June 6th, 2012

Tony Blair Spent Jubilee Weekend in Maldives’ Four Seasons

The former Prime Minister avoided the rain and fake grins by popping along to see President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik in the Indian Ocean.

The luxury Maldives resort is a thousand bucks per night for the cheapest suite.

Nothing is too good for our Tone.



  1. 1
    Is the Guardian really guilty of tax evasion? says:

    He should be in hell!


    • 5
      Fur Trade Fare Trader Of Fair Trade Implants says:

      The boobs were industrial silicone!!!


      • 14
        Forkbender says:

        Do not call he Tone call him Antonia


        • 33
          Guido Fawkes, circa 2010 says:

          Tony Blair, my hero!


        • 87
          Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

          That was a University handle. What about those Estrogen fuelled Man Tit.
          Must have been living in London with all the recycled Piss full of Estrogen discarded from Womens Piss. I mean the PILL.
          After over 4 Decades of use by millions of Women only the Lunatic fringe or the Green Peace Government sponsored Quango and Friends of the Earth wouldn’t believe it.


          • Tony's tax advisor says:

            Just avoiding tax chaps, thats all.


          • PUPPET MASTERS LIGHT says:

            No wonder No one is willing to have a go at the Politicians for all of the FRAUD. We have all been turned into a bunch of GIRLS


          • PUPPET MASTERS LIGHT says:

            No wonder there hasn’t been a riot. The C-nts have turned us all into WOMEN


        • 88
          Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

          All the Fat lasses now Know what is helping to lay down those unmovable layers of FAT, Blokes as well with Man Tits etc. Isn’t strange how the Scientific community want to Tax and Talk about Global warming but not a word on what killing off all the Birds and Fish. Not women by the way I meant that literally.


        • 138
          Blowing Whistles says:

          He really does like to be called ‘Miranda’.

          The laugh the sicko press are having on the public is the ref to Miranda – It refers to a “Miranda warning” – see the legal terms of how it applies!!!

          It thus refers ‘allegedly!!!’ to his importuning / soliciting in public toilets in his early career … Do Your Own Research (DYOR) people.


      • 101
        Pundit tu tu. says:

        Do you like my new enhanced breasts? AC / DC here I come.


    • 16
      Mrs Duffy says:

      I liked Blur. I hope Gordon has been wandering around south Edinburgh.


    • 71
      Fony Blair says:

      Assume Blair can only spend so many days in the UK without being hit with an almighty tax bill!


    • 96
      Luxury traveller says:

      I’m staying in the very same hotel, so I can assure you that he is not in hell, in fact we are most comfortable!


      • 106
        (Tooting) Common Sense says:

        Sounds like a good idea to me. Much better than standing in the bloody rain getting soaked through, being ignored by all and sundry (or bashed by some oik’s umbrella).


      • 136
        Edd Balls says:

        ” Ohh thanks guys!! Where was my invite?!!”


    • 122
      Anonymous says:

      No oil painting is he ?


  2. 2
    Selohesra says:

    Has he had breast implants?


  3. 3
    Jonny says:

    Bloody hell, look at the tits on that


    • 9
      Anonymous says:

      I think you meant to say
      ” Look at the tits on that tit”


      • 52
        Red Channel Directive says:

        Remove all mention of our mentor, mekon & Dear Leader’s moobs in ALL news items, bulletins or discussions…….

        BBC News Division


        • 68
          Red Channel Directive says:

          BBC Directive No 10000980

          Our coverage of the “HRH the so-called “Queen”” was sufficiently poor for each and every member of staff to receive a licence fee bottle of Villa Toynbee champers “a la socialiste” on every desk at BH and TC.

          A full crate when we can celebrate the inuguration of President Blair and a 1000 year one party state!!


          • Beeboid One says:

            We are in denial over our bad Jubilee service.
            All we were doing was dumbing down to meet the aspirations of the British public educated under the last wonderful socialist government.
            1984 here we come. Our new mission is to resurrect and reintroduce Tony, Gordon, and John Prescott to government.
            Wave the Red Flag not the Union Jack.


          • Greg Dyke says:

            The jubilee revellers were hideously white


          • Marion the cat says:

            Radio 4 this morning read out a couple of emails re their coverage – piss-poor was the consensus, Dorothy’s friend then says that the he thought the BBC did really well. BBC management couldn’t supply a comment TO RADIO 4, FFS. AND who gives a toss what presenters think – they are presenters not commentators.

            I can give up BBC TV, but why doesn’t some other outfit do a decent news radio station.


  4. 4
    Is the Guardian really guilty of tax evasion? says:

    “thousand bucks”

    Does this mean that more readers read this blog from U.S.A than UK or that *bucks* looks better than *quid* ?


    • 19
      Forkbender says:

      The hotel only takes Dollars £ sterling not such a good bet


    • 49
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Say, roughly, a dollar equals 66p. 1,000 dollars = about 666 pounds.
      Blair… six six six… You don’t wanna go there…


  5. 6
    The Queen says:

    We have no comment.


    • 67
      Mr. Putin's Stolen Cat says:

      For those who’d really prefer a president to a monarch, just stick a piccie of him and the lovely Cherie on your fridge door (a great way to loose weight, too)


      • 74
        misterned says:

        President Blair? That has got to be the best argument for keeping the Monarchy ever…

        Until you consider President Miliband, or President Balls!

        Christ on a bike, even King Charles would be better than that!


  6. 7
    annette curton says:

    FFS Guido, in the interests of public decency get a bra photo-shopped over them.


  7. 8
    Riesler says:

    Where would you rather be?


  8. 11
    misterned says:




  9. 12
    ToonBob... says:

    Tits oot for the lads…. ?


  10. 15
    Raving Loon says:

    I wonder who’s job it is to photograph a topless Blair whilst hiding in the bushes?


  11. 17
    Chrrey Glare says:

    Tone…’Ave you seen me leopard print uplift bra?


  12. 18
    • 22
      Guardian meeja groupies says:

      He’s such a prick isn’t he?
      Maybe the church can help him with his bitterness.


    • 25
      Ah! Monika says:

      90% of Scots would not have been sober enough to understand the question


    • 28
      AC1 says:

      Q. Name a typical Scotch person.

      A. 98% of people named Rab C Nesbitt.


    • 31
      Know Thyself says:

      That’ll be due to the Cross of St Andrews which adorns it.


    • 32
      Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

      Someone needs to drop that wheely performing dingbat in the middle of a South American rain forest and let him take his chances.
      Loving the comments section under that Graun article there btw, truly biting the hand that feeds.
      Clueless to a man/woman/non-specific gender.


    • 37
      Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

      Who cares what the Scots think ? I suggest they fuck off out of “The Union ” then and vote for independence if that’s how they feel


      • 77
        Just wondering says:

        Is he that part time spacker?


      • 83
        misterned says:

        They want a version of independence, which retains the Queen as head of State and which retains the UK pound Sterling as their currency and the Bank of England as their central bank. Not all that independent then…

        Knowing how the Greeks, Italians, Irish and Spanish treat the Bundesbank and ECB, I would NOT want to allow an independent Scotland to have ANYTHING to do with the Bank of England.

        The Royal Bank of Scotland should be their Central Bank and their own currency, OR join the Euro.

        And they can share the Queen insofar as having the same sort of relationship as Canada and Australia have with her.


    • 79
      misterned says:

      Well well well. Almost half of Scots eh? Surely a sign that the drug-addled, homosexual, alcoholic lefty shitebags in charge of the media are doing a moderately successful job of their anti-British and traitorous propaganda then.

      At least a majority still know that the Union Flag is rightly associated with patriotism, freedom, liberty, fairness, justice and equality.

      Sad that the lefty bastards want to undermine ALL of those great characteristics. No wonder they hated the flag.

      Now they are trying to “reclaim” it. For what? Social injustice, halting social mobility, politically correct prejudice, uncontrolled immigration, ‘The state knows best’ and the erosion and elimination of all things British?


  13. 21
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    I keep that Leveson intruder video on repeat in the hope that once, just once he’ll walk in, say excuse me and then start unloading an AK into Blair’s gleaming white teeth.
    He’s truly the Devil incarnate…Although he did introduce the minimum wage didn’t he?


    • 26
      AC1 says:

      Ah yes. “Minimum wage” = Compulsory unemployment for the low productive. Another great scheme to cut off people from being able to upskill into middle class jobs.


      • 40
        annette curton says:

        Well we have got an ‘under neath the arches’ back to work scheme, in conjunction with an employment NGO and Rottwieler Security.


        • 81
          Col Nut says:

          I remember Monica Coghlan having been underneath an Archer.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            But have you seen the Lloyds of London syndicates he was on and how conveniently some of his ilk were tipped the ‘nod’ to get out of the ones facing financial ruin? No … haven’t seen the documents – I have copies.


    • 50

      Not sure the minimum wage is the winner people think. i remember when it came in. Had some 1000 employees at the time throughout UK. In my region there was no change at all as already paid the minimum.
      In the coastal east and most of the far north there was an increase. About 15%-20%, which was pretty decent. especially as their living costs were much, much lower than in the south east / midlands / london. As is still the case still today.

      But within 5 years employment numbers were cut by about 40% as wages rose faster than profits. Rents were to blame too, but the days of employing someone for an 8 hour day has pretty much gone for good in retail/hospitality.

      Far better to employ them on a zero hour basis. Maybe 5, maybe 25 hours a week.
      not so good for the employee though.


      • 60
        Ah! Monika says:

        Governments are the living proof of ‘The Law of Unintended Consequences’


        • 140
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Lets stick with The UK jurisdiction yeah… ‘cos what happens abroad means diddly squat.

          Concentrate on the thieving hoi poloi here in yer back yard first.


  14. 23
    Tam Ill says:

    Could be he is on a stop over before flying into Colombo


  15. 24
    Gillian Beastley says:

    Just the place to spend my retirement. Once I’ve sold all the allotments in this godawful little city for ‘development’, of course.



  16. 27
    Out of the mouths of Babes says:


    • 35
      nellnewman says:

      Well I know he only had 144 characters but surely he could have constructed a more coherent sentence than that! Could do better!


      • 46
        Ow Do Lad says:

        I want to know why someone from the people’s republic of South Yorkshire is called Owen Jones. Where his parents closet Welshists or something?


      • 48
        Col Nut says:

        He’s only a schoolboy.


        • 55
          nellnewman says:

          He is the product, I presume, of the last labour government’s education education education policy!


          • Legal Crook says:

            If he is trying to say in his idiotic fashion, that Blair usurped his Ministerial powers, by running an effective dictator ship using an unelected cabal, leaving no true written record (Neather revelation, etc) of what he was upto, then I would agree.


    • 51
      annette curton says:

      Totally bizarre, incomprehensible and incorrect, who said 140 characters is not enough on twitter.


    • 54
      Legal Crook says:

      Blair took ‘remaining powers’ – British Prime Ministers have had the ‘Royal Prerogative’ for about 250 years.


      • 141
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The question is – hasn’t her Maj – got it within her power to ‘dissolve’ the government of the day?

        The problem is she for some or other reason – declined to do that with the Bliar Regime why?

        Its – in theory Her government and her opposition – so how many of you think they work for the people – DoHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


  17. 29
    nellnewman says:

    Ah that snakeoil salesman again. What was he trying to sell to the President of the Maldives?


    • 107
      Pundit Too says:

      Possibly advising them to frack for oil to boost their economy – and sink it.


    • 121
      Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

      Blair will be there to advise on good governance. With a free holiday chucked in. Expect the Maldives to descend into chaos anytime soon.


  18. 30
    Condé Nast says:

    The Maldives used to be exclusive, but it has been overrun with chavs and gangsters.


    • 42
      Lord Stansted says:

      Are they not supposed to be sinking because of rising sea levels? The Today Programme says so – so it must be true


      • 63
        annette curton says:

        Tony’s tits?.


      • 82
        Wikipedia says:

        The evidence that sea levels are rising has been clearly established by the use of satellite and sea level buoys. The average, as per 2012, is 3.1mm per year.


        • 89
          misterned says:

          Seal level rise is slowing and levelling off. The study used by the UN IPCC used ONE inaccurate sea level gauge to set the innaccurate projections.

          Satellite measurements are showing a reduction in the rate of rise and in some locations around the world, sea levels are falling. Plate tectonics are having a greater impact on sea levels than ice melt.

          Additionally, maps and photographs covering various regions in the arctic, which have only recently come to light, show clearly that ice extent had retreated back to current levels in the 1930s. There is nothing unprecedented at all about the current level of global ice cover.

          Yet again, the empirical, observed evidence has proven the alarmists wrong.


          • Archimedes was the first 'denier' says:

            Ice melt has ZERO effect on sea level.

            cf. The melting ice in your whisky glass and the non-effect on the level.

            A body displaces its own volume in water, and all that.


          • Slartibartfast says:

            The global warming scam artistes claim that the sea level would be forced to rise by ice melting from the land masses themselves of Antarctica and Greenland. Course, the warming trend itself has dropped back just like you would expect the climate system to naturally behave. Very inconvenient for them.


  19. 36
    Question? says:

    Is Tony Bliar a lizard?


    • 57
      Ken Livingstone says:

      Trust me, I know lizards. No matter what David Icke says, Tony Blair is NOT a lizard. He IS cold-blooded, however.

      And bugger off on the tax avoidance thing, that’s so last post.


  20. 38
    SAS NOT !!! says:

    Tony Blair goes on holiday….jesus christ Guido your threads are getting weaker by the day.

    Any news on Priti Patels car hire expenses


  21. 39
    The BBC/ Guardian franchise says:

    I kid you not one of the BBC presenters described the Royal pageant as the people’s pageant and said it was so democratic.


    • 47
      Raving Loon says:

      At least they didn’t claim the queen scored 18 holes in one in a round of golf, or single handedly invent the internet.


    • 53
      nellnewman says:

      BBC has been the best comedy show all weekend. I heard one of their presenters say Her Maj was directly descended from Henry VIII who had wrested the crown from Richard III at Bosworth in 1485. Would have been a bit difficult since he wasn’t even born at the time!

      Then there was the beeb presenter asking someone waving the canadian flag which country they were from?

      The beeb have been living on an alternative planet to the rest of us for days.


    • 92
      misterned says:

      It was democratic insofar as the vast majority of the country showed their approval of her 60 years reign.

      If republican’s got their way and she was forced to contest an election to be head of state, she would win an overwhelming landslide!

      Seriously? Who do you think would win an election to be head of State? Her Majesty the Queen? or Cameron? Or Clegg? Or Miliband?


      • 113
        Pays yer money and takes yer chances says:

        Unfair list. The candidates should be Ali Baba, Polly, Bojo or Kate – all the other males being too hideous to contemplate, except the younger son of Die who might bring a spot of levity to the proceedings..


        • 118
          The Queen has been rubbish for at least 40 years says:

          FFS Don’t go down that line, we’ll end up with Posh and Becks as Heads of State if chav-scum get a vote on it.


  22. 41
    Jonathan says:

    When is someone going to deal with this awful creature? He seems completely untouchable – irrespective of the harm he (and his ghastly wife) and his policies have done to our country and ourselves. No arrest and no prosecution – at least to date.


  23. 56
    Ah! Monika says:

    Let’s hope somebody remembers to send him a video of last week’s HIGNFY


  24. 61
    We're All In This Together says:

    Appears to be another middle aged male bisexual politician, possibly Tory? Not sure Paul Smith tailoring is good enough to hide the breasts or the blood on his hands.


  25. 62
    Alan Douglas says:

    “Nothing is too good for our Tone.”


    Hanging would be too good for our Tone. Wrecked the country before handing the remnants over to his enforcer to finish it off.

    “I will serve a full 3rd term” – treason.

    Alan Douglas


  26. 64
    Jimmy says:

    The politics of envy. So sad.


  27. 65
    Barry Oblivion says:

    Can you pls tell us where GORDON BROWN spend the Jubilee ?


  28. 70
    666 says:

    He is the Antichrist.


  29. 72
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    The BBC still love him even though he murdered hundreds of thousands, unlike that ‘Fatchur’ woman who closed down the death camp coal mines and the antiquated car factories and gave the useless unions a kicking.

    Ask all those who protested the Iraq war who they voted for in 2005, yep they will refuse to answer because they STILL voted the war monger back into power.


  30. 80
    Jimbo says:

    ” nothing too good for our Tone” no not even a rope for war crimes.


  31. 86
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Look at the size of his tits


  32. 97
    Les says:

    If you look closely you can see that he is bringing peace and harmony to the Middle East and to the rest of the World.

    By staying the fuck out of the way.


  33. 100
    Living in hope says:

    Where are the cross-hairs?


  34. 110

    Typical I wouldn’t expect anything less of our ex leader…..


  35. 112
    Suburban Hillbilly says:

    Shame on him for spending the weekend with an unelected leader, whilst we were celebrating the 60 year reign of our …. err…. unlected leader.


  36. 115
    MB. says:

    I wonder much we taxpayers are paying for his police bodyguards to stay at the hotel?


  37. 116
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Tone, did you get a glass of anything with your dinner, or indeed any pussy?
    All that is going to stop when the Muslims have taken over.


  38. 120
    Idle says:

    Tone auditioning for ‘I Was Monty’s Double’.

    Colin Montgomerie, that is. The Man Boob man.


  39. 124
    Labour Party supporter says:

    To think I voted for that twat in ’97.


  40. 126
    keredybretsa says:

    It’s Tit Tone on the phone perhaps he’ll get hit from a Drone!


  41. 130
    Lostityearsago says:

    Why can’t the Tories find some shit to rub his nose in?
    Like he did to the rest of us with immigration.
    Dear Dave must have some ideas, but I can’t hold my
    breath that long.


  42. 135
    Marley from Jamaica says:

    Why hang around the UK over a wet Bank Holiday weekend?

    There is more to life than Austerity.

    Be happy.


  43. 142
    Blowing Whistles says:

    How could Blair enter a Warsi zone? Allegedly he could slap a thigh and catch the next wave in!!!


  44. 143
    MacGuffin says:

    Those tits are even saggier and hairier than Cherie’s.


  45. 145
    Luxury traveller says:

    This photo is very old and was not taken at the Four Seasons. It is impossible for papa to get a picture of him here. It is über private.


  46. 148

    This, of course is on old ppicture of Tony Blair. Btw, there are quite a few men who have moobs. Hereditary, though not always consistently so. Some in same family have, some don’t. I have seen that at first hand. Grow up, kids.


  47. 149
    Harold Hill says:

    Who says socialism doesn’t work…it has certainly worked for Mr Blair.


  48. 150
    Anonymous says:

    If you think the tits are bad I’ve heard the vagina is real scary.


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