May 28th, 2012

Just in Time for Tax Freedom Day

Tomorrow is Tax Freedom Day – the first day of the calendar year that you stop working for the state and start working for yourself.  One of the better received parts of the budget was the pledge of tax transparency – soon tax statements will come with a break down of how our money is spent.

If you can’t wait until then to see how your money is squandered, the Treasury have made a nifty app.

You can now keep a handy reminder in your pocket of how much of your hard earned cash is given to people who won’t work…


  1. 1
    Fact says:

    Tax is theft!

  2. 2
    Sophie says:



    Welfare Junkies

    Political Class

    These four are bleeding us dry.

  3. 3
    Craig Oliver says:

    I rest my case. I rest my case. I rest my case.

  4. 4
    Another Engineer says:

    Only PAYE and VAT is theft.

    Otherwise, its extortion under the threat of kidnap.

    The site is a bit slow today – not a surprise for launch day, but it shows the demand is there…

  5. 5

    We’ll put you down as a reasonable pluralist then.

  6. 6
    Popcorntastic says:

  7. 7
    bystander says:

    I think we should send more money to Indai for their space exploration

  8. 8
    Tony Blair says:

    Alistair, can you have that guy sent to Harrowden Hills? Cheers.

  9. 9
    He was graciously pleased ..... says:

    Tony Blair finishes at Leveson Inquiry with “a joint love-fest” from Lord Leveson who asks Mr Blair in view of his knowledge and work on the matter(?) to come up with any useful suggestions to assist the Inquiry.Mr Blair graciously indicated that he is pleased to accede to Lord Leveson’s request and says he and his office will work up a paper for His Lordship to peruse at his leisure…..

    Another masterclass from Teflon Tony…watch and weep Dave….that’s how it’s done !!!

  10. 10
    Anyone left to pay any tax says:

    Don’t forget

    Inheritance Tax

    Stamp Duty

    Council Tax

    BBC Tax

    VED Tax

    Petrol Tax

    Employers NI

    Road Tolls

    Passport Tax

    New Car Tax (tax on a tax)

    the list is endless

  11. 11
    Red Leather Bench Pocket Liners Club says:

    Spare a coin gov>

    Don’t worry, you are still better off than most of us, guaranteed lifetime membership of the “Bent House of Lords” and the lovely £300 PER DAY if you attend and I feel sure that you will!

    BONUS: Dave’s about to make that a salary, so you will not even have to get out of bed and when that happens and he will give you a guarantee not to exclude all the criminals from the house.

    Oh you can even claim legitimate expenses, speak to bent Warsi about that one.

    Oh the joy of the old red leather bench pocket liners club!

  12. 12
    Dave says:

    What’s the point of this? Daddy’s and my money have always been off-shore. You don’t think I’d pay into that shithole, do you?

  13. 13
    Gewyne says:

    I guess this does not include council tax, VAT, Road Tax and 101 other income schemes like residents/Hospital/Council parking charges – the date should be put back a month or two I think.

  14. 14
    Indian Dept of Lunar Call Centres says:

    We thank you for your words of support as India attempts to put the first call centre on the moon. We appreciate a share of your 0.7% of GDP but would prefer if it was 7% of GDP. Dave agrees with us but says the voters would not like it.

  15. 15
    Be quiet little people says:

    It maybe how it’s done but those with half a brain cell have clocked the technique and it is beginning to backfire.

    Bliar came across as a real liar.

  16. 16
    Queen says:

    Fucking amateur! Just set up something called “The Crown” and make yerself the payee rather than the payer!

  17. 17
    Never worked a day says:

    I’m disgusted that so much of my moolah goes to other people on welfare

  18. 18
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    Oh great, they can now rub my nose in where they have pissed all the money extorted from me away and let me know the utterly useless shite they are pissing it away on.

    No doubt there will soon be a procession of government ministers on television telling me how “proud” I should feel.

  19. 19
    Mayer Amschel Bauer says:

    Fucking goy amateur! Just print all the money you like, charge usurious interest on it, then watch the stupid goy default when you deliberately restrict the money supply and them repossess all their assets! Start a war to cover tracks and then repeat, ad infinitum!

  20. 20
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    To their credit, the Indians asked for the payments to be stopped.

    It was our me*aly mouthed government who begged the Indians to keep taking the freebie as their refusal would cause “embarrassment” to the Coalition government aid program.

  21. 21
    Raving Loon says:

    Holy crap that’s a lot of money spent on welfare!

  22. 22
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Little wonder there is so much month left at the end of the money

  23. 23
    Ed Balls says:

    Its a fair system to allow those that can to support those that won’t.

    If you are struggling can I suggest you borrow yourselves out of the problem. If you cant keep up the payments just borrow some more.

    Simples !

  24. 24
    I drive a Skoda says:

    I had enough a few years back.

    I just work from 1st January to 1st April and 1st October to 1st December.

    Fuck them before they fuck you I say.

  25. 25
    All Tax IS Theft says:

    I pay VAT on shit. I pay duty on fags, booze, unleaded.

    I have a clear conscience and laugh down at the poor morons that have been stung for more over the eons.

  26. 26
    Christine Lagarde says:

    It wasn’t India it was me, as they are far more deserving than you euro trash

  27. 27
    All Tax IS Theft says:

    P.S. I don’t claim to be a “model citizen”.

  28. 28
    The Tosser in No 10 says:

    I say Chaps!! I thought Tony did terribly well today! He’s such an example to all us PissPoor Progressive Thinkers. Let’s all try to be more like him! Watt?

  29. 29
    nellnewman says:

    so I suppose bliar has told leveson he’s never heard of murdoch and leveson has believed him.

    what a shower!

  30. 30
    Raving Loon says:

    How is skimping on foreign aid an embarrassment? We’re supposed to be cutting spending FFS!!!

  31. 31
    nellnewman says:

    That’s probably because he is one.

  32. 32
    nellnewman says:

    When is leveson calling gordon to ask him about his close ties to murdoch aka pyjama parties and the like?

  33. 33
    AC1 says:

    Income tax is a form of slavery. However certain taxes (if distributed equally in a dividend to minimise bureaucratic maladministration) are economically beneficial and supported by capitalist thinkers such as Ricardo and Adam Smith.

  34. 34
    Twatson is a fat git says:

    Toilets Maguire on SKY telling everyone how good Bliar’s performance was! Toilets lppks as if he’s had a good holiday. Wonder if he’s been to Pollytwaddle’s villa?

  35. 35
  36. 36
    The Labour Party Department of Truth says:

    Shhhh! Remember: Thatcher is evil! She ate babies for lunch! Blair is a decent honourable man and it’s just lies that he’s made millions from Iraq and only spends about three days a year in the country he governed.

  37. 37
    AC1 says:

    Should be able to drill into “welfare” for a more detailed pic of how failure is rewarded.

  38. 38
    What is important is says:

    Did Tony use his trademark “What is important is” during the session?

  39. 39
    Abu Qatada says:

    Da Boy(David Lawley-Wakelin) done good today !

  40. 40
    Quisling says:

    Why doesn’t it show the piece of the pie that is for MP’s and Lords expenses?

    Or is that under welfare?

  41. 41
    AC1 says:

    Foreign Aid is used up subsidising uncompetitive British exports companies with good political connections.

  42. 42
    An object of small desire says:

    On the plus side, I have never seen the swivel-eyed git look so rattled. As Blair was stammering out a not guilty, it took Leveson to remind him that he was not on trial for things to do with Eye Rarkk. This time.
    A trained lawyer should not have been tripped over like this.
    Blair must be racked by ghastly dreams, if there is any justice and I don’t think that schmoozing up to il Papa and a few absolve te’s will help any.

    “The Mills of God grind slow but grind exceeding small”.

  43. 43
    Egg Millibland says:

    That comment beggars belief

  44. 44
    Twatson is a fat git says:

    Who are these lawyers representing Abu Catarrh-da? Who’s paying for them? Why is the tw*t still in this co*ntry? Finally, if these tw*ts want to represent said pe.*ce lover, why don’t they piss off to J*rdan with him and represent him there?
    The only reason I ask, is that it’s quite big news on BBC at present.

    They didn’t show the egg throwing incident either. Does anyone think the BBC slightly biased?

  45. 45
    AC1 says:

    1) The government writes the rules so most tax is extorted, but as they write the law it’s not theft.

    Land taxes are not extorted the state merely refuses to defend it for you if you decide not to pay, rather than kidnap you for not paying a ransom. They exist more like a usage fee. Not charging a land tax merely changes the person benefiting with negativew effects on the economy (LVT tend to prevent harmful inflationary bubbles in Land prices).

    In short there’s no downside to the LVT.

  46. 46
    AC1 says:

    You can’t pick on the mentally ill.

  47. 47
    What is important is says:

    Are these strikes wrong at a time when negotiations are still ongoing?

  48. 48
    Marcel Dassault says:


  49. 49
    Marcel Dassault says:

    “I pay VAT on shit. ”

    Was it served hot ?

  50. 50
    East Angular Turnip association says:

    No Nell he didnt. Please try and keep your postings based on reality. Over egging your turnip does no one any good.

  51. 51
    Mark Oaten says:

    Was it runny or firm?

  52. 52
    Tory HQ, Outer Hebrides Division says:

    Looking at the rat-faced bastard is enough to make me puke. On the other hand I notice we still are “taking care of” people telling the truth. Lucky for today’s guy, he was only arrested.

  53. 53
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    If his mother’s called Lydia, I shagged her many years ago.

  54. 54
    Dick Emery Paper says:

    Ooooooo !!

    Yeah, right ……

    Is your Ricardo the same as the famous Ha*r*y Ricardo, gentleman and whizzo engineer, that first mooted and produced the four-valve pent-shaped cylinder head, thereby nearly saving the world from centuries of half-burnt, carbon-based, gaseous emissions?

    Nah, thought not.

  55. 55
    Laurie loves Owen ... from behind ... with a strap on says:

    I could live with the average direct taxation rate of 24% ….. if it wasnt for the frakers stealing another 31% via all the other taxes/licenses I’m MADE pay.

  56. 56
    Archbishop Phoney £rd Way B£iar, sanctimonious git and £iar, emoting + stupid grin, says:

    I sleep like a baby – my conscience as see-through as a babbling brook! Cherry says I have nothing to worry about, and she should know!!

    Anyway, I have a new improved line of Indulgences for Sale – all your sins forgiven!! Affordable Fees! – worth every penny !

  57. 57
    The circular reasoning of our fucked up legal gravy train says:

    As I understand it his Lawyers are arguing that he should be granted bail because the process is taking too long , mainly because of the amount of appeals being launched by errrr his lawyers.

  58. 58
    You have to admit this is funny says:

    I can no longer read or hear Abu Qatada’s name without thinking of “Have a banana”.

  59. 59
    Laurie loves Owen ... from behind ... with a strap on says:

    who hasnt?

  60. 60
    Egg Millibland says:

    LOL Blair had an egg thrown at him, what a loser

    Oh wait….

  61. 61
    Brining the Bacon to Londistan - NOT! says:

    I never bovvard wiv taxes!

  62. 62
    AC1 says:

    David Ricardo (18 April 1772 – 11 September 1823) was an English political economist, often credited with systematising economics, and was one of the most influential of the classical economists, along with Thomas Malthus, Adam Smith, and John Stuart Mill.

    Although the Malthus reference has been inserted by loony lefties as Ricardo and Malthus totally disagreed, and Malthusian predictions have been falsified by history.

  63. 63
    Raving Loon says:

    If we reduced government spending to what it was in 2002/2003 there would be no need for an income tax.

  64. 64
    AC1 says:

    You forget there are lots of other laws and regulations that cost you and add to others benefit.

  65. 65
    Greggs PR says:

    Its actually steak bake

  66. 66
    Dipstick Dave says:

    I don’t think that’s a very nice thing to say! – us toffs must stick together!

  67. 67
    AC1 says:

    Model Citizens only exist in legoland.

  68. 68
    If you was going to post one video from off of U-Tube to personalise Tax Freedom Day, it would be? says:

    I’ll start:

  69. 69
    Well it's a thought says:

    So Bliar had his head up Murdochs —e while Bliar was supposed to be running the country, surely Bliar and his mob should be talking to plod over taking taxpayers money under false pretences.

  70. 70
    A Very Important Tax-Payer says:

    To whoever it may concern: I’ll have some of that. Swivel on this –

  71. 71
    An object of small desire says:

    Yes but they also did Won’t Get Fooled Again.

  72. 72
    Well it's a thought says:

    How would all the politician’s and hangers on make any money if that happened.

  73. 73
    A Very Important Tax-Payer says:

    P.S. *Squeaks* This post is in response to #63

  74. 74
    nellnewman says:


  75. 75
    Call me Dave Quote A Rama says:

    At a time when we’re having to take such difficult decisions about how to cut back without damaging the things that matter the most, we should strain every sinew to cut error, waste and fraud.


    But we will say something else. That for far too long in this country, people who can work, people who are able to work, and people who choose not to work: you cannot go on claiming welfare like you are now.


    We cannot go on as we are with 2.6 million people on incapacity benefit, 500,000 of them are under 35. Are we really saying there are half a million people in this country under 35 who are simply too ill to work? I don’t think that’s right.

  76. 76
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    When Mrs Brooks goes to trial, Won’t the likes of Teflon etc be called to give evidence of some sort, and thus be cross examined by a lawyer who is not on the state payroll?

  77. 77
    Raving Loon says:

    Well, for me the deal is you get to keep all of your income, the only catch is that you have to accept the quality of public services from a decade ago. I’d take that deal.

  78. 78
    @OnTwitter says:

    Guido :) Do I have to Guido? OK this is my submission. Thx and kisses for the heads up

  79. 79
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    And what day of the year is it we start earning for ourselves after the boss has extracted his surplus value to give in profit to the idle rich?

  80. 80
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    What do you intend to do – transfer them onto JSA, because there aren’t jobs for them you know.

  81. 81
    Honest Taxpayer says:


    Good campaign

    It the banks and others who use “aggressive tax avoidance” schemes were to pay their fair share (after we have bailed them out with our money)

    The ordinary citizen would have less to pay

  82. 82
    @OnTwitter says:

    And this. I like this one dont I Giudo?

  83. 83
    New album by Tony Dylan - "Blood On The Hands"" says:

    Husband fees sorry for his slotgob

    Well Tony, if that money-grabbing parasite wife of yours saw any chance of winning any of those 30 upsetting stories on her, she’d have got her fangs stuck in, wouldn’t she. So my i suggest that, as normal, you are talking bollocks.

  84. 84
    Raving Loon says:

    How about neither. Abolish minimum wage and let “too proud to work” little Englanders work as toilet attendents, and then perhaps we’ll have less complaints about Eastern Europeans taking our jobs.

    English jobs for English workers, as long as we don’t price people out of the market.

  85. 85
    AC1 says:

    The berlin wall fell down, get over it. In the absence of reciprocal exchange there’s always force based “exchange” that benefits one of the parties more than the other. Marxism is the very definition of non-reciprocal exchange extracting money from workers to give to the more-equal bureacratic classes, which is why Marxist countries fall to bits.

    You could try Classic Adam Smith Capitalism and tax rent-seeking instead.

  86. 86
    Nasty Browsing Habit says:

    We’ve done that one, Botty Boy. This is more your style, surely?

  87. 87
    Well it's a thought says:

    Considering the amount of taxes we pay for the NHS to help us, how come after 60years or so we still have so many sick people, I thought the NHS was there to keep us fit and healthy

  88. 88
    AC1 says:

    If there’s a shortage of work you cut the taxes on work that cause the shortage. The 100% opposite of marxist lunacy of taxing more to fund those pretending to work.

  89. 89
    AC1 says:

    The NHS is there to make sure 1 million people vote labour. You don’t really consider that the shoddy death camps with disinterested staff we call hospitals have any connection to care?

  90. 90
    AC1 says:

    Could also charge for immigration, ensure visitors pay insurance against being jailed and other costs, and make asylum funded by charity not the state.

    Of course the political classes rely on easy profits (at the expense of the wider population) from rentals so the above will not happen.

  91. 91
    AC1 says:

    They’ve got worse, not better* in the last decade!

    *Unless you’re an employee.

  92. 92
    jgm2 says:

    The average company on the FTSE 100 pays dividends or ‘surplus value’ of about 4% per annum. The rest it reinvests in the business, pays its employees and suppliers and other expenses and pays as Corporation Tax.

    So without state taxes we’d be earning for ourselves by about mid January.

    And your point caller?

  93. 93
    Marmite says:

    Don’t be rude to nell you fecker!

  94. 94
    jgm2 says:

    There were jobs created for several million EU immigrants during the Imbecility. Why didn’t any of our ‘economically inactive’ take them instead?

  95. 95
    Twatson is a fat git says:

    I was being ironic nell!

  96. 96
    Cluster and Fuck litigation attorneys says:

    We request that you withdraw this comment pursuant to section 69 of the proles are all savants act of 2012

  97. 97
    UKIPMAN says:

    If the useless state tax office can not even get a simple calculator to work what faith should anyone have in the tax system as a whole?

  98. 98
    UKIPMAN says:

    Is the state going to get its act together in ANY department? The tax office is a bloody joke. No wonder people try to avoid paying tax – even hypocrites like Livingstone.

    A new government internet service allowing people to check how their income tax and national insurance is spent, has struggled on its first day.

    From about midday the calculator was only displaying an error message saying it was unavailable.

    A spokesman for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) said 400,000 people had tried to use the site during the morning.

    “Our online calculator is extremely busy at this time but a full service is being restored,” he said.

  99. 99
    UKIPMAN says:

    If the tax system is badly flawed then people (and companies) will avoid paying tax. It is just human nature. Look at Greece for proof of that. It is up to GOVERNMENT to get the taxation system working properly- not naively expecting everybody will be honest. You wouldn’t expect a private business to last very long if it worked the same way that HMRC works.

  100. 100
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    The Spaniards are asking for EU bailout money now for their Banks.

    What is Mr Cameron doing?

    Well he is going to have a meeting with the good old Bank of England.

    I am not making this up it is actually happening, He is speaking to people about giving more of our money we do not have away.

    He is not going to be getting any more from me. Have all my money in Canadian Dollars .

  101. 101
    John Stuart Mill says:

    I’ll have a half of shandy.

  102. 102
    Dave Figgley says:

    lol and laughing +1

  103. 103
    yet again says:

    Uninterested. A common error.

  104. 104
    William Jefferson Clinton says:

    I’ll have a hand shandy.

  105. 105
    Economist, FFS? says:

    In other words: He was a boring retard.

  106. 106
    Gooey Blob says:

    I don’t pay duty on booze because I brew my own. I’ve saved tens of thousands of pounds in duty over the years.

    Get yourself down to Wilko, they sell all the equipment you need.

  107. 107
    Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

    The daft C-nts have pushed the economy over the laffer curve and f-cked the capitalist system.

  108. 108
    Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

    Well a couple of WARS haven’t helped and Cameroon and OSBOOM are still deluding themselves that Bliar handed them a PEACE TIME DEFICIT. Where the FUCK have they been, obviously not Wooten Basset.

  109. 109
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Suits me!

  110. 110
    Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

    Economists did not expect the economic terrorism that has been visited on us through the Phoney Wars so the Quasi democratic state could Police every part of society.

  111. 111
    Bunsen Honeydew MP says:

    Old Qatada is staying in chokey a little longer. Sensible judge.

  112. 112
    Stew Fethom says:

    ‘Won’t work’… Or can’t work, you pair of fat fuckers? There are currently 457,000 vacancies and 1,590,300 people claiming JSA. Even if they all got up and got jobs tomorrow, where do you presume the other 1,113,000 odd would work? Or should they just die off.

    Source: ONS

  113. 113
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    My heart bleeds – so all the profit is either reinvested or goes in tax? You are lying my friend.

  114. 114
    Fuck the bbc says:

    Maybe the lazy Hunts could have got a job at some point in the last ten years

  115. 115
    Edwina Currie says:

    I think you’ll find the eggs will help you do just that.

  116. 116
    UKIP says:

    All you Tory boys are finally waking up

    Since 2005 I have said openly and wherever possible, publicly that Camoron is Useless.

    Granted I took until last month to sign up to UKIP but even I didn’t think Useless and Hopeless would be this bad.

    The good news he’s been Leader for 7 years. He is well through 50% of his time in that office.

    Incidentally waht exactly is “good” about the old BoE?

  117. 117
    Another Engineer says:

    Yоur quеstіоn prе-suppоsеs thаt thе supply оf jоbs іs lіmіtеd аnd nо mоrе vаluе cаn bе crеаtеd.

  118. 118
    jgm2 says:

    Did you miss the bit about dividends?

  119. 119
    Reb says:

    They’re all sitting chewing on their nails at the moment. Might just happen that I, despite my flawless upbringing, would get the idea that ratting on old friends would be a good idea!

  120. 120
    Ivor Tapeworm says:

    How much taxpayer money was spent on this broken calculator?

  121. 121
    BrianSJ says:

    I do hope the calculator breaks out Civil Service pensions – be nice to know how much is going on people who aren’t supposed to be doing anything, having done nothing but damage before they retired.

  122. 122
    BrianSJ says:

    Ah ha! the Lump of Labour fallacy. Good.

  123. 123
    Anonymous says:

    How much money IS given to people who won’t work exactly?

    I mean the majority of welfare goes to pensioners doesn’t it? You know, people who’ve probably worked for 50 years or more.

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