for the criminals still drawing money in opposition . I agree, totally unusual to allow perhaps one of” the” most provoctive words “liar” to be used as a loose cannon in such a question . To give a clue the useually quiet but fully informed mind of Mr Younger was up like lightening on a point of order (A man who considers and takes much before responding) , Mr Rees Mogg having a difficult position for Mr speaker to expand upon . Extraordinary and a moment which will, I suspect cause Mr Speaker to issue an appology to Mr Hunt , for Mr Hunt is not a liar by any way of evidence so far seen , mistaken yes by the standards of the ministerial code , but not a liar , either by the ministerial code or Mr Bryants , rather insecure record of facts .

    The sedition of Khan on DP , did he really say what he said about the falklands ….. has he no respect or understanding for situation and lives lost
    He spoke as though as he lived in foreign country ……


    • 23
      lost causes says:

      Khan is a lightwieght thinker who has been promoted way beyond his ability…vaz-like in forgetting the past and his underhand part in it


  9. 26
    Louise Mensch says:

    Hodges is seriously hot! His perfectly symmetrical facial features and lovely smoothe skin make me so moist!


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