May 25th, 2012

Small is Beautiful


  1. 1
    Caption contest says:

    Its not what you got its how you use it!

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    A tiny belly tips ad on Guido’s site is like hearing Ed Miliband rooting for Ron Paul.

  3. 3
    Gideon says:

    My hands are tied by my lack of imagination.

  4. 4
    FreeMan says:

    Keep politicians out of Government!

  5. 5
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Seeing a tiny belly tips ad on Guido seems as bizarre as hearing Ed Miliband preaching from the gospel of Ayn Rand.

  6. 6
    Average pubter says:

    So live in Singapore.

  7. 7
    smoggie says:

    And if you don’t have much, you have to become efficient.

  8. 8
    smoggie says:

    Or San Marino.

  9. 9
    Unpaid sub ed says:

    Should it not be “Mr Osbrowne” ?

  10. 10
    Theresa May says:

    So you awful people in the nasty party will never again win a majority, I have ensured that 1mm1gr4tion is still running at over half a million per year.

  11. 11
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Spain – small government
    Germany – big government.

  12. 12
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Work ethic trumps government.

  13. 13
    Sandra says:

    Absolutely wasting time with Cameron. With each passing day he damages Conservatism.

    Small state

    Low taxes

    Minimum legislative interference in the free market

    Get the feffing Government out of the way of the productive sode of the economy

    Sack 1 million public sector workers.

    Cameron, Hollande & the EU think that if you hire 50,000 workers into non jobs & print £10,000,000,000 to pay for them you have somehow achieved “growth”.

    Cameron out. A Conservative in.

  14. 14
    Spazmo says:


  15. 15
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The BBC only hear’s what it want’s to hear, the BBC only see’s what it want’s to see.

  16. 16
    A.P. Brain (proprietor) says:

    *claps manically* Take a pay rise, sir!

  17. 17
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Is the guy with the Yellow helmet Ed Balls?

  18. 18
    Flid says:


  19. 19
    Pedant says:

    You only spell’s how you wants to spell’s

  20. 20
    JH says:

    Lalalala can’t hear you says a government stuffed to bursting point with bureaucrats, time servers, bedwetters and cronies.

    Why on earth would these Turkeys vote for Christmas?

    We won’t get any real change until we can’t kick the can any further down the road. It will take a full blown economic and social crisis before our course changes, and even then those rather used to being recipients of OPM will claim it was all because the evil Tory government didn’t DO something.

    I’m with the Gipper – Don’t just DO something, sit there!

  21. 21
    Its a fine day. Let's have a referendum on something. says:

    I was following that right up until the last seconds when they spoiled it by offering that perennial bribe to the politicians: more money for public services, ie more diversity consultants, more spin doctors, more think tanks parasites, more of the same old crap.

  22. 22
    yeah, right.... says:

    Or just avoid paying them.

    If it’s good enough for The Grauniad, Ken Liv et al…….

  23. 23
    not a machine says:

    ah haa but dont you have to pose the subequent question of what the difference is between , a big goverment state and big corpratism ? hasnt some form of symbyiosis occured ??

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    There should be a requirement for TV or radio programmes to state whether a particular think tank is left wing, right wing, socialist, free market etc. It would save me the time in having to listen to some of the bilge spouted by think tankers on Newsnight et al, before discounting what they have to say as socialist bollocks.

  25. 25
    yeah, right.... says:

    Spain has plenty of government, much of it decentralised and more susceptible to localised vested interests and, dare I say it, corruption. The result is that the regions are now broke and are aking for bail outs from central government. Which is also broke.

  26. 26
    Mr. Rusty says:

    That’s OK, sweetheart. We’re gonna need plenty of target practice before we come for you lot.

  27. 27
    Its a fine day. Let's save Walthamstow dogtrack says:

    There is a similar problemwith ingrained, deep levels of corruption in several local authorities here in the UK. Eric Pickles is doing nothing about it.

  28. 28
    not a machine says:

    It is thought that the brain consumes somthing like 30% of your calorie intake , I can only conclude that labours vodoo mind bending has led to huge number of incredibly fat people , who now have dormant brains , and the wonk tanks and servants using up money to compensate for the social change of having to job , to watching day time TV

  29. 29
    Here, where wealth is no longer gorgeous and power has no dignity… says:

    Yes true, but can you find one in the Tory Party?

  30. 30
    not a machine says:

    Hard to calculate how many lefty spinners are on pay as you mutter .

  31. 31
    Unpaid sub ed says:

    Debt was 800 billion when coalition come together.

    It will be 1.4 trillion when next genral election.

  32. 32
    Lord Moonbat says:

  33. 33
  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Little known fact – we were spending ~ 26 % of our GDP when we entered recession in the early nineties and when we came out of it we only spending ~40% of GDP. Under the Prime mentalist we were spending over 40% in the good years and running a deficit. I’m now convinced that “abolishing boom and bust” wasn’t just a soundbite but something he truly believed in. Completely bonkers ! Unfortunately, instead of the useless fucking Tories eviscerating Nu Lab we had the same ol’ guff of matching labour’s spending plans and “sharing the proceeds of growth”.

    Fuck ‘em all!

  35. 35
    Bounty Hunters r Us says:

    How big is big?

  36. 36
  37. 37
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I’m sure theres hundreds of reasons, and several ways of doing the “big/small” criteria.

    I wonder what happens to the statistics they’ve got if you adjust your “big/small” line in the sand, say to 39%, 42% or beyond.

  38. 38
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Interesting name. Who exactly is supposed to “save” the dog track eh?

  39. 39
    Engineer says:

    Six month’s free subscription to the Grauniad.

  40. 40
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    It certainly is better than the video he watches at the moment.

  41. 41
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    I’m still looking for a plugin that will show me the adverts without the blog

  42. 42
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Greece – no government

  43. 43
    Engineer says:

    Yup. Obvious, really.

    In 1997, public spending was about 37% of GDP. I think the last gummint tried to alleviate unemployment – which was high in some areas of the country – by spending taxpayers’ money in those areas. The experiment, whilst well-meaning, failed because private enterprise was stifled in those areas; they just could not compete with public sector wages. Eventually, the cost to the public purse became unsustainable, and public spending will have to be trimmed at some point. Private enterprise in those areas is now even more difficult to stimulate.

    Had we kept to small state and lowish taxation, we would have enjoyed the bonanza from the banking boom, and not had such a deep crash when the bubble burst. We would have been in a far stronger position to ride out global economic storms such as the Euro’s possible collapse.

    Big government + high taxation will always bite you on the arse sooner or later.

  44. 44
    FreeMan says:

    Lefty and Righty is for two-dimensional thickies who don’t have the brains to make up their own mionds on individual policies.

  45. 45
    Confused serf says:

    Can someone explain why four guys have just been charged with counterfeiting £4million while Sir Mervyn has quantitatively eased £325 billion? Is he too big to nick?

  46. 46
    Neil Liszt says:

    I like to think of myself as being a fairly balanced sort of guy that recognises a dose of propaganda or spin when I see it.
    It does, however, make me want to puke when I turn on the TV every morning to have the BBC’s flagship political programme, Breakfast, bombard me with the latest list of cuts/closures affecting some minority group (such as Firewalking For The Deaf or The National Creche Association for The Children of Pavement Artists) with the words “government”, “cuts”, “baby-killers” and “Ed Balls says” repeated over and over until the camera finally zooms out from the presenters’ faux-gobsmacked features and cuts to the impossibly chirpy Celtic weather bird.
    It’s as if the BBC doesn’t know that we know they are subliminally trying to plant socialist ideas into our bonces before we’re fully awake and then send us off into the day full of negativity and hate towards this evil government.
    Well, BBC. It’s beginning to work.

    P.S. Why do all the male presenters on Breakfast look like faggots?

  47. 47
    BoE says:

    We cannot have other people ‘coining’ it in

  48. 48
    Merv says:

    If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me that I’d have £4m

  49. 49
    Gordon Brown says:

    1.4 trillion sounds a lot less than 800 billion, doesn’t it nurse?

  50. 50
    Screwed non Public ServicePensioner says:

    I bet your gold plated inflation proofed pension is worth more than a measly £4million

  51. 51
    Widescreen2010 says:

    There’s a lovely dissection of the Beecroft report on R4’s ‘More or Less’ right now.
    Described as ‘an evidence-free publication’.

  52. 52
    apathetic sniper says:

    “peaceful citizen’s arrest”?

    Fuck that. I’ll do it for the price of a round.

  53. 53
    Merv says:

    lol Do I look stupid or something.
    I made damn sure my annuity was sorted before I started cranking up the QE.

  54. 54
    apoplectic sniper says:

    Oh, yeah. Ta.

    “pe*aceful citizen’s arrest”?

    Fuck that. I’ll do it for the pr*ice of a round.

  55. 55
    Engineer says:

    What? The BBC are trying to rubbish a report that might not pander to the Liberal Left?

    I’m shocked, I tell you; shocked.

  56. 56
    I don't need no doctor says:

    I’s must’s do’s a lot better’s. Thank’s for correcting’s me’s.

  57. 57
    Inky Stubbs, EC1 says:

    Merv The Swerve’s notes are almost perfect.

  58. 58
    yeah, right.... says:

    The BoE moved it’s pension fund into RPI linked bonds just before they were removed from sale to the rest of us.

    Believe Merv’s assurances on inflation if you choose, but the actions of thier penstion trustees suggest that they don’t really believe it.

  59. 59
    Widescreen2010 says:

    Don’t diss ‘More or Less’!
    Proper debunking of gobshite ‘statistics’ regardless of where they come from.
    They were no less precise in Blair and Brown’s days.

  60. 60
    Widescreen2010 says:

    MOL takes a reassuringly realistic line on the size of the debt and the deficit.

  61. 61
    i know how you feel says:

  62. 62
    Chris Bryant MP says:

    I shave my bush to make my todger look longer. The cuttings go to Andrew Neil’s toupée maker.

  63. 63
    gildedtumbril says:

    Osbought is an arsehole,(asshole for your Americanische readers) but worse a traitor. The sooner we are shot of this melange of sewage of a ‘government’ the better.
    Just think, a trillionaire could buy every Mp for say a million quid in cash each,(no tax) and every member of what is laughingly and euphemistically named ‘upper house’ for the same.That would be 1442 million quid and it would be a ‘tanner’ to him. Well perhaps a shilling. Money well spent.
    I feel it has been done.

  64. 64
    Synic says:

    Because they’re e f f ing BBC maggots

  65. 65
    Synic says:

    He doesn’t bother with all that messy time-consuming dead tree printing nonsense — one little keystroke on his keyboard confirms as much national debt. reducing forgery that any crap government could wish for. Why stop at £325bn Sir Merv? — go for a round £1tn — Joe Public doesn’t understand the difference, silly sod.

  66. 66
    Beeboid One says:

    With the BBC you work in the basis that any think tank quoted is left wing.
    The only time the BBC quote right of centre think tanks is if its messsage attacks the government. This constitutes 10% of think tank quotes but is growing as our search engine gets better.
    Did you take note of how we determine audience viewing of BBC programmes? Just over 5000 black boxes installed in selected homes throughout the uk allowing for family members and guests to record their viewing.
    So 20th Century don’t you think?
    We will not go into the questions on the questionnaire these families answered to get this “service”; but they obviously agree with our BBC agenda.

  67. 67
    Gordon Broon. says:

    In fact single digit figures in the trillions is smaller than billions in my book

  68. 68
    Real Sniper says:

    Just need to plan my getaway – bugger the so called reward.

  69. 69
    Trahison des Clercs says:

    ’tis though innit?n abbaJ

  70. 70
    Trahison des Clercs says:

    Ooooh, you are a real sweetie.

  71. 71
    Trahison des Clercs says:

    Were they all undressed?

  72. 72
    GCHQ says:

    Are you fucking serious? We’re all rolling on the floor laughing our tits off at your not-so-subtle attempt to activate “the sleeper”.
    Is that Brian Wilson pointing an imaginary gun to his head, FFS?
    Very funny and we’ve passed your details on to MI5. You’re not laughing now are you, Mr. Joker?

  73. 73
    Steve says:

    Can you say “third variable”?

    I’m no fan of big government but I’m afraid this is about as scientific as “intelligent design”.

  74. 74
    Tourist says:

    Somalia. Yemen. No government – and they really are the places to be these days!

  75. 75
    Tourist says:

    Faggots are for burning.

  76. 76
    Tourist says:

    You may have a point, but an ex-Prime Minister was a perfect example of unintelligent design!

  77. 77
    Expat Geordie says:

    In the early 1990’s BBC local radio used to work out it’s non-phone in audiences by the number of phone calls a show received. 1 call equalled 1,000 listeners.

  78. 78
    Wearedoooomed says:

    This says all we need to know about how the parasite party would balls it all up again – Oh dear,I need to calm down, shouldn’t have mentioned the balls name, he likes the limelight too much even thats why he is so arsy.

  79. 79
    Expat Geordie says:

    I’ve given up with Breakfast News. The only fairly accurate thing on there is the local weather forecast at 6.58 am.

    Currently watching old episodes of “Wish Me Luck” on Yesterday.

  80. 80
    Expat Geordie says:

    I expect that it means that he is just going to treat them all like toddlers.

  81. 81
    I dont like labours policies says:

    Maggie said it all about labour – they are only here to spend our taxes. The deeply thought through socialist policy of spend as much as you can and say you are investing. Thats what you get with the parasite labour party led by the balloon brown and the handy balls – cant call millie a leader really can we?

  82. 82
    Expat Geordie says:

    The expansion of the public sector didn’t just stifle the private sector. As public sector jobs paid more than private sector ones in those areas it lead to an increase in house prices in areas that should never have had high house prices.

    It is no coincidence that the first house that Northern Rock repossesed after it went bust was a £88k mid terrace in Bishop Auckland of all places.

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