June 1st, 2012

+ + + Vicky Pryce Pleads Not Guilty + + +
+ + + Chris Huhne Does Not Enter Plea + + +

Vicky Pryce defence at her trial will be “marital coercion”.

Chris Huhne has not entered a plea.

Very interesting…



  1. 1
    Mrs William Hague says:

    marital coercion – snap!


    • 7
      Bob Zoellick says:

      Print, you Nazis! Print!


      • 11
        M.King says:



        • 61
          Fuck 'em All says:


          Duress requires a threat to kill or cause serious harm to a person. The Court of Appeal held in R v Shortland [3] that marital coercion need not involve physical force or the threat of force. (However mere loyalty to her husband does not suffice.)


          So what’s the defence going to argue?


          • Anonymous says:

            That it could have harmed her pussy not to please her marital dick.


          • Tickle the Missus says:

            That Big Trimmy was threatening to insert a garden gnome in her! I’d be scared too if I met that big bugger on a dark night!


          • Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

            The Defence is that, She is a Women and inherently does as her Master tells her.
            And the court will accept it as this is the real World and reason that Women where given the VOTE, as the State takes away our Freedom.


          • Pundit Too says:

            Marital coercion. Is that similar to marital stress?
            Or could that be her reasoning – the other woman and all that?
            Seems like a lot of piffle – coercion implies the use of some form of force exerted onto her, though Huhne will state it was all in her mind and she did it out of loyalty and to protect his career etc.
            None of this should wash in a real court of law.
            I suspect the choosing of the judge and his/her history will be most interesting and make a good story in itself.


          • Give it your best shot says:

            Marital coercion is a made up defence, it does not exist in law. However I understand why her lawyers think it is a good idea to chance their arm since the advent of uuman rights legislation its now posdible for lawyers to make bollox up and claim its in accord with uuman rights and daft old Judges go along with it. Watch this space.


      • 59
        Is it worth voting tory on Europe? says:



        • 141
          Call me Dave is as big a twat as Bliar says:

          These figures show in a crystal-clear fashion that the gov of the day – doesn’t matter which one – will vote in a rampantly pro-EU fashion and the opposition will play the good guys by pretending to be sceptical, only to change its mind (and vote) upon achieving office again.

          The lesson?

          Don’t vote for any of the tossers, they are ALL lying scum.


      • 148
        Dacre hater says:

        Perhaps some co-operation will break out between them. I see the new Huhne filly has to pay <£40K to the Dacre lawyers following the loss of her recent claim. Bloody sad that.


    • 17
      Huhne is going down says:

      How many years does perverting the course of justice by marital coercion carry?


    • 53
      Huhne having a laugh. says:


      • 62
        Paul-Huhne says:

        The only way hecan do that is to say it was Vicky’s idea and plan and he had no knowledge of what she’d done. Whate a complete and utter Huhne he is.


        • 163
          Biffo says:

          Sounds just about par for the course for him. He’d sell his old Mother by the pound if there was a political advantage in doing so. Small in stature, small in soul & suffering from delusions of adequacy.


      • 110
        Hang The Bastards says:

        Nowt like making it worse for yourself….

        Go down kicking and squeeling like the lying yellow-backed pig you are.


        • 131
          Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

          If he’d just taken the penalty points in the first place, the whole business would have been (very minor) history by now.


          • Fish says:

            Huhne? Didn’t he used to be in the Cabinet?

            He’s not been missed has he?


          • Unaligned voter says:

            With respect, I think he has (been missed). I haven’t seen too much evidence of top quality government especially from the Tory side.


        • 155
          Trahison des Clercs says:

          Yellow -Back? Is he from Lincolnshire then?


  2. 2
    Popcorn seller says:

    Oh, this should be fun


  3. 3
    Mike Litorus says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha, where do I get tickets?


    • 133
      F the O says:

      I understand that Seb and his gang of shysters are releasing the first tranche of tickets for sale next week.


      • 144
        The Olympics are shite says:

        They were going to, but the computer systems crashed, and there were only a few left after Coe and all his mates had finished with them anyway.


  4. 4
    Dilligaff says:

    Shame. Would have torpedoed Huhne straightaway. Double or quits strategy now, as if found guilty they’ll get hammered for wasting the court’s time. I hope.


    • 8
      Postman Huhne says:

      Unless the Huhne intercepted her mail and she had no knowledge of the dirty deed at the time.


  5. 5
    The plot thickens says:

    The plot thickens


  6. 6
    Lord Justice Turkeyforahat says:

    Looks like it will have to be “”the sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play”. then.


  7. 9
    David D says:


    What did you expect her to say?


  8. 10
    Judge Dread says:

    Take them down!


    • 37
      Col Nut says:

      Is that marital coercion?


    • 39
      Widescreen2010 says:

      Please don’t.
      I’m having my breakfast.


    • 124
      Jonathan says:

      Is that what Chris said to Vicky?

      Frankly they are both awful individuals and each as rotten and selfish as the other. As for the lezza Carina, she looks (as one would expect with that kind of ghastly creature) like the back end of a bus.


  9. 12
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “In 1977, the Law Commission recommended that the defence of marital coercion should be abolished altogether. They said that they did not consider it to be appropriate to modern conditions”

    35 years ago, it sounded like bollocks.


  10. 12
    Mr Jay says:

    You’re fucked. Do you understand?


  11. 15
    john locke says:

    in 1977, the Law Commission recommended that the defence of marital coercion should be abolished altogether. They said that they did not consider it to be appropriate to modern conditions..


  12. 16
    Legal Crook says:

    He said do this or I will shag a Dyke. You can’t trust him on anything.


    • 93

      When I was young I was told the story about the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke.


      • 100
        Legal Crook says:

        Huhne – it thought it was of Irish extraction, but you recon it’s Dutch.


        • 103

          Nah! it was one of those pieces of hyperbole which later became credited with the description Chaos Theory.

          You know, butterfly farts in Tasmania and consequentially Mount Everest falls over sort of thing.

          Still, more believable that a boy stopped Holland flooding by putting his finger in the hole than that other bollocks on stilts known as AGW.


    • 129
      Mando Lynne says:

      Huhne is a c*nt and should be brought to book, the fact he was married at the time does not count.
      The wriggle factor in this case is probably going to win the day, but is a loophole that should be closed we have seen it so many times before.
      High time we legislate against these sort of cases, cheating, fiddling and sleaze.
      Hopefully the good people in Eastleigh will boot him out at the next general election.


  13. 18
    Frederick says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !


  14. 20
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Trying hard not to get confused with so many Hoons and Hunts all appearing in court at the moment.


  15. 21
    john locke says:

    Until 1772, if a defendant refused to plead guilty or not guilty, his trial was delayed from taking place, and he was tortured until he either died or entered a plea. This was changed to allow the judge to enter a plea of not guilty if the defendant refused to plead


  16. 22
    Ah! Monika says:

    Ignorance isn’t bliss.
    What is the significance of not entering a plea?


    • 77

      He regards the entire process as beneath his contempt in having to answer to such trivial and clearly trumped up charges which have changed the world’s history because of the inevitable and mighty conflagration shortly to be visited upon us.


  17. 23
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    Chris, This has put the cat among the pigeons, the Grand Master is now suggesting that you use the Margaret Moran defence, that you are too mentally stressed to attend a trial. Medics will be arranged to testify to this. Boaz.


  18. 24
    Just get on with it and bang him up. says:


  19. 30
    He didn't not do it and he didn't do it. says:

    Fucking typical Lib Dem sitting on the fence.


  20. 31
    Synic says:

    By shares in Nobblers plc, business is looking up


  21. 33
    Ah! Monika says:

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

    How do you press your ‘enter’ key slowly?


  22. 35

    So she pleaded not guilty, yet her defence is ‘he made me do it?’


  23. 40
    David Wisteria says:

    That Greek woman is a pretty tough cookie I would say.

    If I was married to her and asked her to do something dodgy I suspect I would end up with a good slapping.


  24. 42
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

    So presumably Mr Price cannot make up his mind whether he is guilty or not because he does not know all the facts of the case.

    Quite amazing all this really.


  25. 43
    David Blunkett says:

    When are they going to stop treating these two as respectable pundits? I get sick of hearing them everytime I put the radio or TV on.


  26. 45
    Rosie (Harry's rich dog) says:

    This is an open and shut case.
    If I can have £350,000 put in my name in an offshore Jersey account, then why the fuck can’t Vicky Pryce make out she’s a soft touch bullied by a man?

    Says who, a dog can’t have a bank account and says who a clever girl like Vicky Pryce can’t be bullied?


    • 107
      Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

      Bullying is all the rage in North America. All she would need to say was that he bullied her into it.


  27. 46
    Plod says:

    Cut throat defence trials are always the most fun


  28. 48
    Well it's a thought says:

    Don’t know why your getting all het up about this, this is Britain and MP’s and ex/families are the untouchables in law, they will be found not guilty, the only reason the criminal protection services brought it to court was that people were complaining about the idiot making more green taxes, it’s just a warning to the Huhne to lay off and keep quiet over green taxes.


    • 170
      Tesco is fucking the country says:

      “You’re.” That’s short for “you are.” “Your” is possessive. Now go back to school. Oh, the teachers don’t know English grammar, either, do they? Well, maybe some eight year old from Germany or Scandinavia could come and sort that out.


  29. 49
    A Greek woman scorned says:

    This Lesbian mistress of his is proving to be very expensive inded.


  30. 50
    Loungelizard says:

    Am I alone in finding Vicky Pryce a singularly uninteresting woman. Quite why the BBC continually ask her for her unbiased and totally independent view on matters of the economy I’ll never know…..Greek…. Economist….Pah!


    • 88
      just saying says:

      Am I alone in finding Victoria Coren really f***ing annoying?
      I quite liked her dad, don’t mind her brother, but can’t stand her turgid rambling tales which she alone appears to find amusing.
      She admitted on QT that she’d lost track of Leveson and had no idea what was going on, but in her supreme self confidence still felt able to make a judgement about it.


      • 167
        Give it your best shot says:

        I agree with your opinion on the Coren woman, the last time I heard someone sound off on matters they knew little about with such supreme confidence was Johan Hari when pronouncing on climate change.


      • 174
        Frightened Inmate #2 says:

        You’re right of course but just look at her tits!!! They’re fantastic!!!


    • 105
      she's a woman says:

      BBC news have a sexist policy of actively seeking out women experts to come on and explain things to their audience and Vicky being a woman and at home in front of the camera is just what they are looking for when it comes to EU economics.


    • 180
      Icarus Pryce says:

      Yes indeed lizard, you are right. Despite her claims to junior journalists of being a “high flyer” she is no such thing. A pedestrian career at KPMG fizzled out and her group was more or less dissolved. She then moved onto that Government job (that no private sector economist of any note would have taken) where she achieved absolutely nothing (i challenge anyone to find one civil servant who worked with her to offer a positive opinion) and stumbled out the door into her current post (head of a few deabeats working for a tiny branch of a US consultancy). Self-promotion is her big achievement: cuddling up to journalists, telling them she is a high flyer, mouthing off about UK GDP, euro crisis or whatever they want. She has not written one bit of macro research in her life – zero – lot of soundbites though…


      • 182
        lojolondon says:

        Obviously shagged the right guy – was it the LibDems who are against nepotism, or was that the other crowd??


  31. 51
    Hang The Bastards says:

    All I have to say is……. “Hang The Bastard”


    • 58
      Loungelizard says:

      Always thought a good way to start the day would be, Chilcot Inquiry..Verdict Guilty…Blair, Campbell and former cabinet to hang at Tyburn.


  32. 54
    Marital Coercion says:

    Seems to be a rather sexist law. I wonder what harriet has to say and how this applies to gay Dave’s weddings?

    “Any presumption of law that an offence committed by a wife in the presence of her husband is committed under the coercion of the husband is hereby abolished, but on a charge against a wife for any offence other than treason or murder it shall be a good defence to prove that the offence was committed in the presence of, and under the coercion of, the husband.”



    • 70
      Slumped comatose in a corner at the rear of Pomeroy's Wine Bar says:

      These days the term husband/wife is interchangeable I would suggest …..the view would be that the party exerting the co-ercion was dominant in the relationship irrespective of the gender….this would apply equally to “civil partenerships” I would think although it has yet to be tested

      Regina v Martin 1988 could prove useful to her defence team


  33. 56
    I wonder if Huhne is drawing comfort from the John Edwards mistrial says:

    Didn’t he tell her “I’m leaving you. We have 30 minutes to kill this story”? And tried to get his kids to lie for him by using the emotional blackmail of their mother’s potential incarceration? And denied briefing against a cabinet colleague but an email later emerged in which he told a journalist he didn’t want his fingerprints on the story? And denied being behind the Calamity Clegg briefing when it was actually written by his mistress? And put a photo of his family in his election leaflet with the caption “Families. Where would we be without them?” whilst having secret getaways to hotels to pork his mistress? Awful man.


  34. 57
    Jeremy Cunt says:

    Just a trial to go!


  35. 63
    Anonymous says:

    “Marital coercion”?

    Now that will be a difficult defence to mount!


  36. 64
    Labour says:

    The way this government handled the Sky bid by Murdoch was disgraceful. And totally incompetent. We would have given it to them right from the outset and kept our bias secret. Brown had already laid the groundwork for News International to take over Sky but that was before Murdoch switched support. But shhh, don’t tell anyone that! We can’t let the public know!


    • 84
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Nor remind people that Labour were aware of the phone hacking back in 2005 but did nothing.


      • 90
        Anonymous says:

        Or remind people that Campbell and Rebecca Brooks had been friends for years and Blair is Godfather to Murdoch’s daughter.


        • 99
          don't make me laugh says:

          Or remind people that Murdoch phoned Blair three times in the week leading up to Labour’s illegal war.


          • just an idea says:

            Or that Sarah Brown, Rebecca Brooks and Wendi Deng had a cosy little pyjama party.

            Or more importantly that the phone hacking scandal occurred during Labour’s time in office.

            Surely the reason that Harman etc are constantly on the news accusing Hunt and Cameron , is to divert attention from the fact that Labour had enjoyed the closest of links with Murdoch for 15 long years.


          • Repeat after me lack is white and white is black says:

            No Its quite simple really, the phone hacking occured whilst Labour were in power and supported by the Murdoch press, it all came to light when Labour were in power and supported by The Murdoch press and it was all initially covered up and swept under the carpet when Labour were in power and supported by the Murdoch Press.
            Therefore its all Cameron and the Tories fault.
            What is it you dont understand ?


  37. 66

    Is it so that you can’t be called a whinging pleader?


  38. 67
    Huhne is a slimy cock says:

    He’s applying to have his case dismissed? That guy has some real fucking chutzpah.


  39. 69

    Well he could plead insanity, couldn’t he?


  40. 73
    Raving Loon says:

    For marital coercion to stick as a defence, Huhne would have had to be there when the crime was committed. Clearly he wasn’t, unless they sat down at the kitchen table and planned the thing in advance, with Huhne using a particularly menacing tone.

    The plot thickens….


    • 80
      Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

      That’s why you’ll never find a poor lawyer


      • 98
        jgm2 says:

        Oh, there’s a lot of piss-poor lawyers all right. Doesn’t stop them charging you 200 quid an hour and up though (billed in six minute fractions obviously). Twenty quid a phone call. Well, more like forty quid. Twenty quid to talk to his secretary for her to tell you he’s not there. Another twenty quid for him to call you back 30 seconds later.


    • 152
      Anselm says:

      He was! The crime was not the speeding offence, but the alleged collusion, when he got the speeding ticket through the post


  41. 81
    keredybretsa says:

    He could plea complete boredom. Yawn yawn!!


  42. 82
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Radio 5 are spinning Gordon Brown’s income like crazy. I wonder how many text messages the Labour party sent to the BBC?


    • 94
      jgm2 says:

      What is the Maximum Imbecile’s income? Are there really that many ‘African Foundation for More Handouts’ and ‘Elk’s Club of South Bend’ that haven’t heard what a crashingly incompetent, economy destroying jackass Brown is?


      • 106
        Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

        Actually since he’s an elected MP turning up in HoC occasionally to earn his basic £65k plus allowances and stipend as ex-Minster and PM would be nice….


        • 114
          Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

          Even by BBC standards the report on Radio 5 was biased in favour of Brown. They spoke to no one who thought Brown was a mong, the male BBC type seemed to be in love with McBust as was Victoria Derbyshire.

          The economic mess he got us into was just “unlucky” or a “stitch up by the English” and the best of all “Gordon still has one big job in him”

          Well yes he does and it will be very runny and smelly when it comes out.

          The BBC have never got over the one eyed lunatic being defeated.


  43. 86
    shooty* says:

    Not really interesting, I’m afraid Guido (the pleas, I mean). Just weasels being weasels.


  44. 87
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    They have done a dirty deal amongst dirty people, makes Hunt look like a saint – what’s new?


    • 111
      M'Lud...the accused is a TORY says:

      A Tory Minister will always be “fair game”….I mean it’s a flogging offence JUST to be a Tory……a LibDem will by definition lawys receive the benefit of doubt and a Labour politician is NEVER guilty apart from the few that obviously hadn’t been on the “Creative Accounting” Course


      • 117
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        Very true, the BBC always spout the “he denies all the claims” over and over when it’s a lefty in the shit. The BBC also ensure that when it’s NOT a Tory in trouble no mention of his political leanings is included in the headline or the main body of the story.


  45. 92
    Huhne's a goner says:

    Zed’s dead, baby.


  46. 95
    Baps Time says:

    The highlight of last night’s Question Time was a woman in the audience who was showing so much cleavage, her puppies were practically spilling out. I can’t remember what she commented about. I was distracted, you understand. It’s available on iplayer.


  47. 96
    Huhne a wife beater? says:

    I Wonder how he coerced her?


    • 119
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Perhaps he was going to tie her up and read out every one of his speeches?


  48. 97
    WVM says:

    News channels still babbling on about Leveson, what’s the current state of play on the Irish EU vote?


    • 102
      WVM says:

      Mmm, looks like the yes campaign is on track for victory although there’s been a lot of confusion over which box to tick on the voting form. So the Irish have voted correctly first time, no need for another election then.


      • 109
        Nigel says:


        • 123
          Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

          No sympathy with the Greeks, Oirish etc. They brought this fucking mess on themselves, now it’s pay back time

          Remember this is just one big fuck off ponzi scheme. The Kraut banks gave money to these foreigners to buy shit Kraut cars, now the silly foreigners can’t afford the interest on the money and the Kraut banks want their money back, so they will lend even more money to the silly foreigners at high rates of interest to then give that same money back to the German banks who lent it them in the first place.

          Makes you wonder if voting really is a good way to run a country.


  49. 120
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    The hune will claim he is a member of the religion of peace and as a mu–lim it will be racist to sent him to trial


  50. 122
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    The irish are phucked whatever they vote


  51. 125
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    the modding on this site has gone from strange to bizzare


  52. 127
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    Please read and sign


    I thank you


    • 149
      Twatson is a fat git says:

      Alre*.dy done so Owain! Let’s just hope many more do. I’m a firm bel..i.e.v.e.r. that persistence pays off (eventually!).


  53. 132
    Richard says:

    Shifty eyes, a politician and a conning green, what do you expect!


  54. 134
    Jimmy says:

    Why can’t the PM just say that he thinks he’s done nothing wrong and there’s no need for a trial?


  55. 140
    just asking says:

    Can anyone confirm that Carina Trimingham isnt Rod Liddle?


  56. 147
    big foot says:

    If he pleads not guilty ,he’ll be banged up,please please plead not guilty


  57. 151
    didnt fight in the war for this says:

    Use the JM cant remember defence,I was busy that month trying to change energy suppliers


  58. 154
    Col Nut says:

    There’s a lot of money in speeding tickets. Got to find him guilty to intimidate all the others to pay up promptly.


  59. 157
    Pathetic, Time wasting, Socialist Hoons in Edinburgh says:

    Why no plea made?


  60. 164
    Bill Wagstick says:

    Criminal Justice Act 1925. section 47

    Any presumption of law that an offence committed by a wife in the presence of her husband is committed under the coercion of the husband is hereby abolished, but on a charge against a wife for any offence other than treason or murder it shall be a good defence to prove that the offence was committed in the presence of, and under the coercion of, the husband.


  61. 169
    Dave says:

    Will Huhne have a rouse to let him dodge hefty legal costs?


    • 172
      Boudicca says:

      Wouldn’t his life have been much simpler if he’d just paid the f***ing speeding fine?


  62. 178
    Andrew says:

    A worrying thought.

    If he claims that it was all her own work, off her own bat, he never even knew about the damned ticket, and the jury buy it – he walks.

    If she says Yes, that’s right, and I did it because I was terrified of him, and the jury buy it – she walks.

    There is a finite risk that they both get away with it . . . oh bugger.


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