May 30th, 2012

Druggy Dave and Co

An interesting snippet from Damian Thompson’s new tome on addiction – The Fix:

“As with heavy drinking, there was an aspirational aspect to it. Dope smoking was associated with public schoolboys and especially Old Etonians. An acquaintance of mine smoked quite a few spliffs with David Cameron, the future Prime Minister. Whether Cameron tried anything harder at Oxford isn’t clear, but it’s interesting that, in 2012, neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor of the Exchequer had denied snorting cocaine. Neither, come to think of it, had the current President of the United States, nor his predecessor. One of these days someone should write a book entitled Tory MPs Who Have Done Drugs. It wouldn’t necessarily be a slim volume. One former MP whom I know for a fact has a nose like a vacuum cleaner recently told his local radio station he’d never touched anything stronger than alcohol.”

Guido reckons he could  write a similar “Politicians I Have Done Drugs With”…


  1. 1
    Steve Miliband says:

    Ed miliband is just a dope


  2. 2
    Fact says:

    It is up the person what they put into thier own body.



    • 5
      Chris Bryant says:



    • 9
      FULL PISSSPOTS says:

      And that includes William Hague !


    • 45
      Eric Pickles says:

      You can say that again. And again and again and again.


    • 62
      M says:

      “fact” has a good point .
      As booze is a drug I’m sure this new found liberal tolerance to users will evaporate if your taxes were paying for the habit .

      Where is subsidised booze sold ?


      • 75
        Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

        Palace of Westminster. You need to get yourself elected as an MP if you want to get your snout in the trough.


    • 87
      They're all Hypocrites then says:

      It “is” up to anyone to put whatever they want in the body – HOWEVER

      It is NOT – for Politicians and their at arms length mouthpieces to preach down to the general public about drug taking when collectively they ARE ALL IN DENIAL about their own drug abuse.

      AND – There are far too many jumped up journos and hacks who ‘preach’ to the public like the MP’s “the exact opposite” of what they themselves practice and have practices. Hypocrites.

      AND – as for the legal fraternity who get their high’s on drugs as well – Treating the public with contempt when your trade body is in contempt… Sort the corruption and fraud within your own ranks – before you preach to the public.


  3. 3
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Does the taxpayer also subsidise the charlie in Strangers Bar?


    • 52
      Forkbender says:

      You don’t say that our beloved leaders have subsidised charlie, snow or whatever you call it


  4. 6

    Whether Cameron tried anything harder at Oxford is unclear
    What like the house masters cock ?


  5. 7
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Smoke them out.

    What Ossie, Camoron et al have done as students isn’t quite the same as drug taking in office.

    Of course Smith, Blair and others in Labour’s motley crew didn’t inhale or sniff. All are saints, all a paragons of virtue.


    • 24
      Forkbender says:

      A lot of them went to Oxbridge so they are all in it together and quite few of both front benches went to public school but unlike some they were not sent down the line


      • 33
        Pete Doherty says:

        did someone say a line?


        • 88
          Oi Plod says:

          How come plod never went after Doherty’s drug suppliers – or Bimbo Hunt moses?

          They probably ans similarly across the whole celebrity & Luvvie world circuit get their drugs ‘brought in specially by the Daniel Morgan murder network.


      • 63
        genghiz the kahn says:

        Perhaps it is time to map out on a speadsheet who was at Camford in the recent past – who are call Me Dave’s exact contemporaries – ZaNulab, Cons and Limp Dims – not forgetting the wannabees in the MSM.


  6. 8
    Fact says:

    Anyway, I would rather have a MP who had smoked drugs or done some charlie than sat thier studying Socialisim, Marx etc


    • 15
      Disgruntled Sheffielder says:

      Do you know mate, I think I would too


    • 16
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Too true, the latter is likely to warp your mind giving you an unreal sense of the world and a feeling that you know it all.


      • 18
        Nom Dom Nom says:

        Common hallucinations include trees with gold leaves, and the last 13 years never having existed.


        • 26
          Pawn Sandwich says:

          lol exactly! Drugs wear off.
          Socialism only wears off when it comes into the presence of copious amounts of money (public money that is). But then the socialist starts to lie and will reaffirm at every stage that they are still true socialists.

          Socialists make excellent landlords.


        • 30
          Forkbender says:



          • The problem is that people who are abusing cocaine tend to have a hyper inflated sense of self and entitlement, talk to much and too quickly, be self absorbed and selfish, and when they are coming down from the high, have a lower threshold for tolerance – with 650 of them answering to this description, how the fuck would you tell?


          • ….and with those symptoms, how do you tell the difference between a druggie and a socialist?


          • Anonymous says:

            What drugs make you see magic money trees ?


          • Anonymous says:

            Cocaine is the perfect drug for our time, self absorbed and giving the shallow an appearance of great meaning .


  7. 10
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m on medication


  8. 11
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    I’m more concerned with BBC types who use Cocaine today with tax payers money they get as wages.


    • 14
      Quisling says:

      Columbian marching powder is endemic in the mejia and fashion industry


      • 38
        Forkbender says:

        But of course as long as the plebs do not snort take or grow it would not be right for them to do that, that is why the price is so high, come to come to think of it, it is remarkable since the massive hikes in train fares the number of extra passengers that travel that way.


    • 90
      Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

      No problem though with the News International druggies – I’d be snorting if I worked for Murdoch.


      • 93
        Ask Neil Chenoweth says:

        Ask Neil why Jimbob Murdoch – left Harvard?

        Was he ‘kicked out’ for substance abuse and because of who he was – and that at that time – no one dared to make an issue of it?

        Join the dots that ARE OUT THERE.


  9. 13
    life gets better says:

    Assange has lost his extradition appeal hearing.


    • 78
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Assange and Wikileaks are so yesterday! Think of all the water that’s been passed since then.


    • 94
      No 13! unlucky for some says:

      If the b us ted state ever wanted to ‘admit’ it’s having been ‘caught out’ – it has “admitted” it purely and simply – by it’s Frontmen mouthpieces’ having openly & publicly “screamed so loudly about getting Assange”.

      They “HAVE” protested too loudly and too publicly.

      In other words – When the HAMMER of the busted state comes down so virulently – one can draw a proper and logical conclusion. It’s The States’ men & women who are guilty above all else.


    • 101
      anon says:

      thank the risen christ that that odious little narcissistic gobshite will be winging his way to sweden. lets hope the swedes basng the little fucker up long times. you only have to look at his backers – gareth peirce, pilger, et al – to realise he is abusted flush.


  10. 17
    anonyMP says:

    Drugs Kill ………


  11. 19
    Rizla Teeth says:

    Fancy that!! James D’Beanpole smoked copious jays with One Day You’ll Call Me Dave!!


  12. 25
    Call me Dave says:

    I don’t do this anymore as its racial to have a whitey


  13. 27
    Ken Frost says:

    I have been banging on about the hypocrisy of politicians over this issue for years!


  14. 28
    Owain Glyndwr says:

    Not as bad as fatso watson snorting lard


  15. 29
    Howtosmear101 says:

    I read that “..neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor of the Exchequer had denied snorting cocaine” Nor of course has the Queen, nor has Prince Philip denied he runs an assassination team targeting unsuitable Princesses’. Is that interesting too …?


  16. 31
    Desperate Dan says:

    Dope smoking associated with public schoolboys and Old Etonians??? What an absolutely ludicrous thing to say.


    • 47
      Forkbender says:

      Have you sent invitations to Pickles, Prezza, and Watson to join your famous cow pie club


  17. 32
    Anonymous says:

    “Guido reckons he could write a similar ”Politicians I Have Done Drugs With”…

    Don’t talk about it .. do it.


  18. 35
    Ed Bandanaband says:

    Dude! like..woahh!
    If you keep spending money on, like, diversity checkers and sign inspectors and stuff..then the immediate 32% tax that they pay you back…, well that pays the interest on the borrowing that we need to,… them in the beginning.

    That’s full employment man! All borrowed, yet paid for, by the people we employ..
    Dude! This stuff is awesome!

    oh man ..I got the munchies..give me a vat free pastie..


    • 46
      These days, I only snort pure unobtainium says:

      I have a photo of you face down over a bowl of coke Ajax Vics….er….cornflakes, Ed.


    • 49
      Sir Mervyn -- Head of Forgery says:

      Why this obsession with borrowing man. I can just Quantitavely Ease another £100bn whenever you get a bit short. P.S. Don’t forget the Peerages you promised Dahling and me.


  19. 39
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    OOh look. another u-turn.


  20. 40
    Ozzy says:

    Dope’s for pussies, real men go for Colombian marching powder.


    • 44
      Red Top Hack says:

      Or as we like to call it ‘dandruff of the gods’


    • 60
      Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

      Really, dear? Before my Reg suffered a massive heart attack and died we were in our fifties, if I remember correctly.
      Anyway, the latest craze doing the rounds at our bridge-drives was something called “Pink Champagne”, a very crystalline form of amphetamine, so Mrs. Weatherbottom kindly informed me.
      So, the cards had been dealt, the bowl would be passed clockwise from the dealer and the rolled-up joker would be offered.
      Well, I’m not one to get sniffy about these things dear, but by the time the rubber was over and we had totted up the scores, we had knocked through to the neighbour’s living room, built a pond in the garden, boarded the loft space and swept the chimney.
      Happy days.


  21. 48
    adge says:

    I would suspect 99% of our beloved tv media, journalist, doctors, nurses, etc, have, so why pick out just a couple of people?


  22. 50
    Tony Bent QCshusband says:

    Mi Wife will defend them ALL, for a fee…and to get shut of me for a bit…and a bag of white powder…and a fairy wand for the Black Prince…and the Duke of Passtheporto…and


  23. 54
    Some Geezer wot figures things DON'T go better with coke says:

    The fact that politicians may have engaged in the use of cocaine in their pre-public life is a matter of complete indifference to me. I’m more worried that they may be developing their policies and legislation whilst engaging in immoderate use of such substances currently. How many times have they come up with something that has prompted you to say, somewhat rhetorically, “Are these people smoking crack or something?” Perhaps it shouldn’t be a rhetorical question.


    • 65
      genghiz the kahn says:



    • 85
      A Bloke Of A Certain Age says:

      Personally I would make it mandatory for MPs to indulge in anything which renders them comatose, as them spending the day staring at the wallpaper would be much less harmful to the rest of us than them legislating us into slavery and making lawyers rich.


      • 95
        A younger bloke says:

        Look at the non-careers of the current crop of The Mentally Perverted …

        Has any one of them actually done a ‘real hard days work’ repeat a REAL hard days work? The evidence greatly suggest not. They’re a succession of ‘lazy, bone-idle, grasping, greedy, thieving, invertebrate frontmen’ put upon us because they – are ulitmately controllable and con(troll)ed.


  24. 57
    Jimmy says:

    I’m more concerned about what they’re on now.


  25. 58
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Well according to the independent scientific Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs, alcohol is one of the strongest most dangerous drugs, so the hoover-nosed ex MP could well have been being truthful…


  26. 59
    jax says:

    i know someone that went to oxfird with dave. from what i gather it was less skunk and more coke and heroine. make of that what you will


    • 67
      Baron Hogwash says:

      Well its just as well our beloved politicians have their privacy protected by the laws which …. eherm … they created … < twiddle thumbs >

      Are you listening Leevy ?


  27. 61
    Frightened Inmate #2 says:

    David Miliband once had TWO Lemsips on the same day.


  28. 86
    Anonymous says:

    err why limit it to tories


  29. 91
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

    In the 1970s when he was President of the NUS Charles Clarke was known to one and all as ‘double dopehead’ as he qualified on both counts.


  30. 92
    PC clitoris says:

    they simply had to be on drugs what with all the mad ideas one day and a u turn the next.


  31. 96
    David D says:

    Does this trivia really matter Guido




  32. 97
    The Ghost of Sean Hoare says:

    Who hasn’t done dope? I am surely there are plenty of ex druggies in Labour.


  33. 98
    Guido's Publicist says:

    That would sell.


  34. 99
    Legal junkie says:

    There are also prescribed drugs that are addictive. I am a legal junkie for degenerative spinal pain. I reckon there are quite a number of legal junkies.


  35. 100
    A stinking old socialist bag in Edinburgh says:

    Edinburgh is full of junkies.


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