June 1st, 2012

Exclusive: No. 10 SpAd Sean Worth QuittingMoving to Policy Exchange Think Tank

Special Adviser to the Prime Minister Sean Worth is departing government to head up an investigation into better public services at Policy Exchange. It seems to be mid-term transfer season with lots of  SpAds looking to move on and out. Worth was on secondment to fire-fight at health and Guido hears, like another recently departed member of Team Dave, he wants to be able to speak out more than he currently can about how to radically reform the public sector.

This is the second prominent hire for Policy Exchange from government – with No.10 policy wonk James O’Shaughnessy also joining their teamTraditionally seen as a bit of a SpAd school, Policy Exchange seems to becoming a rehab centre for them on the way out of government too…

Pic via Political Pictures



  1. 1
    Wonker watch says:


  2. 2
    screw the lot of them says:

    These c’unts should just fuck off. Bet we’re paying for their egos.

  3. 3
    Tony Blair says:

    I just want to remind you all that I ruined your country, started many wars, shredded my expenses and got off scot free, now paid millions per year by JP Morgan.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    He’s a very affable chap, is the good doctor.

  5. 5
    Toilets MaGuire, Britain's answer to Baghdad Bob says:


    Do you mean that I cannot go on with our endless tits and lies ?

    It’s all I know…

  6. 6

    …how to radically reform the public sector?

    Dismantle it!

  7. 7
    Gordon Brown says:

    Don’t forget me, I saved the world!

  8. 8
    Hugh Janus says:


  9. 9
    Steve Miliband says:

    In the words of Hall and Oates: Private eyes

  10. 10
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    It has been said that any leader is as good as his advisors, well dave has definitely been drawing the short straw. Maybe he should try the samaritans

  11. 11

    Spadulike bollocks.

  12. 12
    What do they know that you don't? says:

    What’s wrong with this picture?


  13. 13
    Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:

    looks a dork – what makes this cun*t’s advice “special”?

  14. 14
    Sophie says:

    He should lose the tank top – soooo 1970’s.

    Mind you Daves hero Heath was too.

    Vote UKIP

  15. 15

    Gordon Brown MP {retired}

    Did you hear Radio 5 shilling for me today.
    It was all rather touching.

    They said would I like to phone in and defend my work as an MP and show the people just how much I was worth my salary.

    But I said I couldn’t be arsed.

  16. 16
    Ed Balls says:

    We want growth in the UK economy and we want it now !!

  17. 17
    Raving Loon says:

    Nothing, seems perfectly sensible to me.

  18. 18
    Lord Stansted says:


    Harry Worth, I know of – but WTF is Sean Worth?

  19. 19
    Lord Stansted says:

    Your time will come – see you at The Hague.

  20. 20
    Raving Loon says:

    Ed Balls:

    Our economic plan in full:

    1) Borrow money
    2) Spend money
    3) …
    4) Growth!

    On a more serious note, GDP properly understood is really a measure of spending. So to say that in increase in government spending will lead to an increase in GDP kind of misses the point. The real question is how we pay for this increase in spending. Keynesians say we can pay for it by borrowing ad infinitum, Austrian School economists suggest we should do something really radical, like make something or provide a service.

  21. 21
    Lord Stansted says:

    A very realistic picture.

  22. 22
    Boy Scout says:

    Indeed and more to come

  23. 23
    WVM says:

    I’ve noticed the BBC have been promoting the Keynesians above and beyond any other view on their news channel of late. Yet more proof if proof were ever needed.

  24. 24
    Mr Rotivator says:

    I thought it was a flak jacket

  25. 25
    forgotten man says:

    “…he wants to be able to speak out more than he currently can about how to radically reform the public sector.”

    Just make it much smaller.

    There you are , far more radical than any of the SpAds absorbing way more than minimum wage in their bit of the public sector spending will ever in a million years come up with.

    Can I get paid now?

  26. 26
    sir derrick devereux 7th earl of essex says:

    calm down ev’rybody! jimmy’ll know the answer!never mind, jimmy’ll put y’all right. now then, where’s jimmy…….there y’are! now then our jimmy, the boys and girls want to know if there’s any way to put the world economy back on track, sort of thing, y’know…because there’s been a terrible sherbert depression, which started in Armenia…or so they say…between you’n’me, i reckon as it’s a load of old bollocks… summat about some bloke, milton keynes…or summat. well he went surfing in Austria, and they didn’t like it, cos it were too radical…they like the double dip, them Alpine types, it’s near Swizzerland y’see, where the masonic chocolate comes from, y’know..and the long and the short of it is, folk are fed up. they remember the good old days, do the kevs and the bevs, there was no GDP back then, of course, people were free to do as they liked, and of course, the goverment, they were whiter than white, y’know. good king tony said things could only get better…and he was as good as his word. things did get better, believe you me….and of course when king tony said look, that’s it, i’m knackered, y’know, a man’s got to know his limitations, sort of thing, can someone take over, y’know, is there anyone as would like to have a go, i’ve been king three times and i don’t want to be greedy…so, lord golden of brown, he’s dead keen like, so yes, of course ev’rybody agreed…oh aye, he’s the right man for the jobbie, as they used to say. but just at that moment the wicked witch of grantham was going past on her bloody carpetsweeper. now lord golden was a very nice man, he went to the same school as that shay gavarro, y’know, what invented the cubists, and anyway, he was a nice man, y’know, and he saw the wicked witch and asked her very politely, would y’like a cuppa tea at downing street, no hard feelings, like, y’know, there waqs a bit o’history there somewhere i’d say, well she went inside like, and they sat down, and they had a fantastic spread, yknow, pies, and pastries, full of sparrows and finches and blackbirds, there were martens and stoats, of course the kingdom were teeming with game back then, so it was, not like nowadays what with all the cuts and all the public schoolboys hunting down every last minnow just for sport it’s disgraceful, so it is, and anyways, she says oh thanks for that, and as she left, what she did, she put a spell on him. a silent invisible spell so as no bugger knew at the time… and for no reason! it were just plain spite. she was like that y’know! that’s why they got rid of her in’t first bloody place…anyways…they only realised when everything started to go wrong for the brown one..of course by then it was too late…tony couldnae help he was away having a massage…aye, to be sure…poor golden brown…he was having not one whit of fortune to his name…you see, as bad as the curse was in itself…it was even worse since as is now known he was descended from that singularly ancient and unhappy clan…one of those poor desperate wretches called since antiquity by the name of the brown yins…the whole enterprise was doomed to failure from the start…the wicked witch could have saved her spite, and as it was, she could only watch as the nightmare was spun into a fearsome web graphic wherein, so it is rumoured, a great hairy beast lay in wait…where’s jimmy…jimmy! is that you?

  27. 27
    anonymous says:

    all number 10 spads or should that be spuds should fuck off the little nazi bastards

  28. 28
    Go Campari says:

    Only a tenner

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