May 28th, 2012

VIDEO: Craig Oliver Rages at BBC’s Norman Smith


  1. 1
    Who says:

    Who is Craig Oliver?

  2. 2
    Chief Running Jump says:

    Fuck knows. Norman Smith produced Pink Floyd in the early days.

  3. 3
    genghiz the kahn says:

    All BBC footage of Alistair Campbell reminding them how to present the wise words of the dear leader have been erased.

  4. 4
    A better video says:

  5. 5
    Syd Barrett says:

    He’s aged better than me

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Jesus, no wonder Cameron is getting slated in the press, terribly weak communications guy

  7. 7
    Pure, adulterated excitement says:

    Nice one! Give the guy a CBE

  8. 8
    tommy5d says:

    Spin, spin, spin. Craig Oliver is a twat…

  9. 9
    BBC NEWS says:

    Vote Labour!

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Note to Craig Oliver: repeating “really” and “genuinely” over and over, while elongating them to add emphasis in the way that stupid people do, and rolling your eyes do not make you look/sound intelligent or persuasive.

    Shouldn’t a “communications chief” know that?

  11. 11
    les says:

    About bloody time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12
    999 other people says:

    We agree with the protestor.

  13. 13
    BBC = Labours mouthpiece says:

    Give that man a cigar!

  14. 14
    JH says:

    He protests too much afterwards.

    You didn’t mind when your fucking spin became ‘the news’ did you.


  15. 15
    Thumb Screw says:


  16. 16
    Ed says:

    Is Norman Smith saying “bullsh*t” behind that cough?

  17. 17
    Serge Gainsbourg from the grave says:


  18. 18
    Beeboid says:

    I always think that impartiality is in our DNA.

  19. 19
    Albert Hall says:

    that bloke’s not wrong, he should have added traitor too.

  20. 20
    John H says:

    Jeez, what an utter Jeremy Hunt that comms bloke is.

  21. 21
    Joe says:

    I was hoping he had throat cancer.

  22. 22
    rick says:

    Dave has told us repeatedly how much he admires and respects the BBC and how he will do whatever it takes to protect it. WHY???????????????????????

  23. 23
    Monica Lewinsky says:

    Pretty incoherent on both sides. Are these guys working in the media business? One hopes not.

  24. 24
    annette curton says:

    Cough!, thought I’d never start.

  25. 25
    Mr Trikk says:

    Hardly raging – more like sounding a bit miffed…

  26. 26
    AC1 says:

    How silly.

  27. 27
    Tony Blair Millionaire and part time War Criminal says:

    Not a patch on alky mentalist Campbell.

  28. 28
    Tony, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

    You reached for the secret too soon, Syd :(

  29. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck off Smith u fucking tabloidesque Labour twat

  30. 30

    Blair didn’t look surprised, almost as if he was expecting it. He delivered his answer smoothly and hi-jacked the enquiry, shrugging as if to say “See, this is why I was PM and you are not”.

    If you look closely, you can see him lick his own eyeballs very quickly.

  31. 31
    Tony Blair Millionaire and part time War Criminal says:

  32. 32
    WVM says:


  33. 33
    Chris The Leatherman says:

    Hardly rages, I thought Craig Oliver was very coherent and reasonable. How would Alistair Campbell have reacted if the BBC had published a picture of a spider’s web with Tom Watson, Ed Balls,Yvette Cooper & Gordon Brown plotting to get rid of Tony Blair ? It would have made much better television than what has just been shown.

  34. 34
    WVM says:

    Harsh but fair.

  35. 35
    Pawn Sandwich says:


  36. 36
    r*ck says:

    Dave has told us repeatedly how much he admires and respects the B*BC and how he will do whatever it takes to protect it. WHY?

  37. 37
    Silly is the new Sensible says:

    Let the child within you ooze forth, AC1.

  38. 38
    Kevin T says:

    Oh god, who fucking cares? It has been common fucking knowledge that every prime minister from Margaret Thatcher onwards has courted Murdoch, as well as all the other owners and editors from Rusbridger to Dacre. Now it’s suddenly news and it only reflects on the current prime minister as if it was a game of musical chairs? Piss off.

    Why isn’t there an enquiry about how many of this country’s sovereign powers have been handed to unelected foreigners without the permission of the British people, who those powers are supposed to belong to? Or an enquiry about how people who still think we should join the fucking Euro are allowed to hold important ministerial jobs?

  39. 39
    Silly is the new Sensible says:

    Top “story” on BBC Radio news.

  40. 40
    Thunderbox says:

    Well he was a BBC Lickspittle until recently.

    Not sure which way round, Poacher/Gamekeeper or Gamekeeper/Poacher.

    Bring back Coulson.

  41. 41

    hahah this is raging is it?

  42. 42
    twatspotter says:

    Sacking Vince Cable when he was publicly shown to not be impartial was right. Installing Hunt when Cameron knew he was clearly not impartial was wrong and was always going to look dodgy, or at least inept, if it came out.

  43. 43
    Thunderbox says:

    There’d have been more blood in Downing Street than ever in iraq.

  44. 44
    Tron says:

    Not exactly Malcolm Tucker was it.

    The BBC deserve a kicking.

  45. 45
    annette curton says:

    If they are not a bit more careful next time it could be somebody letting rip with an Ak-47, where was the fat policeman?.

  46. 46
    J.P. Morgan says:

    We did not have sexual relations with Tony Blair.

  47. 47
    Hampshire Boy says:

    Oliver’s main point is flawed. If the memo wasn’t ‘lobbying’ because it needs to be directed at someone who has power and the PM had recussed himself. He was no longer without power when he had to appoint Cable’s replacement – which in hindsight makes Hunt’s lobby very effective and most definitely a point to answer.

  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Correct, Correct, Correct

  49. 49
    Marmite says:

    Too true. Bliar IS a war criminal AND has made his money on the backs of our d.e.*.d. sol.diers. The b*

  50. 50
    hewstonew says:

    Reblogged this on Hewstone, we have a problem..

  51. 51
    Phil says:

    You have got to be joking Smith is what some would term a fully paid up knob jockey for the Labour Party bankrolled by the BBC to smear the coalition at any or all times however nebulous the connection between reality and fantasy. Listen to Radio 4 and 5 live there is a daily,constant propaganda diatribe of anti coalition rhetoric that is so biast that it would probably have made Goebbels blush had he still been around.

  52. 52
  53. 53
    Jimmy says:

    You never get this sort of insolent backchat from Boulton.

  54. 54
    Iain says:

    This is a terrible thing to say – even in jest. Why say such an awful thing? Really.

  55. 55
    Marmite says:

    + 1 – no, make that 100.

  56. 56
    TV Remoat says:

    The reality is Blair will be pleased as he has now been able to publicly say on oath that the JP Morgan thing is a lie.

  57. 57
    The Blair Drinking Game says:

    When Blair attends Leveson this week, you can make a drinking game out of it. A drink for every time he says “What is important is”, every time he says “What I say to you is”, and every time he begins a sentence with “Look”.

  58. 58
    Baron Hogwash says:


  59. 59
    Well it's a thought says:

    My mrs said why did Bliar have to explain as to what the protester said about him, he’s got something to hide, he crap doesn’t look well at all, I do hope it’s fatal.

  60. 60
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    1 Trillion

  61. 61
    Comfy Cushion says:

    Rage? That wasn’t a rage. That was a limp lettuce.

  62. 62
    Baron Hogwash says:

    “You know …”, “You know …”, “You know” – NO We don’t know Mr Blair.

  63. 63
    David Icke says:

    ♥ ROFL

  64. 64
    Twatson is a fat git says:

    I was hoping the bloke was a.r.m.e.d. Oh well, Bliar certainly is teflon.

  65. 65
    annette curton says:

    My translation: the JP Morgan company has been built on a foundation of lies.

  66. 66
    Well it's a thought says:

    you won’t get many drinks if he says the word “honest”‘ he doesn’t know that word.

  67. 67

    ♩♪♫♬Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light ♩♪♫♬

    ♩♪♫♬ Shine on you hazy diatribe♩♪♫♬

    From: Wish you Were Impartial – Pinky Red Beeb

  68. 68
    Anonymous says:

    Craig Oliver actually sounds exactly like Cal Richards from the Thick of It.

  69. 69
    Charlie Gilmour, comfortably dumb. says:

    Whats the Cenotaph ?

  70. 70
    Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

    Guido’s definition of ‘raged’ must be a special Irish use of the word!

    Craig Oliver’s complaint about BBC bias seems quite understated, given the enormity of the BBC’s treacherous damage to our country’s wellbeing.

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    Leveson is on his hands and knees in front of Bliar… lips moist with anticipation

  72. 72
    PC Lard says:

    err, I just popped to Gregs for some pies…

    …did I miss something?

  73. 73
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I would like to congratulate cameron on his choice of cat. A large, mature cat is most likely to be able to handle rats and mice, and is less likely to catch birds.

    He didn’t cock that one up.

  74. 74
    J'accuse etc etc says:

    Actually Craig Oliver is completely right and if Ministers had the bottle they should say so in on record interviews to the BBC..the BBC is totally partial in regard to both the BSkyB bid and towards the Labour assetions…..the most laughable thing is that the BBC actually BELIEVES it is acting impartially…..

    Incidentally Norman Smith is in my view much more even handed in his reporting than Nick Robinson;Jon Sopel et al so perhaps the criticism was a tad unfair to him persomnally as he cannot be responsible for what some Labour Supporting News Editor chooses to do

  75. 75
    Twatson is a fat git says:

    No it’s not a terrible thing to say at all. The families of our de8d soldiers (over 400 of them now) must wish much more on the swyne.

  76. 76
    BBC impartial, my arse says:

    Is that reporter doing the “Bollocks” cough we all used to do as teenagers during school assembly?

  77. 77
    La' says:

    It would have also been much more accurate.

  78. 78
    My Comment is Awaiting Moderation says:

    “Norman Smith produced Pink Floyd in the early days.”

    As opposed to green phlegm today.

  79. 79
    fuck the bbc says:

    Bliar says strongest lobbying from any media organisation was from BBC over its licencefee – wonder if this will be picked up and investigated – sorry forgot the BBC is exempt from examination

  80. 80
    anon says:

    Sincerily hope Mr B’s protection team of officers are as equally vigilant in respect of his security and protection.

  81. 81
    Goldman Sachs says:

    Well we did, and he was a very considerate lover. He even slept in the damp patch

  82. 82
    Anonymous says:

    someone who is obviously camera blind!!!

  83. 83
    a non says:

    He [Blair] also suggested that while it was correct that any media outlet had a right to grind it’s own axe and political agenda, it should be part and parcel of the full story.
    When has the beeb ever reported both sides of an argument / discussion???

  84. 84
    Gary Linekar's ear wrangler says:

    The BBC is of course impartial, as we heard from the reporter above. All they had done was take a spider’s web, put the PM Murdoch and Hunt in there, taken “what most people think” and put that in the story (they had to think to themselves “what do most people think?” (in other words what do I and the other people in the BBC think, after all when most people think mass immigration is wrong that’s racist).

    That’s balance, and you will pay for it or go to jail.

  85. 85
    Leveson = Show trial says:

    Fuck me I’m glad I’m not as bored as you are.

  86. 86

    Reblogged this on theprodigalsonblog and commented:
    oooo errrrr

  87. 87
    annette curton says:

    It costs us a million quid a year for Tony’s protection money, maybe the authorities are getting a bit half-hearted about it.

  88. 88
    fuck the bbc says:

    The bbc coverage is a complete disgrace

  89. 89
    The dissembling dizzy-eyed maggot-pie hater says:

    That protester could have brought on a heart attack for the suntanned omnipotent one.
    We’d all be sorry then, wouldn’t we?

    Wouldn’t we?

    Oh, my mistake.

  90. 90
    fuck the bbc says:

    And biased bollocks

  91. 91
    fuck the bbc says:

    Should have slashed 50% of the licence fee on day one and told them to become subscription only by 2015

  92. 92
    returning a compliment from several years ago says:

    Do NOT underestimate this comment. I did but, luckily, got away with a minor seizure. Thank you, WOAR x

  93. 93

    That’s a coincidence! We’ve been built on a foundation of pies!

    (And lies.)

  94. 94
    Hang The Bastards says:

    That wasn’t fucking rage !!!!

    He should have lamped the biased leftie bastard !!

  95. 95
    cliff dickhead says:

    You luck bugger.

  96. 96
    Codhead says:

    If that’s “raging” I’d love to see him in a real scrap

  97. 97

    Back to the ward tommy – your medication’s due.

  98. 98
    The Boss says:

    Craig Oliver chewing gum while in conversation,what a common little fart.

  99. 99

    Blunket was certainly impartial about where he sprayed his, anyway.

  100. 100
    annette curton says:

    “This video has been removed by the user”, sinister or what?,

  101. 101
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Fucking BBC trying to remove the evidence.

    Typical left wing control of propoganda. They dont like it when their biased is exposed do they Captain Manering.

  102. 102
    C Caplin from her asses-milk bath says:

    Ooh, you are naughty.

  103. 103
    Forkbender says:

    Olly I am afraid is a complete dipstick talking to somone while chewing the cud, it does not show very good manners required of a senior a senior Downing Street spokeman, he wants to go back spokesman school or wherever theyb are trained for the job.

  104. 104
    Bunsen Honeydew MP says:

    I bet you didn’t vote for him.

  105. 105
    Memorial Monday says:

    Extremely O/T:
    The final Monday in May, a bank holiday Monday in America, is dedicated to decorating the graves of the fallen warriors who gave their lives in all wars, a commemoration that antedates Poppy Day by fifty years, instituted in the wake of the War Between The States. Just remember that soldiers have fought and died so that idiots like those in the video can carry on inane conversations about who’s showing whom in a false light, and what is and isn’t lobbying. Whether you like America or not, give at least a passing thought today for all those soldiers who fought and died alongside British soldiers in the defeat of Germany in 1945, all so that Gordon Brown could mangle (or should we say “mongle”?) the name of one of their great triumphs.

    The music, for those who may not know, is “Taps,” the “lights-out” bugle call, which is played at military funerals to symbolise that the soldiers can now “sleep” in pe*a*ce.

  106. 106
    Tom says:

    Well I have a copy of the video if there’s any problems.

  107. 107
    Forkbender says:

    Annette, do not forget Tony B’Liar is a citizen of the Repulic of Ireland or Eire, or whatever it calls itself now

  108. 108
    Blair makes me puke says:

    I notice the lying malicious treacherous evil murderer Bliar denied the allegations about JP Morgan but didn’t deny the protestor’s claim that he is a war criminal.

  109. 109
    Only a minor issue for the Chatterarti says:

    Or how about an inquiry into collusion between senior police officers, politicians/councilors and the media in covering up the gang r a p e s of English children by muslim gangs?

  110. 110
    Anonymous says:

    when is this war criminal going to be charged along with his puppeteer Bush

  111. 111
    Forkbender says:

    Wasn’t J.P.Morgan involved with the Titanic in some way, White Star Line etc

  112. 112
    Forkbender says:

    Talks while chewing the cud while talking, bad form, what?

  113. 113
    firefoxx says:

    Too right. They have made Warsi the BBC’s no. 1 World News item, more important than insurance underwriters Lloyds announcing their contingency plans for the death of the Euro, and an Iranian general reiterating that their number one priority is to annihilate Israel. Those kind of things obviously don’t affect world events at all. Well, not as much as a 4-year old expenses issue involving a minor Conservative cabinet minister.

  114. 114
    Forkbender says:

    If this fiasco carrries on and on folkes will not need egging on Beeb

  115. 115
    Zed says:

    Has anyone else noticed that whenever the BBC refer to someone speaking on behalf of some organisation or other, if it’s a woman, she’s a “spokeswoman”, but if it’s a man, he’s a “spokesperson”? WTF?

  116. 116
    fuck the bbc says:

    when will watson be indicted

    2.18pm: Blair says there is “absolutely no truth” in Watson’s claim that he was told to back off the phone-hacking inquiry by Murdoch in a phone call to Blair, later relayed by Gordon Brown.

    Watson said he was absolutely sure the 2009 phone call took place when he gave evidence to the inquiry last week.

    2.17pm: Blair is asked about Tom Watson’s evidence to the inquiry.

    He says Watson quit moments before he sacked him after the failed coup

  117. 117
    Twatson is a fat git says:

    It will never happen Chatterati, but a very valid point all the same.

  118. 118
    Forkbender says:

    Sounding miffed because they were not broadcasting in the way the cons wanted them to broadcast

  119. 119
    DLDD aka Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

    You play that game and you’d be plastered in 10 minutes!

  120. 120
    Keir Starmer says:

    ” I rest my case”, “I really rest my case”

    What medication is he on?

    I shall press for a prosection in this case

  121. 121
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    How come he sounds nuffink like his cor blimey, I’m right workin class me, estuary boy brother, Jamie?

  122. 122
    Brenda Lacluster says:

    Indeed. We may need a larger laundry van this week, dear.

  123. 123
    DLDD aka Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

    I know who I believe…

    It is ILLUMINATING to watch a psychopath spinning his reality, the war criminal is so fooling deluded he actually believes himself…

    He is just waffling away complete and utter merde…

    Oh that the heroic citizen did not have have something more than verbal pies to hurl!

  124. 124
    Odipides says:

    On behalf of the world’s clinical depressives, I’d like to thank Tony Bliar for helping to make the world a much worse place.

    It converts our psychiatric condition to rational behaviour.

  125. 125
    bodo says:

    Oliver came across as very restrained and reasonable. The BBC could be much more harshly criticised, and deservedly so. They’ve followed (conspired with?) the Labour/Guardian attacks on Murdoch and at every opportunity have tried to draw links between Murdoch sleaze and Cameron.

    It’s bad enough that the BBC reports on Murdoch without declaring their interests and that they have actively campaigned against his business plans. But their attacks on Cameron are little more than political campaigning.

  126. 126
    Lord of the Manor says:

    Dear chap, bend one of your forks and shove it where it hurts. The No10 wallah did a damned good job.

  127. 127
    Cassandrina says:

    “Raged” is not only OTT but Daily Star speak.
    Smith certainly did know of the camera as his facial expressions proved he was acting up to the camera; and so made the audience feel sorry for him as an innocent victim – very BBC.
    That said he is definately one of the plethora of totally biased left wing BBC presenters on radio and television.
    Craig Oliver needs lessons in how to articulate an argument effectively, and deal with the very few, but always in your face professional left wing editors and presenters such as Smith, Kearney, Laye, Naughty ad nauseum.

  128. 128
    Pundit Too says:

    The demonstrator spoke for the nation and his intervention is welcome in this show trial where Bliar is allowed the extreme courtesy as usual to deny everything that will inciminate him as a venal politician, not just a war criminal.
    In mitigation he did keep the loony Brown and Balls out of “power” for as long as he could.

  129. 129
    Weygand says:

    His point is not flawed.

    Cameron merely transferred responsibility for PROCESS – the decision was taken by bodies independent both of Cameron and Hunt.

    Furthermore, the explanation for Hunt expressing his personal view before the transfer and for the transfer being subsequently made to him is that he was Minister for the Media.

  130. 130
    Bodyguard of a Nobody. says:

    Me and my 5 buddy bodyguards to Blair are on only just above minimum wage. These “socialists” do not pay anything if it is their money and the Labour Party have lost all their money.

  131. 131
    Dream On. says:

    Possible that with J.P.Morgan in a bit of a bother over corporate governance they may feel fit to sacrifice some tidbits of Blair’s shinanigins to the media, to take some of the focus off them. I would.

  132. 132
    storm in a coffee can? says:

    craig oliver used to be norman smith’s editor and craig oliver’s wife still works for bbc news (joanna gosling)

  133. 133
    Chinese Government. says:

    Don’t forget that we are stockpiling metals and iron ore in car and grain warehouses, and have reduced our orders worldwide for commodities, Also we are litigation over cancelling commodity supply contracts. This will certainly effect the worldwide economy, but we know that our left wing friends in the BBC would never let the great british public know of this, and if it became public would put a positive spin on it.

  134. 134
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the director of communication complaing about.

    Nick Robinson put in a solid shift spinning for the govt on last Thursdays news bulletins after that Thursdays damning Levinson Hunt Cameron memo revelations.

  135. 135
    Anonymous says:

    Hmm seems more like an adult conversation to me.

    Rollicking?? I would struggle to class it as a heated debate.

    Mountain and molehill much?

  136. 136
    Anonymous says:

    Foaming at the mouth you lot have got rabies or something get some injections from lansley if you can afford it from the NHS to be

    Twats and trolls a new BBC series just for your blogs your leader is cooking one term PM back to spin I guess for him, you can’t teach him anything as most of what you say is illiterate and really really boring devoid of any sense

  137. 137
    George W. Bush says:

    Tony did well for me as my poodle over Iraq. We do not forget our friends in the US, hence the £6m a year job with Morgan Stanley, I fixed him up with.

  138. 138
    misterned says:

    That was way too restrained. The BBC, with a clear personal vested interest in the outcome of the Leveson inquiry, have abused their own near media monopoly position to turn what is supposed to be impartial news reporting, into a vendetta against a commercial rival.

    The BBC’s reporting of Leveson has been entirely one sided and biased and dishonest. They were claiming that they were covering “What most people think about Murdoch” as an excuse for their own attacks, without acknowledging that it is their own biased and vengeful coverage which is directly shaping “what most people think about Murdoch!”

    A simplification of BBC reporting.

    Days 1 – 3 filled with,
    “Murdoch is vile and evil and Cameron is their Buddy”
    Day 4
    Vox Pop,
    “What do you think of the behaviour of the Murdoch media?”
    “Well they are vile and evil and Cameron is their buddy”

    Day 5 onwards,
    “Most people have the perception that Murdoch is vile and evil and Cameron is their buddy. We must reflect the public mood!”

    What a bunch of vile lefty bastard conmen the BBC are.

  139. 139
  140. 140
    misterned says:

    And they have ignored the Chinese military leaders declaring once more that any attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure would start a nuclear world war three.

  141. 141
    Anonymous says:

    someone needs to knock that narrow minded tory/common purpose Hunt out.

  142. 142
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Craig Oliver calmly reasons with the BBC’s Norman Smith – admittedly not quite such a grabby headline but at least nods to accuracy

  143. 143
    Heb says:

    Well quite. I mean who could possibly see any link between Cameron and the Murdoch empire eh?

  144. 144
    handypara says:


  145. 145
    Boom Boxer says:

    Oh, so maybe the Mayans knew a thing or two then!

  146. 146
    Boom Boxer says:

    The door is over there >>>

  147. 147
    Ano Thermous says:


  148. 148
    Queen Charlotte says:

    What a polite and understated case the number ten man makes, and what a revealing glimpse of the BBC’s self-justificatory twisting of all that is decent and true.

  149. 149
    Ano Thermous says:

    It’s known as *controlled* rage – as exhibited by (a few) commentators here.

  150. 150
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    Try the live feed here. Its leaden pace is preferable to digesting the BBC’s choice of selected ‘highlights’, together with their narrative spin of the events.

  151. 151
    Polly Seewonk says:

    Au contraire, B£iar brought them into power!

    If it wasn’t for B£iar NuLiebore would not have been elected three times, to completely screw-over this country.

    And if B£iar had said he was not going to serve a full term it is unlikely NuLiebore would have won their third term in government (most people being vaguely aware of the looniness of Brown/Balls despite the BBC).

    That’s why the Tories foolishly went with a B£iar-alike for leader, instead of sticking to principle and choosing a Tory.

  152. 152
    Anonymous says:

    Wow, you all need to get over yourselves. Left wing bias at the BBC!!! You must be joking, the BBC is and always has been a stalwart of the status quo.

    Notes for a glossary –

    Left wing bias: Anything that does not mirror my raving right wing view of the world.

  153. 153
    Anonymous says:


  154. 154
    The BBC's George Orwell says:

    2012– Norman Smith relays Labour’s allegations.

    2009 -Tories point out that radical Islamic group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, are receiving funding from Broon’s Labour government to run schools. On radio 4, Norman Smith says

    “It does seem to me to raise questions, too, about judgement and tone. Judgement as to whether it is appropriate to make such very serious allegations in this way, and although the Tories say that if they hadn’t raised it in this way the issue wouldn’t have been dealt with and the government wouldn’t have acted, I’m sure there will also be people who will argue that well, actually, perhaps it’s better to make such sensitive claims in private through the usual channels.”

    Some allegations are more equal than others.

  155. 155
    Lon Won says:


    You may be interested in this transcript of a report by Norman Smith when Vince Cable was busted over the Murdoch case. Smith again presented his own opinions rather than providing balance

  156. 156
    Baldy says:

    So the Beeb has a downer on impartiality because they see it as a ‘hideously white’ genetic attribute?

    Explains much.

  157. 157
    Anonymous says:

    The weakness and self serving nature of the critique by Craig is illustrated by his return at the end of the sequence to the “spiders web” complaint.

    The image is entirely relevent and reflects questions everyone is asking. As Levenson has progresed numerous cans of worms, formerly unanticipated, are being opened up.

    When the inquiry was anounced no one was expecting any revelations that would compromise David Cameron in any way.

    As a troop of witnesses from politics and the media line up to give evidence the public gain revealing insights into the web of relations and influence in the corridors of power.

    For Cameron, the closeness of the personal ties revealed, his judgement over his recruitment of Coulson and multiplying questions about hunt are all examples of the PM and the governemnt being drawn closer and closer into discussion generated by Levenson.

    Isn’t it a question on everyone’s lips “What else might we learn about David Cameron”. It may be no more than what has been listed abovem that may all blow over. But the process isn’t over yet and people are waiting to see how far Cameron may be drawn in. Hence the spider’s web image was entirely apposite.

    I had t laugh when Craig said lobbying was about influencing people with power and they had only lobbied the PM.

  158. 158
    Marion the cat says:

    cause he is a superior tosser ! (he just can’t see it).

  159. 159
    Jim says:

    No, he was holding olivers attention and awareness to hide the camerman behind his back.
    The perfect BBC interview, no morals, no ethics, no honesty.

  160. 160
    Anonymous says:

    What do you mean by “providing balance”. I just read the trasncript you linked to. Smith was giving his opinion as a political commentator on what he though the outcome would be.

    He indicated the kind of things he thought would be under consideration and said he thought he would have to resign. After stating that opnion he said

    “Now, set against that you have to say that there would be huge reluctance to see him go,”

    The news then came in that it was anounced he would be staying in the cabinet. Smith then carried on taking into account the news that had just come in. The outcome was not as he had anticipated but it did not mean the factors he had related would not have been be under consideration.

    Your headline here seems to be “BBC reporter is not infallible and can’t predict the future”.

    Is this really the kind of “evidence” that gets you so heated about the BBC?

  161. 161
    Anonymous says:

    Some allegations are more well founded than others.

  162. 162
    Anonymous says:

    Blair is a mercenary hypocrite with blood stained hands.

    He is the original teflon man who may yet meet his nemesis at a trial in the Hague.

  163. 163
    Lon Won says:

    Infallibility, predicting the future, getting heated, etc. are irrelevant.

    Smith was giving his opinion that Vince Cable should resign. That’s not Smith’s job. He’s not a columnist. He’s not a politician. He’s not a player.

    He could have said that Labour was calling for Cable’s resignation. He could have said that a key question under discussion was whether Cable’s position as Business Secretary was fatally compromised. But asserting that Cable’s position as Business Secretary *is* fatally compromised went too far. It’s not Smith’s role to declare a government press conference a “charade” (even if it was).

    “Balance” here would be to quote those saying that Cable hadn’t compromised his position, or that Cable’s words were private and taken out of context, or that Cable should now recuse himself from the decision. Now Smith might not agree, but his view isn’t important.

    The statement “there would be huge reluctance to see him go” does not provide balance because it does not offer an alternative view to Smith’s earlier assertions. Smith portrays the balance as between Cable being fatally compromised and it being politically damaging for Cable to go. But actually the balance is between Cable being fatally compromised, OR NOT.

  164. 164
    Pat Walker says:

    Congratulations to Norman Smith on remaining so polite in the face of arrogant bullying. This kind of disdain for a free media started with Alistair Campbell and Mandelson and apparently continues. Go journos!

  165. 165
    Anonymous says:

    How do i get that wonderful Deutsche Bank widget in time for our #euref ; following on from the Herero / Nama Namibia , Auschwitz und now Ireland etc ?

  166. 166
    Sean says:

    Strikes me Craig is in the right, and shouldn’t care if the camera was left on. Shame on the BBC when that’s the only way to get balanced reporting to the public.

  167. 167
    Anonymous says:

    if it s a shamble call it a shambles. How should they report a shambolic meeting? As well oiled machine of government. Not mentioning it would be omission of fact.

    Gviing the judgement that he would have to resign is not apersonal preference that he should but but a judgemnt based on analysis.

  168. 168
    Objective Reality says:

    Destroy the Beeb in 3 steps…..

    1: Ensure that the BBC encrypts it’s output for digital transmissions and make the license a smart card to decrypt the wonderful service.

    2: Allow the people to opt out of certain outputs from the BBC to create the precedent of supply and demand. E.G no news 24 you pay 10% less.

    3: Get the director general in to tell you how wonderful the BBC is and how the people cherish all those Oxbridge twats who condescend to the commoners about what should or should not constitute the conscience of the nation. Agree with him and then tell him how successful the BBC will be with all those commoners supporting them through a voluntary purchase of their services as opposed to a tax.

    Fuck the wretched BBC and all who tack to the left in her!

  169. 169
    Objective Reality says:

    and reflects questions everyone is asking…………………Everyone! I am part of the everyone, I wasn’t asking squat, therefore your position is fucking absurd. You create a false premise to construct a truth you hold dear.

    The truth is Murdoch is successful in the real world for being the antithesis of the left wing BBC. Thats why the BBC wanted to destroy his takeover attempt. If we had a British Fox News the BBC would be fucked. So the Guardian and the BBC conspired to destroy him, but if we crawled over the BBC or the Guardian with the same resources we would find shit aplenty.

  170. 170
    Can't get the Staff these Days says:

    Yes, he is a frightful oik. isn’t he? Why is it that all comms staff in Downing Street seem to come direct from the gutter?

  171. 171
    Can't get the Staff these Days says:

    Yes, when is Cameron going to go? Does anyone have a date and a replacement? Can’t be long as we’re already being seeded with pieces on what would happen if he were hit by a bus. Just imagine the addended list of Liberal PMs; Palmerstone, Gladstone … Clegg. Huh?

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