May 11th, 2012

That Hunt Email in Full

From: Fred Michel
To: Rebekah Brooks
27 June 2011 16:29

Hunt will be making references to phone hacking in his statement on Rubicon this week.

He will be repeating the same narrative as the one he gave in Parliament few weeks ago.

This is based on his belief that the police is pursing things thoroughly and phone hacking has nothing to do with the media plurality issues.

It’s extremely helpful.

On the issue of the privacy committee he supports a widening of its remit to the future of the press and evidence from all newspaper groups on the regulatory regime.

He wants to prevent a public inquiry. For this the committee will need to come up a strong report in the autumn and put enough pressure on the PCC to strength itself and take recommendations forward.

JH is now starting to looking to phone hacking/practices more thoroughly and has asked me to advise him privately in the coming weeks and guide his and No 10’s positioning…


Very ouch…

Via the Guardian


  1. 1
    Sacked intern says:

    Hunt-ed down!


    • 7
      Most of Britain says:

      Just don’t care about Tories, Labour, UKIP, LibDems, Phone Hacking, Socialism, Right wing loony fringe etc etc

      Just got theb one life, why waste chunks of it getting worked up about politics, deep breath, then a decent glass of wine, a tasty supper, converstaion with friends and family about something worthwhile.



      • 24
        Jezza Hunt - allergic to c'unt says:

        that’s the spirit! LoL!


      • 32
        Archer Karcher says:

        Most of Britain haven’t got a clue, that’s correct.

        Unfortunately for you, there are enough of us paying close attention to the parasite class and how they are abusing our trust and pissing our money away on utter shite.

        Hard luck.


        • 39
          Mo Lawn says:

          And bashing the vulnerable / disabled.
          Any making people unemployed.

          This all wrecks lives and these gobshites are responsible.


          • Most of Britain says:

            You poor dears, all suffering from a silly life reducing addiction (politics). You are a very long time dead.


          • Archer Karcher says:

            For someone who is posturing as uninterested in politics, you certainly are taking this awfully seriously. Haven’t you got a Britains Got Talent re-run to watch?


          • Anonymous says:

            Grow up.


        • 51
          smoggie says:

          The proletariat can sleep soundly now that they know you two clowns are on the case.


          • Archer Karcher says:

            Oh dear, the blogs most irrelevant poster is attacking me. Oh mummy hewp me, nasty smoggie is gnawing on the cushions again, hewp, hewp!


          • sheesh says:

            Will you two love birds keep the noise down, I’m trying to have a nap?


          • Archer Karcher says:

            I’m sorry if you have been distracted only Most of Britain told me nobody was here, paying attention or interested. Perhaps he was fibbing again?


          • cute kid says:

            …. yes and I’vr got the emails ……!!


        • 93
          Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

          Thank Christ most of them don’t have a clue or I would be working in KFC. The b*astards are after me again. I will have to get my boys and the Grand Master on to them. Oh woe is me. Boaz.


          • svetlana says:

            How does that c’unt keep his fucking job?


          • Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

            I get enough publicity on this site so I might as well use it for advertising. I am looking for a new assistant:


            I cannot say it in the advert, because I do not want to fall foul of equal opportunities laws, but the applicant should be female, no older than 18 and the more attractive she is the less important are her secretarial skills, as, to be honest, I do very little constituency work. Willingness to accompany me on taxpayer funded foreign travel is essential. Boaz.


          • Natalya Putin says:

            Dear Mr Handycock,

            I am 16 years old from St Petersburg in Russia and speak good English. I am blonde, slim, very beautiful so I am told, with long legs. I would like a job in the UK, and working for you as an Intern would be ideal. My uncle Vladimir, who tells me he knows you well, is willing to pay my fare for the interview. Although I am still at school I am quite ready for the wider world. Please reply c/o FSB Headquarters.


        • 125
          Sad Tory says:

          I think most of Britain does care and is absolutely disgusted by it all. Think that they don’t at your electoral peril.

          Number 10 wanted News Corps guidance too? Cameron should go as well as Hunt. Omnishambles, metashambles, they don’t come close to describing Cameron.


          • Eeyore says:

            Share your views entirely, Sad Tory. The only good thing about the muck uncovered by Leveson is that something could come out leading to Dave’s resignation. Then we could get a serious attempt to tackle the deficit, rather than it continuing to rise —- David Davies, art thou sleeping there below?


          • Anonymous says:

            What about Warsi for PM?

            Unlike Cameron she answers questions and her down to earth Yorkshire ways get her arguments across every time without his psycho like raging.


          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Cameron’s got bigger tits though.


        • 236
          Archie says:

          O/T but the Telegraph has closed comments on this! Well, they would, wouldn’t they?


      • 83
        Lord Stansted says:

        WTF has time to have friends?


      • 111
        joescotus says:

        honest statement . just dont say it in earshot of a lefty you will end up walking into the woods with a stanley


      • 114
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        Can there be many outside the Westminster Village who give a tinker’s tit about this story. Really, from my experience, the general public (well my quite large circle of friends and acquaintances) are sick to the back teeth of the BSkyB takeover and phone hacking. In the bigger picture of life all this is just self indulgent navel gazing by the political classes and vested interests in society.

        We all know that the Labour Government, if it had still been in power and supported by Murdoch, would have nodded through the takeover for a few positive headlines. Tom Watson is a fat, odious hypocrite of the highest order. I do hope the morbidly obese, sweaty thug reads the comments on this blog.


      • 124
        AC1 says:

        >Just don’t care about Tories, Labour, UKIP, LibDems, Phone Hacking, Socialism, Right wing loony fringe etc etc

        Be nice not to, but they keep nicking my cash and spending it in ways that harm me.


      • 177
        Ceative Accounting says:

        You have it in one….This load of Bollocks is costing. Ho! we don’t know… the legal profession are making lots FFS. Thats why it will go on for months/years.


      • 233
        Marion the cat says:

        Not likely to post on this site then ?


      • 251
        CMD couldn't win a fixed game of bingo says:

        Spot on. Wish you had wrote that about 10 years ago and it would have saved me a lot of hair and saved me a fortune on Borboun.


      • 315
        Stitch up says:

        yes – that’s exactly what I thought. then on the umpteenth reading it struck me that this is why the same organisations win all the government contracts.


      • 335
        Media=Police=State says:

        And now you know why Women got the Vote, as long as the hair is right and you look a bit like a serial Sex case, You are electable. Never mind the complex issues of politics and How we get fu-ked. Oh I forgot Women like that, getting fu-ked I mean


      • 348
        Reddy Pen says:

        Most of Britain

        You are so wrong. The personal is political

        Living well is the best revenge on the bloody Tories.

        The Tories hate it when I dye my hair red, go to private school, take up burlesque dancing and live on my parent’s income while I play at being a writer. If Stalin was around today, that’s exactly what he would do.

        That is how change starts.


    • 8
      Over egging says:

      This proves nothing except an employee trying to impress his boss.


      • 10
        Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

        Did you mean Suck OR Suck up to the BOSS


      • 38
        Anonymous says:

        What he is saying is what line do we want to push? I am going to try to influence them – but I will pretend to you that I am so good at my job, they have come to me asking me for the line. Now, about my fees…


        • 50
          Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:

          That’s so obviously how it was – amazing that everyone can’t see it.


          • Archer Karcher says:

            They can see it alright.

            What they are so busy attempting, is pathetic damage limitation. Trouble is, those pretending there is nothing to see here, move on etc, are absolutely, like their god Cameron, useless.


          • Most of Britain says:

            No Mr Karcher, stow your conspiracy willy wash dearie I repeat again, most of us really don’t care about any of it. Now go into. the garden, pour a nice drink, relax and forget about Cameron, Milliband and the rest of these goons. There, easy.


          • Accounts Clerk says:

            well, Most of Britain (MoB) for short, that will be £2 billion for the investigation, £7 million for the whitewash and £5.75 million for my fees – thank you – you can pay by direct transfer …….


          • Archer Karcher says:

            “forget about Cameron, Milliband and the rest of these goons. There, easy”

            For someone who really, really, honestly, truthfully, couldn’t care less, you’re constant posting on this subject is rather telling. Are you always so vehement regarding issues you claim to care little about?

            As for the tossers on Parliament, I would be only too ple@sed to forget about all of them.
            If they would get the hell out of my life, stop working out ever more devious and dishonest ways of stealing MY money and pestering and hectoring me constantly, about how I should live my life, while telling me “to feel proud” that they are pissing my money away on worthless garbage.

            Now we all know that the limp dicked, micro-managing, meddling, socialist arseholes will not do that, so it’s game on.


    • 9
      Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

      He ha ha ha haha ha.

      I had to LAUGH. Has Bliar been called to Levinson to ask him how much help given on the WMD Disney Story. Any one with a substantial stake in the Oil Forwards or even an Oil Business like Haliburton would make a lot of money from the higher Oil price. OH and the TAX on Petrol. Sucking the spare cash out of the economy. Who said it was the BANKERS??


      • 295
        NoWay says:

        They are much too busy chasing people who hacked their phones and might know all the sit they got up to.


    • 92
      Ah! Monika says:

      “the police is pursing ”
      I know we are supposed to be cutting police numbers, but I didn’t know we were down to one.


      • 260
        I can't be arsed to think up a new pseudonym says:

        I thought The Police was/is a band (allegedly musical) of some sort?


      • 331
        Anonymous says:

        Ignoramous! The ‘police’ is one entity, therefore not plural, therefore, ‘the police IS’ is quite right. Uneducated troll.


    • 293
      Thomas Watson. Champion pie eater says:

      This is not evidence of wrong doing by Hunt. Anyone can send a text saying anything.


  2. 2
    Gordon Brown says:



  3. 3
    Kronos says:

    and in English?


    • 12
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      The Fox has been giving advice on chicken sheds.


    • 45
      Mr Nobody says:

      Frankly, nobody out here in the real world gives a monkey’s about Leveson. Westminster has its head up its own self-important backside, and the population of the UK just switch over and watch the programmes on the other side.


      • 82
        Archer Karcher says:

        Of course none read newspapers, watch the news, listen to the radio or even read blogs, in your world? You should come back more and tell us all about your planet sometime.


        • 94
          will says:

          Levenson is taking up too much time whilst the country goes down the pan. the equivalent of 2 murder squads are looking into phone hacking whilst thye could be locking up criminals. It does not matter outside the westminster and press bubble as most people are more worried about petrol prices


          • Anonymous says:

            Does anybody care about the likes of Hugh, Sienna, Charlotte, Alan partridge etc being hacked? if they are so thick they cant change their PIN s they deserve all they get.


          • cute kid says:

            but the politicians and the press are criminals


      • 115
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        Yep, Guido and the rest of MSM really kicking the arse out of this subject. Anyone would think there’s nothing else happening in the world that’s as important.

        Today’s pages on this blog are one big yawn.


  4. 4
    Boris Loves Walthamstow Dogtrack says:

    What a Jeremy


  5. 5
    At long last says:

    Jay and Leveson have just failed in their defence of Gordon. Well done Rebekah.


    • 116
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      Yes, she was superb.


      • 241
        hmmmm says:

        the best bit was were she told Jay he was acting like a tabloid journo ( in closing comments) – Guido you shoud get this up


        • 264
          Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

          Indeed, at one point she accused him of repeating the opinions of the Guardian, which he didn’t refute, and also of repeating unfounded gossip spread by John Prescott, which he didn’t refute either. The man is a Labour stooge.


  6. 6
    Grammar School Boy says:

    Well, unless JH has a robust reponse to this one he’s going on a career break.

    Er, IMHO.


  7. 11
    Ed Balls says:

    Quiet everybody I’m up now


  8. 14
    Load of bollocks says:

    They’re talking Balls at Leveson


  9. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Fred Michel – Isn’t he the guy that has admitted that some of his emails may have over egged his real influence?


    • 26
      Fish says:

      My ‘not for profit’ employed, Guardian reading ‘friend’ has just said that she’s bored with this. ‘This phone hacking thing has gone on to long’, I heard her say.

      Next bandwagon please.

      (Meanwhile in the real world, Unite Deputy Leader and Labour Treasurer, Diana Holland, looks really, really pissed off that her fuel tanker drivers have rejected Len McClunkey’s strike call. She’s got a face like thunder and seems to be threatening continued action in some of the individual delivery firms, now)


    • 40
      Archer Karcher says:

      Err, no actually. Do try to keep up or failing that, post elsewhere.


      • 46
        Tesco is fucking the country says:

        Archer K – I’ve been telling that fuckwit Anonymous to piss off and post elsewhere for a year now. It’s futile. He has a hide thicker than Ken Livingstone’s arse. His relentless drivel is one of the few downsides to Guido’s praiseworthy blog. I suggest we ask Guido to block him, but the moron will just carry on under a different name.


  10. 17
    John Moss says:

    Lobbyist chats with SPAD. Reports back to client in embellished terms, banks cheque!


  11. 19
    H says:

    Hunt is the new Huhne


  12. 23
    Tron says:

    Guido and the press have been bigging this up all week and all they’ve got is LOL.



  13. 25
    a woman scorned says:


    • 27
      Justice Fingers says:

      Aren’t such things libel outside of Parliamentary Privilege without proof?


    • 29
      Nom Dom Nom says:

      FFS Not another apology to listen to in a few weeks.


    • 31
      Rebekah says:

      Come here and say that you nonce


    • 36
      nellnewman says:

      How very appropriate , a labour mp with no regard for process who thinks of himself as judge and jury, never mind whether all evidence has yet been presented or not.

      bryant and twatson have turned this whole affair into a circus, a farce. Perhaps without their shrill hysterical voices constantly screeching biased, unsubstantiated rubbish , some balanced view about how governments and media should conduct themselves might have come out of all of this .

      But bryant and twatson by their increasingly erratic behaviour and wild statements have killed any hope of that now.


      • 347
        inside- out says:

        Its the only way Bryant can get back at NOW,for publishing THAT picture of him in his grubby Y fronts.


    • 37
      Tom Watson is a fat twat! says:

      Takes one to know one Chris!


    • 44
      Archer Karcher says:

      Hmm, who’s the most believable Bryant or Brooks? What is the penalty for lying while giving evidence?


      • 62
        Justice Fingers says:

        Mute point.

        You have to prove Brooks lied, however one of the ‘Friends of Dorothy’ has clearly tweeted something which is, right now not the truth.


        • 89
          Clerk to the Court says:

          Moot, Justice dear boy.
          Do keep up.

          Mute: a speech disorder in which a person lacks the ability to speak, etc

          Moot: debatable

          I rest my ks


        • 122
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          Somebody should tell Bryant that by continually pursing his lips like a manic Larry Grayson makes his gob look like a cat’s arse.


  14. 30
    I Agree with Most of Great Britain says:

    Getting a bit bored with our ongoing preoccupation with unimportant stuff when there are FAR more important things to worry about. Like the economy and education – Gove was brilliant yesterday by the way. This email from Michel is badly written and won’t damage Cameron or Hunt. And …… NO ONE CARES!!


    • 41
      Member of public says:

      I don’t care!


      • 48
        Archer Karcher says:

        You are both trying too hard, you are too obvious as well. Perhaps some training is required? Tell your boss to contact some professionals next time.


        • 68
          I Agree with Most of Great Britain says:

          No idea what you mean, quite honestly AK. Who is “our boss”? Very odd. Tom Bradby/Lucy Manning agree with us, too… Hunt and Cameron not really damaged. Next story will be along shortly….


          • Archer Karcher says:

            There you go again. Tell us all, are you extremely not interested or fanatically not interested. BTW, other than Hunt and Cameron, I have no idea who you are talking about. Are they part of your self help group?


    • 143
      AC1 says:

      Gordon lost, but Dave’s shit. Get over it.


  15. 33
    Airey Belvoir says:

    “The police is pursing”? WTF does this mean?


    • 332
      Anonymous says:

      As stated above, the Police is a single entity, and not plural, therefore ‘the Police is’ is grammatically correct. Leiber schools have a lot to answer for!


  16. 35
    Stephanie Flanders says:

    Its very quiet on here today, is something happening elsewhere?


  17. 43
    nellnewman says:

    Of course anyone who knows their history knows that this cosy relationship between government and press has gone on for generations.

    lordbeaverbrook and his ilk had it down to a fine art.


    • 130
      Well it's a thought says:

      Liebour in a hissy fit have turned it into a major can of worms for the politicians and media, I don’t think they have realised their turn will come after camoron and his idiots have been dealt with.


  18. 49
    Belvoir Hunt says:

    Eye gouger gets ‘Life’
    Six-year minimum sentence.



    • 60
      Boris Loves Walthamstow Dogtrack says:

      That’s six whole years of daytime telly while socialist prison officers whinge on in the bcakground about their pension schemes, Its inhuman


  19. 53
    Textual Intercourse says:

    Hi Jeremy. U R fired. LOL. DC.


  20. 55
    Textual Intercourse says:

    Hi Dave. You’re shit. LOL The public.


  21. 59
    Mornington Crescent says:

    First Naughtie came out with a “c’unt”, now it’s an “arse’hole” – did anyone else hear him this morning on Today?

    It’s 2h 36min in, talking about the tower on the Olympic Park:


  22. 65
    Shoe in says:


    • 85
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      wowee. most pointless thing on the internet. To save everyone time and effort, someone has made a video of a non-moving web page. A url would have done the trick.

      Then someone else posts the link. Then I comment on it. I’ve fallen for a crap practical joke of some sort.


  23. 67
    The Oxford English Dic(k)tionary says:

    For a soi – disant Director Of Communication or similar , ” Fred’s” diction and syntax sometimes sag into appalling inelegance .

    ( Now hand me my Roget’s will you ?).


    • 160
      Fred Michel says:

      You don’t understand anything

      Compared with the generalised corruption, influence peddling and graft in the Euro zone Britain was a toddle

      That is why I introduced one dishonest politician to another, one dishonest journalist to another, one dishnest policeman to another and so one

      It works wonders and Rupert Murdoch paid me and continues to pay me a fortune for it

      You all seem to be children


  24. 69
    The man who saved the world says:


    • 74
      Gordon Brown says:

      Look give me my f’ing Nokia back, I missed you that time but not next time


    • 75
      !!! says:

      What a complete arsehole. Isn’t he content with fucking up the UK? Everything he touches turns to shite. Bet he’d love a feel of his ball.

      Fuck right off you utter mentalist c’unt.


      • 98
        Archer Karcher says:

        + 400 tons of gold.

        What have the Ethiopians done to deserve that arsehole “helping” them.
        What a self serving, holier than thou, self rightious, pious parasite McMental is.

        Still, on a positive note, he may not be up to date with his vaccinations and with a little luck contract some awful disease. Please God, have mercy on the people he touches.


        • 103
          Peppers Ghost says:

          Ebola is pretty nasty, but as much as I dislike Ebola, I would not like to see Brown infecting it.


          • Madison Bumgarner says:

            No, for ebola I think you have to be over Zaire (Congo or whatever it is today) way.

            Yellow fever is one of the more popular infections to become acquainted with in Abyssinia.


          • Marion the cat says:

            Who cares, so long as the bastard visits his ill luck on nations other than ours (evens the score), then hopefully contracts something incurable.


    • 78
      oh dear says:

      Time to check the subsidence clause on the insurance


    • 100
      Anonymous says:

      The poor little fuckers have no chance now…………..


    • 110
      Quisling says:

      Why is he wearing a suit? Surely a bit less formality would be more apropos given where he is.

      Like a pair of PJ’s maybe


      • 121
        Michael Jackson says:

        I like your style.


      • 155

        He always that inappropriate suit. I’m sure its the same one.
        Maybe he has no PJs. Maybe he dresses up specially for bed.
        Sort of like Dracula.

        A charcoal grey Brezhnev suit. A red ‘vote Scotts Labour’ cravat and rosette and a frilly Byron shirt.

        And his usual trademark one brown, one black shoe.


        • 185
          stun says:

          Not to mention that cringe-making picture of him arriving at the White House with his trouser leg tucked into his sock. Can’t find it right now…


    • 126
      dog poo says:

      The sooner their Orifice goes bankrupt the better.


    • 138
      Ah! Monika says:

      I wonder if he could bring me a dish brush home?


    • 157
      Chief Constable of Oxonfordshire says:

      Send the fucker to Afghanistan pronto…

      Someone might finally kill this mad form of vermin


    • 268
      Emperor Mongo says:

      Well, I’ll be f*cked! Cheering crowds of flag-waving picky-ninnies! Boris Johnson knows what he’s talking about!


  25. 72
    tory boys never grow up says:

    JH = Just houndbait – now what does DC stand for. LOL


  26. 73
    What did he say? says:

    Did becky say her hubby told Bryant it was getting dark so he should get out on Clappham Common?


  27. 79
    Citizen Murdoch and his bent lawyers says:

    You see

    I had nothing to do with any of this

    I only bought the UK government before Tony Blair got elected (thanks to me) and it has never changed

    Even now…


    • 81
      'Arbottle cooking lawyers says:

      I beg your pardon

      He’s blaming us now

      Even Prince William trusts us…

      So there…


  28. 84
    Moral Collapse Blair hero of The Ponzi scheme of the century says:

    Helloo Gwido

    I am “travelling” like P Mandelson

    Wasn’t Rebekah wonderful

    True to the Blair/Mandelson/Murdoch tradition

    Only arrested three times and yet to be tried


    Your Tony

    PS The Kazakhs continue to pay me $12 million per year to pay for our mulltiple residences…


  29. 86
    Madoff Mandelson says:

    David Cameron really should resign

    He was and is far too close to the Murdochs…FFS…

    What a twat…he should have learnt how to do it from me and Alky Campbell…

    I am rolling on the floor laughing in my palacial suite in central Asia

    Paid for by a filthy rich client who is makign me filthy rich (along with my partners Lazards and WPP)


  30. 88
    TEX says:



  31. 95
    Jamie Dimon the best risk contoller in the world says:

    Dear Guido

    I see you are making reference to my distinguished bank losing $2 billion in “hedging”

    This is unfair. The guy who did it is French.

    He thought a hedge was something in the way and needed to be jumped, like Charlie Brooks, if you see what I mean…

    So over a period of months he became the “Whale of London” ………huge and uncontrollable and so we are minus $2 billion and rising…

    I knew nothing about it until Bloomberg told me lasy week…

    PS Bloomberg tells me now that it could be $4.2 billion but what is a few billion among banksters…?


    • 97
      Fox News Producer says:

      This Fred Michel is another bloody Frenchman

      Can’t they keep their hands clean ?


  32. 101
    Rebekah says:

    I am a celebrity now

    What I always wanted

    And Uncle Rupie has promised me a HUGE payoff…it even Charlie could not believe the amount

    A couple of years suspended criminal sentence is nothing in return for THAT

    PS Charlie is more worried than I am
    He might lose the Chairmanship of the Heythrop Hunt Balls…


  33. 104
    Maguire says:

    Why is Rebekah wearing a Judge Judy outfit?


  34. 105
    citizen banned says:

    Sun’s out !!! Anyone for a cucumber sandwich and a game of Swingball ??


  35. 106
    Some Geezer wot's got a "stock" answer says:

    “Seen Elsewhere: Good Wife Rebekah by Roy Greenslade” picks up on Guido’s theme of “The Crucible”/Massachusetts Bay Colony witchcraft trials. (I don’t know about that, really– there might actually BE some “witches” here; no, not a personal comment about Rebekah herself!) But Guido, every day, and the Leveson hearings, on an official basis, are doing what the old Justices of the Peace in Mass Bay used to do to the petty criminals in their midst– send the pillocks to the pillory! Of course, nowadays we wouldn’t actually stick someone’s head and hands through a restraint device and give them the “Egg Miliband” treatment, or, as in the case of recalcitrant offenders, give them a bare-bottom birching as well (unless you’re into bondage or something like that, FFS!), but we are seeing people held up to well-deserved ridicule. If sod-all of any real consequence is what comes out of this bit of theatre going on, we will at least have had the satisfaction of seeing these people for the right prats they are, and just how small they can really be. That can’t do any harm, can it?


  36. 107

    Harriet Halfman is on sky spouting off how Hunt is unfit to do his job Etc and he should come to the house and explain how he is lying and covering up etc and he is unfit to do the job and should be sacked
    Ok maybe you could then explain how some bitch called Jack Dromey managed to be selected to stand as an mp from an All women short list selected by a committee you were chairing ?


    • 117
      And of course they have declared their interest in the matter haven't they ? What do you think ?? says:

      BBC has Chris Bryant…nice to see that our media outlets are using the usual impartial observers..


    • 142
      joescotus says:

      is there any link to a telly journo sticking it right up harriet the question “has your hubby had a sex change”???????????????????????


  37. 118
    The Late Jeremy Hunt says:

    I don’t understand. He said I was helpful. How is that a bad thing?


  38. 120
    Question of the day says:

    Why is it that people are ‘overtired’ these days? And what does it mean?


  39. 123
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    You didnt listen Guido, and Guidos flock.

    Over a year ago, I warned that Hacking will get to Dave Cockerman….Only the start now. Less than 6 months before he’s gone…possibly to court.

    Remember……6000 hacking victims….. Not a singe Tory….and NO Boris was not one…that was a smoke screen


  40. 127
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Five children who died in a fire at a house in Derby. They were from a family of 17 !!!!

    You blue nose scum must be delighted !!!!!!!!


  41. 132
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Tony Blair didnt own a mobile while PM……cleaver man, I think you will all agree.


    • 135
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      He certainly was a cleaver man, he also allowed his chancelor to take a machete to the UK economy.


    • 149

      I wonder if that is confirmed by the various books, diaries and memoirs that have been released since 1997.

      Is there a Campbell extract somewhere? -“Texted Tony in America to say ‘I’ve fixed the paperwork – smiley face.LOL! “


    • 199
      Tony "Persona non grata" Blair says:

      I also got all the records shredded before any c u n t like you could get hold of them

      Like News International…coincidence ?

      Same Mafia tactics


    • 255
      BlowingWhistles says:

      Blair … clever …umm? He must have had a day off then; when he ‘signed up’ to the International Criminal Courts (Cheri promoted and prompted him to sign) he may not have been bagged yet – but his time is coming. And then there was the Bush boy whose advisers cleverly stopped him from signing up to the International Criminal courts …

      Blair will be punished and hopefully in his lifetime.
      Blair front page of Tribune Magazine 21 November 2003.

      “Your command is my wish” – The Blair jester to Murdoch in his throne.


    • 276
      Benny the Ball says:

      cleaver man
      typo or pig ignorance?


      • 313
        Rupert's Stringpullers says:

        But who’s ‘really’ been pulling Murdoch’s strings since the mid-seventies when Newscorpians – Just happened at the last minute to not go ‘belly-up’ in Queensland?

        Who’s glove-puppet is Rupert the front?


  42. 136
    dr. sipp says:

    pres obama told to ditch his blackberry when elected


  43. 145
    Ah! Monika says:

    Leveson will come to nothing.

    He will be found to have not declared his deafness.


    • 162
      well it's a thought says:

      Wuoldn’t worry, whitewash r us will be called as soon as the bill for the Leveson circus has been paid by the taxpayer.


    • 198
      Q u e e r Druid and Bishop says:

      Very highlky paid deathness a


  44. 146
    Oh when Guido was Guido says:

    I remember Guido atttacking with full force the power of the lobbies

    We now have a flagrant example not of lobbying but influence peddling and unsaid b l a c k m a i l by the criminal Murdoch empoire which is far worse

    The Labour Party since Blair is just as guilty as these inconsequential Tories who have been corrupted without even realising it..

    At least Blair knew that it was a Faustian pact…

    The cross hairs should be on Cameroon and Osborne now Guido


  45. 147

    Oh bugger! I forget!

    Today is the second anniversary of when Gordon finally let go of the door frame and was pulled from number 10 for ever.

    Is Clinton’s still trading? Is there still time to get a card?


    • 151
      FT correspondent says:

      No Barclays have pulled the plug

      Along with their money laundering fines, insurance “mis-selling” compensation, fiddling of LIBOR, f r a u d in selling billions of AAA “mortgage backed securities” and r i p p i ng of their shareholders


    • 152
      Google is Skynet says:

      What sort of card?

      Not sorry you’ve left.

      With sympathy for your mental illness


    • 167
      annette curton says:

      Dear Clinton Cards,
      So sorry to hear about your recent illness,
      Get well soon,


  46. 148
    Alastair Campbell, the professional dodgy liar says:

    I never did anything “inappropriate”

    Shillings & Pence or Carter Fuck will be after you if anyone says anything to the contrary


    • 316
      Dr David Kelly says:

      Coming to get you Alistair Psycho Campbell – Dead men do speak nowadays and there aint no Establishment figure gonna get away with covering your dirty rse.

      Remember the “off the record” chats between Tony Hoon and Geoff Bliar yourself and a few others – and of course Rupertsmen James Rufford and Trevor Goatee bearded one!

      Shame Goatee – never truly went after the Hutton Inquiry ‘leaker’ – Campbell in cahoots with ‘Friendly Kavanagh’ ….


  47. 153
    Charlie Brooks, Chairman of the Heythrop Hunt Balls says:

    Hunt ??

    Did someone say hunt ?

    I am Chairman of the local Hunt

    Anyone who says the contrary will be excluded from the Chipping Norton Set

    Social death, in other words


    • 154
      Le Monde correspondent says:


      I though Hunting has been abolsihed in England

      Do clarify me for my French hunters…..(hunting was one of the benefits the peasants obtained from their lords and masters at the time of the French Revolution you know)


      • 308
        jgm2 says:

        If you think hunting has been abolished and that several thousand people don’t go out practically every single day (in season) and ‘accidentally’ kill just as many foxes as they ever did then you are sadly misinformed.

        Quite impressive really in this day and age when you can’t hush up a bit of torture in Abu Ghraib because some fuckwit amongst a couple of dozen will video it and put it on the internet and yet, weekly, you have tens of thousands of folk on horseback rampaging around the countryside, tearing foxy-loxy into little chunks and nobody even tweet a pic.


  48. 156
    Chief Constable of Oxonfordshire says:

    I have just received the order from Charlie and Rebakah to deploy 1,500 of my noble men ane woemn to defend the Chipping Norton Setr

    Huge job, but I we will receive massive contributions from you know whom for protecting their privacy



  49. 163
    Warwick Hunt says:

    Call me Dave is approaching the levels of mockery and contempt which were once the exclusive preserve of Gordon.


  50. 164
    foxy says:

    thought liebore hated foxhunting


  51. 169
    nellnewman says:

    Well gordon ‘pyjamaparty’ brown and his publicity hungry wife were, and still are, happy to be inclusive of anyone , so long as there were personal benefits, like friendly publicity, to be had.


    • 245

      What wouldn’t I do for a really good seeing to! It’s been so long, and a woman’s a woman’s for aw that!


  52. 170
    I don't need no doctor says:

    What is it with Bryant?


  53. 171
    nellnewman says:

    By the by has chilcot yet reported his findings?

    I just wonder – is leveson going to go the same way? Loads of bluff and bluster and then sudden silence with no conclusions.


  54. 173
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Leveson is an utter waste of fucking time. Does the BBC really think (Toenails) that signing off a text with LOL is really a top news story? Honestly?

    This whole media thing is hyped up bollocks caused by c u n t z like Campbell, Watson, poofter boy and fat shit Prescott along with the BBC and the Guardian mongs.

    When is Leveson going to get Amelia Hill in and ask if she gets inside info from the plod she’s fucking?


    • 175
      nellnewman says:

      I do believe it’s called jobs for the boys.

      How the government of the day provides high salaried occupations for people they want to curry favour with.


    • 196
      Lord Levinson and his legal cowboys says:

      Our philosophy

      “Don’t tell me what I’m doing; I don’t want to know.”

      ― Federico Fellini

      But it is all very high paid fun…don(t you agree ?


  55. 174
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    BBC sound gutted there’s no petrol strike now, twat boy Paul Mason will be in tears.


  56. 176
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Doesn’t Brown’s blatant lie over his son’s disability prove that Watson is doing his master’s bidding. Brown lied in parliament to get back at Murdoch because the Sun changed allegiance.
    It’s amazing how the media just concentrate on issues arising post labour.


    • 181
      Archer Karcher says:

      I’ll tell you what’s even more amazing than that.

      Why has limp dick socialist Cameron sat on his hands for two years doing nothing about the biased BBC? Oh wait, I just answered my own question.


      • 188
        Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        The BBC should have been sorted out on day 1. The TV tax should have been ended and the BBC told to scale down its operation. The BBC should come under Ofcom, it’s a fucking joke that if you complain about a programme or bias the BBC investigates it and guess what? the BBC assure you that YOUR’RE wrong and they are right always.

        The fact Cameron put two fucking limp writed twats like Patten and cH u n t in charge of the BBC says it all.


        • 189
          nellnewman says:

          Would that cameron had more Goves.

          If he had put a Gove in charge of sorting out the beeb we might have had a very different situation as now have in an improving education system for our kids.


  57. 193
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    This is excellent reading and so true. No wonder the media and the BBC are up in arms.

    Can’t post any of it as Fawkes’s shit modbot will go into warp drive.


  58. 194
    No 10 Downing Street spokeswoman says:

    We have just abolished the position of Director of Public Prosecutions since so many of News International employees have been arrested

    Wer now declare that Britain is a an official Banana Monarchy


    • 201
      annette curton says:

      ♫ But yes we have no Bananas!.


      • 206
        Banana Boy Milliband, the most overrated man in Europe says:

        Damned shame that

        Can’t you plant a few in the HOlymic Arena and then sell the whole shebang to Murcoch or Dosney ?

        At least you would make a few bob


    • 205

      Gordon Brown liked bananas.

      (this news was released to Mumsnet after a 20 day consultation with focus groups, spads, members of the fresh produce board and an examination of the negative impact of an African fruit on the electorate. Committee decided that on balance, no one gave a Hunt.)

      Although Mumsnet are still waiting for the “what’s your favourite Musical ” reply.


      • 214
        annette curton says:

        Or was it, what’s your favourite Muesli reply?.


      • 220
        grobdj says:

        Could it be West Side Story?


        moonlight in his eyes
        I feel pretty,
        Oh, so pretty
        I feel pretty and witty and bright
        And I pity any girl who isn’t me tonight……

        into the mirror
        I feel stunning
        And entrancing,
        Feel like running and dancing for joy,
        For I’m loved
        By a pretty wonderful boy!

        Later that night
        It all star – ted in Am-er-i-ca
        It all star – ted in Am-er-i-ca
        It all star – ted in Am-er-i-ca

        Repeat and fade…


      • 321
        A Pfister says:

        Give the man a hand.


  59. 200
    BBC says:


    • 209
      News International Dustbin Rummager says:

      Strange droppings?

      Really ?

      Any droppings interest me to the highest degree

      The Boss will pay me thousands for my droppings

      He has done so for years


    • 216
      Fish says:

      I’m afraid that the BBC have already decided that it is not covered by anything FOIwise. It’s much too totalitarian for such trifles.

      It considers that to release sensitive information about its wrongdoing would breach its editorial independence. Therefore it can hide its dirty washing (Balen Report, for e.g) where the interested can’t see it.

      Judging by their awful reporting of Leveson today, this Tele Tax is begining to feel like a political levy


    • 231
      Ah! Monika says:

      I tried to highlight details on here more than a few times but was modded.

      More than enough smoke and subsequent firefighting.


    • 234
      Jimmy Savile's Ghost says:

      Now then now then now then, what all this about me being a kiddie fiddler eh?


    • 259
      Ken Bailey's Ghost says:

      Met Jimmy fiddling many a time when I was that old boy mascot in the union jack outfit who used to lead out the England footy team. Me ‘n Jimmy both fiddled quite a lot – never could guess how we got away with it though – probably ‘cos so many judges were up to it as well!


    • 272
      Gary's Glittered says:

      I’m converting to Islam.


  60. 202
    Micro Gwido says:

    Vote UKIP

    It will save Britain



  61. 208
    BBC says:


    • 213
      Sky News says:


      • 221
        nellnewman says:

        Play on words. I don’t think anyone has said that this dire due wanted it or were happy for it to happen.

        Thing is they didn’t expressly demand it didn’t happen. why?

        And again why did they invite rebekah, as the only media representative, to their daughter’s funeral and give her permission to write about it exclusively? Why did they want media representation on such a private occasion?


        • 265
          trickcyclist says:

          I sincerily wish somebody would obtain a video of Gordon “I saved the world ” Brown giving one of his recent foreign lectures.It would at least shed a little light on his present mental capacity or the lack of it.
          He has forgotten he declared war on Murdoch, and now forgets everything about his felationship with the news conglomerate he courted via Brooks. In all truth you wonder if he has any recollection of still being registered as a member of parliament.
          It comes as no surprise that despite the show of a relationship, he and his wife appe@r to lead completely seperate lives.


      • 222
        Fish says:

        In her evidence to Leveson, Rebecca Brooks never actually said either of thosee things in the that Brown now supposedly contradicts in the tweets.

        But when we get to hear more from him, perhaps he will explain their (his wife’s) ongoing friendship with Brooks long after the story appeared.

        Perhaps he will also explain why no-one believes him when he denies saying he would declare war on Murdoch.


    • 270

      They didn’t want the details in the sun but where happy to air their laundry anyway on Piers Morons tv show to be seen worldwide.

      What a pair of fucking idiots.

      I hope Murdoch dishes the dirt up on these two fuckwits. We all know their marriage is a fucking sham anyway, they have rarely been seen in the same room since the election.


  62. 211
    Dr Freud said all women suffered from penis envy says:

    You will note that darling Rebekah referred to my grandson’s public relations company today

    His wifey, Elisabeth, sold her company to her father for a huge fortune you know

    Nice to keep it all in the family


    • 217
      Legal beagle says:

      More on one of the pending cases against the Murdochs against the Murdochs


    • 319
      Aydodge E. Scheisster says:

      The plaintiffs in the case are Lefties who are politically motivated to break Murdoch’s balls over any spurious claim; for them, ownership of NewsCorp shares is a can’t-lose proposition– if Murdoch does well, they get a dividend for their own shareholders, and if they “strike-sue” Murdoch to extort a so-many-millions-and-shut-yer-gob settlement, they get even more money for their own shareholders, less of course lawyers’ fees to Dewey, Cheatham & Howe, attorneys-at-law.

      They’re shareholders like Fatty Watson is (remember his trip to Los Angeles for the annual meeting?), and for the same purpose: legal standing in Court, with a few dollars thrown in for good measure.


  63. 212
    JCB says:

    Jeremy Hunt is still in his job because he is shielding Cameron. He was Camerons’messenger boy to News International. When he is finally sacked Cameron should go with him.

    They can both get jobs working for Murdoch, they’re as good as on his payroll already.


    • 218
      Le Monde correspondent says:

      Of course he is

      But the whole sad saga goes back to before Blair became PM when he flew to Autralia to kiss Murdoch’s ass and so on

      That was when Britainw as no longer governed for the British people but for an anglo-american oligarchy with HUGE commercial interests (just look at Blair Mandelson etc now…all very expensive taxis for “‘hire”)

      Or as I would say, just p r o s t i t u t e s…


      • 224
        nellnewman says:

        How many times did she say she’d had lunch and dinner with bliar in an eight year period? 30!

        And she had been privately entertained by gordon and sarah on a number of occasions. She chose not to say how many.

        When is leveson going to be interrogating these two scions of the grubby labour party?


        • 228
          annette curton says:

          Parameters, dick head Dave obviously didn’t look at the small print before he agreed to waste several million quid of public money on this show trial which is concentrating solely on a post Labour government, that’s you Dave, sucker!.


          • I remember when there were public toilets in the Rhondda says:

            Yes and he was so concerned to save us £1k on security vetting for Coulson.

            Yet the Greeks have just been handed 5 billion euros.


          • Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:

            Nonsense – Dave’s judgement is his greatest strength, along with his integrity of course.

            The bumsex army are right behind him and we’re going all the way.


    • 227
      I fucking hate the bbc says:

      Fuck off Bryant or is it that fat Hunt Watson


      • 263
        Director General Of the Beeb says:

        We at the BBC are not going to question the links between Chris Bryant, Lord Bell, Common Purpose and the fact that Bell has an ear next to Levison.

        We can’t actually persue the issue ‘cos we the Beeb have been directly embroiled with them Common Purpose twats inc Maude the Fraud – ourselves.

        Please do not tell Levison about this OK – it’ll be our little secret.


  64. 226
    Jack says:

    So real Guido (of you are ever there !)

    Where do we go from here ?

    It is clear that the Labour and Tory establishments have been totally corrupted

    Is your serious answer to vote UKIP ?!

    And become an irrelevant and reactionary blog and backwater


    • 230
      Jill says:

      What’s all this “where do we go from here” wank?

      Think for yourself ffs! Want him to run your bath for you too?


    • 232
      Round the bend says:

      It’s people like you Jack that are the problem.


    • 336
      anonymous says:

      see Jack – they never answer the question, rather turn it back on you – that’s experienced political nous – and they’re fucking thick cos they haven’t got a clue


  65. 235
    LOL says:

    At least Cameron didn’t send Brooks a text saying Gimme a chance princess. That would’ve been hard to live down.


  66. 238
    Jimmy Savile's Ghost says:

    Hello there kiddy winks :)
    Would you like to come with uncle Jimmy and see some puppies?


  67. 243
    The Tosser in No 10 says:

    I say chaps! I thought Rebbbbeeekkkkaaahhhhh did terribly well! watt! wattage!!! watter!!!!

    Dashed gooD week we’ve had – eh chaps!!!


  68. 247
    Shit & Fan's Top Financial Tips! says:


  69. 267
    Anonymous says:



    The BBC has learned that the George Osborne held secret talks with senior management at a major UK bank regarding bonuses. Following an in-depth investigation, 147 BBC journalists have evidence that the Chancellor – in 1982 – telephoned his local branch manager at the Midland to enquire why his £1.50 Christmas bonus from Patel’s Newsagents for his paper round had not appeared in his bank account. The BBC contacted the Treasury who have refused to comment. The Midland, now part of HSBC, did not receive a bailout from the UK Government, however the BBC can excusively reveal that it is staffed largely by bankers. More soon…


  70. 271
    Gordon Brown says:
    Nurse, nurse ! Is it bath-time yet ? I want my rubber ducky !
                      NMM+::  ,, ,~++++++++++++?I7MMM       
                    =MM=?:,,,,, ,++++++++++++++++??DMM,         
                 MM=?++++++++++++NM    :NO+=++++++++???NM?  
                 MM+++++++++++++M   NMMN ,M=+++++++++??+MM       
                ZM$++++++++++++M?   OMMNN  8+++++++++???8M+      
                DM=?+++++++++++M:MMMMMMMM  M++++++++++??7M8     
         ~DMMMMMMMN~?++++++++++M7MMMMMMMM ,O++++++++++???MM       
       MMMM$?+++?8MMMD=++++++++=M 8MMMMN :M?++++++++++??IMN  
     8MMI??????????+$MMM$+++++++?DM:   IM$+++++++++++???8M?     
     =MMN????IIIII?IIIIIIIIII??ONMMMMMM++++++++?????+NM?              :
       ZMMMNOI?I?IIII????ZDMMMMMMI?MMO++++++???????IMM7            ~MMMMMM8    
          :NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8Z?II8MMM=????????????+NMM            8MMM~+++MM?, 
                ?MMI?+???IZNMMMMMZ+??+????????++NMM,         ~8MMM8=+?+?+~MM~,
                   . ....,,~~==++???7ODNMMMMMND8Z7I?+?I???++==~::,,......          
                        . .......,,,::::::~~~~~:::::::,,,,.....  ...               
                                 ..  . .............                               


    • 278
      'elf 'n safety innit (person) says:

      ducks is off – on account of ‘elf ‘n safety ishoos – they carries infecshun – also they might be swallered by idiots.

      orlso, fluds is a hazzard what might drown peepal.

      oive gotta dergree in ‘elf ‘n safety witch is woi i am so nollajable.


    • 296
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      So is that what Mandelson calls his penis then?


  71. 274
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    When the giant McGoon declared war on Murdoch do you think he want into the bedroom and dressed up in full army kit and donned that large purple helmet he was wont to wear?
    I’m sure there must be a picture of him somewhere.

    Then, expecting Murdoch to attack, he crouched down behind his cot armed with a cochel of Nokias, which he would lob like hand grenades at nurse or the Sarah woman when they came into his room.


  72. 275
    Not me guv says:

    Wonder if Leverson will enquire why there is a D notice on the Dunblane shooting? Enquiry was meant to cover press ethics!


  73. 277
    BBC NEWS says:

    Fiona Bruce is about to act the News…You may want to look away now.


  74. 283
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    The recent tragic events in Rochdale can best be seen as a crisis in care homes.


    • 292
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Wait for Sunday where Nicky Campbell the queen of daytime radio will have his best M****m buddy on (the one he DM’s on Twitter so we can’t see what he’s telling him) and who will blame those nasty white girls for being whore’s and it’s a J*w*sh conspiracy.


      • 302
        Nicky Campbell says:

        It’s all due to the Tory cuts.

        The epidemic of r*acia*lly motivated r*ape which happened under Labour, didn’t happen under Labour.

        It’s the Tories.


  75. 285
    We need bigger pensions and pay says:

    Two members of Durham Constabulary staff who held and twisted the arms of a prisoner to make him answer their questions have been fined by magistrates.

    CCTV footage taken in the custody suite of Peterlee police station last March shows David Healer screaming in pain during the assaults by Sergeant Stephen Harvey and civilian detention officer Michael Mount.
    The pair, who have not been suspended but have been moved to other duties, were each found guilty of two counts of common assault in March.
    After retraining they are now authorised to use waterboarding


    • 338
      Wiltshire Chief Cxntstable says:

      We will be willing to train them on how to throw a woman on the police cell floor, badly injuring her, but retaining their jobs and pensions.
      Our motto in Wiltshire is “POLICE THUGS ARE US”


  76. 286
    Michael Jackson says:

    A device which can be used as a sonic weapon is being deployed in London for the Olympics.
    The American-built long range acoustic device (LRAD) can be used both as a high-powered loud speaker and to emit an ear-piercing beam of sound.


  77. 287
    Michael Jackson says:

    Michael Jackson says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 11, 2012 at 10:52 pm
    A device which can be used as a sonic weapon is being deployed in London for the Olympics.
    The American-built long range acoustic device (LRAD) can be used both as a high-powered loud spe@ker and to emit an ear-piercing beam of sound.


  78. 288
    Not me guv says:

    i like apples


  79. 289
    Not me guv says:

    funny that the ‘i like apples’ is posted without delay but the question posed over d-u-n-b-l-a-n-e m-a-s-s-a-c-r-e is awaiting passing as fit. Interesting take on it on outlaw forum.


  80. 290
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Oh dear, Newsnight mention the Rochdale men but forgets to mention that the men were m****ms, ra***ts and are Pa****ani.

    Funny because the judge said that the case was r*c****y motivated but the BBC seem to have forgotten that.


    • 299
      For £145.50 p/a, the BBC says:

      1. Multiculturalism is wonderful.

      2. Other cultures are fab.

      3. British culture is shite.

      4. All wh!tes are ra*cist.

      5. Only wh!tes can be ra*cist.


    • 300
      The B*BC takes £145.50 off you and then says:

      1. Multic*ultura*lism is wonderful.

      2. Other cul*tures are fab.

      3. British cult*ure is shi*te.

      4. All wh!t*es are ra*ci*st.

      5. Only wh!t*es can be ra*ci*st.


    • 330
      albacore says:

      Don’t you understand? This is all a distraction
      Far more pressing scandals still need satisfaction
      So get back in your box and don’t talk so absurd
      Only white folks are racist. Take Big Brother’s word


  81. 297
    Concerned of Tonbridge Wells says:

    Jeremy hunt’s spokesperson says the allegations are “incorrect”… A leaf out of the Chris Huhne book of politicianspeak.


  82. 304
    toryboysnevergrowup says:

    To JH

    I trust you are keeping AS sweet and happy as we dont want him spilling the beans to LL and co.

    Love to Mother, Family and Others



  83. 307
    Yasmin Alibaba Brown says:

    Free the Rochdale Nine! Noncing children is part of their culture!


  84. 309
    Diane Abbott says:

    Me love jerk chicken. Lee Jasper offered to jerk his own chicken for me.


    • 312
      jgm2 says:

      Diane – at your age and in your physical condition if anybody, anywhere on the planet volunteered to jerk their chicken for you I’d have thought you’d have been delighted.


  85. 317
    Gordon Brown says:

    Hello, is it me you’re looking for?


  86. 337
    anonymous says:

    I think we need a tragedy amongst the aristocracy to get get out of this now – or a war – or the lolocaust


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