May 24th, 2012

Telegraph Catches Up on Gay Marriage Free Vote

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that any vote on gay marriage will be a free vote – something Guido told you months ago. Tory Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin told a meeting in Parliament back in March that the vote would have to be free, and he would know. Owen Paterson’s intervention against the idea seems to have forced Cameron’s hand further and will do the Northern Ireland Secretary’s growing reputation on the right no harm…


  1. 1
    nnnnnnnn says:

    Excellent. Bigot Tory homophobes will have to stand up and be counted.

    • 4
      jgm2 says:

      95% of the population is straight. Get over it.

      • 5
        Not Dave's Eton fag says:

        99% please

        • 19
          ACTA says:

          Yes finally leveson did something good

          Its been suspended

          • herr heterosexy says:

            Excellent. Bigot LibLab gynophobes will have to stand up and be counted.

          • JH says:


            Why exactly?

            For a political body of thought that allegedly has mass appeal, lefties sure have difficulty putting together a half decent web site. Poor dears.

          • Dave says:

            Government spending – up! Deficit – up! Imports – up! Negative Growth – up! Bald patch size – up! W!ll!e’s cock – up a rentboy!

            So shut the fuck – up!

          • Queen says:

            Top useless parasiting, Dave! But you’ll still have to go some to top Queenie!

            Fucking wonderful world, what!

          • Lord Coe of Panama, The Caymans and Jersey says:

            Oi! What about me?! When it come to useless bent parasite c’unts, no one does it better or faster than me!

          • Rachel Reeves says:

            Thats ruined my morning i always like having a coffee and laughing my head off reading labourlist comments section :)

          • Anon says:

            Cameron has to be taken out now. He is gradually unpicking the social fabric of Britain. If this goes through there will be no word in the english language dedicated to a lifelong pertnership between a man and a woman. How Orwellian. Conservatie MPs get your no-confidence votes into the 1922 committee now!!!!!!!!
            Cameron is a social libertarian fanatic and must be stopped.

        • 136
          Beeboid One says:

          BBC actively promote homosexuals and lesbians.
          60% of arts luvvies appear to have this condition.

          1950 it was illegal
          Then it was made legal.
          Then there were civil partnerships
          Now we are talking gay and lesbian marriage.
          Following this the BBC will campaign to make it mandatory to be either gay or lesbian, as it is within the BBC bubble.

          • Anonymous says:

            If you take the TV portrayal of gays in drama as fact (I’m not saying you should) they’re all to busy having sex with strangers to marry anyway.

        • 137
          Anonymous says:

          Why does the 99% of the population who are heterosexual have to be threatened because gay people can marry too.

          I’m not gay myself but the 1% are human beings too. No one gives a shit if Cara marries Huhne.

        • 142
          My comment is awaiting moderation says:

          I don’t think that percentage applies to the Tories.

      • 12
        I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

        Yes, but more like 50/50 in Parliament with many more in denial as ‘bi’ till their ‘moment of madness’!

      • 42
        BBC HR Dept. says:

        Not in the BBC. To ensure balanced PC coverage we employ strictly in the proportions 20% each of gays, lesbians, bi’s, trans, heteros.

      • 105
        Civil Servant says:

        You appear to have confused “being gay” with “being in favour of marriage equality.” I would have thought you’d be grateful for increased chance of finding a suitable candidate.

    • 6
      Backwoodsman says:

      I thought that beacon of probity. ken livinstone, told his mad mullah mate , the Tories ‘were riddled with gays’?
      The majority view is probably that the ‘look at me, look at me , I’m gay’ lot , are marginally more annoying than the ‘I’m a christian, I’m victimised’ lot.
      Great debate to be having while the Euro implodes and the head of the Iranian army calls for mass genocide !

      • 13
        jgm2 says:

        I’m reminded of Gulf War II when a huge amount of parliamentary time was tied up in the great constitutional debate of the day. Whether or not to b*a*n foxhunting.

        Meanwhile we piled into Iraq on nothing more than a pack of lies and Tony Blair’s say-so.

        • 29
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Its an argument they bring up all the time.

          Parlimentary time? Droning idiots the lot of them. They’d get more information reading or watching tele, than they’d get in a debate off their scripted gits.

          With hindsight, I seem to remember by half paying attention, I had a vague idea at the time that there wasnt much evidence of WMD and the caravan in the desert probably wasnt making them.

        • 115
          roy says:

          the labour voting public should be in the dock at the Hague

          voting labour should be classified as a mental illness or a war crime

      • 20
        I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

        Dave is hoping that no one will notice the EU imploding if he can get a debate on what same sex marriage much better to use Parliaments time on sorting out the ‘wedding arrangements’ sodomites and lesbians. Just pass the fucking law and let ‘em get on with it. If they want to get married its no business of mine or parliaments just so long as they don’t want public money to sort out the mess of the ‘divorce’ later.

        • 26
          jgm2 says:

          Why would Cameron care if the EU imploding is in the news? It provides perfect cover for his ‘double-dip’ recession.

          Not my fault – all due to Europ*ean turmoil…. depressed outlook…. necessary cuts … heavy heart.. etc etc.

          Nobody except a few militant homosexualists think this gay marriage idea has any merit.

          • AC1 says:

            Will the BBC be going over its past hostile interviews with people who said when why and How the E.U.S.S.R. would fail, and apologise?

            Will the BBC be going over its past soft interviews with people who said when why and How the E.U.S.S.R. would succeed, and stop inviting them on as experts?

          • To be fair, it has no demerits either – there is no god to offend after all. We are neither that special as a species, nor that “chosen”.

            Having said that, bearing in mind the human brain IS the most complicated thing in the known universe – can someone explain Gordon McTwat?

          • I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

            Like I say I’m all for anyone who wants to get married in a church of whatever faith to be free to do so. It has nothing to do with me or the state so long as you’re not asking for public money to make it happen or to deal with the fall out when the ‘marriage’ ends. Its between the ‘church’ and the ‘couple’ if one ‘church’ won’t marry you because their flavour of ‘faith’ does not like same sex couples then find one that does, its called the ‘market’. Trust me they’ll find one that will be happy to do the service for them and task the cash.

          • Agree with you, see you next Tuesday!

    • 23
      Billy Pilgrim says:

      Definintely, Guido is the chief homophobe of all.

      Nasty peddling of prejudice on this site.

    • 24
      Joe Public says:

      No problem. The lbgt community generates far more publicity and media coverage than is justified by the numbers of such people in our society.. You can do what you like, but just stop exhibiting and promoting your behaviour in front of normal people. Marriage is not for k w e e r s.

      • 27
        AC1 says:

        Marriage is a ceremony for church’s* to do, just separate marriage from the state.

        *Whatever belief system you have

        • 31
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          hmmmm. they’ve done that in France of course, and the debate rages just as much.

          In case you’ve never noticed, some folks get married without ever having to go to church. And for that matter, I went to a marriage where the bloke in the frock said “you are man and wife”, and they weren’t actually married, they had to scamper off into a back room to see the registraaaar.

          • jgm2 says:

            Indeed. So state and religious marriages are already separate in the UK. The homosexualists just want the same certificate as the straight people get. They want to be just as ‘married’ as straight people. Because it’s not their fault that two men can’t have a baby. Or two women.

            The obvious thing to do is to give straight people the option of a ‘civil partnership’.

            Then the government can point to the fact that they (gayers) do have the same options as straight people.

          • Overdue Foetus says:

            I’m totally confused. When I’m born they say I’m going to have two daddies but no mummy. Through which orifice shall I be born? Hurry up Dave, I can’t wait much longer. You better ask Sam, presumably she can remember.

          • AC1 says:

            The obvious thing to do is to get the state to just hand out civil partnerships and get out of the marriage game.

          • Oh dear – we do seem to get very restrictive and judgemental when it comes to other peoples sexual relations and practices, don’t we. I have heard it said that if you look too closely at any ones sex life, you would be shocked.

            This is just deck chair arrangement for the prudes.

            Who gives a damn, except for the purpose of humour and gossip, who is up who with what?

        • 152
          Trahison des Clercs says:

          Ask your local Mufti to do the ceremony.

      • 96
        xyz says:

        I’m gay and I couldn’t agree more.

    • 81
      anthony blair says:

      Civil partnerships have rendered homosexual marriage in the UK a waste of political time and energy.

    • 132
      Anon says:

      Cameron has to be taken out now. He is gradually unpicking the social fabric of Britain. If this goes through there will be no word in the english language dedicated to a lifelong pertnership between a man and a woman. How Orwellian. Conservative MPs get your no-confidence votes into the 1922 committee now!!!!!!!!
      Cameron is a social libertarian fanatic and must be stopped. The free vote is a scam, Labour will push this through. What a betrayal of the values that made our civilisation great.

      • 144

        Grow up, you wonk!

        Until 1885, the age of consent was 13 for hetero’s like us- Gary Gl.tterland, ffs! I’m bloody sure there was a huge groundswell of opinion then,that it was the heavy hand of the state changing and betraying the values Britain and of centuries old tradition.

        What f.ucking tradition? Most country people didn’t get “married” – they jumped the broomstick.

        Lifelong partnership meant 10 – 12 years, because the woman was usually dead by 30 – we now live regularly to 80+ in this country, and frankly, without the divorce laws there would be far more problems. I was knelt by my ex-wifes grave only the other day weeping – in floods of tears. I’d forgotten how beautiful that f.ucking patio was.

  2. 2
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Strange picture. Apart from it containing a whip, is there any relevance?

    • 8
      jgm2 says:

      Nope. That’s it. Tory whip whipping Tories into line. Except this time it’s (apparently) a free vote so no whipping necessary.

      • 34
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        Nothing to do with the government is free. We have to pay and pay and pay, and if there’s any left over they take it off your relatives when you die.

        • 122
          Tax Slave says:


          The UK is slowly moving towards becoming a socialist slave colony, where only the ruling elite and their corporate backers, have anything of value to pass on to their children.

    • 9
      Widescreen2010 says:

      Does seem an odd choice.
      Even the Egyptians are getting a free vote this morning…

      • 17
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        Ah well, they don’t really look very Egyptian do they? Certainly not ancient Egyptians or even their slaves of a religion-that-the-modbot-really-throws-a-fit-about

      • 36
        AC1 says:

        The Egyptians are also getting a lack of tourists and foreign investment money.

        • 41
          jgm2 says:

          Wait until the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ win the elections and shut down the ‘All-inclusive’ resorts and start beating women in bikinis.

  3. 3
    WheresBilly! says:

    So it was just politics then.

    The local elections are over and the tories can get back to being nasty.

  4. 7
    Widescreen2010 says:

    Not much happening at Labour List this morning:-
    “Site Suspended
    This site has been suspended. Please contact the site administrator for more information. “

    • 10
      jgm2 says:

      Probably forgot to renew their domain registration.

      Fucking amateurs.

    • 11
      RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

      Let’s hope the mumbling idiot has been suspended by the neck.

    • 18
      AC1 says:

      Probably run out of OPM.

      That’s the trouble with socialism.

    • 102
      JH says:

      This has made my morning. A flagship left wing blog, knocked on its arse.

      They’ve probably realised that it is just the same 10 commenters engaged in the same circular goodthink, with all ‘discussion’ being corralled by pointy elbowed harridans like ‘Jo’ the second it wanders away from the lines-to-take.

      The server has probably had an existential crisis, and deleted itself.

  5. 14
    Maximus says:

    Another Blue Labour day…

  6. 15
    Tories panda UKIP says:

    Who bas there poicy on men in frocks who believe in sky faries.

    • 25
      Labour 4 Life says:

      dem funny peeple in furry hats innit ?

    • 30
      Godbotherer says:

      Guido’s a firm believer in unelected sky pixie worshippers being given political power in the lords, purely on the basis that they are credulous enough to pick and choose certain pieces of an ancient fairy tale to believe in and to make a living from it.

  7. 16
    a non says:

    Maggie T would never have approved.
    This resembles everything wrong in a grocer’s world. Gay marriage- a 2 for 1 offer- Still better I suppose than what Labour has to offer -2 for the príce of 3.
    Probably go down a treat at the Beeb-where a back up beaver or an excess of pricks seems to be the norm.

    • 35
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Some of the hero worship of Maggie gets a bit wierd, but when you make decisions do you really say to yourself “would Maggie approve”.

  8. 22
    Sky's Peter Poofter says:

    We girls need more soft boy’s bottoms!

  9. 32
    John Inman says:

    I’m Free!

  10. 33
    Selohesra says:

    What is the difference between a Civil Partnership and a marriage?

    I’d have thought the gayers had all they need with the civil partnerships ie equality in law. Fair enough you should not be persecuted for your sexual orientation but surely heterosexuals should be allowed to keep their way of being too. Perhaps the answer is to approve gay marriage and institute a new ceremony called ‘real marriage’ reserved just for the traditionalists – that way everyone would be happy.

    • 38
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Surely “real marriage” is the one you do with god watching.

    • 39
      Sir Aston Martin says:

      >that way everyone would be happy

      Alas, no. Equality is never enough.

    • 45
      Nom Dom Nom says:

      - that way everyone would be happy

      Exactly the opposite. Gayers want the same right to be miserable as everyone else

    • 46
      AC1 says:

      Just let the Church tack on its brand.

      So CoE Marriage(TM) or Catholic Marriage (TM)…

      and government just has civil partnership agreements between any set of people.

    • 52
      Robert the Spruce says:

      You hit the nail on the head. There is no point in this proposal because civil partnerships already provide legal protections for gay relationships. The only point is to annoy religius heterosexuals, as far as I can see. Getting married is a church is not a right, it is a lifestyle choice: one which a church and the community which maintain it should have the final say over, not Parliament.

      • 60
        Brass Eye says:

        Although I agree entirely, don’t forget the B&B couple who were prosecuted because they didn’t want gayers in their house.

        Breached the gay couples human rights so it did.

        So maybe there is a worry that preventing them getting married where they want is also a potential breach – once Brussels gets involved

        • 71
          Selohesra says:

          Tell Brussell’s to sod off (and I don’t mean sticking a todger up their arse)

        • 82
          Nom Dom Nom says:

          Until a person can marry Zooplankton if they so wish I’m not interested.

        • 86
          Robert the Spruce says:

          I am sure I will not be too popular with some people on here for saying that Human Rights Act is a marvellous document, but it is. However, it was appallingly badly misapplied in that and many other cases. This usually occurs because its provisions were designed, as a last resort, to regulate the relationship of individuals to the state and not regulate relationships between individuals with each other, but the courts keep forgetting that.

        • 91
          I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

          Surely if you want to be married in a Christian Church you need to be a Christian and therefore accept either its approval or disapproval of same sex relations? Where would ‘human rights’ stand if a gay couple wanted to get married in a mosque but were refused?

          It seems to me its down to the religious faith and the couple involved but unless you’re going the legislate the theology of all faiths to accept same sex marriage i don’t see the point. It’s like joining the Communist Party and then bitching that the local Lodge are not to keen to have you as member. You need to make up your mind what you actually belief in and stick with it.

  11. 43
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Given the fact that politicians ‘beliefs’ usually follow the maxim ‘Think whatever gets you re-elected’

    Are there more gayers in the UK than mussies?

    I would have thought not and gay marriage would annoy the heck out of the 1slamic community potentially loosing votes. Unless…

    1. Tories are already of the opinion that the 1slamic vote isn’t there’s anyway
    2. Its Nick Clegg’s throwing toys out of pram do this or ill go nuclear

    • 49
      jgm2 says:

      I think option 1) is most likely. Our cultural enrichers do seem to vote Labour (or Respect). But then the gay-ers are probably majority bedwetters too.

      It’s a no-win topic for Cameron/T*ries. All he’s going to do is piss off his core vote and it certainly won’t win any new votes. So, you know, fuck it. Free vote. Do what you like, I don’t give a shit.

      Sounds reasonable to me.

      • 75
        Nom Dom Nom says:

        But as you say it looks like a no-win topic for the tories, so that begs the question that it’s more likely to be option 2) IMO

        If so Clegg has much to be proud of (for the avoidance of doubt that’s sarcasm).

    • 134
      FFS Really? says:

      In a nutshell, yes.

      Gays: 2% Holding steady.

      Mus: 4% / 5% Breeding like mice.

  12. 47


    • 68
      jgm2 says:

      If only we’d printed and squandered another 0.3% of GDP then there would be no double-dip recession at all.

      Only another 500,000,000 quid trickled into the public over three months and there’d be none of this negative headline nonsense.

      The only problem is that it’s precisely that ‘only another 500 million’ mindset that had us running 180bn quid deficits to generate 0.1% ‘growth’.

    • 73
      AC1 says:

      When the Money for Foreign aid and Windmill subsidies is cut and used for tax-cuts (VAT is probably the most economically harmful tax) then I’ll think the state is taking the economy seriously.

      • 80

        Alternatively they could stop sacking HMRC workers and collect the taxes due.

        • 90
          AC1 says:

          and harm the economy even more?

          Why should money even more taken off the productive to give to the feckless? Why do you think the Bureaucrat knows better how to spend money than the person who earned it?

          You obviously want the economy to shrink.

          • You obviously want criminals to get away with stealing from those who do pay their part.

          • Superzuffle says:


            Its a shame so many people in this country think money grows on trees, i read the article about HMRC numbers being cut and it losing 1bn in revenue.

            My question is what about the other 179bn we need to fund the deficit, its just madness and tinkering around the edges.

            You could tax the entire city of London at %100 and it would still not be enough to clear the deficit.

            This is not a credit crisis, its a crisis of big government and only till that balance is restored will things get back to normal.

        • 101
          Government 'Workers' Spin Alter says:

          HMRC ‘workers’ as you put it, are extortionists.

          I’d never had any problems with them before but have seen some simply dreadful things in the last few months while helping a friend’s firm out. They lie, they prevarictae, they apply rules selectively. They threatened to wind up a growing firm employing twenty people with a million and half pound turnover over a VAT penalty dispute which was under appeal. The sum disputed was just over £8000, the penalty was applied because the company paid by cheque instead of electronically. The gov’t actually got its money a day earlier than they would have but HMRC fined them anyway.

        • 108
          jgm2 says:

          They weren’t collecting these taxes prior to 2010 so obviously sacking them has been a positive benefit.

          In government less is most definitely more.

          • According to Margaret Hodge 70 billion went uncollected.

          • jgm2 says:

            Did this 70bn go ‘uncollected’ between 1997 and 2010 too? Was there not enough HMRC folk to collect it then either?

            The 70bn is a manufacured figure to try and kid on that, but for ‘uncollected taxes,’ the Maximum Imbecile would have been running surpluses all through the Imbecility instead of 40bn – 180bn quid deficits.

          • Deficit Denier says:

            Is that the same Margaret Hodge that served under Blair and Brown?

            Shame she did not spot this when she was in government, why not say something at the time?

          • JH says:

            According to Margaret Hodge 70 billion went uncollected.

            It went unwasted, then. It was spent, saved or invested instead, by millions of people as a result of millions of decisions influenced by what they want, lending a distributed wisdom to events.

            Lefties would rather have a centralised, crony-ridden vote-buying fuck up. As long as it is their gang doing the fucking up, they don’t care.

  13. 48
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Where can I buy a ticket for the first gay marriage in a mosque.

    Economy in double dip, stock markets dropping like a stone and call me Dave ( strings pulled by Clegg) is still talking about gay marriage. It makes Blair’s debates on Fox Hunting seem important. ( He missed the final vote on the ban – funny that)

    BBC just announcing the double dip, the reporters is beside himself with glee.

    • 58
      Schadefreuds is a foreign word meaning nasty says:

      Sack the reporter and let him find out how much fun it is.

  14. 51
    Loungelizard says:

    On a more important note I see the lefty RSPB is up in arms over DEFRA’s very sensible but a bit weak buzzard control program. Get a grip and shoot them under license I say.

    • 56
      jgm2 says:

      There is no buzzard shortage. The c*unts were all over the place in Fucking Scotland.

      • 69
        Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

        What’s it like in London these days ?

        • 77
          Sasanach says:

          Go away and practice writing with your crayon you Pict

        • 113
          jgm2 says:

          25C and rising I believe.

          Similar out here in sunny West Sussex. The April monsoon just a distant memory already.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            There has been flooding in France this week. As soon as you get a bit of southerly wind, all that damp air is likely to get you some bloody great thunderstorms.

      • 83
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        20 years ago there were virtually none in england. Now I’ve seen one inside the M25. But I don’t know what bad things they’re supposed to be doing. I’ve never seen them doing anything more harmful than picking dead hedgehogs off roads.

        Perhaps they eat the odd pheasant chick, but round ‘ere all pheasants grown up in cages.

        • 94
          Get a grip says:

          More suburban chatter. You have been watching too much “twitching” aka ornithology.

          “Baby birds” are chicks not “babies” as that bearded git comes out with on tele.

          Pheasant Chicks become pullets

          After one year pullets become hens (F) or coqs (M)

          Don’t schools teach any collective nouns today? Other than groups of unemployable illiterate youths “gang” or “posse” or “mobsta” innit

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            bugger me. a lesson on terminology, and nothing else. If thats all you can pick on then you have got nothing of use to say.

            By the way, I was driving away from London as quickly as possible when I saw one near the M25. your main assumption there is entirely wrong.

          • Superzuffle says:

            Fuck me i bet your the life and soul of a party!

            If your bill oddie can i have your autograph?

        • 97
          Loungelizard says:

          If it was just the occasional pheasant chick that would be fine but total protection has affected the viability of some of the smaller shoots. Loose the shoot and valuable conservation work goes down the plughole along with a variety of songbirds. Buzzards are a major problem throughout the British Isles.

          • Get a grip says:

            Shoot’em and stick ‘em down a rabbit warren (not den, lair, earth etc) Raptors in ever increasing numbers are like migrants – expensive

    • 88
      AC1 says:

      There’s masses of “rare” red kites along the M40.

    • 99
      Mother Nature says:

      Just stop interefering and messing up the planet. The cockroaches and rodents will do a better job after all you humans are extinct.

      • 130
        Get a grip says:

        Good point. Let’s just shut down the NHS. Save a fortune.

        Let Mother Nature take its course. Survival of the fittest.

        Love it – proper right wing blog now

  15. 55
    Brass Eye says:

    Bloody hell you can get a fully loaded dominos for less than one pizza base

  16. 61
    Raving Loon says:

    Gay Marriage – Free vote
    EU referrendum – 3 Line whip

    Tory logic.

  17. 74
    Pretty Boys and Girls says:

    Thank you Dave for progressing this crucial Gay Marriage legislation, even though the UK is going bankrupt. It is a lovely distraction. PS — can you help us get funding and planning for a new cottage in every country town? You’d be welcome to cut the pink ribbon at each opening ceremony if you can spare the time from fxxking up traditional society.

  18. 79
    Distraught master & commander says:

    Libdems back to normal today, if you dont agree with us your bonkers.

  19. 92
    Politics should have no say in marriage says:

    Why is ths state legislating on marriage anyway? marriage was invented by the church and the church holds the copyright. The church has the right to only marry who it wants and other than the wishy washy CoE most churches will not marry non believers or couples living in sin.

    Civil partnerships are the state thing.

  20. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron – tackling the big issues while the world’s economy burns. What a pillock.

  21. 109
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Emergency Debate in HoC

    A man should have the right to marry a fox that is being hunted (or an unelected House of Lords member), while the economy goes to hell in a hand basket.

    • 131
      The Egyptians Admire The Mother of Parliaments says:

      But will he be allowed to have sexual intercourse with it in a bed and breakfast after it has died?

  22. 116
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    There should be one of these for MP’s

  23. 135
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    It’s only the Conservatives who are being allowed a free vote or am I wrong ? I cannot see the LibDems being allowed the same privilege. How they have the cheek to describe themselves as DEMOCRATS is utterly beyond me.

  24. 140
    old grumpy says:

    The issue is not just that of rights to marriage, it also involves STATUTORY RIGHT TO MARRIAGE IN CHURCH!

    …………. and no Hetero has that statutory right!………..

    Let us not forget this! Gay Supremacists have their eyes on just that!

  25. 143
    Notareargunner says:
    Turned out nice again.
    Mrs Huhne Mk 2 is appealing. Oh! no she aint.

  26. 145
    Jimmy says:

    So it will pass on Labour votes meaing Lightweight will still piss off the flatearthers without his party getting any credit for detoxifying.


  27. 147
    Patrick the Mong says:

    Desperate Gaybos!

  28. 148
    Jimmy the cripple says:

    Marriage belongs to the State? How modern.

  29. 149
    Wee Willie says:

    Where’s the growth?

  30. 150
    Wtf? says:

    Olympic torch takes train journey? Jog On!

  31. 151
    Dave666 says:

    Economy stagnant glad to see the Tories focussing on what matters.

  32. 155
    Another shit st@in on the BBC. Axe the Telly tax. says:

    King Tùrd of Shit Mountain at cinema near you.

  33. 156
    Bully Brown says:


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Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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