May 24th, 2012

Sinister Olympic Spin II

Another day and more ridiculous lines for government spinners to push:


1.       The South West has provided the perfect start for the Torch
Relay. Hundreds of thousands of people have lined the streets to
welcome the flame, creating remarkable scenes and providing a great
advert for the region, the country and the Games.

2.       The Torch will briefly enter the West Midlands for the first
time today, before arriving in Wales on Friday. Both parts of the UK
are making a huge contribution to the Games, and will add their own
distinctive magic to the Torch Relay.

Pyongyang 2012…


  1. 1
    SEE BELOW says:


  2. 2
    Engineer says:

    Torch? What torch? All I’ve seen is an overblown relay race with a sort of ice-cream cone.

  3. 3
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Is Campbell back?

  4. 4
    Engineer says:

    Well, f*** the hype, for sure.

    If the world’s finest athletes want to test themselves against ach other, good on ‘em. If they want to do it in Britain, which had some of the world’s finest sporting facilities before this shindig, then also fine by me. Spending £12 bn (and the rest) of somebody else’s money while they do it – er, not so good, frankly.

  5. 5
    Mike Hunt says:

    How can a bunch of people carrying a torch thing for a mile and then flogging it on Ebay be interesting.

    Be glad when this B£iar (millionaire war criminal) vanity project is over and done with.

  6. 6
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I’d watch it if Naomi campbell was wielding the torch.

  7. 7
  8. 8
    jgm2 says:

    It’s not even a mile. Apparently it’s 300 metres each.

    Struggling to give a shit either way.

  9. 9
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    Stop being so miserable Guido. Judging by the TV shots yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people HAVE lined the route and seem to be enjoying the spectacle. For my own part, I am slightly surprised that anyone gets anything out of the torch relay, but if it lights some people’s fire, so be it. I would prefer to stick to my own brand of poison rather than get swept up in mass hysteria. If you don’t want to join in, could I suggest that you would find that the next two months will pass much more quickly and pleasantly in an alcoholic stupor, which would then relieve you of the need to have a daily carp …

    With – as always – my fondest regards,


  10. 10
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Come to think of it have you ever seen Naomi and Brown in the same room?

  11. 11
    I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

    Rejoice We have built Socialism!

    Fucking wankers this shit sounds like its come straight from the Pyongyang Daily.
    They can run round all they fucking want to with a Cone of Flame from Argos so long as I don’t to pay for it. Utter shite of the first order, the Olympics will Dave’s Millenium Dome, expensive and crap.

  12. 12
    British Buggery Club says:

    If it’s going to the midlands it will be a bacon of light for all the muzzies

  13. 13
    I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

    Here Jeff where’s that tenner I lent you in 1979 in the French Pub, come on pay up.

  14. 14
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Gweedo being pissed for 2 months does nothing to reduce the cost of this vanity project unfortunately

  15. 15
    Reasonably sane person says:

    You can’t fool me you propaganda arsehole cretins.
    I couldn’t give a toss for all these twats running around a track.
    I might watch if they had events like heading the shot, or catching the javelin, and in the archery, dodging the arrow.

  16. 16
    jgm2 says:

    The Greek economy could use a boost.

    Why not hold the Olympics in Greece every year anyway. Just like they used to back when it was the original Olympics.

    Then we could cut out all this utter insanity of building fabulously expensive stadia all over the world which then fall into disrepair due to lack of use. For fuck’s sake we are giving away the main stadium to a fucking football club.

    20 other premiership teams have to go and get a bank loan to build a 300million/400million/500million/whatever stadium but some local club just gets handed a billion pound stadium. What the fuck?

  17. 17
    old flame says:

    They’ll all be riding The Tube, though. Won’t that cover the costs?

  18. 18
    Sebaceous Coe says:

    Flame on

  19. 19
    I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

    Be a giant spliff if she was

  20. 20
    Bob Crow says:


  21. 21
    Trahison des Clercs says:

    see 5 supra. it woz bli3AR wat done it, not dave. tho to be frank. can’t distinguish.

  22. 22
    Wasley says:

    It’s just a silly candle. Nobody cares.

    Perhaps someone could seize it and use it to raze the Department of Culture, Media and Sport to the ground, along with Vincent Cable’s Department of Paper Shuffling.

  23. 23
    annette curton says:

    And if things get out of hand with all these hundreds and thousands of people (allegedly), lining the streets to see the Olympic torch…

  24. 24
    Aaron D Highside says:

    You’ve certainly got all the nutters out with this one, Guido!

  25. 25
    Still Undecided says:

    I’m all for a back-to-basics, naked sportathon but can Greece afford the cinder track?

  26. 26
    Steve Miliband says:

    Still at least we won’t have Blair/Brown/Livingstone parading in front a world audience.

  27. 27
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    While we’re at it, Imagine boris doing something like this.

  28. 28
    Laurie loves Owen ... from behind ... with a strap on says:

    sorry, wasnt paying attention. where are the olympics again?

  29. 29
    the hunt is on says:

    Adam smith’s face is glowing like a torch as he cracks under pressure at leveson…voice going too

  30. 30
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Has Gidders and The Cock published their Tax returns yet.

  31. 31
    Laurie loves Owen ... from behind ... with a strap on says:

    ah … is that how they relight it

  32. 32
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    errrrrrrrrr I think you mean “most parts of London”

  33. 33
    jgm2 says:

    Has all that stuff they built for the 2004 Athens games fallen down already?

  34. 34
    Hitler's PR man says:

    The torch procession was started by the Nazis in 1936 to glorify national socialism, it did not exist prior to then. I am glad to see that Nazi sybolism is still a part of Olympic spirit.

  35. 35
    Seb Coe says:

    Anybody fancy a hard wrestle in this heat?

  36. 36
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    Oh, you were the kid whose balls were about to drop, weren’t you? Well, I’m feeling flush now – come and get it.

  37. 37
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Surprised they don’t play this music from an accompanying support vehicle-cum-soundtruck:

    The Torch Relay being such an impressive spectacle and all…

  38. 38
    LONDON OLYMPIC Games says:

    Since when was lands End parto part of london

    Apparantly all advertising has to be covered up in Coventry and Cardiff where they are holing some of the footy as it’s the law only olmpic sponsors can advertise in the olympic area. Even the names on the hand driers in the olympic bogs have to be covered

  39. 39
    The Public says:

    Dear 4GL communist.

    Is it because you work for some troughing SI / software developer who has bamboozled the country out of billions for software that a 10 year could write (working) that you have a grievance?

  40. 40
    King Dong Hague says:

    Oooh yessss please. Then we can have 14 pints & mop the sweat from our manly bodies.

    Shall we throw a Spad into the mix as well?

  41. 41
    Sebaceous Coe says:

    Flame off

    Im joining the Fantastic 4 me

  42. 42
    Bent Pottinger says:

    Wer speak for the whole world

    We believe in apple pie

    And the Olympics

    And maternity (we need it for thise many people who do not understand it)

    And Spinning the whole day long

    And fixing the internet

    And representing any dictator who pays the “price” (which is very high of course)

    Thanks for your attention

    We wil be spinning garbage for many years to come

    Over and out

  43. 43
    Gordon Brown says:

    About half a mile, then.

  44. 44
    Muttering idiot says:

    Only another 64 days of the saga of the torch.

  45. 45
    Jimmy says:

    Given that the words “West Midlands” and “distinctive magic” are used in the same sentence, it’s probably not intended entirely seriously.

  46. 46
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Hunt SCUM

  47. 47

    Not just “a football club” – it is to West Ham – Google “England world cup winning team” and you’ll find it was mainly West Ham, plus a couple of mates!

  48. 48
    Mr Mojo Risin says:

  49. 49
    jgm2 says:

    Right. The obvious thing to do is for Mastercard and/or American Express to hand out free jackets and/or umbrellas just outside the exclusion zone on production of a valid ticket.

    70,000 punters all sitting in the rain watching the football with Amex umbrellas.

    That should piss the c*unts right off.

  50. 50
    Bent Giant of Spinning and Public Relations says:

    Why censor an honest and anonymous statement by a public relations firm fatty ?

  51. 51
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    LOL……Guido can be card at times, unlike his ponce side kick Holey C*ol*e.

    The C word converts to Hunt….bless

  52. 52
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Yep, so many superlatives its a PR intern that done it allright

  53. 53
    Loungelizard says:

    Think you could be wrong on that one. BBC will make sure of extra coverage for the slimeballs.

  54. 54

    Yeah, but look at the similarities:

    Gordon sells gold, buys Euros.
    Naomi sells dignity, gets blood diamonds.

    Spooky or what?

  55. 55
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Wouldn’t she be running in the other direction with some ice that her little bredrin had dug up under hiorrific conditions? Or am I mixing her up with Mugabee?

  56. 56
    Bent Giant of Spinning and Public Relations says:

    This blog is becoming like Iran of sacred memory

    Generalised censorhip

    How low can you fall Guido the ex Libertarian ?

  57. 57
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Does Guido have any straight friends

  58. 58
    jgm2 says:

    Bamboozled Blair/Brown out of billions if you please.

    How is that 12bn quid ‘confidential’ NHS database doo-dah (one million people with access to your medical records) coming along?

  59. 59
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Riviting stuff.

  60. 60
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    And they both like to throw mobiles. Although not sure about Naomi’s preferred brand of throwing phone

  61. 61
    Anne Drecks says:

    a) Good attempt at disguising your identity with a few typos.

    b) Who reads adverts, anyway?

  62. 62
    Gordon, MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath (and Mongolia) and Mongolia says:

    What do you mean?
    I’ve not commented.


  63. 63
    I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

    Made for each other both barm pots of the first order

  64. 64

    SHIT – now that was f.ucking spooky, Labourunionsbbc!

    I’d better stop knocking one out, out of boredom, in case you’re watching me!

  65. 65
    Blo Jo (Head of Pop) says:

    Is “bent” a censored word here as well

    Like hundreds of others ?

    So much for free speech in the unisvere of Gwido

  66. 66
    Gordon Brown says:

    100 fathoms

  67. 67
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I would really really like to believe you there.

    But I fear it’s yet another painful PR drone.

  68. 68
    Synic says:

    It’s not a proper relay — they keep climbing on and off buses, aided by lots of obese plods — what a farce.

  69. 69
    jgm2 says:

    And the Russian linesman.

    Maybe we should have given it to Chelsea.

  70. 70
    Blo Jo (Head of Pop) says:

    Guido is now part of the “public relations” spinning world now

    Nothing to save on this blog

  71. 71
    NHS Hotline says:

    Just accessing now sir ….. Ah yes SAS-NOT !!!! severe case of Oedipus complex I’m afraid. Also needs a waterproof mattress.

    Is there anything else I may help you with today?

  72. 72
    I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

    Cheeky and me in my 80s now! How am I going to get up to your flat? At least you’ve got one leg. Keep it we both had a lovely time as I remember!

  73. 73
    Guido's jockstrap says:

    I beg your pardon

    Guido loves bankers, Murdoch and the z i o n i s t s

    He is right on everything

    Murdoch will put his sleuths on you if you are not careful

  74. 74
    The Public says:

    Coo eeee SAS – NOT !!!!!

  75. 75
    I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

    Someone really wants that GCHQ chap in a bag to be self inflicted sex game gone wrong!

  76. 76
    yorkshireLad says:

    What a crock of $hite

  77. 77
    Dun Faggin says:

    lol xx and finding that comment amusing. Dave

  78. 78
    Mike Hunt says:

    see post Nr 5

  79. 79
    Labour, obsessed with cataloguing everybody says:

    Certainly. I think compulsory ID cards for everybody would be a terrific idea.

  80. 80
    not a machine says:

    mmm cant see whats wrong with having a celebration for a unique event ……

    However a the fairly usual event of Ed Balls having a prime time interview was interesting , portraying the PM as a bit frayed and upset that things were not working for him , had me wondering wether irony is actually farce in some cases . I mean what has ed ever called right based on his own figures ??? hes never done a shadow budget in 2 yrs , so how can he call the chancellors polices wrong , when he cannot articulate the turbulence of the debts and situation he created .
    Idiot muttering or muttering Idiot take yer pick certainly no good at economics .

  81. 81

    Did someone mention the golden rivet, darling!

  82. 82
    Labour, obsessed with cataloguing everybody says:

    There too.

  83. 83
    yorkshireLad says:

    Now that’s one hell of an Olympic torch!!!

  84. 84
    009876-ML-89079079-6789076-678936-AFTE4 says:

    I agree

  85. 85
    Its not sport says:

    Its not even a relay. They keep getting in and out of their vans when no one is looking. The whole thing is fakery on a massive scale.

  86. 86
    I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

    Just as long as its not one of these drones we’ll be fine, though come to think of it I did meet a chap who said the RAF would have drones over London during the games! Must be a joke right?

  87. 87
    Tony Blair's financial jockstrap says:

    We have pulled off an enormous one here

    Even better than the bubble

    Huge fucking “fees”

  88. 88
    D*r K*e*l*l*y*s coronor says:

    I said at the time that it was an obvious suicide and I expect to be proven right.

  89. 89

    How about extinguish?

  90. 90
    Tony Blair's financial jockstrap says:

    and now this

    But we will still get our seven figure bonuses

    Don’t you worry, boys and girls

  91. 91
    Julian Bray says:

    Peterborough City Council paid over £93 thousand to just get the Olympic torch to visit the city, so if you multiply £93 thousand by the number of stops…….

  92. 92
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Well as he was obviously alone in the bag that’s strictly true.

  93. 93
    Bag of shite says:

  94. 94
    jgm2 says:

    I’d have thought such a weapon would be a bullet magnet.

    Hmmmm, now, who shall I shoot…?

  95. 95

    True, I forgot the twelfth man!

    They think it’s all ov… oh yeah, it is.

  96. 96

    On the issue of spin more bollocks from BBC and Mark Serwotka:

    The case for investment in our public services could not be starker or more obvious than it is in HMRC, yet the government is actually planning to cut 10,000 more jobs from the department in the coming years.

    That is on top of the 3,000 already cut. Do the maths and you will find that two year’s income will eliminate any predicted gains. But since the gains are predicted by politicians, how likely are they to bear fruit?

    It leads to the reductio ad absurdum that if everyone in the UK were employed by HMRC, the gains would eliminate our entire debt.

  97. 97
    jgm2 says:

    To annoy you.

  98. 98
    Meet me behind the bike sheds at 1730, Boris says:

    Londonistan in a few short weeks. I hope something interesting happens, such as Jessica Ennis splitting her shorts and then pleasuring herself with her javelin (but not neccessarily in that order)

  99. 99
    Its not sport says:

  100. 100
    Seb Coe says:

    OK. Is a SpAd similar to a butt-plug?

  101. 101
    jgm2 says:


    Paid 93,000 to who?

  102. 102
    Fuck Nose says:

    Who cares? Let’s hope some joker in the arena sets of a fire cracker and all hell lets loose.

  103. 103

    Yes, and unlike you, lots of straight people post on here as well. I think you’re looking for:

  104. 104
    Unfortunately....I am NOT making this up says:

    The elephants at West Midlands Safari Park Bewdley welcome the arrival of the Olympic Torch and trumpet and bow in salute to this iconic symbol of world peace and sportsmanship……hurrah !!!!

  105. 105
    not easily annoyed *has fingers crossed* says:

    What about Carry Hole?

  106. 106
    I've Met the Man in the Street, and He's a Right Cunt says:

    Fucking hell no wonder the country is broke. If they want to have giant fire lighter waved round the streets I know a few chaps who do it for free trainers

  107. 107
    not easily annoyed *has fingers crossed* says:

    You guys types sooo quickly *swoons*

  108. 108
    Eric Pickles says:

    Did anyone mention a light snack? I’ll have black pudding, chips, beans, grilled tomatoes, double egg, mushrooms, bubble and squeak, two slices of toast and a mug of tea (5 sugars).

  109. 109

    If Plod found Shergar, buried in a field, with 5 bullets through the back of the skull, I swear they’d think THAT was suicide.

  110. 110
    jgm2 says:

    It’s all bollocks. If this money is not being paid in tax then why didn’t they find it from 1997 – 2010?

    In any case even if, as Margaret Hodge alleges, 70bn tax per year goes uncollected it is not as if folk just sit there looking at that 70bn quid gathering dust. They go out and spend it on c*a*rs, TVs, meals out etc etc. All they’re doing is making sure that it is they who get to spend it rather than some ideological gimp like Harman or economic incompetent like Brown.

    Do you think for one moment if the Maximum Imbecile had been collecting this notional additional 70bn quid he wouldn’t have simply identified some new ways to squander all that money too and gone off and borrowed another 100bn quid anyway?

  111. 111
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    errrrrrr jpm2……its still very much alive, I suggest you check it out.

    It has just been rebranded….fact

  112. 112
    first time reader says:

    They do and don’t fall into the trap that #46 and #54 did.

  113. 113
    Fairy Nuff says:

    But but but!! Shirley the Grundian MUST have daily articles decrying all this unnecessary global warming being spread all over the country?

  114. 114
    EdBallsMutteringIdiot says:

    Topless Underwater Darts for me, my Yvette looks good with her kit off, her form reminds me of the young male Matriculators when I was in rooms at Oxford!

  115. 115
    Miss Fawkes aged 7 says:

    Daddy says there is no tooth fairy. So I said but Daddy people say you are a fairy and a foreskinner-sucking c’unt. Goodnight.

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Has any country broke even or made a profit out of holding the Olympics?
    Has any country not lied when forecasting the cost prior to bidding for the Olympics?

  117. 117
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    To apologist jgm2

    STILL VERY ALIVE, and recruiting I see. It has been moved from NHS to Informatics Directorate. The name CFH is set to change shortly..

    But jgm2…. the 12bn IT programme is still very much alive.

    …errrr dont see Dave and co mentioning it scrapping on a daily basis, do you…coz it hasnt been

  118. 118
    David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:


  119. 119
    jgm2 says:

    I think Montreal is still paying for theirs. And Greece’s has quite literally ban*k*r*u*pt the country.

    It is a poisoned chalice.

    And, as the religion of p*eace reminded us the very day after it was awarded to London, it is a magnet for nutters.

    Plus, with the weather the way it is we like to think that London will be thrust into the consciousness of billions of people who will be motivated to come and see our fine sights and historical buildings etc etc. But more than likely it will piss down for the entire competition and reinforce billions of people’s prejudices. And it’ll only take a fucking firework going off to frighten 300 million yanks away forever.

  120. 120
    jgm2 says:

    Excellent. Another few billion waiting to be saved along with the 53bn saved by scrapping toxic Ned’s school building ‘growth’ generating program.

  121. 121
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Last 7 quarters under Gidders and Dave …Total UK Growth in that time = 0.3% ( that, nought point three percent, apologists )

  122. 122
    Fairy Nuff says:

    I recall reading somewhere or other that most of these so called [medical] experts used by the judicial system have since been shown to be completely useless, if not downright dishonest. Sorry can’t remember where I saw it. Private Eye way back when maybe?

  123. 123
    jgm2 says:

    That’s nothing. Thanks to the Maximum Imbecile’s monstrous recession caused by massive borrowing and squandering total growth from 2003 to 2010 was…. fuck all. 0.3% is an improvement.

  124. 124

    Has Leveson shut down? Is the Olympics over?

    I’ve had the radio 5 on for nearly ten minutes and no one’s mentioned either.

  125. 125

    0% plus! was his proud boast, IIRC.

  126. 126
    Ingrish 4 Dummies says:

    to whom (object of a preposition)

  127. 127
    jgm2 says:

    There must have been some Labour embarrassment arising in the Leveson whitewash enquiry. I cannot imagine why they haven’t mentioned the torch relay. Has it been bumped off by the downgrade in last quarters GDP or the ruinous state of the Eurozone?

  128. 128
    Ingrish 4 Dummies says:

    …two years’ income (years is plural innit?)

  129. 129
    Gordon McDoom says:

    Everyone likes fireworks.
    I wanted to spend a billion on a big display each day from Jan 1st 2010 to the May election.

    I would have done it too if Alistair Darling hadn’t ripped the firework display technicians page from the Yellow Pages.

  130. 130
    Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

    Only if they buy a ticket. I used to travel through Euston and one or two other major Tube stations. The number of people fare-dodging on the Tube is nobody’s business.

  131. 131
    Archer Karcher says:

    Well they would be made for each other, if Brown wasn’t a shirtlifter.

  132. 132

    No mention of Europe. A bit about slugs, that I thought may have been about Tom Watson, but turns out was just about slugs.

    Ed Balls is on LBC. So daren’t turn over.

  133. 133
    Mitt Romney says:

    The 2002 Winter Games in Utah, which I rescued from potentially being a financial disaster due to a whole lot of corruption in procuring the Games, were quite profitable, thank you. The 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles were immensely profitable, and the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, when all was said and done, turned a ten-million-buck profit, which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    Utah, Los Angeles, Atlanta… see a pattern emerging?

  134. 134
    Just askin says:

    Didn’t the beautiful Tessa Jowell cost the Olympics?
    Is she not the paramour of david Mills. the convicted fraudster?

  135. 135
    Mad Medhi says:

  136. 136
    Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

    Montreal finished paying for the 1976 Olympics last year or the year before, according to what I read somewhere.

  137. 137
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    So not all bad then.

  138. 138
    Eton Boetang Song says:

    Now we all spin together

    And then b ecome fi lthy rich

    Is it t rue that you are associated with W P P, Peter Mandleson?

  139. 139
    Archer Karcher says:

    If the Guardian was ever serious and really believed the CO2 batshit loonery. It would be ranting away regarding the Olympic games MASSIVE carbon footprint.

    That it’s not, proves it’s not.

  140. 140
    Lord Levinson and his legal cowboys says:

    We are all recovering from the Chelsea victory

    Takes a few days you know

    And then we need our long breakfacts, lunches and cocktails with the Murdochs…

  141. 141
    Le Monde correspondent says:

    How much are each of you paid per day ?

    £10,000 ?

    The most grossly overpaid lawyers in the world…

  142. 142
    My dog is a millionaire with a bank account in Monaco says:

    I’ve still not got over Chelsea’s victory.

  143. 143
    Labour voting Monte Carlo tax "avoider" says:

    I will have you know that when we were in power (us Labour, I mean), we gave tax breaks to the private equity boys (sic), signed huge PFI contracts at outrageous rates (cf. cabinet office statemen ts sinced)and all used offshore companies and trusts to “avoid” income…like the UK banks (the odd £500 million “repaid” to the Treasury)…

    If the government “has no money left” it is really hardly surprising

    We have nicked it all and are untouchable…

  144. 144
    Murdoch sleuth says:

    I thought you guys who are pillaging Russia had your accounts in London and Zurich (perhaps the Caymans)

    London does more money laundering than anywhere else nowadays…

  145. 145
    I spied with my little eye says:

    A shirtlifter

    I think some malicious bugger wants to set his tail on fire

    Who could that be?

  146. 146
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    prime time TV advertising spots in the USA ?

  147. 147
    I spied with my little eye says:


    It must be Cheryl *o*l*e*s

    The heroine of the Daily Fur…

    And she does not take it all off?

  148. 148
    Guido's trader friends says:

    Just in case you all forgot

    ALL our banks weer bailed out either by the Fed, Bank of England or the ECG…

    But we still receive our huge bonuses while our shareholders are screwed…

    And we are proud of it…

  149. 149

    …why didn’t they find it…?

    Because they are amongst the most overpaid, overfed, over-staffed, over-expensed, over-holidayed, lazy, incompetent, ignorant bunch of overweening creatures ever to be misdescribed as public servants that you could wish to meet.

    Put a bunch of them on a deserted island and they would all be dead in a week – they can do nothing by themselves.

  150. 150
    You couldn't make it up. says:

    So a Hunt writes to Dave pleading the Murdoch case and when the judge of the judge of the Murdoch case is found to be biased against Murdoch then Dave sacks that judge and makes the Hunt the judge.

  151. 151
    Cornishboy says:

    I went to watch the torch and so did several others infect it looked like the entire town turned out. No one can argue that it has been a vast extravagance and cost since we won the bid in 2005 but surely te fact it has cost untold billions this is surely the reason to get behind it. I’d much rather enjoy the 9 billion pissed up the wall than spend the entire 2 weeks moaning about it. Britain has an obesity problem on a horrific scale moaning about wasting money on sport sounds silly. I shall be watching the Olympics as I have done the last few since I have been born. Athletes spen their entire life’s preparing for this moment. And those who moan at the cost why sound surprised it was organised by government worse still a labour government personally I saw this coming a mile off. But we should be lucky it’s even built remember the construction of the new wembley stadium.

  152. 152
    A Muttering Idiot says:

    I’m putting my Olympic Torch for sale on E_Bay.

  153. 153

    Is old Blunkett still on the board of the preferred ID card supplier?
    What a coincidence that he was very,very keen on the idea.

  154. 154
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    ‘Cone of Flame from Argos.’ Marvellous. Even got a Greek reference in there.

  155. 155
  156. 156

    Let your fingers do the walking… ;-)

  157. 157
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    ‘Cone of Flame’, £6.99, guaranteed not to go out, product ref 231/4523.

  158. 158
    Nobel Prize Committee says:

    Agricultural land is the answer


  159. 159
    Tome Keene says:


    Murdoch…..Greece….Greece…F a c e to bums…

    Oh shit, …………….can’t someone stop this record…

  160. 160
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Think you could be dead right, Loungelizard.

    ‘And let us not forget that if it had not been for a Labour Government, we would not be enjoying this spectacle here tonight…’

    Maybe they will be marching in the opening ceremony with the NHS nurses?

  161. 161
    Anonymous says:

    In other news, Theresa may backs gay marriage. Listen love, do you think you could concentrate on deporting terrorists and limiting immigration and leave the chutney ferrets to their own devices.

  162. 162
    a non says:

    I went long on potatoes, beans, cabbage, carrots and onions. Figs , oranges, lemons etc etc a gimmee here.
    S*d your gold Sterling or dollars. You can’t eat em when the need arises.

  163. 163
    Newsnight is shite says:

    How interesting the BBC don’t seem interested in reporting that thousands of their own staff are using the same scam to avoid paying tax that the BBC were monging on about just the other week.

  164. 164
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    I prefer Thunderbirds.

  165. 165
    Do these cunts ever give it a rest? says:

  166. 166
    Newsnight is shite says:

    You should be thanking Gordon Brown, he was the one who bailed out the banks.

  167. 167
    BBC Beeboid says:

    The BBC oversees the BBC and I can tell you all is well.

  168. 168
    Botting,Dale and Bercow find white girl grooming funny say's says:

    These are the lives of vunerable children being destroyed, and they treat it as a joke, FFs.

  169. 169
    Newsnight is shite says:

    So according to the mongs on the BBC because a school has peeling paint it means the school will turn out a generation of retarded bell ends.

    Funny that Africa can turn out kids that can read write and add up with little more than a mud hut, some paper and hard benches.

    Explain that one away BBC mongs.

  170. 170
    RouteMaster says:

    Did the relay not take the wrong route in Bristol this morning?

    Hopefully it’s now back on track, and not heading for Noo Yawk.

  171. 171
    Newsnight is shite says:

    This mong was on Radio 5 this morning, telling us all was well with the economy when St Gordon of one eye was in charge.

  172. 172
    'ow you say? says:

    30000 cm.
    It gets longer still if you use mm ….300000mm.

  173. 173
    jockey says:

    You can take any horse to the water but can not necessarily make it drink.

  174. 174
    B Raille says:

    Buffoon sex-god Blunkett innit would like to see this through, yes

  175. 175
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    ed balls = string vest.

  176. 176
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    No, it’s just that all the news editors are drunk from celebrating the economic downturn – they’ve been partying all day at Radio 5 Labour.

  177. 177
    Um . . . says:

    Just HOW did the Greeks finance their OLYMPICS a few years ago? Answers not required!

  178. 178
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Indeed, we are looking forward to having another Labour Party Apparatchik as Director General very shortly, so normal service will be resumed, sorry, I mean, carry on without a hitch.

  179. 179
    Nursey says:

    Time to take your prescription Sebby.
    You seem to be allooz haloosein allosinat seeing things.

  180. 180
    Liberal Elite says:

    The murder of Charlene Downes and the rape and sexual abuse of hundreds of under-age white girls is a price worth paying for community cohesion.

  181. 181
    fucking police says:

  182. 182
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Elephants meet the Torch.

  183. 183
    om says:

    What a load of c’unts.

  184. 184
    Synic says:

    By sponging off the kra uts — just like they’re trying to carry on doing. Hopefully Fritz will tell them to skewer themselves while Germany goes to the new gold Dm.

  185. 185
  186. 186
    Ministry of Truth says:

    Tens of thousands of athletes and workers spontaneously sang songs in praise of the Beloved Leader Kim Er Onn whose wise statesmanship brought the Olympic Games to Airstrip One. “Under the Beloved Leader’s infallible guidance we will exceed our gold medal quota or die in the attempt!” they shouted.

  187. 187
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr Pedant Policeman, “who” is correct in every context.

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    And for the main course?

  189. 189
    AC1 says:

    Kam Er On has been touring revolutionary sites and giving advice on PR. On a stop off at a golf-course he got 18 Holes in one! Grateful peasants ate more LCD TV sandwiches to prove the inflation rates printed by the bureau of statistical truth was still 0.000000002%! Later Kam Er On inspected the defences against Eurasia who we have always been at war with.

    All Hail the LibLabCon revolution (on pain of death).

  190. 190
    Sir William Waad says:

    NEVER NEVER NEVER believe TV shots. Few things are as mendacious. If there is a small huddle of people they willl crop the shot, show them from different angles and even splice in stock footage of a different occasion if it suits them.

  191. 191
    Sir William Waad says:

    It’s an open and shut case.

  192. 192
    Arthur Hyanes (Comedian) says:

    Cameron/Hunt collusion. Nice trial that one Davy boy!

    AH (C)

  193. 193
    Burp! says:

    Add chips

  194. 194
    Farter-Swillings (libel lawyers to the opportunistic) says:

    Oh dear me no. What a very foolish suggestion.

  195. 195
    ranter says:

    Alf Tupper would love it!

  196. 196
  197. 197
    AC1 says:

    All Beings must make Merry!

  198. 198
    AC1 says:

    On Pain Of Death.

  199. 199
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a late entry into the spastic Olympics because I’m special.

  200. 200
    AC1 says:

    You know the suckers who carry those ice-cream cones have to pay for them (600 quid!) and they only run 300 meters before handing off to another sucker.

  201. 201
  202. 202
    Central Office stooge says:

    If it’s waves they’re after, let them head that way.

  203. 203
    sigh says:

    No, they never give up

  204. 204
    AC1 says:

    They’ve got an AWACS and the British version of the JSTAR over London (along with 4 Eurofighters)

  205. 205
    Hang The Bastards says:

    When are the OLympics over, because I am sick of hearing about that shite I have to pay for just becvause Lordy Fucking Coe has nowt better to do with his time.

  206. 206
    AC1 says:

    That haven of law-abidingness, the IO(U)C.

  207. 207
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Why do the BBC let this preacher of hate air his bigoted vile ?

  208. 208
    AC1 says:

    Dear IOC,
    Please send more coherent and less retarded trolls. Recruiting from the anencephalic is cheap however it is not working.

  209. 209
    AC1 says:

    + Silver + Shotguns.

  210. 210
    I'm Not Judging, But... says:

    Private Eye with great regularity, sadly for us and the system.

  211. 211
    AC1 says:

    It’s like the problem is that the state runs the education system….

  212. 212
    AC1 says:

    Testicle count 0.

  213. 213
    I'm Not Judging, But... says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with the question – only BBC call it vibrant, enriched and balanced. The people who commission his shite should be strapped to the outside of a snatch Land Rover in Helmand province, so they learn, for a few seconds in a flash of light and steel splinters, what all that means.

  214. 214
    brush strokes says:

    Or it could be that they have painters and decorators in the family.

  215. 215

    GCSE question:

    Explain, briefly, why some people are prejudiced against Jеws.

    Why does the predominantly socialist educational establishment rail against racism except in this one circumstance?

    I am not Jеwish myself but find this approach inexcusable.

  216. 216
    White Devil says:

  217. 217
    Newsnight is shite says:

    The BBC are in league with Nu Labour once again. So let’s get this right, according to Hattie Hatemenpersonthing Cameron wanted to get someone who was pro Murdoch to approve the BSkyB takeover.

    Except of course Cable was given the job originally, it was Cable’s own fault he lost control of dealing with the bid, so I’m not quite sure what the BBC/Nu Labour are trying to make out here. Had Cameron given the job originally to Hunt, they might have a point.

    Also, next time the BBC scum go leeching the Government for yet more money can we assume the BBC will be happy if the people they are dealing with oppose the BBC? Hmm I suspect not.

  218. 218
    Newsnight is shite says:

    The general Radio 5 spin this morning was the Euro is great and it’s all Thatchers fault.

  219. 219
    Forkbender says:

    Jeff I though that you knew by now, that its Guido’s favourite exercise, and as he is a jurno now, that is the natural state of the profession.

  220. 220
    you're right says:

    This is correct, Weymuff retailers must NOT advertise any of the olympic sponsors’ competitors…in return they get sweet f.a.
    We’ve also been told that there will be NO traffic disruption at the olympic site on Portland, that is why there is a f**k off diversion today around the site…this is not diversion, it’s puff and propaganda while fat cats tour the globe extolling the lole limp dic dream.

    Did for the Greeks.

  221. 221
    Forkbender says:

    Together will 2 ladles of curry sauce Eric

  222. 222
  223. 223
    Fabians are Evil says:

    The only way you would have hundreds and thousands of cheering crowds lining the streets of England would be if Gordon Browns severed head was on tour stuck on the end of a pike staff

  224. 224

    Tonight BBC ‘Question Time’ comes from the East of England in the beautiful Norfolk market town of King’s Lynn. Joining David Dimbledor are the usual bunch of lefties bused in from far and wide to make up a hand-picked audience more reminiscent of Tower Hamlets or maybe Islamabad.

    On the panel tonight and in no particular order are :-
    Former deputy prime minister of pies and secret vomiting John Prescott,
    Universities minister and all round shiny slap-head David Willetts,
    Vegetarian hypocrite and mass methane producer Caroline Lucas,
    Comedian/actor and anger management in-patient Griff Rhys Jones,
    Former Telegraph columnist now with the Sunday Times the milfy Minette Marrin.

    It’s a 10:30pm kick off and afterwards we will suffer the maddess that is
    ‘This Week’ with Brillo, all are welcome!

    Just click here to find us:

    See you soon. ;)

  225. 225
    You mean says:

    like the State leaves the BBC to run itself?

  226. 226
    Camoron says:

    I’ll give them anything they want so long as they let me keep in the EUSSR

  227. 227
    The Bloke who mows CurrCudeee Asylum Sports Field says:

    Ay, – we’ve got a few idiots running around on here – dressed in shorts. Dr McDuff says it let’s them blow off tha’ energy!

  228. 228
    South of the M4 says:

    My kids were taught in a school that had suffered under investment and looked like a 1950’s photo from the Soviet bloc. Their teaching was, though, superb. Surroundings help a great deal – but they can also be an excuse. Suggest the BBC story is driven by the objective to prove that Ball’s ‘ building schools for the future ‘ programme was right all along and it was the nasty Tories that scrapped it.

  229. 229
    screw the lot of them says:

    Caroline Lucas? Again? She’s on every other fucking week ffs.

  230. 230
    Anonymous says:

    Not worth watching. There is enough BBC bias against anything tory throughout the day.

  231. 231

    The BBC needs to be a subscription service so people can choose to buy and watch it or not as the case may be. It’s easily done as sky and virgin do it to name but two.

    We all need a lot less of this behaviour from the BBC…

  232. 232
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Is the BBC a mafia organisation.

  233. 233
    jgm2 says:

    Dave. Dave? Dave? Dave, for fuck’s sake. Europe is trying to tell you something…

    …..because it costs so much money….it is not the moment, neither for Spain nor for Spanish public,….The Spanish government has slashed spending in public television,

    Just fucking do it Dave. 3bn quid a year to have those fuckers undermining everything rational with some soundbite from Campbell or Fuckwit Balls. Just dress it up as a subscription ‘option’. Some people, naturally will want to pay for the ‘unbiased-BBC-best-public-service-broadcaster-in-the-world’ experience. Some (99.9%) will want spend the cash on hot-dogs and booze.

    Job done.

    3bn quid instantly diverted to much higher employment rates as 3bn quid employs (I dunno, 20,000 BBC fuckers?) but will easily employ twice as many non-BBC employees with the increase in household spend.

  234. 234
    jgm2 says:

    That’s over two quid per step.

    And you thought Concorde was expensive.

  235. 235
    Question time live chat says:

  236. 236
    WVM says:

    Although they watch it I think you’ll find they dissect it, show it up for what it is and take the piss out of the pathetic attempts of David Dimbleby et al to appear impartial. I find it quite fun.

  237. 237
    jgm2 says:

    Closer than most of your economic forecasts. A fathom is six feet so roughly 2 metres. So you were only 50% out.

    Good effort. A* for you under the new GCSE marking guidelines.

  238. 238
    WVM says:

    Although they watch it I think you’ll find they dissect it, show it up for what it is and take the piss out of the pathetic attempts of David Dimbleby et al to app℮ar impartial. I find it quite fun.

  239. 239
    is there crackling on danish bacon says:

    Helle Thorning-Schmidt looks a bit of alright from that distance

  240. 240
    jgm2 says:

    + Ammunition

  241. 241
    WVM says:

    Indeed the BBC loves it’s watermelons, they’re always on narrative.

  242. 242
    Alfred G. Packer says:

    I can think of a way around that difficulty.

  243. 243
    jgm2 says:

    Same way we paid for Brown’s one million extra public sector recruits from 2001/2002.

    On the company credit card.

  244. 244
    anonymous says:

    you’re kidding right?

  245. 245
    7th century desert nonce says:

    “…until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

  246. 246
    JH says:

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Our obesity problem could be solved in 4 months, with the people concerned saving a considerable sum to boot.

    I woke up one day to find I was a 38 inch waist. I went hiking round Turkey for a month. When I got back I was a 34 again.

  247. 247
    a boyo called Taff, look you says:

    At least anti-semitism is taken seriously by a lot of people – everyone just thinks expressions of prejudice against the welsh are funny

  248. 248
    jgm2 says:

    I hope she cycles between all these events.

  249. 249
    anonymous says:

    I can’t imagine any adult would be at all interested in QT

    FFS is this what we have become?

  250. 250
    anonymous says:

    the west midlands is one of the provinces of london

  251. 251
    JH says:

    Never really understood the loadsa ammo thing. If anyone got involved in a gun battle defending their mad-max stash, it’s unlikely they will get many rounds off anyway.

    Particularly if it’s agents of the state after your stuff.

    Old maxim: those best prepared will often be the first victims.

  252. 252
    Saffron says:

    The Beeboids and all their leftie crap needs taking to task
    The only way to do this IMHO is to hit them in the deep pockets they have.
    The oylimpics was and is not a financialy viable to this country,as has been the case in most other venues.
    We have lost the original aims of these games which were not money grubbing by a bunch of characters parading around various countries extracting favours,and may I add the various commercial outfits into anything for a fast buck.
    What a disgrace and I for one will for the duration of this feckin charade will be AWOL.

  253. 253
    nellnewman says:

    I think that sort of spin is not sinister it is SILLY!


    The Queen’s Jubilee now is a different matter!! We are currently planning our menu here – BBQribs, spicy chicken, bunting and our kids playing flutes and stuff.

    Won’t be doing that for the olympics.

  254. 254
    jgm2 says:

    Although, on sober reflection, even cycling assumes an artificial, ecologically destructive black ribbon of tarmac so I trust she walks naked (or wrapped in a woven grass shroud) between venues.

    And then refuses to app*ear because the electricity used to broadcast the show was 80% produced by fossil fuels instead of 100% solar power. Or windmills. Or treadmills. Or something these fucking lunatics approve of.

  255. 255
    nellnewman says:

    what on earth is a ‘public relations firm fatty’ ?

    are you referring to bullyballs the idiot on the shadow front bench?

  256. 256
    nellnewman says:

    Th beeb devouring lefties.

    What a laugh!!

  257. 257
    jgm2 says:

    It’s one of the provinces of Lahore these days.

    How long will it be before instead of entering some British town/village/city and seeing ‘Twinned with Aix-en-Provence’ or ‘Twinned with Frankfurt-Am-Main’ we see ‘Twinned with Jalalabad’?

    It surely cannot be long.

  258. 258
    Saffron says:

    Can anyone tell me just when was this icecream cone flame started?.
    Am I correct in thinking that it was ADULF SHICKLEGRUBER or whatever his name was,who did this in the guise of national socialism.
    I stand to be corrected.

  259. 259
    Newsnight is shite says:

    Fucking BBC scum

  260. 260
    Newsnight is shite says:

    Ideally with Ed Ball’s testicles stuffed in the open mouth.

  261. 261
    PC clitoris says:

    fuck the olympics oh and fuck the BBC as well.that’s all.oh and fuck camaroon as well.

  262. 262
    Saffron says:

    To 249.
    I listen to your comments a lot.
    You keep at em girl/lady,you make a lot of sense to me.
    Balls/Cooper I beg to differ are not idiots when it comes to their own expenses as exposed by the DT.
    In purely economic terms Macro,then they are both idiots of the PPE biased degree crap.
    My degree was in Engineering way back when you were recognised as an achiever,alas what do we now see in the main.
    People who are being misguided into crap degrees and who apparently can’t see the forest from the trees.
    After years of Liebour can’t we see what this commie party has done to this country.
    Cammoron also needs to tread carefully with the Lib/Plonkers and with his own party or the Cons will oust him.
    Finally I for one am amazed that Cammoron seems to be still wedded to the EUSSR.
    Sleep tight.

  263. 263
    Britain the ruined country. says:

    Talking of eenrichment, as it has been deemed right to have a second lawrence trial why has there been no second trial about the murder of Charlene Downs and possible Paige at the same place? Oh yes, they were white girls so they don’t count according to the police and cps.

  264. 264
    jgm2 says:

    Nope. Not kidding. Look at the figures for yourself.

  265. 265
    jgm2 says:

    At least anti-semitism is taken seriously by a lot of people

    Only because they’re so much more important than everybody else.

  266. 266

    It’s still not too late for Boris to do the decent thing and cancel the whole nasty, fascist, GramscoFabiaNazi smugfest. That would send a strong message that the bastards have been rumbled.

  267. 267
    Your showing you age again dear says:

    At times nell you come across as really thick.

  268. 268

    I’m sure the “Olympics” could be easily cancelled on Health and Safety grounds alone – apart form the obvious fact that they’re just a Fascist GramscoFabiaNazi smugfest, effing expensive, and also just a bloody nuisance.

  269. 269
    jgm2 says:

    The BBC on the other hand doesn’t lose a wink of sleep. Look what they’re doing to SKY and Murdoch with all his vast resources.

    Do you think they give a shit about ‘Biased-BBC’?

    Look how they’re tying the T*ries in with SKY as if it were some big fucking crime to want a plurality of TV suppliers in the UK.

    Do you really think the BBC gives a knob of goat shit who is on their case?

  270. 270
    jgm2 says:

    Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  271. 271
    Anonymous says:

    Tessa jowell hasnt got the wit to understand what her signature on a mortgage forum means never mind the costings for an Olympic games.
    Alternatively she has and shes just a fucking liar.

  272. 272
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Olympics Factoid Service says:

    Carl Diem, organiser of the 1936 Games, and Leni Riefenstahl, famous German filmmaker of the 1930’s (Triumph of the Will), cooked it all up, you should pardon the expression, as part of the film Olympia. It was brought back for the 1948 London Games and has been around ever since.

  273. 273
    David Camoron says:

    I’m increasing immígráti*on to this cóuntry as fast as I can – it’s already above Labour’s levels – so hopefully “Bradfórd!stan, twinned with Abbótabád” won’t be long!

    Toódle pip!

    PS Work harder. I need more tax revenue to piss away in fór*eign aid.

  274. 274
    The Dimbleby Empire says:

    Caroline Lucas is on Question Time again.

    How come? Only about 3 people vote for her.

    Fuck the BBC.

  275. 275
    jgm2 says:

    Leni Riefenstahl, Labour Party Conference cinematographer 1997 – 2010.

  276. 276
    Tom Watson, who also goes by the alias "Fatty Holly", says:

    Yes, but they’re MY kind of Mafia bosses.

  277. 277
    jgm2 says:

    The homosexualists and bedwetters of Brighton vote for her and they should be respected for their constitutional right to be utter fucking imbeciles.

  278. 278
    Ada Furst says:

    These ‘elfan safety nuts seem to have way too much time on their hands. Apparently they feel the need to justify themselves by dreaming up ever crazier ideas. I wonder if they’ve ever thought to check how they damage people’s health by stressing them out ? I’m expecting to be issued with a pack of straws and a bib in order to drink my coffee at work any day now.

  279. 279
    Fabians are Evil says:

    No change there then!

  280. 280
  281. 281
    AC1 says:

    Look the BBC provides things people really value, they just won’t willingly pay for it.

    It makes sense if you’re a lefty.

  282. 282
    AC1 says:

    You use energy walking, so unless she grew all her own food she’d have to get a glider there with the launch powered by hydro-electric.

  283. 283
    AC1 says:

    and the glider would have to be made from cotton and sustainable wood forests.

  284. 284
    AC1 says:

    Have to use grass fed horses to drag the wood out of the forest to the glider factory.
    Not sure how they’d cut the wood without metal

  285. 285
    AC1 says:

    Perhaps they’re just jealous? In Cardiff at the moment, people seem to enjoy themselves more than they do in London, perhaps because it’s both less “culturally enriched” and also less arty farty types.

  286. 286
    Newsnight is shite says:

    I see fat shit Prescott is on Questiontime giving us the benefit of his wisdom once again. This would be the man who not only gave us the M4 bus lane but managed to waste 10 billion of unwanted fire control rooms.

    Which reminds me, has anyone ever totalled up just how much money Nu Liebore wasted when in charge?

    Fire control rooms 10 billion
    Iraq war god knows how many billions
    Afghanistan war good knows how many billions
    2 pointless aircraft carriers and useless planes to fly off them, what 20 billion?
    Useless NHS IT system? 10 billion I think

    What about PFI schemes? 100 billion?

    It just goes on and on and yet not a fucking word from the BBC.

  287. 287
    AC1 says:

    Mainly Cultural Enrichers?

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    well there have been an awful lot of cases of people killing them for no good reason

  289. 289
    Question Time turns Tory says:

    If you missed it, it was a remarkably conservative Question Time this week. Even Griff Rhys Jones ridiculed wind farms and supported nuclear power. Most of the audience were anti-Labour. One of the questioners actually asked if calling Balls a muttering idiot is stating the bleeding obvious! And another guy said Balls is shameless. Watch on iplayer if you missed it.

  290. 290
    Tom Watson says:

    Feed me.

  291. 291
    AC1 says:

    what about Tax Credits? A parallel benefitz system!

  292. 292
    Joe says:

    Yes, I have a new found respect for Griff Rhys Jones.

  293. 293
    Tesco says:

    Every little counts.

  294. 294
    not a machine says:

    not to worry ecnomic argument will soon have be visited by Krugman who basically argues ecnomic stimulus just wasnt big enough , thats why we have eurodisaster ………… I suppose we all enjoy a bit of keynes , noting that starting point of either eds nor krugmans walk up the garden path , never begins with the debt from errr previous stimuli ……… See Tel Jeremy Warner .

    An ancient book is discovered in Turkey (from Iran) citing ones of jesus dsiciples fortold of Allah being true prophet , and by the way Jesus wasnt crucified . Vatican wants to see it , I bet they do .

    Gryff Reece Jones was an interesting QT guest , he was perhaps quite right ecnomics is a complex subject , and wind farms got quite a blasting , we may have had 25yrs of boom and thats it no doubt leaving many wondering. Prescott thinks chuck in every form of energy . It is very unfortunate that Labour warped the enrgy market or indeed the complete lack of lateral thinking about it , I just wish it were possible to think about it in a completely different way , where somthing dovetails that requires less expensive nuclear and an intermediate is used for the variables of wind and solar . Peter Hain was on about severn barrage last week , a project that is based on the most wonk of wonks , prescott got all excited about carbon capture (just how much energy do you need to put CO2 back into gas fields ……. Doh) . I mean where was the goverments chief scientific advisor when discussion about land based wind was on , yet alone not spotting early and expensive poor engineering designs . I sometimes wonder if you went to see energy minister with a big enough media glow , he or she would annouce that old bits of rope were to be used to for future energy .

    Picture seems to be one of euro sliding which means inflation somewhere down the line , there not debts there investments in inflation and periphal bond blow outs ……. seems as though some are tipping eur USd at 1:1 and oil down to $80. Quite if this is the lucky break for socialist ecnomics , or just the begining of an unbalanced and clunky hit down to somewhere unpleasant , may be what is keeping our Eurosocialist chums form acting on the problems , however strikes me that by the time your near to the bottom you have fewer options and if you wish you had interveined earlier as you missed somthing ,its tin foil hats all round .

    I think we should keep a mind on our own business , if the EU has become a vain palace of socialist nutters who are getting it wrong , bon voyage to it for me . hinges on greek election ?, then theres the french ones , what a funny summer in our year when the UK has so much to celebrate , and such empty politics going on into the distance .

  295. 295
    Seymour Krelborne says:

    Dunno about that, Tommy Boy, they sussed me out pretty quick the last time I tried anything like that…

  296. 296
    D L George says:

    Thing that amazed me was not a single question on the Cameron / Hunt fiasco. It was the main news at 10pm on the Beeb and is still in the news on Sky at 4 am.

    Why wasn’t it brought up?

    Anyone notice it wasn’t even raised until the very end of ‘This Week’ just before they ended with the weirdly placed ‘Mod Man’? Hint at BBC moderator maybe?

  297. 297
    Corrupt and venal Oh Limpian Committee says:

    Sorry we can’t hold it in just one place every four years. Think of the freebie see-the-world-in-first-class-comfort-at-other-people’s-expense we would all be missing out on.

  298. 298
    Alky Ada in Dorset says:

    As it happens, we have a few spare IEDs if you would like some? You know our number so give us a call.

    Mustapha Nexploshun
    The Curry House
    High Street

  299. 299
    Seek a job? R U Mad? says:

    They probably got it through their JSA allocation/application forms and will claim double bennies for their trouble.

  300. 300
    Olimpick Vicar says:

    Our motto, inscribed on each version of the torch is “Lead Kindly Light Amid The Encircling Gloom”. Apt no?

  301. 301
    Hot pants says:

    No, you don’t understand. The whirling blades blow all the CO2 and exhaust fumes away – so it doesn’t count.

  302. 302
    Exile in residence says:

    BBC World TV paper review today led with some crap from the IHT (who reads that anyway?) that Dave had been told to shift his focus from austerity to growth – and that he was thus in serious trouble. Put me right off my cereal and yoghurt.

  303. 303
    Water water everywhere but etc says:

    Maybe not immediately, but in due time once the horse gets thirsty it will drink of his own volition.

  304. 304
    Water water everywhere but etc says:

    You must have been using that anti ageing cream stuff.

  305. 305
    Rag n Bone Man says:

    High time the Tories scrapped the mendacious BBC.

  306. 306
    Enviro mental list says:

    They have a pack of tame beavers.

  307. 307
    Enviro mental list says:

    They are, but they should also respect our right to tell them to effoff with their crap.

  308. 308
    Enviro mental list says:

    Danger of opening a much bigger can of worms about how hacking etc happened under the Liebore government’s watch, was revealed to the world, but no action was taken.

  309. 309
    Enviro mental list says:

    Will somebody please feed him to the lions at their local game park? Thanks.

  310. 310
    Enviro mental list says:

    249 was about Welshmen. You musy have the wrong number.

  311. 311
    Anonymous says:

    Obesity? Olympic sponsors include coca-cola and McDonalds. Very healthy.

  312. 312
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    Next time you think about Kazakhstan, remember that ‘Russian’ linesman, rather than the fictional Borat.

  313. 313
    Well it's a thought says:

    Mad Harriet the whiteman hater on about Sky and Murdoch, shame she doesn’t say anything about Liebour and them taking over the BBC.

  314. 314
    albacore says:

    “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din”
    Now that’s the moral of the Olympics spin
    Like everything else that our rulers spew out
    The message is failure, dissension and doubt
    So accept that you British have had your day
    Spectate while your country is given away

  315. 315
    Cat says:

    Not so daft – they only pay £250 for them and then flog the things on Fleabay for THOUSANDS!!!!

  316. 316
    Goldman Sachs, Rokefeller, Rothschild etc says:

    No good reason?

    I suggest you read a history book and take a look around at who runs things today. Otherwise you will always be condemned to be a “useful idiot”.

  317. 317
    OTD says:

    Tony Triumphs!

  318. 318
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Where did you get this nugget from? And is it a nugget of shite?

    At a guess thats a question from GCSE History, related to the rise of hitler etc.etc.

  319. 319
    Ah! Monika says:

    Siting decision due on Square Kilometre Array Telescope.

    Hopefully Bradford West

  320. 320
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    Poor Guido has been corrupted, then.

    And btw Comment #36 @4.27pm is not me – an impostor.

  321. 321
    Please like me says:

    The Tories are scared of the left

    Balls should be told to shut the fuck up and be reminded every time and i mean every time he speaks that he was that He & Brown crashed the economy

  322. 322
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    You have it all wrong albacore, though your sincerity I do not doubt,
    Immigration is but a trifling thing that bothers none,
    surely ’tis gay marriage that the country is really all hot and bothered about.

  323. 323
    The BBC says:

    ‘Them taking’ ?

    We’ve TAKEN FFS!

  324. 324
    Headmistress says:

    Oh dear, another victim of the Williams’ “education” project.

  325. 325
    ham says:

    Are you suggesting there are less radio interference sources- mobile phones etc in Bradford West to be of benefit to the project or hoping / praying that the radio fallout will increase the cancer, leukaemia dangers said to be involved?
    It’s a win – win suggestion

  326. 326
    Lord Prescott of Pie (Swinging the crocquet mahe comfort of the spazwagon Edition) says:

    Eh yup Eric Lad, are thee on a diet?

  327. 327
    Lord Felchett says:

    Does everything stretch in the Fantastic Fore?

  328. 328
    (optional) says:

  329. 329
    The anorak in cadillac. says:

    Fucking wino. That stuff is one step down from meths.

  330. 330
    My comment is awaiting moderation says:

    The main thing is to ensure that nutters like Ken Livingstone are not elected to positions where they can waste such enormous amounts of our money. Think of all the teachers, doctors, nurses and community support officers that could have been employed with that money.

    How many staring children could have been fed with £10 billion?

  331. 331
    HM The Queen says:

    Camomile Gyps
    Camomiles Gyp
    Magic Employs
    Magics Employ
    Calypso Gimme
    Images Comply
    Ageism Comply
    Gleams Myopic
    Game Olympics
    Mega Olympics
    Games Olympic
    Gamy Compiles
    Gamy Polemics
    Gamy Complies
    A Polemic Gyms
    A Compile Gyms
    A Compiles Gym
    A Polemics Gym
    A Complies Gym
    A Comely Gimps
    A Olympics Gem
    A Olympic Gems
    Ace Smog Imply
    Cage Simply Om
    Cage Imply Oms
    Cage Mils Mopy
    Cage Slim Mopy
    Cage Slimy Mop
    Cage Limy Mops
    Pelagic Oms My
    Glace Ism Mopy
    Glace Mis Mopy
    Glace Yips Mom
    Glace Yip Moms
    Glaces Mi Mopy
    Glaces Yip Mom
    Legacy Mi Mops
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    Legacy Ism Mop
    Legacy Mis Mop
    Legacy Pi Moms
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    Cages Limy Mop
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    Gamy Clip Some
    Gamy Pic Moles
    Gamy Pics Mole
    Gamy Clop Semi
    Gamy Clop Mise
    Gamy Comp Leis
    Gamy Comp Isle
    Gamy Comp Lies
    Gamy Comps Lei
    Gamy Comps Lie
    Gamy Cop Limes
    Gamy Cop Slime
    Gamy Cop Miles
    Gamy Cop Smile
    Gamy Cops Mile
    Gamy Cops Lime
    Gamy Cos Impel
    Gap Commie Sly
    Gap Comely Ism
    Gap Comely Mis
    Gap Come Slimy
    Gap Comes Limy
    Gap Cloys Mime
    Gap Cloy Mimes
    Gasp Comely Mi
    Gasp Come Limy
    Gasp Cloy Mime
    Gaps Comely Mi
    Gaps Come Limy
    Gaps Cloy Mime
    Gas Clime Mopy
    Gas Polemic My
    Gas Compile My
    Gas Commie Ply
    Gas Comely Imp
    Gas Come Imply
    Gas Olympic Me
    Gas Olympic Em
    Gas Myopic Elm
    Gas Icy Pommel
    Sag Clime Mopy
    Sag Polemic My
    Sag Compile My
    Sag Commie Ply
    Sag Comely Imp
    Sag Come Imply
    Sag Olympic Me
    Sag Olympic Em
    Sag Myopic Elm
    Sag Icy Pommel
    Gays Clime Mop
    Gays Compel Mi
    Gays Come Limp
    Gays Clip Memo
    Gays Clop Mime
    Gays Comp Mile
    Gays Comp Lime
    Gay Clime Mops
    Gay Climes Mop
    Gay Splice Mom
    Gay Compel Ism
    Gay Compel Mis
    Gay Compels Mi
    Gay Come Limps
    Gay Comes Limp
    Gay Clip Memos
    Gay Clips Memo
    Gay Sic Pommel
    Gay Clomp Semi
    Gay Clomp Mise
    Gay Clop Mimes
    Gay Clops Mime
    Gay Comp Limes
    Gay Comp Slime
    Gay Comp Miles
    Gay Comp Smile
    Gay Comps Mile
    Gay Comps Lime
    Mail Come Gyps
    Mail Comes Gyp
    Mail Cope Gyms
    Mail Copse Gym
    Mail Copes Gym
    Mail Scope Gym
    Mail Copy Gems
    Misplay Cog Me
    Misplay Cog Em
    Mails Come Gyp
    Mails Cope Gym
    Mails Copy Gem
    Mislay Cop Gem
    Pail Come Gyms
    Pail Comes Gym
    Pails Come Gym
    Maim Close Gyp
    Maim Spec Logy
    Maim Clog Espy
    Maim Clog Yeps
    Maim Clogs Yep
    Maim Cog Yelps
    Maim Cogs Yelp
    Maim Cloys Peg
    Maim Cloy Pegs
    Maim Copy Legs
    Maim Copy Gels
    Imam Close Gyp
    Imam Spec Logy
    Imam Clog Espy
    Imam Clog Yeps
    Imam Clogs Yep
    Imam Cog Yelps
    Imam Cogs Yelp
    Imam Cloys Peg
    Imam Cloy Pegs
    Imam Copy Legs
    Imam Copy Gels
    Maims Clog Yep
    Maims Cog Yelp
    Maims Cloy Peg
    Maims Copy Gel
    Maims Copy Leg
    Imams Clog Yep
    Imams Cog Yelp
    Imams Cloy Peg
    Imams Copy Gel
    Imams Copy Leg
    La Commie Gyps
    La Commies Gyp
    La Comes Gimpy
    La Comes Pigmy
    La Myopic Gems
    La Copy Gimmes
    Lam Copies Gym
    Lam Come Gipsy
    Loam Mice Gyps
    Loam Epic Gyms
    Loam Spice Gym
    Loam Epics Gym
    Loam Sec Gimpy
    Loam Sec Pigmy
    Loam Spicy Gem
    Loams Mice Gyp
    Loams Epic Gym
    Loamy Sec Gimp
    Loamy Pic Gems
    Loamy Pics Gem
    Amply Ice Smog
    Amply Cog Semi
    Amply Cog Mise
    Palmy Ice Smog
    Palmy Cog Semi
    Palmy Cog Mise
    Lams Eco Gimpy
    Lams Eco Pigmy
    Alms Eco Gimpy
    Alms Eco Pigmy
    Slam Eco Gimpy
    Slam Eco Pigmy
    Opal Mice Gyms
    Opals Mice Gym
    Lap Cosy Gimme
    Lap Coy Gimmes
    Alp Cosy Gimme
    Alp Coy Gimmes
    Pal Cosy Gimme
    Pal Coy Gimmes
    Alps Coy Gimme
    Pals Coy Gimme
    Slap Coy Gimme
    Laps Coy Gimme
    Splay Cog Mime
    Palsy Cog Mime
    Plays Cog Mime
    Play Mice Smog
    Play Cog Mimes
    Play Cogs Mime
    Play Cos Gimme
    Las Commie Gyp
    Las Come Gimpy
    Las Come Pigmy
    Las Myopic Gem
    Las Copy Gimme
    Lays Come Gimp
    Lays Cop Gimme
    Slay Come Gimp
    Slay Cop Gimme
    Lay Come Gimps
    Lay Comes Gimp
    Lay Cop Gimmes
    Lay Cops Gimme
    Am Police Gyms
    Am Polices Gym
    Am Comely Pigs
    Am Close Gimpy
    Am Close Pigmy
    Am Policy Gems
    Am Myopic Legs
    Am Myopic Gels
    Am Comply Egis
    Am Coy Glimpse
    Ma Police Gyms
    Ma Polices Gym
    Ma Comely Pigs
    Ma Close Gimpy
    Ma Close Pigmy
    Ma Policy Gems
    Ma Myopic Legs
    Ma Myopic Gels
    Ma Comply Egis
    Ma Coy Glimpse
    Ammo Lice Gyps
    Ammo Slice Gyp
    Ammo Spicy Gel
    Ammo Spicy Leg
    Ammos Lice Gyp
    Mayos Clip Gem
    Mayo Clip Gems
    Mayo Clips Gem
    Amp Cog Smiley
    Amp Cosily Gem
    Map Cog Smiley
    Map Cosily Gem
    Amps Mice Logy
    Maps Mice Logy
    Mas Police Gym
    Mas Comely Pig
    Mas Policy Gem
    Mas Myopic Gel
    Mas Myopic Leg
    Yams Mice Glop
    Yams Cog Impel
    Mays Mice Glop
    Mays Cog Impel
    May Mice Glops
    May Close Gimp
    May Cog Simple
    May Cog Impels
    May Cogs Impel
    May Clomp Egis
    Yam Mice Glops
    Yam Close Gimp
    Yam Cog Simple
    Yam Cog Impels
    Yam Cogs Impel
    Yam Clomp Egis
    Soap Clime Gym
    Pa Cloys Gimme
    Pa Cloy Gimmes
    Sap Cloy Gimme
    Pas Cloy Gimme
    Spa Cloy Gimme
    Asp Cloy Gimme
    Pays Clog Mime
    Yaps Clog Mime
    Spay Clog Mime
    Pay Clime Smog
    Pay Clog Mimes
    Pay Clogs Mime
    Yap Clime Smog
    Yap Clog Mimes
    Yap Clogs Mime
    As Polemic Gym
    As Compile Gym
    As Comely Gimp
    As Olympic Gem
    Say Clop Gimme
    Ay Clop Gimmes
    Ay Clops Gimme
    Ya Clop Gimmes
    Ya Clops Gimme
    A Lice Gyms Mop
    A Lice Gym Mops
    A Lice Gyps Mom
    A Lice Gyp Moms
    A Clime Gyms Op
    A Clime Gym Sop
    A Clime Gym Ops
    A Clime Gyps Om
    A Clime Gyp Oms
    A Climes Gym Op
    A Climes Gyp Om
    A Splice Gym Om
    A Slice Gym Mop
    A Slice Gyp Mom
    A Mice Glops My
    A Mice Smog Ply
    A Mice Gyms Lop
    A Mice Gyms Pol
    A Mice Gym Slop
    A Mice Gym Pols
    A Mice Gym Lops
    A Compel Gyms I
    A Compel Gym Is
    A Compels Gym I
    A Close Gimp My

  332. 332
    olden1936 says:

    Oh dear, oh dear! What desolation; the Olympic torch isn’t coming to Clacton; this according to the local indignant whiners recently featured on BBC Look East news. Let’s all join in and decide to feel insulted; why isn’t the torch coming to Walton on the Naze? In fact why isn’t the torch coming down the road where I live in Walton? It’s all so unfair and so I shall demand that our beloved Prime Minister firmly admonishes Lord Coe for being so remiss! After all, the torch is meant to make each of us feel included in a highly expensive national ego trip event that it seems is less about sportingly taking part and more about each nation grabbing the maximum total of gold medals. What’s that latest expression? Get a life!

  333. 333
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    Googling the phrase -‘zero percent growth’ Gordon Brown- gives you a page which seems torn from the annals of a madhouse.

    Enjoy our escape from ithere.

  334. 334
    Trundlemaster says:

    I try not to get too intemperate online but everytime I hear about the Olympics I get more and more angry. I want nothing to do with the fucking corrupt wasteathon that is the Olympics. Oh how my heart sank when I saw that the UK had ‘won’ the Olympics.

    I’m having fuck all to do with it. It’s fucked over a whole area of London, has cost a fortune and will no doubt cost far far more, it’s robbed the locals of their right to speak against the Olympics.

    It’s costly, it’s shit and will leave a legacy of enriched quangocrats and squeezed taxpayers just like every other New Labour project.

    Oh and Sir Robin Wales (‘Mayor’ of Newham) is a waste of space ego driven scumbag.

  335. 335
  336. 336
    the longer the post the shiter says:


  337. 337
    Just me says:

    I’m with you mate.

  338. 338
    mark wouters. says:

    Cameron and Clegg(aka s–t and Begg) and this Condem govt are a set of” Baboons- Bums” a lot of face but not much to say but S–t.!

  339. 339
    Expat Geordie says:


    “The Olympic Salute is requently confused with the similar Nazi Salute”

    Says it all really.

  340. 340
    Expat Geordie says:

    Typhoons, dear boy, Typhoons.

    Only the Axis powers call it the Eurofighter.

  341. 341
    Expat Geordie says:


  342. 342
    Lord Baiting says:

    isn’t that the address of Jim Knight’s old constituent office – where he stitched up many a constituent?

  343. 343
    Fatten up says:

    Eric – try some Localism (same as communism) and shoove it up your and prscott’s posteriors. You fat slobs.

  344. 344
    BlowingWhistles says:

    Lets me be having some of that from the scum diggers sleuths – bring it on Rupert – you evil bastard and then try the blackmail entrapment ruse again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FU Rupee and a slow and painful death is hopefully awaiting you at your end.

  345. 345
    mark wouters. says:

    In this jubilee year your reminded that the British royal family ARE GERMANS and that their real name is Sax-cobury and gotha,i know that the srett parties will be Ignored as should this House of Germans !!!

  346. 346
    mark wouters says:

    Please remember that the british royal family ARE GERMANS and that their real name is SAX-Coberg and Gotha.
    The street parties will be ignored and the tory Govt are Baboons without brains,lets enjoy the continuing economic downturn ,a Byproduct of the tory esablisment (TOFFS)

  347. 347
    Comrade Trevor Philips says:

    Some colours are more equal than others.

  348. 348
    Archie says:

    Community Support Officers? Definitely need more of them!

  349. 349
    Archie says:

    Are we not men?

  350. 350
    BagLady says:

    In 1948 the Games cost BP600,000 and athletes had to bring their own food. British athletes had to work in the morning before taking the afternoon off to compete (Their money docked).

    No wonder we never bloody-well win anything.

  351. 351
    BagLady says:

    I presume that’s English English for ‘everybody’s business’.

    Out of interest, how much does it cost to travel those couple of stops in London? $1 per kilometer/ 1BP per mile would seem a fair price to pay, if you compare it with similar systems around the world , Mexico to Argentina, say.

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