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Warsi’s Spice Partner Took Labour MP on Expenses-Paid Trip
Abid Hussain Linked to Pakistan ISI Spy Agency Front Group

In the Daily Star Sunday yesterday Guido picked up on Labour’s own links to Abid Hussain – Warsi’s in-law and business partner at the centre of her recent troubles. This former Hizb ut-Tahrir insider travelled to Pakistan with the Tory chairman in 2010, but that’s not the only politician he has got close to. In the same summer Hussain was travelling with Warsi, he was also organising dinners attended by Labour’s rising star Stella Creasy. As the pictures above show, Hussain was also helped out on David Miliband’s leadership campaign. Creasy has also campaigned with Hussain on local issues, though she was quick to distance herself from him on Friday when we pressed her… 

The connections didn’t stop there. Normally bruiser Simon Danczuk would be one of the first out of the traps when it comes to attacking the government, however on this one he’s been very quiet. Could it be because last year he too travelled all-expenses paid to Pakistan, going to meetings set up by the same Abid Hussain?

Danczuk’s expenses were paid by the Kashmir Centre, which is a front for the Pakistani spy agency ISI.  Six months after the trip with the All Party Group on Kashmir the FBI arrested and charged Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, the head of the Kashmir Centre, for conspiring to act as an agent of a foreign power.

Although Danczuk did declare the trip in the Register of Interests, he did not reveal that the “staff member” who accompanied him on the trip was his then partner, now wife, Karen Burke. The rules state that any trips “made by Members or their spouses or partners, which in any way arise out of membership of the House, where the cost of any such visit has not been wholly borne by the Member or by United Kingdom public funds” must be declared. Despite ignoring questions last Friday, Danczuk’s staffer managed to call today, though he asked Guido not to run his explanation. Over to you Simon…

Rachel Reeve’s Shambles

It is a bit rich for Reeves to be accusing others of being a “shambles” when she has forced an Urgent Question at a time when the Chancellor cannot answer it. Because he is in the dock at Leveson…

Osborne on the BskyB bid:

“My personal view was this was a political inconvenience. I think that judgement has been borne out by events.”

Union Turns on Blairites in Labour Bloodbath

The GMB Congress has descended into an even bigger farce than expected after it passed a motion to outlaw Blairite pressure group Progress from the Labour Party. In a frothing attack, the GMB slammed Progress for accepting the need for spending cuts, undermining Ken Livingstone’s campaign and briefing against Ed Miliband to the press. The decision of Progress patron Lord Sainsbury to stop donating to the party might also have something to do with it… 

The motion, which lays into Miliband and Balls for failing to bring about a socialist revolution, appears to be part of a summer putsch of centre-left Labour figures. At least this means Dan Hodges will have some company. Their ten point lead in the polls should see Labour go into their most buoyant conference in years, yet it seems the left are determined to turn it in to a witch-hunt…

UPDATE: Dan Hodges was for three years up until 2003 the GMB’s director of communications.

Time to Sack the Statist “Charity” Sock Puppets

Guido has always seen state-funded charities as a constant source of annoyance. Today the Institute of Economic Affairs calls on the government to bring an end to lobbying by charities that receive taxpayers’ money. They even quote Guido’s jibe about fake charities from last year:

“A charity that relies in the main part on taxes is no more a charity than a prostitute is your girlfriend”.

Guido couldn’t have put it better himself…

He Lied and Lied and Lied

Guilty, m’Lord.

Green Leadership Candidate Waves Nazi Flag

One of the favourites to replace Caroline Lucas as the Green Party leader appears to be a Nazi sympathiser. Pippa Bartolotti was pictured raising the flag of the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party, a fascist organisation whose members give the Hitler salute, use a swastika as their emblem and base their party anthem on ‘Deutschland, Deutschland über alles’. Well Hitler was a green…

Pic via CiFWatch

Prime Mentalist – The Greatest Hits



Portland Lobbyist Alastair Campbell Slags Off Firm’s Star Client

Guido is not quite sure why Apple will bother to retain Portland for thousands per month when one of their big name fixers takes to Twitter to lambast the company to his 150,000 influential followers:



Leveson’s optimistic Draft Criteria for a Regulatory Solution

“…must be durable and sufficiently flexible to work for future markets and technology, and be capable of universal application.”[…]


Rich & Mark’s Monday Morning View



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Quote of the Day

Jean-Claude Juncker:

“We will never let the Greek people down. And we know the Greek people don’t want to let down the European Union.”

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