May 29th, 2012

Going for Gove

Gove’s articulate and feisty performance at Leveson has won him plenty of friends this afternoon:

Word is that he would never run against Osborne in a leadership election, but with more performances like today…


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    Gove fan club says:

    Gove was class!

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      The Grim Reaper says:

      I agree. He is a bloody good bloke. And he is actually ringing the changes. A truly decent politician. And there aren’t many you can say that about.

      • 10
        Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:

        If it looks like a nonce and talks like a nonce, it’s a nonce

        • 63
          Forkbender says:

          Of course Gove was talking free press against against nasty officialdom he worked for Murdoch, not exactly neutral, and course Murdoch is for a free press and says only good things about him and NI

          • jgm2 says:

            You’ve convinced me. There shouldn’t be a free press at all. I don’t know what I was thinking of.

          • Trahison des Clercs says:

            Get lost.
            I have a place you could hide,Forky.
            It’s near Ed’s inner sanctum.

          • ooops its labour again...last one out take the lightbulb says:

            an articulate well reasoned and completely effortless performance from Gove….doesn’t make him Pm material but it does make him a very shrewd component in David Cameron’s inner circle.

          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            Ah… just remembered. This is the same Michael Gove who last month took the time to write a thoughtful letter to a child whose balloon had ended up in the HoC.

            Gov comes across as a man with both principles and manners.

            (Shame that I have no manners, but even then, Gove defends my right to be offensive on occasion.)

            Key question: Where does Gove stand on the issues of EU membership and a Referendum?

          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            In Gove’s evidence today, (Page 68) Leveson describes the Press Complaints Commission as “a body that is, at least in part, entirely independent of the press”.

            Partly entirely independent? Does he even understand what he means?

          • A Free Press ... says:

            A FREE PRESS! – do me a bleedin favour – all you lemmings who ‘think’ and promote such a lie. We do not have a free press – you’ve been conned by a press who ‘talk themselves up – as the FOURTH ESTATE’.

            We have an absolutely ‘controlled suborned and beholden press’. Why else have we got a D cum DA Notice committee?

            If we had a ‘free press’ – The likes of Bliar and so many cheating politicians ‘across the political board’ wouldn’t be on our streets – they’d be doing time for fraud – and theft “From The Public Purse”.

            Some of you computer geeks and soothsayers ought to read a book called “The Cheating Classes” – The powers that be seem to have made it rather difficult to obtain over the past seven years – now why would that be eh?

          • Clunk says:

            Tape, your understanding of subtle irony (partly entirely etc) is not exactly your strong point is it? Did you fail comprehension O level?

          • Anonymous says:

          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            @Clunk: I got my ‘O’ levels in English thanks, and thus can spot contradictions readily. Irony? Irony is usually wittier.

        • 133
          Labour Troll Spotter says:

          “Davey” & “Forkbender”

          Is Labour Party Headquarters paying you the minimum wage to write this shit?

          If you were one of my interns, you’d be out the door with a “could do better” reference.

      • 131
        Durr... says:

        Murdoch a Great Man though? Fecking obnoxious git IMHO.

    • 6
      Tony Blair, Millionaire says:

      Errr hang on…..I was the true class act….me…..ME…..ME

      I had those twerps eating out of my hands………being a straight kinda saint, it’s not that difficult of course………..

      • 71
        Forkbender says:

        Go away! No on second thoughts, hand yourself in to the Hague court please that will clear the air

        • 139
          Ivor Tapeworm says:

          What I love about the protester yesterday is that, even though Blair was not harmed, Blair was reminded that he will need bodyguards for the rest of his wretched life, and that security is not infallible.

          I hope Blair has nightmares for the rest of his days. The vile devil deserves them.

          • Nosferatu says:

            Blair doesn’t sleep. Sleep is for humans

          • Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:


            Although I doubt that he needed reminding about what the implications are for him – and his family – of that lack of infallibility.

            However, he’s such a cun*t, he probably believes it’s a price worth paying.

          • Central Office stooge says:

            True, Nosferatu. He just waits for his next opportunity for self-aggrandizement.

          • Pundit Too says:

            Its also a reminder to ourselves that we are paying for his bodyguards.
            Gove made Leveson appear old, ponderous, and backward with his crisp erudite response to Leveson’s long-winded convoluted question.
            Balls and company can only hope to ever emulate this class act.

          • Anonymous says:

            Aye , but you and I will be paying for them while he swans around with wee wife earning mega bucks for the odd lecture.

            I really loathe the bugger.

          • Indigo says:

            Yes, for a split-second Blair must have thought that the threat that he lives with night and day, assassination, was about to materialise. The experience – the “what if” – will probably haunt his dreams for a long while yet: what if the protestor had had a gun, a suicide belt. Hundreds of thousands of blameless dead Iraqis would say serve him right.

            As you say, no security measures are completely infallible.

        • 345
          Samantha says:

          He can’t, now that he’s needed at home. According to the Mail he’s Dave’s new best friend, giving advice on Government policies. I think I’m going to kill myself!

    • 9
      BBC News Editor says:

      Gove is an evil Tory. End of.

      Now let’s interview two extreme lefties that hate him. Just for balance, you understand.

      • 26
        Fish says:

        No sooner said than done!

        The smarmy, odius BBC’s Richard Bacon soon got the knife in. Reporting Gove’s comments with faux incredulity, he described Gove’s testimony as a ‘Love letter to Murdoch’.

        I think that arguably he is in contempt and, whether or not, we may not have heard the last of this.

        • 65
          jgm2 says:

          Richard Bacon is still cross about losing his Blue Peter gig. Remind me – which paper revealed he’d been snorting cocaine off naked hookers.

        • 65
          Tron says:

          I heard Bacon say that.
          Par for the course on BBC R5Live.

          No one at the BBC will think his comments are biased in any way.

          • Forkbender says:

            Is Richard Bacon long pig

          • Eric Pickles says:

            Did someone mention long pig, dalo,tavikoa, miti, kokoda, palusami,
            duruka, rock lobster, coconut bread, baked pineapple, breadfruit and a bunch of bananas?

          • phew.. says:

            steady on I’ve only just finished that fucking lunch…

          • Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

            He has no compunction whatsoever in pressing his left-wing, pro-BBC views in anything he is broadcasting. I can only assume it is because he knows that his Radio 5 Labour editors are happy for him to do so.

        • 358
          Marion the cat says:

          I didn’t hear it as it happened but caught up with it on BBC Radio 4 around midnight. Somewhat surprised to see all the comments here praising Gove, because when I listened to the BBC report and voice recording it had been so skillfully selected as to convince me Gove was being told off by Leveson, like a naughty schoolboy.
          Someone look up ‘institutional socialism’ print it out, roll it up and stuff it up Cameron’s nose, he won’t do anything about the BBC because a) He’s an arrogant prick, or b) He knows there’s no hope of either their reform or his re-election. Sure as eggs is eggs, night follows day etc. etc.

        • 365
          Archie says:

          “What’s he mean, molluscs?” (Terry Jones)

          “You know; bracheopods, cephalopods, lamellabrates. Molluscs! (Graham Chapman)

          “Oh, I thought he said bacon” (Terry Jones)

          (Copyright: Python, M. Circus. Flying. For the use of. 1969)

    • 172
      CMQ says:

      Shame about his expenses…

    • 203
      the rat pack says:

      Gove was fantastic today.

      Watched him instead of French Open.

    • 357

      Was Gove following pro Murdoch policies? Cash for kids?

  2. 2
    keredybretsa says:

    Get on yer bike Boris!!!

    • 34
      OMFG !!! says:

      *Counts the sheep as they jump on the bandwagon*

      If it wasn’t so fucking sad it would be funny.

      E x .

      • 103

        Did someone say that magic word sheep ?????!!!!!

        • 158
          Ivor Tapeworm says:

          Tethera, Pethera…

          • Yan, Tan, Tethera, Methera, Pimp, Sethera, Lethera, Hovera, Dovera, Dik.

            So now we can see, in the last word, how it all started and why our countrymen are rather slow on the uptake and still believe in Socialism.

          • Another Engineer says:

            Mr Cat, I think you must be from Lincolnshre.

            I notice you didn’t get to 15.

          • Plymouth born, overlooking the Hoe (father RN.)

            There are just two many ways one could respond to such a remark, especially emanating from the engineering world, so I shall confine myself to asking about the particular significance of 15…

          • et two brute says:

            The size of my cock in inches.

          • two many?

            too many (must have been pissed…)

          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            Schrödinger’s cat, there are many regional variations of Yan Tan Tethera, but generally, 15 is ‘Bumfit’.

          • I suppose that could explain my subconscious reluctance to go there…

          • The Paragnostic says:

            And there was I thinking that SC was injecting some Jake Thackray into the blog again – the use of ‘Yan Tan Tethera” for counting sheep is from “Molly Metcalf”, one of Jake’s lesser known songs…

            The Bantam Cock still rules, though ;-)

          • Ah! I had imagined that you were lurking somewhere behind this, it being Au printemps and all that.

            We have both been rather thin on the ground recently due to rather different reasons.

          • Puke Station says:

            ……and long may it continue.

        • 169
          socially deprived sheep lusters society social outings secretary says:

          can we borrow your wellies ?

      • 105
        Trahison des Clercs says:

        omfg you a godotherer then

      • 123
        The Grim Reaper says:

        Agreed. It is rather amusing to see a whole ‘industry’ (and when applied to journalists, bloggers and other assorted ne’er-do-well’s, this term is oxymoronic) cream themselves over one bloke’s throwaway comment.
        It’s as if what Gove said is going to make us all win The Lottery or save the human race from self-destructing.

        • 129
          'Apostrophe Alert says:

          “ne’er-do-well’s”has an extraneous doo-dah.

        • 136
          The Real Grim Reaper says:

          Wrong Grim. Nice try Troll but you are incapable of imitating my style and sources. Use your Laboid imagination and think up another moniker – like Ed.

        • 170
          M says:

          What are the odds on how long it takes the trolls , before they launch a baby eating story about Gove .

    • 163
      Jeffrey Bernard says:

      Gove will never run. He is in politics because he cares passionately about education and making a difference. He hates the sh1tty side of politics and the relentless negativism and would never put himself and his family through the mill of running for higher office. It is the country’s loss, but it is the price which we pay for the media we have, and the juvenility and corrosive opportunism of Balls and Milipede.

  3. 3
    nightwatch says:

    Bravo Michael Gove, a stunning performance with Leveson a very poor loser.

    • 257
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      He’s so intelligent, articulate and straightforward, I can’t believe he’s a politician.

  4. 4
    Warren Valentine says:

    Boris to be the one to wield the knife a la Hestletine, and Gove to walk off with the crown?

    • 8
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      I was thinking exactly that.

      By the time of the next election the conservatives will have been out of power for 18 years.

      • 68
        Bobby Fischer says:

        How can u make a sandwich out of a pawn — if I had known how I might have beaten Spassky more often instead of becoming a hermit in Croydon … sorry Rejkvavik ( the rich man’s Croydon !!).

    • 263
      Pundit Too says:

      Poor old Tarzan.
      The Limp Dim peer from “up north” who was the main presenter with Doktor Cable’s LEP roadshow also spelt Hessletine’s name wrong on his presentation. Labour’s edukashun policy and practices know no shame or boundaries.

  5. 7
    Number 10 sauce says:
    • 17
      Marmite says:

      Well, let’s hope Gove does run against Cameron [soon I hope]. I’ve seen Gove give Mr Bollox a good pasting, and gawd alone knows what he could do to Milibandwagon.

      • 75
        Nationally Known High Street Baker says:

        Marmite don’t you mean ” … give Mr Past(r)ie a good bollocking… ” ??

      • 359
        Marion the cat says:

        All this is good and it warms the cockles of the heart to think of a blue future – but I have seen Gove made to look like a total twat about a year back on Newsnight – he was most definately not in command of his brief, as they say. Mind you, they also say that in the kingdom of the one-eyed, the two-eyed man is king. Well that’s Brown sorted.

  6. 11
    Andrew Efiong says:

    He’s a politician with a brain and ideas. A shame he has a face you want to punch.

    • 19
      Marmite says:

      Speak for yourself Andrew. Gove would be way down the list of people I would love to punch!

    • 22
      Marmite says:

      Been modded for the a* e* thingy, so I’ll try again….

      S.p.e*k for yourself Andrew. Gove is way down the list of Politicians I would like to punch.

  7. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Please, please, please elect Michael Gove as the next Tory leader. He is unelectable, and totally odious to all apart from a small group of right wing nut jobs.

    His face looks like a frog being pushed through a goose’s arsehole from the inside, and his voice sounds fairly similar as well.

    • 23
      The British public says:

      He’s still infinitely better than Millibland.

      • 39
        Twatson is a fat git says:

        A leprotic dog is better than Milibandwagon. If Gove is too ugly to become PM, does the same apply to gormless Ed?

        • 83
          Michael Leonine says:

          Yes — and Mr Testicles has too large an abdomen to become PM– it would keep banging the Mace ( pace the other Mrs T !!).

    • 24
      jgm2 says:

      I haven’t seen the footage and I’m delighted that Gove put up a good show in this Leveson farce but you’re right. In this image-dr*i*ven meeja age there is no way somebody like Gove will get elected as PM.

      Miliband is the T*ries secret weapon. Why would you go for somebody even stranger looking than Vacant Ned?

      I know, it’s not fair. But that’s life. I’m an ugly fucker so I feel some sympathy but it would be the T*ry equivalent of putting the Welsh windbag up against John Major.

    • 25
      Marmite says:

      Oh hello Anonymong. Come out of your dr*g induced coma have you? Pity!

    • 41
      Frank says:

      I see.

      Just like with Lady Thatcher, you cannot stand it when someone works their way up from humble beginnings can you?

      Seek help.

    • 118
      Trahison des Clercs says:

      Self praise is no praise Onanymong and have quick fumble whilst you work that one out. Go on you know that you want to.

    • 351
      Jonathan says:

      ” He is unelectable, and totally odious to all apart from a small group of right wing nut jobs. ”
      In other words, he terrifies the left.

  8. 13
    Loungelizard says:

    With Leveson neatly twisted to be a trial of the right by the left, the BBC will need to work hard to overcome Gove’s welcome success.

  9. 14
    Zeno says:

    And not a word about his performance visible on the BBC News website. Funny, that.

    • 16
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Thats called “News by Omission”

      • 28
        The BBC, because of the unique way we're funded says:

        It has been reported across the range of our output.

        Radio Norwich. You’ll be able to see it on i-Player …. oooohhh …. never.

      • 44
        AC1 says:

        NEWS?! They only report the leftwing narrative.

    • 20
      Warren Valentine says:

      I’m not sure what the news story is meant to be Zeno? Elected politician displays intelligence?

      Oh wait, hang on, that is newsworthy…

  10. 15
    Ed Balls ate my hampster says:

    Fantastic stuff. Made Jay and Leveson look the lightweights they are. Top man in government today by a country mile.

    • 21
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      But he IS needed in education right now. Doing a superb job but lots more to do. Nice to see someone with a passion for their work.

      • 31
        Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:

        Gove has always been passionate about children. Sometimes his passion bubbles over.

        • 37
          Ed Balls ate my hampster says:

          Huntish remark without any substance. Go fuck yourself. Gove is an honourable man.

        • 45
          Twatson is a fat git says:

          Back that claim up ‘bumbsex’ or withdraw it. I think YOU must be the perv with comments like that.

        • 122
          Trahison des Clercs says:


      • 96
        Bobby Fischer of Icelandic Cod says:

        There you go gain Pawn . please tell me how to concoct one of your sandwiches on a chessboard !

        Are you the original ” Al Ekhine” Defence ? — or did you manage to castle yourself .

  11. 18
    Steve Miliband says:

    Alistair Campbell furiously tweeted his hatred of Gove. Enough said.

    Could see bumbling buffoon as PM but not a Niles Crane impersonator

    • 29
      Anonymous says:

      Alkie Campbell,Blair apologist who shares responsibility for an illegal war.
      Who gives a shit what he says about anything?

    • 30
      jgm2 says:

      Alistair ‘Satan’ Campbell moved to comment?

      Gove must have pushed the right buttons.

      • 85
        Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

        I wonder if the big nosed scotish c umt ever watches old videos of himself and an old man calling him a c umt (in efect) on air and his response was his little pooper going squeek.

    • 33
      Steve Miliband says:

      Alastair Campbell ‏@campbellclaret
      That extraordinary moment when a very clever judge realises the man in charge of our children’s education is a well spoken idiot

      Iain Martin ‏@iainmartin1
      @campbellclaret That extraordinary moment when a spindoctor who had nice chat with judge about horrible hacks says something idiotic

      • 52
        nellnewman says:

        ‘well spoken idiot’? is he talking about foul mouthed balls and his failed days as minister of education?

      • 56
        the stench of hypocrisy says:

        Grammar School and Cambridge educated son of a vet.
        Yeah Campbell is a real man of the people.

        • 60
          jgm2 says:

          Waste of a good education.

          • Marmite says:

            Waste of skin too.

          • Anonymous says:

            That extraordinary moment when a lying bullying ex-spin doctor thinks that Leveson is a very clever judge.

          • jgm2 says:

            Campbell knows where the power lies with this ‘enquiry’. With the judge. Hence buttering up Leveson. ‘Very clever your honour …. most amusing your grace…’ Not that he seems to need buttering up. The chap looks well on track to reach the ‘right’ conclusions.

            ie Mass amnesia about Labour being up Murdoch’s arsehole from 1995 till 2008. Mass amnesia about how a Metropolitan police that could find the powers to arrest an opposition politician in the House of Commons on trumped up national security grounds couldn’t get it together to find against the NOTW over phone-hacking while he (Murdoch) was supporting the Imbecility.

            As ever, it is the questions that are not being asked that tells us much more about where this is headed.

    • 360
      Marion the cat says:

      Just rerunning all the old Frasier programmes (Broadband but no TV licence) – never spotted it the first time round – Niles was the cleverest and the funniest, is this what he means ?

    • 364
      Mandy Kinnock-Clegg says:

      Ooh, attacked by an alcoholic pornographer who started a war by faking evidence! If Coulson can be arrested for alleged lying, why are Blair and Campbell (where there is no question of mere “allegation”) not trying not to drop the soap (OK, Campbell maybe, but probably not Miranda).

  12. 27
    Tachybaptus says:

    If Gove really won’t run against the walking corpse Osborne in a leadership election, he is too scrupulous to succeed.

    • 256
      Anonymous says:

      He cant run against Osborne, hes not his brother !

      • 366
        Gove4nextPM says:

        Gove is slowley becoming one of the most effective Ministers, by the end of this Parliament his changes will have meant a real revolution to schools, he is also working on social services, adoption – hope he succeeds there as well.

  13. 35
    Nero awakens says:

    I do love your side shows Guido

    Anything not to talk about Moral Collapse Blair and his pitiful lying yesterday

    And anything not to talk about Ireland going bankrupt

    Or the rest of it…

    How about promoting all the charities which the culpable few are using to cover their ignominies ?

    And a few “parties” – eh Harry?

  14. 38
    Frank says:

    Reuters wide of the mark again.


    This is the problem with the monopoly the BBC has – every platform it has is geared to Labours “too fast, too deep” mantra when everyone with half a brain & an internet connection can see that THERE HAVE BEEN NO NET CUTS TO PUBLIC SPENDING FFS!

    Only a clown like Cameron could confuse the message & actually play along with this stupidity.

    • 49
    • 51
      Hampstead Hedge Fund Manager says:

      The Briitsh should NOT have a plan B

      They should follow Guido and Blinky, the Son of Gordoom, and continue to spend, spend, spend as they are doing, without anyone noticing for the moment

      Until Gilts collapse…

      I’m short sterling over 6 months

      I will make another fortune, offshore, of course…

      • 64
        AC1 says:

        Gordo, not guido…

      • 72
        UKIPMAN says:

        We already have Plan B. What we really need is Plan C. Tax cuts paid for by REAL cuts in public spending.

        • 93
          Raving Loon says:

          And also cuts in overseas spending. No meddling in the middle east and trying to police everywhere from Timbuktu to Durkadurkastan, no more foreign aid, and no more payments to IMF and EU.

          • Trahison des Clercs says:

            + plenty @ ravingloon

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            If you add in the end of mass uncontrolled immigration from everywhere, a sane energy policy, deporting foreign criminals and junking the Quango state. You would get my and I suspect millions of others votes, with very big gain for very little pain.

          • Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:

            Totally correct – unfortunately it would require a Conservative Government, led by a Conservative Prime Minister.

          • Marion the cat says:

            Now here is an idea to consider slowly.
            Each day I spend good time reading this website, and each time the majority of posters impress me with their insight, in the main they all come from a similar political persuation, all disillusioned with Dave, fearful of union led Milliband and plain scared of the jump into the UKIP unknown.

            We all hold quite strong politcal views – but to what end, just to mouth off on this website and make nothing more of it. We none of us are likely to make it onto the candidate list of any party – we are all knowledeable, dedicated and right thinking (and hopefully honest). Yet we prefer democracy to unelected meritocracy, whilst the parties will take those with the right education and background – ability plays no obvious part – only presentation counts first and foremost (again look at Dave) – any ability behind the smile and rhetoric is an accidental bonus. Just looking at our leaders and dare to tell me I am wrong.

            If Dave wins next time its because we are shit scared of Milliband/Balls, if they win its because Dave is an also ran and as for Simon Hughes ………

            We need a new party, not UKIP as behind (an admittedly convincing Farage) they were last to pick their players, and just forget the more outlandish parties. We need a new rallying point and with the right entrance criteria of ability, successful business life, right thinking, then and only then look for presentation skills – pitched politically between Consertavives and UKIP.

            Why not adapt the process to the 21st century.

            This website becomes our standard, Guido could be our primary standard bearer. He must be bored with playing with the press by now, besides it has no future. And forget about hanging – far too emotive.

            So come on Guido, you know it makes sense, this country needs saving and there are no real prospects presenting themselves. You have 90,000 potential votes (UKIP got 105K in 1997 and stopped the conservatives gaining a majority) seen as weekly visitors the majority of which must be sympathetic with the politics, set up a register of those who would support a new political party with views aligned with this website. Its not like setting up a party and then trying to find support, you have it already.

            A selection process then to find the best presenters and spokespeople – you already could guess who they might be. It reversing the process – but that doesn’t make it wrong in this day and age and technology.

  15. 40
    Nero awakens says:

    I do love your side shows, Guido

    Anything not to talk about Moral Collapse Blair and his pitiful lying yesterday

    His spinning was worthy of my worst excesses

    • 46
      nellnewman says:

      His powerful lying performance was worthy of the devil himself!

      • 55
        Nero awakens says:

        Exactly, Nell

        And,as usual, the British press says nothing about this obscene imposter who wrecked the country

        A sign of eal and profound decadence

      • 62
        Evidence my dear , evidence says:

        Nell , rather than throw accusations about with gay abandon can you please state exactly what those lies were ? Give us a list of what lies you are talking about.

        • 86
          jgm2 says:

          The 45 minute WMD thing.

          ‘This is not about regime change…’

          • Evidence my dear, evidence says:

            No thats not the point, Nell is claiming that Blair lied his head off Yestrday at Leveson , so I would like her to tell us all what specific lies he told yesterday.

          • jgm2 says:

            If Tony Blair was sp*eaking then you can be certain he was lying. If only by omission or distraction or wilfully answering an entirely different question to what was posed.

            This is Tony Blair we’re dealing with.

        • 90
          TOO FAR says:

          Err where have been…. ???

        • 92
          Dr David says:

          The warmongering bastard can’t open his mouth without a lie tumbling out.

        • 110
          Marmite says:

          So ‘Evidence’ you want to know when BLiar LIED. Every time he opened his lying mouth.

          • Evidence my dear, evidence says:

            Thats not good enough, tell me something specific from yesterday.

          • Marmite says:

            War in Iraq – 45 minutes to live, never got close to Murdoch while PM, I could go on ‘evidence’ but you are getting on my tits now so the last thing I’ll do is accuse you of being Alki Campbell.

          • Evidence my dear, evidence says:

            Marmite are you thick or being deliberately effusive, I am not talking about any lies Blair may or may not have told in the past as Nells comment is Specifically about his evidence Yesterday, Jesus Christ whats so hard to understand about this. Fuck me, now for the last time can you provide me with any lie he stated YESTERDAY because if you cant then you are just as bad as the lunatic left who just spout accusatios without evidence to back it up.
            I despair at the fuckwittery on display here at times do you embrace it just to fit in and feel a sense of belonging ?

          • Evidence my dear, evidence says:

            Ps Nell seems to have gone to ground.

          • nellnewman says:

            And no I hadn’t gone to ground I was having my dinner! Lightly cooked pork chops with oregano & apple sauce and steamed broccoli with proper butter. I don’t believe in letting good food go cold!

        • 150
          nellnewman says:

          For crying out loud. Where to begin?!

          ‘he was never, he said ,friends with murdoch, until he left office’

          ‘he only visited murdoch on his own private aussie island out of a sense of business politeness. He never discussed a deal or murdoch supporting him’

          And ROFL at the biggest of them all.

          ‘tongue in cheek – he never encouraged alycampbell to brief against anybody ever – worst form of politics which he utterly deplored! – you could almost hear him choking on that one! RIP d r d a v i d k e l l y.

  16. 42
    OMFG !!! says:

    Jesus. You people really ARE p3a-brains !!

    • 59
      Dave Figgley says:

      Ha ha. A frenzy of activity by the under-employed when some dork states the bleeding obvious, mate?
      It is rather telling, amusing and scary.

  17. 43
    nellnewman says:

    gove is an excellent minister of education and has already got good worthwhile changes going through the education system.

    He’s one of the few ministers, possibly the only one, of this coalition that is doing a decent job.

    • 70
      Adam Smith father of the free market says:

      And yet he is Scottish and that doesnt compute with the bigoted mindset normally on display here. Talk about a headfuck !

      • 97
        TOO FAR says:

        There are some great …engineers…. many sensible LOGICAL Jocks from Scotchland …Not from Glasgow ..anybody with ideas?

        • 325
          Just another thought says:

          Why are so many managers of top football clubs in England of Scottish origin (and largely unintelligible to the natives)? “Great” and ‘logical” are, however, not words that spring readily to mind.

  18. 47
    Mr Gove AKA Pob says:

    anyone got a spare £60 million of taxpayer’s money to spend on a yacht for our glorious head of state?

    How about a few hundred grand of tax payer cash to distribute an unwanted vanity project bible?

    Or at the very least £500 a night to pay for my accommodation at a 5* spa?

    Surely not too much to ask?

    • 57
      Chairman of Barclays Bank says:

      We will contribute graciously to the Head of State’s boat

      The odd hundred £million if you like

      As long as it is tax deductible

      And HMRC lays off our “aggressive tax avoidance schemes”

    • 74
      Selohesra says:

      I knew he reminded me of someone – Pob is spot on

      • 326
        I R Verydimbo says:

        I R very dim so what ‘Pob’ mean?

        • 362
          Anonymous says:

          Children’s TV character with a supposed resemblance to Gove. Google Image might help. Your ignorance shows the similarity to be minimal – I assume you spotted the Millibandskas/Wallace resemblance at once.

  19. 48
    adrian drummond says:

    Where’s the video?

  20. 50
    Paul says:

    Gove was great. He could be the next PM, because Dave isn’t going to last much longer.

  21. 53
    UKIPMAN says:

    And no Eton posh toff bollocks ammunition that the left wing classist hypocrites love to hurl.

    “Gove was born in Edinburgh. At four months old, he was adopted by a Labour-supporting family in Aberdeen, where he was brought up.[2] His father ran a fish processing business; his mother was a lab assistant at the University of Aberdeen before working at the Aberdeen School for the Deaf.[3]

    He was initially state school educated in Aberdeen, later attending the independent Robert Gordon’s College, to which he won a scholarship.[2] From 1985 to 1988 he studied English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford,[4] where he served as President of the Oxford Union.”

    • 78
      A real toff, with his arse low in the grass says:

      As I have often said before on this blog

      Why the hell did the Tory Party insist on appointing such an obvious toff when it had mean/women of the people to represent the right in Britain

      Along with the Oirish baronet Gideon, God bless his cotton socks, man out of a novel

      It was as if they wanted a meeting of the Bullingdon Club or White’s Club to represent thlm and britain

      No fucking idea

      And now they are all surprised that they are laughing stock of Britain and the rest of the world

      Tory backbenchers must be the stupidest representatives of the centre right in the world

      • 99
        jgm2 says:

        Sadly true. An argument could be made that it shouldn’t matter about your background if you’re clearly the better candidate/man-for-the-job but sadly, in UK politics, it is perfectly fine for the Labour front bench to be packed with private school educated and Oxbridge kids as it was under Blair but not so for the T*ries.

        And that’s before we examine how the fuck we ended up with Cameron instead of David Davis.

        On the upside he (Cameron) did, with a single conference speech, force Brown to bo*t*tle that 2007 election otherwise we’d only now be getting rid of the Maximum Imbecile and be two years further into the shit. Not that we’re not still in the shit.

      • 126
        Mike Hunt says:

        The steady stream of Tory ministers and Prime ministers produced by the Grammar school system is sadly no longer available and the schools that replaced them cannot educate properly so we are left with public school boys, like B£iar (millionaire war criminal), and CMD.

        John Major was the last Grammar school educated PM, ever.

    • 87
      Aberdonian70 says:

      Well said. I know the area he grew up in and the primary school he attended pretty well and it was and still is in the middle of one of the poorer areas of Aberdeen.

      If I remember right his Father ran a small fresh fish business so they certainly weren’t well off, hence why he received a scholarship.

      GOVE for PM!

      • 106
        A real toff, with his arse low in the grass says:

        Like Mrs T, in short,

        But 25 spin doctors, 15 public relations firms, 15 Hamsptead hedge funds, 10 pollsters and all the Tory backbenchers could never work this one out in 100 years

        (sounds like the partridge in the pear tree, it is so surreal)

        This shows the collapse of rational thinking in the Tory Party and explains why everyone North of Chipping Norton and South of Dulwich will probaly vote for a vacuous, irrelevant and corrupted Labour Party at the next election


      • 107
        TOO FAR says:

        Yup, there we have a chance of a proper “Guy” Hopfully with more balls to piss over Cameroran

        • 173
          The Gimp Reamer says:

          There is also another criterion for a scholarship. Ability. Looks like Gove showed it early on.

  22. 54
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Who the Fuck is going to vote for Osborne.

    FFS Guido give your head a shake.

    • 58
      jgm2 says:

      People will vote for Osborne – if the alternative is Miliband.

    • 76
      UKIPMAN says:

      I agree. Changing one Etonite for another one is just plain suicide.

    • 128
      Editor of the Tatler on an oligarch's yacht says:

      Guido’s head left him years ago

      Too much waving to the crouds…sorry raving…

      Now Micro Gwido of that Ilk is totally out of his depth

      Except he has a lovely wife,

      God bless her for putting up with him

      • 140
        Daily Femail Photo Editor says:


        Got any pics of her in a bikini, Guido?

        *Faps* Our ‘readers’ respond to that sort of ‘art’.


        Has she got one of those special little ***** ******s that comment on hold while ModBot checks the facts

      • 166
        E says:

        *Waves to H a r r y ‘ s wife*

        Hiya. I’m banned but it’s nice to be having intercourse with your husband, all the same.

  23. 73
    Fox Hunter says:

    Gove will never be Prime Minister. He is far too bright and seems a bit unusual. I would place him in the same category as John Redwood or William Hague.

    Others are probably right to put grawling, sleepy-eyed Ed in the same category, too. Dave may be a feckless buffoon, but I wager that, come the next election, the public will still hate him a bit less than Ed. Dave is roundly dismissed as a lazy Tory toff, but that stereotype is so irrefutable that it is hard for anyone to attach a more harmful one to him.

    To win the next election, the Tories just need to find any black man and make him leader. He would be completely immune to the usual Tory taint, and the media wouldn’t dare to lay a glove. The public would feel morally obliged to vote for him. Let’s shoot Chukka’s fox.

    • 84
      Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:

      Osborne has close contacts in the black community – could he suggest someone?

    • 89
      UKIPMAN says:

      The Tories could elect Nelson Mandela as leader and the BBC and other left wing media would be shafting him within days.

      • 104
        The BBC, because of the unique way we're funded says:

        Indeed. Nelson Mandela is an Uncle Tom for colluding with De Klerk instead of prosecuting a guerilla war of attrition killing millions.

        • 119
          God bless Nelson says:

          Nelson Mandela was born a tribal chief

          He had standing and he resisted

          Cameroon never resisted anything except the odd thrust of a Lady and is now only chief of the Chipping Norton light and bent horse brigade

          Which does not exactly recommend him to the people of Britain (or anyone else for that matter)

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Nelson Mandela was and still is, a well documented anti-white racist, who celebrated, planned and gave the orders to murder many people, his only stipulation was that they were white “settlers”.

            A term he used over three hundred years after white people started settling in the Cape.

            Imagine that, in three hundred years time, if white people still called people of colour immigrants and called for and carried out, their selective murder, would sainthood be the order of the day for such people?

          • AC1 says:

            I suggest we build a statue of Breivik next to Mandela’s on the Southbank….

            Following the Mandela path we could see Breivik released from his political imprisonment and elected to run the country…

            This is more a suggestion to highlight the “whitewashing” of leftist terrorists than a suggestion that nutbag breivik really get a statue.

    • 101
      The Black and White Minstrel Show says:

      Gove could black up!

    • 102
      Three Lyons Rampant says:

      Wot like that lord Taylor Bloke ??

    • 124
      Do Conservatives want to win overall power or not ? says:

      Yes but to “hate him just a little bit less” will only lead to another no overall majority and yet another coalition.

      • 135
        Fox Hunter says:

        Yes, and it might not prevent an overall Labour majority. But, implausible though it may seem, I maintain that Dave is less of a personal turn-off for voters than Ed M. I think that Gove shares a lot of Ed’s disadvantages.

        • 195
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          That’s some ringing endorsement, “our guy is shite, but their guy is even worse”.
          Labour only control the narrative, because they have loaded into the institutions of state, thousands of their people and their media arm is the BBC.

          End that and you effectively end Labour, forever.

    • 136
      Anonymous says:

      I didn’t think Chukka was black – I thought he was mixed race.

      • 156
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        “One touch of the tar-brush” etc, as they used to say…

        Close enough for government work.

      • 328
        I R Verydimbo says:

        Like that Irish Kenyan Barry O’bama your mean?

    • 281
      AA says:

      Sam Gyimah is your man. He has owned his own company and rates higher than Chukka on, too.

  24. 116
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Is it April 1st?
    Gove PM, Osborone PM – geez, what is the obsession that the tories have with leadership challenges? Bit like Blair, without Cameron, they had little chance of doing well in the last election.

  25. 125
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    Go Gove!

  26. 132
    Bob Diamond Pleazer says:

    In the news – ex-Times writer thinks Murdoch is top geezer. Bunch of right-wing bigots think Gove should run country. Rest of country run the other way….

    • 151
      Anonymous says:

      talking of “country”, how are you Bob?

    • 155
      UKIPMAN says:

      Gove stood up for the freedom of the press. Totally alien to bigoted left wing thinking. They would nationalise all the media given half a chance. But at least tractor production would soar.

    • 353
      Bob DB's delusion says:

      is that he and other lefties presume to ‘sp.eak for the people’.

  27. 145
    Proud Zionist says:

    I’m pleased to see that Gove is an advisor to The Atlantic Bridge charity and that he places the welfare of Israel at the centre of his views on foreign policy.

    We need more politicians like him.

    • 266
      Central Office stooge says:

      Not just foreign policy. It influences his whole politicial fun d i n g , cough, I mean “thinking”.

    • 267
      AC1 says:

      We do. As the only real democracy in the middle east the contrast between arab cesspits and civilised Isr43l is vast.

      • 299
        anonymous says:

        yes, only the israelis use bulldozers to remove people from their homes, the others dont

        • 306
          AC1 says:

          They use nerve gas.

          Of course lots of Palliwood productions are willingly re-broadcast to suckers like you who believe AlJaBeebya.

    • 354
      The Advanced Stages of CiF says:


      I know. it’s just too terrible that a state should be democratic, have an independent judiciary, and have minorities as MPs. It’s just not right for the people. True progressives -whose thoughts you might read in the Gruaniad or hear on the BBC- rather favour more the dictator or the theocratic form of goverment. It’s only for their best interests after all.

  28. 146
    David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

    lol x x I laugh with you guys and yet still l love you lol x x .

    How many lols do I need and in whick order? Dave.

  29. 148
    Twenty-Stone Tommy says:

    I’m still not too wild about the bloke, truth to tell.

    • 152
      Gotta talk about somethin, tho says:

      What would you/we do without him?

      • 168
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        If Tom Watson didn’t exist, he would have had to be invented. Whereupon, he would try to re-invent himself.

        Groucho Marx: “I don’t know what I’d do without you, but I’d much rather.”

        • 176
          Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

          According to Stephen Hawking black holes eventually evaporate leaving nothing behind, I wonder if Tom Watson is the same, he spouts so much bollocks eventually he to will evaporate. He’s big enough to be a black hole.

        • 177

          Max Clifford must have been working on old Tommy.
          Its the only explanation.

          Jade Goody had her face superimposed onto a pig’s on the front cover of the Sun and everyone in the land cheered the misfortune of the most hated chav in England.

          Within 2 years, and with a little help from Maximilian she was the new queen of hearts.

          Clifford must have promised to ‘fix’ the toad’s image and spin him into a ‘nice guy’ role. in exchange for taking out Rupert.

          Bad judgement day fat the office for Murdoch when he went after Clifford.

          • Anonymous says:

            not sure about that … keeping the powder dry and all that .. I predict a few stink bombs when all this is done

          • jgm2 says:

            The most hated chav in the land only achieved popular redemption by catching front-bottom cancer and dying which put her ‘crimes’ of stupidity and being mean to some Indian woman into perspective. You could argue that it was being stupid that killed her. If she’d taken more care of her front bum or gone for the tests more regularly then she might still be alive.

            I doubt too many people will forget Tom Watson’s stupidity and mendacity and I doubt he’d be prepared to die of knob cancer to test the thesis.

          • jgm2 says:

            As further evidence of her (and her husband’s) stupidity – I believe she got two million quid for her final ‘look-at-me-all-my-hairs-fallen-out-cos-I-have-front-bum-cancer’ story and earned 5.5 million quid in her (short) lifetime.

            And after tax and Max Clifford’s cut she left a grand total of 400,000 quid for her kids. Which I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find her idiot husband has probably turned into a Ferrari by now. Maybe two. Got to have a new one see. Nothing worse than being seen in an old c*a*r.

          • nellnewman says:

            ‘maxclifford must have been working on oldtommy’

            well he’s wasting his time – you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

    • 332
      Archie says:

      Fat c u n t!

  30. 157
    The Ghost of Edmund Burke says:

    I would just like to make it perfectly clear that I have nothing whatsoever to do with the “Conservative” Party or with Michael Gove, no mattter how much he tries to hitch his carriage to myself.

    ^Spinning around in my grave at 10,000 rpm (and I thought I had done enough to avoid revolutions)

  31. 164
    Carlos says:

    Gove made Jay and Levenson look like kids in classsroom being taught how the real world works. A masterclass in how to deal with a pompous and arrogant lynch mob, politely and without fuss. DC should take note.

    Shame Jay’s little helper got so bored that he kept checking the state of his manicure to keep him awake. Should have given him internet access so he could update his facebook page.

  32. 171
    SAS SNOT !!*! says:

    Can someone please pick up my toys!
    I seem to have thrown them out of the pram again.

  33. 174
    Alistair Campbell is a liar says:

    I Alistair Campbell do hereby declare that I am a lying war-mongering cnut with a lying left-wing cnut of a wife and Michael Gove is a fine and honourable man and I am a nasty piece of shit without morals and scruples and not fit to lick the crap off his boots. P.s. Tony Blair is also a lying war-mongering cnut with a lying left-wing cnut of a wife and should be shot along with that mad cnut Brown and his lying catamite Balls.

    • 205
      the stench of hypocrisy says:

      Didn’t Alkies wife also attend a posh girls grammar school?
      How marvellous for them both to have been given such a decent education…

      • 214
        nellnewman says:

        What a shame they wasted it by developing the most corrupt, dishonest, evil government this country has ever seen whilst lining their own pockets.

        Not going to go down in history as anything worthwhile are they!

  34. 180
    Jimmy says:

    Rupert will be pleased to see at least some of the help pulling their weight.

    • 201
      Well it's a thought says:

      Which help would that be Jimmy, the Liebour help or the Nucons help or the libsh*tes help or maybe the spads or the uncivil service help, Murdoch has had lots of little helpers since the 80s, sadly you didn’t get a job from him then.

    • 222
      nellnewman says:

      I doubt whether rupe’s bothered one way or the other actually. Billionaire with influence in yank land, chi na and aus tral ia.

      Little ole england and baitinng twatson is a hobby to him and not much more.

    • 241
      back for more says:

      And here was me thinking that Jimmy had got tired of being intellectually outclassed on here.

  35. 188
    JH says:

    Sudden flurry of Labour teenie-apparatchiks on this thread. The pitiful attempts to match the ribald nature of the native comments fall rather flat.

    Translation – they are shitting themselves about how effective Gove is in education. All suggestions that he may advance further must be brutally put down, by order.

    How DARE this pipsqueak of a man show question the Leveson/Watson enquiry. How DARE he.

    • 200
      Anonymous says:

      It’s probably because the Guardian is running the story under the headline “Tory minister in black day for UK politics” and the CIF comments are all barred for racism.

    • 206
      will says:

      gove is effective in education and he has managed to get under the skin of the teaching unions. He is starting to make real changes i just hope that dave does not move him but leaves him at education to carry through reforms

    • 209
      nellnewman says:

      Actually gove has achieved amazing things in education in just two years.

      For the first time since labour came to power in 1997/98, when they utterly trashed GCSE’s and A Levels , these qualifications are being strengthened and beginning to earn respect in the working world. I despaired I’d ever see the day.

      And there are teachers out there in academies now taking pride in their teaching and being given the power to come down hard on bullies and kids that disrupt classes. No more labour saying every child must be equal at the lowest possible educational level.

      • 216
        will says:

        the guardian going aploplectic at gove now. The thought of non qualified (sorry indoctinated0 teachers teaching feels the union with dread. OK starter for one what is the most sucessful higher education organisation and makes a profit. Answer BPP traing for solicitors and accountants does most traing via online and other methods so why cant the state improve itself. because it would show up the crap teachers.

        • 226
          nellnewman says:

          I especially like gove’s plans for sacking failing teachers without much ado. Not through yet but it’s coming.

          • Don Nobsworthy says:

            “Not through yet but it’s coming”

            Were those your husband’s last words, nell?

          • nellnewman says:

            Pity your education at the hands of labour did not adequately equip you to intelligently discuss issues without sexual innuendo. Very balls and twatson.

          • ooer says:

            Balls and twats are not exactly without innuendo potential now, are they nell?

          • nellnewman says:

            Not quite the same thing. I abbreviate everybody’s name by losing spaces – hence t watson twatson and balls, davecameron, margaretbeckett ……

            I haven’t done it for sexual connotation , indeed I hadn’t even considered it. I’m more concerned with their ability to defraud the taxpayer and wastefully spend money unnecessarily. What they do in the privacy of their bedrooms is their business. What they do with my money is mine!

          • 10,000 Failing Teachers says:

            We are still hanging onto our jobs due to (the) NUTs.

          • loose ball says:

            hehe, nell said twat…..

          • nellnewman says:

            Tsk! Oh for goodness sake! twatson is not the same as t++t

          • loose ball says:

            He is in my world nell.

        • 278
          Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

          Teachers think the education system exists to simply employ them at inflated salaries big pensions and long holidays.

          The majority of teachers are useless, speak to anyone in business and they will tell you the average 16 year old sent to them for a job is simply unemployable.

  36. 198
    ToonBob... says:

    Just wondering, is Sharon Hodgson MP a pig in knickers?? :)

    • 276
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Never heard of her but as soon as I saw she was a Liebore MP I knew she’d be fat and ugly.

      What is it with socialist women?

  37. 210
    Bluebottle says:

    Prime Minister Michael Grove.

    Has a ring to it do you not think.

  38. 224
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    He always seems like one of those twerps who sit at the front in the classroom and put their hands up saying, ‘Me sir, me sir, I know.’

    • 231
      nellnewman says:

      I admit I used to think that of him until I saw him spe@k a time or two and realised he had common sense and grit. Then the education at our local level started to improve immensely under his guardianship and it became clear the initial twerpy impression he made was very far wide of the mark.

      Very decent politician – one of the few.

      • 239
        Lie Detector Van says:

        Yeah, right……..

        • 244
          Get Real !! says:

          Forgive nell, for she is one of life’s hopeless uphill gardeners.

        • 250
          nellnewman says:

          Well that’s exactly the response I’ d expect from edballs exministerof labour’s education policy to reduce all kids to the lowest educational denominator possible.

    • 232
      E W A N M E says:

      Wot’s wrong wiv knowing more than teacher , babe ??

      E xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • 234
      annette curton says:

      That’s what irritated Leveson so much, he knew but Leveson didn’t and had to keep resorting to barely coherent plays on the meaning of words.

    • 279
      Alex says:

      The fact you think people who possess an enthusiasm to learn and take part in the classroom are “twerps” says far more about you than it does Michael Gove you ignoramus.

    • 318
      Terrie says:

      We’re fully aware that you don’t want schools to bring up a generation with an ability for independent thinking.

  39. 227
    Chalky Lowlands says:

    Always thought he was a bit of a weirdo wonk, but heard him on the radio the other day talking in a sensible, measured fashion about education reform. Rebutted all the arguments put to him politely and coherently. Have to say I was impressed. Suspect he’d make a better prime minister than Cameron or Boy George.

  40. 243
    Phil from the Wrekenton Star says:

    Beats me how Gove can accuse Leveson of undermining freedom of the press.

    It is not as if Leveson has pushed for this situation.

    He has been appointed by Cameron to investigate and report back with recommendations for the future.

    It is not Leveson’s fault that he has unearthed a can of worms with Gove at one time having been within that can.

    • 247
      Ron says:

      Do you actually have a life away from your computer screen?

    • 259
      nellnewman says:

      Well cameron may have appointed him but he’s been a sad disappointment in the unbiased, evenhanded department.

      leveson’s and jay’s gentle , kidglove treatment of bliar, alycampbell and twatson was disgustingly unbalanced. No forensic, challenging questions . And leveson then sickeningly concluded bliar’s ‘evidence’ by inviting him to prepare a paper on how he wanted media relations with government reformed.

      You don’t get more sycophantic than that! No doubt leveson and jay’s thinking, with bliar’s ill gotten £millions – is that bliar might be finding/funding their next non-jobs for them out of gratitude!

      • 262
        "Let justice be done though the heavens fall." says:

        Cameron was running scared ….and effectively is the architect of all his own woes over Leveson…another more robust PM would have told Labour to go …..iself rather than pander to the demands of the mob…the same with regulation

        • 271
          nellnewman says:

          Oh too true.

          But also labour commissioned two of these hugely expensive circuses – hutton and then chilcot. And both have proved to be whitewash jobs that just pour money into the pockets of judges and lawyers and leave the public even more entrenched in their view that this lot lie for a living!!

          • grobdj says:

            Still this does not get Cameron off the hook for commissioning this huge waste of money, ducking the need to tackle Murdoch immediately after the election. It would have cost the country precisely Zero to deny the bid for BSkyB, and the wrath of Murdoch would now be fading.

            And just think, for the cost of Leveson, the Harrier Jump Jets might have been retained for Jubilee/Olympic celebrations, then to fly off into well-earned retirement. Does our Prime Minister know anything about PR?

          • 70% control of the media by lefty knobs costs us 3 billion plus a year says:

            He also ducked the need to tackle the BBC.

          • nellnewman says:

            grobj . Absolutely right and to the next commentar who said about sorting out the beeb.

            But then all that takes strong, principled government and at the moment we don’t have it!

          • Archie says:

            Don’t forget MacPherson which neutered our police and disfigured our society.

      • 314
        Aydodge E. Scheisster says:

        Nell, honey, don’t mistake what the Judge and Mr. J were doing as being solely kid-glove treatment. Rather than waste time with the sort of questioning that could only get the witnesses’ backs up, the questions posed are meant to elicit some sort of position the witnesses wish to take with respect to the evidence being put to them. It is similar to what is done in the American civil courts, where a defence lawyer subpoenas the plaintiff(s) to app*ear for an interview where they are accompanied by their brief. Questions are put to the plaintiff so as to get them to dig themselves into a hole and make them have to stick with a story that may be somewhat less open-and-shut than their complaint would indicate. (Of course, the plaintiffs’ lawyers have the same right vis-a-vis the defendant.) All this to get them on the record with sworn testimony which will be used at the trial either to impe*ach their evidence being given at trial, or to show that their story has been consistent all along. It is first-cousin to the UK police warning about telling them what you know about the situation, on pain of not being able to use certain defences or to have the jury be able to draw an unfavourable inference that your story is of much more recent origin than the original arrest and interrogation. In both events, what’s sought is to find out “what’s your story, and are you going to stick to it?” Since the Leveson hearings are not criminal proceedings, there’s no “taking the Fifth” as they say in the US, and were anyone to do so, they would be so admonished, and if they persisted, they might be held in contempt, pending a hearing to purge themselves by alleging that the Inquiry is exceeding its remit. To get around all this legalistic pettifogging, the witnesses are asked questions which, should they ever be criminally charged, can be used as a counterweight to their evidence at trial should they be called to testify in their own behalf. It’s the difference between Jay asking “Are you aware that there have been irregularities alleged, and that your name surfaces with respect to them?”, versus, “Now, isn’t it true that the irregularities which we know to have taken place are down to you and you alone?” The first gets them to have to say SOMETHING and the second shuts them right up.

        Yeah, it’s straight outta Jack Cade let’s-kill-all-the-lawyers land, but it’s what you have to do sometimes so things won’t backfire.

  41. 245

    Fine words. Nice to see free speech defended.

    If only the fuckers meant it. As Gove spoke, a woman has been jailed for expressing her opinion. I wonder who will be defending her rights to be offensive?

    • 248
      Guido says:

      Welcome back, 8illy 8otty.

    • 292
      Anonymous says:

      Sadly, most people don’t believe in liberty either. As long as they have food on the table and a roof over their head, the majority of the public are content to live under a soft form of tyranny.

  42. 273
    Grecian 2012 says:

    We realise now that we are going to have to put Greece into administration. We were a bit worried about the outcome until a friend advised us to appoint Duff & Duffer as administrators. He said they were really truly above board – the expression he used was whyter than whyte.

  43. 274
    Edward Woodward says:

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    • 282
      Steven Fry'd says:

      Wow – what a great question – I’ll get the QI team to think about that. It must be the best question asked on the program ever! The BBC will pay me even more now!

  44. 286
    nellnewman says:

    It does appe@r doesn’t it that we have replaced gordon’s backstabbing, buck passing,bunker government of balls,militwit,twatson and the like with cameron’s free spirit, eulovein, uturning, cleggie, cable and georgie porgie ensemble?

    I think what we need is an alliance between gove, borisjohnson, daviddavis and nigelfarage. Then we might get a decent government in 2015!

  45. 296
    rabbit patrol says:

    +++++++++++breaking news+++++++++++++++

    David Cameron has today finally ruled out any vote on leaving the EU. he has however given the go ahead for a referendum on the Eurovision Song Contest – he thinks the british people are capable of making a decision on this

    • 298
      annette curton says:

      I believe our entry is Jedward, so much for decision making ability.

  46. 300
    anonymous says:

    can somebody actually produce the evidence that proves Gove is bringing about change in education – at the moment it is all just trivial comment and bias

    • 342
      Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:


      You’ve come to the wrong place mate.

    • 355
      The Advanced Stages of CiF says:

      ‘ the moment its is all just trivial comment and bias’

      Can you redo that line but in a windier rhetorical way? A salary from the Independent awaits.

  47. 301
    Very dodgy says:

    The father arrested with his wife on suspicion of murdering their children has previously been on the Jeremy Kyle Show and had campaigned for a larger council house.

  48. 302
    A recovering alcoholic says:

    Well, I read back over today’s work and see that I’m not “recovering” at all.

    Until tomorrow, then ♥♥

    • 304
      E W A N M E says:

      Keep laughing at us, them and yourself, darling. We love you just the way you are.

  49. 303
    David Cameron says:

    I am shit.

  50. 305
    daveyone1 says:
    ”Mr Gove, I do not need to be told about free speech!” Edition!

  51. 311
    nellnewman says:

    Good Night. God Bless . Time to dream of summer holidays!

  52. 313
    A constituent says:

    Conner carpet burns – has spent 2 years doing nothing but promoting his ohmo boys and their agendas.

    He cuts and pastes multiple replies to christian constituents asking for only meetings at the HOC to discuss Gay marriage – he only promotes “HIS VIEW”

    He is a disgrace and is only snaking up the ladder as a PPS – attempting to get to ‘minister’ level. Ellwood is another example of a grubbing for a minister’s job – he came undo by being PPS to old foxy.

  53. 317
    not a machine says:

    mmm 2.3 trillion euro fund (scratches head wondering how this one works ) , having got the idea that euro wonks dont like being lectured to by ,I told you so brigade , I am beggining to wonder if at this somewhat late stage , hubris isnt making an appearence in the form of protracted fire fighting approach .
    Ok then fire fighting approach seems attractive as you can throw in some post scorched drama , reform for bail out funds . mmm well it depends if your reforms are like the quality of knicker elastic , too poor (lets be honest historically EU has been all about blowing money rather than firefighting a large crsis) and one wash later , your knickers fall and your back where you started , too tight and things become uncomfortable . Fire proof knickers mmm well they have to cover all the vulnerable areas .

    In some ways problem by problem approach , is cautious towards throwing the lot and having nothing left , but equally it may not clear enough , quickly enough to keep things safe or stragglers left to burn .

    The interesting thing about the new plan , which I beleieve is somthing of the plan held for some time as EU dream , is that it looks to be protacted , ending up in large debt in some sort of eurozone bond , and a shambolic unreformed deficet action , having a secondary debt feature lasting many years , which no doubt will breath with the main debt , without much happening to the overall debt . Indeed the eurozone bank is going to be needing far more accurate sovereign information , and in its self be able to explain the debt flows , so that (the sort of ) bonds can be valued properly . I mean any country carrying on in EU manner of spending to a blank cheque and receiving the money , is going to upset the whole thing . In other words whole national banking systems have to become , branches of the central ?……..

    But then what if that doesnt work and the differentials just reoccure as soon as liquidity is available . The EU has not provided any such explantion of how it is going to look post crsisi bailout , which is a little worrying , indeed considering the sum of 2.3 trn is what is needed , and no repeat scenario , you would have though a great deal of detail being open to scutinity , to see if it targets and mechanics are working , as proposed .

    But then we are back to that old chestnut of how the EU works , where no crossexamination or interview occures , for people to hold them to account , just the yaboo sucks of debating chamber exchanges . So will as one EU spokesperson put it “muddle along like we always do in the EU ” be the sort of fire fight that will work , Can a weak euro , ever escape deficets just rolling on ?? .

    I think we can perhaps begin to see the outline of the grand plan and how full eurostate integration could be made manifest by bonds from a crisis , that just ambled along until all the trembling autocrats hands signed away there nation , bar national costumes and atlas references . The moment or summer of truth perhaps ?. True the options are reducing , and those annoucements that the worst of the crisis was over now long distant memories .

    Golden oppertunity or golden dawn , we shall perhaps know when the terms and conditions are understood of having the said firefighters turn up and quench the hell with euros . Of course I doubt if Mr Hollande is familiar with Trotters independent trading “No income tax no Vat ……. viva hooky steet sayin magnifique hooky street…….. ” for some reason the two chandeliers one springs to mind , Frau Merkel and Moisure Hollande holding the sheet , and grandad Rumpouy upstairs with the hammer .

    I know it isnt perhaps comedy , but given what the EU has done historically in blowing money , should we believe that they have the right chandelier this time round ? But then this plan looks to drag on , with some typically socialist “great leap” aspects politically , Dr Strangedebt , faliure will not be tollerated ……… .

    With such a big wedge of cash , the EU can perhaps , look rather grand compared to the PMs and countries austerity , making the PM feel some wish to fold , rather like in goldfinger on the laser table , “no Mr Cameron I expect you to chip in” . But then 2 months post from “grandspin” superstate it could all be looking very different , deficets still occuring despite growth , unemployement still high ……. and fair chunck of the 2.3 trn spent , and ms poverty galore once more plying her wares and Alec Salmond with the line “I must have dreamt it ”

    Still not really sporting to keep calling our EU counts of the manor , wrong and raining on there parade , we only have those rights when , it all goes irrecoverably wrong and the very unfunny things start occuring as the money has gone down the drain .

    So will the PM or the chancellor get all hot and bothered about a bit of continental 2.3 trn thigh and froliciking , the best courtesans have perhaps always been french trained , luckily for george he has Ms Hollande and not a Bolyn girl . Eh though no U turns please on money to the EU virgin trip pleasure cruise to Niagra and maybe back , or perhaps not . Besides were having a bit of party this weekend for H M Queen , maybe send EU comissioners a postcard “wish you were here” nice weather, deficet plan , own currency , Mervin King , socialists in opposition …….. Assuming there are enough Bristish people left to understand , that even if all is not the best , we can raise a glass to best in what we have ….. that isnt owned by the EU , and God willing never will be ……. the sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray (makes Agincourt salute as comedy refernce to 22 meetings since crisis broke out and nothing was done )

  54. 321
  55. 329
    Chav scum murderers says:

    The parents of the 6 children who died in a house fire had 14 kids altogether. They had fought for years with the local council for a bigger house. The father was on the Jeremy Kyle show. The parents survived but their 6 kids died. Not suspicious at all.

  56. 331
    The Evil Poor says:

    Something needs to be done about people like this but nothing will. These feral scum probably live on benefits and have about 25 kids each. The underclass are a social scourge. They’re not even what you could call ordinary working class. They reside at the fringes of society, a sub-human group of degenerates from a long line of backward degenerates for whom sadistic violence and churning out illiterate violent children is a way of life. They’re what one blogger called the “Evil Poor”.

  57. 335
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    ‘Word is that he would never run against Osborne in a leadership election, but with more performances like today…’

    … he’ll certainly have the Murdoch media on his side. This wasn’t a defence of free speech, it was a defence of Murdoch in this context.

  58. 337
    merry go fuck says:

    Right, I want a list of all those fuckers whose bad habits I’m funding today.

  59. 339
    Anonymous says:

    Leveson is an abomination. Did they send him over from Russia?

  60. 344
    Confused dot com says:

    I’m confused as most of the tv reporting on this matter is telling us only that Gove got a slap down from Lord Leveson and precious little footage as you describe is being shown.

  61. 346
    Anonymous says:

    All the comments on here make the same mistake – just because Gove is appealing to the cro-magnon right he would lose the election in a trice. Just remember that sweeties when you are all daisy chaining together in the future.

  62. 347
    pissing myself laughing says:

    Wanker Gove makes total twat of himself and leaves nation incredulous that such a pompous, ludicrous, obviously inbred, creepy little worm, dedicated to the interests of his rich mates, ever managed to get rescued from the abortion clinic let alone get anywhere near public office.

    And Greedo and his vermin think it was wonderful!!!

    Wanker Gove for Tory leader. Please god.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  63. 349

    BBC leaked SpiderWeb Picture with Oliver in it! He freaks ! See it

    New text message uncovered tying Gove to YellowBelly Gang and May 2011 scheme to plant hacking stories in the public space as pre-emptive move to take the “Sting” out of the imminent July 2011 Dowler hack.

    Also fans first look at 2012 Tony Blair post-Star Wars metamorphosis. Blair admits
    he ran a gang type racket in his tenure and picked #1 in post-political position.

    The Protection from NewsCorp against DailyMail would be very scary for Blair before his term in office was about to be up. Blair would have little cash to take on pitched battle as he could with the vast No10 “premium media platform” he spoke so fondly of. Blair became a GodFather- One of just handfull of top staffers at News Corp. Within 12 months, Blair had secured millions from JPMorgan and book publisher. Blair had a great tan, a big bully partner to sit on DailyMail on command, a rich rich friend to fly him around, and opportunities for annual new
    NewsCorp steered paydays to Blair kept the tan and time freed up for Blair to finally be rich and have fun.

    Blairs challenge at the Leveson Inquiry was that after admitting merging of interests in GodFather deal, making Blair “Pro-European” GodFather thru JPMorgan gifts bestowed by NewsCorp Board member Sir Rod who is Vice Chair of JPMorgan.

    -Blair can not explain or chooses to mentally block the troubling fact that he appears to take zero responsibility for how he left the state of the No10 operations and his country when he left PM role.

    -Blair opened the door and let the wolves and foxes into the henhouse to pickoff easy targets and work the system Blair decoded for them.

    Then Blair re-wired his successor Cameron like a half baked eggplant. Orange and pretty enough to keep clumped clay together with all the yellow belly agents
    able to use Cameron for cover. Most of YellowBelly agents all had a #2 or #3 to try to roll off any trouble. But the YellowBellys by May 2012 were running out of

    Michel had leaked a trove of the text between the YellowBelly gang and Mad Murdoch was livid privately. Publicly he was still at one rogue. But his stories
    stopped making sense a long time ago.

    Its not if one criminal charge or another will stick to the CEO or James Murdoch or Elizabeth Murdoch (sure they all have criminal liability and civil liability that could
    add up to 20 lifetimes of sentences.
    -Its just a matter of time, working up the system with first wave of criminal
    trials. All thats needed is one of 4-5 Captains (Brooks will be up first) to
    go thru trial and that will open the door to senior exec and then to Directors.

  64. 350
    the general public says:

    Gove was simply sucking up to his former employer on the basis he might need a job again come next elections. Being a good orator doesn’t mean he wasn’t talking shite (“freedom of press counted for nothing unless some people were offended”, what is that about)?

    Gove for PM……..he is even more a toff and pompus than Dave. A real vote winner then!!!!

  65. 356
    The Advanced Stages of CiF says:

    Incontrovertible fact #1

    Whatever the sentiments of the general public may be, they are not ever spoken by representatives of the ideological left.

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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