May 22nd, 2012

Islanders’ Desperate Plea to Gove After Academy Stitch Up

Vested interests in the education world know no bounds in their opposition to academies, but this one is a corker. The headteacher of the only school on the Isles of Scilly was hastily suspended yesterday, without explanation, after it emerged that he was venturing to the mainland and travelling all the way to London to discuss potential Academy status for his school.

The islands are run by the locally loathed Chief Executive of the Unitary Authority, Philip Hygate. In a remarkable display of efficiency Hygate is also the Director of Education (as well as the Returning Officer and the Standards Officer etcetera.) The headteacher, who has turned the school around, is thought to be warming to the idea of academy status and the freedom this would grant him, but it’s known that Mr Hygate would rather cut his hands off than lose control of the school and, more importantly, its budget. He, and he alone, has the power to call in auditors and is claiming to have discovered an “irregularity” in the school’s books. He appears to be accusing the head of embezzling funds, much to the bafflement of the residents. The local media is reporting:

“Police Sergeant Colin Taylor confirmed during the afternoon yesterday that there had been no ongoing investigation or complaint made about any member of the Five Islands School staff.”

Islanders are close to mutiny. One sent a carrier pigeon to Guido this afternoon exclaiming:

“This must be the last straw. The Chief Executive appears to have gone mad with power. This kind of operation has his prints all over it. Rather than allow the Headteacher to decide what’s best for the schoolchildren he has set in motion a chain of events which has one simple objective: prevent academy status and retain the power and the budget for the Council.  What we need now is for Michael Gove to come to these islands, talk to the people and get to the bottom of a rotten system.”

Hygate was being buttered up in Downing Street just last month and Guido has made the Department of Education aware of the stitch up. Gove to the rescue?


  1. 1
    Ed Balls MP says:

    Skool must knot produce winners!

    • 4
      Scilly Cunt says:

      Why’s your head shaped like a turnip?

    • 9
      Philip hi&mighty says:

      Its my school by the laws of grey scull

    • 44
      Hamish Macbeth says:

      Always amazed by how politicians of all colours seem to extol the virtues of privatisation and consumer choice , errr except when it comes to education…

      Time to give every parent a voucher and let them choose the school of their choice for their children …

      Free education from the politicians .

      I believe only UKIP have this policy …

  2. 2
    Nom Dom Nom says:

    Sounds all rather Scilly to me

    • 7
      anonymous says:

      from the inbreeds at westminster to the inbreeds of the scilly’s – it’s all here

      • 10
        Brass Eye says:

        I wonder just how many have ‘mother’ tattooed on their knuckles?

        • 47
          Sci says:

          The world will never be the same again…
          WTF is happening to this blog?

        • 89
          Anonymous says:

          A few of the contributors on here had ‘mother’ tattooed on their knuckles once, but the tats have been rubbed off through being dragged along the ground… TS

    • 27
      Anonymous says:

      Is this not Jersey?

      • 39
        Trundlemaster says:

        When I saw the lines about the power crazed Chief Executives I thought they were talking about Newham and Sir Robin Wales? But I was wrong it’s another power crazed taxpayer funded local authority chief exec.

  3. 3
    LEA Porker says:

    Leave our lovable CE alone. We need him to keep feeding us all that loot so that we can justify our fantastic non jobs here in the sunny Scilly Isles.

    • 5
      Peppers Ghost says:

      Just how many boxes can one tick on an island?

      • 16
        FartingHippo says:

        Scilly Isles = Dunny on the Wold
        Philip Hygate = Mr E Blackadder

        <a href=";

      • 64
        Todd Stevens says:

        They forgot to mention that he is also the monitoring officer-so he can monitor his own conduct.

        • 66
          Anonymous says:

          The forgot to mention that 70% of staff want rid of Wilby. And that the decision was joint with the governors. And that, given the sort of place it is, many governors aren’t fit for post.

          • Anonymous says:

            Nobody can comment on this or assume it’s a “Hygate scam” without knowing the full story. I suggest you just wait and see what the outcome is – I’m pretty sure The Vegan Jedi will finally be shown for what he is rather than what he pretends to be.

          • Todd Stevens says:

            Popular or not- as far as I understand it Wilby has turned the school around from being under special measures after Hygate’s control. That is what really matters.

            How popular or successful is Hygate??

            The tumbleweed rolls on by………………..@

          • Anonymous says:

            You’re a twat, you know nothing. The petition was encouraged by Mr Filip LoSnake which is why he was seen talking to the petition organisor several days before the petition was handed in anonymously to the Huntsil of the isles of scilly. It is a complete stitch up because Fenny Fen-Coward and LoSnake have been trying to get Wilby sacked on several occassions with trumped up and ludicrous accusations. ok 70% of the staff don’t like Wilby’s management style, so what, about 99% of the Huntsil staff hate LoSnakes management style so why not suspend him. Atleast Wilby hasn’t had 3 cases of sexual harrassment brought against him or stole from the charity shop or bought antiques cheaply and sold them on to his brother in laws antique firm and not declared the income to the tax man!

          • Todd Stevens says:

            I know all about that stuff and agree totally.

            Dont call me names from the benefit of anonyimity.

          • Anonymous says:

            Soz, not you but directed towards Anonymous (23/5/12 – 2.27pm)

          • Todd Stevens says:

            There’s 2 of you!? No wonder its confusing which side you’re on!?

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m another anonymouse person. Find it really strange that Toddger won’t acknowledge that one of the failed sexual harassment cases involves him personally; be honest!! Also, what did ‘Losnake’ steal from the charity shop?

  4. 6
    Raving Loon says:

    The biggest obstacle to reform and decent teaching in the UK are the teaching unions. Government policy should be aimes at neutering them, otherwise it may as well urinate into the wind.

    • 32
      Local Government Ombudsman says:

      A typical example of the corruption in Local Governnment that abounds in every council in the country. I am supposed to regulate them, but, as most of my investigation staff have been recruited from local government, and, no government, whatever their political colour, wishes the public to know about this rabid local government corruption; I will continue to sit on my hands, draw my £100k plus salary and index linked pension contributions, and continue to do nothing.

      • 33
        Eric Pickles says:

        Well said Local Government Ombudsman. I quite agree, we don’t want the public to really know how very corrupt Local Government is. Keep drawing your pay and I will keep turning a blind eye.

      • 36
        Handycock Capo di Capo Portsmouth says:

        Well said both of you. You have my full and complete support. Looks like this Chief Executive, Hygate, is one of us. Jahbulon.

        • 70
          Anonymous says:

          The headteacher on the Isles of Scilly earns more money than Hygate though…. Does that ring any alarm bells for anyone else?

          • Todd Stevens says:

            No he does not!!

          • Anonymous says:

            I’d double check that if I were you you old Toddger!

          • Todd Stevens says:

            They said the highest paid at the School was 67k whereas hygate gets over 100k ???

          • Anonymous says:

            Difference between what an employee costs and what an employee earns… Check out the job advertisement from back in the day and look at the rental discount that the head teacher gets for his pimpo cottage on the dock of the bay…

  5. 8
    Sack the Intern says:

    the freedom is would grant him !!!

    Please change to – the freedom this would grant him

    Consider this your final written warning

  6. 11
    Silly says:

    If this is true. What a shame for the guy.
    Who is this tùrd Hygate? He needs to get with the times and move on.

    • 41
      Expat Geordie says:

      Pity no-one on the islands has the balls to blow his brains out with a shotgun. As Field Marshall Slim once said, “It does the mens morale the world of good to occasionally see a dead general. It doesn’t matter whose side the general is on.”

    • 116
      Anonymous says:

      Ni its bollox

  7. 12
    Anonymous says:

    blind, deaf, non-verbal, tube fed, cared for 24 hours a day man found fit for work

    no compassion in the uk anymore

    • 15
      Try reading the fucking article says:

      As a result of not completing the form correctly.

      • 29
        Medic says:

        I think you’ll find the form was completed correctly. Given the described circumstances not adding 24 hour care was the least of the issues. But then for somebody who’s obviously into the ideaology of the nazis that’s okay then

        • 34
          Elgin's lost his Marbles says:

          The Nazis established a Welfare State in part of occupied Czechoslovakia, so stopping welfare is contrary to Nazi practice.

          Socialists may hiss at one another, but they are all snakes.

          • The Nazis established a Welfare State in part of occupied Czechoslovakia

            Leaving aside any debate as to what exactly a nazi welfare state might do for its clients, can we assume that the “part” of Czechoslovakia about which you speak was called Sudetenland? ie the bit that contained a large population of ethnic Germans.

        • 40
          Trundlemaster says:

          Knee jerk lefty Godwin alert

  8. 13
    JH says:

    What an interesting little Petri dish this case is, a perfect example in microcosm of the wider rot in our education system.

    The education of children is left at the mercy of self-interested, power crazed lefty morons who use well-rehearsed parroted proclamations of concern to mask their own disgusting self-interest.

    Go Gove, Go.

    • 19
      jgm2 says:

      But are they lefty? Surely a tax-haven full of white folk wouldn’t elect a bedwetter?

      More likely he’s just a non-aligned or T*ry megalomaniac.

      And if he is such a nutter of whatever persuasion then why don’t they un-elect him?

      • 24
        JH says:

        This guy may not be a conventional lefty, if only because such a small community would leave the usual tendencies of that ilk rather obvious, without the insidious numbers-game maths of the mainland.

        I’m sure he’s just all full of faux-concern for the chiiillldreeen though. Concerned that someone else won’t be paying for the fucking Conservatory/Jaguar XF/retirement he’s got an eye on, more like.

      • 30

        The Scilly Isles is part of Cornwall (albeit, it seems, a unitary authority) not a tax haven!

        • 45
          jgm2 says:

          I thought Sark was in the Scilly Isles and used by the Barclay Bros as a tax haven?

          In fact I’m sure it’s a tax haven.

          • Elgin's lost his Marbles says:

            The Scilly Isles were a tax haven until 1954, when income tax was extended to cover them, it had been exempted. It is an integral part of the UK, unlike the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, which are not part of the UK, but are Crown Dependencies.

            Sark is one of the Channel Islands, and the said Bros. live on a small island off it.

          • jgm2 says:

            You’re dead right. Sark is in the Channel Islands. I had it in my head it was in the Scilly Isles.

      • 77
        scillybilly says:

        If you actually did some research instead of spouting off without engaging your poor excuse for a brain you would very soon find out that the Isles of Scilly is not a tax haven. You would be thinking of the Channel Isles my uneducated friend.

    • 62
      Anonymous says:

      I assume that you mean Mr Gove should leave his post as soon as possible.

  9. 14
    jgm2 says:

    Private Eye was all over the Union opposition to the NHS reforms. Basically all the bedwetter objections were specifically about their loss of influence in a decentralising structure. And, thanks to the various Labour interventions, the effect has been to actually concentrate power centrally. From where the unions and suchlike vested interests can make sure that it all remains uniformly shit for the patients but uniformly lucrative for the employees.

    Which is what is important. To the unions.

    Sounds like it’s the same in education. At every level.

  10. 18
    My Bleeding Heart says:

    Cuts kill!

    The Tory battle against these poor people on benefits shames us all, there’s no compassion in the UK any more.

    cwy cwy cwy…..

    • 20
      jgm2 says:

      Whereas destroying the entire UK economy with unsustainable debt is an act of true compassion no doubt.

      The vile c*unts.

    • 25
      Dianne Abbot MP says:

      Where is the fucking ‘Report’ button for post #19???

  11. 21
    Anonymous says:

    There is something about council education officials that seems to make them feel they have a God given right to do and say what they like, without ever being held to account. From Shetland to Scilly it’s the same story.

    • 78
      Anonymous says:

      why do we allow this island to be run by people who bleed us dry. The headmaster is useless and Hygate is worse

  12. 22
    Just look at all these none-jobing cocksuckers wasting our money says:

    • 26
      JH says:

      How lucky we are to be allowed a glance into the rarefied little world of our betters. I personally will happily pay extra in my tax bill this year, so that the EU deep-pile carpets, exquisitely bound documents and little holographic ID cards may be even more lovely next year.

      There’s nothing new under the Sun. The psychology of it all is no different to a medieval Royal Court.

      That video is being filed under ‘first against the wall’.

    • 37
      Beastly sino doctor says:

      Thanks for posting that
      That really is a case of lock, load and advance to contact isnt it?

    • 53
      The public says:


  13. 28
    Anonymous says:

    “We’ve spoken with Bryce Wilby. He says he has not been informed of the reason for his suspension” – that alone is shocking

  14. 31
    To be a pilgrim says:

    Gove to the rescue! Ha Ha

    Not the first time.

    At least one case of a successful headmaster being suspended without explanation (on the day of the Ofsted inspection which would have returned the third “outstanding” in a row) and then accused of theft a year later to prevent a school going “academy” with private sponsorship money paying for total rebuilding.

    And when the audit commission come in to look at the Council and how it missed the supposed losses, the senior Council staff promptly take early retirement with enhanced pensions, avoiding all questions.

    So what do the Ministry and Gove do. Nothing, except to conceal their part in this, saying that they can’t tell if they have any information on this (and the Ministry also used a fake name on replies to try to confuse the issue).

    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      And the really sad part is that two of the best school governors have resigned in protest of the actions of the ios council because they are just so fed up by Hygates constant interfering and gerrymandering with anything he does not control.

      The Councillors should be ashamed for letting this happen but they are all to scared of Hygate to standup and be counted. He is an employee of the council ffs, you are his employer, discipline him, suspend him, preferably get rid of him

  15. 35
    Jimmy says:

    I trust you remembered to use the Mrs. Blurt e-mail account.

  16. 38
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    There is serious money to be made out of schools and education.

    I am thinking about becoming a Guvnor

  17. 42
    Jethroe says:

    A classic case of pissed with power.

  18. 51
    MONGTASTIC says:


  19. 52
    Sick of the lot of them says:

    Using the power of the state to harass the individual. Isnt that malfeasance of office? Isnt that, sort of, illegal?
    In an organisation as large as a school, I’m quite sure that if you look hard enough you will find some minor discrepancy somewhere, no-one’s perfect. But for the head of the council to suspend the headmaster there has better be a damn good reason for it and a few missing erasers does not qualify as one.
    Hygate should be sued for malfeasance and the court should get to the bottom of whatever it was the auditors found, and if it was trivial then he’s guilty, and should be declared unfit for holding office.

    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      You don’t actually know what Wilby’s done do you? There’s so much more to it than what you’ve read here.

      • 83
        Anonymous says:

        Please do enlighten us and convince us that this isn’t just being done as either a way to maintain power over the school’s budget, or as a personal attack on the headteacher. It’s nice to share, after all. I’m dying to know what you know.

  20. 54
    Postal Vote says:

    Dear Mr Hygate,

    I advise you the following course of action to restore your credibility and retain control of your school, yes indeed, your school:

    You should follow the strategy that Labour governments perfected in the period 1997-2010, i.e. invent a few non-jobs in the school, advertise them in The Guardian and on its website. No doubt The Guardian will then write favourably about you and discredit your opposition and the academy system. The Guardian’s view will then be adopted by BBC editors or the BBC will invite someone to discuss the newspapers who will certainly draw the beeb’s audience’s attention to the piece in The Guardian. A few hours later some backbench labour MPs will lend you their support. Job done.


    P. Vote
    Election Practices Consultant

  21. 55
    Les Abbey says:

    If your mate Gove took Rachel with him for a little overnight on the island, she should be able to sniff out the missing money.

  22. 57
    Headmaster-Dotheboys Hall says:

    It may well be a good idea for Gove and Co. to ride to the rescue of the Head at this school, who seems to want to become an Academy.

    That might divert Gove from trying to force that status upon all those schools, heads and parents who don’t want to become academies; and who would prefer local despotism (Localism?) rather than having their schools run by and dictated to by Central Government i.e. Gove, Wilshaw, and the 1560 hangers-on in London alone (that was 2010, so it’s probably twice that by now).

  23. 58
    Taxfodder says:

    Most local government is full of idle self interested know nothing cretins on the make.

    Their main activity is poking their noses into places they have no right to be while lining their pockets scratching backs and maintenance of the self proclaimed great and the good.

    One glance will confirm the usual suspects on a fat package, many with not the slightest chance of anything like in the real world of profit, loss and innovation.

    A carbon copy of Westminster!

  24. 59
    The Daily Sport says:

    ****PLEASE NOTE******

    70% of the staff at the Five Islands School signed a vote of no confidence petition in an attempt to oust the headteacher; they feel that he is severely mismanaging the school.

    ****PLEASE NOTE******

    Headteacher describes himself as a ‘Vegan Jedi’. Let the force be with him.

    • 61
      george says:

      we’d like to see this petition, do you have a copy?

      • 65
        Anonymous says:

        Ask for the copy. I’m sure their ‘sources’ will oblige. But 1st of all best to clarify; it was 69% of staff.

        • 107
          Anonymous says:

          part time teaching assistants ,most of which were only taken on when the new school was built.
          to run a good school and to maintain its high standards sometimes the head has to make unpopular decisions for the good of the school.
          So whilst he’s suspended the witch hunt starts

      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        George, where’s the best place to send a copy of the petition to for you to have a goosey gander at it?

      • 69
        Anonymous says:

        George, where’s best to get a copy of the petition to you at?

        • 76
          Anonymous says:


          • Todd Stevens says:

            Wilby was doing a good job and turned the school around. There was a lot of people there being paid for doing nothing more than gaining qualifications in things they never actually do. Now they are being paid for what they actually do. This is why they have the hump with Wilby. Its called saving taxpayers money from going to freeloaders.

    • 84
      Anon says:

      Is your second note relevant to your first note, or anything else for that matter?

      • 86
        Anonymous says:

        Yes and no. It’s relevant in as much as it helps ‘foreigners’ understand the sort of clown that staff have been working under, ‘no’ insofar as it isn’t, I’m sure, related to his suspension. But so many other comments on here aren’t either, are they?!

        • 92
          Anon says:

          A lot of the comments here poke fun at government at large, I think. Your comment is directly related to the headteacher who has been suspended. Which part of being a ‘vegan jedi’ makes him a ‘clown’ then? Sounds to me like he has a far more open mind than you do, or than most people in this sterile community have. Many people have claimed on censuses to be ‘Jedi’ and, if I may quote from Wikipedia, “It is believed the majority of self-reported Jedi claimed the religion for their own amusement, to poke fun at the government, or as a protest against the inclusion of the religion question on the census form”, and, “In England and Wales 390,127 people (almost 0.8%) stated their religion as Jedi on their 2001 Census forms”. [] I don’t know how deeply he feels in his soul (if indeed he believes souls exist) that he is in fact a Jedi, or if it was said in jest/tongue in cheek.

          Or is it because he doesn’t eat meat that you feel he’s a clown? Would you then also consider Mahatma Gandhi, and a plethora of other well-respected, highly intelligent people ‘clowns’ as well because of what they cho(o)se not to eat?

          Get real.

          • Kev Wright says:

            The Daily Sport – you really haven’t got a clue have you? This man is the best head teacher the school has had in my lifetime, including the ones I was schooled under. As a parent I hope he’s back at work as soon as possible.

            And how an earth can what someone chooses to eat be relevant in any way whatsoever to this debate? It’s you that’s a bloody clown. Your attitude towards religion and lifestyle disgusts me. What kind of fascist are you?

          • Anonymous says:

            Quite a number of the teachers in the ios are not that good at what they do and have washed up here because they can’t get a job teaching anywhere else, The Jedi Vegan has come along and kicked them up the arse and made them work for less pay and good on him I say. The off islands all have schools of 6-20 pupils with staff on a headmasters salary, that would be £50k plus, so that would be one of the reasons why some of the staff don’t like him.
            Rumor has it that the petition moaning about him was raised by the chief exec and then all the disillusioned staff signed it, so the person who doesn’t want to lose the school budget should it get academy status and the people who are finally having to do some work at a reasonable salary are now trying to stitch up the head by name calling and mud slinging, very professional.
            Several years ago the council was so poor at running the school that it was taken out of council control and run by a third party (Cambridge education) unfortunately the council clawed it’s way back into control mainly on the back of all the hard work done by people like Bryce
            I hope he stays as he is the best head we’ve had in a very long time

        • 114
          The Daily Sport says:

          Interesting point there, Kev Wright. I’d note, if I were you, that I wasn’t criticising the fact that he was a Vegan Jedi, merely stating it. Likewise, wasn’t passing comment on the petition, merely stating it. Seems only fair that we can state such things. If we can mention that other people have been accused of sexual harrassment and theft, then surely it’s not too much of an issue to comment on someone’s religious preference? Perhaps my point was more to do with hoping that the force would, indeed, be with him.

          • Kev Wright says:

            Sexual harassment and theft are serious criminal offences. Being a vegan or jokingly describing yourself as a Jedi isn’t. You can’t really compare the two. And you didn’t just state those facts, you used them to try and label the headmaster as a “clown”. People’s choices of food or religion do not make them “clowns”.

  25. 72
    A. Parent Esq says:

    Plea to the DFE.

    Please take this school out of the hands of this incompetent Local Authority before it’s too late.

    • 88
      Anonymous says:

      Agreed. Ask the external auditors who they would recommend it’s passed to.

    • 90
      Anonymous says:

      Agreed. Why don’t you ask the independent auditors who they would recommend?

  26. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Mr Fawkes could submit some freedom of information requests to the IOS council asking how much tax payers money has been paid out in law suits and compensation claims made against the actions of the chief executive and his deputy during their period in office.
    And another foi asking what the grounds of the successful claims were.
    And a third asking from which budget were the claims paid from.

    I’d ask but the council would do a Bryce on me

    • 81
      Todd Stevens says:

      This comment is spot on.

      • 87
        Anonymous says:

        Would sound right to you, wouldn’t it?!

        • 91
          Anonymous says:

          The council is run as a personal fiefdom by the chief exec and his lackey the chief technical officer, they don’t answer to anyone and if you should be so foolish as to make a complaint about the council, then guess who investigates the complaint, it’s a closed loop and the soon to be abolished council ombudsman is powerless to intervene.
          Both are just employees of the council and should in effect answer to the Councillors (the supposed elected representatives of the people hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah) But its a case of the tail wagging the dog. “Most” of the Councillors are unemployed or unemployable ie retired and are either in Hygates pocket or are shit scared of being “Bryced”. There are one or two good Councillors who try and hold the executive to account but their lives are made a misery as the council then launch personal attacks and lawsuits against these people until they fall into line.
          Last year a petition was raised and signed by the majority of the islands population demanding a referendum on the chief executives self appointed £6000 pay-rise. Unsurprisingly the request was rejected by the council. Democracy on these islands is dead!
          We are living under a dictatorship!

  27. 95
    Anonymous says:

    I notice that quite a number of comments have been removed
    Would that be at the request of the ios council perchance ?

  28. 97
    Geordieboy says:

    Obviously a Labour supporter perhaps with his hands in the till (Expenses)

    • 98
      Anonymous says:

      I think you’ll find that the chief exec is a Tory but your probably right about the hand in the till because Tory’s do need to have their moats and duck houses paid for some how don’t they

    • 99
      Anonymous says:

      I think you’ll find the Chief exec is a Tory
      But then Tory’s have to pay for their moats to be cleaned and houses for their ducks somehow

  29. 104
    Anonymous says:

    The really sad part is that two of the best school governors have resigned in protest of the actions of the ios council because they are just so fed up by Hygates constant interfering and gerrymandering with anything he does not control.

    The Councillors should be ashamed for letting this happen but they are all to scared of Hygate to standup and be counted. He is an employee of the council ffs, you are his employer, discipline him, suspend him, preferably get rid of him

    • 106
      Anon says:

      It makes me wonder WHY they are so scared of ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’. What exactly have they got to hide? What interests have they got to protect? Is he in fact rewarding those in the Councillor seats for turning a blind eye when he helps himself to the public’s resources? I agree something needs to be done about the state of democracy and clarity in governance here. It’s disgusting at the moment and much of what the council does is shrouded in secrecy and smacks of self-interest and back-scratching.

      And who are the school governors? This information doesn’t seem to be published online anywhere. Are we not meant to be able to contact them easily?

      • 109
        Anonymous says:

        The petition was encouraged by Mr Filip LoSnake which is why he was seen talking to the petition organisor several days before the petition was handed in anonymously to the Huntsil of the isles of scilly. It is a complete stitch up because Fenny Fen-Coward and LoSnake have been trying to get Wilby sacked on several occassions with trumped up and ludicrous accusations. ok 70% of the staff don’t like Wilby’s management style, so what, about 99% of the Huntsil staff hate LoSnakes management style so why not suspend him. At least Wilby hasn’t had 3 cases of sexual harassment brought against him or stole from the charity shop or bought antiques cheaply and sold them on to his brother in laws antique firm and not declared the income to the tax man!, or refused to return someones prized antique table when it was delivered to his house by mistake.

        Totally agree, the man is totally devoid of any morals at all and should be removed from post immediately and the ios council should be disbanded because the current councilors are just not fit for purpose. I do wish they’d add an additional tick box to the local council election ballot paper that says “non of the above” or at least gives one the option of voting against a candidate as well as for a candidate.

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Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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