May 17th, 2012

Owen Jones: “Please Sir, I Want Some More”

Clearly not content with the royalties from his best selling book about the exploitation of the working classes, higher rate taxpayer Owen Jones wants more:

Don’t tell Laurie!


  1. 1
    Init says:

    Does the taxman take to much Owen?


  2. 2
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Ha. I suspect The Indepedent doesn’t have much money in the first place. Perhaps they could show Mr Jones their shrinking readership stats as proof of this?

    As for Jones, his greed has now been flushed out for all to see! He’s on the run now!


    • 95
      Col Nut says:

      “The Indepedent?” Sounds like a child molester’s after him.


    • 114
      inside- out says:

      Doubtless he will register his company in tax haven offshore,and pay no tax,or little tax on his income.Tax is for the little people.


    • 210
      The Indy. It was good, now it's shite. says:

      “Perhaps they could show Mr Jones their shrinking readership stats”

      I would imagine Owen Jones has quite a bit to do with those shrinking readership stats.

      I certainly won’t be buying the grotrag while they employ him.


  3. 2
    Ken L says:

    Why don’t you set up a company and have your salary paid into that? Then you only pay corporation tax on it. You can withdraw it at your leisure, pay some to your partner and family, etc. Worked for me.


    • 9
      Mr Rotivator says:

      If you only pay corporation tax then you neither haven’t paid yourself a salary from the Company nor a dividend…… or the taxman cometh. Need to stash it oversees old boy.


    • 75
      Engineer says:

      Wait until there’s £30k in the account, then shut down the company and make yourself redundant. You get the first £30k ‘dundancy tax-free (or you used to – may have changed). Then you set up a new company, and ditto repeato.

      Don’t do it too often – three times a year and even HMRC might start asking pointed questions.


    • 84
      Engineer says:

      These accursed legumes….

      Wait until there’s £30k in the company’s account, then shut it down and make yourself redundant. You get the first £30k tax-free (or at any rate, you used to – may have changed). Then you set up a new company and ditto repe-ato.

      Don’t do it too often. Three times a year, and even HMRC might start asking pointed questions.


      • 293
        Engineered thread says:

        Don’t post the same message too often. Three times a night and even the mongs on here might start asking pointed questions.


        • 311
          Engineer says:

          There were two, not three – and the first one was modded, you berk.

          Standards of numeracy have seriously declined, as you clearly demonstrate.


          • Engineered thread says:

            I know there was two, thats why I posted the warning against doing a third you fanny.Standards of humour have seriously declined , as you clearly demonstrate.


  4. 4
    Adolf the cuddly bear says:

    Just at look at the deprived cloth-capped underprivilege little prole


    • 242
      Anon says:

      I cannot stand Owen Jones. A truly obnoxious, self-important little sh1t. Who selects individuals as repellent as this to be on TV? Guido, if you must write about this individual in the future, please do it without a picture.


      • 280
        Anonymous says:

        “Who selects individuals as repellent as this to be on TV?”
        Brillo does;he had Fatbot on yet again last night.


      • 303
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        The BBC State Committee for Political Indoctrination?


      • 319
        handycock No1 Trougher in Parlaiment says:

        I am a great fan of Owen Jones, he articulates the plight of the downtrodden working class and he should be listened to. Boaz.


  5. 5
    Kevin T says:

    The Indie can really pick ‘em, can’t it. Johann Hari, Laurie Penny, Owen Jones. Clearly the future of the left, real serious writers who you can imagine being around in 20 years. Not just a bunch of spoiled, immature, glorified student rag activists. Oh no.


  6. 6
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    A crisp new fiver for the first person to egg this cnut in public.


  7. 7
    Dead man found under a tree says:

    Who pays this mong for the shite he writes?


  8. 8
    ranter says:

    Another loathsome unproductive shyster!


    • 122
      Mornington Crescent says:

      …and a perfect argument for reducing the number of MPs to 300, halving their salaries, cutting expenses to the bare minimum and banning SpAds and other ‘accoutrements’.

      “MP-in-wating”, FFS. Is it any wonder Joe Public loathes politicians?


  9. 10
    Ah! Monika says:

    You heard it first in Greece

    ” Sir David Beckham “


  10. 11
    • 53
      Trundlemaster says:

      Tower Hamlets. Now why am I not surprised.


    • 262
      Anonymous says:

      This country has lost all it’s identity & we now have this shower of shyte in it’s pl,ace.
      Well done Leiber – WELL DONE!


      • 267
        they can stick their jihad up their assalaikums says:

        Muslims love their little death threats. When there was an ‘everybody draw mohammed day’ on facebook they were showering them about like confetti.


        • 300
          Trundlemaster says:

          Sadly giving out a death threat comes as easily to a muslim as breathing does to other people. I’ve tried very hard to be tolerant about Islam over many years but now I’m afraid my tolerance has all but run out. It’s time for one law for all not different laws for different religious or cultural groups.


  11. 12
    Tachybaptus says:

    What’s that expensive-looking car? Looks Rolls-ish with the vanity mirror at the side of the rear seat, but it is not a current Phantom or Ghost — I checked interior shots of both.


    • 19

      Supplied by BBC when he appеared on Brillo. Amazing what Props Dept can come up with. They must have hundreds of them lying about the place…


    • 93
      Trainspotter says:

      What sandwiches did you take?


      • 112
        Tachybaptus says:

        Cucumber, with the crusts cut off the bread. Is there any other kind?


        • 129
          Polly Toyntwat, typing from her Tuscan villa says:

          Giovanni! Giovanni! Make me some cucumber sandwiches then prepare the bath for me.


    • 160
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      New Rollers are vulgar beyond belief – for Arabs and Russians only.

      It’s probably a classic from when the British arstocracy drove them.


      • 189
        Engineer says:

        Rollers are for in-yer-face posing.

        Bentleys are for understated elegance.


        • 195
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          These days Bentleys are for footballers and rap stars particularly if they’ve had a customised chrome job. The sort of vehicle Dizzee Rascal or Jermain Defoe would own.


  12. 13

    Come down now. Tea’s ready! Is Mehdi staying? Its scones and apricot jam?
    Does …erm… erm.Mehdi.. like that ? ..I’ve got some Bombay nuts if he’d prefer?

    Come down…you can play Socialist leaders of the world, top trumps later.


  13. 14
    Boris says:

    Trying to burn Greece down with loads of torches, but rain saves the day


  14. 17
    Hollande says:

    Dave..can I ‘av anozer 20 billion Euro to tide Greece over until Lundi?


    • 86
      Call me Dave says:

      I’ll gladly bail you out today for a hamburger on Tuesday.


      • 119
        Mr Nobody says:

        You’ll be lucky if a few billion will buy a hamburger on Tuesday if these Eurozone politicians don’t get their act together. Just negotiate an orderly exit for Greece and be done with it.


        • 141
          Anonymous says:

          Hahahahahaha…..the EU technoprats are still desperate to save their tits up ponzi scheme, and are determined to take everybody down before they fuck off to their safe houses around the globe.


    • 203 says:

      Give us a call or visit us online.


  15. 20
    Napoleon says:

    He’s such a cheesedick.


  16. 21
    nellnewman says:

    I think the immature owen jones of the short trousers would make a very appropriate mp for failed labour for 2015.


    • 103
      Col Nut says:

      Hope the voters give him short shrift.


      • 123
        Mr Nobody says:

        Well, it’s true that Labour will need a lot of new faces in 2015 if they’re to challenge for the 2020 election. They’ve no hope for 2015, their front bench is toxic as things stand.


        • 152
          Spokesperson for the Dromey Political Dynasty says:

          We will be extending our all women shortlists for the next general election and I am confident that we have the men to meet our demanding criteria.


  17. 23
    Scamp - The Excitable Dog. says:

    Sure full of himself isn’t he?
    “I’d be far more worried if the right weren’t after me!”
    “I’m juggling about a thousand commitments”

    This new breed are airheads almost to a man and woman aren’t they?
    We’re all going to hell in a hand-basket if people like this ever get near the button and with the bunch we’re currently enduring, that’s fucking saying something.


    • 30
      nellnewman says:

      I see he writes about comprehensive education and chavs and stuff as being attacked by the right and yet he has deleted all mention of his own education apart from the elite oxford uni he attended.

      I presume he’s either shamed of the poor state primary and comprehensive he attended or – God forbid he was privately educated!


      • 271
        jgm2 says:

        Owen’s little joke. Winding up the right and patronising the left at the same time. See Polly Tuscany for further details.


    • 85
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      Our Owen is a narcissistic little twat, isn’t he?


  18. 29
    Fuckwit says:

    Greedy little Hunt. Tell him to fuck off.


  19. 38
    davies the milk says:

    Oh There’s lovely. Jones! MP in waiting? This boyo may go all the way.
    After the disappointment of Hain it will be special to hopefully, eventually get a minister for Wales with a name that will reverberate around the valleys while he ascends the ladder. Even the sheep no doubt will be satisfied, but chapel folk require more. Can he sing, or will he fail the male voice choir criteria demands required? He looks more Blodwen than Owen.


    • 88
      nellnewman says:

      No doubt kinnochio will take him under his wing and teach him how to mega trough the system for his own benefit.


    • 187
      Gerry1957 says:

      i don’t think so the Labour can spot a Hunt a long wu off. Usually their Liberal credentials expose them, I think he may be more at home as a blue coated socialist than a red.


  20. 41
    Ah! Monika says:

    “Coldest start to May for 300 years”

    This Global Warming has allot to answer for.


    • 49
      UEA Fucktard says:

      Climate Change! It’s Climate Change now!

      Of course, if the climate stabilises for 15 years or so, then that will also be indicative of impending disaster.

      Climate Stalling! Climate Stalling! Give me and my fellow travellers some fucking other-peoples-money!


  21. 42
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Did your experience of studying at Oxford University sharpen your awareness of class inequality?

    “Massively. I grew up in Stockport but had a very different experience there compared with my friends. My dad worked for Sheffield Council and my mum taught IT at Suffolk University.”

    Is there a Suffolk University in the UK?

    Looks like a very tenuous link with reality from Master Jones. The whole interview reads like a Dave Spart rewrite of British History from 1945.


    • 45
      Disgruntled Sheffielder says:

      She taught at Salford, and I think still does.


    • 274
      jgm2 says:

      Working class? Since when has having a mum who is a university lecturer been ‘working class’? University Lecturer is social class A1. It’s like being a medical Doctor or a priest.

      C*unt. Trying to kid on that he’s some poor boy from a terraced house in Shitsville, Yorkshire.


  22. 43
    Disgruntled Sheffielder says:

    I detest this little git more than I ever thought I could detest anybody. he typical of the rats that Labour are grooming for the next election. They’ll parachute him im to a nice safe Labour seat and that will be that.

    Yes Owen I know of your fleeting affair with the Socialist Non-working Brigade, but clearly,money will speak and you will not be able to refuse the offer.


  23. 44
    Hugh Laurie says:

    I should never have stayed the night.


  24. 46
    Norris Stampton says:

    This little skunk has banned me on twitter for criticising him on QT ages ago. Can I use this opportunity to call him a self-serving ill-educated moron?
    Andrew Neill’s maths lesson to this tosser on This week is still on YouTube if you search it


    • 171
      Hang The Bastards says:

      It’s a classic I watch it every day. Funny as fuck.

      Watch his face squirm as the useless gobshite realise he’s out of his depth and is being given a 10 year old basic economics lesson


      • 192
        Anonymous says:

        Its also very funny to see the other guests laughing their *rses off ! i think one of them was Alistair Campbell.


      • 275
        jgm2 says:

        The little c*unt just shrugged it off though. If it was me I’d be beetroot with embarrassment if my deliberate lies were exposed like that in front of an audience of millions. But that little c*unt just teflon-ed on. Pure Labour. If I don’t admit a lie then no lie occurred.

        Fucking horrible people.


        • 295
          A Bloke Of A Certain Age says:

          As I said earlier this little con man knows full well he is bullshitting, look at that little smile on his face which tells you he knows he can get away with it. 24 carat fake.


  25. 48
    Fog says:

    Owen Jones is a smug, hypocritical, immature, annoying little bast*rd.


  26. 52
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Champagne socialist plonker – tweetmanic who runs away when people criticize on twitter.


  27. 58
    Empty Ed Milliband says:

    Hi Gwido

    Just to tell you that I am taking the moral high ground now

    Labour are honest and interested only in Britain

    That olf fart Mandelson called me from Hing King the other day and said

    “Even if it beggars belief, you must take the moral high ground,

    I bugger belief, as you know, and always have done…”


    • 60
      Empty Ed Milliband says:

      Hing Kong, sowwy

      I can’t use this machine yet


      • 196
        Anonymous says:

        Did you hear mad Ed saying Dave hadnt seen the new French President yet, on PMQs ? the fool didnt know he has been in Germany begging for his life since he was inaugurated. Ed really is a waste of space.


  28. 59
    BBC Newsroom lefties says:

    We like Owen’s bum.


    • 79
      Socialist rent boys R us says:

      We like blowing coke up his bum, everything is better up the bum.


    • 91
      I hate the fucking bbc says:

      Knew there had to be a reason he appears so often – he must need a buttplug and a big nappy by now


  29. 61
    Rasta Bob, your supplier north of the river says:

    I think Labour policy is made in cocaine smoke filled rooms

    Judging by the amou;t of “stuff” they are buying off me


  30. 62
    nellnewman says:

    So where was he educated prior to oxford uni – doesn’t anyone know?


  31. 65
    wee runt says:

    Watch the greatest road racing in the world……stunning stuff.


  32. 66
    Miss Miggins says:

    Dirty boy!


  33. 69
    I know Nutting says:

    You should be more concerned that 100% nut case and all round fu**ck wit Priti Patel is now a executive member of the 1922 cockmittee


  34. 77
    Disco Biscuit says:

    is that one of those new Rolls Royces he’s sat in the back of? Why, yes, I believe it is! Nothing’s too good for the workers, eh? Where’s Kevin Maguire?!


    • 82
      Socialist rent boys R us says:

      Stuck up my arse.


    • 96
      Toilets MaGuire, Britain's answer to Baghdad Bob says:

      I’am at the horse races

      Hobknobbing with the filthy rich

      All expenses paid

      “The working class can kiss my arse” and all that


    • 186
      Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

      ‘Where’s Kevin Maguire?!’

      Who do you think took the photo?


  35. 78
    I know Nutting says:

    Is the wife of Tory 1922 head boy, Graham Brady MP, still taking £45,000 per year of tax payers money to open her husbands post bag. Yes I think she is.


  36. 87
    Rh- says:

    aaawwww aint that cute … little socialist man got his first blatant hypocrisy … didnt you! didnt you! didnt you! does mummy love her little two faced leftie?


  37. 97
    If first you don't succeed... says:

    Never mind eh.


  38. 104
    Engineer says:

    You fell foul of the Legume Trap. Any word with p-e-a in it (such as ‘spe@k’) has you cast into purgatory. The r-i-c-e words (like ‘pr-ice’) have a similar effect.

    It was suggested that Guido had certain dietary aversions. Not so. It’s because some goon started an anti Diane Abbot meme, to do with her size and supposed diet. Like many a kid with a new toy, the said goon wouldn’t put it down, and Ms Abbot became rather tired of it. Understandably. Well, a joke’s a joke, but not ten times a day – so that meme was zapped, and is still being zapped.


    • 107

      Hi Engineer. Delighted to see you back again. Worried about where you had got to. Been away myself but home in 10 days.


      • 118
        Anonymous says:

        Engineer came to in a gutter somewhere in Cleethorpes. He awoke to find that he had grown a pair of boobs and now answers to the name of Trixie.


      • 147
        Engineer says:

        Hi SC. I disappe@red because for some reason (my computer set-up? Guido’s software? don’t know) I could no longer access the comments, so I went and did other things instead (aka ‘got a life’). Tried again recently, and found that I now can access the comments – not changed my computer set-up at all. All very odd.

        Otherwise, life is plodding along as normal.


        • 153
          zzzzzzzzzzzz says:



        • 220

          This site can become a thief of one’s time. I did mention that to himself and he seemed suitably pleased. My pleasure stems from being reminded that there are sane people still left in this world, not that I could aspire to such a description, and from the reminder that most, but not all, from the left are seriously unhinged.


    • 108
      Col Nut says:

      How now, brown cow?


  39. 106

    Veni, vidi, sum temperaret


  40. 109
    WVM says:

    You got caught out by the Ric℮ & P℮α censor.


  41. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck off and get a real job you little squirt.


  42. 121
    Fudgepacker News says:

    Why is Owen holding a cock wrapped in foil?


  43. 124
    Owned Jones says:

    I can remember the spin but I can’t explain what it’s supposed to mean…


    • 131
      What a joke says:

      That’s socialist economics for yer!


    • 148
      Gordon Brown says:

      I don’t get it. I called Ed and he couldn’t understand it either. What does it all mean? They have a million pounds and they are not in the labour party so we should tax them more? I tried calling the chancellor but they say someone else is Prime Minister now. Help me.


    • 185
      Anonymous says:

      Er, how many millionaires in the shadow cabinet Owen, you tit?


  44. 125
    WVM says:

    Wrong image Guido, you should have tried this one.


  45. 126
    Shame on you says:

    Never have I seen such vile comments (some probably illegal). You are awful human beings.


    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      Awwww shucks, thanks.


      • 314
        Airey Belvoir says:

        But you’ll keep watching this site like a latter-day Mary Whitehouse, outwardly appalled but inside, secretly, just a little bit moist….


    • 137
      Hey - that you again Dick the Prick? says:

      Go and suck something more to your taste – there’s a good boy – or girl. Oh there again, mustn’t say ‘good’ must we – it’s relative in your frightening warped universe.

      Anyway, – fuck off!


    • 182
      Nurse Ratchett says:

      If only we were as good as you, you sanctimonious twunt.


    • 279
      jgm2 says:

      Pah. These are positively ‘U’-Rated compared to the invective reserved for the Maximum Imbecile.


  46. 129
    I know Nutting says:

    Sam Hallam spent seven years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Today his conviction was quashed.

    Any of the Tory 1922 Nut Job Cockmittee care to comment. Priti ” THE LOON” Patel perhaps….who still campaigns like a rabid dog to have hanging re-introduced.

    Guido … maybe you should start a petition to have capital punishment brought back…..F*uck wits


    • 138
      Anonymous says:

      One innocent man dead, maybe ten innocent lives saved. Do the math you retard.


      • 164
        The crazy world of Lord Denning says:

        No in our universe its far better that 100 innocent people be murdered than the possibilty that innocent person may be the subject of a miscarraige of Justice.


    • 149
      HOME sEC jAQ says:

      On Monday 15 June 2009, the campaign submitted a petition to the House of Commons protesting at the under-funding of the CCRC and delays in investigating alleged miscarriages of justice. Present at a photo-call of supporters was Hackney North MP Diane Abbott (who formally presented the petition in the House of Commons) and Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn who has championed the cases of many innocent prisoners over several decades.

      Even after Dianne presented the evidence Labour did nothing. Why was that?
      This campaign has been going on for 7 years


      • 191
        A Progressive says:

        Evidence is such a bourgeoise concept. We deal in the certainties that following ideologies provide: even if we don’t actually know what our ideology is.


    • 253
      AC1 says:

      Looks like the Labour trolls are trying to memory hole the BlairBrown tyranny.


      • 281
        jgm2 says:

        Indeed. I’ve no idea of the detail of this case but it seems that if he’s innocent then it only took the T*ries two years to get him out as opposed to the five or six years that Labour did fuck all about it.


        • 296
          A Bloke Of A Certain Age says:

          Are you suggesting it took Labour 5 or 6 years to do fuck all ? Thats nothing it took them the same to do fuck all about phone hacking which occured on THEIR watch and came to light on THEIR watch which instigated the cover up on THEIR watch but its all Camerons fault apparently.


  47. 133
    Maggies Pearl Necklace says:

    OJ = wanker !!


  48. 134
    Cutie says:

    Yeah, whatever.

    So, apart from Dimblebore, are their any socialists on the panel tonight?


    • 136
      Anonymous says:

      They’ll be plenty in the fucking Labour shilling audience to make up for any shortfall on the panel, you can be sure of that.


    • 142
      Hugh Mungo-Swanger says:

      They usually manage to squeeze two or three in, Cutie. You’ve made a schoolgirl error in you’re, otherwise perfectly formed, post. I take it you had a good day at work?


      • 151
        Engineer says:

        “Where’s your grammar?”

        “She’s out the back.”


      • 154
        Cutie says:

        Cheers, Hugh. Cheers for the replies, guys.

        Yeah, if you could call standing in the middle of a field “good”, I’ve had a fairly productive day, I suppose.


  49. 135
    I know Nutting says:

    GUIDO !!!!!

    I ask again

    Is the wife of Tory MP Graham Brady, and newly elected head boy of the 1922 Cockmittee, still taking £45,000 per year of tax payers money to open her husbands post bag. Yes I think she is


    • 144
      two can play says:

      Yeah OK, what about Labour MEP Michael Cashman and his fucking secretary boyfriend then?


    • 162
      Stu says:

      You certainly know nutting about hypocriscy. People on the right think making money is fine. Its when you make money and self righteously tell other people how wrong is is. That’s the problem, unless of course your stinking champagne socialist scumbags like Owen Jones, Livingscum and the shadow cabinet and then of course it’s ok.


  50. 145

    David Dimbledor chairs a debate with the usual leftwing audience from Cardiff.

    On the panel are:
    Tango man and part time bank robber Peter Hain,
    Minister for mongs Maria Miller,
    Leader of Taffy party Leanne Wood,
    Daily Mail columnist and former editor of the Current Bun Kelvin MacKenzie,
    Lefty luvve and occasional Guardian columnist John O’Farrell.


    • 158
      Cutie says:

      That’s weird, though. My guide says Dr. Brian May, the famous astrologer, was going to be on tonight.

      I was going to tune in to see what predictions he had for the next couple of years vis a vis the self-implosion of mankind.


      • 202
        not a machine says:

        I think you mean Astronomer ………….. Astrology is what Ed Balls uses in talking about ecnomics

        Donna Summer has passed away RIP , I would like to thank her and whoever did the 12 inch version of I feel love , for one of the best larger fuelled dances with an equally energetic lady ,my youth ever had ….. mmmm scmokin …

        Not very often somthing genuine comes out good , but two greedy Italians has had me in stitches tonight , so gentle and heartwarming , such thanks for life , loverly Antonio and Analdo bein bein


      • 286
        Anonymous says:

        he had flu


    • 173
      Question Time LiveBlog Tonight says:

      Don’t forget to attend the Live blog at the Biased BBC tonight.
      Starts at 10:30pm all are welcome :)


    • 239
      Anonymous says:

      And as usual we’re getting a load of drivel. We’d get as much insight, objectivity and common sense from a panel of chimpanzees


      • 273
        sod off troll says:

        Seems to be the same anonymous guy knocking biasedBBC as before – my suspicion is that he doesn’t like he way they criticise the Beeb for always assuming that the sun shines out of gays’ rear passages.


  51. 157
    Stu says:

    When is this self satisfied full of shit little turd going to do us all a favour and jump off a cliff?


  52. 161
    I know Nutting says:

    Eye Sky…Heres an eye spy

    A corker for you tory trolls.

    Welfare cuts, childen benefit cuts, NHS cuts. Yet Priti “ The Loon” Patel still claims at tax payers expense her eye test, that most of us are NOT entitled to claim for,

    Claim Ref. No. 105877
    MP Priti Patel
    Financial Year 2011-12
    Expense Type Health and Welfare Costs
    Amount Claimed £10.00
    Amount Paid £10.00
    Amount Not Paid £0.00
    Amount Repaid N/A
    Status Paid
    Date 14/07/2011
    Short Description [***] eye test
    Details eye test
    Nights 0
    Mileage 0


    • 165
      Poker Bum says:

      That’s an eye-opener.


    • 188
      Anonymous says:

      Strange thing is, if you work for the NHS you can get a free eye test and glasses if you use a computer for more than a certain percentage of your working day.


      • 199
        It DOES take a while to focus on objects more than 6 feet away says:

        Yeah, but who in their right minds uses a computer for more than ten minutes a day?


      • 237
        Wes says:

        If you work for ANY employer and use a type of VDU you get a free eye test


        • 250
          AC1 says:

          Desperate Labour Trolling.

          It takes some going to up my sympathy for the dismal pritti patel.


    • 323
      Reason says:

      Anyone working at a screen gets a free one you moron.


  53. 168
    Eye Spy Banker says:

    Breaking news Guido

    I have just seen the Whale of London having dinner at Claridges

    He has just broken JP Morgan with the biggest forward position ever seen in the History Of Finance

    He told me it is so large and sophisticated that the Bank cannot unwind it !!

    It’s cost JP $3 billion so far, do you think they will be able to afford to pay Tony Blair’s ‘retainer” ?


    Another bankster


  54. 169
    JH says:

    State Hero Third Class Owen was Twittering earlier about how Isr-a-el should face sanctions if Iran does.

    What is it with the left and Isr-a-el? Always whining on about it. The simple answer occurred to me the other day.

    Many think the Joos are behind a loose-knit, seldom-named and yet insidiously effective conspiracy to steer decent, honest, hard working people’s money into their own pockets. They achieve this by implanting themselves into positions of power and influence – particularly the media and entertainment – and then only employ their own kind to limit any resistance to the furthering of their scheme.

    That, in a nutshell, is why lefties hate Joos.

    They don’t want the competition.


  55. 181
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    He doesn’t even know the difference between income and assets, and yet, and yet.

    Look ‘pon that face, because that face will one day be in power telling you and your children the new rules, that he helped frame, you will have to live by.

    Talk about being born to rule.


    • 193
      Dick Emery Paper says:

      “….trying to extract more money out of Indy managing editor Sean O’Grady for his column”…..??

      Ooooooooh !!

      Call me a bigot but I’ve never been able to take anyone with acne seriously.

      Anyway, by the time this chap’s balls have have dropped, the game will have changed beyond recognition.

      His type will be swaying gently in the wind under every lamppost between The Polish war Memorial and Marylebone.


  56. 190
    nellnewman says:

    So mlitwit and bulllybals are confident that hollande is going to rescue international socialism and owenjones the sprog is going to be the face of uk labour for the future.

    We don’t need to worry then.


  57. 201
    Penny Red says:


    • 205
      not a machine says:

      (best one liner from me) “have you tried turning it off and back on again”…..


      • 215
        Hmmmmmmmmm...... says:

        Should she be buying into the results of the innovation and universal appeal of rampant capitalism I wonder?


      • 218
        hmm...... says:

        Should she be buying into the results of the innovation and universal application of rampant capitalism I wonder?


      • 266
        Talking complete ********** says:

        That is actually what Blackberry tell you to do if your phone freezes…take out the battery and sim card wait a minute for phone to discharge replace sim and battery and phone does forced software re-load but it’ll probably happen again so you need to update software from their site. I’d think same applies to most i-phones…PS whatever ever you do do NOT throw the handset at the wall or any nearby person as this will render the guarantee invalid.


    • 207
      annette curton says:

      What’s the capitol of France? (Laurie Penny goes blank).


    • 207
      WVM says:

      Borrow a new one from the IMF?


    • 213
      passing handyman says:

      Try a club hammer, love.


    • 216
      Penny Dreadful says:

      Capitalism and private enterprise are sickeningly bad. Really bad.

      I am just like so pleased my iPhone is made by a state-owned company. And my laptop. And O2Orangetalktalkphone, my service provider. They’re state-owned, as well.

      And Tescobury’s, where I buy my food.


      • 219
        annette curton says:

        Where do they get it all from? (food).


        • 223
          Ah! Monika says:

          It’s like the money, baked beans and cabbages passing from Tesco to Asda to Sainsburys and back to…


      • 222
        passing handyman says:

        The council did your hairdo though, didn’t they love? Hang on, I’ll get my tools from the van…………


    • 238
      i says:

      Get an Android phone Penny, a quarter of the price of your ifashion istatus iphone and ibetter


    • 241
      EdButLookBalls says:

      Ermmmmm call 999!


    • 246
      AC1 says:

      smash Capitalism!
      sent from my iPhone.


    • 284
      jgm2 says:

      Yes Penny. Simply have daddy buy you a new one. Just like he paid for your education and your flat in London.


  58. 214
    BREAKING WIND! says:

    Greece further downgraded and Moody’s Downgrades 16 Spanish Banks.


    • 221
      Socialism is a mental illness says:

      That’ll be because Greece and Spain are shit-holes.

      I went to Greece in 1999. Graffiti everywhere: “USA=NAZIS”.

      Clever people the Greeks. Smart. An industrious global economic superpower if ever there was.

      I can’t understand why they’re on the brink of the stone age.

      Oh, hang on; could it be because they’re fuckwitted socialist scum?



    • 232
      Ah! Monika says:

      Anyone know if there are any Michelin Starred restaurants in Greece?

      What DO they eat??


    • 236
      The One The Only TaT, Gambling Demon Extraordinaire says:

      Like I said on here a while ago if you are living in any of the PIIG countries then sell your house and everything else you can find for anything other than Euro’s or Dollars asap, pull out all your savings from the bank and change it asap, stick the money or silver or gold in a briefcase or two, ask the wife if she still loves you and wants to come with you or not and then helicopter out of the country never to be seen again and turn up on a sunny beach somewhere and start again.

      If shit hits the fan any worse over here once the EU finally implodes then I have a speed boat and helicopter waiting. I’m already holding a portfolio of assorted Far Eastern Currencies and New Zealand Dollar and some Brazilian Real.

      The fallout from this failed EU project across Europe will make the fallout of WW2 look like a cakewalk.


  59. 230
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Best thing about Jones are his made up statistics. Wankers like Nicky Campbell take everything this twat says as fact. It’s only Andrew Neil who has caught the shit out.


  60. 234
    Labour still re-writes history says:

    I’m fucking annoyed now. Hain just said on QT that the EUSSR has brought peace to Europe. The African Tango man has got it totally wrong. It was Britain in WW2 that created peace in Europe and sacrificed so much in bringing about that peace.

    Sadly the conservative woman on the panel is too thick to realise his clanger.


    • 265
      UKIPMAN says:

      The nuclear bombs also made sure of pe*ace in Europe.


    • 288
      jgm2 says:

      It was NATO that ensured pe*ace in Europe. Hain knows it and is a c*unt for repe*ating the lie.

      What use was the EU when it all kicked off in Bosnia? Fuck all.


  61. 235
    Labour still re-writes history (p free) says:

    I’m fucking annoyed now. Hain just said on QT that the EUSSR has brought pe-ace to Europe. The African Tango man has got it totally wrong. It was Britain in WW2 that created pe-ace in Europe and sacrificed so much in bringing about that pe-ace.

    Sadly the conservative woman on the panel is too thick to realise his clanger.



    • 240
      Socialists, socialists everywhere and not a drop to drink says:

      Yes, and I notice the media-whore author and “comedy” script writer announces (once again on QT) that he is a Labour Party member.

      Surprise, fucking surprise.

      Three socialist scum, one useless Tory and Kelvin McKenzie.


    • 244
      Anonymous says:

      You misunderstand. Dimbleby permits pro-EU comments only. Had “the conservative woman” attempted to correct Hain, Dimbleby would have cut her off and told her to answer the question from the audience.


    • 254
      An object of small desire says:

      N A T O ?

      There was no EU sector in Berlin.


  62. 243
    Margaret Burke says:

    Springtime for Hitler and Germany!


  63. 247
    The Jizzlamic Republic of Tower Hamlets says:

    Just heard about the Labour councillor in Tower Hamlets arrested for making death threats during a debate in the council chamber. A normal incident for Tower Hamlets then.

    Add that to Labour’s Nazi councillor, it’s all rather hilarious. Labour: the comedy gift that keeps giving.


  64. 251
    UKIPMAN says:

    LoL – Loonies of Labour


  65. 256
    not a machine says:

    Andrew Niel and guests managed a few interesting insights into the economy that blew , hard not to feel some pangs of sympathy for sheer scale of wonkness that its politics allowed when medical and food aid is being handed out .
    The ideas around some sort of Marshal plan are interesting ,however I am not sure that some people who made from the boom ,have now escaped the requirement to help out , and because money has fled this increases the size of the begging bowl , which to me doesnt seem right in that rather like some of the banks in the UK enjoying nice salaries from the tax payer , clearly some people have done rather nicely in greece boom and are not on the radar to help out ecnomically .
    The perhaps first thing to be noted (and I dont think we should pay out ) is what gillian tett had to say , “not all the individual eurozone state crisis are the same as greece ” which perhaps gives some salvage aspects . Greece is going to have to run its economy much much better is perhaps its first goal and requirement for help , wether euro or Drachma , never mind how they feel about pasok or golden dawn , it should be obvious that any goverment is going to have run things in a new financially astute way , that gets some minmum social benefits going and tracking down those who have big yatchs and swimming pools for no good reason . The bribe for services has to stop and taxes put in place that work and at least allow some sort of basic economy , anything else and they will be fighting for years and blowing any collective effort towards stability out the window. Stop voting for idiots or Eu stooges and sort political corruption out , right through public services , corruption always impairs function of tax .

    Perhaps form one good and new bank , for benfits to work through , simple banking .

    Perhaps direct aid for food production (as any devaluation will mean food imports cost more ) , perhaps allow some mutual concept for key transport arteries , shipping docks and rail and power generation ,to stabilise income to government , until they can be run privatised .
    They need tourism , so devaluation will help that grow , wheres Stellios ?? so have to put end to riots litter in streets graffiti and robbers , make it nice place to visit .

    Italy could probebly manage a 10yr deficet reduction program , but again needs better governance . Spain has fairly straight forward banking problem re ovevalued assets and few exports , they need perhaps to form a gradual vehicle for toxic assets to be desposed of , or slow haircut , but wonk expensive socialist state has to go as well . Perhaps if any aid for food production .
    I would think Portugal has to devalue along with greece , IMF can then oversee stabilisation , perhaps a new and simple bank also for them . Markets/IMF may be able to cope with just greece and portugal devaluaing .
    No has mentioned Cyprus …….. I would think France ,Germany and Italy can manage debt and deficet reduction between them , but none the less expect cheque book out from them and no funny business , with a few banks going to the wall en route .

    If Euro still cannot work beween first teir countries (and lsitening to UBS chief economist it never has ) then deficet reduction is only way , or big effort to bazooka debts once a few banks have failed , then revert to sovereign currencies and a much smaller EU goverment say in 2 yrs .

    Interesting to note that if EU cuts its own budget , that it would make growth
    too much money on non jobs througout EU in my view .

    Bit skecthy perhaps , but if Gillian tett is right then somthing with a bit more finesse can be done ,to at least keep growth until euro problem can be unlocked into more accountable individual countries . I mean isnt the big question anyhow , is why the euro doesnt and never will work , or am i missing somthing ?? I mean they either have some miraculous way of enforcing fiscal control to same standars in every country , or they never will and no point in carrying on ??

    The banks are just bulging pimple on a deluded pataient ….?


  66. 261
    May E Rotinell says:

    Huhne’s successor has managed to keep a relatively low profile so far but here’s Windy Davey in the Barclaygraph trying to pretend that his ‘green’ policies make sense :
    Brilliant, Ed. The best way to ensure bigger energy bills and a higher risk of blackouts is to switch from coal and gas stations to wind farms and build nuclear power stations years too late.


    • 285
      A Plonker Posing as PM says:

      I say chaps!!! One is often asked by the Common People, ‘what is one doing about the price of electricity and gas?’ to which one can only reply, that apart from one personally having no problems in that direction, one is building Wind Farms as fast as one can!

      Common People seem to lose interest after that, and one supposes that they fail to understand one’s meaning. What? Watt? Wattage?? Watter??


    • 287
      A Plonker Posing as PM says:

      I say chaps!!! One is often asked by the Common People, ‘what is one doing about the price of electricity and gas?’ to which one can only reply, that apart from one personally having no problems in that direction, one is building Wind Farms as fast as one can!

      Common People seem to lose interest after that, and one supposes that they fail to make sense of one’s reply. What? Watt? Wattage?? Watter??


    • 289
      A Plonker Posing as PM says:

      I say chaps!!! One is often asked by the Common People, ‘what is one doing about the cost of electricity and gas?’ to which one can only reply, that apart from one personally having no problems in that direction, one is building Wind Farms as fast as one can!

      Common People seem to lose interest after that, and one supposes that they fail to make sense of one’s reply. What? Watt? Wattage?? Watter??


  67. 263
    John says:

    I’ve seen this boy on Question Time. He came over as an odious little prick.


  68. 277
    question says:

    Isn’t that a bottle of chava?


  69. 278
    UKIPMAN says:

    Since a socialist won in France Europe shares have plummeted.

    Quelle surprise!


  70. 282
    Fabians are Evil says:

    Ok – So that hectoring bastard BONO has just had a 1.2 Billion windfall


    1. – Where does he pay his tax?

    2. – How much of this windfall will he be giving to all the aid projects he tells us to support?


    • 292
      jgm2 says:

      Good for him. I certainly wouldn’t have invested a cent in Facebook. Still can’t see how it could possibly be worth that kind of money. Any kind of money. Fucking madness.


  71. 290
    Chutney says:

    Owen Jones is vicious pipsqueak

    To polarize the the benefits discussion in the way he does show a complete lack of intelligence, the same lack of intelligence that confuses income with assets

    In todays Independent Jones appears to elevate This Morning bint Carole Malone to a government spokesperson

    What does it say about modern Britain? Its say that we are in the shit after more than a decade of socialist spending


  72. 294
    European Recovery Plan "B" Leave the Euro says:

    I see Do Nowt Dave has found yet another way to combine wasting our money with increasing the nanny state
    Parenting classes1 Fuckin unreal for thousands of years women have brought up children without the aid of the state telling then what to do
    now we have a few more of Daves rich mates setting up companies to tell you how you must bring up your children women will be given video’s on how to bath babies etc
    Is this bloke real or what ?


  73. 304
    Correcting tape says:

    and most disgustingly apeering to be you rope Ian or a peeling


  74. 305
    Robert Catesby says:

    It’s a hard sell. His CV is thus:

    1) Member of the Young Communists
    2) Worked for John McDonnell as a researcher – the most clinically insane MP of all time
    3) Wrote the only book poor people have ever read
    4) Went on TV to tell us why his depth of experience gives him the right to tell us how to live our lives.

    I’m sure the estimable Editor of said newspaper told him to shove it up his marxist jacksy


    • 320
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      You have to give the guy 10 out of 10 if only for getting up everyone’s backside!


  75. 309
    Johnny Berko says:

    Owen Jones has an IOM registered company through which he collects bok royalties – hmm exploiting the working classes – its only wrong when someone else does it eh?


  76. 310
    Oh for gawds sake... says:

    I notice this article is tagged ‘cash’ and ‘looney left’.
    Surely there’s some mistake.
    Why wasn’t it also tagged ‘twat watch’?


  77. 317
    Lord Manglebum of Prettyboyz says:

    Owen was one of Tiberius’ minnows, leave him alone – he still has my thumbprints on the backs of his ears.


  78. 324
    Taras Bulba says:

    This “animate object ” ( that’s being generous to a fault) , is a jumped up , inexperienced , wet behind the ears nobody who has somehow finessed the great and good of the media ( including Radio Five Dead at 12 midnight every Friday ) into believing he is the next Walter Kronkheit /Citizen Kane.

    Of course he personally has achieved his medium term aim so cannot be blamed .
    The real patsies ( pasties ??) are the effete semi cerebrally lobotomised media cadre who let themselves be duped by this “person’s ” total incapability of crysatllising a debate by dint of logical argument and have bowed to his vox pop penchant to interrupt others and make a complete bore of himself whilst doing so .

    Another quintessentially apt contender for the Year Zero work camps .

    ( Although his success is of course a sad reflection on the infantile values of the bulk of the chattering classes )


  79. 325
    John says:

    You have to hand it to him, Owen Jones is Labour’s new greatest comedian.

    The way he appears on TV lecturing everyone on how bad it was under Thatcher with his references to the Jarrow March and I sit there thinking ‘You’re about 25, you can’t event remember the Thatcher years’

    He’s a kid and a grade A plonker but at least he’s funny in action, unlike Milliband or Balls where my instinct is just to cringe when they speak


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